My Favorite WordPress Plugins: Updated

Since posting my screencast on How to Install WordPress in 20 Minutes or Less, numerous people have written to ask, “What WordPress plugins should I install?”

A Plug Being Inserted into a Glowing Socket - Photo courtesy of ©, Image #10093536

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That depends on what you are trying to accomplish. However, I thought I would post my current list in order to stimulate your thinking plus getting a few ideas from you.

One of my favorite things about WordPress as a blogging platform is the ability to extend its features through plugins. Unfortunately, the more plugins you use, the more it slows down your blog. As a result, features have to be balanced with speed.

Admittedly, I use more plugins than I probably should. Nevertheless, I am currently using the following and am happy with the performance:

Plugin Description
Add Post Footer Adds the “Disclosure of Material Connection” content to the end of my posts, as I recommend in Appendix A of Platform. However, you can use it to add any static content to the end of your posts.
Akismet Checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not and then flags them accordingly. It is amazingly accurate. Unfortunately (but understandably) they now charge for it. It is worth it.
All in One SEO Pack Optimizes your WordPress blog for search engines (Search Engine Optimization). It allows you to customize the meta data for each post.
Attention Grabber Adds a simple drop-down banner at the very top of my site. Right now, I am using this to advertise my Writing a Winning Book Proposal e-books.
Better Adjacent Post Links Adds two enhanced commands to replace WordPress’ “Previous post” and “next post” functions.
Blubrry PowerPress Embeds my podcast into specific blog posts (show notes). You can pick from a variety of player styles and display the one you want in your post.
Disqus Comment System Replaces the native WordPress commenting system. It has a number of features that I like better. It is arguably the most popular commenting plugin available.
Drop Caps Adds drop caps to your posts and pages. It comes with some cool CSS styling and lots of options.
GigPress Provides a database for entering, managing, and displaying speaking engagements. I no longer use it. I had a custom module written. However, it is a great option for speakers and artists.
Google XML Sitemaps Generates a special XML sitemap which will help search engines to better index your blog.
MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Manages, tracks, cloaks and shortens an unlimited number of affiliate links from one central location.
Nivo Slider Displays featured content in a slider display box. I don’t use it for that. I only use it to display quotes on my Speaking page.
nRelate Related Content Continuously analyzes your blog content and displays other related posts from your blog at the bottom of each post. This is designed to keep people on your site by providing other related content.
Public Post Preview Provides a way for you to give a link to others for public preview of a post before it is actually published. I use this for guest posters.
Redirection Manages all your “301 redirects,” so that readers don’t get a “page not found error” (404 error).
RSS Footer This plugin makes it easy to add a line of content or even ads to the end of all the articles in your feeds.
Scribe SEO Quickly checks your content against SEO best practices utilizing the Scribe Content Optimizer. A “must have” if you are serious about increasing your blog’s traffic.
SexyBookmarks Provides an attractive, easily-configurable social bookmarking menu to your posts and pages. You can add virtually any social service, including Twitter, Facebook, Email a Friend, StumbleUpon, et.c
Smart Ads Automatically adds advertisements before and after your post’s single page content—or even in the middle of a post.
VaultPress Backs up everything on your WordPress blog, several times a day. It was created by Automattic, the people who created WordPress.
W3 Total Cache Improves the user experience of your blog by improving your server performance, caching every aspect of your site, reducing the download time of your theme, images, etc. Stats Provides simple, concise stats with no additional load on your server by plugging into’s stat system.
WP Categories and Posts Adds in a template tag you can use to display categories and sub-categories and the posts underneath those categories. I use it for my Archives page.
WP Greet Box Displays a different greeting message to your visitors depending on which site they are coming from. Very cool.

I also use BuySellAds to manage my advertising. It is super easy to use, but it is not technically a plugin.

Also, you can find an almost-complete directory of WordPress plugins here.

Question: What plugins are you using that other bloggers should consider? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • Joanna

    I tend not to use many pluggins. The only one I have at the moment is Intense Debate. It has its flaws but is a dramatic improvement on bloggers inbuilt commenting system.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I used to use that one, too. It is very nice, but it slowed down my site considerably. But if you don’t have any other plugins installed, it’s probably fine.

      • Syed Balkhi

        I have almost 50 plugins running on WPBeginner. Homepage load time is 468ms – 1.7s. 

        It depends on the quality of your plugins. If your plugins are mainly doing things in the backend, then it shouldn’t affect the front-end too much (unless they are resource hogs).

        • Brandon Gilliland

           True. I like to know that my site is running at the optimal speed though.

        • Fikazen

          50 plugins running seems too many for me. I used to put only 15 plugins only, I’m afraid my page will run so slow. Sometimes i should remove another plugin when i added new plugin.

      • Deon Fialkov

        Is there a application or plugin that shows how many resources or memory is being utilised by the overall use of plugins on your site?

        • Michael Hyatt

          Probably, but I don’t know of one.

        • Ron Sparks

          You can use to get feed back on how your site loads. The nice thing about it is that it integrates rating from yslow (yahoo) and others.

          A lot of the feedback makes more sense to developers but its good because you can get a score, itemized list of improvement and load time – meaning you improve it!

          Also its free :)

          • Eric

            You can use to compare your website’s speed against competition. Using this tool, I can understand how my competition is doing their site optimizations.

        • James Drake

          I know I’m late to this conversation, but to anyone else who may have this question, P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) by GoDaddy will accomplish this.

    • Brandon Gilliland

       Disqus is so much better!

  • John Richardson

    Thanks for listing your plugins, Mike. I have wondered how you have added certain features. One plugin that I added recently was WP-Malwatch which tells me if any of my WordPress files have been modified by malware or hacks. It’s a little added peace of mind. I have been using Scribe for a couple of months, and I agree with you that it really helps you develop good blogging SEO habits. One plugin that bugs me is your new Active Share drop-down. It feels like you are constricted when trying to comment. I’ve noticed this especially on notebooks and other monitors with limited vertical space.
    I’ll definitely have to try the add post footer and the WP greet box. Thanks for sharing!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I had WP-Malwatch installed for about three months. However, it never flagged anything, so I deactivated it. (That may be like canceling your insurance because you have’t had to use it yet!)

      I am in dialog with the Active Share developer. I told him that I would like to be able to move the tag that triggers the drop-down banner. That way it wouldn’t pop-up over the comment box. He is mulling that over.

