My Take on the MacBook Air After 30 Days

I have been quietly using the new MacBook Air for the last 30 days. I haven’t written about it until now, because, frankly I didn’t know if I would like it. However, after using it for 8–12 hours a day over the last month, I can honestly say it is the best computer I have ever owned.

Someone Holding the MacBook Air

When Steve Jobs announced the new Air computers on October 20, 2010, I was intrigued. While I have always been impressed by this model’s size, I couldn’t imagine it replacing my beloved MacBook Pro. I saw three major obstacles:

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  1. Hard Drive. I have a lot of media files—112GB of music and 60GB of photos. I had already upgraded my MacBook Pro’s hard drive to 500GB. I couldn’t figure out how to cram all of this into the Air’s maximum drive size of 256 GB.
  2. RAM Memory. I also had 8 GB of RAM on my MacBook Pro. I keep a lot of programs open and often use large memory-intensive programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The most RAM you can get on the Air is 4GB, so I figured the Air would slow to a crawl.
  3. Screen Size. I use a 27″ Cinema Display at work, so even my MacBook Pro’s 15″ screen seemed like a compromise. I had become used to it, but I couldn’t imagine going down to the Air’s 13″ screen.

However, two of my power-user friends, John Saddington and Michael Sliwinski, had bought the new MacBook Air and were raving about it. It fact, they were gushing that it was the best computer they had ever owned. So I decided to take a second look.

I purchased the 13″ Air with 256GB flash drive, the 2.13GHz processor, and 4GBs of RAM. I also bought a G-Technology 320GB G-DRIVE slim Portable (i.e., external) USB Drive. It was only $99.95 and matched the fit and finish of the Air.

The first thing I did was relegate all my media—music, photos, and movies—to the G-Drive. When I analyzed my usage, I realized that I didn’t need constant access to these files, especially since I keep my favorite music on my iPhone and only access my photos once a week or so. Everything else fit on the Air’s drive, and I currently have 122GB of drive space free.

Here’s what I love about the Air:

  • It’s incredibly light and thin. It weighs less than 3 pounds and is only .68 inch thick. In fact, for overnight trips, I have stopped carrying a briefcase. I just tuck it in the outside flap of my Eagle Creek Tarmac 22 carry-on bag. Ryan Bingham, George Clooney’s character in Up in the Air, would be proud of me.
  • The battery lasts a long time. Apple says “up to 7 hours.” In my experience it is 6–8 hours, depending on what I am doing. I no longer have to take an airline power cord, except for international flights.
  • It is really fast. This surprised me. The processor is only rated at 2.13GHz. My MacBook Pro is 2.66GHz, yet the Air feels much faster. This is probably due to the flash drive, which makes programs and files load faster.
  • It boots in less than 45 seconds. If the computer is completely off, from the time I press the on switch to the time I get the login screen is 15 seconds. After entering my password, everything is loaded and ready to go in another 30 seconds. The amazing thing is that this includes nine background apps (e.g., Alfred and Typinator) and the six major apps (e.g., Apple Mail and Google Chrome) that I use in my normal workflow.
  • Big programs and multiple programs run fine. I still use Photoshop and Illustrator and can’t tell any difference. Granted, I don’t edit very complex files, but having half the memory on the Air as compared to my MacBook Pro has turned out to be a non-issue. I also still run as many programs concurrently as I used to with no noticeable degradation in performance.
  • The screen size is just fine. I noticed a difference during the first couple of days, but I quickly got used to the new size. In fact, I haven’t thought about it until I started writing this post. When I speak, I almost always use a Keynote slide deck. This works no differently on the Air. I plug the Air into the projector using a Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter. The display is the same as the MacBook Pro, albeit a tad smaller.

The only thing I really miss from the MacBook Pro is the backlit keyboard. This is really nice in low-light situations like an airplane at night. Other than that, the Air has completely replaced my previous computer. (By the way, I don’t use a desktop computer. This is my sole machine.)

If you are in the market for a new laptop, I recommend taking a look at the Air, especially if you have been considering the MacBook Pro. In addition to the benefits I listed above, it is also about 30% cheaper. I can’t imagine going back to a bigger machine.

Question: Have you considered the MacBook Air? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • Adam

    I considered it, but went with a 13″ Mac Book Pro.

    It was my first mac purchase and have been very pleased. I do not know why I ever used a PC :).

    Thanks for sharing. Maybe I will look into a Mac Book Air in the future, but for now I am loving my Pro!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I feel the same way about the Mac and the PC. I would not go back now if you paid me.

      • Anonymous

        At my office you can select A mac or PC

        Inevitably 80-90% of people select Mac and you never hear from them
        10% go back to a PC…Funny thing, about half them want their mac back when the realize what they left…I always tell people, its a minimum two week “mental” conversion.

  • David Santistevan

    I’ve definitely considered the AIR but our staff all just got new MacBook Pro’s, which has been great. My plan is to convince my wife how much I “need” the AIR for the perfect blogging experience. We’ll see how that goes :)

    • Michael Hyatt

      Good luck!

  • Jeremy Statton

    You haven’t been completely quiet about it. You mentioned it in the comments about the kindle and the iPad. Based on that recommendation I bought the MacBook Air as well about 3 weeks ago and I affirm everything you said.

    • Michael Hyatt

      True. I have let it slip out a few times. However, I haven’t blogged about it, because I wanted to let my initial enthusiasm wear off. It hasn’t.

  • Joel

    Yes have thought about it and your article just confirmed my suspicions of it being a great product and one to jump in on. Thanks for a great review Michael.

  • Angela Hays

    Thank you! Our family is tired of everyone having to share my 13″ MacBook and we’re looking to get another computer. We have been seriously considering the Air. Sounds wonderful!!!

  • Daniel Decker

    Sometime this year I plan to pick one up myself. I’m primarily a PC guy (I know, I know) but will eventually make the switch. : )

    • Michael Hyatt

      Daniel, think of this as “brand management.” A PC is incongruent with your personal brand. ;-)

      • Daniel Decker

        Haha. I’ll take that as a compliment. :)

  • Brad Farris

    I can see this becoming my next computer. I upgraded to the MacBook pro just weeks before the new Air went on sale. I would welcome the weight reduction, and those flash hard drives are amazingly fast.

  • Jordan

    Just a question- how do you work around not having access to a CD or DVD drive? Is that ever an issue?

    • Michael Hyatt

      So far, it hasn’t been an issue. You can use any other available DVD on your local network. The OS just recognizes it and it mounts if you have sharing turned on. Very, very simple. If you want a DVD player to have with you all the time, you can buy the external one for (I think) $99.00.

