Maximum Impact Club Interviews Me on Leadership

The Maximum Impact Club (MIC) is a monthly leadership mentoring program impacting thousands of leaders around the globe each year. The content is powerful, practical, and portable.

On the Air Microphone

Each month members receive a special lesson from John C. Maxwell as well as 24/7 access to MIC 2.0, an online platform of exclusive downloadable leadership content.

This month David Hoyt of MIC interviewed me about leadership 2.0, social media, life balance, and, of course, the current state of publishing and where I see it going in the future.

Though MIC is a subscription service and you normally have to pay to get access to the content, David agreed to allow you to listen to his entire interview with me for free.

Click here to listen to the interview

Click here to download the interview

If you like the interview and this delivery format, I would encourage you to consider joining the Maximum Impact Club. They offer amazing content for leaders. In their archives are lessons from John C. Maxwell and interviews with leaders like Tim Sanders, David Allen, Guy Kawasaki, Andy Andrews, and many others.

Question: After listening to the interview, what additional questions do you have? (I will try to answer as many as I can in the comments section below.)
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  • Veronica Jones-Brown

    Micheal, great interview with deep insight and good direction. You are definitely someone to listen too and to follow.

  • Marc Millan

    Michael Thank you for sharing this, it's so valuable to me as a young growing leader to learn from you. I appreciate your blog and twitter activity. Having the opportunity to hear your thinking is immense. Thanks.

  • FaithBarista Bonnie

    Thanks, Michael. I esp. liked the point highlighting the shift from a consuming to creating culture. That's why blogs are exploding and exciting.

    One aspect of Thomas' Nelson's vision you mentioned is "Transforming the World", which leaders of the faith are especially motivated by. In a world where everyone has a voice, can you share any of TN's ideas on how you'd like to place a megaphone in this new social media space?

    In terms of leadership, what are some of your personal takes on how to take this vision down to the reality of your team's day to day work? A lot of people can cast a vision, but how to implement. That is always interesting to hear about vision work in the trenches.

  • JoelSmith

    Great interview Michael, (Lorri loved it too, but the dog was unimpressed). We laughed out loud when you said, "somebody talked me into trying an Apple product"! I remember the board meeting and the Keynote presentation. My claim to fame!

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  • Audrey4j

    I enjoyed the interview, esp. because I learned something new about TN. I'm just one of your book reviewers, but I agree that our younger generations will be using the electronic readers and embracing the newer marketing techniques. I'm edging closer and closer to the social networking although in the past it has eaten up too much of my time. We need more leaders like you who are open and willing to communicate with everyone. God bless you! Audrey Hebbert

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  • Adam

    Hi Michael,

    Just listened to this interview with you and realised its finally time to comment on your blog…

    A few years ago, I asked a friend if they had a mentor. My friend replied that he had many: John Maxwell, Brian Houston, Kenneth Copeland etc… Even though I had many such sources of leadership, inspiration and wisdom, it was the first time I had ever thought of these 'distant' people whom I didn't have personal contact with, as a mentor.

    Well listening to you today, it dawned on my that you are actually the first 'Mentor 2.0' that I've ever had. Since being discovered by you (or your autoresponder on Twitter!), I've been following you and learning from you. Yours is one of my 7 'must check daily' blogs.

    I'm not even just referring to the content of your blog posts (although that is amazingl) but all the stuff around it – the *way* that you write and even the way your blog looks & functions. All of these elements combined as a whole gives me the sense that everything you do is purposed and they all reveal the stamp of the leader that you are. Who you are and what you write about are congruent.

    And then today I had the chance to listen to your interview and was pleasantly *not* surprised.

    Not surprised that you were the leader who I thought you would be given all the blog posts I've read from you. I was pleasantly not surprised that you were just as inspirational and intentional in 'person' as you are in writing. Who you are and how you speak are congruent.

    Compared to all the other 'distant' mentors I have, you're my first 'Mentor 2.0' – I feel like I actually do have some sort of connection with you (thanks to your tweets and blog posts).

    Finally you mentioned that Thomas Nelson's vision for its products is to "create the most innovative and inspiring product experiences in our industry".

    I was already a Marcus Buckingham fan, but even before I got home from the bookstore, the packaging alone for the "Truth About You" program had me full of expectation. Those expectations didn't disappoint as I set aside a full saturday to do nothing but watch the (excellent!) DVD, read the book and reflect and work through the excellent questions presented (which by the way, work hand in hand with your Life Plan).

    Since then I've told everyone I can about this *exceptional* resource and was not surprised when tonight, after listening to your interview, I checked to see who the publisher was and my suspicions were confirmed…indeed it was Thomas Nelson.

    Well done Michael and thank you for who you are,


  • Michael Holmes

    Good evening Michael,

    I probably should have said this earlier but I really enjoyed your interview. I'm glad you're one of the more progressive leaders who see change as opportunity rather than a threat. Great stuff.

    Be blessed!

  • Dan Black

    Great interview, thank you for your insight!