      I have noticed that I have had quite a few more shares since using that plugin.


      • John Richardson

        It’s such a strange dichotomy that in-your-face items that bug us tend to work the best. I’ve noticed that with ad placement, landing pages etc. It’s always an internal struggle to put up things that I personally don’t like, but that work well.

      • Lisa – Defined Design

        I like it – It looks cool. I have a 17″ monitor so I don’t have problems with it blocking my view of anything.

    • Brandon Gilliland

       Is that plugin necessary? How frequently does that stuff happen?

  • Geek for Him

    Wow that is a lot, I surprised your site loads as fast as it does. There is a lot of bloated stuff going on with some of those plugins

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yep, you’re right.

      • Geek for Him

        Love that you can use them all. I just wrote a piece about using code to take care of plugin functionality if at all possible.
        Just signed up for scribe after this post AND analyzed my first post!!

    • Brandon Gilliland

      It has to be the hosting as well…there is no way that basic hosting could handle a site like this?

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  • Aaron Conrad

    This is great information Michael. I think the big one that most people are looking for and asking about is the tabbed box in your sidebar (Popular, Latest). It looks great and cuts down on the real estate needed on the sidebar. Its funny because I was searching for something like that on google and found more than one place where someone pointed to your blog and said they were looking for the same thing. In one forum it said that it was a custom plugin from Woo Themes. I assume the guys behind Standard custom built this one for you.

    Either way, it looks great and the blog looks great on Standard Theme. Thanks for the list and tips.

    • Michael Hyatt

      You guessed correctly. It was a part of WooThemes. The guys from Standard Theme replicated it for this theme. We are thinking about “releasing it into the wild.” Thanks for your comments.

      • Benjamin Lichtenwalner

        Please do release it into the wild. I am sure it would be very popular.

        • Michael Hyatt

          There are some tweaks I want done first. Also, right now it’s not in a plugin format, so we will have to convert it. (And by “we” I mean “they.”)

      • Lisa – Defined Design

        Yes! Yes! Yes, please do!!!!!

      • Scott Ross

        Count this as another vote to make this functionality available as a plugin.  It was the feature of your website I was most wanting to know how to replicate.  

      • Brandon Gilliland

         I use woothemes for my site. I have the “Mainstream” theme by them. I am happy with it, although it is not as good as the Standard Theme.

        I would be thrilled if you released it!

    • Ryan Lang

      Check out tabbed widgets or tabber widgets for similar functionality. Does require some customization work to make it look like you want.

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  • Michael

    You have no idea how happy I am about the archives plug in. I’ve been frustrated because I’ve done it manually because I like how your’s was laid out. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Tom Jamieson

    Michael, great list! As a newbie to the self-hosted scene, these recommendations are invaluable. Thanks for sharing!

  • Tony Alicea

    I used to use WP Super Cache but I had some problems with it, then even more when I tried to uninstall it. I’m thinking of going with W3 Total Cache.

    I’m always looking for new plugins so I appreciate you sharing your favorites.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I have heard great things about W3 Total Cache.

      • Brandon Gilliland

         I have it, and it works amazingly!

    • Brandon Gilliland

       I use w3 Total Cache, and it works great!

  • Laurinda

    Wow, thank you! I’m going to be tweaking my blog this weekend. I’ll try some of the above.

    I was going to try WordPress Mobile Edition which which shows a mobile interface when people connect to your blog using a mobile device. I’ve seen a couple of other blog use this and I liked how their blogs read on the iPhone.

    I use Askimet, Intense Debate, All in One SEO, Contact Form, TweetMeme. I have to say the Plug-In Manager doesn’t work any more with the newer versions of Firefox Internet Explorer so I’m going to dump it.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I probably need to install the WP Mobile Edition plugin or something similar. So many plugins, so little time. :-)

      • Brandon Gilliland

         What are your thoughts on mobile themes?

        • Michael Hyatt

          I think they are great. More and more people are accessing blogs via mobile. Unfortunately, none of the out-of-the-box mobile themes will work with my site because of my use of custom post types. We are building our own.

          • Brandon Gilliland

            Awesome! I am looking into the WordPress plugin that switches my site to a mobile theme when users are accessing it via mobile phones.

          • Brandon Gilliland

            Awesome! I am looking into the WordPress plugin that switches my site to a mobile theme when users are accessing it via mobile phones.

          • Robert Huber

            I highly recommend checking out WP Touch as an automated mobile solution –

            I have used it on several sites now.  Works great and fully supports custom post types.

  • Benjamin Lichtenwalner

    I wondered what you used for some of these capabilities – thank you for sharing. As I do not (yet) leverage a premium theme, there are many more I use, but here are a couple of my favorites:

    Quizzin – Lets you build dynamic quizes on your blog. I use this for a servant leadership assessment quiz.

    Quotes Collection – To maintain a list of quotes on your site. This ones pretty popular and seems to be the best out there for this purpose. To see the example on my site, here a list of Quotes for Servant Leaders.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Love the Quotes Collection. Very cool. I’ll have to check that out.

    • Brandon

      I just might have to add the quote one to mine! That sounds really cool…

  • JC

    Thanks Mr. Hyatt!!!

    I wonder what John Saddington would have to say about all those plugins on your site, hahahaha.

    Thanks for what you do.

    • Michael Hyatt

      He wouldn’t approve, but it keeps him busy because I keep breaking things. He’s a little like a doctor fighting a disease. He would like to eliminate the disease, but in the meantime he makes money from it. ;-)

  • FGHart

    Since you’ve opened the door on this topic here,I will mention that Gravatar is sending me in circles. From my own WordPress page I appear to have a gravatar but from yours I do not. Periodically I try to trouble shoot this problem. This morning’s progress: I went back to the gravatar website and re-associated my image with my profile (although it showed my image already there). Then I considered changing my image and on the image tab…there are no images. I’ll look for an image to upload when I have more time. Until then, I shall (apparently) remain imageless on comments here.

    • Michael Hyatt

      It is sometimes really difficult to get all this stuff working together. Frustrating, I know.

      • FGHart

        It’s certainly time consuming to try to work through these challenges.

        • FGHart

          But it does appear that I’ve finally overcome this particular challenge. WOOT!

          • Michael Hyatt

            Good job!

