My Top 10 Favorite iPad Apps and How I Use Them

As I mentioned in a previous post, I bought an iPad Mini and am loving it. It goes with me everywhere. It is what I think the iPad should have been from the start.

My Top 10 Favorite iPad Apps and How I Use Them

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Since writing that post, I have been asked numerous times about which iPad applications I use. I thought I’d share here my top ten favorites. These are the applications I am using daily.

  1. Nozbe: This is my task management program. I am running the new beta version, and it’s beautiful. (It should be available in the App store soon.) It is fully GTD-compliant and is a joy to use. In a word, it is my “command center.” It keeps me organized and on-task.
  2. Clever HD: I live in Evernote. It has enabled me to go almost completely paperless. It is my virtual filing cabinet. However, I am not crazy about the recent interface changes. I feel like I lost a lot of functionality. Clever HD is an alternative interface that directly accesses my Evernote database and does exactly what I wish Evernote did.
  3. Agenda Calendar: This is an alternative to the native iOS Calendar application. I like its simple and elegant interface much better. It is just more intuitive to me. (I also use it on my iPhone.) It connects directly to Google Calendar, which is what I use to manage my appointments.
  4. Mail: This is the native iOS application. It does everything I need. I have been especially pleased with the recent upgrade, including the VIP feature. For processing lots of e-mail, I still prefer the desktop version, as I use a lot of AppleScripts and Mail rules. But for checking on the go, this does the trick.
  5. 1Password: I also use this app on all my devices to manage login information, passwords, and software licenses. I sync via Dropbox, so the same database is available everywhere on every device. This is one of the first apps I install on any new device.
  6. DropBox: When I first started using this app, I did so to be able to share documents with other people. Now I use it to ensure that all my documents are available on every device I own. In fact, my entire Documents folder is under DropBox. (It also makes for a great supplemental backup solution.)
  7. Moleskine Journal: When I first got my Mini several weeks ago, I tried virtually every notebook app available for the iPad. There are some great options available. I finally settled on this one. I like the way it handles my handwriting (e.g., “wrist guard”) and syncs with Evernote.
  8. Mr. Reader: This is what I use to read my RSS subscriptions on the go. It’s my favorite RSS client. I only wish it were available on my desktop. (I use Google Reader, which I like too. This is just a slicker interface.) I especially like the way it integrates with Buffer.
  9. Kindle: I bought my iPad Mini primarily as an e-book reader. I can highlight passages, take notes, and access both of these in the cloud. For social reading, I use BookShout, which is also a terrific e-reader app.
  10. HootSuite: I use this device on every device to manage my Twitter account. It’s a huge timesaver. It also has the ability to manage my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, but I usually use the native apps for that. HootSuite allows me to separate my followers into various columns. I track direct messages, mentions, family, friends, thought leaders, etc.

Honestly, with 275,000 applications on the iPad, you have plenty to choose from. I am discovering new ones each week. I only wish Apple had a way that you could “try before you buy,” since you never really know what you are getting until you try it for yourself.

Question: What are your favorite iPad apps? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Mohamd Tohami

    My top ipad App is Kobo. I use it to purchase all my books at discounted prices.

  • chris vonada

    I am curious Michael, you use both Evernote and Dropbox. I’m an avid fan and user of Evernote, and when I looked at Dropbox it seemed like the same thing. Maybe I’m missing something in how you use the two of these differently? Thank you!

    • Michael Hyatt

      They are way different. Think of DropBox as a file manager in the cloud. You can store text files there too, but it’s cumbersome. You can also store files in Evernote (and I do some), but this is cumbersome—and difficult when the files get too large. Hope that helps.

      • chris vonada

        Thank you Michael, I will give DropBox another look.

        • Adam Faughn

          This is a good description. I use Evernote almost exclusively, but larger files (especially music and video) are much more easily stored and accessed in Dropbox.

      • Nathan Dunn

        I think this is a good description of the difference between Evernote and Dropbox. The main reason I would put a file in Evernote is for the character recognition (OCR) — I’ll scan a printed version and put it in Evernote. Otherwise, if I’m storing a presentation, document, workbook/spreadsheet, etc., I’ll copy the Dropbox URL for the file and paste the URL into the appropriate note in Evernote. That way, if I need to reference the file, I can click the link and access the document.

        I’ll also put in a plug here for I use this service as an online archive. That is, there are some files that I want to retain, and may want to access at some point in the future, but I don’t need them regularly, and I definitely don’t need them syncing to each device/computer. This may be a project that is completed, or my son’s artwork that I scan and save. For those files, I prefer to use Box over Dropbox. Dropbox is much more for my “working” files.

  • Matt McWilliams

    I hate to say it but probably Sudoku. :)

    I can make an argument that it helps my brain function better and will allow me to be productive well into my 80’s…yeah I’m going to run with that.

    • Aaron Johnson

       That’s great, Matt :)

  • Eric Dingler

    I  use OliveTree as my Bible study tool, I like being able to have any translation open and in the split screen any other book in my library.  It will keep a Bible on one side and allow you to have a Study Bible, commentary or other passage-by-passage resource open in the other side and keep them synced as you scroll the Bible side.  
    I like Breaking News to scroll headlines from several news outlets in one app including FOX, CNN, BBC, Reuters, Associated Press, USA Today and several others…but make sure to turn off push notifications, or you’ll have notifications popping up regularly. 

    • Michael Hyatt

      Cool. I have OliveTree, but I haven’t used it much. I also keep push notifications off. They can really be distracting. Thanks.

      • Coachstatom

        You can also open “Bible Study Notes” in a split screein which allows you to take sermon, or study notes, copy/paste scripture/commentary notes into your notes. Then Olive Tree allows you to link your notes to sync with Evernote. I can tweet a link my sermon/study notes from Evernote. You can tag and organize your notes by topic and create folders within the olive tree app. Very productive and useful when you want to go back and look up notes/sermons on specific topics.

    • Tom Tonkin

      Eric, which version do you use of Olive Tree? There seems to be many options as far as price etc. I am assuming each has a benefit. I would like to try something robust like you and Michael have mentioned. thank you.

      • Eric Dingler

        In the App Store look for Bible+ it’s by Olive Tree Software. The main app is free and powerful. I have purchased additional books and content over the years. It is pretty much my one-stop-shop for message prep.

        • Michael Hyatt

          Eric, do you like it better than Logos?

          • Eric Dingler

            Michael, I don’t have enough exposure to Logos to compare the two.

