My Take on the Vibram FiveFingers Running Shoes

After I finished reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, I bought a pair of Vibram FiveFingers shoes. I have been running in them now for five weeks. I am loving them. The only negative is that I am continuously having to explain them to curious strangers. In fact, three people stopped me today in the space of three miles.

Vibram FiveFingers KSO

As a result, I thought it would be helpful to share my responses to the nine most common questions I get. If you’re thinking about buying a pair, maybe this will help you.

  1. Why do you run in those things? Because I like running barefoot. However, I can’t always run on safe terrain. Running in the Vibram FiveFingers is as close as you can get to running barefoot and still have some protection. They provide a thin layer of rubber than keeps you from getting cut or bruised on sharp rocks or glass.
  2. Why would you want to run barefoot? Twenty-five percent of all your bones are in your feet. Your feet are a marvel of biological engineering. They are designed to adjust your stride, distribute your weight, and minimize the impact on your joints—on the fly. Unfortunately, when you encase them in modern running shoes, your feet lose contact with the ground. They don’t adjust. They aren’t free to do what they were made to do.
  3. But aren’t running shoes designed to provide cushion and prevent injuries? Yes, but according to McDougall, despite supposedly huge improvement in shoe technology, 70 percent of all runners get injured every year. This number has not decreased in decades. Interestingly, running injuries were very rare until the invention of the modern running shoe in 1972. McDougall claims, there is a direct correlation between running shoes and running injuries. In fact, the more expensive the shoe, the more likely you are to be injured and the more severe your injury will be.
  4. But all the running magazines advocate the super expensive, super advanced shoes. Why? Follow the money. Running shoes are a $15 billion industry. The companies that make these shoes are not going to admit that their product is the problem rather than the solution. These same companies advertise in the running magazines. The magazines can rate the various shoes and write reviews, but they can’t challenge the whole premise behind the shoes without flushing the bulk of their revenue stream.
  5. But they look so bizarre. Aren’t you embarrassed to wear them? Yes, they look weird. My kids say they look like “gorilla feet.” I was initially embarrassed, but I got over it. When people make fun of me now, I tell them, “ridicule is the last stage you go through before you order a pair!” I have several friends now running in them who initially laughed.
  6. Can you run as far in your FiveFingers as you can with traditional running shoes? Not yet. So far, the longest I have run in them is 3.5 miles. Regardless, even if you are a seasoned runner, you must start slowly. Your feet have essentially been encased in casts for years. You will be using muscles you never knew you had. Some of your muscles have atrophied. I recommend that you run no more than half a mile at first and gradually increase. However, I am on-track to run a full half marathon in them in November.
  7. Which model of the FiveFingers do you like best? I initially bought the Classic. They are the easiest to get on and off. However, after my son-in-law bought the KSOs, I decided to go with those. “KSO” stands for “keep stuff out.” They just feel better to me. This is totally subjective and “your mileage may vary.”
  8. Do you really think you will stick with them? Only time will tell. I am admittedly an early adopter. I love new stuff. I try things for a while, and then I discard them. That’s just my personality. That’s why I haven’t blogged about the Vibrams until now. I wanted to give them a month and see if I still liked them. I do, but that could change. Caveat emptor.
  9. Where did you buy your Vibrams? I bought mine on the Vibram FiveFingers web site. It was totally self-service. I got them in about three days. However, they do distribute them through some retail outlets. For example, Cumberland Transit in Nashville carries them. You can check their store locator for a local retailer in your area.

If you are a runner, I think the FiveFingers merit serious consideration, particularly if you have been prone to injuries and tried everything else. If you are still not convinced, I would urge to read Born to Run. Even if you don’t buy into running barefoot, it is still one of the best running books I have read.

Question: Do you have the Vibrams? Are you running in them? What has been your experience? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • W. Mark Thompson

    Very interesting. I’ve picked up running (again) in the past couple of weeks. I’ve seen these [shoes?] and have thought about running in them. Also almost read “Born To Run” after reading what it was about in the bookstore. So many questions.

