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  • Dennis Neville

    Hi Michael. My name is Dennis Neville and I blog at and am based in Johannesburg, South Africa. You have in previous blogs mentioned that you have encountered significant resistance in your career. How do you build up yourself-confidence again after battling through something like this? I have just come through a very difficult season and am struggling to regain my previous levels of confidence.

    • Michael Hyatt

      The most important thing is to be mindful of the narrative that is playing in your own head. You might listen to this podcast: #38: Change Your Story, Change Your Life.
      There is a distinction between what happens to us and what we tell ourselves about what has happened to us. Taking control of the narrative is key to success.
      I hope that helps.

      • Dennis Neville

        Thanks Michael. I so appreciate the response and will explore that podcast with interest.

    • chrisreal3

      Hey Dennis…hope you don’t mind me jumping in to share something I recently heard from author Donald Miller at the Building Champions Experience conference. In speaking of the struggles we all face in our lives and how they impact us, he made 2 very good points: WE ARE NOT OUR FAILURES and WE ARE NOT OUR SUCCESSES.
      As someone who can totally relate to your comment/question, Donald’s point of keeping things in perspective has really helped me to see both my successes and failures in the bigger picture of my life.

      • Dennis Neville

        Thanks so much Chris for your insight. I do appreciate it. I will explore Donald Miller’s stuff. I think that the points you raise are incredibly helpful. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

  • Caryn Elizabeth

    Hi Michael. I perused your side bar and I was encouraged at every click of my mouse. Your experiences are what I aspire to do. I am only 3 years online, blogging, learning all marketing methods and have written a book “Branding You The Brand New You”, which I self published. Our keywords are similar, especially leadership. I have no question right now because I found you via an email from Speakpipe, sharing you , as being their best customer! Kudos! I also use speakpipe. Ok, so this is my question. It just came to me. Techy one! How did you set up your podcasts? I have plugins on my site but I’m not as techy as I’d like to be. I use Mixcloud for my audio trainings. But I’d like to set it up so people can download from itunes, etc.. Thanks Michael.

  • Jonathan Saucier

    Hi Michael. My name is Jonathan Saucier from North Carolina. I wanted to ask what your advice would be for someone who has a desire to become a public speaker. I’ve already started listening to great podcast like yours and reading books on personal development. I am inspired, but here is my question. At my age of 25, with not a lot of extra money, what would you recommend for me to focus that energy and inspiration to start this passion? Thanks for your time Michael. I hope that one day I will be able to attend your conferences!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I would recommend that you save and come to the SCORRE Conference. I wish I had attended 30 years ago when wI started.

      • Jonathan Saucier

        Thanks Michael. I’ll make an effort to try to make the next conference. Thank you for your time in responding.

  • Melinda Todd

    Do you ever have days where you feel defeated? If so, how do you deal with those?

  • Barbi Rich

    Hi Michael, My name is Barbi Richtarcikova and I have a question about family business. My husband and I are going to work with family next year and I was wondering what your tips are as I am hearing a lot of warnings about mixing family with business. Thank you!

  • Anastasia Howell

    Hi Michael,
    My name is Anastasia and I am a 12 year old blogger. Over the summer I made a blog at I’m only a beginner so I’ve been following your posts on blogging to help me out. I haven’t been getting much traffic lately and I know that it takes time, but I was just wondering if you had any advice. Also, I’ve made a small about page but I want to make it better. I know about pages are important and I want to make sure its amazing. Thanks for being an inspiration and guide for me. Have a great day!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Have you read my book, Anastasia? Thanks.

      • Anastasia Howell

        No but I will deffinitley check it out. Thanks! :)

  • @DarrellWolfe

    In answering previous questions you mentioned that you can start to write your your book as blog posts, and that you shouldn’t hold anything back because as you give out you only get a deeper understanding. By the time you go to put it all back together into a book you’ll understand it better and the book will be deeper than the posts naturally. So:

    1. Does this apply to fiction authors too?

    2. Can one develop a platform that involves an author who writes both fiction and non fiction, or do those platforms by necessity need to be separate?