  • Jeff Ferguson

    Thanks for this list! I wondered what you used to tweet your posts. I currently use “twitter tools” which automatically tweets my posts. Is there something better I could use? By the way, The Standard Theme is amazing. I converted in May and I am loving it!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I actually do it manually. I usually want to post something more than just the post title and a link. I want to write something that (hopefully) creates curiosity, so that people will click on the link. Thanks.

  • Charles Stewart Flemming

    How timely could this possibly be! I just transferred my blog from to my own domain, and really (really) needed this.

    What a blessing you are!

  • Mona

    Can you make it so you can click on the Active Share banner so it goes away? Like a “close” button or something? I don’t know if that’s an option. I like to read your posts but find this banner a little annoying.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Unfortunately, no. I would love this option as well.

  • ThatGuyKC

    Thanks for sharing. I’m not a professional blogger like you, but once I’m at the stage to make the jump from the free platform will use this as a reference for some key plug-ins.

  • Kenny Silva

    Thank you very much for the post, Michael. I’ve been looking for something like GigPress for a while. Considering how fast your site loads, I was also amazed to see that large a list.

    As I always, I love what you do. Thank you for continuing to add so much value to this community.

    • Michael Hyatt

      GigPress is awesome. It was created for musicians, so you have to get past that. It works great for me. Thanks.

  • Brett

    A point of clarification for those of us who are less tech savvy…If you have a blog on then much, if not all, of this is irrelevant. WordPress Plugins are only available for those who use as I understand it.

    I mention this to save others the time I wasted trying to figure out how to install some of these plugins and scratching my head in confusion as to why I couldn’t find the plugins option on my dashboard. :-)

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, that is correct. Thanks.

  • Ryan Lang

    Some others I like:

    comment form 7
    cookies for comments – spam filtering
    wordpress mobile edition – a must for the current amount of mobile traffic
    wp-typography – make your text look better

    • Kyle Reed

      i love wp mobile addition. Good stuff

    • Brandon

      That last one you mentioned might have to go on mine… I am always having problems with my formats!

  • Chris Loach

    Wow that’s a lot of cool plugins that I need to check out…when I am not at work of course! Thanks for the detailed list Michael!

  • Keith

    I was reading on another blog about this new cool plugin. Lets the comments fall right where the content is.

    Hope it is proper etiquette to leave a link to another blogger.

  • Darren

    If you’re looking for a plugin to help you manage a series of posts try out Organize Series. I created it to fill my own need for an easy way to manage serials.

    • Michael Hyatt

      That looks interesting—not that I need one more plugin!

      • Darren

        If you decide to give it a try and need any help with it let me know.

  • Ryan Biddulph

    That’s quite a list Michael! Your performance is fine so it’s definitely not affecting your blog in a negative way.

    I use a few but tend to be light on plug-ins. When I see something that improves my blog’s function I will consider it.

    Thanks for sharing :)


  • Randy Elrod


    Thanks so much for these invaluable resources. WP Super Cache immediately corrected a loading problem for my blog. I have already installed a few others as well.



  • Travis

    This post really helped me. Thanks!

  • Kyle Reed

    2 that are on your list that I am a big fan of an recommend to a lot of people I do work for is gigpress and rss footer. Very simple plugins that ad a ton to the overall blog.

    I also use the editorial calendar plugin. Gives me a good feel for what i have scheduled and overall week of post.

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  • Josh Stauffer

    Glad to see that we have the similar taste in plugins. :-)

    Curious, what does Ninja Affiliate offer that Redirection plugin cannot do? I use Redirection to cloak my affiliate links.

    I like your use of Add Post Footer. I need to do this too.

    • Michael Hyatt

      It probably doesn’t do much more, now that I think about it. Hmmm.

  • April Rowen

    THANK YOU for sharing your plugins! It felt like ‘cheating’ to read this. =) Very helpful and informative – thank you. Will use this post as a reference for some time to come.

  • Curtis Marshall

    Wow! I had no idea this many third-party plugins existed… much less, that were used on your site. Honestly, it seems a little overwhelming. For a beginner, what are a few that Michael and the readers of this blog would recommend?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I think the essentials are Askimet, Wp Super Cache, and Stats. Everything else is window dressing. If you can get along with fewer, all the better. Thanks.

  • Brandon

    Man! You know a whole lot more about blogging than me! I’m surprised you use that many pluggins? That explains the amazing site…

    You keep making me want to move my blog to WordPress, but I just can’t seem to leave webs. It is really simple to navigate. I have tried WordPress, but it was pretty confusing. Do you know anything about

  • Dave Quinn

    My favourite is RefTagger from Logos Bible Software. When I post a message with a Bible verse in it, it automatically link it to a small popup that displays the text.

    • Kyle Reed

      that is really cool. Does it have to be from logos or is it any bible verse?

  • Brian Hinkley

    Thanks for the list. I have found most of these already. Now I know which ones I’m missing to finish things up.

    Active Share drops down in front of the text I am reading sometimes when I view your site on my phone. I get around it by scrolling up and down a couple of times until is snaps to a different location. Most of the mobile themes let you switch between views so it probably wouldn’t hurt to try one out.

    I also like the sidebar and still needing to code one for myself.

  • Pat

    Mike, as always I find great things to use when you do this post. I have been testing Simple Pull Quote at to highlight certain protions of the communicator’s post. I really like the Public Post Preview you have shown here as I needed a way for guest posters to see their post before it was public. I am looking forward to trying it out. What I would like to know is what plugin do you use to your Popular/Latest/Comments/Tags box.

    Thanks for sharing

  • Daniel Decker

    Just bookmarked this post. Excellent. Several of these I was not aware of but will be using now as well. :) Thank you!

  • McNair Wilson

    Great plug-ins, Michael. Now I just have to make the jump across the chasm from Typepad to WordPress—heard too many war stories. Feels like switching to a steam-powered-virus-infested-Windows-based PC from my trusty MacBook. (Been on Mac since ’87.)

    • Michael Hyatt

      Jump on in; the water is warm! I converted from TypePad a few years ago and have never looked book. WordPress provides so many more opportunities to customize and extend its features. Go for it!

  • Cyberquill

    I love Front End Editor, which allows the blog author to edit his/her posts directly on the site simply by double-clicking on the paragraph to be edited.

    My other favorite, as discussed previously, is the Comment Editor for $5.00. (I double-checked with the creator, and he primarily uses Firefox on a Mac, so if it doesn’t show, it’s definitely just a small glitch somewhere.)

