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  • Onsiu

    From On Writing, right? I love this quote.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I think so.

  • Peter G

    That’s right. And in an 80-word paragraph decrying the use of adverbs in his book On Writing, Stephen King used five adverbs, which works out to 6.25% of the total verbiage in said paragraph. Wherever the road paved with adverbs may lead, Mr King seems to be well on his way.

  • Vincent Nguyen

    I need to work on limiting my usage of adverbs! I’m a lot better about it now, but I used to litter my writing with them.

  • Ken Davis

    I think I slowly read that while I was briskly walking and quickly reading “On writing Well” I could be wrong because I was breathing heavily at the time.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Hilarious. If it starts getting warmer and warmer during your run, it might be because you are getting closer to a very warm destination. ;-)

      • troy mc laughlin

        Nothing like being redundantly redundant.

  • Belinda Pollard

    Ha. I never met an adverb I didn’t like. Seriously.

  • Cindy

    …and the road to amusement and curiosity is paved with adjectives.

  • Kix Blogger

    Not sure I want to be on any road with Stephen King. :)