Permissions Policy

With the exception of “guest posts” written by others (see the bottom of this page), I own the content on this Web site. It is copyrighted in my name. I want to strike the appropriate balance between getting my content widely distributed while at the same time protecting my intellectual property rights. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Without My Permission

You are free to do the following without my permission:

  • Link to my site or any specific post on my site.
  • Extract and re-post less than 200 words on any other site, provided you link back to my original post.
  • Print off my posts and photocopy up to 50 copies for internal distribution within your own company or organization.
  • Print my posts in any non-commercial publication (e.g., company newsletter, church newsletter, class syllabus, etc.), provided you include this copyright notice: “© 2013, Michael S. Hyatt. All rights reserved. Originally published at”

Not Without My Permission

You must have my express written consent to do any of the following:

  • Use this content in for commercial purposes, including selling or licensing printed or digital versions of my content.
  • Alter, transform, or build upon this work.

Re-posting and Translation Rights

I do not permit the re-posting of my posts in their entirety. This is because Google penalizes websites for publishing duplicate content. It often can’t tell which site hosts the original, so I risk getting penalized myself for granting permission.

In addition, I don’t allow the translation and publication of my work in other languages. I simply don’t have the resources to validate the quality of the work.

Guest Posts

Guest bloggers retain the copyright to the posts they write. The above permission guidelines do not apply to their work. If you are interested in re-posting or publishing their content, you must contact them directly. I cannot serve as a broker, agent, or contact point.

If you have some use for my content that is not covered here, please email me.

Creative Commons License

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are snarky, offensive, or off-topic. If in doubt, read My Comments Policy.

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  • Oyeniyi-joshua

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  • Guest

    Hello Michael,

    I am very interested in your blog about your experience having a VA. Actually I am a VA and I am planning to lunch my own website to extend my services and reach more audiences. I would like to link your post to my site as reference of how relaxing to have a VA onboard. I’ll give you an update when my new site is launch. :)

  • Wayne Stiles

    Michael, I recently ran across this post that suggests simply having the same content on another site isn’t the same as the duplicate content that Google penalizes.

    Essentially, the post summarizes it this way:

    • Content republished on DIFFERENT websites = SYNDICATE CONTENT

    • Content republished on the SAME website = DUPLICATE CONTENT

    You’re probably familiar with this reasoning. Would appreciate your take on it.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I think that is right, Wayne. I have changed my opinion on this matter. I just haven’t had time to update my site. Thanks.

      • BeckyH

        Does that mean it would be OK to repost the entire post on another site (closed membership) with the presence of the copyright notice (i.e. the digital version of a non-commercial publication/internal distribution)?

        • Michael Hyatt

          Possibly, but still only with permission. Thanks.

  • Dave

    Can this Permissions Policy be used and modified for my own blog? The format is fantastic and I’d like to modify it slightly. Thanks for writing Platform! I wouldn’t be starting this new adventure without it!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, feel free.

      • Kelly Levatino

        I would like written permission to reuse and modify your permission policy too. Wouldn’t want to violate copyright law to establish my copyright policy :) Thanks, Michael.

        Related, I could use info on how to tell if people are re-posting my content WITHOUT giving me credit. I have found those who are re-posting without my permission but HAVE given me credit simply by googling my name… would love a blog post on how to find the others…

        • Michael Hyatt

          Hey, Kelly. I’m glad you found it helpful.

          You don’t actually need written permission, since I have affixed the Creative Commons logo and license to the end of the post. Just click on it to get the details.

          In terms of tracking people who are re-posting without giving me credit, there’s probably a way to do that, but I don’t know how.

  • ConnieBennett

    Michael, thanks so much for this fabulous Permissions Policy. Since you gave permission to Dave to modify it for his blog, I assume that meant I could do so, too. See my new policy then — — thanks to you. I also credited you, of course.

    I just can’t thank you enough for the many fabulous ideas you shared in your wonderful book, Platform. Wish I’d had such stellar guidance years ago! I’ve had my Sugar Shock Blog for years — since 2005 — and I can’t believe all the things I’d omitted but have now added because of your great advice. For instance, I just added a Favorite Blog Posts item, per your suggestion. Can’t believe I never had one before!

    Every author and speaker needs your book.

    Thanks again so very much for writing such a magnificent book. One of these days, I’ll post a rave review on Amazon for it. But right now, you’ve got me busy implementing your many suggestions!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Connie. I appreciate your kind words. Great job on the Permissions Policy. I’m glad that worked for you!

      • Jordan King

        Worked great for me as well! You’re amazing Michael!

  • shan the caliph

    Couple of Nice points Included!

