My Treasure Chest

I get asked a lot about the tools I use, including the books I read, the software I use, the videos I like, and the quotes that move me. Initially, I set up a account, thinking I could post little snippets about them there. The problem is that it just becomes one more thing for me to maintain and you to visit.

a treasure chest with the lid open

Instead, I decided I would post these on my own blog. I thought I would tell you about them before they just start showing up. They will be different from my regular blog content. Specifically, they will be:

  • Shorter—usually no more than a paragraph.
  • Tagged—so that you can see all my resources in say, Writing, Web, Productivity, Quotes, etc.
  • Rated—with a five-star rating system.
  • Linked—with the web page you can find the resource or original source.

If you want to see all the resources I have reviewed, you can click on the top menu of my blog under Resources. Enjoy!

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I’m no longer running comments on my blog. For more information regarding this decision, please read this post.