    But I’ll ask just one. :)
    Do they size the same way as a shoe? If I wear 11 Nike Vomero, would that translate into  the Vibrams KSO? Or maybe a better question is, “Did you find your size to translate accurately from your shoe?”Guardedly Excited,Mark :)

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, they fit pretty much the same. However, you can probably find a place locally to try them on. They are much more broadly distributed now than when I initially wrote this post. For example, REI carries them. Thanks.

  • Bret Mavrich

    Update: Bro-in-law M.D. just diagnosed me with Morton’s Neuroma (agitated nerve in my foot). I went out a little too hard too fast, evidently. 

    You still rocking your Gorilla feet?

    • Michael Hyatt

      No, I haven’t worn them in a while. I need to. I have been doing a lot of cross-traning.

      • Kellen Mcwhite

        I am reading and I am almost done with born to run. For those who haven’t read it, do so. Let me begin by stating I began working out 9 years ago and I hate cardio and especially running. In fact, my wife and I picked up bikes last fall because I wasn’t having anything to do with running which she enjoys. I learned about vibrams and went to my nearest REI. The sales guy was a dope but I did my research so I felt confident. I left with KSO’s and begin a month long journey of working out/lifting, walking and wearing them as everyday house shoes. In fact, 4 weeks after my newfound discovery of the fingerlike slippers, we honeymooned in St Lucia where running, hiking, sailing, zip-lining and pretty much everything involved these new skins. Now, after never running more than a mile before dying of air and thirst, I run 2-3 miles and I can’t wait to do more. BTW, I purchase mine April 2011

  • Anonymous


    Great review!! I especially like #6!

    How would you rate the breathability of these shoes?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Good. I haven’t had a problem with that.

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  • Queenoftheworld

    Is it weird putting your toes into individual pockets?

    • Michael Hyatt

      It takes some getting used to.

  • world top tenz

    interesting article ..this  feet outfit looks to be quite comfortable
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  • Rchelbig

    Michael I would like to thank you for this great review. I just bought KSOs in black exactly like the ones pictured above two days ago. I am currently sitting in my office (dress is business casual every day) wearing them with slacks and a polo. The people that have noticed think one of two things when they see them: 1) they’re the ugliest shoes on the planet(probable future customers) or 2) those look funny but where can I get a pair :)

    Honestly, I’d love to wear them to work all the time, but I don’t think I’d get away with wearing them every day. I’m willing to bet they’re against corporate dress code, but I’ll have to check with HR.

    I haven’t run in them yet but I figured since Im just now getting back into running and I naturally forefoot strike to begin with I might as well give them a shot.  So far I love them and never want to take them off. They’re ridiculously comfortable to wear and pretty easy to get on once you figure it out the first time.

    • Michael Hyatt

      If you start running in them, take it slow! No more than a half a mile the first day, then calibrate from there. My daughter went a couple of miles the first day and could hardly walk the next day. I am up to five miles in them now.

      • Rchelbig

        Haha yea I’ve been seeing all these comments so I will definitely take it easy. Im going on a jog around my apt complex tomorrow ~.6 miles and ill build from there. What were you at before the vibrams mileage wise?

  • Brian Hagman

    They are some ugly looking shoes but you sold me on them.  Going to have to give them a try if my wife will let me out of the house with them on!

    Great review and very helpful.

  • Chandra Hester

    I was a track star for my High school in Sri Lanka for  4 years and I always ran without shoes. I practiced for 4 hours everyday after school without shoes. I have NO foot problems now, nor did I ever have problems with my feet. I think track shoes are over rated here in the USA. I might try those things you wear to run. Maybe If I get tired of running without shoes. They look like BIG foot shoes. Anyway If you like them and they help you -Go for it! I recommend- NO shoes  for running. Listen to the girl with the experience of No shoe running.

  • Joe Lalonde

    Michael, it looks like you’re running these again as I just saw your tweet. How are they working out for you? I’m trying to decide between these and the Merrell Trail Gloves.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Honestly, I am using both—and alternating between the two.

  • Andrea @ The Greenbacks Gal

    This so made me laugh! They are the total rage here in Colorado. Come on out and you’ll just be one of the crowd!

