My Current iPhone Apps

I have had an iPhone now for a couple of years. This is one gadget I have not grown tired of. I still love it. It is really an engineering marvel.

iPhone Apps

The App Store makes the phone almost infinitely extensible. It seems there is an app for everything you can think of—and many you would not have imagined. (This is precisely why I think the iPad is going to be a hit. But I digress.)

The problem is that if you aren’t careful, the number of apps on your phone can become unwieldily. In fact, this is my only real complaint with the iPhone right now. Apple needs to develop a better way to keep my apps organized.

Today, I had finally had enough. I had downloaded 102 applications. I kid you not. Most of them were free. And, as it turned out, I was using very few of them on a weekly, let alone daily, basis. I decided to reduce the clutter, and deactivate all the ones I am not using.

Not counting the ones that come pre-installed on the iPhone, I have thirteen applications installed. I thought I would share the ones I have found most useful and then ask you about the ones you like.

Application Price
iPhone App - Amazon Mobile Amazon Mobile: This is a simple storefront to the Amazon store. You can search, read reviews, add items to your wish list, and make purchases with one click. It is especially convenient at social events. If someone mentions a book, you can look it up and order it without even adding it to your to-do list. Free
iPhone App - Analytics Pro Analytics Pro: If you run a Web site or have an active blog, this provides full-blown access to Google Analytics in the palm of your hand. The interface is elegant. This is one application that I actually like better on the iPhone than on the Web. $6.99
iPhone App - CalenGoo CalenGoo: Donald Miller first told me about this iPhone app. I started using Google calendar and couldn’t figure out an easy way to view my calendar with my iPhone. This makes it a snap. It has daily, weekly, monthly, and agenda views. It has completely replaced the native iPhone calendar for me. $6.99
iPhone App - Evernote Evernote: I use Evernote on the desktop. It is like a digital file cabinet. I can enter a random note, take snapshot of something I want to remember (e.g., a business card or wine bottle), and even record a voice memo. It is my augmented brain. It also syncs with my desktop version via the Web. Free
iPhone App - Facebook Facebook: This is another iPhone app that I like better than the desktop version. It is super simple to use. I find the interface more intuitive and less cluttered than the Web version. As a result, I find myself checking Facebook more when I am traveling than when at home. Free
iPhone App - GoDaddy GoDaddy: I use GoDaddy to manage all my domains. There are probably better alternatives, but I have everything stored here, and it is difficult to think about migrating them. I find it especially useful when I want to search for a domain or purchase one. Free
iPhone App - Hootsuite HootSuite: I think I have tried every Twitter client available for the iPhone. This one is far and away my favorite. It syncs seamlessly with the desktop or Web versions of HootSuite. I have the same columns on all versions, making it easy to keep up with conversations and respond. $2.99
iPhone App - Kindle Kindle: I am actually surprised that I use this little app as much as I do. Reading a book on the iPhone is easier than you think. I find myself using this when sitting at the dentist’s office, on an airplane, or even standing in line. Best of all, it syncs the last page you read to, so that you can pick up where you left off on your actual Kindle. Free
iPhone App - Things Things: Things is the Mac app I use exclusively to manage my to-do list. I think I have tried just about all of them. This is by far the easiest and most intuitive. It also syncs up with the desktop version. My only complaint is that it syncs up via wireless and both the desktop and the iPhone app have to be running on the same network. $9.99
iPhone App - TwitVid TwitVid: This is a great little app for shooting short videos and posting them to Twitter with a minimum amount of fuss. You can also grab a video you have already shot. Either way, it turns a multi-step shuffle into a few clicks. Free
iPhone App - WorldMate WorldMate Gold: I use this program to manage my travel agenda. My assistant is able to plug in everything related to my trips: flights, car rentals, hotels, etc. If she updates something, it automatically changes on my iPhone. The app updates flight information an d delays automatically. It also displays the weather in the city I am visiting. $14.99
iPhone App - Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal: This is where I go first when I need a news fix. (I also have my Google Reader page saved for RSS feeds.) While the app is free, you have to have a subscription to the Journal to use it. It is a very slick interface. They have done a great job adapting their content to this delivery format. Free
iPhone App - YouVersion YouVersion: This is the Bible I carry with me. It is produced by I can’t believe they give it away. It even has my favorite translation, the New King James Version, which we publish at Thomas Nelson. They have 40 others available also. Free

I am sure I will continue to experiment with new apps. The challenge will be to keep my list at a manageable level.