    3. You mentioned having written a post related to this but I couldn’t find it, can you reply the link?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for your questions, Darrell. Yes, fiction can be blogged, too. You will hear a lot of editors and publishers say it’s not, but we have a very old precedent in Victorian fiction. It was disseminated as a series of newspaper articles (e.g., Charles Dickens and the Pickwick Papers.
      You can definitely develop a platform for both fiction and non-fiction. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t. Steven Pressfield, author of The Legend of Bagger Vance (fiction) and The War of Art 9 (non-fiction), among many others, has a single platform. But this usually only works when the audience is the same of you have chosen one or the other to address on your blog. Start with the audience and work backwards.
      I am not sure which post I was referring to. Sorry.

      • @DarrellWolfe

        That is very intriguing, to know that there are concepts like this dating that far back.

        I’ve always been a “Reinvent The Wheel” type personality. From very young I’ve been asking “can it be done in a new way, or done better”. Especially when it comes to creative arts, music, writing, or other artistic or ministry works. A far off someday dream of mine would be to rock Hollywood and Nashville by empowering other people to bring their art to a new level, leading and not following the World.

        I’m also becoming aware, as I get older, that some things are timeless principles and they work and doing them any other way won’t. So recognizing the difference between a principle (Unchanging) and a method (Changing) is my task in life right now.

        I’d like to take the unchanging principles of art, business, marketing and the changing principles of methods, delivery, flavor, and style and start to play with this regarding fiction.

        Thanks for your input! DW

  • Sherrie Anderson

    Hello Michael~ I am a speaker and writer. I do not have anything published at this time and feel like this has kept me from being asked to speak at larger venues or being represented by an agent for my speaking. It can be discouraging to say the least. Any advice or encouragement would be appreciated. Thank you.
    Sherrie Anderson

    • Michael Hyatt

      Can you ask this via voice mail? Thanks.

      • Sherrie

        Thank you for your quick rresponse. I just left a voice mail.

  • Amanda Harrison

    Hi Michael. I recently attended your Platform Conference in Dallas – it was excellent! I am a communications specialist / content developer for a not-for-profit economic development organization in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I work in the “pit crew” for our ceo, Ron Kitchens, who blogs about leadership, talent, engagement and economic development at Creating new, original content is definitely hard work and requires lots of creativity. I know you are very open about the technical tools you use, but I was hoping you might share what your creative process looks like? Is there something to be said for developing some consistency to harness creativity? Thank you!

  • Jon Dickenson

    Hi Michael. I have heard you say several times that Ray Edwards’ podcast is one of two or three that you listen too. Would you mind to share what the other podcasts are?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Sure. My regulars (in addition to Ray) are Pat Flynn’s “Smart Passive Income,” Joel Osteen, Andy Stanley, and the Podcast Answer Man.

  • Henry Cooper

    Mike, What other podcast series addition to Ray, Joel, Andy and Podcast Answer man you recommend for starters? I know of Karel of Life Habits, John Milligan of Simple Life Habits, David Allen of the David Allen Company, etc..

    • Michael Hyatt

      That’s a great list. You might add Dan Miller and Erik Fisher’s Beyond the To Do List.

      • Erik Fisher

        Dan and Pat’s shows are both on my list.

    • Barry Hill

      I was going to say Dam Miller at 48 Days Dan—but the big fella beat me too it! I really like Pat Flynn, too! He’s really good a motivating you do waht you love!

      • Michael Hyatt

        Yea, Dan Miller is his brother. ;-)

        I should have mentioned Pat. Love his show.

  • Luis G

    Hi Michael,

    This is Luis and I am based in Switzerland.

    First of all I just want to say how much I appreciate your podcast. It is my number one podcast. I really value your insights and I feel like I am learning a lot from your experience.

    I have been doing some freelance work for the last 12 months while trying to find a new full time job.

    I have done over 170 spontaneous candidatures and job offer candidatures and I’ve managed to get interviewed 7 times. The last time it was particularly painful as I got informed I was not chosen because I did not master a particular software. This was a small office in an open space environment and I feel I couldn’t say that I had a good skill level in that software and arrive and have to ask for help, eventually in very basic aspects related to it. I feel that would hurt trust right away.

