My Blackberry Is Not Working!

This blog post has absolutely no point, other than a good laugh. Kick back and enjoy the fun! Thanks to my brother-in-law, Jack, for sending this link to me.

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  • Roger Fields

    OK, that’s a window into Michael’s sense of humor.

  • Sam Koenen

    If only my frozen Blackberry were that entertaining…

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant! Amazing wordplay


    Thanks for the laugh!

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  • Alex Wilson

    I was having a bad day today. I feel much better now. I just might try booting my computer! Thank you for posting this.


  • Samantha Cole

    HAHAHAHA! This skit is GENIUS! I was looking for stuff about “working with Blackberry” and “Disqus” on Google, then this shows up. I had a good laugh watching this! I was actually expecting a page where I can learn about handling stuff from the enterprise on the go, with all those server stuff and CALS. That’s a lot o’ apps, if you ask me. I hope it doesn’t end up freezing… like that. LOL!

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  • Moronmubo Olayide

    Just wha I need.