          • Michael Hyatt

            Fair enough. I went through the Logos training. It is very robust and deep but also complex. I’d like an easier solution.

          • Eric Dingler

            Olive Tree’s Bible+ app is very user friendly. I added the Bible Knowledge Commentary by John Walvoord and Roy Zuck. Plus the NIV Study Notes by Kenneth Barker. Very helpful resources. Logos may do this, but Olive Tree let’s you purchase and add books like the two I mentioned. They then stay in sync when you are in split screen. I can have the Message, NIV, KJV, or any other translation open on one side and display the commentary on the other side and they stay synced as I read. I can also highlight, add tags, edit the highlights (including colors, intensity of colors and thickness) and add notes. All this syncs and is then searchable in Evernote. Pretty simple and powerful iPad app. Hope this is helpful.

        • Tom Tonkin

          Thank you Eric. I will look into it today. Have a great end of week.

  • Eric S. Mueller

    My top apps are Google Chrome, Downcast, Adobe Reader, Kindle, Amazon Instant Video, Noteshelf and of course Evernote. 

    Some apps I had high hopes for but just have not gotten “there yet” are Pocket Informant (which I’ve used since the Windows Mobile days) and MyLifeOrganized. MLO for Windows is very powerful. Version 4 is promising, but the iOS apps are nowhere close to being useful.

    I’m using an iPad 2. I like the size of the screen, but it’s all I’ve known. I’m glad to have read your review of the iPad Mini. When I first saw it, I wondered who looked at the Kindle Fire and said “Yeah, that’s nice, but it doesn’t cost enough. If only there were a 7″ tablet for $150 more, I’d grab it.” Apparently, I was wrong.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I use Downcast on my iPhone and love it. I have not tried Google Chrome on the iPad. In fact, I didn’t even know they had an iOS app. Thanks.

      • jscotta

        A warning to the wise. I’m in the information security industry. Use Google services, if you like them and they serve your needs. However, most applications and software that treat your personal information the way that Google does is considered malware. They change their privacy terms of service fairly often and are always exploring the bounds of legal and personal tolerance to their use of data. Please be careful.

    • David Bourne

      Google Chrome is great for synching your open tabs in other devices. 
      It also syncs passwords and login data, but LastPass is my goto for that. 

      • Eric S. Mueller

        Chrome is pretty good. I wish we could get Flash support on iPads though. It always seems to be a glaring limitation.

        • Nathan Dunn

          Check out the Puffin Browser for iPad. It has some limitations for how much you can run Flash files through the browser, but it does support Flash. And it’s a pretty quick browser.

          • Noelle Mena

            Love the Puffin browser. It allows me to open & work inside my Adobe Connect Admin area. Also to watch training Videos for Art Classes in a private membership group that are all in Flv. I’m always surprised at how fast Puffin is. Love.

    • Nathan Dunn

      Eric, I had a Kindle Fire HD for a couple of weeks between my iPad 2 and my iPad Mini. I really liked the size of the Kindle Fire HD, which I knew would bode well for when my iPad Mini arrived. The Fire is a nice device, and as you noted, the price is definitely a strong point for many people. I was generally pleased with the Fire, and there were a few areas — especially the speakers — where I thought the Fire was better than the iPad. But there are several key areas — at least for me — where the iPad is stronger than the Kindle, and worth the extra money. There are many good online comparisons of iPad Mini vs. Kindle (vs. Nook vs. Google Nexus, etc.), so I won’t try to rehash everything here. 

      But for me, the biggest need was the cellular data plan, which you can’t get for a the Kindle. You can download books via WhisperNet; otherwise, you need to find Wi-Fi. 

      I have several friends who really like the Kindle Fire HD, and my Dad is currently enjoying the Kindle that I had, since I passed it on to him. For people who don’t need some of the features of the iPad, it’s definitely a great device.

      Here are links to some comparison reviews:

  • Darrentyler

    Expensify is amazing. Expense tracker as well as receipts. Take a phot of receipt and it reads them as it scans. Even the hand written part when I leave a tip. All locked and loaded and doing the expense reports is incredibly simple AND the report syncs with quick books for reconciling

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yep, I use it too. Very handy. However, I typically use it on the iPhone.

  • Aaron Johnson

    For GTD, I’m using a browser-based app called ZenDone (in beta), and hope they come out with an ipad app. I love drawing and it’s hard to beat the Sketch Club, but the response of Bamboo Paper is amazing for handwriting (it just is missing that wrist guard). And I pretty much do everything in Evernote now.

    What I’ve found with the ipad and productivity, is that I have to pull it out for convenience or for very specific work. Otherwise, I find it a distraction and will keep it in my backpack.

    • Aaron Johnson

       Just found out that ZenDone (the GTD app) has a Beta iphone and ipad app in the works!

      • Dallon Christensen

        Zendone is pretty cool. I tested it myself. The one thing that turned me off about it was if I created an action step in Zendone, I couldn’t sync it back to Evernote. My GTD workflow in Evernote allows me to keep a log of all reference items and actions steps in a single application. I’ve been trying hard to limit the number of applications I use, and Daniel Gold’s method of using Evernote for my GTD. This is an affiliate link to his book, and I highly recommend it along with Brett Kelly’s book which Michael recommends.

        • Aaron Johnson

           Makes sense. And Brett Kelly’s book is great!

  • brianfalexander

    I use GoodReads for Social reading. Similar to Bookshout. Have you tried it yet?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I have not. I’ll have to give it a look.

      • brianfalexander

        Yea, I was an early adopter of it. Seems to be increasing their user-base lately. Connects with Facebook nicely, and uses Amazon’s API. Might consider reviewing it if you get the chance.

      • Laura Dallas

        Goodreads provides a great platform for authors to get involved with promoting their books through social media. I highly recommend it!

  • Kern Lunde

    For listening to podcasts, I love Downcast (sure beats Apples’ Podcast app). Also, Box is pretty much the same idea as DropBox. I ended up with Box since I have a much larger available storage since I was an early user, but both are probably pretty comparable.

    • jscotta

      I agree with your reasons for using I started using (and keep using them) because of the 50GB initial file storage limit. They are also a bit more enterprise (read that as file security) friendly. However, they are not quite as good as DropBox for ease of use.

  • Missy Caulk

    Nice…checked out some I had not heard about. 

  • David Tonen

    I love Flipboard and YouVersion. They are the first apps I use every morning.

    I haven’t tried Mr. Reader so I will check it out but why I love Flipboard is that it brings in my Google Reader feed but also consolidates feeds from Twitter, Facebook, G+, Linked-in and News/Sports etc. It is like a modern morning newspaper with a great user interface.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I have heard great things about Flipboard. I will have to check it out.

