Join the Platform Launch Team and Receive 5 Exclusive Benefits

I need your help. Part of building your PLATFORM is recognizing you need others to help you along the way. That’s true for you. It’s true for me.

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As we’re approaching the launch of my new book, I’ve decided to try something different. I am inviting 100 of my readers to join me in creating a special “Platform Launch Team.” It’s a peer group of people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and help get the word out about the book.

Team Member Benefits

As a Platform Launch Team member you will get:

  1. A free, electronic review copy of the book in advance of the publication date (Kindle, Nook, iPad, or PDF).
  2. Exclusive access to me and the other team members in a Private Facebook Group
  3. A special 30-minute group phone session with me prior to the launch of the book
  4. A special THANK YOU with link to your blog or website on my blog
  5. A 25% off discount on my soon-to-be-released Get Published product. This 21-session audio program contains nearly everything I’ve learned about publishing in my thirty-year career.

Team Member Requirements

As a member of the Platform Launch Team you:

  • Write a brief book review on Amazon or some other e-tailer site.
  • Help spread the word about the book in any way you can, to your existing platform and beyond, during the week of May 21st.
  • Share ideas and brainstorm additional ways we might further expose the message to an even greater audience. All ideas are welcome.

That’s it!

Team Member Sign-Up

Thank you for your interest in the Platform Launch Team but the application process is now over. We picked 100 people out of the 764 who applied.

You can still help though! Here are a few ways:

  1. During the week of May 22, order a copy (or copies) of Platform. I will give you eight FREE BONUSES worth $375.98 for doing so. You can signup here to be notified.
  2. Encourage others on Twitter, Facebook, etc. to take advantage of the launch week offer.
  3. Read the book and post a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.
  4. Build your platform!

The last one is most important to me. You have something to say or sell and my sincere desire is that you will use what I have shared to get your message noticed!

Question: What do you think of this idea? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • Laurinda Bellinger

    Great idea.  Looking forward to watching this process!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Laurinda. Me too!

  • John Richardson

    Great way to get the word out, Michael. Can’t wait to see it in the stores. Then I can point to it and say… I know that guy!

    • Kelly Combs

      Don’t be jealous, John, but I already have an autographed copy.  
      Oh, okay, go ahead and be jealous. ;-)

      • John Richardson

        I saw your picture with your autographed book at the Scorre Conference. You look just like your Avatar! When I was at Catalyst West, I missed out on a prelim copy of Platform. But I did get a personally autographed copy of Bob Goff’s book. Looking forward to hanging out in Barnes and Noble and doing a little promotion… Hey this guy knows what he is talking about…

        • Kelly Combs

          Thanks John. Good for you on the Goff’s book.

      • kimanzi constable

        Isn’t it enough you got the autographed copy, now you’re rubbing it in??? (LOL) Yes, I’m jealous :)

        • Kelly Combs

          Don’t be jealous, you may soon buy a copy too.  The autograph? That I don’t know.  haha.

      • Michael Mulligan

         Way to go, Kelly.

      • Joe Lalonde

         Lucky Kelly! I’m waiting on my copy (-;

    • Joe Lalonde

       Right! I’m excited to walk into the local bookstores and do the same thing.


    Michael, I love that you not only have great ideas like this, but you execute them so well! Is this basically all “you” coming up with ideas, fleshing them out, and making them happen with some delegation to your assistant and web developer, or is this the result of significant teamwork? For example, do you have someone serving in the role of project manager or business manager?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I have a whole team on this. Daniel Decker came up with this idea. He write the first draft of the post, then I revised it, so it was in my voice. “It takes a village.” ;-)

  • kimanzi constable

    Great idea Michael and I think it’s really effective. If one hundred people share, then some of the people they share it with also share, the potential to go viral is very realistic. I’m honored to be part of the 100 blogger team for the release of Chris Guillebeau’s new book, it’s been awesome to read an advance copy. I’m keeping my fingers crossed to be a part of your team as well!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Kimanzi. I appreciate your support!

      • kimanzi constable

        You’re welcome Mihael, I really believe in the message of this book, I’ve seen it’s truth in my own life. No matter what, I’ll still help help spread the word the week of the launch!