  • Bikeliker

    I bought mine about 3 weeks ago and have logged about 12 miles in them so far.  I am running about 3.5 miles at this point and like them.  What I like is I am feeling my intrinsic muscles in my foot and my distal calf belly after this many miles.  While not a high mileage runner, I am able to run 5-8 miles at the drop of a hat and honestly feel nothing in my legs (lungs are a different matter;-) after those distances.  For me to feel anything in my feet and legs after 3 miles was a shock and I guess “proves” to me that the shoes are certainly allowing my feet to move into ranges of motion that they aren’t typically able to in traditional running shoes.  Sooooo…  early results are good and will continue to add mileage as my body allows.  I’m in no hurry.   

    • Michael Hyatt

      Good to hear. I like how I can “feel the ground,” too.

  • Alex

    How long do they last? Are they as durable as standard running shoes?  

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, in my experience they are. I am still running in the same pair I started with.

    • Paul

      in a sense they’re more durable than regular running shoes because you don’t have a shoe company telling you you need to replace them when the padding is thin. they can wear in that with time the sole might come unglued, but you can just glue it back with shoe goo or gorilla glue and you’re good to go again! i’m training for a half marathon in mine and i’m up to 11 miles and have never enjoyed running so much. had sore calves for months getting used to them, but just ran through it.

  • Sharon

    Thanks for this post! I have recently had yet another (and my worst to date) injury while marathon training. I have bought a pair of Vibrams and I am reading Born to Run. Once I am healed, I am looking forward to slowly retraining my feet.  

  • Shelley

    I run in Vibram Bikila’s and love them.  I started at zero fitness level in January and gradually increased my distances and fitness level.  I ran two half marathons in April/May and will be running another one in Sept.  I will never go back to ‘regular’ running shoes.  I don’t mind chatting to other runners about my shoes and love to spread the word but my regular running partners are all getting a bit tired of hearing me repeat myself on every run! But I absolutely would not run in anything else!

  • John Graham

    Are you still wearing your 5 Fingers?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I am. I ran in them this week. However, I just got a pair of Invisible Shoes that I am excited to try.

  • Jessica Kirkland

    My husband owns the red/grey ones. I tell them they look like monkey feet. But, he loves them too. 

  • Jen

    Ha ha ha! I DID laugh out loud – thank you very much! – when I read your comment, “When people make fun of me now, I tell them, ‘ridicule is the last stage you go through before you order a pair!’ ”

    I am still in the camp of the riduculers who calls them gorilla feet (but quietly, out of earshot, and with a smile). But more power to you, and maybe someday I’ll join you – who knows?

  • Lois

    I love this forum. I stumbled on to it while looking at the shoes. I’m dying to get a pair but I can’t just order them. My right foot has a fallen arch and is truly 2 inches or more longer than my left. It is almost impossible for any shoes to fit right for both feet. Do you think this might help build my arch back up? I too am a runner and would love to try these. My husband use to give me a hard time about my running on the balls of my feet, but after he read “Born to Run” he said I run just like the Tarahumara Indians and maybe his form was all wrong. Who knows? Any suggestions would be welcome and much appreciated.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I would give it a try. Just start slowly!

  • John Warner

    I feel as though I am at the stage where i’m almost over how goofy they look and onto the stage where I am ready for some. I also wonder though if a cheap pair of shoes with only a simple sole would do that same job of protection while still allowing for the foot to feel the ground.

    Thanks so much for this post,
    Church Resources

  • Nina Nelson

    I’ve been loving mine for over a year now. My husband just bought a pair and loves them, too. We both had PF, but have no issues with it now. As for the comments on my shoes, I’ve found them very helpful in getting me to come out of my shell. :)

  • ;ldkja;ldjf;aldkj

    Well, I am doing a Science fair project on these shoes, and I was wondering how would you test it?  I was thinking that I would have people run in these shoes and then tell me how they feel, then have them run in regular shoes and tell me how they felt after.  What do you think?  Please help

  • Njfattz

    I had just bought the Vibrams the other day and already I can feel the difference walking and running in them.  Yes they do look weird but its not like I’m walking around in clown shoes. When people see me in them they are more curious about them rather then weirded out by the fact that I’m wearing them.  Also I have been experiencing knee and ankle pains for a long time now.  Just wearing the shoes for the short time I have  the areas where I felt the most pain now feel noticeably stronger.