    But at the end of the day and believing that their feedback was truthful, I lost a job and I really need one. I feel discouraged after all these months and this time around I even had to deal with criticism from some friends…

    Maybe we all lie here and there on the course of a job interview but where should one cross the line, if lying is at all an option? I wonder what your thoughts about that are.

    Thank you.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Great question. I would not lie to get the job. Eventually, you will be found out. Worse, you won’t respect yourself. I know it’s tough, but I would encourage you to hang in there. Think of the story you are creating that will inspire others.

      • Luis G

        Thank you for your prompt response. I wish you a great year and I look forward for all the great insights I am sure you will keep on bringing to your audience.

  • Wayne Stiles

    Michael, have you considered a podcast episode on tax issues for bloggers? You could address the differences between full-time and hobby bloggers, what’s ethical in reporting affiliate income, etc. Of course, you would give the disclaimer that you’re not an accountant, etc. But still, the episode would certainly relate to most of us.

    Also, if I don’t connect with you before your cruise, I hope and pray you and Gail have a tremendous time. Thanks.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Wayne. This is definitely something that needs to be addressed. I have been hesitant because I am not an accountant (as you point out), and I am not sure I am the right guy. BUT, maybe an answer on my podcast is the right venue.
      We are pumped about the cruise. We leave one week from tomorrow!

  • Michelle Caskey

    Hi,Michael. My husband and I have been listening to your podcasts like crazy and we appreciate all of your amazing advice. We’re currently in the process of converting my website ( into a blog and I have a few questions:

    1. Should we allow trackbacks and pingbacks? We’re a bit confused as to if they are actually beneficial or if they will just make us the target of spammers.
    2. We’ve been converting all of my current content into pages, most of which allow comments. Should we be converting them into posts instead? Is there a benefit to either?
    3. I have always written about homeschooling boys as well as parenting boys; but, I’m thinking about expanding my platform to include some other topics in which I’m an “expert” such as posts about being a stay-at-home mom, being a writer, genealogy as a hobby, etc. We bought as a first step to doing this. Since I already have a following with homeschooling moms for, would it be beneficial for me to merge all of these topics under the same blog? Or should I keep the different subjects in separate blogs?

    Thanks so much for any advice you can give us!

  • Jason D

    I am a fairly young leader and I am also a believer. I recently played a role in pushing forward an important project for our institution, but as credit is being tweeted and praise is being emailed around, my part in the project goes unnoticed. As a believer, I question why it matters to me (where do I find my worth – in the praise of others?) But as a leader in this institution, working to revitalize the reputation of the department I lead, should I step up or bring attention to my role in this project? Apologies for the anonymity. Thanks for the blog, podcast, and all that you do!

  • Kathy

    I have a small business that is a LOT of administrative work, high overhead with liability insurance, worker’s compensation, etc. Recently I’ve been taking a life coaching course and know that Coaching is my heart’s desire. I have a vision of speaking, writing and helping people be the best they can be and empowering themselves to live with Joy and Freedom. What’s the best way to “get my feet wet” in any of these areas to gain the confidence to make Coaching, speaking and writing a viable business? I don’t have a background in any of these areas, not a lot of money to work with but know that is where God is leading me.

  • Scott

    Hi Michael, I’m a new subscriber. Thanks for offering this to all of us. I’ve read your tips about getting the most out of EverNote. Thanks you. In this poscast99, you mention SoundEver – when I clicked on the link I noticed the following two items:

    1 – SoundEver is now sold by 20Buttons Inc. after a transfer from Spinthought Inc. and will be getting an iOS7 overhaul in the coming weeks. Thank you! (Should we wait for the iOS7 Update before downloading?)

    2 – Category: Productivity, Updated: Dec 14, 2012, Version: 2.2, Size: 3.8 MB – – (Looks like it hasn’t been updated since 12/14/2012 – am I understanding this date correctly?)

    • Michael Hyatt

      SoundEver could use a graphic overhaul, so that is good news. However, it works fine now.
      With regard to my productivity category, I have had scores of new articles since then. If you click on the Productivity button, you will see them all. Thanks.

  • Christopher C Mwase

    Hi Michael. My name is Christopher Mwase and my blog is which I am in the process of customizing. Do you think it is a good idea to start with a free autoresponder like Listwire and then migrate to a paid service like MailChimp as soon as I monetize my blog?