  • HennieS

    Love this idea.  Just thinking about how I can help with the launch help me start the Saturday on the front foot.  Best for the launch.   

  • Dana Pittman

    I believe it’s awesome.  Thanks for opening the opportunity.

    • Joe Lalonde

       That’s been the greatest thing about Michael’s blog for me. The opportunity to grow and help others succeed. Hope you’re one of the lucky ones that gets in!

      • freedomplease

        Yes, I hope I do too. I’ll have an opportunity to earn my keep.

  • Angela Bisignano

    Excellent idea! Looking forward to seeing how this process unfolds; exciting!

    • Michele Cushatt

       It IS exciting, Angela. This community is like a family, and it’s fun to watch (and help!) a family member succeed!

      • Mary DeMuth

         Well said, Michele.

  • Michael Mulligan

    I love being on the streets.  It’s all about meeting people, one at a time.  Let me know how I can help you get the word out for your new book.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Michael. Go ahead and signup and you’ll be in the loop!

      • Michael Mulligan

        Done. Thanks. This will be fun.

  • Edwina

    This is one of the most exciting ideas on building a platform that I’ve heard of. I’m hoping to be a part of the team, and look forward to watching this plan in action.

    • Michele Cushatt

       Thanks for being willing to help, Edwina!

  • Dale Melchin

    This is a fantastic idea, Michael.  I wish you big success with it!

  • TNeal

    Mike, I’m on board. You’ve led me to some great experiences (blogging, my own book launch) and I’m more than happy to be on your team.

  • Debbie

    I think this is so great.  I would love to participate but as I am just in the process of “getting blogging” and so I am not going to take a space from those further along and deserving of it (and you deserve to have people who really can get the word out for you).  Although I’m not taking part I’m still thankful that you get to do things like this and share it with us.  Blessings Michael!

    • Debbie

      Opps, should have followed your advice and “proofed” first… :)

  • JD Eddins

    I think this I a great way to help get the message out because it taking the existing tribe of followers here and equipping a select group to dive even deeper. You pretty much just guaranteed that the members of this team will become ven more active here on the blog, further building your platform.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I hope that’s true! That’s my goal. Thanks.

  • Sia Knight

    This is a great idea, Michael. This is a wonderful way to get your community vested in the success of your latest project. Bravo!

  • Heidi…

    This is a great idea!  Thanks for giving us an opportunity to apply for this team!

  • Michael Hawkins

    What a great way to engage your community.  I love it!

    • Joe Lalonde

       He’s been pretty good at that, hasn’t he Michael? Hope you enjoy the experience if you get on the team!

  • Richard Grant

    Anything one can do to market his product to the public is a plus. If it works I’ll adopt it myself to promote my soon to be offered book.

  • Hank Osborne

    This is such a great idea. I’ve been looking through the “search inside this book” content available on Amazon. I can’t wait to read it and share it with my wife. This will be an outstanding resource to help my wife (and me) understand why things do/don’t work in building our blogging and podcasting audiences. 

  • Charles Specht

    Great idea, Michael! 

    I just completed the form and, Lord willing, looking to learn a lot about developing a platform.  Thanks!

  • Joe Lalonde

    Sounds like a great idea Michael! This should help expand your reach and get others interested in your new book. 

  • Trent Powell

    If your book is anything like your posts this will truly be an inspiration to us all. I would love to be part of your 100 to help promote this.

  • Roy Wallen

    It is, indeed, a great idea.  Having used advisory boards (and currently sitting on a couple), I know the value of feedback an dcourse correction.  Applause for taking this step.  We never, as individuals, have all the answers.

  • Cyberquill

    Launch Team or Street Team? Which is it? 

    • Michael Hyatt

      Platform Launch Team. Thanks.

  • IrmBrown

    That’s great. But dang, I’ll be out of the country that week. Next one!

  • Dave Baldwin

    Really looking forward to how this plays out! I love the ideas you come up with Michael. Can’t wait to read the book no matter what anyway.

  • TorConstantino

    It’s a fantastic idea – looking forward to be a part of it!