      • David Tonen

        It is even better on the iPad than on the iPhone. Enjoy!

    • Michael Lettner

      Flipboard would be one of my favorite iPad apps too. I don’t like it on my S3 for it didn’t put enough content on each page like it does on the iPad app. 

    • jscotta

      Flipboard is great. However my ‘go to’ app for news reading is still the venerable Feeddler Pro for Google Reader syncing. Zite for intelligent news exploration. The latter helps me to find things in areas that I’m interested in without being a specific source. It helps me to break out of the box when it comes to news sources. Gives me a wider view of the world.

  • Mark Lagrone

    Is there a reason you prefer Nozbe for GTD rather than Evernote since you use Evernote anyway?  

    • Michael Hyatt

      I tried Evernote as a task manager for a while. But it is really not designed for that purpose. I found it very cumbersome.

  • ScottWilliams

    Thanks for the list Mike… I use a couple of those. Another app that I like and have used for years, actually when it had a different name. :)  It’s called sound note.  Basically it’s a note taking app that records audio, the cool thing is you can just touch any notes that you had taken during the entire recording and it will go back to that spot.

    Basically you can take notes of the important stuff or drawings and it will take you to that point of the recording. This msg is from 38.000ft, don;t you just love in flight wifi :)

    • Michael Hyatt

      My manager uses Sound Note and loves it. Thanks! Happy flying.

  • Mark Lagrone

    One last question: I use my Ipad 3 as a replacement for my laptop on most days. Are you using your mini for consuming more than creating? Do you feel you would be able to create on it at the same level as the iPad?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I use it primarily for consuming. I don’t think I could use it for creating like I could my laptop. Of course, I could add a keyboard, but that’s one more piece of gear to take. I just whip out my laptop for that.

      • jscotta

        I assume by “creating” you are talking about writing. Have you tried any of the various speech recognition apps (including the built-in one) for dictating content? I’ve started using it and it has helped me to dramatically improve my ability to generate content.

        I use my iPad for creating/editing presentations, but it is a full-sized one. I like the idea of the iPad mini, but would need to try it for presentation editing before I could consider it.

  • Bud Brown

    1. Logos Bible
    2. Evernote
    3. OmniFocus
    4. ByWord

    • Michael Hyatt

      I use ByWord too. Love it.

  • Michael Paddy

    Flip-board. Gives me everything a news information junkie like me needs! Interfaces with Facebook and twitter updates too!

  • William McNeely


    Do you use a stylus with the Moleskin app? And if you do, which one?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yep, I use the Bamboo.

      • Aaron Johnson

         I read a ton of reviews before getting a stylus and got the Bamboo. As an artist, I’m crazy picky, and I love it.

  • Dan Erickson

    I don’t have one yet, but thanks for the app ideas for when I do get one.

  • Bud Brown

    Clarifying question: You use Clever HD as your Evernote interface for iPad, iPhone or both?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, both.

  • BPJets

    Outside of the business productivity apps – 

    Stitcher- for managing the podcasts I listen toStrava Run – for tracking my morning runs
    Guitar Tabs – If you play guitar this is the greatest app ever created.  Lyrics with chords, the ability to set a timing mechanism for automatic scrolling, to launch the song you are learning as you scroll through the tab, the ability to call up the tab of a chord you don’t know directly in the song your are learning.  Its bloody brilliant.

  • Lisa Colón DeLay

    I use about half of  these already…and I love hearing about the words I haven’t found yet. Thank you!

  • Macmaniac007

    Apple does have a way that we could try before we buy, they just won’t do it.

    • jscotta

      Actually, the application developers have ways for us to try now. They can provide feature limited apps today for free. Then allow us to upgrade to the ‘full’ featured version with an in-app purchase. Many app developers do that today.

      It will not work for every app, but the vast majority of them do it today. It is what used to be called shareware.

  • Caroline Niziol

    Thank you for this — just downloaded Clever HD. I have a large Evernote database and the native iPad client is very frustrating. This is exactly what I needed on iPad!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Good. I hope you like it.

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  • Drew Dillon

    Michael – I have to know… now that you have the new mini has the ecosystem notebook gone away? Are you still using paper notebooks. I just got an ecosystem notebook and I love it… I’ve tried my ipad as a note taker, and it just doesn’t resonate with me like a pen on paper does. Love to hear your thoughts.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I am not using a paper notebook any longer. I am taking notes on the iPad. Thanks.

    • Adam Faughn

      I’m not a big fan of typing notes often, so here is what I do: I write my notes, then scan them into Evernote. If the note is short (just one page), I just snap a picture and put it there. My handwriting is awful, though, so I usually have to take just a second to tag the note so Evernote has something it can actually read to search!

      • Drew Dillon

        Thanks Adam! I have fought tying to record notes with a laptop (which isn’t bad depending on the meeting), but often it feels over bearing for say a meeting over coffee. I tried using my iPad which is ok, but just doesn’t resonate with me. I feel more connected to the pen and paper which is weird to say. However, I must say the iPad is amazing for quick presentations one on one with a client. It blows them away if you do it right.

        Thanks again!

  • Drew Tewell

    Hello Michael,

    Thanks for another well written and informative post. As for iPad apps, I really like Pages. It is very clean and elegant. And I like the fact that what I write syncs with my iPhone so I can read and edit it on either device. That may be my favorite feature of all on my apple products (iCloud).

    I am also a big fan of Audible. When I am able, I will sometimes read the Kindle version of a book and listen to the Audible version as well. Amazon even has a new feature called Whispersync that will sync where you’re at in a Kindle book with the Audible version.

    Michael, do you ever use Audible to listen to audiobooks?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I use Audible exclusively to listen to audio books; however, I use the iPhone version when I am running. Thanks.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I use Audible exclusively to listen to audio books; however, I use the iPhone version when I am running. Thanks

  • paulcolligan

    Omnifocus for iPad. Prefer it to all the others. Tried Nozbe 18 months ago. Any major changes?

    Documents from Readdle is amazing for file management and reading. Has never done me wrong w any random documents sent by email. Also letting me go paperless for real this year.

    If you haven’t tried it yet, Bossjock will change your Podcast production game.

    Yeah, try Flipboard. Mindblowingly good.

    I agree with you about the iPad Mini. Have only used my other one to watch vids since I picked this up.

    • Michael Hyatt

      If I didn’t use Nozbe, Omnifocus would be my second choice. The version of Nozbe I am using is a completely new re-write. Unfortunately, it is not available in the App store yet but should be available in the next few days.