  • Kristen Simmons

    Pretty impressive list. There are actually a few I’ve never seen / tested before. I’ve used / tried about 150 different plugins that I keep in an Excel sheet with my likes / dislikes. I have some ‘blogs’ that have over 70 active. The key is to make sure they aren’t messing with your page’s download time.

  • Kingsly

    Wow! That’s a lot. I would like to try some in my blog.

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  • Kingsly

    Wow!! Thats a lot, I would try some of these in my blog. Thanks for sharing.

  • David Knapp

    I am revamping my wife’s site and just used several of these plugins. I really like the plugin Thank Me Later.

    Thanks Michael for sharing! :-)

  • Duke Dillard

    Dear Michael,
    I love the layout of your blog and have sent friends to it to give them ideas for their own blogs.
    I appreciate this post as I was wondering what you use. I think another post that I would appreciate knowing so as to better understand what is involved in your site is how much money you spend and how much time goes into your site (besides writing time). It sounds like you work on your site but you also have mentioned others who work on it. I am unclear on how much you actually outsource. A post explaining this would be very helpful for those of us who would like to emulate you but are not sure how much is involved outside of the writing aspect.
    And lastly, one critique… I agree with at least one other commenter who mentioned that Active Share is annoying. It makes it impossible for me to read part of the blog after a certain point on my phone.
    thank you,

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for this. It is a good idea.

      You comment may be the straw that broke Active Share’s back. My wife doesn’t like it either. I am seriously considering deactivating it.

      • Dave Gullett

        I’m brand new to self-hosted blogs, but I am jumping in with both feet.

        I really appreciate your willingness to share your methods and experiences. Through perusing your sight I decided to go with self hosting, standard theme and many of the plugins you use.

        I still have some tweaking to do and a lot of older posts to clean up, but I am learning alot.

        Like some of your other commenters I can see how the Active Share plugin could be distracting, however it is also a helpful tool. A couple of the complaints had to do with viewing on mobile devices.
        I installed the WPTouch plugin since it is free and had it going in minutes.

        Some of the uniqueness of the site is lost on the mobile version, but you can get to the content quick and clean.
        It would be awesome if the Standard Theme had this kind of thing built in, but unless/until it does a mobile theme
        might be a good idea.

        Thanks again for your time and example.

        • Michael Hyatt

          Dave, I have installed WP Touch in the past and probably need to do so again. Thanks.

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  • Shyju

    Wow, generous to the core… I wonder, if you are not using the intense debate anymore, is their any particular plugin you are using instead for the commenting section? God bless u Michael…

    • Michael Hyatt

      No, I am just using the native WordPress commenting system, with the plugins I mentioned above.


  • Christopher Scott

    This is great info. I use Typepad for my blog, so these don’t really apply to my blog. But I can see the point of using plug ins and balancing them with the speed you want your blog to have.

    If your blog doesn’t load fast, people will quickly hit the “back” button and go somewhere else.

  • Kenneth Boysen

    Hey Michael

    Thanks a bunch for sharing, I ust purchase standard theme and with this post I have it all :=)

    Best Wishes

    Kenneth Boysen

  • Scott Smith

    Great stuff Micheal – thanks!
    I use StandardTheme too. One thing that jumps out in your list is the All in One SEO. I’ve used it before, and it’s a great plugin. But, isn’t this already covered in StdTheme? Seems to me that John said SEO was a big part of developing the theme, so SEO plugins would not add anything.

    Also – any thoughts on Disqus? I use it and like it, but I’m curious about other opinions.

    • Scott Smith

      Funny – I saw you switched to Disqus a few days ago, but before I had a chance to comment it looks like you’re back to native WP. Any reason for that? Thoughts? Insight?


      • Michael Hyatt

        We are still working some of the kinks out. I am not 100% sure I will switch. I am really just experimenting in the never-ending quest to make my blog better. Thanks.

        • Scott Smith

          Gotcha. Well, I look forward to your evaluation when you’re done putting it through its paces!

  • Bryce Raley

    Love the list. I gleaned a couple new ones that I didn’t know about.

    No WordPress plugin list is complete without a couple premium ones.

    May I suggest:

    Backupbuddy from my friends at ithemes. It does many things that Vaultpress won’t do. Important things, especially for a high traffic site like this one.

    Also, gravity forms are amazing. I wouldn’t launch a site without them. And we launch a lot of WordPress sites.


    I’m an affiliate for both. I’m not sharing a link here— just saying.

    • Michael Hyatt

      May I ask what BackupBuddy does that VaultPress doesn’t? ValutPress backs-up every single file, including databases, every hour. I have found it to be the best, most comprehensive solution. It’s not cheap, but I can’t afford to lose anything. Thanks!

      • Bryce Raley

        I saw Cory Miller, the owner of Ithemes, tweet this link out a while back and that’s what triggered the thought when I read this post. Just thinking it might help you but I didn’t want to just post the link in a comment.

        Here is the comparison. Migration is one big key.

        • Michael Hyatt

          Excellent. That is a very useful comparison. Maybe I should take another look! Thanks.

        • Paul Coughlin

          Thanks for that Bryce – very useful comparison.. I recommend BackBuddy to all clients already – but this helps support that in an easy-to-read way..  :-)

  • Alex Humphrey

    This is solid gold!

  • x-tra

    Great post, will definitely check out some of those plugins.

  • Hank Osborne


    I love this list!!! Thanks a bunch.

    How did you get the FB-Share, Twitter, and Comment buttons above the content and even with the title?  Was this with the Menu Placement: Manual Mode on SexyBookMarks or is this a separate plugin that you used since posting this? If Manual can you share some CSS?

    Can you recommend a plugin for Twitter + Feedburner stats box in sidebar?

    Thanks Again!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Unfortunately, the comments buttons are custom code. I designed it, and then had a programmer code it. I can’t recommend a plugin, though covers this, I think. Thanks.

  • Mike Daniel

    couple of things I didn’t see listed that I love on your site:  the peel corner for “Life Plan” (anyone who hasn’t grabbed this should do so immediately!), and the “share this” social media tabs that are both in and following each of your posts (or is that “sociable”?).

    Can you share these tools?

    Regardless – thanks for the wealth of wisdom!

    ridiculously graced…

    • Michael Hyatt

      The Life Plan “slide up” is custom code. The social media tabs are “Sexy Bookmarks.” Hope that helps. Thanks.