  • Deanna

    Great idea.. I think your going to get some great out-of-the-usual-box ideas this way! 

  • Ron Briley

    Love the idea and the opportunity to have a chance at being on the team.  Hoping through the process I can help as well as learn.

  • Hailing Guan

    I come from Beijing, China and I am eager to be one of the team. I have applied it and look forward to the feedback! Love reading Michael Hyatt’s blogs and Good Luck to us! :)

  • Steve Urquhart

    Pretty much everything that Michael Hyatt shares on his blog and in his books is gold, so I can’t wait to see the content and ideas in Platform! I would love to be a part of this virtual “street team” because I already share these concepts and ideas with my professional and personal network, and I do have a great network to share with too … 

  • Sapelskog

    What is the focus and title of your book?

    • Michael Hyatt

      You can get a little more detail here. Thanks for your interest.

  • Fowler Robertson

    Can’t wait to see how all this plays out!  Personally, your platform ideas have challenged me beyond my grasp. My rebel days are over… I’m digging in with both heels learning all I can.  This southern gal is going to get it, one way or another! 

    • Michael Hyatt

      Good for you, Fowler. That attitude will serve you well.

  • Justo Llecllish M

    Yes, powerfull idea (to fallow for my next book).

  • Brian Hinkley

    Teach by example. I like it Michael.

  • Mary DeMuth

    This is terrific. I’m watching how you do this (learning, learning, learning), for the sake of my next book launch. 

    • Michael Hyatt

      I plan to report on what works and what doesn’t. Hopefully, it will help all of us!

      • Mary DeMuth

         Awesome. Thank you. And from all the authors out there working hard to promote books, a hearty “woot!”

        • Post guest


          Don’t forget not everyone has the audience that Michael does so do not be discouraged if your book release doesn’t have the same effect. It can be better but it also could be worse.

          • Mary DeMuth

            I am well aware of that. I watch launches to learn what works and what doesn’t. I know it doesn’t necessitate that me trying something would = Michael’s success. But it’s good to learn and try.

  • Keiki Hendrix

    Excellent idea. I signed up.

  • Aaron Allcorn

    I think this is a great idea Michael.  I continue to be amazed at your insights!  I’m looking forward to reading your book and seeing it
    on the New York Times best sellers list!

  • Brent Fielder

    Build a tribe (check) and the tribe will tell others for you!  Perfect idea.  We are your tribe and willing to help spread the word as this book will help so many others!  Thanks for the opportunity!  Looking forward to reading it – either early or with everyone else.  

  • neuschaefer

    Awesome idea!  Pick me!  Pick me!

  • Jon Stolpe

    What a great idea!  I’m hoping to make the cut to be part of the team.

  • Dave Anderson

    Great promotion and great implementation!  This could be another book in and of itself.  At least the statistics can be something you share.  Seth Godin would love the stats.

  • Bonnie J. House

    I think this is a great idea. The more people working on your team the more places your book can be promoted. Each person have people and places that the book can be promoted that others don’t. I like the idea of talking together as a team and talking with you directly if I was chosen.


  • Bobbie Cole

    Sounds like lots of fun, a learning experience and a chance to exchange ideas.

  • zcochran88

    This is a great idea. The reason I am not doing it is because I don’t want to sign up to promote something that I can’t follow-through on. While I’d read the book, I don’t want the pressure of being on a street team.

  • Christin

    I think it’s brilliant. What better way to expand your reach then reaching out to the community around you to help? The simple is profound. :)

  • Susan Frost McHugh

    Mother’s Day is coming up, right?  Michael – I am giving credit to your mother right here and now for raising someone who knows how to engage other people, get their attention and help them in hundreds of ways without being pushy.  Probably your Dad helped too but this week it’s all about the Moms!  

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks. I will pass that onto my mom. She’s a saint!

  • MyHelpSource

    I am intrigued by this unique launch idea and look forward to reading about its results. Best wishes for great success!