      • paulcolligan

        What does Nozbe bring to the table that Omnifocus doesn’t (new version)?

        • Michael Hyatt

          Project templates for one. However, I just like the interface better. I realize this is a highly personal thing.

          • jscotta

            I use Daylite for business task/project tracking. I realize it might be overkill for many (especially the cost), but for my business nothing else even comes close. The ability to track relationships, multiple very large in-depth projects, keep everything together yet be able to see them from many directions – fantastic.

          • paulcolligan

            oh I know, just really curious. the right task management makes all the difference in the world so i’m always keeping my eye open here.

  • PastorRichard

    I have been using CloudOn with Dropbox.  CloudOn is the closest thing I have found to MS Word for the iPad.  It even looks like Word.  It will save to Dropbox and you can open the file in Word on the PC.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Cool. I’ll have to check that out.

  • Time With Tracy

    I enjoy Zite, a magazine app. Similar to Pandora for music, Zite learns what you like to read and offers new content.

    Thank you for sharing this list. I’ve especially been searching for a new task manager.

    I’m curious, what tool (or stylus) do you use for capturing handwritten notes in the Moleskine Journal?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I am using the Bamboo stylus. However, I just ordered the Adonit Jot Pro Dampening Stylus Pen.

      • Britton Smith

        Michael, what did you think of the Adonit Jot Pro?  I am in the market for a new stylus, and saw that you purchased it.  It got mixed reviews on Amazon, so I’m a little hesitant.  I haven’t fully converted to writing on the iPad because it doesn’t feel as natural as a journal with the stylus.  Did you experience the same learning curve?


        • Michael Hyatt

          I just got it yesterday, so I really haven’t even tried it out yet.

      • Wayne Stiles

         Michael, how are you liking your Adonit Jot Pro Stylus Pen as compared to the Bamboo stylus?

        • Michael Hyatt

          I really like it better. Thanks.

          • Wayne Stiles

            Michael, have you had any problems with your Adonit Jot Pro Dampening Stylus Pen scratching your iPad Mini?

          • Michael Hyatt

            Nope. None.

  • Sriram S

    Hi Michael

    Just curious. Do you use any stylus for taking notes? Is so which one?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I use the Bamboo, but I just ordered Adonit Jot Pro Dampening Stylus Pen. I should have it tomorrow.

      • JL

        Do you have a preference on which stylus pen you like best yet?  I am in the market for one. 

        I am thinking about using the Moleskin app for my Bible Study journaling.

  • Michael Lettner

    Thanks for this list. I will have to try out Clever HD for Evernote’s app is fustrating especially for searching which is Evernote’s overall strong point on desktop/web. 

    Other ones would be YouVersion (Bible App), ESPN, Pocket, Amazon, and also Flipboard and Chrome that others have mentioned.

    My daughter’s (3 years old) favorite app is PBS Kids for has clips of their shows.

  • Karla Akins

    I like the ones you mentioned, especially my Kindle and  iBook apps. I read voraciously on my iPad.  I take all my notes during meetings inside my email because it’s how I keep track but I also use the notes app. I love iPad because I can email almost anything to myself after I work inside  the apps. Google reference is one I use a lot. The cloud is the best because I can access everything on my iPhone that’s on my iPad. Great post. I’m going to have to see about using Moleskin more. I get in a rut and tend to use the same few apps over and over.

    Olive Tree is probably my top app. (I forget all the apps I use!) As well as ReadingPlan which is how I track my Bible reading.

  • John Richardson

    Great review, Michael. As for me, the new WordPress app is pretty nice for checking stats (If you have Jetpack installed) and putting up simple posts while you are on the go. Flipboard is a great app for consolidating all common Facebook and Twitter feeds into one slick app. Hootsuite is great for responding to Tweets. I like a lot better than the PC interface. Camera+ is a really fun app for editing and sending pictures. 

    Glad to see you on the iPad bandwagon again…

    • Michael Hyatt

      I was pleasant;y surprised by the WordPress app. It really is good.

    • Aaron Johnson

       John, just  curious as to how JetPack compares with google analytics?

      • John Richardson

        Jetpack is a little easier to understand and you can view it in your blog interface. Unfortunately, Jetpack is a huge plugin that can slow your blog down and includes a lot of features you may not use. Definitely use caching software if you install it. Google Analytics is very robust. You can save different profiles and scripts which make it a little easier to use. My webhost now offers Google Analytics at the domain level without a plugin. Dropping Jetpack and going with the host’s analytics package increase my Google page speed from 80 to 95 on my WordPress blog. A noticeable difference.

        • Aaron Johnson

           Thanks John, that’s helpful.

  • Rick Healey

    Michael, thanks for the recommendations. I’m curious about Hoot Suite. I’ve never used it but thought it competed with Buffer App. I heard you mention that you use Buffer App too. Do you use both of these applications to manage your twitter account? 

    Also just an additional comment I really like LastPass because it has a free version and syncs without using dropbox.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, HootSuite and Buffer do two different things. HootSuite is a way to monitor conversations and reply on the fly (which you can’t do with Buffer). Buffer is a way to queue up tweets in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Wayne Stiles

    Michael, based on your recent post, I got the Bamboo stylus and began using it on my iPad with the Moleskine Journal. I’m not sure if it was the stylus or the Journal or my (First Generation) iPad, but the results were pretty poor. Do you think your new-fangled Mini is my missing element? Maybe my iPad is just too old.

    • Michael Hyatt

      It’s hard to say, Wayne. You might go to an Apple Store and try one. I have found that the choice of a stylus and note-taking app is highly personal. Thanks.

  • Andrea

    Hi All

    What I used daily on my iPad:
    Meshin Calendar (syncs with Evernote)
    Google+ (for posting, and checking on my communities, I use Flipboard for reading…)
    Journal (sends entries directly to Evernote)
    Calendar (but I use the calendar more on my iPhone)

    For shopping
    Amazon App
    Etsy (not as good as going straight to the website, but some times I just want to window shop, and this app is good for that). 

    Since I travel a lot for my job (usually 100%) I also find the following apps useful: 
    Scanner Pro (for scanning receipts and odd pieces of paper)
    Waze (I gave up on using the other map apps, this helps me with traffic issues and alternative routes in places that I travel too and don’t know well)

    Now no one mentioned what they use for magazine reading, I tried Zinio but I was unhappy with the functionality. I’ve started using the magazine specific apps, my biggest complaint with all of them is that there isn’t a way to print out or clip (I read lots and lots of Knitting, Spinning, Weaving, Crocheting Mags where printing out projects would be handy)

    Has anyone come up with a way to read magazines and still be able to either clip or print?