Questions: What about you? What are your favorite iPhone apps?
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  • Matt Edmundson

    Well – I love Evernote, and perhaps this is the app that I use the most. iMExchange is great for tasks if you use MS Exchange server. If your in the UK and travel on trains to work – the National Rail app is fantastic. iFooty keeps you up-to-date with football (soccer) news and results. SkyMobile is great to watch football on your phone (watched the Liverpool v Man Utd game in the car the other day – just great, except that we lost!). TED is great for watch TED videos, LogMeIn works well with the phone (and computers) to control your desktop remotely. AirVideo works well about 50% of the time if you want to stream a video from your home computer to your iPhone – great for the kids! iPity is pointless, but great fun if you remember Mr.T (my kids loved it so much, we got the complete series of the A-Team to watch now, we are on season 3).

    • Matt Edmundson

      Ok – looooving Hoot Suite (only tried the web version so far!)

    • matthewdbenson


      I presume that the SkyMobile only works for UK residents, and only then for those with a Sky subscription, right?

      I agree with you re TED – brilliant content, for free.


      • Matt Edmundson

        Hi Matt

        I didn't have a subscription with Sky (like Sky+ etc) when I got the app. You do have to pay £6 per month though if you want to watch the games (which is OK value), but this is the only sub I have with them. Not sure about only working for UK residents. I am sure that will be the case, but worth trying if you like football (soccer) and cricket (zzzzzz).


  • Sean Finney

    I agree with Matt – Sky Mobile is excellent (Great win for Utd!). ooTunes is also highly recommended for radio access anywhere. eWifi is great at sniffing for wifi connections.
    Sleep Cycle is quirky and actually works !
    For the kids, check out Baloonimals.

    • Michael Hyatt

      ooTunes sounds interesting. Hmmm. I'll have to give it a try. Thanks,

    • Matt Edmundson

      Not sure about Sleep Cycle yet – jury is still out for me…I have a 50% success rate with it.

  • JenniferLKing

    My iPhone, too, is my constant companion. I share many of the same favorites as you, Michael, but I have a few indespensible ones for travel…

    1) iTranslate: free This is my life-saver on a daily basis. It translates English to and from multiple languages. Since I am an American living in Czech Republic for only a few years, I interface with multiple languages everyday. Perfect app for traveling, as well.

    2) Running Log: free This handy app keeps track of my mileage and times, daily. Perfect.

    3) Skype: free Amazing how far technology has brought us… especially evident in this app. By just being in wi-fi, with the Skype app, a user can call anywhere just like on the computer. We use this all the time to make calls to the US and other countries.

    Thank you for sharing. This is a wonderful tool to learn of others' productivity through the iPhone.

    -Jennifer King

    My recent post Beauty Is …

    • Michael Hyatt

      I keep meaning to check Skype. Thanks for the reminder!

  • acetuk

    Great post. I always find it really interesting to see how others are using the same devices that I am.

