A Review of Love Works by Joel Manby

In my experience, the word love is rarely used at work. While we may love our work, we rarely think of love as an effective business strategy or management philosophy.

Perhaps it’s because we usually think of love as an emotion rather a behavior. When we look at love in action, however, love works—at work. And it can be a powerful tool to help us strengthen our teams and improve bottom line results.

My friend, Joel Manby, has just written a powerful book on this very topic. You may have seen him on the hit television show, Undercover Boss, along with some 18 million viewers who watched this particular episode.

Joel is the President and CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment, which owns and operates dozens of theme parks across the country such as Dollywood, Silver Dollar City, and Stone Mountain in Georgia. He and his colleagues practice servant-based leadership, based on the philosophy of leading with love.

After the show, Joel received an avalanche of mail from people people wanting to learn more. He said, “I never imagined how people from across the world would embrace our company and culture like they did. People were starving for a better a way to lead.”

That inspired Joel to write Love Works: Seven Timeless Principles for Effective Leaders (Zondervan), a new book that I read several weeks ago. I highly recommend it. It is must-reading for anyone in leadership.

Love Works is a practical how-to guide for anyone who wants to lead with love at work. Whether you lead a small business, a department, a large company, or a non-profit ministry, this book is for you.

The seven principles explored in Love Works come from one of the oldest and most respected authorities on human behavior: the Bible. In 1 Corinthians chapter 13, the apostle Paul writes,

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

We’ve all heard this passage read at weddings, but how many of us have ever thought of it as a business philsophy?

Joel elaborates on these seven principles:

  1. Be patient—demonstrate self-control in difficult situations.
  2. Be kind—show encouragement and enthusiasm.
  3. Be trusting—place confidence in those around you.
  4. Be unselfish—think of yourself less.
  5. Be truthful—define reality corporately and individually.
  6. Be forgiving—release the grip of the grudge.
  7. Be dedicated—stick to your values in all circumstances.

If you choose to lead with love, others around you may not initially understand what you’re doing. But Joel admonishes to do it anyway. This type of leadership is more important than the temporary approval of your coworkers.

Choosing to lead with love is the single most difficult decision a leader can make, but a wise leader dedicates him or herself to it because it is also the single best way to lead an organization.

I gave away 50 copies of Love Works. To qualify, my readers had to comment below. You can find the list of winners here.
Question: Why do you want to read Love Works? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • http://deuceology.wordpress.com Larry Carter

    I manage a team of 11. I am constantly looking for nuggets that will help me grow as a leader. I love the idea if using this section of scripture as the basis for leadership.

  • http://www.nosuperheroes.com Chris Lautsbaugh

    I believe leadership is learned, not inherited. I constantly want to challenge myself personally and vocationally as I lead my team at a cross cultural, missions training center in South Africa. I’m an avid reader. I WILL read it!

  • http://www.godsabsolutelove.com/ Patricia Zell

    After a pretty tough year with high school seniors–who continually tested my love–Joel’s book will be refreshing. This summer I will be adjusting my curriculum to better meet our common core standards; perhaps, Joel’s book will help me adjust my attitudes to better love my students.

  • http://twitter.com/WordofBalance Lee Smith, ND

    This looks like a great companion to Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.
    I heard Andy Stanley interviewing Joel recently and the stories they discussed from this book are powerful.  Leadership takes courage and the courage to love is perhaps that greatest force of all.

  • Jejohnson2006

    Can’t wait to read this book. It will be a group study with my leadership team at work.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=559851416 Rodney Lover

    With a last name “Lover” and being a business leader – how could I not use love in my day? Yes, I err on the side of love rather than justice… but I am learning.

  • Christian Tirtha

    I’m ministering among a group of Asian migrants in Australia who are finding it challenging to experience love in a community context. Based on Michael’s review on the book, ‘Love Works’ could be the boost needed for our team to lead courageously with love.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dukes.damon.d Damon D. Dukes

    I could learn something from this book at a young age

  • Lisa C

    A leadership book about love is a breath of fresh air. If leaders would embrace the idea, that would be unstoppable. We could make a radical difference and change the world.

  • speli

    Recently, I took over a team of five, soon to be six, in a global software company. This is a constant struggle in management: how to lead in a way that shows true love, yet produces the results the company is seeking to achieve. Will definitely read this book!

  • Lora

    What an amazing concept and we need practial ways to learn it and apply it. Thanks for the opportunity! I want a copy because I am a small home based business that is hopefully hiring in the future. I follow Dave Ramsey’s principles and would love some other materials on business and leadership.

  • loupage

    I am always looking to grow as a leader, sounds like this is is a great book to help learn to better lead as Jesus lead.

  • http://www.facebook.com/danieltrinidad82 Daniel Trinidad

    I believe I can use this book to bring my team (11 people) to another level of leadership and service to our young people (I lead a campus ministry here in the Philippines)

  • http://twitter.com/MLSchwienD Michele Schwien

    I would appreicate a copy because I’m interested in improving my ability to trust and forgive.    

  • Dave Brunn

    Having spent over 30 years as a Bible translator, I view the idea of “love” differently than I used to. Perhaps one reason we often forget that “love” is a behavior is that in English (also Greek) we often use a noun to speak of “love.” In many, perhaps most, of the world’s languages (including the PNG language into which I had the privilege of translating the New Testament) love is always a verb.

    • Dave M.

      Nice post Dave…

  • MarciaJB

    I constantly find myself taking leadership roles in the organizations I am connected with, and reading Love Works I believe will help me in my role as leader…to lead from the heart as a servant leader.

  • Dirk D

    After decades of “leadership by fear” time has come for a new paradigm; “Leadership by love” just might be the answer…

  • http://www.struggletovictory.com/ Kari Scare

    I want a copy of Love Works for my husband. He is VP of sales with 400 people under him. He doesn’t read a lot of books, though he is really getting into your podcasts and reads lots of work-related material, but he usually will read something I recommend to him. I sort of filter books for him because he doesn’t have a lot of time to read. Anyway, he is a godly leader who is frustrated with a somewhat apathetic staff. This book would help give him fresh perspective and to renew him in his fatigue. This is especially good timing because he has quite a bit of travel coming up, which means he has more time to read. I think this book would really reignite him and give him new ideas. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • http://twitter.com/davidkush David Kush

    As Executive Pastor @southbrook:twitter my goal is for staff and ministries to perform their duties with clarity and excellence.  The book, Love Works looks like it will help give me another fresh perspective on leadership.

  • Kim Hall

    My husband has been promoted to a new supervisory position within his company where the morale is lower than it has ever been and much of the culture has become gossipy and back biting. We have been praying for him to be guided to become a wise leader, to help show the way to the benefits of teamwork and cooperation, to be a light to others. This book sounds like an answer to his prayers to help him become a more effective leader.

    Even if I don’t win the free book for him, I will buy it, as it sounds like a tremendous resource. Thank you so much for reviewing it and bringing it to my attention!

  • http://www.whiteboardbusiness.com/ Dallon Christensen

    Being a leader can be challenging, lonely, and frustrating. As a new business owner and someone charged with helping my clients understand the numbers, leading with love can often take a very significant back seat to achieving goals. If I can lead with the principles in this book, I can do a much better job of balancing the achievement of financial goals with improving the overall health of the companies with whom I work. I want to set a great example for my clients about how to lead with the principles of love and trust, and this book will provide a solid foundation to do this.

  • Michael

    I consult with a number of businesses, charities, etc. in London and this will not only help me streamline my interactions with them, but also assist in shaping how these companies and charities interact with their respective clients and supporters.

  • http://www.shannonmilholland.blogspot.com Shannon Milholland

    My husband is the COO of one of the largest churches in TN. I’m a speaker and writer leading women to connect with God during the ordinary moments of my day. Our oldest daughter leads preschoolers in her work for our church’s children’s ministry. Our next daughter is a leader on her middle school cheer team. Our family is leading in love and this resource would be ideal for all of us.

    Thanks for the review, Michael!

  • Terri

    I believe that Love is the most important thing and sometimes could use tips and reminders how to use it in my day as a mother, in business or with friends and family. 

  • Susan Rae Baker

    I would love a copy as I am a Life and Business Coach who is on a mission to change Corporate America. Currently working on ” Bullying, The New Workplace Harassment”  I have authored several books as well and always like to have more good books in my arsenal when meeting with business owners.

    Your book would be a blessings to me and as well as to others.


  • Shari R

    “Love is behavior not emotion”… key to a successful marriage and makes perfect sense for leading with love. I will definitely read this book.

  • Cory Smith

    I believe this book would help me understand how to lead my crew the way I live my life as a Christian.  With the biblical principle I would be very engaged in what Joel writes.  I am a new supervisor and always welcome the opportunity to learn more.

  • Kim

    The vision of our church is worship-love-serve. Our leadership training included a series on “love.” I believe this will help me to grow as a leader and in turn I can share the information with other leaders in our church.

    • http://www.kskva.com/ Kim Kruse

       Kim Kruse

  • Donna Reavis

    I appreciate your comments on different books on leadership.  There are so many books available that it is good to know which one is highly recommended.  I’m a leader in my church and I desire to not only live 1 Cor 13 but instill that in those I live.  I would like to read a book from someone who lives out his faith in his daily life.

  • upicsolutions

    We’ve just formed a Men’s Small Group at my church here in Cincinnati.   In our session last week, we began discussing taking on a new study where we as men could bring our beliefs into our workplace by being present and showing God’s love.  Perhaps this resource fits this need.  Thanks for your inspiring podcast and blog platforms, Winston 

  • Larzmarshall

    This sounds like a topic that I desperately need. Easy to say I lead by love. But at the end of the day, it’s easy to look back on the events of the day and see where I missed the mark. Much growth is needed in this area.

  • http://twitter.com/Blair_Howell Blair Howell

    Interestingly, I just came across his book this week and added to my Amazon “wish list”.  After attending a wedding last month where this verse was read, it kinda hit me that there was much to this verse that I was missing.  It certainly has been a journey these past weeks unfolding this verse but when I came across Joel Manby’s book recently I said, “Is this really possible?” Again, God expanding his Word once again.  I would love see the inside of this book. Thanks Michael for the opportunity.  Blessings…

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  • http://www.facebook.com/todd.stocker3 Todd Stocker

    As an Executive Pastor, I am always looking for ways to tie together God truth and strategic business principles.  After reading “The Advantage” by Patrick Lencioni and gleaning the idea of loving trust, this book sounds like another tool in the garage of my Leadership – and it comes from I Corinthians 13!

  • http://twitter.com/amysgrant Amy S. Grant

    As a mom of three, minister’s wife, and now a graduate student I obviously have plenty of time and nothing else to read. :-) But still. I will definitely read this book one way or another, so thought I would give this method a try. I am a school counselor in training and know from experience that what Joel talks about in this video clip is true. I desire to learn how better to lead with love in my family, church, and future school environment. And I imagine opportunities will arise for me to share what I have learned with others looking to do the same.

  • Renata

    LOVE is the most important gift and virtue of all!  To LOVE God followed by to LOVE others lead to forgiveness, kindness, harmony, peace, gratitude as the list of attributes goes on for infinity! LOVE is the start of the domino effect initiating all the other Fruits of the Spirit.  I would LOVE a copy of Love Works to glean more and remind myself just how foundational LOVE is to all of us.  In essence, Love Works will help me “activate” the act of LOVE in my life everyday to everyone I meet! :-)

  • Rux Bentley

    I really liked Michael’s last podcast featuring Joel.  I want to learn more about these 7 principles…which I feel can be applied to just about any area of life.  I’ve never thought of 1 Corinthians 13 in a business context…so I am intrigued!

  • Conorcusack585

    I would greatly appreciate a copy of Love Works because it
    is an invaluable and relevant message that is applicable across
    disciplines. I foresee this book as another valuable reminder
    of what is most important in our fast-paced, in-your-face culture.

    -Conor Cusack, M.P.A.

  • RHovey

    I’ve always enjoyed sharing leadership principles that are firmly rooted in Biblical principles. I’m looking forward to sharing this with the leasers that I am growing around me.

  • joncasillas

    I believe that the information in this book will not only change the way I see things in my organization  but has the potential of doing so within the organizations of my clients.

  • Dwwelton

    Because I want to work on those qualities in my own life.

  • http://twitter.com/jerburroughs Jeremy Burroughs

    I actually first heard of this book yesterday while listening to Andy Stanley’s Leadership podcast and was immediately intrigued. As someone who works in the marketplace and leads teams in ministry, I would love to read this book. Out of all of his principles, the ones I am looking to grow in the most are being dedicated and being patient. I am learning in this current season of my life the importance of having a foundation of core values that you stick to in all circumstances. I am also learning the value of remaining under control during emotionally tense situations. Thanks for the post Michael!

  • http://www.advancingministries.net/ Tim Gill

    On one family vacation our 4 year old son was walking ahead of us down a path in a wooden area. At one point he turned around and said, “I’m the leader, where are we going?” Knowing where you are going in leadership takes knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom is a gift from God, but knowledge involves intentional education. As a leader I pray for wisdom, but I must also consistently learn how to be a better leader. 

  • http://keikihendrix.com Keiki Hendrix

    Wonderful concept. Id love to read how he breaks down live in action.

  • Tri

    Leaders with deeply care and love for employees are rare species nowadays. I’ll help to spread the principles.

  • Dorothy Bare

    I have recently changed jobs, and I have seen love in action at my new workplace. After 2 months I have not had one day when I did not want to go to work! Would like to read “Love Works” and share with friends who aren’t fortunate enough to work in a “love works” environment.

  • Bethanystanko

    I have been praying for love to become more and more the core of everything I do and say. I believe the truth he has shared in this book would be vital to me continuing on the path of what God is showing me and that it would help me to overcome a current struggle I am having in my work environment. I know I am called to minister in every environment I am in and want to be an example of Christ’s love and grace. Applying the truth of 1Corinthinad 13 to my work environment changes the whole way I’ve been handling the current struggle I’m in. So, I also believe this book would help me to not only learn these principles and live them out but to share them with the executives in my office. My direct boss is the President & CEO of the company and a Christian. I believe he to would be gripped by this truth!

  • http://twitter.com/amysgrant Amy S. Grant

    p.s. Unless Joel’s real identity is Joel Gonzalez Rios I think his link need adjusting in the twitter feed for us to use. 

  • sue k

    “Love works” seems a perfect tie-in to the “honor” culture we currently embrace. Honor is not possible without loving like Jesus. Loving like Jesus is not possible without honoring those around us. I am eager to read and learn thought the heart of Jesus.

  • http://www.garrettshurling.com/ Garrett Shurling

    I am the 3rd generation of leadership in our family equipment rental company ( http://www.badgerrentalservices.com ). Our entire family is dedicated to serving those that make our business run on a daily basis. Love Works sounds like just the kind of thing we can never hear enough about!

  • Sivarj61

    Leading people is essentially linked to “love”. If the leader does not care or is passionate about his people and in their personal and professional growth, it just ain’t gonna happen. The 7 principles are valid and are offshoots of the Golden Rule. I am a mid level executive and a father of two young kids. Leading and stress is part and parcel of trying to do my best for my family and colleagues. Love to hear more about this book so I can share its wisdom and practice it.

  • Kim Lowe

    I would like to get a better understanding of the power of love in leadership!

  • Brenna

    I’m the director off a nonprofit who loves to share quality resources with my team. I also heard Tim Elmore interview Joel, and that has also piqued my interest.

  • Andywillingham

    A company that practices these principles is hard to find. I’ve been looking for one for years hoping to get a job with them. Unfortunately when you find the company usually the jobs are filled and no one wants to leave.

  • http://twitter.com/jandvicki J Calaway

    I have lived my life as a leader who cares.  Over the past 23 years I have been serving as Sr. Minister of The Gate in the South Chicago/Gary area to bring love and care to an area many would not go.  This book would help in training my team and the next generation of leaders to be leaders who care.