    Cheers, Andrea

  • Michael Hyatt

    Yes. I used the methodology for about three weeks. It was great until Evernote changed their interface. I found it impossible to use on my iOS devices. However, based on the Secret Weapon methodology, I did radically simply the number of notebooks I was using in Evernote.

    • Andrea

      Awesome, at least it helped somewhere. I’m too am not happy with the changes in the Evernote interface, but i went and and a good long email conversation with the product manager, and told him where things were falling down, he made some great suggestions on how to recreate what I had before it took about a half hour to tweak but was worth the time. 

      Also since you are an Evernote offciando (is that even a word). You might want to talk tot he beta test team. While there forum isn’t open there are ways of getting their attention on the forums @ Evernote.

    • JL

      Can you explain the Secret Weapon and benefits? Is this a separate app? Are you using this currently?

      • Michael Hyatt

        It is not a separate app. It is a methodology for using Evernote to manage your tasks. You can read about it


  • Adam Faughn

    My wife has an iPad 2 and loves Flipboard. She does not read as many blogs/sites as I do, so she likes that the format is beautiful and it is like reading a short daily magazine.

    • Jim Martin

      Adam, Flipboard is one of my favorite apps.  I use it a lot!

  • Ristlin

    Writer is great word processing app that I use when focusing on just the writing. It has a beautiful clean interface on the iPhone and the desktop and I’m certain it looks just as great on the iPad. 

  • Alan

    Hi Michael, this is a really interesting collection. I’ll definitely be checking out Nozbe. A task management app is key for me, and I’ve been using Wunderlist but since this has been upgraded it’s been acting up. 

    Like you I use Hootsuite, Dropbox & the native mail app. I also use the native calendar app, syncing my work (exchange) calendar and google calendar. For note taking I use NotesPlus, the close-up handwriting is great, and it allows me multiple folders for different topics.

    Finally for when I have to write I use IAWriter when I’m on the move for plain old drafting text, and then upload to dropbox for editing at a later date. I’ve tried CloudOn for this, but it does need a near constant internet connection which isn’t always practical when on the move.

  • Kpjgolf

    Thanks for the suggestions.  Always looking for good Apps.  If you are a golfer, can I suggest an App for you?  It is called Cardiogolf.  It is a golf fitness App that I developed.  Thanks, Karen Palacios-Jansen 

  • Leslie Maddox

    1. Feeddler – a front-end for Google Reader.
    2. Nebulous – to view files on Dropbox.
    3. TurboScan – to “scan” documents into Evernote with my iPhone, haven’t tried it yet on iPad.
    4. NIV Bible – can add other translations, too.
    5. Accordance – Gives me access to Bible study tools I use on my Mac.
    6. Lamplight – Scripture card app I wrote (shameless plug ;-) ).

  • jeff miller

    I am a new ipad user. Curious best way you have found to webclip?

    • Andrea

      The easiest for me, is either setting up the Evernote bookmark which can be icky or just email the webpage to my Evernote account.

  • Michael Hyatt

    The iPad app is really identical in functionality to the iPhone app. I have not decided if I am going to do a full review. Thanks.

  • Jim

    I would add a free App called CloudOn. It allows you to open any Microsoft Word, Excel, or Powerpoint from within Dropbox, and edit them. It even brings up the “F” Keys on the keyboard. It allows you to save the changes within Dropbox. 

  • Julie Gumm

    My favorite “mom” app is Paprika – it’s a recipe manager, meal planning tool and grocery list in one. It replaced ALL my cookbooks. I use Adobe Ideas to do sketches/mockups for design projects. Evernote, Dropbox, Kindle are must haves as well. Thanks for this list!

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  • Parisbreakfast

    LOVE yr Agenda!
    Thank you..thank you.So much better than iPad calendar .
    If you come to Paris, Paris by Metro is indispensable (offline info)

  • Parisbreakfast

    PS I could not be happier with my iPad mini
    Changed my life so much for the better
    Happy to see yr positive review

  • Jen McDonough “The Iron Jen”

    Definitely 1password – it saves me a lot of time!

  • Howtobeyou

    Hi I like the We Reader app it allows people to journal whilst reading the book, connect with other readers in a community forum and post comments to the author.

  • Jim Cumbee


    Have you spent much time with iBooks?  I prefer it to Kindle because of the highlight/note taking functionality, and while my research isn’t definitive, I think books are generally less expensive than via Amazon.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I used it when it first came out, but my investment is all in Kindle, plus I can read on my laptop. Unfortunately, iBooks doesn’t have an app for that yet. How do you find the note/highlight function different or better than Kindle? Thanks.

      • Jim

        I don’t read books on my desktop, so that functionality isn’t relevant to me. iBooks has six highlighting colors which has numerous advantages, and when you open that function you’re also opening notes, whereas I believe with Kindle once you highlight you have to reopen the function to add a note. About half my books are in iBooks, half in the other, admittedly not ideal….

        • Michael Hyatt

          The other thing I like about Kindle is that I can go to the Kind page for that book and see all my highlights and notes. I then clip that page into Evernote. Thanks.

          • Jim Cumbee

            FYI, I just figured out how to get iBooks highlights and notes into Evernote. Via the Notes edit function you can email, so put in your Evernote address, and boom, you’re there.

            I enjoy and learn from your insights, and enthusiasm. Thanks.

          • Michael Hyatt

            Cool. Good to know.

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  • Danilo Vargas

    Michael, I really enjoy these behind-the-scenes, let-me-show-you-how-I-get-things-done posts. So useful, thank you! Today I tried the Moleskin app and I’m going to take a look at Clever HD. Thank you so much for what you do! 

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Danilo. Truth be told, these are my favorite posts to write. (I’m really a geek at heart!)

  • Pingback: Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, January 17 & 18, 2013 « cochisewriters()

  • Michael Hyatt

    Textastic looks really interesting. I enjoyed watching the video demo.

  • Fran Williams

    This is a little off topic, but somewhat relevant because 1Password (along with many others) requires iOS 6.0. I had heard there are still problems with upgrading to iOS 6 so I have been holding off. Any advice out there?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I have not experienced any problems, either with 1Password or iOS 6.

    • Eric S. Mueller

      I’m not sure what you’ve heard. I upgraded both my iPhone and iPad to iOS6 a week before the release (leaked ROMs always seem to come out then), and I haven’t had a problem. I believe iOS 6 came out last October.