    Here are some comments and contrasts to your list:

    CalenGoo – personally I prefer Pocket Informant (PI) for this exact need. PI has a long history on the Windows Mobile platform before the developers, WebIs, released an iPhone / iPod touch version. PI syncs with GCal for events and Toodledo for tasks. The developer is extremely open with his plans, progress and problems with the iPhone platform.
    Evernote – Yep, I'm with you there completely! The more developers that utilise Evernote in their apps the better.
    HootSuite – It does do the one thing that annoys me most about my Twitter clients, keeping me in sync. I do like the service as well, nicely designed. On the iPhone Twittelator Pro is still king for me.
    My recent post Untitled

  • acetuk

    Part 2…

    Things – ok, the one that I find most difficult. I own Things, PI, To Do… just about all of the main task managers for the iPhone. Personally I use Omnifocus for the one reason you mention in your post, the need for cloud syncing. I own two Mac's and one iPhone and the idea of having to get them all on the same network to have them all in sync is not practical for me. Add to that the iPad when it becomes available and the need for cloud sync becomes even more important. CulturedCode have long promised over the air syn and have failed to deliver which is a shame because the Mac app is a work of art.
    My recent post Untitled

    • Christopher Hopper

      Yey for OF! I actually love all it’s options (as some say it’s too complex).

      • Michael Hyatt

        That's me. I think it is too complex, especially the desktop version. But I suppose this is a matter of taste.

  • acetuk

    Part 3…

    Other apps I use:

    BeeJiveIM – I have friends in other countries and this lets us keep in constant contact. A great app using the Apple push technology.
    Occasions – I'm useless at keeping track of birthdays, anniversaries, holdays etc. and this app has fixed that. It comes with all major holidays built in for each country which you can activate as and when needed and pulls data out of your address book for contacts. Add to that Facebook sync to pull friends dates and this is a truly brilliant app.
    Momento – I like to journal a little from time to time. This app gives you that as well as pull in your posts from your social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. It's a real work of art.
    Reeder – I like to read my RSS feeds though Google Reader and this app uses that service to allow you to continue reading them on the iPhone. By syncing what has been read you never see the same post twice. And again, it's a fantastic looking app.

    I have a lot of apps on my iPhone but reguarly try to keep them under control.

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  • Brad Farris


    Great list, I just published my list of favorite iPhone Apps for business users at

    The YouVersion is becoming my defacto bible, I hardly pick up a paper bible anymore — I love the daily reading plans, and the social integration is pretty cool too.

    For your running I'd check out RunKeeper, it uses the phone GPS to track your runs (or my cycle trips) and gives you really useful info, pace, distance, etc. The paid version talks to you through the iPod channel and gives you mile splits and interval workouts.

    In the category of iPhone beats the web, the Constant Contact app gives me much nicer and clearer reporting on my email campaigns than the web client does.

    My recent post Top 10 iPhone Apps for Business

    • Christopher Hopper

      Love RKP! Love the map feature esp!

  • PaulSteinbrueck

    Perfect timing. I just got my first iPhone last week & in my last blog post I asked readers for their "iPhone Apps You Can’t Live Without." I'll definitely be trying out GooCalendar, Analytics Pro and Things thanks to your suggestions.

    My recent post iPhone Apps You Can’t Live Without

  • Geoff Webb

    Thanks, Michael – I've got some new ideas to try out! Here's an App you turned me onto:

    Read it Later (free) – I work in Manhattan during the day. When I see something online I want to read (but not right then) I mark it in the Firefox "Read it later" plugin, then on the subway ride home (with no internet service) I can catch up on my reading. Prevents me from getting bogged down during the day and makes my commute more productive. Win-Win!

    My recent post Why Every Leader Should Take an Improv Class

    • Michael Hyatt

      I used Read It Later, too, on FireFox. I didn’t realize they had an iPhone app. I will definitely check that out.

      • acetuk

        Instapaper is the competing product to Read It Later. Both are similar in idea, different in application.

        Might be worth trying that out as well to see which one fits best.

  • Ron Lane

    Some others that I use on a daily basis are.

    HBR Tips, this gives you business management tips monday – friday.

    Bloomberg – helps me to keep tabs on the market.

    I have a couple on my phone that I use for reference or not on a daily basis.

    AroundMe – is great for finding a restaurant or gas station when you aren’t familiar with where you are.