  • Matt Powell

    You blog has been such a great resource for me.  I searched through your tags and found this tonight as I was working on the plug-ins of my wordpress blog.  Thanks for constantly providing such great stuff.

  • Josh Hamilton

    I was wondering how you got they buttons on the top of this page that is on this image and the Facebook buttons to look like those. I am new to wordpress and i just got standard theme but there menus look like the top ones you have not the one i the pic hope you can help me thx

  • Josh Hamilton

    How did you get the second navigation menu under your name thanks

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  • Josh Hamilton

    I was wondering how you got the navigation menu on your site its clean and nice.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Just part of the design!

  • Anonymous

    What plugin is used for the ” Popular, Latest, Comments, Tag” sidebar? Is that apart of your theme?

    • Michael Hyatt

      No, that is custom code. Sorry.

      • Dfhdfh

        can i see this?

        • Michael Hyatt

          I wouldn’t know where to find it!

  • Gregory Blake

    Have you added any new plug-ins since you first created this list? I’m especially intrigued by the new short posts (like “snippets”) on your site and was wondering if that was a plug-in,  custom work or just some standard theme magic I’ve overlooked.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, that is all custom work. It has been very involved, and we still aren’t done yet. We have to integrate it into the RSS feed next—but we are close! I’ll try to update this post in the next few weeks.

  • Mike Daniel

    Mike – how do you manage email subscriptions?  Is this a plugin or code you’ve had written?  Love the daily/weekly email updates (shameless plug for those not yet subscribed!)

    • Michael Hyatt

      I use MailChimp. I highly recommend it. It is not cheap, but I think the results are outstanding.

      • Kelly Combs

        One of the thing I noticed about WordPress blogs I follow (not yours) is that the subscription email just sends you the first paragraph of the post, which makes you have to click over to read the rest.  You pay for mailchimp, so your entire post comes, and I prefer that. 

        With google feedburner on blogger I get that same effect for free. I think less people will read if they have to “click over.”  I love the disqus commenting system as well.

        • Michael Hyatt

          This is actually set in the WordPress blog itself under Settings | Reading | Full Text or Summary. If you want the full text to go out in your RSS feed and your e-mail, select Full Text. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    An updated version of this list today would be great! Think that could happen? Enjoy your blog and your advice!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Eventually. ;-)

      • Brandon Kraft

        I tried all different ways to get Add Post Footer to work with my StandardTheme install. No dice–I’m about to dig it and just custom code it, but are you still using it? Has it given you any issue?

        • Michael Hyatt

          Hmm. Yes, I am using it now. I use it for the WestBow Press add. I haven’t had any trouble with it.

  • Katie Alllred

    I have a question: How did you get a text widget into the Standard Theme’s top ad section of widgets? And what code did you use to incorporate gigpress? I bet others are wondering the same.

    EDIT: Also how are you using an image with a caption in your sidebar? Is that nextGen as well?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Alas, I had it custom coded. Sorry.

    • Brandon Kraft

      The image with caption in the sidebar on–I’m assuming you mean the personal picture with his headshot(s) that begins with text “I help people live…”?

      If so and you’re a support license holder for StandardTheme, it is in the tutorials at

      • Michael Hyatt

        Yes, that is correct. Thanks.

  • Aaron Nebrija

    I am just getting into all of this and this post and others like it have been insanely helpful.  Thanks so much!

  • noman12

    The good news is that most of these factors are under your control and can be prevented. Take note of these various ways to avoid being either penalized or banned by Google:

  • noman12

    The good news is that most of these factors are under your control and can be prevented. Take note of these various ways to avoid being either penalized or banned by Google:

  • noman12

     Even if you fix the problem, you will have to submit a “reconsideration request” form to Google and wait the necessary period of time to see if Google will consider adding you back to the search results. The delay could take weeks or months.

  • noman12

     Since your website hosting company can provide services to you from anywhere on the planet, you are not limited geographically when it comes time to choose a company.

  • Brandon Kraft

    Michael – Can you comment on what led you to moving from the corner peel in the top-right to the “hello bar” style (“Want to know how to get published? slider)? A technical decision or better user response?

    Thanks for your site and sharing your tips.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Honestly, I just got tired of the corner peel, so I decided to test something else. The hello bar is converting better. Thanks.

  • Rachel DuBois

    Thanks for the plugin suggestions — really helpful. I’d like to do the same thing you’re doing for my blog signup at the bottom of every post. How did you create the one you’re using? Thanks!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Unfortunately, it was custom code. Sorry. However, you might try Catfish Ad Plugin. I haven’t tried it, but it looks like it does something similar.

  • Mark Ramsey

    Michael, what’s the plugin for the “Creating a Personal Life Plan” bottom toolbar with the email signup?  It’s terrific!

    PS Just finished your book – also terrific!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Mark. Actually, it’s a custom plugin I had written. However, you can find some similar ones in the WordPress plugin directory. Look for “catfish ad plugin.”

  • TNeal

    The list of plugins is in alphabetical order. As a blogger, I’m interested to know where you would start now that you know what you know.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I really can’t be more specific than I have. I would start where I am now, but it all depends on your objectives, your theme, and the features you want and need.

      • TNeal

         Yes, I knew the question was too general when asked but it took a morning bike ride to sort out the information and figure out where my specific needs were.

    • Jason Stambaugh

      If you stick with the list above, I’d roll with All-In-One SEO, Google XML Sitemaps, and Disqus Commenting. Those three will go a long way to helping you get started.

      • Michele Cushatt

         Great suggestions, Jason.

      • TNeal

         Thanks, Jason. That gives me a general guideline and reviewing the material will provide specifics.

  • Sheryl Buckner

    Thank you for providing this information. I know I will refer to it many times as I start blogging and building that part of my business.

  • John Richardson

    I did a little experimenting a few weeks back to see what type of a performance hit that different plug-ins have on WordPress. I found I could speed up my site considerably by uninstalling unneeded ones. Using Google Speed test for Chrome or will give you speed ratings so you can compare the difference.

    I recently found two plug-ins that are really helpful. The first is WordPress SEO by Yoost. This plug-in is optimized and will help you set up each blog post for the search engines. All you have to do is craft your post to get all green lights in the interface. If they aren’t green, it will tell you what you need to do to change it. It also includes a XML sitemap. Almost no speed penalty when installed. Highly recommended.

    The other is Jetpack, ( includes numerous features in one plug-in. I really like the stats part of this plug-in and the contacts form. This plug-in will slow your site somewhat, but the helpful features offset this. If you use a good Cache plug-in the speed hit will not be noticeable. 