      I used to use 1Password a lot on my iPhone. I’ve since switched to LastPass, which I find to be more universal. And the free version has tons of features. 

  • Lisa Nelson

    My favorite app is Brushes, a really simple drawing app I use for my business. After that I would say Twitter.

    I so wish I could get Hootsuite to work on my iPad but I can’t get that thing to even load. When I read your post I got hopeful since it was working for you. I installed the latest update, but it still won’t work on my iPad 2. Glad it’s working for you Michael :D

  • Pingback: Shepherd Links – 1/19 | Pastoralized()

  • Rob Steinbach

    Thanks for this. Curious… when using the ipad mini do you use the key board on the ipad to input text or another external keyboard (logitech, etc.)?


    • Michael Hyatt

      I use the keyboard on the iPad.

  • Darlene L. Turner

    Thanks for this, Michael! I’ll have to check them out. I haven’t downloaded a lot yet. I like iBooks. I also just received my BookBook cover. Love it!! (got the idea from you!). I live in Ontario, Canada and I received it within three days! Quick service. :-)

  • Kerry Stith

    Evernote, Kindle, Twitter and Facebbo

  • Nathan Dunn

    I definitely agree with your assessment of the usefulness of the iPad Mini. After having had both an iPad and an iPad 2, I love the size and portability of the Mini. Of course, it helps that this is also the first iPad where I also have a cellular data plan, so I’m connected to the Internet from anywhere.

    We use a lot of the same apps, but I’m curious about 1Password. It’s $17.99 for the iPad app, and then $49.99 for my MacBook? Seems a bit steep to pay almost $70 for a password program. I’ve been using SplashID for several years, and have liked that — it’s $9.95 for the mobile version, and $19.95 for the desktop version, if someone is looking for a lower-cost option. It might not have all of the features of 1Password — I haven’t done a side-by-side comparison — but I just can’t bring myself to spend that extra $40. 

    • Michael Hyatt

      I don’t blame you. I don’t recall paying this much for 1Password. I wonder if they raised their price recently.

  • Moonice

    this good iam looking for new one

  • Moonice
  • Stuart Clark

    Thanks for letting us know about Clever HD. I too have found the new iOS interface very frustrating.  I just wish they had a iPhone version now!

    • Michael Hyatt

      They do have an iPhone version. I actually started using that first.

      • Stuart Clark

        Don’t I feel silly now!  Many thanks, downloading it now.

  • ThatGuyKC

    Great list of apps. I was wondering which were your favorite.

    If you like Mr. Reader then you’d really like Reeder for Mac (it’s also available on iOS). @Moe_NYC:twitter turned me onto it and it’s great.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I have tried Reeder for Mac, but, alas, it does not have Buffer integration. As a result, I am staying with Google Reader for now. The Buffer app works well with it.

      • Eric S. Mueller

        I’ve tried various readers over the years, but found Google Reader the best. Maybe not the best feature set, but I can get my feeds from anywhere (work, laptop, iPhone, iPad, friends’ computers, etc).

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  • Dallon Christensen

    Another good calendar app is the “Calendars” app from Readdle (I think I have the spelling right). It’s a bit pricey at $6.99, but it’s a universal iOS app and syncs with Google Calendar without using the Apple iCal feature. I really like the weekly view on this app since I like to look a few days out.

    I had never heard about Clever HD. I use Evernote as my GTD interface and really like it. Clever takes a few “clicks” out of my GTD workflow in Evernote. It was worth the money.

  • JL

    Other apps that have not been discussed much or highlighted that I use often are Google Drive/iCloud…mostly for editing/syncing Excel spreadsheets.

  • Mark Noldy

    Zite is an interesting free app. Zite learns what you like to read and gives you more. Plus, it’s easy to share stories.

    • John Tiller

      Thanks for the info, Mark!

  • iPad repair Denver

    I love to hear others opinions on their favorite apps, mostly because I love to get new apps and if something sounds appealing, I want to get it for my iPad. Thanks for this post!!

    • John Tiller

      Glad you checked in!

  • Amy Hagerup

    This is great. I will check these out I need some good tutorials for evernote though. I have it but need to learn how to make it organized to work better for me.

  • SylvainvBolduc

    Feedly Is 1000 x better than mr reader

  • Ria Selvaggio

    My favorite apps, ones that I use daily, are marked **.

    **Evernote – Thank you Michael! My entire magazine is laid out in Evernote and synced with all my devices. I can also easily share content with my freelancers.

    **Art for Cures – An app that I personally built for my nonprofit that tracks our Twitter feed, blog posts, and our donation driven Etsy shop.

    **CamScanner – I used the free version forever, i now have the pro.

    **Dropbox – I have found this indispensable as I can’t really transfer files from my iPad any other way. 

    50 Languages – We are going to Europe in September for three weeks, so my husband and I are both working on several languages. His 12 years of Latin are making it much easier for him we have found; he is teaching himself Swedish, German, Portuguese, and brushing up on his Spanish. I am learning French and brushing up on my Spanish as well.

    RailEurope – Also for our European travel in September. We can change our global passes and reservations, check train times, and find nearby places of interest.

    Instagram and PhotoBooth Vintage – I’m a mom and an artist. I photograph everything. 
    ( #renmeleon and #artforcures ) The PhotoBooth Vintage is literally like an old photobooth and one of our favorite apps for my Galaxy S3 as well as my iPad. It is great at gatherings. The adults have more fun with it than the kids.

    Kindle, Nook, Play Books/iBooks – I am an avid reader and I carry around my reference material digitally versus a backpack. Much better on the shoulders.

    **Square Register – Fabulous for anywhere. Client meetings I can accept payment immediately, deposits are made to my bank account, and I can provide a receipt. 

    Others I use are:

    Flipboard, Issuu, Fandango, Tip N Split, World Clock, MailChimp, Etsy, EasyVoiceRecorder, Uberconference, Skype, Evernote Food and Web Clipper, QR Droid.

  • Judi

    You are like Letterman to me with your Top 10 lists … always look forward to them!  Especially when they have to do with the iPad and working smarter … thanks for sharing!!!

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  • Gos_518

    Thanks for the information. A great CRM app where you can do aos all of this in one place is daylite

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  • Sid Molenaar

    I enjoy reading you articles on Evernote. In your article you recommend Evernote Essentials. Because you recommended it, I proceeded to purchase it. However, to my dismay after going through the process of giving my credit card information and completing the process. NOTHING, no confirmation, no response, no book and no contact info trying to resolve. I would still like the book because of your recommendation.