  • Chrislawson

    Mr. Hyatt,

    This is great marketing. You are not only helping your customers, your customers are able to help you. One idea is to get your book trending on twitter with either #platform or #platformbook. That can lead to alot of exposure. Also, If you get the “right” people to retweet your message about the book, with the hashtag, the trending could explode.

    I also really like what Max Lucado had on his facebook page a few months back where if you watched a video, it unlocked chances to win free stuff. However, I thought it was too complicated. People want things that are simple. That’s why Apple is doing so well.

    Lastly, I don’t have the volume that others have, so I didn’t sign-up for the team. However, I will still use what influence I have to help push this product. I believe in quality products. You have years of experience so people would be foolish to not listen to what you’ve learned. I’m currently having my first book reviewed by an editor and using your publishing guide as a GPS to getting published. Thank you for taking the time to be a mentor to us.

    God Bless!

    Chris Lawson

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Chris. Yes, we are using #platformbook as the official hashtag. I agree on keeping things simple.

  • Brooks Lockwood

    Awesome idea, will help build a highly diverse team that I am sure will have unique talents and ideas.

  • Mjohnbollinger

    I would be happy to become part og this team.  We are currently having our book edited with anticipation of getting an agent for publication.  In helping you I will learn more of the essentials to promote our book.

    • Mjohnbollinger

       Ooops.  I meant of not og.

  • Paul Steinbrueck

    Great idea, Mike!  If Platform is the culmination of what you’ve learned over the last several years of blogging and social media use, then perhaps the sequel could be Launch – best practices for launching a new book as learned from this experience and the numerous book launches you led & observed while with Thomas Nelson. :) 

    • Michael Hyatt

      That’s a great title! Thanks.

      • Erica McNeal

        There is already a Launch, by Michael Stelzner! =)

  • Post guest

    Hi Michael,

    Did you already notify to the few?

    • Michael Hyatt

      No, we will be notifying them in the morning (Tuesday morning, U.S. time).

  • ThatGuyKC

    I think this is a great idea! I was part of a few “street teams” in high school and college and being able to participate as an active fan in promoting quality content is fun and engaging for readers who can be an evangelist for your platform.

  • Heather

    Hi, I just got a Kobo e-reader, will your books work on that format as well?

    • Joe Lalonde

      Heather, I’m unsure what versions Michael will be releasing the book in. But here’s the formats that Kobo eReaders support –

      EPUB, PDF and MOBI 

      If you’re able to get the book in one of these formats, you will be able to read it on your eReader. 

      • Michael Hyatt

        Yes, it will be available in MODI (Kindle), ePUB, and PDF.

  • Dwayne Morris

    This is why I’m in the “Hyatt Tribe.” You leverage who you are to help others and in return you gain a wealth of buy-in. I fear I may be past the cut-off, but if not, I will do all that I can!!!

    GREAT idea!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Dwayne. Unfortunately, you are past the cutoff. I am so sorry. But I would be grateful if you do what you can to get the word out. Thanks so much!

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  • Philippa

    What a truly fantabulous idea.  Do you mind if I use your concept in my book proposal?  Especially love the two way benefits for author and reader.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Not at all. Have at it!

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  • Mastery4u

    Great, Great idea this pre-launch team, thank you!  Also, I want to use this process for my upcoming launch of a “non-profit” association that is unique and will be huge.  It’s also not something I can do alone and my tiny team is  in overwhelm already.  Here is my question. 
    Can you or have you laid out how you interacted and organized the team and their input once they were selected.  I think many would love to know that.Thanks Michael!  

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  • Angie Tolpin

    I am so glad you have been writing on this as I am currently working on developing a launch team for my very first book. Thank you for your sincere desire to help others in their efforts to make their highest and best contributions to the world.

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  • tdatag

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    reading this post. Very informative as well. I didn’t know the procedure can be
    easy. your blog is very nice.Thanks for posting this important blog on your
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  • Celine Gabrielle

    So glad I found this post. I’m pumped! I’m going to tweak this and give it a try for my own book launch. Thank you!

  • June Jewell

    HI Michael, I have made great progress since the Launch conference in April and will be launching my new online platform and online training in April 2015. I used this formula to launch my book and wondering how you would tweak this process for an actual product?