  • Justin Withers

    Hi Michael, I got mine just after Christmas and have been progressively switching things over from my big old Dell since then. Just this morning got the AppleScript for moving messages from Entourage to Evernote, added Skitch to do the job that SnagIT does on Wintel for me and I think I am happy. Might need to buy an external drive like you to house my Mad Men collection but for now this 11″ Air is perfect.

  • Jennifer

    Proprietary hardware and the least secure and stable operating system on the market (Google it, there’s a reason that Apple quit the server market with it’s tail between it’s legs). I’ve heard Michael speak about being an Apple fanboy, so he has a built in excuse for making bad technology decisions and purchases, but shame on rational people who buy an Air or any other Apple hardware. For that matter, shame on anybody who uses the Safari or iTunes software (the two least secure applications on the market, Google it, and their combination is particularly vulnerable) on any platform. Apple products are for people who shop at the mall, don’t know anything about technology, and don’t understand the relationship of technology to other aspects of life. Don’t misunderstand the directionality of the logic. To make it clear, if you buy Apple products then those traits automatically apply to you. You need not try to exempt yourself or defend your bad choices.

    Not only would I not buy a MacBook Air, but I was given two by clients (along with 5 iPads) over the Holiday which I threw into the trash (along with the iPads) because it seemed like a more ethical thing to do then selling them or giving them away (which would have kept more Apple products in the market).

    The only telling thing about this is that the Air seems to have impressed whereas the iPad disappointed. That’s unsurprising and reflects the overall market sentiment. Small form factor clamshell devices and QWERTY + cursor control input seem to be more favorable than medium form factor slates with touchscreen-only input. Touchscreen slates are scheduled to die in a year anyway as the new interface technology comes into the next generation of devices, but it’s unlikely that the laptop will ever die.

    • Austin Lee

      Can we vote her off the island?

      • calymo

        No, keep her around. She’s cute.

        • Vee

          Yeah, I like people like her, too; they confirm a lot about what people were only thinking when they speak out.  :)

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yea, I guess that is why Apple’s market cap has surpassed everyone except Exxon. Your comment reminds me of an old Yogi Berra line, “Nobody goes there anymore; it is too crowded.”

      I have never had a single virus or security issue on my Mac.

      • Karendalycook

        I too am a Mac user from phone, to computer, ipad, wireless router with zero issues in over 5 years. As for the comment left by Jennifer I can only say this. In response the statement, “Apple products are for people who shop at the mall, don’t know anything about technology, and don’t understand the relationship of technology to other aspects of life.” You are correct. Steve Jobs whole goal was to create easy to use products that work as simply as a toaster or a television. It is not for the end user to understand the technology, but for it to be simple to use, accessible and user friendly.
        Thank you for your assessment of the Air – I’ve been considering making the switch and your post was really informative. Thanks!

    • Ted Slater

      So, you’ve literally thrown away two MacBook Airs and five iPads, items that were given to you by clients (presumably given to you for some business purpose)? Um. Hate to turn this into an ad hominem, but I’m having a difficult time believing you.

    • Mark Smith

      Jennifer, I am grateful to Microsoft for giving me a career in IT where I spent my life helping coworkers, friends and family overcome the technical barriers that DOS, Windows and PCs placed in front of them, so they could do what they wanted to do. When I decided that I wanted to do more creative things, I switched to a Mac. The reason is simple: I get more done.

      Pity that you trashed your Airs and iPads. Not very sustainable, are we?

    • Daniel R Rushton

      To address Jennifers comment. I would like to point out the fact that Mac OSX is a build of BSD, a variation of the UNIX operating system. UNIX is known throughout the scientific and computer community as being the most secure operating system on the planet, and is the choice of government agencies such as the FBI and CIA.

      I’ve been a mac owner and user for nearly ten years and I can honestly say I have never been attacked by a virus or had my data compromised. I have used a windows based PC, with XP, and now Windows 7 at work, to run CAD and I have had more viruses than I can count, and I generally have to wipe my entire system at least annually when windows becomes so cripplingly slow.

      I’m very impressed however that you had the self control to throw away thousands of dollars in apple products. I guess donating them to a school would have defeated your purpose? Either way, good for you, we’re all very impressed.

      For those folks who just cant tear themselves from their PC’s, I would offer this advice: Build a better product so you have something to legitimately defend, until then, don’t hate on apple for being better.


    • Rick Smith

      Ha,ha…wow! Someone needs a hug! :)

      I have to be transparent and say I don’t believe you “threw into the trash” over 5,000 dollars worth of products. That statement alone caused me to discredit anything that you said in your comment.

      Just saying. :)

    • Rick Smith

      “Apple products are for people who shop at the mall.”

      ha,ha,ha…She must not know Saddington. Or Erickson. They both hate the mall.

    • Chris Jeub

      I totally agree with you Jennifer. I would buy into the PC world in a second, if I could afford an IT staff to keep them running. For now, I am forced to rely on Mac.

    • Anonymous

      Count me as another full-time computer programmer who “[doesn’t] know anything about technology, and [doesn’t] understand the relationship of technology to other aspects of life”. And loving it! ;)

      • Sablewentzell

        Ha ha! Good point.

    • Davidm1003

      I would have taken it off you rather than bin it…anyway I’ll take them off you as my Sony Laptop has packed up…! :) :)

    • houstononline

      you really need to give up whatever your smokin, I have never read a more illiterate comment regarding a product….  Maybe you should have donated them to a school, if you felt so above using better technology.

    • Colton

      Wow, Jennifer is completely clueless. Sounds like she is “Googling” whatever will support what she personally wants to believe, regardless of facts. I too was a stubbornly opinionated PC user for about 15 years — extremely involved in technology and web development, and then I actually used Macs and the iPhone. Proof is in the product. I’ll never go back to PC. 

      I’ll also never go on a website and lie about throwing away computers and iPads to try and make myself sound cool to strangers. People don’t buy expensive tech items as business gifts when they don’t have at least some idea that they are necessary and wanted. Multiple clients doing it? Riiight. 

    • Joe Duffy

      No, she’s right! It’s a known fact that 100% of mac users just have this song on repeat for the duration of owning it.

