My Daily Reading Habits

I love reading. I guess that’s why I got in the publishing business to begin with. After almost thirty years, I am still a content glutton. I have in insatiable desire for input.

Google Reader Screenshot

I read all kinds of stuff: books, the Bible, magazines, newspapers, blogs, and even microblogs like Twitter. I also read a wide variety of genres. My tastes are very eclectic. Mostly, I just enjoying discovering and experiencing new things.

In the past couple of months, several people have asked me to write about my reading habits and my daily reading list. I currently read in three daily blocks.

  • First thing in the morning, I read the Bible, then about 200 RSS feeds from various blogs and news sites. I use Google Reader to collect these feeds, so I can move through them quickly. It usually takes me 45 minutes to an hour to scan these feeds and read thoroughly the articles that catch my attention.
  • After this first burst of reading—and a couple of cups of coffee—I go running. But only four days a week. During this time, I listen to audio books on my iPod Shuffle. I have a membership to Currently, I am listening to Made to Stick for the second time.
  • At the end of the day, right before bed, I try to read for 30 minutes or so. This is always a physical book. I am currently reading a book on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) [affiliate link]. I have to be careful, because if the book is too stimulating it keeps me up thinking!

If I don’t have a lot of meetings scheduled, I also read snippets throughout the day. However, these are usually related to some specific project or speech I am preparing for.

What RSS feeds do I subscribe to? You can get a taste of this by viewing or subscribing to my Shared Items feed from Google. As I am reading through my RSS feeds, I mark articles that I want to share. These go into the feed. I also add my comments, which gives you my perspective on why I chose to share this post.

Question: Do you have a daily reading routine? What is it?

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