Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World
The Five Steps to Building Your Platform

This is the image I am now using in my slide deck when I speak on the topic of Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. I have been giving this keynote speech to a wide variety of audiences: small business owners, mortgage bankers, realtors, comedians, pastors, and authors. As it turns out, almost everyone needs a platform. If you are interested in having me speak at your event, click here.

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  • Ellen Lambert

    I’m a huge fan, Michael.  Just bought “Platform” — I wish you incredible success with it, you have been SO generous with your wisdom, counsel, and support!


    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Ellen. I appreciate that.

  • Joe Abraham

    That’s a powerful picture to put your message across! I like to ask you this: can I have a platform ONLY AFTER climbing these 5 steps? Doesn’t building my home base provide that? I think the last two steps make the platform more visible and strong. 

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes. But unless you expand your reach and engage your tribe, you will be pretty much talking to yourself. ;-)

      • Joe Abraham


  • Dustin LeBlanc

    I bought platform by because I saw that my pastor blogged about it.  I enjoyed

  • DustinLeblanc

    Michael,  I just recently was introduced to your writing by a post on my pastor’s blog.  I picked up Platform for Kindle after reading his post and really enjoyed reading it.  It was almost like the right book at the right time for me.  I think the interesting thing is that this will become true for more and more people over the next few years.  If you ever had any doubt, let me emphatically say that what you are doing is important and appreciated.  I love the graphic too, it really gets your point across!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks so much, Dustin. I appreciate your kind words and taking the time to stop by and comment.

  • Thad Puckett

    I am reading (slowly) through Platform, going back through chapters that I have finished to put the ideas presented in to practice.  It is an excellent resource.  So much to implement!  And I am telling people about it left and right.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Thad. I appreciate you sharing it!

  • Bernard Haynes

    Platform has been a great blessing. I have gone back and redone some things on my website. I am redoing my strategy for Twitter and Facebook. This has been a great resource. I launched my blog this year and I hope using your suggestions I can take it to the next level. Please continue the great work.

  • Brent Pittman

    On my list to read list later this summer…$100 startup has me busy at the moment.

  • Nora Carr

    The Lord keeps speaking the words “Great Things’ to me and then leading me to them. He lead me to your wonderful book, “Platform- Get Noticed in a Noisy World”, and I love it. So simple and percise. No empty words. Every word is meaningful. I have laughed and I have cried. I have agreed and never disagreed. What a blessing for anyone at any age in any realm of society. Thanks Michael Hyatt!