  • Sam Andrews

    I went to a local distributor to try them on.  I was concerned because I was born with a crooked toe on my right foot.  I didn’t want to just order a pair online and then not be able to get them on my right foot.  My fears were realized when I tried them on.  Couldn’t get them to fit right on my right foot.  So now I guess I am stuck with the casts I am wearing now.  I do love to run and walk bare foot.  That was my motivation as well.  Disappointed.  Oh and by the way the wife grimaces whenever I say tho her that I would like a pair. 

    • Michael Hyatt

      There are many other “barefoot” models to choose from. Nike and Merrill both have non-toed, glove models.

  • Anonymous

    I started running after 20 years of junk food and being on the couch. It was a literally a matter of life or death. I was deeply inspired by Born To Run as well and bought my Vibrams the day after. One thing for certain, it sure makes running an interesting adventure. I have to make I run with the right technique (I went to a POSE running clinic). The first few weeks was painful and the PF was unbearable.

    But I gradually got used to it. But I don’t run in running events with them preferring instead to use my Nike Frees. But I do love walking around in them and the giggles and sniggles form others is a lot of fun.

  • Jason

    Hello, this might sound silly but two weeks into my five fingers I have been walking a lot.  It was raining and I decided to take the dog for a run.  Running in the rain through the grass with my dog was the most fun I have had in a long time.  You feel the ground, the different terrain.  I felt as free as the little happy guy next to me and being able to feel what is under me was such a wonderful experience. Now I go as many places I can with my five fingers even if it looks a little weird, hey I’m married lol……no worries.
    My wife is a physical Therapist, before watching me at the gym doing squats and various other exercises she always criticized me for bad form and improper technique.
        Switching to five fingers she was amazed at how my form in squats, calf raises, and various other exercises has improved…..

    Love them.


  • Jason

    By the way, (referring to the post below) I have size 14 feet and they have been flat as a rail as long as I can remember.  While I wear them I can feel my feet naturally want to curl in to a arch, while I am walking I can feel what I need to do to walk properly, It does make your muscles work!!


    • Michael Hyatt

      Great story, Jason. I am glad they are working out for you. I’m about to go for a five-mile run in them myself.

  • Todd Bagenstose

    I have to agree I have had mine for about 6 months now first with the classics then the komodo ls. First time out running in them felt great, ran 3 miles, could barely walk the next 3 days lol.I am going to continue though I love the feeling. And you can feel muscles you never knew you had. If you are skeptic you should give them a try at worst you have a great conversation starter.

  • Mriekena

    I had a spinal injury in 1997 and was told repeatedly to stop all sports with any impact. Then tried a shoe with cushioned heel-strike which at least afforded me hiking and speed walking. Then went into barefoot with a Vibram Bikila (minimal protection, great for treadmill). More comfortable than anything else I’ve tried in 14 years! Very happy with them.

  • cmp

    I just bought them about a month ago.  I do get blisters/rub marks in the backs of my ankles from lack of socks.  I just got Injinji socks to wear with them so I can adjust to the ankle issue.
    Other than that, I wore them and ran 20 miles with a bit of a calf soreness but I like them a lot.  I tried to go gradually but want to wear them for a marathon in a couple weeks so I had to train in them.

  • Garry Trammell

    Michael, thank you for the original post and the great conversation starter it became. I started running again at age 54 and surprisingly got up to 8-9 miles within 3 months using a conventional New Balance shoe.  No injuries, but I was only running about 3 days a week, normally 3 mile runs and riding bike the alternate days.  I finished Born to Run a week or so ago and found it fascinating. I moved to minimalist shoes while reading it but got a little too excited and did a 10 mile run in them on my 55th birthday. Big mistake and injured my right knee.  That may have been a blessing in disguise though because as I’m rehabing I bought some Vibrams and am loving these much more than the 4mm drop minimalists shoes. They are helping me move to Good Form running much faster than the minimalist shoes.  

    Anyway, thanks again for the post and best wishes for your entire future. I read your blog on a regular basis.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thans, Garry. It is really easy to over-do it in these shoes. That’s for sure!