    • Sablewentzell

      I really feel bad for you

  • SynapticLight

    personally I’ld never consider it – in fact I have a hard time having to stick with a MBP, I’ld rather have a Mac Pro. I don’t even move my current MBP from where it is.
    The Air, it perfect for people who travel a lot, or who like the really small footprint.
    I’ld get one for my wife if I could, it would would be an upgrade on her 13″ MacBook – although I am afraid my son might thing it a square frizbee – lol

  • Anna Manasova

    I completely agree. I’ve been using the Macbook Air as my primary machine since November and we now actually have the whole Alfred App team on them. It’s suitable even for software development and boots up so fast! It’s a treat working on one of these :)

    • Michael Hyatt

      Both of the power-user friends I mentioned in the post are developers, too. That was what convinced me. Thanks. By the way, I love Alfred!

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  • StephLChurch

    Great review, Michael, thank you. I’m in the market for a personal laptop and have had my eye on the MacBook Pro, but have been stalling on account of the pricetag. “The Air has completely replaced my previous computer. (By the way, I don’t use a desktop computer. This is my sole machine.)” Wow. If I were to pursue it, I think I still might have to hook it up to a monitor/keyboard from time to time, though, because I really adore a large screen.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I do use an external monitor and keyboard at the office.

      • StephLChurch

        Oh, fantastic. Good to know. Thanks!

      • TBolling

        Michael: Just curious what size monitor you use at the office? Enjoyed seeing you / talking with you at Building Champions 2010. best-

        • Michael Hyatt

          I use the 23” Apple Cinema Display. It’s not the current 27” LED Cinema Display; it’s the generation previous to that.

  • Nora

    I’ve been stalking this computer but haven’t pushed the button yet. I will likely do this before the end of this year. It’s great to read your review.

  • Nora

    I’ve been stalking this computer but haven’t pushed the button yet. I will likely do this before the end of this year. It’s great to read your review.

  • Moe

    Great post Michael.

    I am actually looking into buying a Macbook Air. I just sold my Macbook Pro (4 yrs old) and I’m still saving for a new Air. I definitely want to go 13 inches.

    I do notice that the Air becomes expensive as you start upgrading memory.

    I’ll keep an eye out for what the new Pros will look like in a few months to make my decision. So far, my mind is on the air.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Mine, with the upgraded processor and RAM was $1799, not counting AppleCare (which I recommend).

  • James Castellano

    My wife and I have considered replacing our laptop with a MAC, looks like we should check into the Mac Air. One thing for sure is we wont be buying a pc. I have an IMAC and it is awesome.

  • Michael Hyatt

    I do use an external monitor and keyboard at te office.

  • John Bergquist

    Good summary. I will be getting my personal Airbook to use and keep my back breaking (but awesome) macbook pro at the office. You and @tentblogger have convinced me.

  • Malachi

    I’ve been using a Macbook Air since the second generation version and have never looked back. When the new model came out I was surprised to see that they leaped past the solid state hard drive straight to the flash memory. I went back and forth on the 11″ vs. the 13″ and I finally dove into the 11″ and have been really happy with the size and portability of it. I had been using the 13″ screen and even that seemed to be pushing it for me so I was hesitant to do the 11″ screen but have been pleased. I use it as my secondary machine though still relying on my 27″ iMac. I’m a man of two spectrums, loving the size and real estate that a larger screen provides for the office, but craving the mobility that something small and lightweight offers for on the go.

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for the insight. My husband has been seriously considering making the switch to the macbook pro, but once he passed the air at the store he was intrigued. I think his main concerns were the memory and hard drive…how could they be as adiquate, blah blah. But I’m going to forward this post to him so he can see. Thanks for the honest review!

  • Ryan J. Riehl

    I purchased an 11″ Air two weeks ago, and I’m loving it! It’s the first Mac I’ve owned, and it was a great choice. I totally agree about its speed and usability. The size is really what sold me, though.

  • Todd Henry

    I have the 11″ air as my primary “travel” computer, and I have to say that you get lost in the screen and don’t notice the size difference. I too switched from a 15″ MB Pro as my primary travel computer, and I have to say that throwing the MB Air, an iPad and a notebook into a small-ish bag makes a HUGE difference when on the road!

  • Ron Lane

    Very good review of the Macbook Air. Since I got my iPhone and then my iPad, I feel the urge to complete the set with a Macbook but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. (Also because it’s not in the budget).

    I see myself going in that direction soon, because of the easy of use and the lack of problems that I have with them.

    Thanks again for the review.

    PS. I’d be happy to adopt your old MacBook. ;o)

  • Simon

    Thanks for the review. I’m considering buying one myself. I use Aperture for my 10’000 plus photos a lot and I’m not sure if the Mac Book Air would do the job.

  • Phil Rothschild

    Boy Mike, this makes it so appealing. I’m considering it seriously. Phil

  • Russell

    I had upgraded to the i7 MacBook Pro but have completely replaced it with the new MacBook Air. Like you, I have not noticed any appreciable performance difference. If I am watching certain types of encoded video, I notice that the fan runs a little more than the MBP, but that is it.

    I also purchased the external USB SuperDrive and 10/100 LAN adapter… and they have never been removed from their case.

    This is the greatest machine that I have ever owned!

    • davidmanafo

      no noticeable difference from the i7?

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  • Jon Wellman

    I am about to upgrade my work computer to a MBP, only because I do all the video editing for my church and need to be able to burn a DVD. It sounds great.

    I might consider it for the home at some point. We currently have an iMac at that my wife, two kids, and I share.

  • Amy

    I never did until I read this.

  • Haydee

    I got my Macbook Pro 3 wks ago. I was told to get a Macbook Air, & I even tested it at the shop, but I don’t like it because it doesn’t have a cd drive. Yes, I know could get an external cd drive.
    And yes, the Air is light but I’m not gonna bring it around anyway cos I got an iPad, but the weird thing is I still use my iPhone more frequently to surf, tweet, etc..
    Anyway, I also chose the Macbook Pro because of it’s weight! I want something heavy & not fragile that stays in my bedroom. I like its bigger screen for streaming videos, and its specs. I’ve no plan of upgrading it soon. It’s just right for me.
    Glad you’ve learned to like your Air, & I’m glad your post didn’t make me regret my decision on getting the Pro. It depends on one’s need. My friend bought the Air on the same day with me at the same shop, btw, & she loves it.

  • Joshua Hood

    I just purchased a Dell XPS with all the bells and whistles and am loving it. But PLEASE STOP MIKE. You’re about to turn me into an Apple Fanboy. lol :)

    Josh Hood

  • Chris Jeub

    When I read the title of this article, I was afraid you were going to poo-poo the MacBook Air. So glad you’re not, because I am absolutely loving mine! Dittos to you, Michael.

    I opted out of the 1st gen because (1) cost and (2) cpu capability. Apple solved both of these problems with the 2nd generation. I got the 13″ too and am surprised at how easily I adapted. When I’m doing projects and need more screen real estate, I plug in an external monitor, just as I did with my MacBook Pro (which, by the way, has been adopted by my 16-year-old daughter. It seems like a clunky monster, now that I’m used to the little Air).