  • Matt Fangman

    Hi Michael,

    I am updating my blog and adding a privacy policy. I’d like to replicate(mostly) what you have done on here. Would that be OK with you? I really like the simplicity and rationale you use here.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yep. Help yourself.

      • Matt Fangman

        Great, thanks! I’ve made a lot of changes and additions based on what you wrote in Platform, which was a big help. Now the hard part—getting serious about content creation while still holding the corporate day job.

  • Brett Barclay

    Hi Michael! Tks for all you doing. Is is ok if I use your comments policy as a template? I aim to tailor it quite a lot but points 5-7 I would like, with your permission, to use almost word for word. Thanks Michael.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, you may. Thanks.

  • Trena McClelland Oyler

    Hello Michael, I am a free-lance small business marketing consultant in Pennsylvania. My business is Be Blessed Marketing ( I’ve been approached by a local business to create a digital author marketing guide – which I am currently compiling. I intend to provide it to the business that requested it, while retaining the rights so I can utilize it directly with my own clients and make it available to other businesses for a fee. No one speaks to the importance of establishing a platform, and how to actually do it, as well as you do. I will specifically reference Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, and I wish to direct the authors to your website to: 1) view your video which also affirms the point I make about the importance of creating their own video, and 2) encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter to directly benefit from following you. I would use a brief paragraph including your credentials and a link directly to

    • Michael Hyatt

      You are welcome to do this. You don’t need permission from anyone to reference their material unless you quote it at length. Thanks.

      • Trena McClelland Oyler

        Thank you.

  • Erica McNeal

    Re-building my site right now with the Get Noticed Theme and wanted to use a good section of this permission page. Are you okay with that?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yep, I am.

      • Erica McNeal

        Thanks! =)

  • Jordan Fortenboher

    I hope asking, as others have done, is not bothersome. But I wanted to ask your permission to use your permissions, privacy, and comments policies, and adapting them to fit my own site?
    I know you are typically very generous with these types of things (especially with the comments policy in your book, Platform), but just wanted to make sure that I had permission!
    Thank you so much for all that you do! Platform has changed my life!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Sure. Feel free. Thanks.

      • Jordan Fortenboher

        Thank you so much!

  • Michael A Soliz Jr

    Hello Michael – I just purchased the GET NOTICED THEME last week and looking to use your “permission policy” with your permission?

    You are one of the most sincere and hardworking internet marketer out there!! I’m totally modeling your process with my site

    Thank you for all your time and effort in bringing quality information to your users.


  • Mark L. Volz

    A bit late, but I also have some questions…

    1. I was also wondering if it’d be ok to mimic the style of your privacy page (especially the “CC” link/button at the end)?

    2. Just curios… why didn’t you use something that prevents right click copy/paste such as

    I have other questions, but let me look through the posts and comments on your site… might have been answered.

    • Mark L. Volz

      Ooops, I meant “permissions policy” not privacy.” I also spelled ‘curious’ wrong.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, you may.

      I don’t use a plugin like this because it ultimately penalizes everyone for the infractions of a few. I have very little problem with piracy.

      • Mark L. Volz

        Ahhh, thank you.

  • Stephen Ruduski

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks so much for everything that you do. I am a long time follower of you work and used your affiliate link for bluehost to set up my blog at

    I wanted to ask if I may use this content as a base for my own permissions page? I didn’t want to assume. Thanks Michael :)

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, feel free. Thanks.

  • michellerichard

    Hi Michael,
    I’m looking forward to attending the Platform Conference in November!

    I know you’ve already given permission to others to use your Permissions Policy language. I’d like to ask for your permission to use it on my site, as well. Thanks!

    • Trivinia Barber

      Michelle, You’re free to use it. Thanks for asking.

      • michellerichard

        Great! Thanks for letting me know.

  • Rick Carter

    Hi Michael, I’ve copied dozens of permissions and © ( it worked! – alt+0169) from many people. Just recently I have seen a number of bloggers use a © page as do you. I think I will still need a footer as well? Two questions – I would like to use your permissions policy and parts of others so I am asking like so many others before me. Didn’t make Bill Hybels this year but you were great there of course (2 yrs ago?) ! The second question was should I use a © footer on all pages as I see many do?

    Blessings to you and your family and I pray the sabbatical is all you hoped and prayed for! Rick =)

  • Rick Carter

    Oops! Sorry Michael – I hadn’t gotten to reading yet another link I queried about your advice and back in 2010 you mentioned already it’s a good idea to put in a © footer on all pages. My apologies!

  • Tina Holewinski Griffin

    Just read about this policy in your Platform book! Thank you for this info! I’m applying everything through the book as I’m reading it! GREAT WORK and i LOVE LOVE LOVE your Get Noticed Theme! Reading below it looks like you gave permission to let us use (reword slightly) your permissions policy. Hope that’s ok!