    • Michael Hyatt

      Another one I like to use for testing is It’s fund to compare your site load to others.

  • Dallon Christensen

    I’m signing up for the free trial of ScribeSEO today. My blog traffic has come in fits and starts, which is somewhat disappointing since I blog in some manner every weekday. I need to hit the right keywords in my writing, show notes, and introductions to my videos.

    I use the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin for my related content. Michael, did you try other plugins before using nRelate Related Content? I had a friend recommend Yet Another, but I’m always open to new ideas for related content. Thanks!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I did, but it’s been a while. There may be better plugins now; I don’t know.

  • Jason Stambaugh

    The new WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast is awesome. It replaces All-in-One, Google XML Sitemaps, and to an extent Scribe SEO. I’m in the process of adding it to all of my sites. The best part is that All-in-One SEO data imports in!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I probably need to give this a look myself.

      • Leokoo

        Hey Michael! Please let me know what you think after trying it out. Am on Scribe SEO as well, but is it really worth the USD 97 (am on USD 37/mo as part of the promo plan)

        Not sure if I should continue with Scribe or will Linkdex pull out their SEO optimization one day? =)

    • Barry Hill

       Thanks, Jason! I will check that out, too!

    • Jim Martin

      Thanks Jason, I just installed this.

  • Nica Mandigma

    Great collection! Im already using some of these plugins but I’m glad that I discovered some really cool plugins like GigPress. This one I can use for my clients who have speaking engagements.

  • Sereta Collington

    Wow Thanks! you are always providing great ways to improve my site. I am currently revamping and blog and wanted to use some new plugins.


  • Jessica Sideways

    Right now, I am not using much in the way of plugins. I used to use a bit more years ago, though.

    Also, I would disagree with using Disqus because it does hinder the ability to accept trackbacks.

  • Lorna Faith

    Thanks so much…this is a big help:) Still tweeking my blog, but I’ll bookmark this page as I know I want to add some plugins like W3 Total Cache and Stats :-)

  • Mindy @ New Equus

    Akismet is a definite MUST! I’m in the process of setting up my self hosted site and it is the first plug-in I installed.  I’ve also installed Jetpack.  For those of us migrating over from hosted sites it allows you to use some of the same features as the WordPress hosted on your self hosted.

  • Dana Pittman

    Your giving spirit is a blessing. I’ll gladly share this post because posts like this save me time. Thanks!

  • Terry Hadaway

    Series Engine is a great tool for video/audio content. 

  • Davidbmc

    I deeply appreciate these posts but am starting to feel like I need a full time programming job to blog.

    • Jason Stambaugh

      It is a systematic process. Start with getting your blog up and running (sans plugins) and writing great content. Add features and functionality over time.

  • Brandon Gilliland

    I use many of those. For the ads, I am not finding much success with BeaconAds. Do you think it is better to do it yourself through paypal? Or another program?

    For plugins, I use an instagram plugin that allows me to display my instagram photos anywhere on my site. I can publish them in a post, page, etc. It is pretty cool!

    Mailchimp plugin is also a lifesaver for me…it is awesome!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I don’t think the underlying system makes much difference in terms of people buying your ads. At least with Beacon, you are theoretically more visible to advertisers.

    • Ted Werth

       Brandon, what is the name of that instagram plugin.  I’m sensing that instagram may really be starting to take off in the same way that twitter did some time ago.

      • Brandon Gilliland

        I believe it is called instapress. It is taking off! I’m starting to market that as well! I like to only follow people I actually know in person, but I am also making an attempt to connect with others on there just like my twitter.
        Do you have instagram?

  • Gary Thomas

    Thanks for the incredible list.  I know there’s a few on here I want to try.  However, I’ve downloaded Add Post Footer and I just can’t figure out how to use it.  I’m pretty tech savvy, but this one has me stumped.  And the plug-in site is no longer available so there’s no help there.  Any hints?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Sorry, Gary, it’s been a long time since I installed it. I’m afraid I can’t be of much help.

  • Studioconway

    You can in fact get Akismet for a personal site for free or for any price you think it is worth. They have a slider that allows you to pay what you offer to pay including nothing at all.

  • Michael Joshua

    I love the  One Click Close Comments Plug-in  – I can shut down comments on a page or post that I want to with the click of a button. It’s great for static pages that you don’t want comments appended. I also use a dofollow plugin to give juice back to commenters. Of course, if you open your blog as a dofollow blog, AKISMET is a necessity.

    • Michael Hyatt

      This is true for Disqus as well.

  • Jason Stambaugh

    One last plugin recommendation: Gravity Forms. It’s a premium plugin, but daggone is it a good one. Create forms that link up with services like Stripe, Paypal, Mailchimp, Awebber, etc. 

  • Philip Rothschild

    Once again, and a most valuable gift to us. You just saved me $5 per month for the HELLO BAR I have been using for a only 100 clicks per month. Thanks for Attention Grabber for $12 one time buy. Mike, if you read this, how did you go about setting up at url shortener for when others tweet or fb your pages. Hmmm. You probably wrote about it somewhere. I’ll look.  

    • Michael Hyatt

      Actually, I didn’t do the work, Philip. My web developer did it. However, it is all done with, using a custom domain. I don’t think it was that hard.

  • Gary Thomas

    Liking the Sexy Bookmarks plug-in.  Quick question: You have a “comment” counter next to the FB and Tweet counters.  Is that a custom change that your web designer did?  I don’t see that option in the plug-in settings.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yea, that’s custom, unfortunately.

  • Bryan Entzminger

    One that I just started using is WO Super Cache. I Sid to use W3 Total Cache but still had issues with load time. Super Cache seems to do much better for me.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I used to use Super Cache but switched to W3 Total Cache. I think it all depends on your site.

  • Dr. Soram

    Great Links Thank you Michael!
    Some of the plugins home pages say they are old versions and NOT to install with the current WordPress version. Do they still work in the new version?

    • Michael Hyatt

      All I know is that I am using them all with the latest version of WordPress. If you can give me a specific link, I’ll check it out. Perhaps I have an out-of-date link.

  • Deon Fialkov

    What is your take on WP Super Edit ?  The ability to include tables , etc…

    What are you currently utilising that allows one not to know coding, but allows the alignment of text and pictures easily?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I am not familiar with WP Super Edit. I am not sure what you mean by the alignment of text and pictures. This is just the theme design for me. Thanks.