    One technical adjustment I am still struggling through: Managing photos from an external hard drive rather than the computer’s hard drive. I’m still trying to figure out a smooth system. Any ideas?

  • Ben

    Thanks for the review.

  • Lola Lee Beno

    I’m a web developer, so I use a Mac Book Pro. Love it!

  • Uma Maheswaran S

    I got Latitude E5400 recently. Not considering Mac for the time being.

  • Rick Smith

    I agree with you! I was a macbook air hata’ when Saddington got one. Then I ended up selling my 15 inch MacBook Pro to buy the 13 inch Macbook Air….! It’s great! I’m amazed at how fast this machine is! All of your comments are spot on!

    I am putting more and more of my “stuff” in the I find that Macbook Air and Dropbox is a huge win!
    (I do miss the back light keyboard though…but hey, if they put that on this model, what would they do to get you to buy the next one!) :)

  • Charles Meyer

    I currently have a 13″ Macbook that I have had for 3+ years. Once this one goes out on me I am planning on getting an Air. Like you I have a lot of media type files on my laptop but I don’t need to access them all the time. I would just like a light computer that I can use almost anywhere with great battery life. (Of course anything is better than 30 minutes even though I have replaced the battery numerous times.)

  • Steven Cribbs

    It is always fascinating to listen to the discourse between Apple users and PC users :) I have owned a MacBook Pro and a PC within the last two years. I loved my MacBook (which I used for about a year); but, I eventually gave it up and went back to a Dell laptop (which I also enjoy very much). The MacBook’s and the Airs still intrigue me for a variety of reasons. However, when it comes down to it, the computer is a tool. Apples and pc’s both have great things about them and both have not-so-great things about them. For the moment, the pc works better for me – largely because of the applications that I use.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I agree. Despite being an Apple fan-boy, I tell people to use the tool that serves them best. This is about computers not religion! (-;

  • Claude

    Hi Mike

    Thanks for the review. However, could you expand on the lack of a CD/DVD burner. Would be interesting to see how you cope with the lack of that.



    • Michael Hyatt

      You can pick up an external one from Apple for $99.00 if you really need it. However, it will connect wirelessly to another Mac’s DVD on the same network with about three clicks, and automatically thereafter once you give it permission. I don’t watch movies on my laptop, so it’s not a biggie for me.

      • Chris De Jabet

        Actually, I believe Apple drop the price of the external SuperDrive to $79 with the release of the new Air.

        • Michael Hyatt

          Yes, you are correct. I just double-checked. Thanks.

  • Erik Bjorge

    how would you say it compares to the ipad? in particular some of the portablitly features and note taking type features of the ipad? if someone was considering trying to make the ipad the main device, why would or wouldnot someone want to do that? (i read your ipad review also and understand the consumption vs. creation issue )

    • Michael Hyatt

      I definitely don’t think you need both. It is a better option for me because I really need a keyboard and access to my normal suite of apps.

  • John Richardson

    Interesting review, Michael. I have a MacBook Pro 13″ and really love the machine. With the education discount, I picked it up for $1099 with the 2.4 ghz processor, 4 gig memory, and a 250 gig drive. This may be a good option for some people who are looking for a lower price point.

    One thing I really like about Mac now is the new Mac App store. This really changes the game as I can now save hours of time by buying software online (No more trips to the Apple store for software) and only buying the program I need instead of the whole suite. I just bought and installed iPhoto 11 for $14.95. Try doing that on your PC.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I like the App Store, too. I only wish they could register your purchased software (before the App Store), so you could upgrade through the App Store. Also, I don’t think it has a mechanism for trial software.

  • Lesley

    I recently purchased my first ever Mac (my husband had an old emac and I loved it) – Mac Book Pro 15″ and I absolutely love it, except for the slight let down on battery life expectations. I am a software developer and have to use windows for my day job, so I bought parallels which all works amazingly and I am extremely impressed – except that I only get about 2 or 3 hours at the most out of the battery, and the Mac Book Pro promised 7-8 hours.

    Would be really interested to know whether parallels has the same effect on a Mac Book Air’s battery?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I have Parallels but rarely fire it up, except to check my blog on Internet Explorer. I don’t about it’s impact on the battery.

  • Marni Arnold

    I had considered a Mac, period, before I purchased the Windows 7 laptop I have now. However what tailspinned me away from a Mac, that I so wanted? Honestly? The lack of personal tech support! haha My husband, who is a PC guy through and through, informed me that if I purchased a Mac, he would not help me with any possible glitches – that I would have to call Tech Support, or figure it out on my own. Neither option sounded good to me, so I found a Windows 7 laptop I liked – and I love it.

    Was I wimp for not getting the Mac? Perhaps…but one thing I don’t want to do is create unnecessary rifts between me and my husband. And anytime I would possibly whine that my Mac would goof up on something, I didn’t want to hear (even with silent eye rolls), “I told you so!” haha

    I like both Windows and Mac – but for the sake of my own personal sanity – and having live tech support – I opted with Windows.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Probably a wise choice!

  • K.C. Pro

    I got a MacBook Pro just over a year ago and love it, but ever since the new Airs came out I’ve been drooling over them. And reviews like this and John Saddington’s aren’t helping. :)

    My biggest beef with the MacBook Pro is the weight. It gets heavy to haul around in a backpack to & from work each day. The quick & slim Air sounds like it would be ideal. Going to need a second monitor though.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I didn’t realize how heavy it is until I got an Air. (I know that probably doesn’t help you!)

    • Michael Hyatt

      I didn’t realize how heavy it is until I got an Air. (I know that probably doesn’t help you!)

  • Lorenz Szabo

    Actually the 11″ Air made me switch to OS X again. It’s my daily machine and I use it with my iPhone as well. The iPad is still connected to my desktop computer and the huge iTunes/Photo library…

  • William McPherson

    This is an interesting review, Micahel; I am currently weighing options for an new laptop. Thanks for the insights.

  • Bret Mavrich

    Wow, rave reviews considering you’re not so hot about the iPad.

    • Michael Hyatt

      True, but I am totally an Apple fan. I think the iPad is great for some people. It all depends on your workflow.

      • Bret Mavrich

        Does that mean that you’ve met people who actually use it for work? (I’m a big apple fan too; they work hard so that everything works perfectly. Is that too much to ask for from other tech companies?)