    WordPress – so if I am away from my PC, I can still post a new blog entry.

    Dragon Dictation – This app is great for saving you from typing. It converts speech to text and has the ability to be used for email and texting.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I have the WordPress app, but I do more HTML tweaking than should be allowed by law, so I didn't find it all that helpful. That's more a commentary on me than the app.

  • guy m williams

    I've had my iPhone for a little over a month and am loving it. Favorite apps so far include some of yours mentioned above: YouVersion Bible, Amazon Mobile, Kindle for iPhone, Facebook. I just found HootSuite, so am trying it out.

    I also love the app (free) b/c I love being able to find the right word (it includes a thesaurus) or look up a new word I encounter. And I'm enjoying the Scrabble app (4.99 I think), mainly b/c my wife loves to play Scrabble and we have a game going constantly now. Finally, NPR News and ESPN Scorecenter (both free). ESPN really should have a better app than this. I hear a major upgrade is in the works. But just the same, it's nice to check scores for my teams from the iPhone with one touch.
    My recent post week with eugene peterson 1

  • Donna Maria

    I love this post. It's fun and interesting to see how other people use their iPhones. I use a lot of the apps you mentioned, with one of my newest favorites being Twitvid. Here are some others I really enjoy. I am a fairly new runner and I love the RunKeeper app ($9.99, but they have a free version). It keeps track of how often I run, where I run, and my times. I also enjoy MailMyPhoto (free). I use it to size down photos quickly and easily to the size I need for my blog. Then, I can easily add them to a quick blog post using Posterous. I use FlickUp ($1.99) to automatically Tweet photos and add them to my Flickr account ($4.99, but they have a free version). Like you, I love the FaceBook app. I have never heard of CalenGoo but I'm going to download it today. I really like the iPhone's native calendar and if this is better, I'll be in heaven! Thanks for the tip!

  • Matt Martin

    Great list of apps, here are a few that I use consistently:

    Tweetie – In my opinion the best Twitter client for the iPhone.

    Google Voice – This is actually a shortcut to a new HTML 5 based website but it is amazing the functionality they have put in.

    Siri – This is an app that I have been playing with recently. Designed as a personal assistant on the go. Has great voice recognition features, use it to find directions, make dinner reservations, set reminders, etc.

    Meebo – A free IM client that integrates with the major IM providers. I use it for my GTalk and Facebook networks.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I'm still using Google Voice, but the transcription really sucks. I was using YouMail before that, and it was much better. I probably need to go back to it.

  • Christopher Hopper

    Good stuff, Michael. A few from my first page:

    Tweetie2, but I’ll try HS as per your rec.
    FB, same as you cited above.
    OmniFocus, instead of Things.
    GuitarToolKit, has become my traveling tuner of choice.
    Politico, for my news fix.
    Still use native iCal app with my iMac.
    Stats for WP, to monitor my sites (all of which use WP).
    Weather Channel Max. For…um, weather. :)
    NightStand, for while I’m in stage speaking or leading worship; nice big clock.


    • Michael Hyatt

      I was using WeatherBug for a while, but I have found the built-in weather app sufficient for my needs.

  • John Richardson

    For those of you who have Verizon and an Android phone, be sure to check out Google Goggles, My-Coupons, and Twidroid. I use all three all the time. My-Coupons can almost always find me a free or low cost meal nearby.

  • Tim Lemons


    I'm interested in THINGS. I currently use Remember The Milk. You said you have tried many different ones. How does it compare to RTM? It sounds like Things is only on iPhone & Mac. I like having the ability with RTM to check any where via internet on any platform. Maybe a blog post about your workflow would be beneficial. How you calendar, to-do's, mail, etc.


    Tim Lemons
    My recent post Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

    • Michael Hyatt

      I haven't tried RTM for months. Things is indeed only for Mac.

