The Easiest Way to Get Started Podcasting

Because of the success of my own podcast, I am often asked, “So how can I get started podcasting?” I have a very short answer to that question.

Listen to my friend, Cliff Ravenscraft, the Podcast Answer Man, and do everything he says to do. This is how I got started. His practical, down-to-earth advice is the primary reason my podcast is consistently in the iTunes top 10 for Business.

Cliff has that rare ability to make complex things simple. He breaks podcasting down into its component parts and then walks you through the process, one step at a time.

He has put together a terrific course called, Podcasting A-Z. It’s the fastest way I know to get up and running quickly. The people who have taken the course (and are now enjoying the benefits of having a podcast) swear it’s worth every penny.

Podcasting A to Z

If you have ever thought about the possibility of launching a podcast, then you owe it to yourself to watch Cliff’s short video on “4 Reasons Why a Podcast Is the Best Investment You Can Make to Grow Your Platform (see above). Then read the description of the course and see if it’s right for you.

Finally, the course starts on Monday. Registration ends tomorrow night, Sunday, May 18th. He only has a few slots left. You can even get $100 off by using the discount code “Hyatt.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your product, service, or cause noticed by launching your very own podcast.

Question: Have you ever thought about starting a podcast? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Erik Fisher

    I’m in complete agreement with everything you have said here, and that Cliff says in the video. I am a Podcasting A-Z alumni, and both Michael’s and my podcast were in the top #1 and #2 slots in Marketing and Management in iTunes the other day. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from Cliff.

    • TorConstantino

      Erik what a ringing endorsement for the effectiveness of Cliff’s course – awesome!

      • Erik Fisher

        A podcast can (and IMHO should be part of most people’s platform building plan.

    • Cliff Ravenscraft

      Erik, Thank you so much!

  • Esther Aspling

    Wow, screen time, and the fact I wouldn’t have to do hair and makeup have me sold!
    Thanks for the resources :-)

    • TorConstantino

      I agree Esther – I totally dread the “hair and makeup” bit myself ;-)

    • Cliff Ravenscraft

      LOL! Love it!

  • Jon Buscall

    I put out my 91st episode this week and can’t recommend podcasting highly enough. It’s become such an important part of my business. I recommend consultants in particular to consider what a podcast can do to help your business.

    Always enjoy your show Michael. I even name-checked you in my own show this week after enjoying your interview with Srini over at Blogcast FM.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Jon. I appreciate the shout-out.

      Podcasting is the perfect medium for consultants, coaches, etc. I am getting so much traffic and so many inquires from mine.

  • Cyberquill

    $1,999 for a course that promises to teach “how to start with as little as $35.00 in equipment”? Is that because it is assumed that after paying the course tab, most of the students won’t have more than 35 bucks left?

    • Cornell Green

      That’s what I was thinking.

  • Mark Lamprecht

    Definitely going to check out Cliff’s advice. I have a podcast profile set-up at Blogtalkradio, but have yet to do an episode.

    • John Tiller

      Me too, Mark. This reminds me of the opportunity that I’m missing!

    • TorConstantino

      I started my career as a radio news anchor more than 20 years ago – and I keep telling myself I’ve GOT to start a podcast. When I do – Cliff’s the only refresher course I’ll need!

      • Jonathan Harrison

        Tor – I’d subscribe day one, so hop to it!

    • Cliff Ravenscraft

      Mark, I do not have a high opinion of BTR. Remember when, in the video, I said that 9 out of 10 of the podcasts out there are HORRIBLE? A majority of those horrible podcasts are nothing more than “recorded telephone calls.” There is simply no reason to release any audio podcast less than 64kbps.

      • Mark Lamprecht

        Cliff, is there a comparable hosting service with better quality that you recommend?

        • Cliff Ravenscraft

          Mark, that’s just the point, I don’t think I’d recommend anything comparable. There are just too many reason why i do not think the “live show format” is the best choice.

          The problem is that they are trying to re-crate live talk radio with all the phone call-ins. rarely works out well for most content creators.