  • Deborah Bateman

    Thanks for sharing this review. The book sounds like it would be a good one to read. Using Scripture as a guideline of how to treat others is good advice. Blessings, Deborah H. Bateman-Author

  • Concerned Administrator

    I work in a highly competitive intercollegiate athletics department, and lead a large staff in academics and student life. I am working to bring the staff through a significant leadership transition, which has posed major challenges to building a positive working environment. Additionally, just given the nature of our work and the pressures inherent to the job, I worry our student-athletes are not being loved or guided in ways that will be optimal for their development and long-term success and societal contribution. Depending upon how the book reads, I am wondering if it might serve as good required summer reading for my staff, complete with group discussions throughout the fall. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1245666452 A.j. Moose

    My family and I own a  residential cleaning company in Florida. We need to expand as we are so busy, and we would love to start off the right way, so we would love to have a copy of Love Works as a blueprint.  Thanks and God Bless, Jodi, Rick and Cody

  • http://www.jeubfamily.com/ Chris Jeub

    The Greatest Commandment. Why shouldn’t it be lived out in every area of our lives? I love this post.

  • Mavis Beyer

    I am working on improving my leadership skills so I can be the best leader I can when I move into a titled position at my new job and so I can demonstrate positive leadership in my day to day interactions with friends and family.  “Love Works” would be a good tool for my toolbox of leadership skills.  Thanks.  Mavis

  • Kenneth Huie

    Thanks for this opportunity.  Sharing the love of Christ can be difficult in the work place, I’m hopeful that Joel Manby’s new book “Love Works” will give me a fresh perspective on showing that love.  Love in the true sense; like how God actively shows His love towards us through sacricing His son so we could be reconciled to Him and now daily works in our lives, empowering us to gladly work for His glory and the good of others.

  • Jonathan Bartling

    This book sounds like an exceptional and incredibly timely one for me. At last Fall’s Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit, I felt God calling me to be a student of leadership in preparation for what He had in store. I have now moved from a faculty role to an administrative role at a university, and am managing the work of others. I have always been intrigued by the admonition in scripture to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart…” I have seen many places in the Bible where the heart is elevated above the head (“lean not on your own understanding”), and am convinced that my life should be guided by love. I am anxious to see how this concept can be practically applied in leadership!

    • Jonathan Bartling

      Oh, and my Twitter handle is @jbphd. Didn’t come through here!

  • http://bentheredothat.com Ben Patterson

    As a father of four kids and junior high youth director, this book would help both my family and ministry. I had the chance to are Joel speak at the Orange Conference five weeks ago and was really impressed. I actually wrote his book down in my notes as “must read.” Thanks for your book review, Michael, and for this amazing book giveaway.

  • Jsiegel

    Joel Manby spoke at the Good Friday Breakfast in Portlannd, OR this year. The wisdom and truth he shared blessed thousands that were in attendence. I am a huge fan and would love to read his leadership insights. As a newly promoted leader managing the sales channel for 85 perrson business… I would love to get Love Works and bring Joel’s approach to our business.

    OregonDuck Fan

  • Jen Endsley

    I completely agree with all 7 of these timeless principles.  Sadly, in the company I work with, we have one individual who has been with us for 3 1/2 months who doesn’t live by any of these principles and has me allowed to use all 7 principles on an almost daily basis.

    My question for the author (and anyone else for that matter) is this: At what point does one determine a co-worker (not a supervisor or someone underneath them) needs to be let go because they are not a team player and absolutely do not follow these principles (any one or all)?  How do I “convince” my boss it is okay to let them go despite the fact my boss repeatedly says she needs to terminate their employment as they are not adding value to the organization and do it in a manner that is loving (without me becoming angrier)?

    Any and all advice (for the positive of course) would be of benefit!

    • Steve Curran

      This is a tough situation.  One of the concepts behind love being an action and decision is that is not dependant on others actions.  So, your co-workers behavior does not determine yours.  That being said.  There are some people who just are not a good fit in a particular organizational culture.  While they struggle to survivie in one organization they may flourish in another.  You might want to address your co-workers effect on the team, and the culture with them and with your boss.

  • Dschmitt

    My son and I are starting a new social media based company for campers and out door enthusiasts. This book sounds great for us as we lay the framework for our employees.

  • http://twitter.com/chadwhitley chadwhitley

    Excellent post! As a young pastor, Mr. Manby’s book would be a real asset as I seek to lead in ministry in the same fashion Jesus did. I would love to read “Leading with Love.”

  • Teri Blackwell

    I believe in the principles Joel lays out and would love to understand  how to implement that more into my business. I want to lead in such a way that other desire to do likewise!

  • Alison Jensen

    I love to read leadership books!

  • Ann Holdaway

    My daughter will be marrying a godly young man in 3 weeks. I would really like to have a copy of this book to give to him. He is an account executive for the Marines Football team. What a great place to share God’s tangible love, by His standards, than with these men who demonstrate love by protecting our country. Love always protects.

  • Caleb Harris

    I’m a Captain in the US Army, currently working on my masters on Management and Leadership. In our training, we’re often told that “loving your Soldiers” is a principle of leadership. I agree with that statement, but I have yet to hear a good definition of what that really means. I believe the book will help me better understand and define what “love your Soldiers” really means; thereby improving my own leadership and enabling me to share that with my subordinates. With time, perhaps we can create a common definition for the Army!

  • Sam Harrison

    The seven principles found in “Love Works” are timeless, and have paid off for me on my job repeatedly.  I believe that they provide a baseline for healthy interpersonal relationships.  If a peson will put them into practice, they will produce a sense of balance and wholeness.  This sense translates into better health and promotes lasting relationships with other people.  I am exciting about renewing my mind through careful study of the book.

  • John Harvey

    Love is the foundation of the life of a Christian. As leaders who follow Christ, we must incorporate his commandments from Matthew 22:37-40 into all aspects of our lives; including, or perhaps especially, our work and our vocation. This book looks to be one that as a pastor I can use to incorporate biblical principles into my leadership of people in our church who are executives, business owners, employees and young adults being prepared for their future.

  • Cheryl Pierce

    I’m part of a leadership ministry at church that is helping people find their vision and calling in life, then to go and walk out that purpose by being a leader of leaders. This would be great new information to share with our teams!

  • http://www.kellycombs.com/ Kelly Combs

    The great thing about the Bible is that it is applicable in all relationships! Whether at home, work or with friends, every relationship will benefit by using the steps outlined here. It looks like a great book.

    And am I the only one seeing Joel Manby’s the resemblance to Antonio Banderas?  :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/butch.syyap Butch Syyap

    The idea of practicing Love from the viewpoint of business intrigues me, and the summary made me realize its applications. That said, I would like to learn more. As a facilitator of Leadership-related workshops, I find it important to read up and find nuggets of wisdom I can share with others, and Joel’s ‘Love Works’ promises to have a gold mine of these. I hope to share this with others.

  • adm123

    What is love? It is kind. It is gentle. No… what IS love. Hmm. Love. That’s it. It is. But how to describe it?

    In April of 2012 I turned 39. Life looked me straight in the face. Wow.
    What have I done with my life? What do I have to show?

    I had been serving local businesses in marketing and design for a number of years. Four years ago due to request I went on my own and continued serving… even more fully the needs of local businesses: high end coffee shop, lumberyard, furniture store, construction-related company. Just loving it!

    After I turned 39 I shifted forward three gears. Not soft gears. Something had to change. Real gears. Three of them. The ball was in my court. I played.

    I work from my house so it is easy to slide from bed to the office. Not anymore. I get up. I get out of the house. I go to a local shop to have coffee as early as 5 am, to think, to pray, to read, to get grounded for the day. It has revolutionized my existence. I have purpose that I didn’t have. I have direction. I have foundation. I love it. Thank you, Lord.

    Love is a lifestyle. It is God-intended. I’ve experienced it. End of story.

    I know that love works. I have experienced it when there were strains in relationships. When I needed to give answers of why. When I didn’t know which way to turn. The love that is released by the Holy Spirit is the real kind of love. You can feel it. It is liberating. It is real. In the culture, love is often a soft and cuddly attribute… or sometimes seen as sensual and forbidden. Love is actually tough, strong, and powerful. Don’t even try to overcome it. It’s too powerful. Won’t be overcome. Would love to learn more about it.

    All the best, Mr. Michael. Thanks for sharing the book.

  • Michellebriggs99

    We are called to love one another, a goal set before me … I work to attain. Love Works is the piece of the puzzle I need to bring head knowledge to heart lifeknowledge and then to way of life.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=516660629 Mark R Hoffman

    This seems like a great book on the way leadership ought to work.  I have seen it demonstrated time and time again, if your team and employees know you believe in them and support them, they will take care of the work and the customer.

  • tsolomon

    I read Michael’s blog for the creative in me, but I also love the leadership tips and guest bloggers and suggested readings. These I pass along to my husband, who is a successful attorney and businessman. He eagerly reads what I share. I also pass along these things to our four sons. The concepts in Mr. Mann’s book are Biblical and proven and character qualities we want to encourage. I would be thrilled to add it to our library to share, right beside our new copy of PLATFORM.

  • http://twitter.com/wls1961 Wanda Simpson

    I have been reading different authors on the topic of love. I truly believe that loving people in their and my unlovely times is what Jesus did. Showing grace and love has a greater impact on the one receiving and extending.

  • Stacy C.

    We have been in business for 17 years now and have grown a great business. Now it is time to build an amazing team that can continue to grow our business with us. I think this may just be exactly what we need as a jumping off point!

  • Sheley44

    These principles are very close to what we try to hold true to at Chick-fil-A. What an awesome testament to how we should embrace everyone in our lives- professionally and personally. Very excited to own this book!

  • Jeanne malnati

    I love the title and topic of this book. Yes! I work with leadership teams helping to create a healthy culture through clean & clear communication…. Having the hard conversations face to face… It’s sometimes called tough love- but it involves loving others enough to speak face to face instead of whispering and complaining behind closed doors. http://Www.Jeannemalnati.com.

    My daughters and I also began spreading hearts I. South Africa 3 years ago… Small pewter hearts- as we felt the nudge- heard that still small voice… Small pewter hearts- loving people out of the blue. Yes helping to change the world one heart at a time. <3. (www. Spreadinghearts.org). Sounds like your book and it's topic can do that as well! Congratulations. I hope I am one of the lucky ones to receive it.

  • http://www.thewordweaver.com/ Deb Weaver

    Michael said that Love Works is a must-read for leaders.  I am a leader within my small group, at church, in volunteer opportunities, and especially as a Mom.  This past year, I have learned that the only two things under my “control” is my determination to love and to pray.  I’d treasure an opportunity to read this selection.

    Deb Weaver

  • Oscar

    I have seen the need to lead teams differently. Not out of fear.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=38423957 Keri Mayes Tidwell

     My husband has been reading books on leadership to improve in this area, and this book would be a great one to read because of the emphasis on biblical truths.

  • Jeanie

    I am an associate pastor of midwestern church.  Too often I see a failure to use these kinds of biblical principles in leadership in the church and in other faith-based organizations.  It is especially disillusioning and disappointing to those who come to work in these places expecting that it will be a better experience than “out in the world.”  I am eager to read this book and to share it with others with the prayer that we in the faith-based community will especially be inspired and led to practice the principles if we aren’t already doing so.  Thank you for providing this opportunity!  I pray that it will catch fire! 

  • Tola Akinsulire

    It’s great to have someone writing about leadership in the workplace based on the lifestyle of Christ – The ability to live this effectively is one of the questions most of us in the marketplace ask continually.
    I look forward to reading the book

  • Kendra Haywood

    I also think I could read this and benefit by leading my family in love. I want to better lead in love as a mom

  • hu lao shi

    I already subscribe to your blog post and read each and every one.  I am living and working in a more remote place in East Asia and those 7 principles are just what could enhance my work as I lead students and colleagues each and every week.  Leadership in
    my context needs lots of love to shine bright.  I could also use this book as an instructional tool in my classes as I teach the students in this university.  Hu Lao Shi

  • Darva Kinney

    Even -or-  especially Christian churches need reminded why LOVE WORKS at WORK.  I work at a large evangelical church with 50 staff. Sometimes we guard ourselves from being too “churchey”  and we need to instead be more businesslike, but that isn’t the case. Love at work trumps all else. 
     I would appreciate a copy to so that I can share with staff and we can encourage each other. 

  • http://twitter.com/Glenn_Kalnins Glenn Kalnins

    I would like a copy of Love Works because I have a similar approach to leadership as Joel.  I highly value my relationships with the people I work with, for and serve.  This book will allow me to put all of the puzzle pieces together to live, work and serve in a more effective way.

  • Harold Friesen

    I have been realizing that to really love my family & employees is an area that I am lacking in. I am on a journey of change and know this would be an asset to me.

  • http://twitter.com/BlairBBonin Blair Bonin

    Leading a multi-cultural team of 50 on the continent of Europe can be a formidable task in our diverse organization.  My hunch is that we do pretty well with the seven principles espoused in “Love Works”, but I’d love to delve deeper and evaluate further.  If the title’s foundational thesis is 1 Corinthians 13 (a truly culture-transcending publication in itself), we will certainly glean much.

  • hu lao shi

    Twitter and Facebook are blocked where I live in East Asia.   hu lao shi

  • Steve Curran

    As a military leader, I have found that strength and decisiveness are highly valued in leadership.  However, I do not feel this is the best way to develop loyalty.  Leading with love sounds like a great way of looking at our responsibility to those we lead.  Not as subordinates, but human beings worthy of being led with love.  I’m excited to try out the approach.

  • Kyle Dean M.D.

    As a Family Physician, I need to be at my best upon entering each patient room. Any help that I can get to help me be my best is always appreciated. Thanks for the interesting post!

  • Becki

    In a new leadership position in my “encore” years, I struggle with balancing my role with my life philosophy (Speak Truth.  Love Well).  This book may very well be an answer to prayer (and, incidentally, whether i “win” a free copy or not,I will be obtaining one!)

  • Faridhadjiat

    I need this book to learn how to manage with love:)

  • Florence

    I am an office administrator who works for four attorneys who all have different operating styles and are all Christians.  Though, they do not operate the firm out of love, it is all about the bottom dollar.  There are great employees here and if I could read this book and share it the attorneys in the office, it would be a great blessing for all here at the office.

  • Micah

    Although I am not the leader of my team at work, I have been on few occasions criticized for my behavior. When I feel that something should be done or attempted to a certain degree and others fall short, I become easily irritated. Growing up in a stern, Christian home, we were thought the principals of God but from a more “leave no room for mistakes” standpoint. I feel like it worked effectively in college however, I can’t help wanting to avoid sharing God with my co-workers or peers after an initial scolding of some sort. I’ve always thought that great leaders (CEOs, presidents etc.) are usually those who are set apart of others because of their drive. And still I feel guilty knowing I have the responsibility of the Great Commission. How can I lead others to the love of Christ when I know they, more or less, hate me?

  • jthenderson

    I cannot wait to get my hands on this book!  I work as a fundraiser at a non-profit who serves children who have been abused.  I am always looking for ways to love and serve not only our clients but my team. 
    Also, I serve as an ekder at The Avenue Church (www.avechurch.com).  This book will be very helpful for church leaders as we strive to use the Biblical model of leadership. 

  • Rick Gray

    I recently listen to a Podcast regarding this book and the information was outstanding. Being an employee for several years, big corporations, CEO’s need to read this book. It is very needed in corporate america. Take care of the employee’s, they are your most valuable asset.

  • Nunperish

    My daughter just completed her MBA and started a new
    career. I think that Love Works would give her valuable
    Wisdom to share in her new leadership position and share
    with company management as well. What a gift to her it would

  • Donna Schmidt

    I am currently in an online class at Williamson Christian College in Franklin, TN entitled Biblical Concepts of Leadership. This book sounds as though it would be a timely and highly valuable addition to our goal of discovering the Biblical basis for leadership. Thank you in advance for considering me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rks423 Robert Storey

    I have used this chapter in 1 corinthians in talks to middle and high school students without telling them where it came from.  One teacher told us that it was the best definition of love she had ever seen and where did we get it.  We told her came from the Bible & she smiled and said I knew it had to.  I am excited to read the book whether I purchase it or win it.  Not only will it make readers better at work, it will open many readers up to the truths in the Bible and in the Lord. 

  • Cross Kelly

    The Love Chapter is one of the most powerful and inspiring passages of the Bible. Using this passage for guidance at work is an excellent way to show your true dedication and commitment to your team and your company. The seven principles Joel outlines make perfect sense from a leadership standpoint.  

  • KellyHarbaugh

    I am working on a website that provides leadership resources for Christian women.  Women have a hard time categorizing their life’s work, because it tends to overlap, and labels like “working mom” or “stay-at-home mom” don’t fully describe their life.  My site removes the labels and recognizes women as leaders, providing resources for Ministry, Family Leadership, Business, and Blogging.I am very interested in reading this book and reviewing as a resource.

