I don’t know how else to make a movie except to try and find some aspect of the experience that I haven’t done before. Because if I’ve done it before, I’m fearless. And I don’t work well when I’m fearless.

I’m not as good a filmmaker if I know exactly what I’m doing every step of the way. But when I don’t have all of my comforts with me, then I get really really insecure, and that insecurity opens me up to possibilities.

I need to get to the set in the morning feeling a little upset to my stomach. If I feel a little bit unsettled, I feel more able to take risks to rescue myself.

Steven Spielberg
Oprah’s Next Chapter (In Making the Movie, Lincoln)

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  • Lisa Kohn

    What a great concept and quote. Thanks!! So often we challenge ourselves (and others) to play and stay out of our comfort zone, and yet it can be so hard to do. The thought that the fear can actually help me, and help me take risks, is great. And that Steven Spielberg is a bit sick to his stomach as he creates an amazing movie like Lincoln is inspiring!

  • Andy Gillis

    This is very inspiring to hear. Sometimes I ask myself, how much of this “out of my comfort-zone” thing and stomach feeling can I take? It’s comforting to know that everyone gets it (even Steven Spielberg). However, thank God it’s there, because (for me) it helps me think that its all about the other person and not me. Plus, it makes the rewards and good times that much better. Thank you for sharing this, Michael.

  • JTrent

    Wow! This applies to so many types of art. I’m so much more creative when I don’t know what I’m doing or haven’t done it before.

    • http://TillerFamily.org/ John Tiller

      Yes, art AND life!

    • http://theordainedbarista.com/ Barry Hill

      JT— So true… so true!

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.martin.10485 Steve Martin

    I never thought about creating something with an element of fear.

    I should be a creative genius. I’m usually scared out of my wits when I attempt something new.



  • Rhonda

    Nothing better than a little discomfort to hone the senses.

  • http://www.themakegoodchoicesproject.org/ Michael Hawkins

    I guess it’s true:  there’s GOOD stress and there’s BAD stress.  A little bit of ‘living on the edge’ is good for us.