    • Michael Hyatt

      No, I would start with MailChimp. It is free for the first 2,000 names. Thanks.

    • Mark J Hudson

      I agree with Michael, start and grow with MailChimp. You will love the integration with website/blog. Also why learn two different programs. Fun, creativity and profit come when you master a skill

      • Christopher C Mwase

        Thank you Mark.

  • KC Procter

    Question for 100th episode: What do you think is the biggest barrier people experience in trying to build a platform? How do they overcome it?

  • Shane Meyer

    Hello Michael. I am very new to your podcast and have not listened to many yet, but I am pleased with the content with what I have. I am very interested to learn how to apply your platform in our business of Region Bulk Commodity Transportation.
    My Question is, How to hire outstanding people in an industry that has so many sub par applicants without spending valuable time on endless applications and a small fortune on classifieds or advertisements for the position.
    Thanks for your time

  • Jantz Selk

    Hey Michael. My name is Jantz Selk from Alberta Canada. I haven’t yet started a blog, and I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on my reasoning behind this. I am currently attending University for a graduate degree that will give me additional background knowledge and expertise that I feel I need to successfully start my blog. Because my blog will be focused on providing health-based advice I’m afraid to start blogging about this topic without appropriate credibility. On the other hand, I feel like while I am still in University may be a perfect time to start blogging because I am surrounded by, and have easy access to various experts in this field. So, my question is: do you think that reaching an acceptable level of credibility is an important enough reason for delaying starting a blog? I am addicted to your podcast, I listen every week and I hope I hear you answer my question on your 100th episode!

  • captainafrica

    Hello Michael,my name is Ogba Uweru and I listen to your podcast every week it is a unique source of inspiration.You have been a CEO and have experience dealing with people and my question is,how much trust should a leader invest in people (employee’s, business partners,family,friends etc), Is trust a leadership quality and how does one invest this resource if it is? I am having a lot of difficulty trusting people because I have been battered by very close people and sometimes it just feels like I really don’t matter to them.Thank you Michael.

  • Arlen Miller

    Mr. Michael, My name is Arlen Miller, from Sugarcreek, Ohio.
    Question: Who do you imagine your audience to be while you write your blog post? Do you imagine a specific friend of yours by name, character, and specific need—depending on the blog post subject—or an anonymous demographic composite?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I definitely have a composite based on my Reader Survey, but I also have that distilled to five avatars. I envision one of them.

      • Arlen Miller

        Beautiful. Thanks so much, Sir.

  • Steve Lee

    Hi Michael. My name is Steve Lee and I blog at I just started the blog with your advice and I am excited to get the ball rolling. Since I am rather new to your blog and love your podcasts. I do noticed that you do change the way you operate becoming more effect over time. Would it be beneficial for someone like me who started listening to you in podcast 98 to start again from Podcast 1?

  • garykinced1967

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  • Linda Lochridge Hoenigsberg

    Congratulations on Podcast episode #100 Michael! I wanted to tell you how excited I am for the new format. I have always loved your podcasts as they are but I’ve gotten to know Michelle Cushatt as an online friend and am really looking forward to meeting you both in C.S. in November! I first heard Michele’s voice when I took your “How to Write a Nonfiction Book Proposal” course. I thought she did such a fantastic job co-hosting that course and interviewing you for the audios that I reached out and told her how much I enjoyed that aspect of it. I cannot wait to hear you two together again.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Terrific, Linda. She is going to do a GREAT job. Thanks.

  • Sergio

    Hi Michael.
    Regarding your latest podcast, I would like to know what to do with the hands during a presentation when we stand up before an audience.

  • Katie Ross

    More of an observation/comment — on today’s podcast (Episode 2), I don’t think that I heard either you introduce Michele or her introduce herself. To me, that detracted from the concept of “cohost”. I’m also guessing that many people might be listening for the first time, any episode, so it would be nice to hear who both of the co-hosts are, each episode. Just a thought…Meanwhile, am so very sorry to read the news of Charlie Brown…that could happen to anyone with an energetic puppy at any time, including me. So sorry.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Katie. This is good input.