  • Connie I.

    This book would be a wonderful title to add to our church library!

  • Pat Ward

    Where does this fall on the Love Does – Love Works – Love Wins continuum? 

    Honestly, it sounds like a great book for my leadership roundtable group to discuss.  Thanks for sharing it.

  • Quinton Schwengel

    Michael, thanks for the opportunity to receive Joel’s new book “Love Works: Seven Timeless Principles for Effective Leaders.” I look forward to the opportunity to read his insights on love and how the use of this action verb gives us the opportunity to build stronger teams. I work at a Retreat facility and have the opportunity to lead a team of 12 awesome people who desire to go the second mile in their service to our guests. I believe this book will give me opportunities to teach the importance of love in the workplace. Thanks again.

  • Seth Edden

    Mr. Hyatt,

    Thanks for posting your review of “Love Works”. Through your snapshot of its contents I’ve been challenged and encouraged to read the whole thing to learn as much as I can about putting love at the center of my work and leadership. Thanks again for always adding value to myself and the many other readers of your posts.


  • Hsyutzy

    I would like those I lead to feel loved and cared for (as one of the fundamental foundations for doing their jobs well).

  • Elizabeth_a_wallace

    I believe love must guide all we do and it would be delightful to have a copy of this book as a guide to apply the concepts of love to a work situation. This book will enrich my leadership and help me “model the way” as a believer.

  • Joshuawold

    I love reading. Last year I watched Dave Ramsey’s one day entreleadership event. It changed my life. Since then I’ve read as many books as I could on topics of business and leadership. My list is constantly expanding. Thanks to Dave Ramsey’s recommendation I picked up Platforms and listened through the audio last week. I’m also a small business owner and a writer. As a Christian, and a small business owner, I want to become a better leader. This book looks like another excellent step in that direction! Either way, keep up the good work and thanks for all that you do!

  • http://www.TheNarrowPassage.com/ Timothy Lynn Burchfield

    Good word.

  • Danny L. Smith

    Once a year I read a book on marriage and this year’s read has been Tim Keller’s “The Meaning of Marriage.” I’d like to continue that read with another sound read and it appears Mandy’s book is just that.

    Especially if it lives up to the title “Love Works.” (because I know it does.) 

  • http://www.malisaprice.com Malisa Price

    I want to learn to love what I do. And by doing so, influence others to do the same

  • http://www.bcchristian.org/ Marc Daly

    I am an Administrator at a small Christian school. Our tag line is based on Matthew 22:37-39, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind . . . and Love your neighbor as yourself.” 

    Joel’s book would be very helpful in leading the school, and I could share the book with my preschool director, daycare director, and teachers. Additionally, we could make the book available to parents.

  • Dan Erickson

    This is a novel idea.  I like to see books like this.  It gives me hope that relationships in the workplace still have value, rather than too much focus on money, power, and success.  http://www.danerickson.net

  • http://twitter.com/MarciaLKing SimpleMSolutions

    I’m in a difficult spot professionally. I’m trying to start my own business and am still working at a company that is very political and unethical and unprofessional. It brings me down a lot and I crave encouragement in order to keep my own ethics and values.  I question daily, “How can I be true to myself and my values and be professional?”.

  • Robertmorrisusa

    After having the pleasure of vacationing in Branson, Mo and taking my family to Silver Dollar City we all knew this was a different company from the moment we walked in.  After talking to several employees we found out later that it was christian owned and operated and that everybody love the two brothers that ran it.  I can only to hope to run my company the same way and this book will definately give me some ideas in doing that.

  • Bobbi0897

    I recently started a department with my company admins.  I am challenged to lead these women in a way that stretches their abilities and helps them contribute to the goals of the company.  Love Works would be a great tool for this new team.  I rarely “win” these types of things, but willing to wait until your decision before buying the book in triplicate!

  • John O’Malley

    Love worked with Christ. It will work for me as I lead.

  • http://wordartificer.blogspot.com/ Derek Hanisch

    I’m a self absorbed, pessimistic, jack-ass who struggles with loving others daily.  I want to, but it’s challenging to think outside of myself.  I could always use some help in attempting to love others better. 

  • Tim Reeves

    I am a high school teacher and coach.  Summer is my time to recharge my batteries and renew my mind (I try to do this each day too) as I think and prepare plans for the players and students I will be leading.

  • http://www.sarahelisabethwrites.com/ Sarah Elisabeth

    My family has visited Silver Dollar City many a times since I was ten years old, and it’s still the best. Six Flags doesn’t compare – we would rather drive eight hours than one to go to SDC because of the wonderful atmosphere and spirit there. You just told me the secret behind it. Wow.

    I would love to read this book because I’ve always been in leadership – 4-H, homeschool group, Toastmasters, and now ramping up my home based business.

    Thanks for the great review, I look forward to reading this book!

  • Jasons

    As a lead pastor and leader of a paid staff of 10 and a church where I’d love to recommend a book that would be helpful, but I need to read it first..please allow me the privilege of reading thus.


  • http://www.milestogofromhere.com Jeff Miles

    Last year I moved to Oklahoma to work for a fortune 10 company and would love this book as I interact with my co-workers and learn how to best lead them.

  • AmericanWriter

    Love has suffered from the erroneous definitions that have been ascribed to it – – especially since the 1970 romance novel, Love Story, by Erich Segal.  Ever since, we have been climbing out of the ‘tar-pit’ of emotional sludge. I truly appreciate the “7-Point Love Check List” that can be easily applied to every kind of relationship.  Relationships are like oceans, and they require skillful navigation. The 7-Points are for me a great re-inforcer and reminder that its always the most reliable map to follow in difficult seas.  A final comment: I appreciate that fact that Joel translated this into a masculine lexicon. :)

  • Jennifer Major

    Simple. I want to be a better parent.

  • Jadcox

    I am a preaching minister for an 1100 member church.  Our vision is to be so filled with God that we overflow his love, grace, and good news into our community.  On aspect of this vision is to live our daily lives (especially in our work) as people sent by God.  My desire is to use “Love Works” to help take this vision deeper into the heart of our church and community.

  • Karen

    In our culture “love” is being thrown about like a gushy, esoteric, feelings based concept, which quite frankly leaves me less than inspired.  I appreciate that Joel takes another approach – a tangible, practical guide for leaders to practice love in action. This inspires me and I’m curious to know more…

  • Nuttingb

    Joel “gets” leadership and is not afraid to point to the source of his leadership approach. As a Leadership Development consultant, I advise and coach leaders how to deal with difficult people or resistance on their work teams all the time. This book would help me put into words the Biblical concepts I have wanted to share but often chose not to for fear of focusing on “soft” approach and not providing a “business appoach”. This would be so appropriate and timely for me as I have been looking for the credibility to share these concepts with other professionals.

  • Jonathon

    I am 24, starting a business on college campuses nationwide this fall to change the health of the next generation one college student at a time. Along with that business we (my mentor and successful home-based business owner) are pairing a mentoring/training program to teach college students values such as these. It’s not a Christian organization, but God is definitely the epicenter of our efforts.

  • Jeff Gouldie

    Michael,  I continue to enjoy reading your daily notes.  I consistently am reviewing the daily and weekly emails that arrive in my email box since there are various areas of training that I transition between, but your posts are practical and often helpful that day.

    I am interested in getting a copy of Joel’s book since leading people is part of my job as a manager and being led by the principals of the Bible is helpful since I want the Scriptures to be the main source of guidance for what I do and how I live.

  • Tristen

    The sales and service department at the car dealership I work at is always “at war” with each other. Even though each department complains to upper management that things need to improve and the battles need to end, no one does anything about it. The other day I went and offered lunch to each of the service reps/techs. They each were very appreciative and said how nice that was. When I walked back out among my colleagues in the sales department the first comments and criticism I heard was basically, “You think to improve our relationship with service is to offer them lunch?!” I replied, “I not only know that little things like that will improve our relationship with them, but in time, by consistently doing little things like that, it will lead to such a great relationship, it will be like our current problems never existed.” I have been working here for 3 months. I’m not management, have no “authority”, except the authority to be the one to make the change happen, by love. I would love to receive a free copy of this book to help me effectively make that change happen.

  • Kris Stout

    As leader of a large international youth ministry, I have been challenged recently with the priority of loving our people before simply “doing the work of the ministry”. We will lose people from time to time in our organization, but may we never lose them because we have not loved them enough. I am looking forward to reading “Love Works” as I need to grow in this area and model it in every facet of my leadership.

  • http://www.bubbasmith.net/ Doug Smith

    My greatest strength is my ability to connect with people.  I love people and I believe the best in them. I am a natural encourager and every day I try to love and life everyone in the office. However, where I tend to fall short, is loving someone enough to have a tough conversation with them. Loving someone enough to hold them accountable. Loving someone enough to take them to where they need to go, not where they want to go.

    I just listened to Andy Stanley’s podcast interview with Joel. It seems like Joel has a great grip on the side of love that I am not as well equipped at. If this book will help me grow in my ability to love people enough to have tough conversations with them, hold them accountable, and take them to another level, I would love a copy! Thanks Michael!

  • Joel

    as pastor of a start up church with a growing volunteer staff, this books seems like it is a must read for me. but also as a pastor with a growing platform in the marketplace in Japan (www.successnow.jp), not only do I want to learn more about the 7 words mentioned in the book, I want to help the Japanese business people with these Biblical principles. 

  • http://twitter.com/RandyCantrell Randy Cantrell

    I know some autocratic leaders who desperately need to learn that love is a verb. They’d never buy a copy, but might read it if I gave them a copy.

  • Lizel Gonzalez

    Because the 7 principles are exactly what I try to adhere to at work and what I believe to be essential to good leadership and yet I often miss the mark.

  • C. Hancock

    I’m about to celebrate my 30th anniversary as Pastor at a church in southwest Ohio.  It is my sincere desire to become a more effective and caring leader to an incredible group of people.  I’d love to have Joel’s book for personal encouragement and to share with our staff and leadership.

  • Keith Robinson

    I am pastor of a church in Minnesota. The key verse for our church is Galatians 5:6, which says ‘The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.. I would simply’love’ to get a better handle on how to best lead from that paver. We believe that faith in Christ is central, but that is a beginning point, not a destination. We really try to honestly demonstrated Christs love on a day to day basis. But I have a long ways to go as a leader, want to improve in loving leadership.

  • http://www.jondale.com Jon Dale

    Amy and I spent the first five years of our marriage vacationing in Branson and visiting Silver Dollar City. We went back two years ago and it’s amazing how the place has grown but yet it’s kept it’s family values centered approach and has a staff that loves working there. I’d love to learn more about the leadership approach that’s created such a great culture.

  • Ashleyludwig

    As a mother, I try and always find the lesson on what we watch. Few episodes of Undercover Boss have the depth and courage of self study that Joel Manby offered. I look forward to reading and reviewing JoelManby’s book.

  • Michelle Tussing

    I’m the Nurse Manager for a non profit organization. Managing my team in a selfless, servant way is my goal. I’ve struggled communicating the value I have for my team and I think this is just the book I need to help with that. I’m anxious to get it and read it!

  • http://www.jackthelen.com/ Jack Thelen

    I’ve been looking for a way to work Leadership into my Sunday school lessons for 10th graders…basing this on Scripture is the key to that.  I would use this concept to teach and prepare future leaders!

  • Chris Chancey

    I anticipate this book not only pointing out the areas in which leading with love will have a major impact on our businesses, but also speaking into how to live these attributes out whenever we are faced with tough circumstances. How we manage the gray areas in our daily decisions at work can make or break the integrity we strive to obtain.

  • Phil Sherwood

    I want grow in my leadership at work.

  • Linda S

    If Joel can make ‘love work’ in an organization as diverse as theme park management I think  he’s got a winner and of course we know the scripture he’s referenced is timeless – as good for today’s leader as it was when Paul penned it many, many years ago! I’d love to read this book so that I can shape my leadership style with love.

  • Vicki

    Books like this is one of the big reasons why yesterday I got a library card for the first time in about 8 years.  I can’t wait to read this book because being kind and loving at work is very hard to find. 

  • Joanna Massey

    I spent several decades in the entertainment industry – in front of and mostly behind the camera. I used to say it is an industry that rewards bad behavior with a promotion, cash, and prizes. I am enjoying a second career and doing it differently. The mission of my new business is to provide products and services that promote mental and emotional health and well being worldwide. Obviously that starts with me and my employees, so I am very interested to read “Love Works.”

    Thank you for the reference. Peace and Ease of Being, Joanna

  • Cory

    What an awesome concept!! Love in the workplace!  I would love to learn more about what Joel has written on this so I can share it with the wonderful staff I have the pleasure of working with.  Two of whom are my brothers!  God was the first and greatest CEO, so it is no surprise that Joel has found inspiration from the Bible in writing this.  Thanks for considering me for a copy!  Love your blog!

  • http://www.byphyllis.com/ Phyllis Dolislager

    Love the TV show Undercover Boss. We never know how our actions or reactions will affect those around us. Never too late to learn more.

  • Kjdteeters

    I am still in the pregnant stages of building a “girl club” for the youth in central Fl. Through Christ, Matt Pitt is doing a great job with The Basement, building up the boys. It will be based on Love, bc Jesus is Love. So many teens are being delivered the wrong message about Love thanks to the tv and music.

  • http://twitter.com/bassplayerdoc Edwin Sarmiento

    I have advocated bringing back “LOVE” in business environments ever since I’ve read the book Love Is the Killer App by Tim Sanders. Love is  universal concept that transcends culture, gender, age, religion, etc. I’d like to have a copy of the book to get a different perspective on how to apply love in the workplace in this day and age.

  • Johnny Ervin

    I help church planters in Mississippi develop their leadership competency. One of the effective approaches we have found for personal development is improving a leader’s emotional intelligence. The 1 Corinthians passage quoted and the Galatians 5:22-23 list of fruits of the spirit are the original examples of “Emotional Intelligence” or “Emotional Maturity”. It helps me to think of this leadership trait as Spiritual Maturity, which covers more than just the way a person handles their emotions. I would like a copy of this book to help our church planters better understand this leadership approach.  

  • Scott Fernandez

    I would really like it if upper management took this approach. I wished more companies would take this approach

  • http://ericspeir.com/ Eric

    I want a copy because I lead a ministry college and would like to share the same principles with our students. Leading ministry students gives me the opportunity to multiply my influence as students spread out across the world and our nation. There’s a lot of leadership books out there but too many of them simply rehash the same stuff that someone else wrote.  I’ve always tried to lead with the idea that the best way to lead is out of relationship with others.

  • Dane

    In 1997 I led a team of 5 guys across the nation in a youth camp/conference adventure.  Although I was good at organization, by the end of the summer, my glaring inability to lead was apparent to all.  My method for teaching my team to make a better choice usually revolved around sarcasm and rude comments.  Later that year, due to many unfortunate failures and heartaches I found myself daily reading from 1 Corinthians 13, trying to reconcile my pain.  Through that time, I found out, not only how different my style was from the Word of God, but also what God was really like.  I was forever changed.  Desperate for more understanding, and always growing in passion to be a better leader, I would revel in the opportunity to have this book.  Thanks for the blog!  Great stuff! :D

  • http://www.churchthought.com Matt Steen

    I have heard Andy Stanley interview and talk about Joel for years,  and his story really intrigues me.  I didn’t realize that he was writing a book until I heard him on Andy’s podcast yesterday morning.  

    Here is what excites me about this concept: the dude is doing well financially, in a down economy, in an industry that typically suffers when people are watching what they are spending… that is something people pay attention to.  And if people are paying attention to how Joel is doing this, imagine what happens when they start asking the important question: “why?”I am excited to see what happens as a result of this book.

  • Ken Morrow

    Saw this episode! One of the best! He uses The best source available for guiding principles! PTL

  • http://www.sowgro.com/ Todd Miechiels

    Joel is the real deal.  We had the incredible blessing of filming a short version of his testimony for The 3:15 Project http://bit.ly/L82Qt4 shortly before the book was published.  

    He took time out of an incredibly busy schedule to drive out to our house, selflessly so that others might be encouraged from his experiences.  We are hopeful other leaders will follow Joel’s example of authenticity and transparency.
    I was overjoyed to see his book at the Atlanta airport this last week and picked up a copy which my wife proceeded to take from me and read in one sitting.  I gave my copy away to a friend in San Diego and have to pick up another one!