    What do you recommend?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Honestly, I have never had this complaint. I would recommend checking your spam folder to see if the confirmation mail went there. I will also notify the author. Perhaps he can chime in hear and recommend a course of action for you to take. Thanks.

    • Brett Kelly

      Hi Sid, 

      I’m Brett (author of Evernote Essentials). I’m sorry about the trouble you’re having! It looks like the emails I’m trying to send to your address are being rejected by your email server. Email me (brett [at] and I’ll get you straightened out right away.

      Apologies again!

  • Vicki

    I’m a mom and teacher and I think COZI is the best family organization ap in the world! Every family should have this ap on their phones, tablets, and computers!

    • Barry Hill

      As a Mon and a Teacher those are some high praises!—gonna have to check it out!

  • How To Use IPad

    Firstly thank for posting this great info. I was looking for what things we can do through ipad…

  • kim

    For a really killer planner app I would recommend Opus Domini, it is gorgeous, and works amazingly well. You will find yourself far more productive with a very intuitive app, not to mention that it syncs with iCal (and google calendar for that matter if you have it set up on your ipad settings) It is for iPad, iPhone, and Mac. Try the free version, it is more than enough (: Not an affiliate, just found it recently for my boyfriend and he loves it, he has been less stressed and more productive with it, toodles!

    • Michael Hyatt

      That looks just like my old Franklin Planner. Wow.

  • Chucs

    My favourite App is Any.DO. It is quite easy to use it to manage my to do list. It is intuitive like my iPhone itself

  • Appsicum

    Thanks for sharing the list

    Here’s a couple of Photo Apps that I would
    like to share:

    Photo effects

    Photo Album –
    Photobook – Photo Album –Special offer  3.99 – till 15th march


  • Karl Garen

    Thank you Thank You.  I have been looking for an evernote app that works as well as the desktop version off and on for weeks.  I just tried Clever HD.  That is just what I was looking for.

  • Cat Linder

    I am a single mother of two young teens and an outside sales rep and cover a large territory. These are the apps I use daily to “keep my crazy under control” or better known as how I organize, plan and remember all things both professionally and personally.
    -YouVersion for my Bible app and devotions
    -Evernote for my filing cabinet
    -Skitch with evernote when I need to annotate a picture and send to a support team member or explain how to find that actionable button on a web page
    -Genius scan to scan anything into a PDF (I no longer use my flatbed scanner in my office)
    -Wunderlist for my to-do list
    -Trello for organizing projects, whether its a large work project or something I’ve volunteered for. I am currently trying it out for organizing my notes for a presentation…so far, so good!

  • tommy vinca
  • Tim Rash

    Great apps for me to check out, thank you. You have me hooked on Evernote. I do find Penultimate to be much easier to use than the Moleskine Journal. There is no need for a wrist guard on my ipad and it syncs very nicely and automatically to Evernote.

  • Friv 10

    Your article is improbably literate. this might be nice informational content from my purpose of browse.

  • kizi friv

    This is a very informative article. Y

  • Kimbo

    Man, Notability beats the pants off of that Moleskine app. But I got excited for a second there. :)

    • Michael Hyatt

      Ha! The best application is the one that best meets your needs! If that’s Notability, awesome.

      • Kimbo

        True! But have you tried out Notability’s zoom feature paired with the handrest? It allows me to write exactly as if I were writing on paper. I take extensive notes on it and it’s so intuitive (plus makes my handwriting look great). :) If you haven’t tried that in particular, I suggest you check it out specifically and see if you don’t like it better than Moleskine.

        • Michael Hyatt

          Moleskine has a similar feature. In fact, many of the notebook apps do. I’ll give it a look. Thanks.

          • Kimbo

            OH! I see! I do love being able to change the size of the wrist guard. But why does the magnifying glass not do anything? I pinch to zoom and it only goes so far. Still doesn’t get me anything close to “real” handwriting like I get in Notability.

            I love the options of different Moleskine page layouts, too.

  • kizi

    I use my Ipad 3 as a replacement for my laptop on most days. Are you
    using your mini for consuming more than creating? Do you feel you would
    be able to create on it at the same level as the iPad?

  • Jeff

    Hello Michael,
    Great post!
    What about Must Do Today? It is a useful app for productivity!
    Thank you!

  • Soraya

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for your post, you have selected good note-taking apps for

    I’m Soraya Soula, I working for BeesApps company.

    BeesApps started with a simple observation: most of the actions on
    business are taken from the meeting notes. That’s why we developed Beesy because there was no tool to manage professional activity in a single one.

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  • Larry Shoup Jr

    I just purchased an iPad mini 16 for school. We have to use an app called nursing essentials for our clinicals. I figure the suggested iPod touch would be too small, and the 10″ iPad would be too large. I like this so much that i may get the 64gb version and give this to my mife. So a few comments and then my top apps…

    I do not like moleskin. The eraser takes too long, and I have had problems erasing stuff and after I leave the app and reopen the specific notebook the stuff I erased returns over the new stuff. I might use the mini to handwritten my notes. For that, I will use notability- it has a nice organized way to keep your notes, and unlike some other note taking apps that allow pen handwriting, the return key on the magnifying glass goes to the next line, rather than skipping 2,3,4 lines. Also, when you print out, it scales with the paper type. Moleskin always prints out wide rule, and bamboo prints out gynormous. Notability will print narrow ruled paper if you select narrow rule, etc.

    So, my top apps ATM,

    Notability – I would like penultimate , but no wrist guard feature!
    Kindle & nook (use both)
    Planner plus (upgraded) – I am a sucker for traditional planner looks
    Merrian Webster dictionary – very useful
    Day One… I like this for trip journals or vacation / holidays

    I want to try nozbe, but is there a reason to with the planner?

    Espn score center

    Top notes – for personal journals or writing.
    Scrabble :)
    And finally , logos bible software. I like looking up the Greek or Hebrew when I seriously question a preacher!s interpretation :)

    • Larry Shoup Jr

      Now I just need to find a good stylus that has a pen like nub…I hate most of the stylus out there for note taking. Bamboo I think has one.

  • iPad POS System

    my top app is Mail and DropBox without these app i don’t used ipad….

  • Appsicum

    My suggestion is Photo
    Album – Photobook which
    lets users create albums, collages, moodboards, photobooks etc.

  • Kaila

    I love dropbox and evernote. These apps really made my life easier. Also my newest ‘top of the list’ is SmartTM app for task management. I use it for about month right now and it rocks!