  • Motown

    I am 55 and still cool.  I run 3 to 4 miles every other day.  When a friend bought these for me I put them on and ran for 100 straight days at about 5.5 miles per hour and ran on pavement, treadmill, and dirt roads.  I guess it was just a macho thing to do the 100 mile test but I am going to buy another pair.  I like them and I do not have as many aches as before when I was running with Asics Kayanos.  Good luck.

  • Fidelguerrero

    I purchased my shoes at COSTCO several months ago. I bought them there because they were 70 Dollars.
     I read all the reviews about easing your way into your “normal” routine, however, I was not patient enough and ran longer distances than I should have. My feet ached so bad that I really wanted to throw the shoes away.
     After a few weeeks, I wore them on several smaller runs (1 to 3 Miles). Although my feet still ached, I was able to feel a big difference between the Vibram 5 fingers and my traditional Puma/Adidas/Nike shoes. My best advise is to follow the precautions (Ease into them) and you will definately enjoy the shoes.
    Now I have built up my running to 14.2 to 14.5 miles at a time on the weekends and 6 miles on the weekdays. I am looking to purchase my second pair, not because I need them but because I love mine so much that I want a second pair while Im washing the first!
    On a side note, if you are ata ll remotley interested in starting or are a veteran of running….PLEASE do yourselves a favor and read “Born to Run” by Christopher Mcdougall.
    Best shoes period!

  • Anonymous
  • Stand Strong

    I also own a pair and love them.  I have complete empathy with you regarding spending a lot of time answering questions.  They have eliminated my knee and back pain.  Funny…after billions spent in running shoe research…God had it right the first time!

  • http://www.SevenPillarsOfSuccess.Net Louise Thaxton

    I have to say these ARE different – but I will definitely be investigating – like you, I like new and different things! 

  • Guest

    I bought a pair recently and was just tickled to try them yesterday. I wasn’t disappointed, as I comfortably flew on a treadmill while snow cascaded down outside and my mile never went by with more ease. The salespeople had warned me to run no farther than this at first. They also told me to expect pain. They were right…I’m pretty sure I love these shoes, but my calves are burning to the point that walking straight takes my full concentration and physical determination. Be warned…start slow. But they’re pretty awesome.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I usually encourage people not to do more than half a mile. You are using muscles that you have never used. The good news is that your calves will quickly adapt. I have run 6 miles in mine with no problems.

  • Jeff

    Michael, what if your not a “runner”?  I’m on my feet all day and by the end of the day I’m in extreme pain in the heel portion of my feet.   Would they be good for retail like for just walking and standing like during a normal work day?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Honestly, I am not sure. It would be the equivalent of working barefoot.

  • Grantbrophy

    the vibrams are great feel and all the positives are the same for me. however after i tore up my third pair of them i finally decided i needed to try something else. the first pair i bought, the trek sports started falling apart at the toes within 30 days of owning them. i dont think the construction of the vibrams is very good and have several friend who have pairs of them that fell apart aswell starting with the toes. If you want the vibram feel with a vibram sole, get some merrells, i have been really really hard on mine at the trail and they are going strong, love them and wouldnt change a thing, they have a nice large toe box which allows the toes to splay naturally, plus they dont look so goofy on your feet. i highly recommend them, you should check out their site. the construction of the merrell is much superior to the five fingers!!!!

  • Rio_case

    I bought the VFF KSO last year and started running on them. After a relatively long break I switched to Saucony’s Hattori. In november I started training for a half marathon in Januari 2012. I switched the Hattori’s with the FVV’s regularly. Though the Hattori’s run great and have a similar ‘ground’ feeling I feel much more comfortable running with the VFF’s. They feel you can run forever. I now run 10-12km , 3 to 4 times a week and a longer run(around 15 km) in the weekend regardless of weather conditions. No pain whatsoever and feel good after. I have decided to run the half marathon on VFF definitely

  • Aaron Toponce

    I was enjoying reading the post, until I got interrupted by an ad popup, that blocked the article, and most of the page. Hopefully, you get this bug fixed. I didn’t finish the article, and plan on not returning, after leaving this comment.

    Sorry, but that was highly intrusive.