  • http://twitter.com/lschiz Scott Chism

    In your post titled “4 Ways to Become a Leader People Want to Follow” number one on the list of 4 Cs is “Care”. There’s no better way fo showing, sharing God’s love and demonstrate care than by living out these attributes in 1 Corinthians 13. 

    As I lead and serve people in my ministry of Facilities here at the church I am always open and looking for ways to better “Care” for those I serve with.
    This sounds like another excellent opportunity to learn more of sharing and caring for those I have the privilege of leading and serving with.

    Dir Facilities & Ops
    Medinah Baptist Church

  • http://www.joshhunt.com/ Josh Hunt

    I write Bible Studies every week and am in constant need of new material to quote. 

    Curious: I just got an add from Amazon advertising a book with a similar look and title: Good Works. It was advertised as similar to your book. 

  • http://www.Hart4God.com Tim Hart

    I’m definitely interested in this book! If I don’t win a copy, then I’ll just have to buy it!

  • Dan

    The idea of love as an approach in the workplace is counter-cultural.  In my professional life, I am privileged to lead a group of talented professionals who provide services for our company.  The idea of my leadership emerging from my intentional love relationship with God is refreshing and exciting.  I would like a copy of the book for gleaning insights from Joel’s understanding of 1 Corinthians 13.

  • John

    Wow! I had an organization called Love Works, a Ministry of Hope. I spoke and sang about it, even wrote a song called Love Works. I was young and hadn’t learned a thing about leadership, I just knew I had been set free by love…God’s love, and the love of a patient people, the Church. I am now endeavoring to learn and to lead from the things God is teaching me every day about love, trust, forgiveness, faith and hope, and to inspire others to give themselves fully to love’s adventure.
    Mike, thank you for this review, and for the inspiration it provided. I will devour the book, and try to personify its lessons. 

  • chris_rainey

    I’ve been familiar with HFC and Joel for several years and admire every part of their organization. This morning I listened to the latest podcast from Andy Stanley in which he interviewed Joel about the book. After 20+ years of leadership and management experience I know there is more to learn and grow into as a leader which is why I’d LOVE a copy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/vulefamily Ramsey N Vicky Vule

    We are missionaries in South Sudan and this book looks like such a GREAT resource. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Vicky

  • http://twitter.com/jeffsmithnc jeffsmithnc

    I’m the associate pastor at a small traditional church (youth, children, contemporary early service). This would be a great read for the summer and possible the start of great series for the the contemporary service and youth group. Thanks!

  • http://twitter.com/lschiz Scott Chism

    In your post of   “4 Ways to Become a Leader People Want to Follow” the first on the list is “Care”. There’s no better way of caring, sharing and serving those entrusted to our leadership than to live out these attributes of 1 Corinthians 13.

    I am always eager to learn how to better lead, share and care for those I serve in my facilities ministry here at our church. This book can be an excellent resource.

  • Helen Mclean

    This book looks like an effective tool that can be used in many settings – the workplace, the home and church.  As a growing leader I would love to be more effective in a way that lives out my Christian faith.  Not just now but in the future

  • Carolyn

    God gives us everything we need to live by. It is not an easy task to learn to apply all of his principals to our lives and that includes our work. Think about it most of us spend more time with co-workers than with our families. I see an awesome connection with this book. I have learned to apply some of the love principals in my work place. I too am in a leadership role in a very sensitive setting where many are quick to judge.  Without the prinicipals of love in my everyday life walk  I could not do this job however, I would like to know how to apply more. 

  • Linda

    After spending  time working for a company with an “employees first” culture, I find it difficult to understand why other companies do not see the immeasureable benefits from this way of thinking.  It is a win-win situation for all concerned…. besides just being the right thing to do.  This book seems to underscore this idea, and I look forward to reading it.

  • JaysonFeltner

    This is a cool concept, leading with love.  It’s the ultimate Jesus Christ Leadership Model.  I think this is my kind of read.  I’m going to enter the contest for sure.

  • Mdbohia

    There is nothing better than a servant leader! When you’ve worked under one it’s clear that it’s the only way to go!

  • http://choicewebsites.ca/ Kerri, Zurich, ON

    Thanks Michael, for letting me know about this great new book, Love Works : Seven Timeless Principals for Effective Leaders. I know it will be a great addition to my library. 

    The business world can be ruthless, and the concept of loving through business is relatively new but I think, catching on quickly thanks to authors like yourself, Joel Manby (Love Works), and Phil Wagler, author of Kingdom Culture : Growing the Missional Church.

    I had the great pleasure of getting to know Phil a few years ago. Without preaching it as fact, he really got me onto the concept that we can spread the word much more effectively by making it relative to today’s world and the people in it.Contrary to popular belief, the principles we find in the Bible are not intended to ruin our lives or stifle our fun, but rather intended to make us all better people. Thanks for sharing and kudos to you both !

  • Chlee235

    I believe in servanthood leadership but needed to learn on how a leader live it out in a world of competitive businesses.

  • http://www.chrishartleygallery.com/ Chris Hartley

    Love is the single greatest commandment and instruction that Jesus left for us. I lead a company of 9 people in Cape Town, South Africa, avid reader and constantly striving to be man of godly character, as a husband and business leader. This book will most definitely be beneficial to me & ultimately those around me and in my sphere of influence. It will compliment your Platform book that i’ve bought, as you don’t want to create a platform if you can’t lead with LOVE.

  • Moses

    I am a pastor and I  a staff that some of the church wanted to fire before my coming.  They are a pretty beat down group and I need help how to lead them and how to make them into a strong team.  I think this book would give me some key insights on how to lift them and how to pull them into a strong team. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/sonyamacdesigns Sonya McCllough

     LOVE is a weapon to push, pull or point … (oh no this sounds like a new blog post not a comment)

  • http://mikhailbaynes.blogspot.com mikhailbaynes

    I would like to receive Love Works because that’s my favourite passage of scripture and I would like improve on using the most powerful virtue, LOVE, to be a better leader.

  • http://twitter.com/NewEnglandHiker Roy Wallen

    As a marketing and business management leader about to step into a new role (with a slightly dysfunctional staff, so I’m told), this seems like just the kind of approach I need.  It would be a pleasure to receive, read, review, and apply this book.  Thanks for the review and bringing it to our attention.

  • Randi

    Because I am trying to start a new business and I believe the best way to lead is by servant leadership.  H

  • Jviola79

    Currently doing leadership training with a team at our church. This looks like it would be interesting & most helpful not only for myself but to share with the others. As always, thank you for the opportunity!

  • juliana

    I am a relatively young manager in a public health agency and I am working to develop my leadership/management skills.  The women who have mentored me for years have all recently retired and I’ve lost a fount of wisdom with that (or at least daily wisdom – thankfully I get to see them all frequently!)  I think this book would be very helpful to me as I continue to learn and grow and work to lead with integrity and in a Christ-focused way.

  • http://www.irunurun.com/blog/ Travis Dommert

    Joel is a servant-leader rock star!  Oxymoron?

    Got a front-row seat to hear Joel share the book and key lessons at a lunch in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago.  What a treat! 

  • Russell

    As I read your article I thought of the most challenging leadership assignment of all – parenting.  If I can display 1 Corinthians 13 at home, I can surely do so at work.  
    – Russell 

  • Randy Smith

    Sometimes in a “business” situation, we set aside Biblical instructions about relationships for secular strategies. Some leaders have been penalized for not doing that and are portrayed as not being leaders at all. I’m hoping this book takes on that disconnect head-on.

  • http://www.irunurun.com/blog/ Travis Dommert

    Knowing about Joel’s background of working in very challenging command-and-control cultures at GM and Saab and the impact it had on him and his family really helps explain his commitment to changing how leadership gets done.  

    Here he shares his story with Andy Stanley: http://goo.gl/P9doP

    His greatest point…this concept is TOUGH and requires tremendous intentionality and accountability.  Might sound easy (and touchy-feely), but leading with unconditional love (always patient, always kind, always trusting, always unselfish, always truthful, always forgiving, always dedicated) has to be the most challenging undertaking we can accept as leaders.

  • Bevwieber

    Michael, would appreciate this book’s contribution to my son-in-law’s desktop as he takes on his new promotion as publisher after years in advertising sales at a b2b publishing company that also hosts trade shows for each of their publications. What an impact he will have on many lives by adding these concepts to his philosophy moving forward as publisher. Thank you for all you do to share the Love of God in this world. ~bev wieber

  • http://www.facebook.com/audrey.l.godwin Audrey L Godwin

    In the work that I do, I not only manage an internal team, but contractors as well and in bringing cohesiveness throughout a project, I am looking for practical ways to make servant leadership more tangible (if that is the right way to say).  What I have experienced about the world of work is that people crave appreciation and a place of contribution.  I want to become a better leader but also be able to develop leaders who understand and are willing to love others in the workplace.  I believe this book is just the tool I can use to marry the doctrine to everyday practice.

  • Elaine

    I work at a non profit and rely on a lot of volunteers for help at different times of the year. I am always looking for help in being a better facilitator. They are there because they live the ministry, I should be able to love them for their service.

  • http://twitter.com/MattMcWilliams2 Matt McWilliams

    I listened to Joel on Andy Stanley’s podcast and, of course, immediately knew this would be a future book in my business book club. 

    On the podcast he shares a story about a “kid” (it’s still hard for me to call a teenager that) who gets fired and rightfully so. The kid went out of his way afterward to call Joel, apologize, and ask for another chance. Joel, out of love, gave him another chance. He went on to be a great team member and later joined the military. Joel used his position in business to change a life! I want to be THAT kind of leader. And I want to train up those kind of leaders. The world NEEDS those kind of leaders.

    He also tells a story when he was at Saab of how not to be a leader. His boss calls his on Easter Sunday, tells him to be in Sweden the next day, and ridicules him in front of all his peers. What a joke! He stripped away Joel’s dignity and completely demotivated him. 

    The fact is that love works and Joel shares those stories and how to use love in business. I want to learn from him!

  • Larry Askew

    The apostle Paul reminded us faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is love.
    It saved us, it motivates us, it guides us, it is the expression of a grateful heart. The world desperately needs to experience it.

  • Alfonso Ayala

    It is a challenge to apply Biblical principles to daily life because the opposite is more common, expected and glorified by media, politicians and society in general.

    Incarnational love in all areas of our lives transforms people by motivating and inspiring them.

    This book seems to encourage and to empower leadership through love in a richer and authentic philosophy of life, including at work.

    It is a great opportunity to renew and to stregthen leadership in love in my commitment to my community development involvement, to my ministry with pastors And churches, my elected presidential year of my community service organization, Rotary, and mo than anything, my family.

    Thank you for considering a book to share with us.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mary.runion1 Mary Runion

    I am absolutely thrilled that someone has written a book encouraging those with loving leadership skills to stand strong, as opposed to the mountains of leadership books pressuring leaders to push firmly!   I truly believe a gifted leader has people who follow directly behind him/her in the leader’s example instead of blindly going forward as the leader pushes them from the rear! 
    I hope to be able to read this book soon!

  • Jonathanmanafo

    I’m planting a church just outside of Toronto and want to build a team full of love & grace. This book looks like a perfect addition to my library. Thanks for making this offer available. Even if I don’t get the book, I appreciate the opportunity. Keep up the great posts every day.

  • mvaillancourt

    I work in a fundraising role at a healthcare foundation.  Our team is being stretched and some friction is finding its way into our team relationships.  The principles of this book will help us moving forward.  Plus, I thoroughly enjoyed the Undercover Boss episode Joel was in and at that time, I thought his perspective and approach was inspiring.  I’m sure the book will be a great resource.

  • Tony Staten

    I would be thrilled to receive a copy of Love Works.  I left full time employment last Thursday to answer God’s calling to begin a Marriage & Family non-profit.  My last day at work my “boss” he always hated that word, put a copy of Platform on my desk and I’ve just begun reading it.  I believe Love Works would be a great compliment to helping me get things started off on the right path.  Thanks so much and God bless you both for your work to help others!

  • Pbrannan

    Love is a power force wherever it is used.  I have attempted to become a more loving person to improve my personal life and circumstances.  I would welcome the opportunity to learn how to use it to make my company a better place.  

  • Deb Ehret

    I’m in a new position at a new library. As a Christian, I try to treat others as I would want to be treated, and I really like this idea of leading with love. I hadn’t really thought of it in a work context, just a general life principle. It sounds like Joel has hit the mark about it also being a leadership principle and I’d like to learn more.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1253017460 Michael Hutchings

    I have been in pastoral ministry for 35 years, and have had a continual battle with the temptation of becoming unbalanced between a “corporate” mindset of leadership (task or cause oriented) and the “organic” model (people oriented).  I have found love DOES work, even in the most difficult times of firing people or conflict.  I now am a director of a ministry school that is raising up the next generation of church and marketplace leaders, and would love to share this book with them.  michaelhutchings54@gmail.com

  • http://twitter.com/JA3vans Joshua Evans

    I’m a 24 year old man, who loves his wife and soon to be, newborn son. I want to be like Daniel in the Bible who had a “spirit of excellence”, to be lead my family and those who I’m privileged to serve. 

    Finally, my vice is reading and studying leadership. You and John Maxwell have consumed hours of my time and I trust the information you advocate for and write yourself.

    – Joshua

  • David

    I just quoted him (from the promo video I saw) in an online class for business professionals. I’d love to read the book fully.

    “don’t leave your heart at home”

    “invest in your work by investing
    in the people you work with”

  • Jason Stern

    Great stuff and applicable to a situation I’m dealing with right now. Keep up the good work. Praises to the King!

  • http://twitter.com/TimThurman timthurman

    Yes please!  Am an entrepreneur and manage several businesses / multiple employees. 

  • Betsy

    I’m interested in reading the book you’re offering, because it sounds like just where I am at present.  I’m reading John Maxwell’s book,  “Everyone Communicates, but Few Connect.”  Last summer when I was teaching overseas I took along Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”  I just grabbed it as I went out the door.  While overseas I wondered why in heaven’s name I brought that book along.  But the Lord showed me that it was biblical, it did help our team a lot, though I never said a word to them about the book, just applied the principles.  I’ve found it to be somewhat similar to the Maxwell book, and perhaps this one.  I’m not only in business, but I’m becoming involved, as a calling, in “big picture” issues that affect us all.  I’m very definitely having to meet and work with all sorts of people and not in a Christian environment.   Aside from also reading Maxwell right now, I’m also perusing, “Dealing with People You Can’t Stand: How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst.” It’s secular, but very good.  I guess  you get the gist of what I’m saying.  No one has ALL the answers, but every thing I put to use and it’s amazing how much a good book like this can make a difference .

  • championsinchrist

    I just finished a talk on leadership that included love as one of the talking points. This will be a nice add-on for future talks that I do on that subject, so thanks for sharing the book with us. I would also like to share a brief story about love. A few years ago Marilyn Carlson Nelson was speaking at her church and was offering to sign her book “How We Lead Matters – Reflections on a Life of Leadership”. Marilyn was the Chairman of Carlson Companies and so I thought it would be fun to buy her book and have her sign it. I was suprised when she wrote a personal message to me in the front cover that said “Brian-always remember to lead with love”. First Corinthians 13:13 says “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.” Many people have personal mission statements. Mine is this – if I’m going to succeed at anything, then let it be love. Thanks again, for sharing this book with us!

  • Roseatk

    Who says love does not work in a workplace. Love works in EVERY situation, because God is love. Cannot wait to get my hands on this book, as I believe your workplace can be a place of grace for people. 

  • http://twitter.com/HenryMatlock Henry Matlock

    Living and loving this way can definitely affect the people around you in a positive way.  In turn, loving actions can have a positive effect on the organization as a whole, whether it is a business, a non-profit, or the family unit.  Using this scriptural foundation, I actually made this point a couple of months ago at my mother’s funeral: http://bit.ly/I1PgX7

  • Justin Bessler

    Having experienced that 1 Corinthians 13 love firsthand, and thus received a calling on my life to lead, this seems like a perfect book to further illuminate that path. It seems like the principles would be applicable to parenting too. Something else I need daily help with.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brenda.aman Brenda Aman

    I am looking forward to reading this book. Some great nuggets in this article.