  • Tim Lemons


    I'm interested in THINGS. I currently use Remember The Milk. You said you have tried many different ones. How does it compare to RTM? It sounds like Things is only on iPhone & Mac. I like having the ability with RTM to check any where via internet on any platform. Maybe a blog post about your workflow would be beneficial. How you calendar, to-do's, mail, etc.


    Tim Lemons
    My recent post Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

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  • Dustin

    Love the suggestions. Some additional ones that I enjoy are Pandora radio, Hipstamatic, and the IMDb app. With my RSS feed I like Byline a lot, and even though I really enjoy the Youversion Bible, the new ESV Bible by Crossway is nice because it doesn't need internet access to run.
    My recent post dustinuga: RT @stonecreektweet: When is anger a sin? Great message from Ken yesterday now posted in the media archives

  • Me

    YouVersion offers many “offline” translations of the Bible!

  • Rachel Wojnarowski

    Thanks for the list! The free Bible software I couldn’t live without is Olive Tree. You get multiple versions, as well as other classic books like Absolute Surrender, Pilgrim’s Progress. You can bookmark and note! I enjoy Kindle For the convenience you mentioned, but I still love having a tangible book in my hand for my serious reading. My eyes stay fresh longer with paper. I keep wondering if I am the only one who thinks that. Thanks again!

  • Gregg Stutts
  • @JeffLoper

    Great list, Mike. Thanks. I've been meaning to give Hootsuite a try for some time now and this post has definitely convinced me to give it a whirl. I'm going to download Analytics pro as well. What about TwitVid? What other similar apps did you try that made you ultimately choose this one?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Honestly, I don't remember.

  • Michael

    Dragon Diction…I've only had an iphone for a few weeks, but this app will record what I say and allow me to copy and paste it into an email or text.
    My recent post Being A Parent Brings Me Joy

  • Alex Johnson

    Road Trip – I do all my own car maintenance, and I track fuel milage religiously. This lets me put all that information in one place. Echofon Pro – this is my personal twitter account. Love the interface, and it is actively supported. TwitBird Pro – I use this for the twitter account for Sigma Theta Epsilon: National Christian Fraternity, that I am the Secretary. NetNewsWire – This program syncs with Google Reader and pulls rss feeds from all over the net. Your blog is one of many that I follow. SplashMoney – This replaced Pocket Quicken on my Palm, and Quicken on my computer. Simple, but effective. It also has the same syncing limitation that you mentioned for Things, but so far, I haven't found it too daunting. 1Password – With all of the different places that I need a username and password, I keep them all written down behind a pin number here. FatWatch – It uses a weighted average to turn daily scale readings into your actual weight. OliveTree BibleReader – As an iPod Touch user, I need to have all my reading materials on the iPod, as I don't always have a network connection.____Thanks for a great blog to read!!

  • MIchael

    If you are using Google Reader, then MobileRSS Pro is a must-have app. It's more flexible than the web app and has it's own browser built in for those feeds that refuse to syndicate their full content.

    If you consume most or all of your content via RSS and Google Reader, this will become your #1 most used app.


    Full Disclosure: I just love the app. No connection.

  • Speckle

    I use many of the ones you mentioned. I am also surprised by the Kindle App. My husband can't stand the noise the kindle makes when I'm highlighting an area. By using this app I can turn the light off and scroll noiselessly! I also use Red Laser when I'm out shopping. You can scan almost anytning and it will tell you how to get it cheaper online. Texthog is an on-the-go per diem app for business travelers, but I use it for our family's financials. When you are out and about, you can enter in the specifics of how much you spent and where and it will upload and give you a graph of your expenses, especially handy when you are on a budget. You can also take a pic of your receipts and turn them into accounting (husband).
    My recent post March Madness Equals Spring Cleaning

  • Sherrie Lord

    Spend — is a budgeting program, and it has changed our finances. We withdraw our budget in cash then track how much we spend/have remaining in each category of expenses. I round up or down to the next dollar.

    Today — is a todo program. Simple and colorful.

