My Daily Reading List: An Update

I read a lot. In fact, much of my day is spent reading: news, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and—my favorite—books. All in all, I probably invest two hours a day reading. My theory (not original) is that “leaders read and readers lead.”

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I generally divide this into two blocks: I typically read for about an hour when I first wake up. I then read for another hour after dinner, before I go to bed.

I am often asked what is on my daily reading list. First, there are several things I read via my Web browser. These are things I don’t like to read via an RSS feed. They include:

By the way, these are all stored in a Google Chrome Bookmarks Bar in a subfolder called “Daily.” When I am ready to plow through my daily reading, I click on the list and select “Open in Tabs.” Each URL is then opened in a separate tab.

My Daily Reading List in Chrome

I spend no more than 30 minutes on this reading list. I force myself to read fast. Sometimes, I can do it in 20 minutes. If an article looks like it will take longer, I save it in Evernote in a notebook called, “Read Later.”

When I finish my web list, I go to my list of RSS feeds. I am currently using Reeder, which syncs with Google reader. I love the interface. I can access it any where: on my Mac or my iPhone. (It is also available for iPad.) Also, the developer just recently added Evernote integration. He plans to add Buffer integration. (If you are not using Buffer for Twitter, you must!)

As of today, I track about 235 feeds, but here are some of the more interesting ones:







Publishing and Writing


(Please forgive me if I overlooked your blog. I intentionally did not include bloggers who don’t post on at least a weekly basis.)

In the evening, I try to read books. I am usually reading more than one. It might be a biography, a business book, or a book on theology—or all three. But that’s a subject for another post. (Here are some of my favorites.)

Question: What’s on your daily reading list?
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  • Blaforce7

    Hi Michael, I am not a tech pro like you and I really need help to get all this stuff to sync between my computer and iphone3g. I need help with google. I cannot seem to find the right app on my phone to sync between it and my computer. To get to my google calendar on my computer I have to sign in with my e-mail and then my other e-mail and password! Isn’t there an easy way. I found bookmarks today and listed everything I read daily, but trying to access the list is very difficult because I have to open the bookmarks page, which doesn’t come up until I go through a whole mess of other stuff, then I can’t find it at all on my iphone. Any suggestions? Thanks, brother, I love your site and read it every day! God bless you! Bob LaForce

    • Michael Hyatt

      Bob, I use the Reeder app on both my Mac desktop and my iPhone. If you signing with your Google Reader credentials, they will both remain in sync. I have written a post on how to setup your Google calendar on your iPhone. I would suggest you start there. Thanks.

  • Craig Grella

    Your level of efficiency is amazing, you would have made a good engineer. I too read everything in google reader and often use read it later for the longer articles. Articles that inspire some action on my part go into a folder called action, which I check a few times a day.
    I really enjoy reading and try to polish off two books a week, one of which is always a non fiction piece, like a business book, something about tech or politics. The other is usually a biography or a current novel., many of which I get using the kindle app for iPad. I get your feed on email, then I check a few blogs in the dad space, I get the NY times at home each day (I’m a new Yorker, but also think the writing is superior to other newspapers), I use google alerts for a few business related search terms that send me to various business sites, usually bloomberg, and then I round off the list by reading updated on open, a great new website with info on the daily happenings of our govt reps.

  • Robert Ewoldt

    Michael, do you use Google Alerts at all?  I have a bunch of Google Alerts set up to deliver news to me.  This helps me to get news that I might be interested in (based upon a person or keyword) that I wouldn’t normally get from my normal news sources.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I do. I have alerts set for my name, Thomas Nelson, and a few competitors. I receive these via RSS feed. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I try to read the Bible early in the morning.  I prefer to use a print version, but sometimes rely on a mobile app or web browser.  I also subscribe to approximately 75 blogs using Google Reader.  Typically, I only read anywhere from 6-10 posts a day.  (Those headlines really are important.)  I also read 2-3 books a week.  I try to vary the content.  This week, I’m reading two older books: one by Francis Schaeffer and one by Charles Ryrie.  Both deal with spirituality.

  • Brett

    Yours, of course.

    Sales:  - Anthony Iannarino (great, practical, nuts & bolts stuff) - Paul Castain


    Food/Health: (Alison Lewis is like a healthy Paula Deen in this way: simple recipes, but less butter–very healthy, family friendly)


    Current books:
    The War of Art & Do the Work, Steven Pressfield
    The Accidental Creative, Todd Henry
    Cat’s Eye, Margaret Atwood–A little fiction to keep the other side of my brain active

    • Michael Hyatt

      I used to read ZenHabits, but somehow it got deleted from my feeds. I have added it back. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    My daily reading list looks like this:

    The Gospel Coalition
    What’s Best Next
    Michael Hyatt
    Jeff Goins

    For any questions I have regarding my personal blog I visit StandardTheme, Copyblogger, Tentblogger, Problogger and WPBeginner.

