Our Top Ten Accomplishments in 2006

I’ve seen several Web sites offer their top ten lists. So, inspired by their example, I thought I would offer my thoughts on Thomas Nelson’s top ten accomplishments in 2006. I have listed these in priority order.

Mountain Climbers

  1. Taking the Company private
  2. Launching the One Company initiative
  3. Hosting thirty-eight live events, including ten “Revolve” conferences for teens
  4. Having the #2 bestselling book for all of 2006 across all genres: The NKJV Text Bible
  5. Putting 20 books on the New York Times bestsellers list
  6. Having a New York Times #1 bestseller for five weeks in a row (e.g., Robin McGraw’s, Inside My Heart)
  7. Buying Integrity Publishers
  8. Opening offices in China, Brazil, and Mexico.
  9. Bringing clarity to our editorial standards
  10. Becoming the sixth largest trade publisher in America (and having the data to prove it!)

What have I missed? More important, what were the biggest accomplishments of your division or department? Use the comments section below to share your thoughts and your own list.

Even if you disagree with my list, you have to admit that 2006 was an incredible year. I believe 2007 will be even better. We are on the verge of launching some incredible things. We are changing. The industry is changing. The world is rife with opportunity. Let’s make a difference and do something significant that will echo through time and eternity.

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  • http://www.chinalawblog.com China Law Blog

    I just stumbled on this post because I am doing some research on publishing in China, but I must tell you that is an incredible list of accomplishments.

  • http://bonniescalhoun.blogspot.com Bonnie Calhoun

    Wow…2006 was definitely a banner year for Thomas Nelson. I’m a single person business in a town that was devastated by the June floods. I guess I think of it as an accomplishment that I’m still in business when so many others have been destroyed or banrupted!

    But using your post from yesterday, I’ve set goals for my “writing” and physical self for this year. With the Lord’s help, I’ll have a list of accomplishments to talk about next year!

  • Wayne Hastings

    Mike, thank you for this reminder. The Bible Division’s top ten accomplishments were:

    1. Creation and successful introduction of the Felt Needs Bible Merchandising System to all retail channels with double-digit growth for test stores

    2. The #1 Bible product for all of 2006 sparked by the Million Bible Challenge — The NKJV text Bible.

    3. Strategically reorganizing the Bible Group into customer-focused categories: Study, Readability and Curriculum

    4. Defining the entire idea-to-market process for Bibles and implementing not only the process but a comprehensive training program for our employees.

    5. The unexpected success of Women of Faith Study Guides in the Mass market channel

    6. Developing Max Lucado’s Grace for the Moment Daily Bible

    7. Signing actor Jim Caveziel and a host of award-winning actors for a completely dramatized, radio theater, audio New Testament

    8. Being the #1 publisher of Bible concordances and Bible Commentaries in the US

    9. Completing our FY08 publishing plans in September of 2006

    10. Launch of the Expanded Bible project with publication plans in FY10

  • http://www.michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt


    That’s an awesome list. Congratulations to everyone on the Nelson Bible team. I’m proud of you!


  • Heather Adams

    The Publicity Department’s Top 10 Achievements for 2006 were:

    1. The corporate publicity team secured in 2006 a total in print coverage for Thomas Nelson Inc. of:
    Total Articles: 2,529
    Circulation: 426,791,235
    Column Inches: 28,562.50
    Photos: 1,231
    For a total of $11,280,025.17 worth of coverage!

    2. Coordinated and executed a successful major national author tour for Robin McGraw’s Inside My Heart to include:
    Total Book Signings: 22
    Total Attendance: 11,585
    Total Books Sold: 7,172

    3. Successfully secured national media placement for Thomas Nelson titles in/on outlets where we have never had coverage previously. This includes, but is not limited to: O Magazine, The New York Times book review, “Regis and Kelly,” Ladies Home Journal (cover story), “The Best Damn Sports Show,” “Dr. Phil,” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show” (multiple appearances).

    4. Establishment of multiple authors as regular “experts” for national broadcast media. Examples include Darrell Bock (ABC, CNN), Erwin McManus (CNN), Max Lucado (CNN, FOX).

    5. Coordinated and executed national/regional author tours to include:
    Total retail visits: 405
    Total book signings: 83

    6. Coordinated and executed a successful major national author tour for Max Lucado’s Cure for the Common Life to include:
    Total Book Signings: 14
    Total Attendance: 20,357
    Total Books Sold: 4,679

    7. Successfully coordinated the following at the 2006 ICRS Convention:
    Total Author Schedules: 25
    Total Media Interviews Secured/Escorted authors to: 89
    Personality Party Signings: 18
    Thomas Nelson Corporate Event logistics

    8. Assisting in placement of 24 titles on the New York Times Best Sellers List.

    9. Securing 170 individual media interviews/hits for Pat Summerall’s Summerall: On and Off the Air.

    10. Winning the 2006 Thomas Nelson Corporate Impact Award.

  • http://www.michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt


    You also have an incredible list. This is HUGE. I’m proud of you and your team!


  • http://www.michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

    Oops. I just got the bestseller counts from Jodi Rodda. It looks like I overstated the NYT bestsellers. Rather than 24 for the year, we had 20. I’m going to post a complete analysis of all the lists. Stay tuned!

  • Gary Davidson

    CBA’s Top 10 Accomplishments in 2006

    1. Vendor of the Year for Family Christian Stores
    2. Gained marketshare for 4th year in a row with our Key Retailers
    3. #1 Vendor in sales for Family Christian stores for all 2006
    4. Moved from #4 vendor to #3 vendor at Lifeway
    5. Moved from #3 Vendor to #2 Vendor at Mardel
    6. Instituted “Best Practices” for Field Reps based on field observation
    7. Successfully integrated Integrity into the CBA sales organization
    8. Captivating was the #1 selling book in all CBA for 2006.
    9. Developed promotions to enable Hermie Stanley DVD to be the #1 Video for all 2006 in CBA
    10. Continued successful NKJV Test Bible promotions which resulted in being the #2 best selling book across all genres.

  • http://www.michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt


    Great list! It’s fun to see all of these different accomplishments!


  • Jerry Park

    Mike, Following your lead, we put our heads together and developed this list for the Marketing Division. I’m pretty proud of our people and what they achieved this past year. One thing I’m particularly pleased with is the balance of areas in which these milestones were achieved. They include our best year yet in Sales Chart performance, marketing effectiveness, people development, expense control, and gaining process efficiencies. Here goes:

    1. Helped put 20 books on the NY Times list, with Inside My Heart holding the #1 slot for 5 weeks.

    2. Stanley the Stink Bug was the #1 Christian Children’s video on Soundscan

    3. Successfully tested new Bible merchandising scheme with wide acceptance from retailers

    4. Responded quickly and decisively to reduce approved reaff expenses by $700,000

    5. Conducted monthly “Lunch & Learn” training, presentation skills development for Marketing Directors, and New Employee orientation training

    6. Held most successful, well-attended author tour in years to rave reviews (McGraw)

    7. Began the process of transitioning our division from a centralized organization to one integrated within Publishing

    8. Integrated Integrity personnel and product smoothly with successful launches on their most important titles

    9. The Christian Book team won the Impact Award

    10. Produced first-ever auto-generated catalog, saving countless hours of time for editorial and marketing staffs