First Catch and Beautiful Sunset

I’m on my sabbatical. Last night I caught three trout at 8:00 p.m. near Buena Vista, Colorado. My daughter, Marissa, took this photo. My wife, Gail, wrote about the experience here. (Taken on an iPhone 5 camera. The photo is unfiltered.)

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  • Anne Bingham

    That photo defines the word “vacation” and I say that as someone who doesn’t even fish. Marissa has a great eye both for composition and for capturing the moment!

  • Steve Martin

    I only have two words for you;

    “I’m envious!”

    (Have a great time! – great shot!)

  • Ken Davis


  • Ken Davis

    I can tell by the position of the sun you were up early. Ask those fish what happens when you get up early. LOVE this picture.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Believe it or not, this was 8:00 p.m. at night! So far, we are finding 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. the best. I haven’t tried early morning, because I am writing then.

  • Jon D Harrison

    what an amazing location – I can’t even imagine how peaceful it must be!

  • Norman Wright Jr.

    I’ve been trying to get away camping and fishing and every time we make plans, they get changed… looks relaxing, enjoy :-)

  • Matthew Miller

    Cool- have fun

  • Thad Puckett

    So is sabbatical the new term for vacation? Or is sabbatical a working vacation for a blogger?

  • Stephanie Sammons

    Michael, Buena Vista is amazing. We have a place in Breck and head to Buena Vista almost every summer from there to white water raft. Love that place!

  • Bryan Burt

    Mike, I go up to Buena Vista every year to a Christian Camp for the Military and their families called Spring Canyon. It is out towards Cotton Lake! Beautiful location. We have been taking young men and women from college ROTC and the Academies to a program called Rocky Mountain High. Amazing! Blessings on your time off with your family!

  • mschmidlen

    Hope you enjoyed our beautiful state!

  • JD

    As an avid Fisherman your stock just rose in my book. Keep the pictures and stories coming and we will keep reading. It is amazing how sharing your hobbies and interests can draw in readers and followers.

  • Christy Demetriades

    Congratulations on a great catch! Enjoy. :)

  • Seona Todd

    Just found this pic now Michael – really gorgeous, you look so relaxed and happy!