    I haven’t yet begun to use a rss feed.  I typically go website to website.  Perhaps I could be more efficient. 

    • Anonymous

      Google Reader works great for me.  It doesn’t hurt that I use Gmail and Google Docs a lot.

    • Michael Hyatt

      RSS will change your life. It will cut your reading time in half.

  • David Barry DeLozier

    Wow – what an awesome list! I will enjoy spending time this weekend visiting a number of these feeds.  As for me, I read the Bible, My Utmost for His Highest, Streams in the Desert, A Guide to Prayer for Ministers and Other Servants, and The Artist’s Way Every Day as part of early (5 a.m.) devotionals.  Read headlines online, skim local newspaper mid morning; read for pleasure mostly in the evenings, lots of trade magazines, fiction and non-fiction (currently reading Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me by Ian Cron – GREAT book).

    • Robert Ewoldt

      I’m reading “Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me” too.  I agree with you… very good book.

  • T Blankenship

    I notice that you are reading ‘Younger Next Year’.  I finished this about 6 weeks ago and LOVED IT.  The style of writing is engaging, witty yet forceful.  The proof of the book’s power? I’ve been exercising 6 times a week since I read it and I quit eating crap.  ’Nuff said!  I highly recommend the book.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I really enjoyed it too. It has made a big difference for me.

  • Bobby McGraw

    Thanks for this post. With so much information to consume, I find it helpful to know how other people group and tackle it!

  • Dave Baldwin

    What a challenging list. Intrigued that you are reading “Younger Next Year.” I read that book about 18 months ago and then at 59 years old it changed the way I lead my life. It’s not a Christian book by any means, but sure does wake you up when it comes to getting older. I thought the third thing that you need to do to stay younger next year was quite Christian. I won’t share what that is in case you’re not at that point in the book. The book did change my exercise routine for sure.
    I’m not insulted that you don’t read my blog on a regular basis. I don’t post weekly and I’m sure there’s tons better blogs out there that you can spend your time on. 
    Thank you for sharing yourself in this post. There are several of us in our office that read it faithfully and discuss what you’re writing about.

  • Sundi Jo Graham

    @jeffgoins and yourself are on my daily reading list. Right now I’m reading “Today We Are Rich,” which I won on your blog. That books has been INCREDIBLE! It will be one I plan to read every year. Every leader should read it for sure. Slowly processing through it so I don’t miss anything. 

  • Chris Cornwell

    in addition to many you listed here:

    Darrell Vesterfelt
    David Santistevan
    Bryan Allain
    Kenny Silva

  • Cynthia Herron

    Daily Reading: my Bible and my fave blogs–Books and Such Literary Agency :), Michael Hyatt, & Rachelle Gardner’s. I do read the national newspapers (blech) because I find it necessary, but rarely on a daily basis anymore.

  • John Richardson

    I’m honored to be on your blog list, Michael. I really like exploring the comments on this post to see what your audience is actually reading on a daily basis. I find that a lot of my reading is Twitter driven. I have found some great material this way.

  • Susie Finkbeiner

    Great list!

    The blogs I frequent:

    Rachel Held Evans
    Novel Matters
    Confessions of a Funeral Director by Caleb Wilde

    Right now I’m reading “Speaking to the Dead” by Bonnie Grove. Highly recommended!

  • Danny

    Tim Sherfy’s “Even If I Walk Alone” blog is a must read for Christians!

  • Anonymous

    I daily spend time reading blogs and books. But have noticed I have been reading more blog post then books. I read on the topics of leadership, strengths, and writing. These are some areas of passion. I’m currently reading Lincoln On Leadership and Emotional Intelligence 2.0 

  • Travis Dommert

    I have never read a fraction of your consumption (impressive), but since putting it on my dashboard of key weekly actions, I’ve made some tremendous progress this year.

    My daily reading includes:

    * One day from The Daily Bible…it’s a chronological Bible, cover-to-cover in 365 days…yes, I’m behind, but I’ve never read 589 pages of the Bible in one decade, let alone 7 months!

    * 20 pgs of my current book.  At this rate, I finish a new book on avg every 2-3 weeks.   12 in the last 9 months.  It feels so great to have someone recommend a book and be able to either say, “Yes, I’ve read that” or “Great, I’ll read it”…and know that I’ll actually do it.