      • MacGardner

        I just purchased the MBA 13 today, after much contemplation. I am Scottish, thrifty, and not inclined to jump on bandwagons that do not sport sufficient promise… but, man, am I excited to receive my MBA and enjoy the lightweight sportiness it promises! I’ve always been the kind of guy who purchases the “workhorse” model… dependable, solid… but I’m looking forward to riding a fleeter steed and not lugging the bloody workhorse through airports around the world! Thanks for your (seemingly!) honest and enthusiastic review…!

        • Michael Hyatt

          Enjoy. Tell us how you like it.

  • Doug Toft

    Thanks. This will help me make my next Mac purchase. Sometime could you please write a post about the software you use on a daily basis—web browser, word processing, etc.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I was thinking about doing that as a follow-up to this post.

      • Shirley A. Burns

        Can’t wait! We are so close to switching from PC to Mac, and indeed I was even undecided between Pro & Air… my last remaining ‘gotcha’ is the software. It’s been over a decade since I used a Mac on a regular basis, so I am interested in the daily software. I am also a bit stumped why I don’t see a Publisher-like product for Mac – unless it is because their standard apps like Pages does the same job (for less work?). We design a lot of business cards & postcards and they are so doggone easy in Publisher!

        • Michael Hyatt

          They are super easy in Pages, too.

  • Christopher Scott


    I have not considered the MacBook Air, but now I will for future computer purchases.

    I have a desktop I use at work, and my laptop which I use at home and while traveling.

    I try to do all administrative work on my desktop computer. And do only creative writing and thinking on my laptop. That way it triggers my mind and prepares me for what I need to do.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    I considered the air but just yesterday decided I wanted the iPad instead for it’s apps. Two totally different technologies …. Typing is a lot more difficult but I do love this iPad. My new laptop will be the Dell inspiron … Not ready to move entirely to the Mac!

  • Jamesvickery

    Michael, how do you deal with those clients or colleagues who use PC software. One of the problems I can see is the possibility of having to ‘run’ two systems!


    • Michael Hyatt

      Not an issue. At Thomas Nelson, we have had both for years. I have been using a Mac for five. Word, Excel, PowerPoint—they’re all interchangeable.

      • Steven Cribbs

        Do you use Microsoft Office for Mac or something else for your Word, Excel and PowerPoint files?

        • Michael Hyatt

          Yes, I have the latest version, which is pretty good. Thanks.

          • Steven Cribbs

            Thanks for the information. I initially looked at other apps; but, MS Office for Mac seemed to be the best option at the time.

  • DrDavidFrisbie

    We’ve been holding back for the same objections you mentioned, but your experience may push us over the edge toward ‘yes.’ Meanwhile, going solid state on the MacBook is making all operations much faster — what an amazing change! Thanks for this review.

  • Michael

    Has this now replaced your iPad? Are you still using your big display at work? Do you just connect that to your Air?

    • Michael Hyatt

      No, I gave my iPad to a colleague. I wasn’t using it. It just wasn’t powerful enough for me.

      • Michael

        Awesome, thanks. Mark and I are up for hardware swaps (my MBP is three years old now), so I was thinking of an Air for me with a large display, I think you confirmed it. How do you connect to your display at work?

        • Michael Hyatt

          I just use the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter. It works great!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, yes, and yes! I gave my iPad up a few months after I got it. I realized that I just wasn’t using it.

  • David

    I still use the MacBook Pro and love it, though we just got my wife the Air (which I’m on right now). It is certainly more than adequate for all of her uses. Since we’ve gone to the cloud with so much of our less sensitive data, it’s a great option. Funny, didn’t even realize the keyboard wasn’t backlit until just now when I read that. Guess we didn’t miss it.

  • Lucy

    Do you use a docking station to attach the full size monitor / keyboard on your desk? What does the set up look like?

    • Michael Hyatt

      No, I don’t have a docking station. I had one from BookEndz for my MackBook Pro, but I can’t find one for the Air. The truth is, I don’t really miss it. I can hook the whole thing up quickly. Maybe I will do a post on this.

  • Gospel lab

    Why do you do this?

    You are torturing me. It is like waving a piece of candy in front of a baby. :)

    Would really love to have one, but my wallet right now is just like the Macbook Air –

    It’s incredibly light and thin.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Ha, sorry about that!

  • Andrew Thomas

    Just curious, what did you do with your Mac Book Pro? I’ve been in the market for a MBP for a while now and could be persuaded to take it off your hands. :)

    • Michael Hyatt

      I still have it for a backup. Sorry.

  • Sloganvi

    Mac Air + 3G = instant switch. Expect 3G plus backlit keyboard in ver. 2.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Now THAT would be totally cool. I have a Verizon 3G USB modem plugged in right now, but it should be built-in. I would also love a backlist keyboard. I would only use it when I needed it. Thanks.

  • Cyberquill

    My sole machine is an HP Desktop I purchased in 2004, the same year I bought my current cellphone. I’m beginning to feel like Fred Flintstone.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I can hear the theme music from the Flitstones play now!

  • Eric Wyatt

    My friend Matt Crow pointed me to this post after we were discussing the Air tonight. My wife and I spent a couple hours playing with one at the Apple store this weekend, and her new computer will be a MacBook Air…we’d already come to that conclusion, but your blog post helped cement the deal.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Man, I should be getting a commission from Apple! Seriously, I’m glad the post was helpful.

      • pastorbrett

        Now that is funny! As I was reading down through these comments. I was thinking about posting a comment suggesting that you should start getting either (a) commission checks from Apple or (b) free products. I just got a new MacBook Pro two months ago. But I watch a LOT of DVDs on my computer, so I’m not sure I could make the switch anyway. Thanks for the review.

  • Justin Lukasavige

    Uh oh, I was looking for a reason.

  • Pahouseholder

    I’ve had a Pro as our sole home computer for a year & love it. Especially versus my Dell desktop at work. This week I’m going to the Apple Store to buy a new computer for work. I was considering the Air & your article is one more reason to choose it. Thanks so much. Timely for me.

  • Anne Rogers

    Oh well, I went with the 13″ Macbook Pro! It is heavy, but I love it. I wanted a machine which was upgradeable, solid & would last me a while as I can’t afford (in money or stress!) to change my computers very frequently. Also, I switched from PC to Mac so it was a BIG change for me.