  • Dianne – Bunny Trails

    Are you still using Agenda Calendar? Apparently it is no longer available. Is there any other calendar you would recommend? Thanks!

  • Appsicum

    Evernote App and
    Dropbox App are some of the best apps which people generally include in there
    app lists. Some good apps here. further adding to this list I would like to suggest Photo
    Album – Photobook which, let you create the
    albums on your iPad. Photo Album is the most unique and advanced photo book and
    album creating app.

  • Richard Mark

    For editing photos or adding special effects like filters, try Photosplashfx Editor app. This app is one of my favorites for photo-tweaking thanks to its straightforward interface and powerful effects.The app’s interface has been improved to align with iOS 7’sclean, simple look. A few improvements have made it easier to use, The inclusion of free new effects packs is also a great touch.This app comes with all basic and advanced features with great user interface for entry level and advanced users

  • lanister

    Dtortot, you know Mint probably is restricted the US and maybe Canada because of the banking laws and regulations. Sorry I didn’t make note of that in the article, en attendant prochain Nexus 5 profitez de galaxy note 3 pas cher ..

  • hemanti

    i mostly use instafusion image blender app to edit my photos!!!

  • richardpelletier

    Someone said Byword and yes! If you want a simple, clean writing tool that you can use on the iPad and that syncs with Dropbox, get Byword. I use it on my desktop in full screen mode. Cleanest writing environment ever.

  • TruePotentialService

    My personal favourite 3 – Dropbox – store on the go, Any do – to do list and Hootsuite social media management at a click. I like apps that are simple, easy to use and get the job done.

    I tried Nozbe but I was not impressed. I love using Evernote and Kindle is great too.

    I do agree with you Michael – about try before you buy!

  • RichardHaralson

    A lot of great apps discussed here. My comment is along the vein mentioned that apple does not offer a try then buy. I really wish they did that. In addition to that another apple shortfall is they way they shove too many ios native apps on the user that waste space on our devices. I must say I am surprised you like the native mail app. I think the gmail app is much better and give better interface to utilize the labels and multiple accounts. Its one down fall is the inability to start bullets in the compose. To solve that I often start an email in evernote, create a few bullets and copy/paste to gmail.

    So, while apple boast that their devises are great and simple and clean… and just work, they do force a lot of clutter upon us. I know i have many apps on my iphone/ipad I do not use, either because they are a complete waste for my wants or needs – thus have been replaced by better 3rd party apps.

    What apps do you wish you could delete?
    for me my top three are Game Center, photo booth, and news stand. oh and weather, stocks. so five.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I don’t disagree with you. And, since the release of Mavericks, I am no longer a fan of Mail. It’s broken. I can never find anything in it.

  • sony

    Your article is very informative, specially to the new individual entering to the field….. But I expect a little more detailed explanations for making the topic more clear for the common readers…. Sorry if am wrong…. Make Money , Blogging Tips

  • Bryan Schwartz

    1. Task Management – Nozbe is just awesome and I heard it here first. Taking your emails and turning them into tasks is so convenient. I love the project breakdown and the tie in with Google calendar.

    2. Penultimate – a simple writing tool that syncs with Evernote
    3. DataVault – great and simple password keeper
    4. app – audiobook reader

    Keep up the great work!

  • Robin

    One of the cleverest and most useful apps I have found is Pic Scanner. It converts old film prints to digital. You can scan up to four prints at one time with iPad or iPhone, and it crops and saves them individually. It’s easy to use and does a great job.

  • Stephen J. Rosen

    Mr. Hyatt, good day sir! Just wondering a year or so later… are you still using ALL of these apps? Have you stopped or switched any? Have you heard of VIPorbit and have any thoughts?

  • shuvoshri

    hey try photo effects studio effection app….

  • kathleen hunt

    Amazon has the best apps anywhere online. Need a discount code? Just google AZON DEAL BUDDY – They have a gold box on the site that will spit out a discount code of any app that you enter (just type in game app or something). Really neat and I use it all the time and save big on apps and other products using this tool.

  • Linda Lochridge Hoenigsberg

    Thanks for this Michael. I have several apps on my iPad for reading magazines, etc. I have my Evernote account synced to my iPad as well. But since mine is not the mini version I do not carry it around with me. I have the Macbook Air when I really need to work. There are several apps you mentioned I am going to try, like CleverHD and Moleskin Journal.

  • Mahi Mahendran

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  • Dean Newkirk

    Need some help urgently this morning. What is the BEST app to export email addresses from my iPhone into an Excel Spreadsheet? Appreciate your help Michael.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m not sure, Dean. Have you tried Googling that?

      • Dean Newkirk

        I sure have. I just thought you might have used something in the past to download your numerous contacts to excel and wanted to save myself a lot of trouble and time by asking you first.

  • Brad Gunckle

    I’ve been using Trello for about two months now. Previously I was using Wunderlist. I love it.

  • Robin

    Scanner apps are also a must-have. Document scanners (CamScanner, Scanner Pro, TinyScan) are great for digitizing bills, receipts, letters etc. These can then be stored, emailed, or faxed. Some apps can also scan/OCR business cards and intelligently add them to Contacts. Photo scanner apps (Pic Scanner, Shoe Box) are great for digitizing old family photos for preservation and sharing. Instead of one romantic old photo in the wallet, you can put a hundred (or more) in your mobile phone or tablet

  • Ray Hyatt

    A couple of iPad apps that I use all the time in addition to nearly all of Michael’s recommendations are iThoughts (mindmap that syncs via Dropbox), Soundnote (note pad linked to an audio recording – tap a word in your notes and the recording plays at that spot, great for important meetings) Splashtop (control your Mac from your iPad – really works), Tinyscan (scan anything with your iPad or iPhone to pdf (free) great for travel expenses, Day One (great journal that integrates photos and text – snap a photo every day with a few words to keep a visual of important events, travel, etc).

  • Val B

    I am a fellow Owl (HootSuite User). And I love Dropbox on my devices. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dan Spicer

    Fantastic list & thanks for the Hootsuite shoutout! Be great to know if you have any tips on how your organise your CleverHD notes, I struggle with too many notes in Evernote!

  • DingWah

    New kid on the block – check out iqtell

    • Team IQTELL

      Thanks @DingWah; as fyi – IQTell syncs & integrates your Email, Evernote, Calendar, Tasks & Projects in one place; you can sync your iOS with the web app as well.

      @MichaelHyatt, I’d be happy to walk you through the app and answer any questions;email or skype (sjflam)

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