  • Ryan B

    I’m an experienced Division I assistant basketball coach who in the last 6 months began putting my own coaching philosophy to paper in preparation for the time when I have the opportunity to lead my own program. I’ve been “researching” different leadership styles over the past few years, while at the same time evaluating my own personality and “style.” I’ve been intrigued at how leadership is effective and how it isn’t in leading a coaching staff who spends a ton of time together, and a group of college students, and having positive results in an extremely competitive environment. In my profession it is almost counter-cultural to treat people with love and respect because the pressures of winning drive people in the opposite direction, thinking that is the way to “push” people to results. I’m beginning to realize and believe that loving others is actually a way to “draw” people to results, and not just results in a particular game or practice setting, but something that will develop them for the rest of their lives and hopefully make the world a little better in the process. I want to be able to show those around me that love does indeed work in this extremely competitive environment, and not only works, but thrives. I believe a “workplace” atmosphere of love and encouragement will grow authentic leaders and followers, especially in a team setting like this. I would love to read this new book to understand and see how “Love Works,” because I’m really feeling led that this is the only true way to lead in any environment. Thank you so much for your blog and your new book (just started reading it!!!)! You are appreciated!

    Ryan B  

  • http://www.facebook.com/wisthrop Jared Hansen

    One of the hardest things in life is to give love to those around you when you are faced with challenges and obstacles. When you are in sales, its especially important to remember that people have to know you care before they care how much you know. “Love Works” seems like the perfect answer to help in this situation.

  • Cathcart Boy

    Servant-hearted leadership is fine – in a business where external relationships are recognised as critical, it will be helpful to share positive behavioural thinking on internal leadership/relations

  • timgallen

    why do i want a copy of love works? i am in the middle of a roughly yearlong journey in unlocking and rediscovering my true passions and dreams. i cannot stand the traditional corporate/work model and i am going to strike out on my own. i am interested and eager to learn how to do business in a better way that’s more fulfilling and, well, loving. plus, i like free books.

  • http://www.janabotkin.net/ Jana Botkin

    Any book recommended by you (Michael) AND based on the Bible has to be a great one!

  • http://www.mythirtyone.com/andreaschultz Andrea Schultz

    I am an Independent Senior Consultant with Thirty-One Gifts (a wonderful, faith-based company!); my website is at http://www.mythirtyone.com/andreaschultz. I am working on building a team. It is quite clear to me that love is the motivator that works best to lead people. I would love the opportunity to read Mr. Manby’s book to learn how to be a more loving leader, wife, friend, etc…. Thanks for the opportunity, Mr. Hyatt! 

  • Andrew Hamilton

    As a Christian, Husband, Father, Asst. Pastor, Couples Class teacher, Counselor, Missions Director, I am always looking for books that can apply to several different hats that I wear. This looks like it could apply to most if not all of what I do & who I am. Would love to read this next after I finish PLATFORM! Also love any book that incorporates or is based on God’s Word as ultimately, that is wear All truth begins.

  • Kim Hogue

    I have believed in the ” if you’re not loving, you’re not leading” for years. Its my mantra wherever I find myself leading others. It is also how I long to be lead, but more infrequently has it been my actual experience.

  • Lane Andrews


    This blog post totally grabbed my attention when you got to the application to business principles. I would love a chance to use the book as a mirror to audit my leadership style and preferences. How different this orientation is compared to the typical mindset that the media glorifies. Would love to make the top 50 cut.
    Keep up the great work regardless.

    Lane Andrews

  • http://www.thedailywalk.net Adam

    This is the type of leader that I aspire to be. I work at a construction company and in construction this is a type of leadership that few operate with. A lot of times it as far from love as you could imagine. As I move up in the company I want to implanent more of this type of leadership and show that it can be utilized in the industry God has placed me in. I think this book is the type of title that will prepare me and further motivate me to hold fast to my belief in this method of leadership.

  • Cnorton

    I work for a nonprofit in Atlanta, and this book sounds like something we need to read as a staff!  We definitely don’t practice this as well as we should (mostly because it needs to come from the top and doesn’t really- in our office).  And yet, we’re in the business of giving Scholarships, so we have no excuse to not practice this internally and spread to our Scholars!  This seems like it may also go well with our research on “emotional intelligence” which we are testing our recipients on.  I would love a copy of this, and after I read it, I plan to get copies for our other staff members.  Thanks!

    (P.S.- Thanks for being part of the 2012 CFA Leadercast event!  It was my first time going and I LOVED it and learned so much!)

  • http://davidlarteyblog.wordpress.com David Lartey

    The idea of love being behavioral and the fact that true leadership must be based  on this is a topic I want to know more about. And this book can also help me lead a better life myself.

  • Michaelholmes Mh

    Great stuff. Probably the reason why we leave love at home is because we tend to focus greatly on reaching our goal and become so callous to the point of overlooking people, seeing people as only assets and liabilities. A workplace that exudes love produces loyalty and trust. People will work not only for money but for the company because of the people they love.

  • Andrew Voss

         As a middle school teacher of kids from low income households, I am always looking for new, make that BETTER ways to lead them. For a longer time than I care to admit, I’ve taught them well, but impatiently. This does not work in the long run. There are professions where people need not like their leaders to respect them. Teaching kids from generational poverty is not one of those professions. These kids will work for you if they like you. They may even if they don’t, but it makes the job a LOT harder than it needs to be.
         As I’ve been through one marriage, a long time single again, and now a few months into my second marriage, I’ve learned that love is an action, but I don’t think that that’s an intuitive thing, and I want a way to follow that a) teaches me something new, and b) reinforces my own values.
         There are a ton of books out there about teaching to all kinds of students, but I firmly believe that education isn’t just about the subject that one teaches. Much like football movies aren’t about football, my English class isn’t just about proper subject/verb agreement.
         My students need love, and I need to love them. The problem is, that I don’t always like them and am not sure if I love them or just my subject area. 
         I would appreciate a copy of Love Works, so that I can, to paraphrase Michael Hyatt, “reduce the friction” between them, me, and the life that is out there for them.

    Thank you, Joel, for this offer.

  • http://www.producewithpassion.com/ Dan McCoy

    It is Love that drives everything in this world.  Christ loved us to die for us. Our parents loved- to create us.  When we think of others and generate a minset of outward thinking and love we create value for others.  It is truly what drives every postive aspect of our society. Reading books helps me learn and educate myself so I can create value for others.  This books sound like the very tools to help bridge the gap between Living and Leading. The 4 L’s, (Laugh, Love Lead and Live) are what drives me everyday!   Can’t wait to read this.

  • http://www.tnealtarver.wordpress.com TNeal

    This spring I coached baseball (assistant JV coach) for the first time. I learned two things. I don’t know as much about baseball as I thought I knew. Despite my rookie learning curve, I discovered my role on the team. I’m the encourager (borrowing from Andy Andrews–the noticer). “Love Works” intrigues me and raises a specific question in my mind. How does this concept apply to working with young athletes?

  • http://twitter.com/thekevinedwards Kevin Edwards

    My wife and are main leaders of a group of about 20 people in our church that are leaders on our church platform.  We just spoke to them about the main enemy of unity is the lack of love.  It would be able to get my hands on the book to share the insights when the entire team.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wendy.schuck Wendy Schuck

    I work in a very challenging and mostly toxic (unecessary road blocks to make others jobs more difficult, gossip filled, angry, non-enthusiastic) work environment. Although I am not the leader of my department I feel that I am able to use my skills as a level minded and leavel headed employee to share a message of harmony and peace. This lasts for a couple of minutes and then back to the same antics. I would definitly benefit from this book so that I may read it and then share my message with the rest of my team and hopefully make a difference. I am responsible for a training of my choice on July 24th and I would “LOVE” to share with them the 7 principles of this book.

    I am really at the end of my rope and have exhausted many other methods (personality testing in hopes of understanding our differences amd much more). Please allow me to give this team a message that will hopefully stick and make a difference in not only in the hear an now but for the rest of their lives. 

    Thanks for this post…..it is much appreciated.

  • http://www.dwaynes--world.blogspot.com Dwayne Morris

    I have been a Joel Man fan since Andy Stanley began sharing his story. Loved seeing him leverage his faith on Undercover Boss. This will be in my library! Can’t wait to dig in!!!

  • 221bwhite

    I am interested in the book because both love and work were wired into us at creation and part of being human is not only that love works, but that we work with love. It’s wired in to our working as image bearers of God.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1438994791 Cyndy Lavoie

    A coach by trade and a pastor by heart, the older I get the more I clearly see that the scriptures are the original coaching handbook of God. Every ‘new’ thing in human development and motivation can be found traced through the Bible. I love how you have so simply yet effectively made something brand new out of the ancient paths!

  • Terrischurter

    I want a copy because I believe that reading it is likely to make me want to become a better person.

  • Keithbranson

    In my work helping people manage conflict, it starts with them knowing about how they are designed and how they interact with others.  The principles that Joel has outlined are valuable tools to give them for what to do in relationships with their new understanding about themselves.

  • Seashols

    Why? Help succinctly verbalize love works in the highly competitive environment I work in…. Sports

  • http://alewebsocial.com eandtsmom

    I happened to watch the episode of Undercover Boss that featured Joel, and I was singularly impressed by him. It’s great to hear that he’s written a book that further explains his leadership philosophy, and I’d love to read it.

    I advocate for a style of leadership called “character-based leadership,” which is about leading from who you are, not your position in a company. It’s about using your gifts, connecting with others, and creating an environment where every team member feels valued. 

    Thankfully, I have opportunity to blog and write about this form of leadership regularly as part of a non-profit community called the Lead Change Group. We have our own book coming out on September 5th, and it sounds like Joel’s could be a great complement to ours. I’m looking forward to reading it!

    I love Joel’s statement in a recent interview. “I want to show that love is the best leadership principle, I want to help leaders to enjoy their work, and I want to show that if we had more companies that really cared about their workers, we’d need fewer bailouts.”

    We need more leaders like that, who can teach us all how to create better work environments, communities, and legacies.

  • Bruce Armstrong

     It’s all too easy to lead by hate / anger / fear. The real challenge is to lead by love. I think it’s tougher but in all likelihood more effective and productive long-term. I look forward to reading the book and learning more, even if the only person I’m leading (at the moment!) is myself. – Bruce Armstrong

  • Glenda Fowlow

    My workplace is in my home and I need all the help I can get loving the four wonderful individuals in my sweet sphere. I value receiving more instruction on how to be a godly leader. Thank you.

  • Clinton Thomas

    I manage a large team and am always looking to improve. This book appears to help with that goal.

  • http://www.liveyourwhy.net/ Terry Hadaway

    There is a big difference between having the position of a leader and actually functioning as a leader. When it comes to my personal leadership, I want to lead by incorporating biblical principles into everyday life. When that happens, I’ll never have to tell anyone I’m a leader because real leadership is contagious.

  • BruceCross

    Talk about a radical paradigm shift by allowing LOVE to WORK at work! 

    What better way to bring the Kingdom of God to the world around us (and one in which we live at least 33% of our waking hours!) in very visible, yet Trojan horse / under the radar sort of way by letting our ACTIONS speak louder than our words! 

    Would love a copy of the book to absorb the content and then transmit it to those in my sphere of influence. 

  • Heman Smith

    When I read your post, reviewing Joel’s new book, I am reminded of what Mother Teresa said years ago about the choice – the decision – to personally lead with love:
    People are often unreasonable and self centered.  Forgive them anyway.If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives.  Be kind anyway.If you are honest people may cheat you.  Be honest anyway.If you find happiness people may be jealous.  Be happy anyway.The good you do today may be forgotten.  Do good anyway.Give the world your best and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway.For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It never was between you and them anyway.I intend to buy the book no matter what, but if chosen for a complimentary copy, I will ‘pay it forward’ as a gift to someone struggling to lead, where choosing to do so will change their life, and others’ as well.

  • Vince Lyons

    I am looking forward to this book for numerous reasons.  While I did not see Undercover Boss,  I have seen or heard numerous interviews with Joel Manby which I find inspiring.  It is often difficult to love your employees, your co-workers and even your customers and instead just lead by role power.  I think this will be an excellent adjunct to the 5 Levels of Leadership.  Also, I live near Philadelphia.  I thought Mr. Manby’s handling of the Ride the Ducks incident was an outstanding example of being a leader in crisis.

  • Paulr

    I am not a leader, but these are great reminders.  We all need to use these in our lives and at work.  I also love the different take on 1 Corinthians 13.

  • Jrbdanish58

    I would like this book to give to my previous boss. He has been promoted and during the 4 years that I worked for him, he so naturally demonstrated what I think this book is about.  He now leads a totally different group of people and I would like to give it to him as a thank you and as a “reminder not to change”.  Thank you for sharing great books with us, so that we can be the best and do it in love. 

  • shawnweekly

    I recently caught the episode of “Undercover Boss”, featuring Joel.   I would love to read his insights on leadership.  I am always looking for ways to improve as a leader, I think it will be a life long pursuit.  

  • Todd Smith

    I want to teach it to my church

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000410507932 Penny Hensley

    In the positions that I have held, being the one in charge is never an easy task and I have often practiced this with positive results, though others around me have not believed it was due to this. I would not mind anothers opinion on this that has actually taken the time to write it down for the rest of us to have to refere to.
    Thank you for reassuring me that practicing what I breach does get me somewhere.

  • http://twitter.com/twiggains Tyler Wiggains

    I am a high school band director, and I am always seeking better ways to love my work. The ideas in this book seem to bring it all together. Can’t wait to read it!

  • Kim Glenn

    I would love a copy of Love Works because I am a leader of part of the world’s future generation – our four children!    I can’t think of a better way to lead young children than with love.  As I learn and grow with them, I can also see myself leading others somehow in the future – maybe through an inspirational blog site of my own!

  • http://twitter.com/lornafaith Lorna Faith

    Sounds like a great book! Love that Joel’s leadership thoughts are based on the Love Chapter:) Would love to read this book…could have used this one when we started our 1st church plant:-) Still would be a big help! Thanks again, Michael for another great blog post!

  • http://sparkvoice.wordpress.com/ DS

    I am not in a “position” of leadership – job title wise – but believe I am every bit of a leader within my organization.

    “You don’t have to leave your heart at home” is a phrase that struck a chord with me.  I feel like I try to live this way in my life and want to add to my toolbox for even greater impact. 

  • Andrew Hayward Smith

    I work in a company with very little love, led by a self-centered President who does not understand the basics of good leadership. There 100% employee dissatisfaction. I am also in a position of leadership, as a dept head. Often I have everyone in the company, including the President, coming to me for advice and answers. I’d like to make a greater difference through leadership by example. I’m growing into my leadership role but I feel there’s more I need to understand about good leadership so that I can really lead by example, and hopefully make a difference in everyone’s lives here at the company.

  • KYM

    A partner and I just finished a project with a Gen Y leader entrusted with a huge vision and who has lots of talent, charmisa, leadership ability, and strong manipulation tendencies. Because so many love him and want to see him succeed, they often rescue him, keeping him from experiencing the consequences of his need to plan better and ask earlier.  We served as consultants hired for him to shadow us in producing a weekend of worship for their city. We worked very closely together so we got to see the whole picture of who he was.  There were moments that we both felt like pulling the trump card of our experience.  My partner was completely frustrated almost ready to quit. Love was what kept coming to me. Not because I’m so spiritual or better but because I sensed that love was the motivation of seeing him succeed. So was it possible for us to love him in a different  way? Even as consultants? It too everything we had. As a part of our debrief, we did what we thought was a loving last action. We met with a board member and this young leader and shared our observations (including the motivation of love of others) and the implications to the ministry and him without earnestly looking and taking action. You know what he said at the end of our 2 hour meeting ~ “I believe what you’ve said was hard for you and they were hard things. But I believe you said them out of love for me and for my best”  It made the last 4 weeks of our assignment make sense and our decision to serve from a place of love as described in Love Works. 

    Thank you. This was a great opportunity to process and give words to how we chose to lead. 

  • Grace

    I need all of the help I can get! Seriously, I have learned a lot from you and I know I would benefit by your book! I am building a business on limited funds as my husband just passed away and our families income has fallen. So, all of the professional support tucked in a book is a wonderful way for me to get counsel. Thanks!

  • mikefreestone

    I would love to receive this book to further my desire to be a better leader.  I think the option of leading out of love is a wonderful example for everyone.  How many times i have told my 4 kids that it is better to do anything out of love rather than obligation.  It is very reflective over the love shown to us through Christ.

  • dbeardsley

    What a great thought to follow up on Platform!!! We can properly position ourselves and our message but without the right distinction of the “thoughts and intentions of our hearts” how we we ever see our message poised to be received with its true meaning instead of an attempt to munipulate for our own purposes.  Love creates that distinction … so excited to read more!