          A majority of BTR shows have a majority of their regular listeners tuned into their live broadcast and very few shows have decent “on demand download” stats after the show’s recording is put online.

          Such shows are losing out on 90% to 99% of their potential audience by catering to a “live audience.” If you, instead, cater to the “on demand” audience that will download your show after you record and publish it, you’ll find that you’ll gain far more attention and a loyal following in the end.

          Yes, there are much better hosting options out there. There are “ways” to do live shows as well. There are a few “exceptions” where a live show format can work. There are options for that as well.

          In all circumstances, I recommend that you DO NOT BUILD your platform in someone else’s playground. Instead, I suggest a self-hosted WordPress website where your podcast will reside. I suggest using a flat fee per month media host like Libsyn Media Hosting, for the storage of your content.

          If you do that, you can do whatever you want, as far it comes to recording your show. You can even use BTR or for the live interaction (if you must). However, whatever you do, DO NOT let them submit an rss feed from their service to iTunes. You need to control your brand.

          I hope this helps.

          • Mark Lamprecht

            Cliff, your reply does help. I like the self-hosting idea which I already do for my blog, but additional storage for a podcast is outside the budget right now.

            Thanks so much!

          • Brian Wallace

            I know budgets can be tight, but I think hosting my podcast files costs me $15/month. Totally worth it.

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  • TorConstantino

    The great benefit of using a service like Cliff’s is that he helps you AVOID the mistakes and mishaps. Sure you can do it on your own, but I guarantee you won’t do it nearly as well as if you work with a professional. You’ll get all the results without all the “trial and error.”

    • Cliff Ravenscraft

      You are absolutely correct. I even have a 100% free tutorial at that many “thousands” of people have used to launch their own podcasts without spending a single dime with me. I’m happy to provide this service for those folks.

      However, it’s those who invest in the coaching and consulting that get the greatest results. I’m able to help someone in a few short weeks get to the place that it took me years to get to.

      I appreciate your endorsement for professional coaching! This is true in so many other areas of life and business as well.

  • Cliff Ravenscraft

    Michael, Thank you so much for the incredible endorsement! I continue to be “WOW’d” by your generosity of sharing your platform to help shine the light on others. Thanks for the continued inspiration to take my “paying it forward” to the next level.

  • John Bukenas

    +Mark Lamprecht,

    In August of 2012 I had no idea how to start a podcast.

    Then I found out you should build a website too?

    I really didn’t have a clue how to begin to build a website.

    Then I stumbled upon +Cliff Ravenscraft.

    I took the Podcasting A to Z course. Within two weeks, I built a website and launched my 1st episode.

    It was the single best investment I made.

    Oh and my total investment besides the cost of the course. Under $500.00.

    Just the fact that Cliff answers any question you have almost, and most times immediately is worth the price of admission alone.

    I highly recommend the Podcasting A to Z course.

    • Cliff Ravenscraft

      Thank you so much John!

  • Stuart Crane

    I am also a Podcasting A to Z alumni (several years ago actually!), and cannot recommend this course highly enough. I am now launching an entire network of podcasts. Bottom line… Cliff will take care of you.

    • Cliff Ravenscraft

      I am so excited to see TV TALK come to life Stuart!

  • Kent Julian

    I strongly 2nd your recommendation of Cliff. He is THE PODCAST ANSWER MAN.

    What’s more, his reputation is not just that of the Yoda of Podcasting, he is also a man of stellar character who truly seeks to serve.

    • Cliff Ravenscraft

      Thank you so much Kent! I really appreciate your endorsement as well!

      • Kent Julian

        Well earned!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I agree. That is so true.

  • Brandon Vaughn

    This sounds like a great program. A bit out of my price range though. :( But I’ll look into some of your free and paid courses, and hopefully I can join the bigger class once I get some momentum (or income) from this. :)

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  • Jon Stolpe

    I’ve thought about it. I can see many of the benefits that Cliff shares. I think a big benefit to me would be the personal growth aspect for me. I think I could do a pretty solid job speaking publicly, but it would take a lot of practice to get used to creating and pushing content in this manner. Podcasting would be a great springboard to grow my platform. Right now, it’s more a matter of time to invest and focus on this initiative.