    A few recommendations from readings this year:
    * SPARK – study of exercise and the brain…fascinating, will make you want to run!
    * Rework – by 37 Signals…perfect advice for our accountability app work
    * Thinking for a Change – John Maxwell…timeless
    * Delivering Happiness – about Zappos…great story of a precarious startup gone right!
    * Ordering Your Private World – great habits for life
    * Principle of the Path – simple, sage advice
    * The Loyalty Effect – brilliant for thinking about people / customer strategies

    I will have to carve out time to get more current (and hip) with blog reading.  Right now this is the only one I read daily.  Thank you for the tip on Chrome…opening all the bookmarks in one shot.  Great tip!

  • Anonymous

    Great system. Have you looked at Instapaper for articles you want to read later? I’m also a heavy Evernote user, but Instapaper formats web pages for reading much better. It integrates with Reeder and has a setting to send articles you ‘like’ to Evernote for archiving.

    Recommend you add Steven Furtick to your blogs.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I was using Instapaper for a while, but I found Evernote to be just fine. It’s also one less tool I have to use. Web pages are formatted for me fine in Evernote.

  • Rashad Morris

    There are quite a few books/blogs here that I hadn’t heard of. My current reading list is:

    The Bible
    The Way of the Shepherd 7 Ancient Secrets to Managing Productive People Kevin Leman, William Pentak
    Daily Power of Prayer Devotional Myles Munroe
    Biblical Preaching Haddon Robinson

    Michael Hyatt
    Jeff Goins
    One Flesh Marriage
    Men of Integrity

  • Andrea

    Hi Michael et. al

    I used this post as an opportunity to review what do I read, and found that while there are some overlaps (Chris Brogan, Seth Godin, Mashable, Lifehacker) there were others that I should add to my list. Further, this lead to me reevaluating the RSS feeds I follow…what I found is that there are several I can’t let go of…here’s my little list:

    CRAFT (while I don’t hardly any of the projects, others ideas serve as my inspiration, from the same folks that bring you MAKE)

    swissmiss (Great dessign aesthetic not the blog, which is also great, but her posts are on design)

    Knitter’s Review (I’m a fiber artisan and yarn store owner, ‘enough said)

    Evernote Tech Blog (I’m an Evernote geek/fan grrl)

    Crafting an MBA (a must read for all folks who run a business…just because it has “Craft” in the title doesn’t mean you can’t get something from this site!

    Above are the blogs I follow and always read, even when I’m busy. There are others I enjoy but if it is getting late I’ll bail on the others. Of course, since this is a comment on Michael Hyatt’s blog I read his blog regularly, but seemed silly to list it here.

    Now there is another blog that I follow but only as a newsletter, and that’s Chris Guillebeau’s blog. I fell in love with it back when I traveled a 100% for my job since he writes ALOT on travel hacking. But  lately I’ve enjoyed reading more of his inspirational posts such as the “Hell Yeah” Roundup, or the, “Moment You Knew” post. These post have helped me lately as a transition to the next phase of growing up.

    Thanks for the great list and comments folks!



  • Kennisha Hill

    You have a very sophisticated list!

    I like to start by reading (or listening) to the Bible. Then, my list goes something like this: for world news.
    Yahoo News
    Michael Hyatt (love yours for many reasons)
    EEW Magazine
    Hope for Women Magazine

    I subscribe to a couple different blogs for inspirational devotionals:
    Dianna Hobbs’ Daily Cup of Inspiration (EEW Magazine Editor-in-Chief)
    Kim Cash Tate: Color Your Perspective With Christ

    I frequently visit:
    Mary DeMuth
    Tricia Goyer

    And for current research topics, I’m back at or, or other random sites for relationship hot topics. I’m a love and relationship’s columnist so I have to keep up with what’s current for my blog and my column.

    I’m also reading books, as well as writing two. So..lots of reading for me!

    Great blog post, as always!


    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for having me on your list!

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  • Uma Maheswaran S

    andy stanley
    john c maxwell
    marshall goldsmith
    seth godin
    tim sanders


    Leaving Microsoft to change the world — John Wood
    Freedom from Performing — Becky Harling

  • Anonymous

    Currently reading “The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing” by Lisa Gansky

    Jon Acuff
    Michael Hyatt
    Brian Allain
    Christian Personal Finance
    Seth Godin
    Chris LoCurto

  • Cynthia Leighton

    Daily reading list – great idea. I’ve been random! This is a better way. Thanks.