  • Mary Murphy

    My husband and I are planning to launch a non-profit Theraputic Riding Center in 2013.  We will be leading clients, volunteers and horses.  Love is required for all three.

  • Tinahoffman

    Love Works. Love covers a multitude of sins. Love conquers all. I need this book, ’cause I sure could use a little more love and a lot more victory, in my life and for those around me right about now. :)

  • Josh Melton

    I am an aspiring young leader just out of college who is looking to grow into leadership.  Having been a supervisor in a retail setting, I have some leadership experience, but am looking to develop the skills needed to be a great leader.

  • http://twitter.com/ScottReavely Scott Reavely

    I talked to a CEO of an international corporation just last week. He told me he’d heard Joel speak and it had inspired him to make personal changes so he could more fully live out the call of God on his life. I had not heard of Joel until then…and would love to find out what was so inspiring!

  • http://twitter.com/lifesurrendered Michele-Lyn

    I want this book for my husband. We read books, aloud, together. We are business owners in the construction industry. I am a stay at home, homeschooling mom, while he carries the burden of the business everyday. I see him struggle and strive as he desires to be the best leader he can be. He feels like he fails more than succeeds, but I know that he was BORN for this. He is still figuring that out. 

    After several treacherous years during and after the economic collapse, he says, “I have the best team I ever had.” He voices the desire to connect and make his team feel valuable as people, for who they are, not just what they do. He desires to lead like Christ, along with running a successful, profitable company. I know this book would give him direction, wisdom and conviction on cultivating this culture in his office.  

  • http://twitter.com/pastormcbob Bob McHenry

    The review of “Love Works” hit a nerve.  I am on a significant growth edge in leadership at home and the church I lead.  I plan to make this a summer read and potentially use Manby’s book as part of my leadership development strategy.  First though, I want to learn to lead myself with love and I perceive this book is a step in the right direction.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WFAXQZHNWAF3XPYCVOT6TCF3V4 Darin Tosse

    Have a dear friend and mentor John living in Apple Valley, MN (now retired) who worked many years in corporate America at Lockheed Martin.  He managed a team of engineers.   He has shared with me many times how he was convinced that if biblical principles were eternally true then they ought to be used in the workplace.  So he put into practice such universal basic life principles as:  design leading to self-acceptance, authority leading to inward peace, responsibility leading to a clear conscience, suffering leading to genuine joy, ownership leading to true security, freedom leading to moral purity, and success bringing life purpose.  [http://iblp.org/iblp/]  John’s testimony of co-workers coming to Christ is simply astounding.  I hope he writes a book.  Anyway, this new book by Joel Manby reminds me of how powerful the truth of the gospel of peace is (Romans 1:16-17).

  • http://www.brandongilliland.com/ Brandon Gilliland

    Very cool! I would love to snag a copy of this book to give away on my site. I think that my followers would benefit from this book.

  • http://www.brandongilliland.com/ Brandon Gilliland

    Just tweeted it out!

  • Jesse Thomas

    Love is key. I’m hoping to gain some insight on how I can love the people in my life better. 

  • matthewsnyder

    I’m getting married in less than two months, am growing an Atlanta-based anti-trafficking initiative, and know that God has wired me to have influence on those around me. I want love to be the foundation of all that I do, especially in what I lead with. This is why I would love a copy of this book.

  • http://twitter.com/rickkelley365 Rick Kelley

    An opportunity for a free book on biblical leadership is always a welcome addition to the library of a minister who happens to be (with his wife) raising six children! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  • jryan2445

    I’m the Training and Development Manager for a large health center and I would like to create a possible training around these 7 concepts for our doctors and support staff.

  • http://twitter.com/kimmartinez kimmartinez

    Thank you for this opportunity! I’d love to have a copy of Love Works (and review it on my blog) because I am working on developing mental models for pastors to align our mission with our view of ourselves (as the church). Right now, we have mental models that are corporate, putting the voice and power of the organization at the pulpit and board, when those who are in the trenches of daily secular work are those who need the tools, resources and support to fulfill this mission of the church – loving people who don’t know Jesus right where they are. This book would be of great use to my readers, my target audience and their congregations.

  • Anne Winz

    I promise, if you choose to give me a copy of Love Works, I will read it by July 31.

    I just finished Reading Love Does by Bob Goff. The content was inspiring. The practical principles presented in Love Works combined with the inspiration of Love Does will help me become a more effective leader.

    I am currently adding value to our organization’s staff members by developing writing curriculum they can use to improve their communication skills. 

    I am also studying leadership principles so that I can enlist help to carry this project all the way to the finish line and beyond. Thank you for considering my request.

    (P.S. I look forward to attending A Day About Books).

  • Lisa Funk

    I recently spoke at the Texas Regional Conference for HFTP (Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals) on “Leaderhisp: Lessons Learned Along the Way”.  These are lessons I’ve learned over 26 years of managing and leading others.  The last lesson I share is – “Leaders Love”.  I believe you can’t manage or lead if you don’t love.

  • jimsimply

    I lead a small classical Christian school in suburban Atlanta. Our mission? Provide an education that cultivates wisdom, joyful learning, and love for God. Five years into this work, I realize more than ever that education is more about love than anything else, and if we are to see our students grow in love for God and others, they must see love modeled in every aspect of their education, from school leadership and administration to classroom teaching. I want a copy of Love Works to help me grow and strengthen this aspect of my leadership.

  • Chris Grafton

    I am looking forward to reading Joel’s book.  Platform is getting me started on some new ventures away from the desk job and it’s sometimes overwhelming but also exciting.  Giving love has always the best solution to help me through my stresses.  Love is the greatest power in the universe so I can’t wait to read what he has to say about it.

  • Trevor Acy

    In five years I’ll be the same person I am today except for the books I read and the people I meet. One of those books I’d like to read, learn from, and implement is Love Works.

  • http://twitter.com/TravisTadema Travis Tadema

    On two teams leading non-profit organizations. Hope to pick up some great tips from this book on leading more effectively.

  • Bigvision121

    Thanks for the post and the book review.  It really appeals to me because I was recently moved from a counseling position in my agency to the clinical director which was a huge leap.  The executive director for lack of better words leads through what some call a ‘reign of terror.’  I really would like to change the atmosphere and demonstrate to the executive director that ‘love works’ and we can get good results without our staff living in fear.  

  • Dougle

    I want a copy because I believe our modern world has misunderstood what true leadership really is. And I believe that love is the key characteristic/action that is missing in our understanding. I am curious to hear what the author has to say on the subject. 

  • http://www.robsorbo.com/p/welcome-from-disqus.html Rob Sorbo

    Sounds like a great book. I only live about an hour from Branson, Missouri, where there are a few Herschend properties, so I’ve admired that company a long time. I’m eager to read how I can apply some of the principles that have made this company great.

  • @jaclynhurst

    I would love to win a copy of this book b/c I lead a small family business and I often struggle at feeling like I’m leading well.  It’s my mom’s business, I’m 25 and have been managing our store front retail location for her for 4 years.  We currently have 4 employees.  It is hard to learn the best way to lead, critique, instruct, repremand, praise, etc all in an attitude of love all the time.  It’s been a struggle for me and that’s why I need to read this book! :) Hope I win a copy!

  • utpalvaishnav

    #7 Be dedicated—stick to your values in all circumstances. Easier said than done. Still when done, makes all that difference.

  • Kerrie Lyons

    I’m a wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend and small business owner. Corinthians 1:13 is a verse I turn to often, I think the advice in this book would be wonderfully relevant to all the leadership roles in my life.

  • RDickerson

    I would love to learn more about the principles listed in this article and how to apply them in my business as well as ministry work. My husband and I have a small business and at times have to deal with very challenging clients. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/sonyamacdesigns Sonya McCllough

    I too would love to win a copy of this book b/c … as crisis workers (ministry) there is less than zero opportunity to point someone to the one who loved us first without loving them first. love is a verb … sonya la

  • Kurt Coleman

    I have been in church leadership for the most of my adult life. The last 12 years as a lead pastor. The one place that live should show itself more than any other place is in the church. Sadly, from my experience it just isn’t there. The bible speaks so much of love and yet we practice it so little. This could be a great help as I try to change the culture in our church.

  • Steve Lyons

    My wife and I are missionaries in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We teach English part time at a teacher training college so that we can develop relationships with students and recruit them into teams. We then train them to be bi-vocational church planters. A book like this one could help be be a better leader and help me to train my teams to be better leaders for the sake of the Kingdom.

  • Margie Wilson

    When you follow the greatest Leaders leadership style,  be a servant, love others as yourself how can you do anything but succeed. I would love to learn more on becoming a leader that loves

  • http://www.sagarecording.com/ Michael Nowak

    I work in the music entertainment industry, an area where loving, servant-based leadership is sorely lacking. Learning more about leading with this kind of heart would be incredibly fruitful.

  • Melody Karpinski

    After a hearing a story from a missionary at a conference a year and a half ago, I was inspired to begin a blog titled: “Love Looks Like Something,” 
    http://thisloveitlookslikesomething.wordpress.com/  I use the blog to explore different expressions of love in daily life. I’m curious to see how Mr. Manby explores the topic of demonstrating love in the workplace. 

  • Don

    I come from a culture that is the complete opposite. They act as though the are a people centered organization but the reality is far different. The treat people like cogs in a machine. I need this book to discover a new way to lead. I sometimes find myself barking expectations to my son like I am still at work. I hate myself when I do this. I would love to read this book and gain a new perspective. Thanks.

  • Michelle Brinson

    I believe something in the workplace is broken… and nothing any of “us” can do is ever going to fix it. It reminds me of the days of being in high school, where there are cliques-like the brainy people, the band geeks, the jocks, the outsiders. It’s heartbreaking when you think about it. Here we are all adults, trying to work together for whatever product, service or noble cause we believe it… but at the same time others take credit for someone else’s work, experts are questioned on their areas of expertise, managers micromanage. It’s the perfect picture of people trying to maintain control over things in which they have no control. Our world is out of control. But there is a God in heaven who each of us desperately needs. His Word should be our guide book on this journey. I have a theory… if we could stop looking around and start looking up, life would be so much easier. We would stop blaming others for our problems. We would stop expecting other people to do what we want them to do. We could live and love like Jesus did. He did it to show us how it’s done. I’d love to read a book based on this premise because it seems like for those of us who work in ministry… people often think ministry shouldn’t be run like a business… but I disagree. More than ever as Christians we need to be accountable for what God has given us, be good stewards of His resources, but we must do what we do out of a love for Him. Let us lead with LOVE in our hearts. Sounds wonderful to me. I’d love to read and review a copy of this book. 

  • Nannette Ricaforte

    I believe this book will not only help in my role at work but as a professional photographer conducting business with clients. Also, I’m in the process of changing myself, specifically in the area of forgiveness and releasing my death grip on grudges. 

  • Jenny

    As a life long learner this book resonates with me personally and in my leadership role. The insights and learning from Joel’s book will encourage and equip me to “put love into action” in the work place more effectively. Being able to share it with others will be a blessing too.

  • tcsikos

    This verb from the  1 Corinthians was read on my wedding too and we make our best to stick to it in the family. Applying the same principles in the workplace and in my team? Well, I do it in some unconscious way but it would make a difference to do it intentionaly supported by this book – I guess. 

  • Daniel

    I preach at a congregation of around 200…would love to lead them better!

  • Andrew Acker

    Ever since watching him on Undercover Boss and hearing him on the Andy Stanley leadership podcasts I’ve been a fan of Joel Manby’s work. I want a copy of his book to better equip myself and my teams for being those that lead with compassion, and intentional love. 

  • http://twitter.com/eccle0412 Jackie Anderson

    I am the mom and co leader of 5 kids. I believe love never fails. Weare TV free. Reading a good book is my joy.

  • Wanda Edwards

    I lead a department of 13 women, in a public library. Most are smart, caring, reliable  and tend to work well together. However, there are a few in the group who lack the work ethic needed to be part of the team. They allow personal problems to effect their work, attendance, and reliability.Would this book address these issues? Am I on the wrong track? Is love the answer? 

  • Jen L.

    excited to read this book. 

  • Kris Walters

    Perfect timing! 
    We just launched a youth series based on Bob Goff’s  book Love Does.  Anonymously, without approval or notice, students showed up at the doors of our church during dismissal of our 5 services – handing out prayer request cards and asking to pray for people.
    It has ignited a spark with our staff and pastors
    – one that will burn beyond our series with ideas for infecting our 10k members

    As our staff begins a formation renewal process this summer, I am looking forward to sharing the concepts of this Manby using this as a resource for the students participating in a leadership conference with us.Thanks for sharing Michael!

  • P. Baer

    Seventy partners in South and Central America are committed to the Wycliffe Bible Translators goal to see a Bible translation started in every language by 2025. I help the Organizational Development team to train and impower leaders.  Sounds like Joel’s book would be a great resource for the training.


  • Becky Williams

    I am trying to advance in my job and would love to demonstrate better leadership skills.  I’ve also been trying to model my faith at my job and I think this would help me do that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1395672950 Kara Olson

    Love as a behavior is genius! I want to read more!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=23448934 Jonathan Bradshaw

    I am a young dentist seeking to constantly grow in my leadership skills. I manage a team of four very different women. I am hungry for leadership material to help me be a boss that my team would say they enjoy working for!

  • http://twitter.com/mattkowalski17 Matt Kowalski

    As a young leader on staff in my church, I’ve been blessed
    with the opportunity to lead people and lead teams! With that said, I realize
    my time is limited on this earth; therefore I want to make the best of it NOW through
    following the calling God has on me, and not wasting opportunities like this. Great things happen and get created ONLY through building
    and developing great Teams. I would LOVE a copy of “Love Works” because I feel
    God has called me into a unique situation at a unique time! I am a learner by
    nature, love to read and feel this book will only enhance my leadership skills
    within my teams in our ministry… not to mention also improve my leadership skills
    as a father/husband at home!

  • Raptor2161

    I always strive to become better and better, I’m preparing myself
    For when I open my business, I wanna inspire my team members
    And create a great culture and a great place to work for them!!!
    I want my business and our business culture to stand out and not
    To be just another bureocrat asking for profits!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/asa.veek Asa Veek

    I have been given a “do over” in my career.  I’d love the opportunity to read this book, as I think it would help me in my new life.

  • Nancy

    I am presently pastoring a small church of mostly 70+ year olds. The people state that they understand that new members are essential and yet I am not sure they truly understand what that means or may look like. I know that they are going to have to step out of their comfort zones, some of them more so than others, and I really want to be able to lovingly assist them in that stepping out. Also, the congregation is made up mostly of folks who left one church after a problem with its pastor and a year ago August lost their long time pastor quite unexpectedly to death. I am seeking all the help I can get to shepherd these folks and be faithful to the calling that God has put on my life at this time. 

  • Jason D.

    I am always interested in books that practically demonstrate how biblical Christian values merge with business, especially as gear up to do a BAM in the near future.

  • Samantha Gonzalez

    I would like a copy of Love Works in hopes that the book will give me  insight on how to lead a team in a healthy and productive way.

  • http://twitter.com/xwap729 Stephanie Washington

    I do not believe in coincidences so I know that this post along with my exposure to your BLOG which led to my recent purchase of your book, ‘Platform:  Get Noticed in a Noisy World’, are not accidents. 

    As I read the principles outlined in Mr. Manley’s book, I was  floored by the correlation between the concepts and principles outlined in your BLOG post and those in my church’s emphasis this week on love as a part of our tenth year anniversary celebration: Love Weekend (June 8-10th)!  I do not know yet if my Pastor has read the book but I intend to find out.
    I believe I need this book to further my growth and development as a person of purpose, new Blogger, and author striving for publication!  

    Most importantly, we all need the constant reminder of this, God’s second commandment.

  • Lissa R

    I feel like I really need to grasp a better grip on what God’s love really means. I find giving love is easier than receiving it, but I also don’t always feel like the love that I share with others is as real as it could be. I want to learn God’s love and how to share that with people all around me, whether its family, friends, or co-workers. I believe love covers all and is so powerful. It’s been a tough year financially and would really appreciate your consideration to receive a copy of this book. I promise I will read it and keep passing it on for others to enjoy as well.