    Timr — helps me stay on task, as I tend to drift.

    Groceries — my grocery list, ordered aisle by aisle to match where I shop.

    Maps — I use real cities and locations in my books. With Maps, I can bookmark then title scene locations to streamline going “back” to check street names, terrain, traffic patterns, whatever.

    Christian apps: ESV (English Standard Version Bible), Daily Help (Charles Spurgeon devotional), Prayer List, and VerseByHeart (scripture memorization).

    Good post, Mr. Hyatt. Thanks!

  • kevin

    love this. i am just starting to use Evernote, as everyone raves about it. also a fan of ActionMethod(free), a project task list that syncs w/ web app. Pandora (free) is a big one for me, in regards to streaming music. For Twitter, I am a fan of Hootsuite, but also love Tweetie (eliminates the need for TwitVid). My Google Calendar syncs w/ the calendar on my iPhone (maybe eliminating the need for CalenGoo?). Dropbox (free) is incredible, allowing file-sharing between my desktop and iPhone. For pictures, Hipstamatic is absolutely incredible. Hands down the best photography app. I could probably go on forever, but I’ll stop there.

  • Jason Yarborough

    Great list Michael, thanks for the word on Calengoo and analytics pro. Below are a few I’ve been using pretty regularly that weren’t in the list.
    RunKeeper – GPS tracks mileage, route, can track heartrate, calories, etc.
    Yelp – I do a lot of traveling and rely on this one to find good local places to eat.
    Epicurious – I’m not much of a cook or grocery shopper, this app makes me look like a pro chef in the kitchen and a master of the grocery store!
    Starbucks – Allows me to find the nearest Starbucks!? Yes, please.
    Flickr – post straight to flickr from the iphone
    Stickybits – this is a new one. Scan a barcode, include a pic or note to that particular barcode and if someone else with stickybits scans a previously scanned barcode they can get the message or see where it had been.
    Most recently used the to find an amazing condo in uptown Charlotte. Very convenient app for house hunting.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I'm definitely going to download the Starbucks app!

  • @emuelle1

    I'm with you on Evernote, Amazon Mobile, Kindle, and Facebook. They're all great app.

    I had RTM, but I'm not renewing my pro subscription. I'm working with Pocket Informant right now, syncing to Google Calendar and ToodleDo. PI was awesome on Windows Mobile, but needs to mature on the iPhone. Also, the current reliance on Google is rough. I wish Apple would create an API to the native calendar and contacts on the iPhone.

    I primarily use Laridian's PocketBible, but I've also got YouVersion and OliveTree. I use Twitterific for Twitter.

    I also have MindManager for iPhone.
    My recent post Job Update

  • Laurinda

    I will look into CalenGoo and Evernote. We use a lot of the same apps. Here are some more I use on a regular basis:
    Foware's Water Your Body – application tracks the amount of water you drink in the day. Gives awards. Love it!
    Logos Bible Software App – I like it more than the app. But I use both.
    AllRecipes & Epicurious – apps with recipes.

  • Paul Strahan

    Great and very helpful post. When I see someone with an iPhone this is the question I ask, “what are your favorite apps? I would add a few you might like.

    Pocket Money… this keeps my checkbook and has helped me in writing down ATM and debit card purchases. I simply reconcile daily with my checking online and my iPhone.

    Walk In the Word…. I am a fan of James MacDonald, pastor of Harvest Bible Fellowship in Chicago. You can listen to the podcasts. A wonderful Bible teacher and powerful preacher.

    Direct TV… For those who have satellite, you can set your DVR from your iPhone.

    Ebay, and FoxSports

  • Michelle

    Great information, thank you for posting this!
    My recent post Louie Giglio

  • Abby

    Great list, Michael! I love the YouVersion, Facebook, and Kindle app. Here are my other favorite apps:

    Lose It! – FREE – Tracks your calories, exercise, and weight. Tells you how many calories to consume based on your ultimate weight goal. – FREE – Tracks your finances. You create budgets for categories each month/few months/year/etc, and it lets you know if you’ve gone over or under budget, etc. Keeps track of loans, investments, income, credit card payments, etc.