  • Blair Shelton

    I had seen the FiveFingers before but never thought about buying them until I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis.  After reading everything I could find, I made the plunge and bought the “shoes”.  It did take some getting adjusted, but using them (and orthotics at work) my Fasciitis is mostly gone.  I can’t really remember the last time my feet felt like they did when I had my most serious issues. 

    The breaking point for me was when I wore them to a theme park for two days.  I figured my feet would be really sore, but they remarkably felt amazing.  My legs were a little more tired (these shoes force your legs to work out more), but overall I felt great.  I bought some Injinji toe-socks to help keep mine smell free for a little longer, and that has been a great addition.  Thanks for your review!

  • Amber McGinty

    I have the very first generation VFFs, and although I love running in them, that particular model has one major flaw.  It has a really high back and it rubs my Achilles unless I wear a sock-type liner.  I need to upgrade to the more recent version so I’ll use them more!

    I do love that they allow me to use more muscles than regular shoes–my calves were crazy sore after the first time I used them (2 miles is too far the first time!)  Great review–I may get the KSO when I upgrade :)

  • Andrew Jefferies

    I have had my Vibrams for a couple of years again. It has been a bit of a love hate relationship. A broken foot mostly put an end to them for me. I’ve posted a couple of times on my blog about it. Just updated it after reading your review. 

  • Rob Sorbo

    I tried on a pair of Fila’s take on these shoes the other day–I was quite impressed. I didn’t buy them because I’m not a big runner, but they were actually way more comfortable than I thought they’d be. 

    The difference of Fila’s shoe is that they combine the fourth and fifth toe, so it has four toe holes instead of five.

    • Joe Lalonde

      I’m glad to hear that the Fila’s are comfortable. I almost purchased a pair the other day as Sears had a killer sale on them. Next time I won’t hesitate.

      • Rob Sorbo

        Well, I just tried them on in the store. I’m not a runner, so I can’t vouch for how comfortable they are in active use.

  • Amy

    I have had my vibram bikila for over a year and they are the best.  Two years ago I started going to a chiropractor for my hips and back.  If I ran anything over 2.5 miles (in my “running shoes” not vibrams) I knew I would not be able to walk the rest of the week due to my hips and back hurting.  I tried the Vibrams and I have not had to go to the chiropractor since.  The most I have ran in them so far has been 13 miles and they have been awesome.  I am in the process of buying new ones.  I recommend these shoes to everyone and of course everyone laughes at me!!  I will never wear another brand of shoes THESE ARE THE BEST!!

  • adfas sdfsf

    But they look so bizarre. Aren’t you embarrassed to wear them?I laughed at my Cousins Komodo’s. But after looking online and reading I was sold. It makes sense not having to have your feet trapped. It never crossed my mind that these were embarrassing. It is something new, even though they have been around since 2006. Having your feet move independently should be your only concern. I love my Komodo LS Vibrams. I’ve worn them all week to go out and yesterday at work. I feel in time I will only wear Vibrams that’s how comfy they are.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yea, I was embarrassed the first couple of times. But now they are everywhere.

  • Matt Ragland

    Michael, thanks for the post on VFFs. I read Born to Run in September 2009 and got a pair for Christmas that year. Since then I have run more in that time than I had my entire life before. They certainly made a difference in my running, and I use them for more than that. I can certainly understand being regularly being questioned about them, especially on hikes people love to ask a few questions. Thanks for the writing, keep it up!

  • Christine Roosa

    I bought a pair last May.  I had been trying to run barefoot, but was hesitant to try lest I step in last night’s party evidence.

    I knew I needed a new pair of shoes.  For the same price as traditional shoes, why not.

    Loved them the moment I tried them.  It only took me a couple weeks to get used to them, but I wasn’t a distance runner yet.  I was still fairly new to the sport.  I didn’t have to do a whole lot of retraining of my muscles, since they weren’t mis-trained yet.

    I wear them solely now.  Every now and then I try my old NBs and am more sore and worn out at the end of my run than with my Vibram’s.  Yep. Gotta stick with what works.  I’ve worn them for a 9 mile run.  I’ll do a half this May.  

    I suspect, since they don’t have all that new fangled high tech cushioning that they’ll last longer than a traditional running shoe.  So less money spent on shoes.  :)