No More E-Mail Updates

If you are an employee of Thomas Nelson, you know that I have been sending out an e-mail message every time I update my blog. Yesterday, I came to the conclusion that this is going to get old. If you are like me, you already get more e-mail than you can manage. So here’s what I have decided to do:

  1. I will no longer send out e-mail notifications to employees.
  2. If you want to be notified that I have posted something new, you can subscribe to my blog, using the “Subscribe” link on the top left corner of my page. Just enter your e-mail address and you’ll get an e-mail notification each day with a summary of the new posts that I have added. If I haven’t posted anything new, you won’t get an e-mail.

  1. If you don’t want an e-mail notification, you may want to consider using a subscription manager like Bloglines. This is what I use. It is a single Web page with all my subscriptions. Whenever one of my favorite bloggers updates their site, their blog’s name appears in bold.
  2. If that’s too complicated, then just bookmark my blog in your browser and visit whenever you want.

Hopefully, this gives you a good range of options that fits your Web reading preferences.

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  • Lisa Rollins

    Great idea, Mike! I subscribed and look forward to the regular updates. A good idea to reduce email.

  • Christy O’Flaherty

    Great post, Mike. One thing I like about the new blogging visibility, is that it’s exposing a lot of people in the company (myself included) to something they were previously unfamiliar with: the blog community and how it works. And good, clear tutorials like this one raise the overall web-savviness quotient of our company. A good thing! – Christy

  • Roy Hindman

    Mike, Thought this recent technology would be used to communicate pertinent and crucial info to the team, or a weekly summary of same. I do feel from time to time, maybe even daily, that I am deluged with emails which at the end of a busy work day add many additional minutes running into hours. I like your format and newsy info but a weekly summary of what you consider of major import would be an improvement. Best regards, Roy

  • Dale

    Re: Bloglines Alternative

    (This probably fits better on your Working Smart blog under Cool Software.)

    Since you’re on an Apple laptop, I recommend that you check out NetNewsWire ( ). It’s a great newsreader, and will allow you to read news off-line. (Check out the latest beta of the lite version.)