    Fandango – FREE – You can look up what movies are playing in your area. Use this one a lot!


    Red Box

    Words With Friends (game)

    Plants vs. Zombies (game)

  • Kevin_Martineau

    I don't have an Iphone (yet:) but I do have a Ipod touch and my favourite apps are Facebook, Tweetdeck, and Youversion.

  • Amanda Soderberg

    Apps I can’t live without:
    Home Routine (I can track daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, as well as have a list of home chores…vital for balancing work and home life)

    Words with Friends (I’m addicted!)

    Lose it! (SSooo fantastic…)

    Read it Later

    thanks for the long list of new apps to check out!

  • Augusto Pinaud

    You inspired me to review my iPhone apps. I (ab)use my iPhone, and your post inspired me to write my use and favorites apps.

    I begin by Credit you for the inspiration.

    The list of my apps:

    Notebook by Appigo
    Tweetie 2 by Atebits
    Byline by Phantom Fish
    RSS Flash G by Ebisu Soft
    Instapaper Pro by Marco Arment
    Kindle for iPhone by Amazon
    eReader By FictionWise (Part of Barnes and Noble)
    Stanza By Lexicle (part of Amazon)
    OmniFocus by OmniGroup
    WordWeb that I use for my Dictionary
    Calling Card
    Splash ID

    Thanks for the inspiration

  • Brian Jones

    Google does have a method to sync both the iPhone Calendar and iCal with Google Calendar. While it's probably not as simple as using the iPhone app you suggested, it is possible. Note the advantage to setting it up this way, is that you can get push updates for your gmail email account.
    My recent post Publishing and the Net Generation

    • Michael Hyatt

      Updates are pushed to CalenGoo, too. Setting it up couldn’t be easier.

  • Mitch Ebie

    I definitely need to get an iphone! One of the first apps that I will get is by legacy learning systems. They teamed up with Gibson to come up with an app for guitar players. I am sure that I would also get Analytics Pro. I already use the Hootlet by Hootsuite.
    My recent post "Without involvement there is no commitment." -Stephen Covey…So get involved, whether it be with your church community, your friends lives, your spouse (gf/bf), your children, or all of the above.

  • aboynamedtracy

    A couple of my favorite apps are the MLB At Bat app that lets you listen (and watch if the teams aren't in your market) to both home and away live feeds to all games. Go Cards!

    Another app I use every day is called FoodScanner by DailyBurn. It's a food journal app that can scan barcodes of foods and retrieve the nutritional information for it. It's a great app! If the database doesn't have the food listed you can add it; if it has the food but not the barcode, you can add that as well.

    Other than Facebook these two are the apps I use the most. I use Evernote but I'm not sure I really like it yet.
    My recent post No, I do not want to sign up for your credit card!

  • Kim Bontrager

    very fun, helpful post and comments!

    my fav's…
    - Tweetie: my favorite twitter app on desktop & phone. Will honor your opinion and check out HootSuite.
    - OmniFocus: I do love the seamless sync via cloud
    - GroceryIQ: love love love this smart grocery list. list item, aisle, price, amount, etc. keep info for multiple stores, including how aisles are arranged. make a list of 'favorites' that are easily added to the shopping list. email list to anyone.
    - PicPosterous: is a super-easy blogging platform. phone app makes it possible to easily upload multiple pics and create a gallery, then post link to twitter, flickr, facebook
    - camerabag & photoshop mobile: fun, quick photo editing

  • Rey Carr

    I love my iPhone and my favorite app so far is “Ooopps.” It works like this: when you drop your iPhone and you pick-it up, it includes an estimate for how much it will cost to repair or fix it. But then you drop it again and you get a second opinion.