    I bought a separate screen to use with it at home, but actually I find the 13″ screen is excellent – very comfortable to use at my home desk. If I’d waited to buy the screen until after I’d been using the Mac for a while I probably would have saved myself the extra money! Oh, & I use a Knomo sleeve with it. Looks great & the fit & finish is extremely robust. Style & functionality – can’t really ask for much more. :)

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  • Anonymous

    I believe the broad adoption of smartphones should help with the adoption of smaller screens. 13″ is a luxury compared with what most of us are carrying in our purse or pocket. I’m more intrigued by the Mac vs. PC debate. What’s the cost of transition (i.e. there’s an investment of time, hardware, software) and how much does that affect your unwillingness to ever go back, or is it more a matter of “why would you?” given your current level of satisfaction.

    • Michael Hyatt

      It was a big factor when I converted to Mac five years ago. Obviously, this is something you will have to calculate for yourself, depending on your workflow and needs. For me, it has definitely been worth it.

      • Anonymous

        For reasons I mentioned in my e-mail to you I don’t have much option in my work environment but I’m definitely compelled by your review to reconsider my options for home.

  • Randy Walton

    Great review!

    I am curious where you purchased and how you got an upgraded 500GB solid state drive. You mentioned in the comments that you paid $1,799 and I assume that included the upgraded memory as well. I can’t find machines configured with the larger drive on the Apple website or at MacMall.


    • Michael Hyatt

      Yea, I bought a third-party 500GB drive for my MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, my IT department handled it, so I am not sure where it came from. There is even a 1TB version.

      Yes, the $1,799 included upgraded processor and memory. You can’t get a bigger drive that the 256GB for the Air.

  • Jennifer Rowsell

    I thought about it, but I would own no other machine. I didn’t like not having a disc drive (I also don’t own a TV) and I didn’t think it could handle everything I want… I bought a 15″ MBP last summer. I’m happy with it, though sometimes I wish I went to 13″ so it was smaller. But at this point in my life I think I still want/need the heftiness of the pro. I’m also wanting an iPad, so between the 2 I should be fine :)

  • Allyn

    My boss recently cleared the way for me to get a MacBook Air 11.6″ – I’ve been using it as my main work computer for about a month now and it’s awesome. IT kept telling me that ya, it’s cute, but it’s not powerful enough. They kept insisting that I get a MacBook Pro. Nope, got the air and it was a good decision.

    I’m a HR Project Manager and the Air suits my need perfectly. I run Windows in VMWare, Photoshop, Project, etc. all without issue.

    Now, I need to convince my boss to let me keep it if ever I decide to leave the company. =)

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  • Matt Beard

    You’ve successfully made me want a MacBook Air. Now, can you think of a good excuse for me to buy one? :)

    • Michael Hyatt

      Here’s three:

      1. You can travel lighter, getting to your destination less fatigued.
      2. You will be just as efficient as ever, even more so, because of the fast load times.
      3. You will have the cool-factor. ;-)

      • Matt Beard

        I don’t know if I’ll ever write a book but I know one thing. If I do, I want Thomas Nelson to publish it. Their CEO is an excellent salesman when he likes a product. :)

        • Michael Hyatt

          Don’t you think Apple should be paying me a commission!

          • Matt Beard

            I’d say so!

  • Jeff Randleman

    You are only one of several that have mentioned this to me. I just might have to break down and buy a Mac…

    • Jeff Randleman

      The hard part for me will be replacing all my software with Mac compatible versions…

    • Michael Hyatt

      Come on in. The water is warm!

  • Ashley Musick

    Thanks for always posting reviews like this on tech stuff. I’m a learner and researcher, so even though I don’t have any extra cash to blow for myself, I like to talk intelligently about things like this. Thanks for the education.

  • Jeff Goins

    I haven’t, but mostly because my Macbook Pro is already slim enough, and I still use a CD drive quite a bit. Is the solid state hard drive noticeably different, performance-wise?

    Also, can you hold it just like the ad suggests? (I know John said he tried and that he thought it was a sham — my words, not his.)

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, the solid-state drive is very fast—way faster than a normal hard drive. I haven’t tried to hold the machine like the photo. (It’s plugged into my monitor and external keyboard right now, so I can’t test.)

      • Jeff Goins

        Ok, well when you do, let me know. ;)

  • Georgiana

    Thank you for the great review on the MacBook Air as I will definitely consider it when I’m in the market for a new laptop. :-)

  • Michael

    Glad that after 30 days you’re still loving it :-)

    Having been an owner of 1st Gen, 3rd Gen and now the 2010-gen Macbook Air, I believe it’s the first Air that has been done right… and it’s the first laptop ever I have no issues with. I just love it. Pure love. It’s fast, snappy and gets the job done.

    Michael, you mentioned you chose Alfred over GSB and QS, can you let me know what drove you to Alfred and why you think it’s better than the other launchers? After your article I’m thinking about checking it out, too.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I just like the Alfred interface better, plus the integration into iTunes and my browser is great. Give it a whirl!

  • Davidm1003

    I have been considering it but not sure especially that I have to buy an external drive for my CDs or DVDs which is an extra piece of equipment! And besides need an external storage cos of the low flash storage (128)especially as I was considering the 11″. Other than that I would go for it as I’m looking for something light and portable but can do the job.

    • Michael Hyatt

      The key for me was analyzing how many times a day or week I actually access these drives. As it turns out, no much.

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t tell you if there have been changes in subsequent versions, but I have the First Generation of Mac Air, the keyboard can be backlit. You can control it using the function keys (there is an “up” and “down” set for screen brightness and an “up” and “down” set for backlit keyboard brightness). It may also be a setting in your preferences. I’m on a Windows machine and not near my Air, or else I could tell you for certain!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, they removed this in the latest generation.

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  • Abby Van Wormer

    after debating between the air and the macbook pro, i finally decided on the Air. It will be my very first mac computer and I’m so excited to get it!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Let me know how you like it. I am still loving mine!

      • Abby Van Wormer

        I will! Your post was what convinced me to go with the Macbook Air. I bumped up the RAM to 4GB and also got the faster processer like you did. Yesterday I went to Best Buy just to play on the Macbook Air they had so I could see what I’ll be getting. I love how light and thin it is compared to the Macbook Pro; that was one thing that drew me in as well. :)

        • Michael Hyatt

          Yea, I am spoiled.

  • Anonymous

    Well, Michael, you convinced me. I bought the 11 inch Macbook Air three days ago because of this post. My iPad has sat beside my bed untouched since then. I’ve even unplugged the MacMini I was using at the office so that I could plug the MBA into my larger screen when at the church.

    Perhaps I’ll get used to it, but I’m still amazed at how quickly programs open on this little machine. I went with the 4GB RAM, 120 GB HD version and simply love it.

    Thank you for the post … now, I may sell the iPad and pick up the Kindle 3 for reading.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Awesome! I am still loving mine. I can’t imagine going back.