  • Maritza_aponte

    I would love a copy of love works to improve my relationships with the people I encounter daily. I work as a program director for a non profit and our personalities are different and at times dont exactly mesh well. I believe I may need a push in a better direction then where i might be heading and this book sounds like it will work for me:)

  • http://twitter.com/loryteague loryteague

    I would like to read this book, because I believe it will help me communicate what I know to be true in my heart. It’s hard to influence a culture and make positive change, but I believe this book will make a lasting impact on me and those I serve/lead. I would LOVE the opportunity to read this book, so go ahead, pick me; you know you wanna! :)

  • Donald

    Servanthood is the essence of real leadership.   Too much of what we hear touted as “leadership” is really a form of manipulation – how to get people to do what you want.  Real leadership involves more than just getting a task done and it sounds like this book makes a compelling and practical demonstration of what it means to be a real leader and how that impacts how we serve together.  I’m looking forward to reading it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/manupuri Manu Puri

    Love is the very essence of reality. By focusing on ‘Love’ we ensure that leadership guides via the highest principle possible. I would love to read and then review the book on my blog, http://www.NamasteNow.com, thanks!!

  • http://twitter.com/JobCoachHQ Douglas Andrews

    I love reading about leadership, the more the better!   While briefly reviewing the 7 principles, it seems like I may model a few, but I would like to hear what he says in detail about them

  • Phil S

    Sounds like a great read and aligned very well with my personal vision statement and what I communicate to my teams:

    Leave empty,
    Love what I do,
    Enjoy the moments…

    I commit my mind, body and heart into everything I do
    The foundation for my life is grounded in hard work, humility and honor
    I accept that I am not the smartest guy in the room, but I promise to myself and others that I will never be outworked or out-hustled
    I am proud of who I am, and I embrace my imperfections and idiosyncrasies
    I am passionate about ordinary
    because in the end
    I truly believe that it’s the little things that matter most

  • Sandy

    I work for a non profit resididental substance abuse organization working with Youthful Offenders from age 18 to 26.  Many of these individuals do not know the meaning of Love or even how to use it.  Many of the Youthful Offenders have been abused.  This can be a very stressful job and I am always preaching to my working associates to lead with your heart.  I preach this to the Youthful Offenders also.  The book would be an excellent tool for both staff and clients.

  • Stephenie Williams

    Its exciting to see that Christian values prove successful in the workplace.  Being your authentic self 24/7 is far easier than putting on your “business” suit for 50 hours a week.

  • Michael Morales

    I met Joel at a men’s retreat called Souly Business and he was fantastic.  I have also followed Joel’s story when Andy Stanley used it for a sermon at North Point and his book Choosing to Cheat.  Finally, I really enjoyed Joel’s guest appearance on Andy Stanley’s leadership podcast when Joel spoke about how he and his company dealt with the tragedy on the Ride the Ducks tour in Philadelphia.

    The book would be impactful to me as I develop as a leader and try to apply Servant Leadership.  I also lead a team that loves to read.  I would add the book to my leadership library so others could benefit from Joel’s wisdom, experience and knowledge.

    Finally, the opportunity to mix faith and leadership is a great way to witness in the business world.

  • David Cunningham

    I have been teaching math for twenty years. It seems like I am in a rut and cannot get out. I want to learn how to teach and lead my students better than I have done in the past. I want to know how to apply love to my teaching in a way that will be accepted.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1349439689 Janet Birkey

    I would love a copy of this book! I read a portion of it on googlebooks.com and if I do not win a copy, I will purchase one. It is THAT great so far! I would like to win this book because I have just started a new job as a mental health clinical director in a residential treatment center and will lead a team providing mental health services to (mostly) juvenile offenders. What better place to have a culture of love? I desire to lead my new team with this mindset, help them develop it, and then watch it grow as we work with our residents and coworkers–all in a culture of love. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anna-Gibson-Huston/100000731833029 Anna Gibson Huston

    What would any of us get out of a deeper revelation of scripture?  I love that this book is based on a “love” scripture.  Although my leadership roles ebb and flow, I am always the mother of 4.  It is my prayer that my husband and I lead them, while walking in love.  This sounds like a wonderful tool all around.  I would enjoy a copy of this book.  May you continue to be blessed in all “that you put your hand to do.”

  • Dkontoudis

    We live in a self-centered world and the workplace, the market, the “agora’ is usually an arena that love is an alien world. 
    Love – as Christ taught about it – is focused outside yourself, it’s focus is the “other”, the neibhour. On the other hand business in the 21st century is about gaining more and more and more….Establishing relationships of love in the workplace is a very interesting theme (i can even call it an experiment – without doubting the effectiveness of Agape-Love even in the workplace). It would be very interesting to see a complete and applied view on how to apply not just biblical truth but the center of the evangelical message in the workplace.

  • Martine Audeoud

    I want to read it and share it with my students so that they understand the power of divine love integrated into all areas of life, including professional.

  • momof2boys

    I would love to win a copy of this book for my husband. :) Last year we moved 10 hours away from friends and family for my husband to take a new position at a much larger company. There have been some challenging situations for him to deal with. My hope is this book would give him some additional tools for dealing with a couple of specific situations.

  • http://www.jackiebledsoe.com/ jbledsoejr

    I absolutely love relating principles directly form the bible!  The bible applies to all areas of our life, and more teaching like this
    is needed.

    Recently, I wrote a blog post that was written in a similar fashion to what Joel did with his book.  I related the Fruit of the Spirit to Happy and Healthy Families.  I’d love to read this book and dig deeper into how Joel shoes how Love helps us at work.  Regardless, thanks for sharing this review Michael!  Now the book is on my “radar”. :)

  • Nthreet

    Hi, my name is Nancy Fray Threet. I am a recentMasters graduate in counseling at age 62. My first career was teaching elem. School. I have been married to my beloved husband for forty years. The reason I would like a copy of your book is I feel it would benefit him, plus I could incorporate it my counseling. My spouse is a burned out cancer center director who could benefit from your goal setting strategy to continue in his current position. Thank you so much, I’m just sorry I missed your episode but I was probably studying or writing a paper when it aired. Sincerely, Nancy Threet

  • Pmccarn

    This could be revolutionary if the workplace embodies this leadership philosophy. Finally a description to go along with the ideal workplace. 

  • http://www.SevenPillarsOfSuccess.Net Louise Thaxton

    I have a team of 16 and we operate in the world of mortgage lending which is extremely stressful.  As I read this post today, I had just 5 minutes earlier hastily sent an e-mail to one teammate – short and reflecting impatience.   I immediately wanted to take back.  I couldn’t, so I sent a softer follow up e-mail.   As their leader, and as a Christian, I am called to exemplify love @ work, to lead like Jesus – with patience, kindness, goodness, trust, truthfulness, dedication, not just because I believe that love @ work works – it does.  But because I believe God holds me to a higher standard of leadership – to lead with love.  It sounds like a wonderful book – which I will purchase for certain.  But if you would like to include me in the 50 – well, that is just lagniappe!

    • http://TillerFamily.org/ John Tiller

      Louise, I think you should get a free book because:
      1) You are a leader in a very stressful industry
      2) I love your willingness to correct yourself and share with others for their benefit,
      3) You used the word “lagniappe”!

      • http://www.SevenPillarsOfSuccess.Net Louise Thaxton

        Well, John, you can tell I’m from Louisiana!  Cajun term meaning generally, “give a little extra.” Thanks!

  • http://bradleyhyatt.com/ Bradley Hyatt

    As a prior military officer and now a professor, leading with love has not come easy for me. However, over the past year I have realized that leading with love and focused on relationships is the only way. I have shared this concept with my students over the past 6 months and it has made a huge difference in not only my leadership, but also the leadership of those students that I mentor. And it gives me the opportunity to share my faith in Christ at every opportunity. I can’t image being a Christian and leading without love at the center. I can’t wait to read this book and share it with my mentoring group!

  • htowner

    Well, ur only giving away 50 and I see 339 comments! I KNEW I should’ve read your blog earlier! As an executive, I seek to live and lead in a Christlike manner-to seek His face in all I do and say, to be an example to those around me and to exhibit integrity in all of my and my Co’s dealings. It is a challenge in this society. The book will be a great help

  • Daniel McClintock

    I’m really keen to read this book. ‘Love’ can be perceived as too ‘soft’ a word for the workplace – this book could be a helpful corrective. Leading a team lovingly, and leading them in being loving, is surely a worthy goal. Looking forward to gaining insight into workplace-ifying love.

  • http://talesofwork.com/ kimanzi constable

    Looks like a great book Michael, thanks for the review. Was Joel on the show Undercover Boss?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1245666452 A.j. Moose

    My family & I own a residential cleaning company in Florida. We are at the point where we need to expand and would love to do it right from the start, so this book would really be a blessing.  Praying we win a copy.  Blessings~
    Jodi, Rick & Cody

  • http://twitter.com/jmhardy98 Jim Hardy

    This sounds like a great book. The ability to be humble, and show compassion at work is a win-win situation. I can not wait to read this book.

  • http://twitter.com/tom_dixon2 Tom Dixon

    Listening to Joel being interviewed by Andy Stanley recently reminded me of how much I enjoyed watching him on Undercover Boss.  I remember during that episode wanting to learn more about his approach to leadership, and it sounds like I wasn’t the only one!  Can’t wait to read this one…

  • lvaughan

    We are called to love God and our neighbor. I work with college students and would love to use this book as a book study to help students better understand how to follow in Jesus’s footsteps and to live a life of servant leadership by loving each other constantly in all circumstances…home, work and play.

  • Bets

    Thank you so much for this post.  I coordinate a small team of 12 young people mostly in their 20’s and of Polynesian descent here in New Zealand.  As Polynesians, God and church is such an intrinsic part of our history and culture however when you enter into the marketplace there is just the culture of “getting the job done”. 

    So I love what Joel Manby models and writes about straight from the One who is ‘LOVE’ personified.  There cannot be any better model of leading than servant leadership with love – WOW!   How much better would my team respond to a God principle inspired environment??!  I’ll keep you posted :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/alyciamorales Alycia Johnson Morales

    God recently promoted me into a position as Senior Editor of a website with the mission of encouraging others to impact the world for Christ. As both a leader and a Christian who wants to see the world changed, Love Works sounds like a book full of wisdom I could grow on. I’d love to read this, and I’d be happy to review it, as well.

  • Taylor Meador

    Wow, the love passage is one that I have known for a long time, why I never thought to look at it as a business application I will never know. I’m sure this will be a great read. At 22 not yet having started my own business but studying profusely I’m sure this is one more book that I will be applying principles from daily in my life. Thanks for sharing Mike!

  • Heather S.

    We are hurt by relationships and healed through relationships.  I am excited about this book as I recently entered into a leadership role with Celebrate Recovery at the church I attend.  I feel like the principles in this book will assist my leadership role in this ministry and help so many more hurting people who need to know that LOVE is so much more than a feeling, it is a way of life! 

  • Dominic Din

    I’m a church minister and I’ve got some people around me who’re in the business.  This book seems to bring out simple but very profound Christian Values directly from the Scripture and I’m interested simply because of that.  I’ve never come across the idea from 1 corinthians and if I can learn some thing I can also share with my people.


    Dominic Din

  • Amanda Koh

    In my school everyone has a leadership role. I am a prefect and an ambassador and I would like this book so that I can perform my leadership roles better and help others more.

  • Brian Ives32

    1. I love the show that he was 0n, because it gives leaders a look at their company that very few leaders ever get or take. 2. I love the business application of 1Cor 13. 3. I love the that a leader has the vision to take something like this and make it into a practical application in a real life company and show the success of it.

  • Kathyknodle

    I downloaded the first 2 chapters and just read them. This is a great book! I want a copy because it is built on timeless Biblical principles and I know that it works. thank you for your blog, I read it every day!

  • Lorie Winslow

    Being an elementary school principal, I know how important it is to lead with love. I would love to read the knowledge of Mr. Manby. Living in Missouri, I understand the popularity of Ilver Dollar City and would love to understand how they use this principle behind the scenes. I believe in this philosophy whole heartedly and this would enable me to share it even more with others. Thank you!!

  • nancy marco

    I would love (no pun intended) a copy of this book because my pastor and my church are passionate about love as the foundational core value of life. To read a book applying it to the workplace would be fantastic. Plus my husband could use the encouragement hee hee

  • Deborah Griffing

    I read recently, there are two ways to powerfully influence others. We influence by loving them or hurting them. I am a commitment to loving well, despite the times I sometimes fail. Leadership is about influence. If you are living, you are leading ~ influencing  someone; yourself, your family, a team, an organization.  To lead with love is not for the faint of heart; it is sometimes very hard to do, and it requires courage, strength,  humility and self sacrifice. I have  been on the receiving end of truly  loving leadership, and I know that it has the power to leave an enduring influence for good. As a leadership coach, I want to learn to live and lead like that and encourage the leaders I coach,  to do the same!

  • Kapil Sopory

    Love is a misused word when used in business. Love needs to emanate from the core and there should be selfless intention attached to it.
    To understand in greater depth and apply in my work situation, I wish to have the book.
    Sorry that I cannot satisfy your requirement of going on Twitter/Facebook, as I am not on these social sites.

  • http://tonychung.ca/ Tony Chung

    Michael, you know from our previous comment threads that I am a carnal man, with vile thoughts and a tendency to curse from the same mouth that blesses. I am a sinner growing in repentance; I am in desperate need of a manual that can cut right to the core. I read that section in Corinthians and it just goes right over my head. I feel deep in my bones that Undercover Boss has written about that much loved verse on love (read aloud at many a wedding, and on a plaque we were given) in a way that brings the heart of the apostle Paul to the forefront, in a way that my earthly brain can understand and live out. I truly want to be a changed man.

    PS: I love Platform. You truly are an excellent writer.

  • http://www.barbara-white.com/ Barbara White

    Standing up as a servant leader and following biblical truths in leadership is incredibly challenging in today’s society. I want to learn from the examples of others for my own life. A few years ago I wrote an article ‘Seven Personal Qualities of a Leader’ based on biblical principles, and posted it in an article directory online. It has had over 500000 views – this tells me that this type of leadership resonates with people and I want to know more from leaders who have lived this out so I can share this with others through blogging and hopefully speaking. I sense this is a direction God is taking me personally – however being single and having been out of work for 3 months I am not in a position to buy the book right now. I have been inspired by Michael’s blog to be real and authentic and am feeling my way forward in how to express this with a new blog. I would love to learn more about how to practically apply love in the workplace as I do leadership skill training.

  • Seeletso

    I lead a group of youth at church and I want to lead with love and advocate for leading by love. I believe copy of love works will equip me to do that.

  • http://epochist.wordpress.com/ Marc

    We recently did a preaching series on Ephesians chapters 4-6, and I remember preaching on the text “masters and slaves” and how we can learn from what it says there and apply it in the workplace. One of the difficulties I had was understanding just how to integrate our Christian values of love, forgiveness, and honour into the workplace which is driven by success and profit. I am excited by this new release from Joel Manby, because I believe it to be a key part of the answer. As much as I would love to read this book for myself, I actually want to get a copy of it into the hands of a friend of mine who I believe has a significant calling in the marketplace and who I know grapples with these same issues. Would love to invest this book into his life.

  • Jon

    I was in my early twenties when first introduced to the idea that Love is a verb and that it is only when we are “doing” loving things that we experience Love the emotion.  That insight made and continues to make a powerful difference in my life.  I look forward to reading about using this powerful idea in many different leadership roles.

  • http://www.dwaynes--world.blogspot.com Dwayne Morris

    I should have mentioned this in my original post, but I have a great clip of Joel being interviewed by Jeremy Kubicek (GiANT Impact) on my blog as he shares his story about re-centering his life on what matters most. It was very penetrating in my own life. (My motives are pure in sharing this, not trying to piggy-back on Michael’s post! http://dwaynes–world.blogspot.com/2012/01/have-you-blown-magical-moments.html) 

  • http://www.loisturley.com/ Lois Turley

    Love works from every angle. I am a writer and disabled nurse. Medical work is demanding, and my patients were sometimes irate because of another employee’s harshness or oversight.  I put them at ease quickly as they saw that I genuinely cared, listened, and worked with them to find solutions. There aren’t many outside jobs I can do now, but I’ve often said I’d love be a part-time Complaint Department manager.  I’d turn it into a Resolution Center.

    I don’t qualify for one of the books because I use Kindle so I can enlarge print, just wanted to post a comment.