  • @ReachingWomen

    Cool post! I got my iPhone for Christmas and find it indispensable! Love all the comments and great suggestions for even more apps! Many of my favorites have been listed by your or others in comments.

    Here are a few you may not know:

    WorldCardMobile – Business card reader and scanner – $5.99
    2Do: A Stunning To Do List with Push and Sync – $6.99
    Groups: Drag and Drop Contact Management – $4.99
    Emoji icons: Have some fun with text msgs and Tweets – $.99

    Blessings… Tamara

  • matthewdbenson


    It it seems that a lot of your readers are into 'OliveTree' and so it might be interesting for you to do a blog post on OliveTree versus YouVersion.

    It would indeed also be interesting to understand the 'business model' (or at least the financing model) of how such providers make their Apps available (as you point out, how can they give it away – or is the real question 'why do they give it away?'),

    My recent post Test results for comparison of free online translation tools – update

  • Elke Speliopoulos

    Definitely high on my list apart from some already mentioned:
    - AroundMe – Finds anything and everything in places you don’t know and even guides you there
    - RedLaser – to scan barcode of anything, get best price and buy
    - SnapTell – to take photo of book and get best online prices
    - G-Park – parking your car and finding it again
    - Taxi Magic – find a taxi
    - Currency – currency conversion for travel
    - Truphone – for calling my family cheaply overseas (even without Wifi)
    - WifiTrak – to find Wifi
    - TweetMic/FaceMic – for recording amazing sound clips and publishing to Twitter/Facebook
    - Logos – indispensable for mid-meeting Bible word studies, commentary look-ups, etc. for Logos users
    - BNO News – breaking news faster than anybody else
    - GateGuru – haven’t tried it on trip yet, but looks promising for airports you don’t know that well.
    - TeamViewer – free app to access desktops remotely (mine or my 82-yr. old mother’s for remote support)
    - – managing my accounts
    - SitorSquat – clean bathroom finder – more important for women ;-)

    Several more, but let this suffice.

  • @speli

    Definitely high on my list apart from some already mentioned:
    - AroundMe – Finds anything and everything in places you don't know and even guides you there
    - RedLaser – to scan barcode of anything, get best price and buy
    - SnapTell – to take photo of book and get best online prices
    - G-Park – parking your car and finding it again
    - Taxi Magic – find a taxi
    - Currency – currency conversion for travel
    - Truphone – for calling my family cheaply overseas (even without Wifi)
    - WifiTrak – to find Wifi
    - TweetMic/FaceMic – for recording amazing sound clips and publishing to Twitter/Facebook
    - Logos – indispensable for mid-meeting Bible word studies, commentary look-ups, etc. for Logos users
    - BNO News – breaking news faster than anybody else
    - GateGuru – haven't tried it on trip yet, but looks promising for airports you don't know that well.
    - TeamViewer – free app to access desktops remotely (mine or my 82-yr. old mother's for remote support)
    - – managing my accounts
    - SitorSquat – clean bathroom finder – more important for women ;-)

    Several more, but let this suffice.
    My recent post Coming Out of a Bit of a Funk

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  • Bert Decker

    Two more – cost something but far cheaper than separate instruments:

    Tom-Tom – a GPS system that is better than my old Garmin NUVI, and you don't have to pay for updates! Works great and has a good windshield attachment (extra)

    GolfShot – OK, only for golfers, but very accurate, and about 20% of the cost of separate golfing instruments for measuring distance to anything.

  • @michaelhsmith

    Thanks for the list Michael. I have a few others that help me in my specific vocation:
    SPL Meter by Studio Six Digital. A accurate app to measure the decibel level in a venue.

    Tempo by Frozen Ape. A metronome that where you can select a tempo or tap out a tempo for reference.

    Planning Center Online. This is a app representative of a desktop program we use to plan all our worship services and schedule all personnel for these services. A great time saver.
    My recent post A New Look for Michael’s Notes