      • Anonymous

        Well, ordered the Kindle 3 today … my wife says you are costing us too much money! :-)

        And yes, the Air is incredible.

  • Colby Brown

    Michael, what are your thoughts on Apple’s iMac? I am looking to purchase a new computer and am trying to decide between a desktop like the iMac or a MacBook Air. I already have a MacBook Pro (purchased in 2007), but it’s time for an update! I just don’t know which route to go…

    • Michael Hyatt

      Honestly, I don’t know. I have never tried one. I have to have something portable, so the iMac has never been an option. Thanks.

  • Johnleonardson

    Good analysis! I would like to comment on what Thomas Nelson Publishers did about 11-12 years ago. I’ve been in prison ministry 31 years now and this event was great. They donated 10 semi-trucks full of books and bibles for the prisons in TX. It took crews of inmates many weeks to sort through and distribute this material, but it blessed the prison libraries greatly. Thanks again!

  • Mosdefjoka

    I been thinking about it seance the 1st one came out but that 2000$ was just a bit much … Especially seeing as Thoe I pretty much use my computer for light notes in class facebook syncing my pad and phone …. Once the new one dropped Thoe with the slightly new design of which I like better then the 1st one then that 1299 for the 13″ I said F?$& it and bought it ….
    That’s said I’m super in love with it .. I barley ever play with my pad .. Thoe I know that a change in a few months cause it’s much easier to grab that and jump in the bed or the couch .. Or bathroom for that matter .. Of which I’m in and using right now .. Lol … But I’m loving it Thoe very sexy, super quick …. Get one

  • Darin Michael Shaw

    thanks for your review michael. it helped me make the decision. ordered my macbook air today. cannot wait for it to arrive. and i am SO ready to graduate from the pc world!

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  • Andy

    Great info. I’m handing my 15″ off to my wife who is in desperate needs a new one and buying the air!

  • Sanasaeed2u

    Hay, guess what! I own an Apple iPad which has 64GB. And with all my fab. Stuff n all works easily done, I’m as happier as u must be! Cherrios, my buddy! And welcome to the Latest, awesome, technical world. ;-)

  • shaun mchugh

    though not a christian I do find common ground with you in the love of the macbook air I just ordered an 11″ maxed out 1.6ghz 4gig ram 128SSD. With a 24″ imac at home connected to a second 20″ cinema display for the heavy lifting I find the air will complement my computer needs very well

  • Daniel S Fernandes

    For the past few months (ever since the new air was released) I’ve been wondering whether I’d do good with it.
    I’m replacing my dead-old 4 year Macbook Pro (2nd gen Intel Macbook Pro 15″) and, to be honest, I’ve always been a fan of power and speed and can’t help but drool over the current lineup of Macbook Pro’s (esp. the “basic” 15″ MBP)… however, 2.5kg of laptop across my back on my laptop bag isn’t something I’m looking forward ANYTIME I travel. And that’s where the Macbook Air fits nicely… though I LOVE the slim design and lightweight-ness of the Air, I kept wondering whether it would be powerful enough…

    Moving on, your post made me think about whether I’d be pleased with the Macbook Air… and here’s my question to you: do you think Photoshop and Illustrator would run smoothly in this über slim machine? I mean, do you think the basic 13″ Macbook Air replace and be in par with my current Macbook Pro (at 2.2GHz Core2Duo and 2GB DDR2 RAM)?

    I hope I get to hear from you… but if I don’t THANK YOU for this amazing post! :)) It definitely made me rethink my options… :)

    • Michael Hyatt

      I think it depends on how big your files are. I am running Photoshop and Illustrator on my Air, and they both seem faster than my MacBook Pro. However, I am not loading big files, so it might be different if you are.

      Regardless, I still love this machine. It is awesome!

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  • Tim Dahl

    I’ve been using an iPhone for quite a while, and I’ve just got an iPad. I’m loving the iPad! I understand why you gave it up, you wrote a great post on it. But, I’m loving it. Now, my work computer (I’m clergy) is acting up. It is an HP laptop. Not only is it running a bit slow, but the battery has gone out.

    I’m thinking about asking the finance committee to replace it, and I’m liking the Air (and the MMP). Your post has me leading toward the Air; but I’m worried about not having the CD Drive. Yes, I know that I can have an external drive, but I’m thinking I might have a big/bulky/heavy bag for just my accessory pieces! Also, concerning the CD Drive, I seem to still use it quite a bit. I don’t know why, but my denomination sends us lots of them for different reasons.

    Also, in a related question: what does your office set up look like? You said you use an external keyboard and monitor with your Air. Do you have a picture of it? Do you use some sort of docking station for your Air, that then hooks up to printer/monitor/keyboard/mouse/etc.?



    • Michael Hyatt

      Great questions. When I tracked it, I found that I only used a CD or DVD drive occasionally. If you are near another Mac, it will automatically map its DVD drive and make it available on your Air. In other words, let one of your colleagues do the heavy lifting. ;-)

      I haven’t been able to find a docking station for the air, but I have all my cords secured, so it is very easy to plug in and unplug. I do plan on doing a post on this once I have finished setting up.


  • cp

    I have never owned a mac computer and while doing a lot of research looking for a netbook or something compact to add to my 6 pc’s, I actually bought a netbook then brought it back and was talked into a mac air. My computer tech at work was not happy, he said I do everything on PC’s and it will not work for me. Well I love it, I only wish I would have found how easy mac’s are compared to PC’s once I watched hours of tutorials the transition was not bad. This mac air is light, portable, fast and I put Mac Office on it and it does everything I need, Im still learning but love it!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Some IT people are just afraid of the unknown. Or maybe it’s job security. I am just thankful that my IT people at Thomas Nelson were so open to me using a Mac. They now support both with equal proficiency.

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  • Guest

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the MBA. I’m actually trying to decide between purchasing and discounted first gen iPad or selling my 2011 13″ MBP  and purchasing an 11″ MBA. I have a work issued 15″ MBP and I wanted to go with something a little more portable for when I travel for work, which will be quite a bit. I’m kind of leaning towards getting rid of my MBP and buying the MBA and getting an external monitor to hook it up to when I’m at home. I kind of feel like having a personal MBP, a work MBP, an iphone and an ipad would be kind of over kill. Anyhow, thanks again and if anyone has any suggestion on my set-up please feel free.

    • Michael Hyatt

      My only advice is try to use the fewest number of devices possible. For example, I only have one laptop. I use it for work and personal stuff. Also, Apple is supposed to update the MBA’s in the next few weeks, so you may want to hold off for that announcement.