      Thanks also for your condolences on Charlie.

  • John M. Harris

    What advice do you have for Preachers, specifically Pastors who have to prepare 3 messages per week, but want to make it a more modern, better, up-to-date “TED Talk” kind of message… Blessings.

  • Wayne Stiles

    Michael, as I plan to put together my membership site(s), I have a question. Why do you have different URLs for your membership sites and not make them part of your blog? I’d love to know the pros and cons from your perspective. Thanks so much.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I really want to develop some properties that stand independent of my personality. This was an opportunity to do that. I do plan to reference it on the new home page of my blog (under development). Thanks.

  • Vikki

    Your recent podcast, “The 3 Questions Every Leader Must Answer to Avoid the Drift”, was really a blessing to me, this week. Thank you for sharing wisdom and your experiences. Here is my question: How do you get back on track after serious drift? I have been experiencing drift for nearly a year, since taking on temporary and contract positions to earn money. I have slowly drifted away from my writing and other entrepreneurial aspirations to give attention to these jobs. What do I need to do, first, to get back to my original purpose? Thank you again for your generosity in sharing your wisdom.

  • Christian Willoch

    Hi Michael. My name is Christian Willoch, and I blog att

    I have many ideas for blog postings, and many of them are related to topics, challenges, and observations I do in my current job. Last year, I switched job from a smaller Norwegian company to a big, Dutch enterprise and became the manager of Internal IT in this company. So I have made a list of many topics that can be interesting when meeting another (business) culture and addressing challenges that my company and my department is facing.

    My question to you is: how can you blog about situations that you experience in your current work environment without giving away people or worst case giving a wrong impression about your company to your blog readers? I really don’t want to appear disloyal to my employer.

  • Angela Megasko

    Hi Michael! This is Angela Megasko from Glenmoore, PA. I am the owner of Market Viewpoint, LLC-a mystery shopping company. You can find us at I love the ability you give to your readers to tweet your quotes directly from your posts. Can you tell me how you have that set up? Is it a WordPress plug-in?

    • Trivinia Barber

      Angela, it’s a plug in for the GetNoticed! Theme that we’re testing, though it’s not a live option yet. Hopefully it will be soon.

  • Christian Guerrero

    Hi Michael. My name is Christian and I blog for my employer I’m now focusing my attention on the school newsletter and building my email list. Over the years I have collected hundreds of business cards, but am not sure in how to turn these contacts into followers on my email list? I want to be sure to follow the proper etiquette. How should I move forward?

  • John Rinaldo

    You’re Achiever theme on Strength Finders drives a lot of your performance and success. That theme comes out clearly in your content. For someone who does not have that theme, I sometimes feel disheartened by your content because I feel I can’t excel to the same level as you because of your strength. How would a non-Achiever adapt your content to work for them without getting disheartened?

  • Victoria

    Hi Michael, I have loved the new show format…and now can’t wait for season 2!

    I appreciated your post earlier this year in where you talked about advising your daughter that she could start her blog on – that this is a good (cheap) place to start and test out how far you want to go etc. The question that I wish you’d answered is:

    “How far can you go with And where are the best places to learn how to maximise that platform?” I have found it hard on google to find answers to my questions that relate to as opposed to self hosted and would love a simple guide to whether it is possible, and how to:
    create a mailing list
    offer downloads
    offer paid downloads
    And the other top 5 must do’s for a high impact blog.

  • Tim Wright

    Hi Michael,

    How do i discern the difference between self promotion in what I do and trusting the Father to open the door and bring his blessings into my life. I am in full time ministry and I have more capacity to expand my impact and opportunities. My challenge is Jesus knew it was time for him to begin bringing the Fathers kingdom into earth. I am very relectatnt to push myself on a door the Father hasn’t opened for me. Maybe I am over spiritualizing this but I am not fearful but do not want to be presumptious.
    My daughter and I have signed up to your Platform University.