  • Patricia Zell

    I seem to be reading all the time, especially material for teaching my students (British literature has been a biggie this summer). My personal reading is pretty much limited to shorter articles and blogs–I check this blog and several others, (I like the design),,, various women’s magazines, Time, Prevention, Writer’s Digest, etc. Although I used to read books by the dozens, I had to force myself to read two while we were on vacation. On that same vacation, a relative gifted me with a Kindle–my problem is I don’t have time to sit and fiddle with it or to pick out books to purchase. 

  • Carol Williams

    Thank you so much for posting this list.  I will definitely begin adding some of these.
    A great book I am reading now is Os Hillman’s new book “Change Agent”.

  • Dennis McIntee

    Thank you for this list….as someone just entering the blogging space, this has been very helpful!

  • JD Eddins

    How in the world do you track on over 200 RSS feeds?  Are there any books you would recommend on speed reading that could help?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Two ways: use a great RSS reader and then scan the headlines. I am not actually reading 200 posts.

      • JD Eddins

        So could you describe the process you go through on selecting new feeds to follow or take old ones out? I use to say that if a blog hadn’t written a star worthy post in a month then they were off the list. I am just wondering what process you use. Thanks!

        • Michael Hyatt

          I’m not that scientific. I just add them as I find them and delete them when I realize they are no longer adding value.

  • Jesus Christ ?

    I’m sure this advice is buried somewhere in these comments but you should really try Read It Later for saving those articles you want to get back to.  There is a Chrome extension.  I use it in Firefox and on my DroidX.  It really is a fantastic little app.

  • Robinson Mertilus

    Thanks for sharing. This is a neat idea. 

    My reading list includes: – I get this in my email – a hidden jewel

  • Sangeetha James

    Thanks for the list. I personally love the wisdom from Steven Furticks blog Its so amazing.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I don’t know why I had not subscribed to this before. I just heard Steven at the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit. He was outstanding. I just subscribed to his blog as well.

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  • Jeff Goins

    I need to do this on my own blog (I’ve been procrastinating). One writing site I’ve really been enjoying that I think you’d appreciate, Mike, is It’s a writing/blogging site that Leo Babauta from Zen Habits started.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Jeff. I just subscribed to it.

      • Jeff Goins

        cool. look out for upcoming guest post.

  • Stb

    Impressing reading list. I’ ll check the authors I do not know. But my first thought was: just two hours?! I could not survive with only two hours reading time a day. O.K. I do not watch tv. Maybe that is the reason why I have time to read….

    • Michael Hyatt

      I don’t watch TV either. I spend most of my day writing or creating.

      • Stb

        I would love to do that, too. A friend of mine told me that I should write more- non fiction. In my profession most authors are not very creative and most books are very boring. I think taxes and tax law  are very interesting – it’s the “real life”. A good court decision is often more interesting, funny or suspense-packed than prime time tv or a daily soap.

  • Matt Kerr

    thanks Michael!  Appreciate your insight.  Love the mantra “leaders read and readers lead.”  Have a great day!

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  • sunil singh

    Thank You 

    The given Information on your blog is very useful.
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  • George Luft

    Can you post an OPML file of your feeds?  Speaking of OPML, do you read Dave Winer (

  • Daniel Crawford

    Besides blogs do you share a list of books you are reading? I travel lots given my job and have to come to read lots (includes Audiobooks & Podcasts) using my Kindle and iPad. Would you mind share your Book reading list?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Click on the link at the top of the page that says, “Products.” I have several list. Thanks.

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  • Marvin Quianzon

    i was hoping there was a not-to-read list :)

  • ReasonDisciple

    John Maxwell,
    Dan Rockwell (Leadership Freak),
    Chris LoCurto,

    Leslie Samuel,
    Pat Flynn, 

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  • Ellory Wells

    I try to post every Monday morning at I write about leadership, personal growth and teams. I’d love to make it on your reading list!

  • toddmckeever

    You need to update this because you still have Google Reader etc in this piece. Looking forward to seeing if anything else has changed or been added to his post.

  • FromHisPresence

    Thanks for sharing your method. I read every morning but only occasionally read at night, but I’d like to start doing so more often. When I do take the time to read at night, it really relaxes me and puts me in a positive mindset. Even if my day had rough spots, it’s like reading washes them all away. So thanks for the challenge and inspiration!

  • Michael Hyatt

    Yes, I do follow Claire. She’s a friend.

    • Erich Robinson

      That’s good to know. You both have a lot in common via the way you use your platforms to help make leaders better and by how you put God first in all you do.