  • Karen Jordan

    Thanks for all the info! I’m considering a Mac, and this really helps!

  • Howilleri

    Hi, I’m considering the MB air 11 inch model. I need and external monitor as well but don’t have the budget for and Apple model. Any suggestions of a good Third Party monitor? Does the monitor have to HD to work and will I need separate cables to connect?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I don’t have a recommendation. I have a last generation Apple Cinema Display.

  • Mbarsky

    Have been working with Mac Air 11 inch for about a month. Also have large which I use for certain tasks. LOVE my Mac Air-so light, always with me-apps are great! Anything missing-extra space, etc., can be purchased. Air Mac is the smartest,quickest laptop I have used to date, and I have used many. Apple should pay me for my recommendation! Still on a learning curve-but everything is on line to learn-and easy to implement. One problem-I can not utilize my Mac at work. 

    • Mbarsky-

      MBarsky again-someone posted that they need to squint to read the small screen-go into your settings and change your size of font, or just put fingers on screen and pull!

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  • Skaði Meic Beorh

    I am a published author (small presses with no escrow to secure NY Times bestsellers) who has been fortunate enough to always have a computer to work on… well, since 2000. Previously, I used a typewriter, and before that, for six years I wrote it all down in notebooks. I am seriously praying about getting a MacBook Air. I appreciate very much your article on this product.

  • Rhett Grant

    PCs vs Apple and vice versa.  I am sure there are good things about both OSs.  I started out with a Commodore 64 and then graduated to a McIntosh Plus.  Over the years, my 3 children all have apple products and I jumped to PCs.  Now I am jumping back to Apple.  I have been using the iPad 2 and I am seriously considering the new Mac Airbook because of its outstanding portability and processor performance and flash drive.  With all the critics about Apple recently, I find it odd that the Autocad Developers (Autocad a very robust program) use Apple products to enhance the capabilities of Autocad!  Keep up the good work Apple and PCs! 

  • Sara

    Hi can you please tell me what the best accessory to get for this would be as a gift for someone who owns one? Thanks

  • Curls

    Im currently at war with myself. The sensible side says imac 27. The heart, the person inside craves for the SSD performance of the macbook air coupled with a cinema display. Im a web designer / graphic designer / design lad. Nothing mega mega processor intensive, I spend most of my time flipping between applications…Im just thinking that SSD will have the edge over the imacs hdd?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I can’t speak for the iMac 27. I have never used one. The SSD performance is awesome. It makes the whole computer feel really fast.

  • Daniel Miguel Villa

    Thanks for the encouraging comment. Now if only my wife says “ok”….

  • r k

    I never wanted an Air. My mind was set on MBP 15. Until I saw the Air with my own eyes and touched it. Now I am real confused. I still bought the MBP 15. I want to do lot graphic stuff, I’ll be using Photoshop and other related stuff a lot. So people keep telling me I made the right choice by getting this. I shouldn’t change it. MBA won’t be able to handle it. But they have the same RAM size. 

    True, I only want it because of it’s slickness. And I’ll probably carry it with me more, if I get it.. I wont carry the 15 inch much. Tell me why I should keep my MBP and not swap it. Or tell me why I should. (other than the obvious no CD/DVD, Less GB, and smaller screen). I only have few days left. HELP! 

    • Michael Hyatt

      I have an MBP. It is great. However, I also have a MBA and love it. I have used the MBP in a couple of months. I can do everything on the MBA, including Photoshop. Because of the flash drive, it seems much faster.

  • joy

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  • Rabbitwild

    Yes, I have a new 11″ macbook air, it has 1.6Ghz processor, 128Gb flash memory and 4Gb RAM, it has a backlit keyboard, the new ones with the Sandy Bridge come with this now.  It is the fastest computer I have ever used, I was told that because the operating system is so much better on a Mac, that it’s like having a 3.8Ghz processor on a PC.  I love it!

  • Andrew


    What bag do you use now for your daily work? I’m looking for a bag to carry my 11″ MB Air, iPad 2, a couple of file folders, and power cabling. Wondering if you have any suggestions?

  • Cfeddema

    what about the 11″ air? Do you think this screen is too small?

  • Vee

    I bought my first Mac a week ago and went with the 13″ Macbook Air.  I was totally LOST from the time I turned it on and just stared at it for 5 min thinking WTH is this and WHY did I do this?  Well, I went to my PC and downloaded some information.  After one week, I’m addicted to my Mac and I’m learning how to use it quite easily as “reading is fundamental”.  I also purchased my first ever iPhone (4s) and an apple TV.  I not now addicted to Apple products.  Like some of you, I’m using my PC now to watch HuluPlus and read that that’s on it’s way through Apple TV.  My PC with Windows 7 crashed all of the time when I had to sync certain items using the USB.  And the connection time before I could begin to work was so long that I could fix a dinner plate while waiting.  Also, on the PC, Explorer loads these long scripts which freeze the applications.  So unproductive.  I am a VERY pleased Mac convert!! 

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  • Ditech

    Just got one, hope it works out like you said. I like to have a computer on me wherever I go and also tend to run many programs all at once so I may need to get a flash drive..If it helps. Thanks for sharing this info!

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  • Robert Mathenge

    this is great mike, i just got an air for the new year’s and it’s awesome..though the HD is 120 GB but the ram is 8 GB and the processor is 1.8 Ghz i5 intel processor, but I store a lot of my stuff online, so it’ prefect, I can’t believe how light it is ….

  • Sunganani L. Manjolo

    I hope you have back up for your machine as it is the only one! Thanks for this review. I am working on migrating from windows to Mac

    • Michael Hyatt

      I have multiple backups, onsite and off.

      • Sunganani L. Manjolo

        Just checking. It can be a nasty experience to try and recover data.

        • Michael Hyatt

          Been there. Done that. That’s why I have so many backups. ;-)

  • Funkygnarly

    After going through several Toshibas and Dells, I finally convinced my husband it was worth the somewhat hefty (on our budget) price tag to switch to the Mac Book Air.  I am in love… I’m currently an online student and the portability of this laptop versus others I’ve had in the past is outstanding.  The speed can’t be beat either.  The only drawback I’ve encountered is that I had recently bought Office for my Toshiba and I really don’t want to buy it again for the Mac.  I will NEVER go back to a Windows based PC or laptop.  

  • jfrink1

    I know this article is old, but it was really helpful! Thank you!

  • ahmed

    well i just bought it last night

  • Phillip Mills

    Thanks for sharing this Michael. I´m considering MAC Air for blogging, Indesign and Photoshop tasks
    and your comments have just about convinced me.