  • Thad Puckett

    This is another of those posts begging for a “Hyatt Approved” badge!

    Seriously, I have found Akismet to be well worth the money.  It is an exceptional value.  I think I recall you saying in Platform that it is all you use to guard against spam, and since I read that I have realized it just works.

  • Dr. Soram

    Thanks Michael!
    Glad to know they work on the new version of WP
    The message I get at the top of the link is 

    This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress. 

    The plugins that give me that message are 


    • Michael Hyatt

      I think this is just a general disclaimer. I am using all three.

  • prophetsandpopstars

    Hi Michael. Thanks for the plug ins digest. What plug in do you use to get the social buttons in your post title?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Unfortunately, that’s not a plugin. It’s custom code we created as part of the theme.

      • prophetsandpopstars

        Thanks for your response! One more question if you have time, did you license the Switchfoot song for your podcast? How does that work? 

        • Michael Hyatt

          Yes, you have to license the song from the publisher and the performance from the record label.

  • Paul Jolicoeur

    Thank you for your suggestions, they have helped get me off the ground!

  • willratliff

    Hi Michael – thanks for sharing.  I’m a relatively new blogger on WordPress, and I’m using jetpack which has multiple features.  Have you used this one?  Any thoughts on it?  Thanks!

  • blaneyoung

    I saw that you mentioned to another commenter that you wrote out a description for your tweets that contain a link to a post. How do you manage that since I am assuming most of your posts are scheduled? 

    Is there a plugin that publishes a custom tweet with a shortlink after the post gets published that you use? 

  • Randie

    Hi, Michael. What shopping cart plugin do you use?

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  • Robert Rodriguez Jr

    Great info – thanks so much for sharing!

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  • Jaspreet

    “Dallas, Fort Worth, Construction Company, foundation repair, home remodeling, roofing”
     I think the park will be great.  “Better than what it was,”

  • Jaspreet

    I think the park will be great.  “Better than what it was,”
    “Dallas, Fort Worth, Construction Company, foundation repair, home remodeling, roofing”

  • Michael Hyatt

    Yes, it’s a plugin we thru together. We’re till playing with it. Thanks.

  • hughballou


    This is a very helpful list of plugins for WordPress. Thanks for introducing them to us. I have nrelate to post related posts, however, I don’t understand how to use the custom fields function to include images with this plugin. Is there an additional plugin for this function?

    Hugh Ballou
    The Transformational Leadership Strategist

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m not sure, Hugh. It’s been a long time since I set it up. You might check with the developer. As I recall, he was very responsive.

  • gioismeyo

    Does All-in-One SEO have a native XML Sitemap like Yoast? If so, do you use both the native XML Sitemap and the google XML Sitemap?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m not sure. I’m not THAT technical. Perhaps someone else can chime in.

  • blackdogdev

    There are some good plugins here but I’m a surprised there is nothing security related. When comparing WordPress with other CMS’s like DNN, Drupal and Joomla it has a much larger marketshare and is therefore the target of many attacks – especially for small business owners that are short of time and in-house developer resources.

  • Jaspreet

    “Dallas, Fort Worth, Construction Company, foundation repair, home remodeling, roofing”
     I think the park will be great.  “Better than what it was,”

  • GetOnlineQuotes

    Thanks for sharing your list.  Does having that many plugins active affect the load times of your pages?  Is W3 Total Cache enough?

    • Michael Hyatt

      It definitely affects it some. But my pages load faster than all of the business blogs we have tested it again except one.

  • Margaret

    Mike:  Have you thought about using a ‘print pdf’ plugin for your posts??  Would make it easier to print

    • Michael Hyatt

      You’ll find one at the bottom of each post. It’s one of the icons under “Share and Enjoy!” Thanks.

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  • Mike Mobley

    What plugin do you use for your podcast posts?  Where it shows Click to Listen with links to subscribe in iTunes, etc.?  Thank you!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I use Blubrry PowerPress. We hacked the code to add the subscribe in iTunes link. Thanks.

  • Michael Hyatt

    I prefer WordPress because of the massive support and third-party developer community. No contest.

  • Todd Liles

    I keep going to this pool.  I just added 3 more plug-ins.

  • wordpress chat

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful plugins which are really beneficial for me to use it in my website. I like disqus comment system very much because it provides security from spamming comment.

  • wordpress chat

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful plugins which are really beneficial for me to use it in my website. I like disqus comment system very much because it provides security from spamming comment.

  • Devani Anjali

     Great list! I use many of these — like Akismet, all in one SEO pack, Disqus, etc..— but I haven’t heard of a lot of the others.  Great resources, appreciate you taking the time to inform us.   

    There is one I like called “Share and Follow” It easily allows people to share your blog content and follow you on the various social networks.  


  • Chris G. Paulk

    Hi Michael, I just finished Platform…very helpful & encouraging! I have a question about Add Post Footer: Is it still active? I can’t seem to find their site or instructions for the Plugin.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Unfortunately, it looks like that plugin is no longer supported. Worse, the old site is being directed to a porn directory. We will take a look at adding the functionality to my new GetNoticed theme. Thanks.

  • Jim

    Very helpful post Michael.   Any suggestions for a WordPress e-commece plug-in?  I’m looking build basic registration and shopping card functionality into the Standard Theme (or is this a bad idea).   Trying to get up to speed on this stuff….  Thank you.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I am using BigCommerce.

  • David A Specht

    Hi Michael. What plugin do you use to post your event? I like how it has information like date/time venue and shows up on your front page like a normal post.

    Thanks for everything you do.

  • David A Specht

    And nevermind again. I should learn to read more in-depth instead of scanning BEFORE I post a comment. :)

  • nbadillo1

    Great Site Thank you!

  • nbadillo1


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  • Dan Erickson

    Just found this post, Michael.  Very helpful.  Thank you.

  • Baylor able

     Therefore, I encourage your readers to check out some great resources on WordPress plug-ins, addressing all the concerns raised in the post above.
    The Drop-Ins and the Must-Use Plugins for WordPress:

  • Alam

    These WordPress plug-ins are very interesting, however, I only use 4 of them.

  • Michael Hyatt

    I just clicked on the links in the article for those two plugins and they worked for me. Did you try that?
    The opt-in box is part of my new theme, which we are now beta testing. It should be available commercially in a few months. Thanks.