  • Colin Christensen

    Hi Michael & Michelle. I’m Colin Christensen and I just pressed “launch” on my platform at The question I have is (and I remember you saying something about this in your podcasts recently and can’t remember where) what tool(s) do you use to send your text list of top blog posts out to media networks – taking that list and having different posts sent out at different times. I use buffer, and outside of physically sending a single post once at any of the scheduled times, I can’t seem to figure out how to get one post out at all the different times of my schedule. Does that make sense? Being careful to balance between too much and not enough, I’ve published a free ebook in my expertise of hiring and team building and want to get it into the hands of as many of my followers as possible by coming to my site. I ask about getting the same thing out at different times since I would assume they all would be listening at different times.
    Thanks for all you do. I’m grateful for the education you’re putting me through. Please keep it up.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Colin, I am not sure I understand your question, but let me try. I send my blog posts out once a day (assuming I post something new). I use MailChimp to do that. I connect it to my blog’s RSS feed. John Meese has a short video on this. MailChimp also has some resources you might find helpful. Thanks.

      • Colin Christensen

        Sorry I wasn’t clear. You mentioned that you make a text list of your top posts and they go out one a day over 90 days. Is that through MailChimp? I’m looking for a [slightly] automated process to send a specific post such as “download a free ebook” a couple times a day so it reaches those who may be listening at different times. Maybe you should talk me out of this if there is a better way. I haven’t seen this addressed in Platform or other resources. Thanks again Michael.

        • Michael Hyatt

          Sorry, Colin. I promote these manually through Twitter and Facebook. Nothing happens to the post itself. It does not go out via email. You should schedule the kind of post you want about your ebook in Coschedule, Buffer, or Hootsuite. All three are valid but slightly different options.

  • Allison

    Hi! Michele said on the most recent podcast we could find a list of the 10 types of social media posts in the show notes – do i need to sift through the transcript or is there a basic list? thanks! ~ Allison

  • Scott Rouse

    I just listened to Episode 9 of This Is Your Life. THAT is the kind of thing I enjoy listening to the most. I’m a body language expert and interrogator, so for me it’s not learning “what makes a person tick”, it’s how that person “winds the watch” that’s fascinating.

  • Barbara Starlyt

    Good Morning Michael, I learn so…much from you web site. I also admire the ton of information you share. What does a typical day look like for you? When I think of all that you share and do I just do not see how you do it all. I read that you read the bible all the way through every year. That made me think about how do you organize each day? So, if you don’t mind sharing what your typical day looks like, I would love to see how you do it all. Thank you and Bless you

  • Fleda Paul

    Hi Michael. I just listened to your recording on developing your value proposition. I have been working my proposition for about a year. Any guidance would be helpful., my husband I work together as a realtor and mortgage broker, “Together, we build dreams and finance possibilities” Offer the convenience of real estate, valuation, and lending services, you choice.”

  • Jonathan DeVore

    If you self publish, does that hurt you from having a deal with a real publisher? Can a self published book then be taken up by a real publisher and re-published if it is proving to do well?

    • Michael Hyatt

      No,not necessarily. It all depends on how much “life” the publisher believes is still in the book.

  • Revivaissance

    Hi Michael. I left vm’s for Holy City Creative and Technical Arts. Our site is starting out, and the URL is Thank you. If you have trouble, it may still be We look forward to training students to use technology with their creativity. Thanks again!

  • Grant Adams

    Hi Michael. Long-time follower, first-time question-asker. I just listened to your podcast on your top ten books, which got me thinking through my top ten (we share a couple titles including War or Art & Million Miles). I also noticed that both my list and your list was comprised of books written by mostly white men (Team of Rivals was your one exception). In light of the conversation that is happening right now around racial justice in America and in an effort to diversify my literary input, I’ve wanted to start reading more authors of color. A few that I’ve read and enjoyed/benefited from have been Sherman Alexie (War Dances), Christena Cleveland (Disunity in Christ) & Shūsaku Endō (Silence). A few more that are on my short list to read are James Cone, Tony Dungy & Efrem Smith. Are there any books by authors of color that have impacted you (or anyone else that wants to chime in)?

  • AJ Hulsey

    What happened to episode 8? Just curious. Love your podcast and look forward to each one!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Somehow we got messed up on our dates. I am planning to go back and post that one. I just haven’t had a chance. However, you can find it here in the complete listing of Season episodes (scroll down).