  • Dr. Jay Shetler

    I already ordered a copy through Amazon. I’d love to get a free copy to give away to someone. I am a business owner, life coach, psychologist and pastor. If there is one thing I have found to be at the core of all my success and and success of the people I work with in coaching, counseling, consulting, church or business, it’s love. I’m looking forward to reading Joel’s book. 

  • Jonathan

    I had the privilege of watching this episode of Undercover Boss. As a Christian, I was intrigued by how Joel embodied Christian principles in action. As a hotelier and service professional, I was encouraged to see the impact these principles had on Herschend’s employees. I lead a sales team of 8 others. Our sales have hit a slump recently and moral is low. I would like to lead my team through this book in order to jump start our love tanks once more and remind us why we serve one another, our associates, and our guests.

  • http://twitter.com/averageus Lon Hetrick

    I applaud Joel Manby for writing on this theme, which simply answers this question: “Since I have received the good news of Jesus Christ, how should I lead my business and treat my employees?” I hope many people will listen closely to this exploration of how a Christian should live and lead at work.

  • @duanernisly

    I “love” the content and principles this book is proposing and plan to dig into it myself and with my team. Thanks for a great review of this new book – hopefully it will help us all be better leaders and love our people beyond simply what they can do for us, even as we work together toward a common goal.

  • Ana Maria Selvaggio

    As the founding director of a global non-profit, a homeschool mom, and a freelancer, I am called daily to show love in many ways. I am tested on an almost daily basis to be patient and forgiving, and to look beyond the actions and attitudes of others. Standing my ground on my values and faith is pushed to its limit at times and I look for alternative ways to handle situations with compassion, kindness, and love. Having recently gone from being a freelancer, leading my group using my own designs, to becoming the founding director of the group as a non-profit and allowing others to leader projects has been a real challenge. I love what I do and have to remember that they do as well and that they are competent individuals that I can delegate to. I would enjoy reading Love Works as I need new insights and affirmations for my daily life as a leader in both my individual and work life. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Lisa N

    I’m starting a new job in 6 weeks and launching a new blog. I’d love to get my hands on anything that will help me be a better leader

  • J. Fields

    I really appreciate these LOVE in the workplace applications.  It inspires our leadership staff, both at our professional job and our volunteer jobs.

  • Jazleen800

    I’m a teacher and at the same time managing a small private tutorial school. I want to manage with love. I know this book will help me to succeed in my business adventure.

  • Sheila Fishback

    Because this not only improves the whole environment for our team, but also gives me the opportunity to teach my son and many others the way to manage your work life.  Imagine if everyone handled business with these seven principles…I would be one more toward that goal.

  • Andrew Hill

    I would love to have copy of Love Works for these and other reasons: 

    1. Joel Manby, as I listened to him from your podcast, was so real, so honest, and his stories revealed the heart of this book.2. Mentors come in all forms, podcasts, books, and people. If I can’t have a great mentor physically at my side, I sure will take any other form available. 3. I’m mentoring a few brothers here in Beijing, China as I church plant. I believe this book will be a great resource for them. China’s business culture desperately needs a Jesus infusion.
    4. I’m a new father and dads are definitely needing to be great leaders at home before they try to lead outside.

  • http://www.matthewreedcoaching.com/ Matthew Reed

    I coach others to achieve the life that is most satisfying (Which is of course a life that follows God). I love to resource books and materials to my clients, and this book could be one of them!

  • Kenny

    I need the encouragement and reminder to love like Jesus loved.  I serve in leadership roles and sometimes I forget how to love others.  I would be very interested in reading this book.

  • http://www.sharonrosegibson.com/ Sharon Rose Gibson

    Hurrah! Love applied to the work place ~ how awesome. Unfortunately, I’ve worked in Christian companies who did not apply these principles. I hope this will reach Christian leaders and create a new culture of valuing employees and coworkers. I bought the audible copy and shared this post because I truly believe we need to apply these Biblical principles of honoring each other to every area of our lives. I started listening to it and I love that it is also well written. Good writing greatly enhances a great message. Thanks for making me aware of this book. I’m looking forward to what I can glean from it.

  • Stephanie

    I’m stepping into a new role where I’ll have player/leader development opportunities with the Penn State women’s basketball team. As I help to mentor the next generation of leaders, I not only want to do so with love, but also teach them how to do the same. This book would be a terrific resource for me, and for the coaches I influence. Thanks for the offer!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Emmanuel-Paha/100000476836104 John Emmanuel Paha

    it has really been difficuilt but i just want it to work and bring change in peoples lives as a pastor. if did work than iam ready for it. 

  • Jennifer Peli

    Would love to learn more bout being a better leader and this sounds like a great book to do just that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=670032586 Kevin Lee

    As a pastor of a Chinese-English bilingual, biculture church I find it extremely humbling to always try to find ways in which to communicate difference ideas, different culture standards to bring alignment.  Love works I believe affirms me of what I want to continue to do, even though it’s hard and even though it’s so tempting to just say stop, listen to me, I know this works!  Love works, and it’s a lifelong process, and I pray I will never stop learning and being transformed by the love of Christ.

  • Celineessary

    I could really use the advise in this book! I have been called  a bull in a china cabinet so I really need to work on my patience, kindness, forgiveness….

  • Josephine McLane

    I’m going into a field (college coaching) where I can impact lives on a day-to-day basis, this book will help me during the times when I need to remember what it’s all about. Which is love. Giving, Sharing, Helping…with love everything is better.

  • Tamara Doci

    I would love to read about the culture Joel has created in his companies through practically applying 1 Cor.13. Sounds like a treasure of wisdom, one I could benefit from as I give direction in LD/HR in the organization I serve. Thanks!

  • PJ1517

    I heard about “Love Works” on Andy Stanley’s Leadership Podcast and was immediately drawn to the idea of how Joel and his company do business. 

  • Mike Madaris

    To me, that was the best episode of Undercover Boss yet.  Love the concept behind this book.

  • Vicki Farina

    I am officiating at a wedding. Wow! Some new great truths to pull out of
    “The Love Portion from Corinthians!”  Marriage minus love is just a contract. But marriage with real love based on Corinthians is covenant action at its best.  Imagine leadership based on love…is there any other way?

  • Unika

    Indeed, love & the commitment to keep loving are the fuel that keep leadership burning hot :-)

  • Unika

    Indeed, love & the commitment to keep loving are the fuel that keep leadership burning hot :-)

  • Susan Doersam

    Managing others is difficult.  It’s an area I have occupied twice and lead with your phylosophy.  I am currently working for someone who could seriously use this book.  I’ll buy a copy I want one for her.  She is a miserable oppressive person which constitutes a horrible manager. 

  • Maged Sharabi

    I am new to business in general, and have just started my own company with a co-founder. I am also very familiar with the Bible and when I read your article, I was inspired to lead and be successful without having to give up my beliefs.

    • http://www.jmlalonde.com Joe Lalonde

      Awesome Maged! That’s what Michael is all about. Inspiring you to become an intentional leader.

  • Monique

    I really need to read this book. I work for a television ministry and I’m a new director in a department where I realize that people need love, more than anything else, to feel inspired, supported, and energized as they work. Even of someone already has a passion for their job, that passion can be ignited when they are working in a team lead by someone who leads with compassion, acceptance, understanding..and namely, LOVE! I am learning this- and will add this book to my “to be read list” so that I can be better informed about how to implement this necessary leadership skill.

  • http://www.jmlalonde.com Joe Lalonde

    I heard Joel Manby on Andy Stanley’s podcast a couple of months ago. He talked about the struggle one of his companies faced when it was struck with tragedy. I was blown away by the way he handled it. He’s a true leader.

  • Skip

    Can’t wait to read this book (win or not).  Leadership advice based on biblical principles seems to win in the long run.

  • Russ

    After watching that episode I became a “Trumpet” for Herschend Family Entertainment. I looked up their info on the web so that I could encourage people to vacation and spend money with such a wonderful company. I love to see capitalism at its finest and think that should be super loyal to companies like this.

  • http://www.brianhinkley.com/ Brian Hinkley

     I’m excited to read this book. This is the next book in my queue on my Kindle.

  • Kwesi Kamau

    Hello Michael.  It was great meeting you at Rejuvenate last October.  I very much appreciate your posts.  I have always tried to lead and manage with love as a administrative principle.  I was inspired early on by a story about Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and how he rehired a lady who had been fired for stealing from his organization.  It was powerful how much he believed in the ethic of love, and its constructive, transformative, and redemptive power.  I’ve had some success and some failure at practicing this, and I would love to join the conversation coming out of this book.  Actually, I’ve already bought the book on Kindle.  But, I’d love to share it with someone else…Thanks.

  • Tim Wimberly

    Because, love is the key to everything.

  • Joelle

    I’m currently in a season of “in between”. I’m in a job that doesn’t necessarily allow me to live out my life passions while preparing for a few new opportunities within the next two years that God is currently speaking to me about and “preparing the place.” I’m also renewed in my walk with God as I rededicated my life to Christ on December 28, 2011. I’m back to the baby steps of putting feet to my faith. I believe this book would be a blessing to not only ground me in this splendid bible instruction but also assist me in seeing my individual leadership role in which I work in whilst preparing for the plans He has for me.

  • Charissa Greer

    It is so easy to dismiss love as for family and marriage only, however, it is very opening to see how it extends even your peers/co-workers.  We can get into a very dangerous habit of seeing people as cogs as work and not as human beings in need of of the very thing that Christ came to give.

  • http://www.facebook.com/arlene.pellicane Arlene Pellicane

    Our society tends to focus on feelings rather than actions.  This looks like a great book to show that love is an action – we have behave in a loving way – and should happen in the workplace AND at home.

  • G Stuartvail

    Col 3:15. Let love rule.

  • K Parks

    I am glad to see so many people who desire to read your book to learn more about applying the principle of living in love in the workplace.  I see as I write this there are 408 comments!  Hopefully all will read your book to learn about Word-based doctrine and begin to practice this in their environment away from home.  Why do I want a copy?  In reading the book, I hope there will be practical advice in how to apply the principles.  I suppose that even if you know these principles it is easy to “forget” them when on the job.  Some positive information will be helpful to me to remember that the Word is not only for me to live in my personal relationships but also in my business life.  Perhaps as I apply these principles at work I will realize greater success in my career goals as well!  I also would like to recommend this to my company’s leadership to add to our company’s library.  I wish you success with your book.  It is certainly needed in today’s workplace.

  • http://twitter.com/rickysant Ricky Sant

    I would love a copy of Love Works so I can learn more about the 7 principles and use them effectively at work, church and in my home with my family.  Love is such a powerful word, emotion, sentiment and feeling.  I look forward to reading what Joel has done with his company and servant based leadership.

  • Rie Carter

    I’m a Girl Scout trainer.  I’m always looking for ways to help our volunteers do a better job.  Can’t wait to read this book!

  • Snookie in Kentucky

    My husband and I work with our senior citizens. Our church is 700 and 20% seniors. They are often set in their ways and no about to change.  We would love to impliment some new ideas and help them and us make the transformation into a united love relationship with all of the young couples who are leaders of our congregation. We will read and implement the 13 chapter of 1st Corinthians with Joel’s help… help.

  • Kharrington1010

    I am teaching night classes at a career college, shaping leaders for the workplace and community. I need to employ more of these truths in my interactions. Teaching cirriculjm is one thing, but teaching character and leadership would be so much more.

  • http://BrentFielder.com Brent Fielder

    After listening to Joel on Andy Stanley’s podcast it made me intrigued on the topic.  I respect Joel a lot and look forward to reading the book.

  • Doug Jolley

    I saw him on the 700 Club and was inspired by his message

  • Sjohnston

    I believe this would be a great book to read and internalize.  It will help me to “walk as Jesus walked” and I want that to be true of my life.

  • Talia

    Love is such an important influence in our lives. How can you give love away if you don’t feel loved? Self-love is important in business as well as our personal lives, it is easier to stand for your values when making tough choices in life if you love and value yourself. I would like to learn more from a business driven by the principle of love.

  • Matt Gibson

    Joel–I am so glad you wrote a book. Your episode of Undercover Boss was touching and inspiring. Thank you for putting your experience in writing so others can learn from you.

    Michael and Joel–I will tell you why I want to read Love Works: in short, because I find that the principle of applying love does in fact work at work and elsewhere, and I’d like to improve my practice of this important principle. Recently I had a situation at my work where my colleague was treating me disrespectfully. The person was being rude and unprofessional. My initial reaction was to bristle up, clench my fists, and fight back (not physically, of course!). Fortunately, I took some time to think about it over an evening. I made the decision to be patient, kind, and forgiving.  The next morning when I spoke to my colleague, I did so cheerfully. I tried to understand his perspective and I showed him appreciation.  He had, after all, done a lot of good, despite the way he had recently treated me.  I was shocked at how immediately his countenance changed and the situation was resolved. I can now say that our relationship is positive, when it could have been completely shattered.

    Beyond work, I find the same principle of love is true at home, church, and other organizations that I am involved with. Of course, it is most valuable in my family with my role as a husband and father. 

    I should be clear, however, that I don’t share these things to boast. I share them to let you know how much I value the principles you are teaching, how much I want to learn more, and how much I want to apply them as I strive to become a better leader.   Thanks again for your positive impact.

  • http://abundantspiritualwellbeing.wordpress.com/ Carol J. Smith

    Wow–I am really excited to hear about LOVE WORKS, because clearly we know this is what is missing in so many relationships not only within our marriages and families but evidently in the workplace. I love the power of this Scripture in 1 Corinthians 13, I keep it posted visibly in my living area. We can all benefit by practicing the seven principles of love. We can do it God’s way as love is the center of all we are… created in HIS image!

  • Lisa S.

    I am looking for ways to re-energize the co-workers in my life.  LOVE never fails.

  • Mike

    I run a rustic resort in Southeast Asia called Telunas Beach.We are working with our staff on the principle of Going the Second Mile for our guests and each other. Even though wecome from different backgrounds we find that love is the difference maker. I’d love to learn from a man who has been living out a similar philosophy within his company.

  • Judy Smyer

    As a career coach, I believe Love Works will be very useful to my clients and to me. Saw Mr. Manby on CBN yesterday and can’t wait to read his book!

  • Vic Holubec

    Having led & put together numerous leadership & team development classes over the past 30+ years, I have acquired, shared, & continue to use a vast library of leadership books.  Most recently I have used Blanchard & Hodges excellent book, Lead Like Jesus, as well as several of John Maxwell’s wonderful books, so I would highly appreciate wrapping my hands & head around Joel Manby’s Love Works.  Look forward to sharing more of the details behind the “Seven Principles” you highlight in upcoming leadership classes in my church & in other Christian ministry training.  Thanks

  • Brian Embry

    Wow, all these great comments and reasons, me I just wanted to learn more. No more no less…

  • Glazierthai

    I and my wife are working with severely broken women in Bangkok, dealing with trauma, dysfunctional relationships, educational deficiencies and much more. Leading with love gets stretched to the limit, as we try to be a place of healing, a school, a family, a  vocational skills training center, discipleship center, and a business all in one! We need all the encouragement and advice we can get, so this book could be a real help to our cross-cultural team, helping us to lead from the correct center in all we do

    • http://abundantspiritualwellbeing.wordpress.com/ Carol J. Smith

      Would love to connect and share resources for my passion is spiritual healing and wellness. Feel free to visit my website: http://www.transformingfocus.com or abundantspiritualwellbeing.wordpress.com for more info. Caroljsmith12@gmail.com

  • Andrea Nichols

    I want to read love works so that I can focus on bringing these beautiful principles to my workplace through my own actions. I have always loved this passage. I am the team leader of the Exploratory Teachers at the elementary school where I work. 

  • Cantulori

    I have been a leader before and I was not a very good one. But since I have excepted God in my life he is showing new ideas and when I saw this I knew it was for me. God is good.

  • Mruehlmann

    I’d like to read , reread and pass along great messages.  I believe that “Love Works” is an incredible message and should be lived in all aspects of life, not only in business.  I can’t think of one person that shouldn’t want to read this book.

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  • ana edie

    Manbi joe deeply admire as these beings were multiplied in the face of the earth … that different would this world, there would be no indifference to so much suffering and pain in some humans I join their cause as would be under his leadership …

  • ana edie

    Es hora de despertar … de aplicar los principios básicos del amor de multiplicar a ese Joe Manbi …

  • martin

    I beleive in God and beleive in His Power. The Lord has gave your message to share. God is Love. God is in the work place and we need to share more of His Love so others may see Him.