  • Alene Snodgrass

    Love Cliff and PodcastAnswerMan! Through his courses I began podcasting months ago. His simple steps are easy to understand. Cliff has been awesome to work with as he’s helped me troubleshoot problems. Thanks Cliff!

  • tedkinzer

    Cliff, thanks for the information. A key reason I listen to podcasts over watching video is because I can listen at a faster speed. I almost always have the playback speed at 2x.

    Ted Kinzer

  • Peter DeHaan

    I have done podcasts. Mine were informal interviews and a lot of fun. I had to put them on hold for a bit and hope to get back to them soon. This post encourages me to do so. Thanks

  • Brian Wallace

    Cliff puts everything he has into his customers. I started with Cilff’s video tutorials, and I have continued to pay him more and more money. Why? Because it has been totally worth it. Within a year of working with Cliff I have a great audience with so many great relationships. In fact they are now coming to me to request more content. I am number one in my niche and I make enough money each month that even my wife has stopped calling podcasting my “hobby.” Thanks Cliff.

  • Joel Boggess

    Hi Mike,

    I am happy to echo your kind words! Cliff, and his expert guidance, have been GAME-CHANGERS for our podcast.

    I had been doing our show sporadically 2007-2010. It wasn’t until we heard Cliff share his story and passion on the No More Monday’s cruise with Dan Miller and company that that the switch was tripped.

    Cliff and Stephanie have been wonderful in our life.

    Podcasting A to Z is worth an easy 10 times more than the tuition!

  • UWayStan

    Any thoughts about how a nonprofit organization might be able to use a podcast?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I would use it just as I would use a blog—to gain visibility for the organization. Talk about the things that are of interest to your constituents.

      • UWayStan

        Okay, thanks for your help. It’s nice to know that the principle can transfer over to nonprofit organizations.

        Thanks for all the work you do.

  • Josue Molina

    I so need to get started on this. Do you think a video podcast is as effective as an audio podcast?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I think it can be. The big limitation is that the viewer has to be in front of the computer watching as opposed to on the run listening. You can actually do both with a little extra work. This is what we do at Platform University. We create the video and then use a tool to extract just the audio. That way our members can choose the format they prefer. Thanks.

      • Josue Molina

        That’s true. No, thank you for sharing this information. Now time to listen to your audiobook :) before joining PU.

  • El flaco

    Shut up & take my money!

  • Deborah Owen

    Yes, podcasting is becoming the biggest way to get noticed in a noisy world! It doesn’t reach everyone – many people prefer to take the less time-intensive route of reading, which is fine, of course (good reason to have good show notes!) – but many use podcasts daily.

    If you are starting a podcast and would like some intro music – great for videos too! – I’d suggest checking out this site. You can buy one of the samples (and then it gets taken down of course), or you can ask for a custom-made music intro. I admit it, it’s my son’s site! But anyone reading down this far in the comments would probably be very interested and this woul be helpful to you:

  • David A Specht

    Hi Michael,

    I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this… but here goes (how many times have you heard that)

    I have the Get Noticed Theme and have posted my first podcast (yay for me). I even have it approved by Apple’s iTunes store. But I have noticed my post doesn’t look like yours. More specifically, the podcast post title is not clickable when on my site’s home page, and I don’t have the subscribe links (itunes, etc) like you do. I tried to find a setting to do this, but have had no luck. Do you manually do that when creating the podcast post?

    Any help, links, or other guidance is greatly appreciated.

    • Michael Hyatt

      It looks like you got this solved, correct? My web developer, actually modified the BluBrry PowerPress plugin to make the subscribe link available. Probably the best place to ask this question is in the Get Noticed! Theme discussion forum. It’s in the members area. Thanks, David.