  • Joe Cotellese

    Great list. I found it because I was looking for a post footer plugin. 

    I tried Disqus and Facebook comments. I went back to my own comment system because I like controlling and owning the content. 

    I’m really intrigued by the WordPress Comments that are included as part of Jetpack. You might want to check it out. 

  • Bethany Jett

    What plug-in did you use to create the table that lists your previous speaking engagements? I need to find something so I can follow suit. Your site is fantastic. I’m soaking up everything. Just self hosted my WordPress blog, hooked up with Blue Host, and am fine-tuning now.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Unfortunately, it is not a plugin. It’s actually part of the Get Noticed! Theme that we will be releasing later this year. Thanks.

      • Bethany Jett

        Can’t wait for it!!!!!

  • Allison McCune Davis

    Hi Michael.  Love your site, Platform U and your book!  Im noticing that the nrelate plugin is not putting related content on my rss feed, plus I don’t see it on yours.  Was this your preference?    

    Also, how did you get the FB, tweet and comment buttons at the top of the rss feed post.  Thanks so much for all your wisdom!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I don’t put it on the RSS feed. I am not even sure that is an option.
      The ShareBar is part of my new theme. Unfortunately, it’s not available as a separate plugin. Thanks.

      • Allison

        Yes, putting related content on the RSS feed is not an option with nrelate.  I actually used to have it and now Im not sure which plugin it was.  Got rid of it before I realized the RSS issue.  Might have been Related Posts for Word Press.  

        Just wondering if you felt it was important.  

        I know one of those plugins does it :)  I’m going to try the Shareaholic plugin “Recommendations” (which includes Sexy Bookmarks) and see if it will work.  

        It seems to me having that related content on the RSS feed is going to bring people into the site that are only seeing that one post on their feed.  Yes?

  • Chris Barrett

    Could someone point me to an easy “step-by-step” way to get an RSS feed button on my blog? I know that most browsers now have a button next to the title bar but not all do and I want it to be a available to anyone who visits my site. Thanks!

  • Matthew Candler

    Michael, do you use a WP plugin for your “You might also like” recommended posts? If so would you mind sharing? Is it configured by tag, category, or some combo?

    • Michael Hyatt

      It is a plugin called nRelate. It indexes by categories. Thanks.

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  • jasoncrosslive

    Michael, what plugin are you using for your occasional quotes as posts? They look neat and clean and seem to be something other than the typical post format. Any advice is appreciated!

    • Michael Hyatt

      These are actually part of my theme rather than a plug in. Thanks.

  • Ben Krueger

    Hey Michael, I notice your Blubrry Powerpress plugin has the direct “Subscribe via iTunes” link integrated into the media player. I’m curious how you accomplished this and whether you believe it has made a significant impact on the number of subscribers you have for the show? Thanks a ton!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I had my developer custom program this. I am not are what impact it has had on subscribers. I just wanted to make it easy for people to subscribe. Thanks!

  • Bryant Jaquez

    What do I need to do to get my recent Share Wall plugin on this list :)? Check it out, you might like it. (IMHO, this plugin is kind of awesome).

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Bryant. The short answer is that I would have to start using it before I would add it to my list. However, I struggle with the consumer experience. You’re essentially asking people to share what they haven’t read. How can they do that with integrity? Sorry.

  • Shazida Khatun

    I like ADD POST FOOTER : here is the setting methods-
    These are a few steps to add post footer in WordPress post:

    1. Go to plugin menu
    2. Click Add New and
    3. On the search box, type term –> add post footer, then click search plugin
    4. It will show you one plugin called “Add Post Footer”, and click install. Then activate the plugin.
    5. Once activated, go to setting menu, then click ” Post footer”
    6. On these page, you will be able to customize the setting such as below :

    Add Ad before Related Post: Select Yes/No

    Add following Ad. code to the end of post: Select Yes/No

    Add Ad Code Script:

    Add related post list: Select Yes/No

    Add Maximum number of post in the list:

    Add The header text for post list:

  • Lena Starbird

    Thanks for sharing! Just finished Platform…so many fantastic & practical tips! Just curious, do you use a plugin for your social sharing buttons? If so, do you mind…well…sharing? (no pun intended!)

    • Michael Hyatt

      It’s part of my new Get Noticed! Theme for WordPress, but is not available separately. So sorry.

  • Maxine

    What plugin do you use to manage the sign-up/automated free gift?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m afraid it is custom code.

  • Pratiksha Shrestha

    ow ! it is a nice information related website. I already bookmark this website & visit regularly.
    I have also a can also find something new information from my site

  • Pratiksha Shrestha

    ow ! it is a nice information related website. I already bookmark this website & visit regularly.thanks again
    I have also a can also find something new information from my site

  • Elizabeth

    I’m very new to the whole wordpress thing. (just read Platform and enjoyed it very much, thank you). I’ve yet to actually use wordpress, but I have a question about plug-ins… if i download a premium theme which has it’s own design “logic” in terms of colors and shapes, etc. and I want to install a plug-in such as “Popular Posts” or any other plug-in which will be visible on the user-end, will that plug-in match the style of my theme or does it have its own style? if it does have it’s own style, is it easy to change it so that it will match?

    • Michael Hyatt

      It usually will pick up on the styles defined by your theme. But it depends on how it was programmed. You just have to try it and see.

  • Susan Fengler

    I’ve just found out that 3/4 of my mailing list has been dumped by my hosting company as over the 500 emails limit! Any way around this? I have over 2000 on my subscription list! Suggestion for best wp easy to use, free plugin to stop this?
    Thanks for taking the time to answer this, Susanne

    • Michael Hyatt

      I recommend MailChimp. It is free for the first 2,000. After that, you have to pay, which is true for all the legitimate services I know about. Thanks.

  • Wayne Stiles

    Michael, you’ve probably heard that nRelate is hanging it up on 12/31/14.

    Any other ideas of a plug-in to show related content?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I just heard that yesterday, Wayne. Bummer. We are looking at Shareaholic, but probably won’t make a decision for a few weeks as we are swamped with my Best Year Ever launch. Let us know if you find something that you like. Thanks.

      • Wayne Stiles

        I’ve installed Related Posts by Zemanta and it’s looking a lot like nRelate (nRelate recommends them as an alternative). Thanks.

        • Michael Hyatt

          Good to know, Wayne. I forward your comment on to Andrew.