Religion—in the Worst Sense of the Word

I stumbled across this video in one of my RSS feeds. Honestly, it is difficult to believe that people like this still exist. It is embarrassing. It just goes to show you that religion—in the worst sense of the word—is still alive and well. Frankly, it makes it that much more difficult to communicate the true nature of Jesus to the world.

If you can’t see this video in your RSS reader or email, then click here.

David Wilcox, maybe my favorite singer-songwriter, captures this in his song called “Good Man” from the album Vista. It says,

Let me apologize in advance
For the way my friend behaves
He’ll pick a fight and take a holy stance
He’s so proud that he’s so saved

I hope you don’t judge Jesus
By the things my friend will say
He holds a bible like a dagger
And he twists it just that way

He just loves conversation—like a cat loves a bird
I guess he’s always been a good man—in the worst sense of the word

The good knights went out to save the day
In the age of the crusades
A sharp sword on a tortured soul
They were sure the point was made
Any tool can be a weapon
If it’s used with that intent
The devil’s great at quoting scripture
And confusing what it meant

So all the evils done for Jesus —it is a history so absurd
But there will always be a good man—in the worst sense of the word

They ‘jacked a plane to make a sneak attack
They were trained to die in flames
Their last words were to God above
Just to praise His holy name

For all the terror and destruction
They felt no sense of shame
You gotta wonder why religion
Can make people so insane

But their devotion was unquestioned—follow straight and never swerve
The devil always needs a good man—in the worst sense of the word”

This is the first thing I thought of when I saw the video above. By the way, David’s new album, “Open Hand” is fabulous. I highly recommend it.

Question: Do you distinguish between “religion” and true faith? Do people like those in the video embarrass you?
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  • human3rror

    It is truly depressing. Sue showed me this yesterday. Much prayer is needed for those that may be confused…!

    • Ian

      "Much prayer is needed for those that may be confused…! "

      That means more than what you intended it to.

      It's a shame that all the people on this little comment system are dishing out sorrow as if they're any less ignorant of what this church is actually protesting. The method might be crude but the truth stands on it's own. It is ignorance that's fueling this posts debate.

      Salt irritates. All I'm reading is sugar.

  • Beth Harkins Ingersoll

    I'm almost embarassed to admit that this church is in my hometown, although I've never heard of it. Fortunately, the entire town doesn't feel that way! There are several good churches in Canton.

    Unfortunately, this guy is giving our town, and Christians in particular, a bad name. I pray that the Lord opens up his eyes and brings an end to this nonsense.

    • Michael Hyatt

      This is good to know. It seems like misguided zeal.

  • Mark Peterson

    It does embarrass me, and it saddens me. In the end it illustrates the fact that true religion is a religion that requires we add knowledge to our faith. 2 Peter 1:5

  • Fr. Timothy Cremeens

    Wow! This is pretty amazing stuff. I knew the Fighting Fundies were still out there but it makes the state of my residence (North Carolina) look pretty stupid. I do like the "pastor's" bib overalls.

    • Michael Hyatt

      The worst thing is that the media picks this kind of silly stuff up and it makes all Christians look crazy. Thankfully, I think this is a VERY minority position.

      • nate

        I hear you MH, but I did like the end of piece: "The church has 11(?) members but the pastor says it's growing." Yeah, right.

        Thanks for posting this.

  • Praise and Coffee

    Absolutely there is a difference between religion and true faith, Jesus exposed it regularly.
    These men seem to forget that the Pharisees were the religous leaders in Jesus day:
    Matt 23:27
    27 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness.
    KJV (for the sake of argument, we'll show KJV, but I love the NLT)

    I used to hold some of his same beliefs until reading the word for myself and seeing how Jesus loved the sinner and constantly corrected the "saint."

    It is about relationship…first with God and then each other.

    Great post, I was anticipating it after your tease last night!

  • GRiley

    Well if they want to waste their resourses and and money on books and fire instead of actually putting it to something useful then they are fools! i think the bible calls them. Lets see now do they actually measure the success of someone like TD Jakes who has impacted a number of generations of people then look at themselves and wonder why they only have 14 members? I know He said it's "Growing" but it won't last as they are irrelavent in a culture that needs things like New Living Translation to unpack more about God and the purpose He has for our lives.

    All in all. They are sending themselves plummeting to an end.

  • Gail

    If grace is found in this church, it truly would be amazing. Lord have mercy.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I wish I had thought of that and put it in the post!

  • @colleencoble

    Wow, this is a appalling. I'm a Baptist myself and am embarrassed by this. While my church does use the KJV from the pulpit, many of us in the congregation carry other versions. I haven't opened a KJV in years myself. The newer ones are so much easier to read and understand. True faith is a relationship with Jesus. It's much easier to have that 2 way communication if we understand the meaning.

    It's no wonder there are only 14 members of the church. . .

    • Michael Hyatt

      I have no problem with anyone using the KJV. It is beautiful and majestic. But to damn all other versions? All you can say is “wow.”

  • Daniel Tardy

    This is sad for all the reasons stated. I can't imagine that they are having that much negative influence though. '14 members and growing'?

    I think the only ones really losing are those 14 people…not mainstream Christianity.

    Do you think anyone else is taking them seriously at all? (good or bad)

  • KristineMac

    What is sad and tragic is THIS is what most people think of when they think of Christians these days. When Christians are mocked in the movies and television programs it's THIS stereotype they have in mind.

    This brings to mind a story which prompted my husband to write a corny little song called "King James Version". When we were first married he worked for a Christian bookstore. An older woman came in and asked for a Bible. He took her to the NIV as it was the most popular and reliable translation. She looked at him very seriously and said "No son, what I want is a King James Version. If it was good enough for John the Baptist, it's good enough for me."

    • Lissa Raines

      I had a friend at Bible School who told me she thought Jesus spoke in King James English! It was not difficult to educate her, but that is what her church had taught her. Maybe she went to Amazing Grace Baptist Church!

  • hscotthunt

    Yikes! These people are like the drunk cousin at a family reunion. Very embarrassing.

  • Donald James Parker

    Gosh. I hope some day my name makes it on their burn list. I'm not saying an author is truly representing God because they have achieved success, but the reverse is also not valid. There are some outstanding individuals represented there. My standard response in any situation like this is – woe unto him who calls evil good and good evil. It is good to be valiant for the Lord, but the worst thing we can do is be a hindrance to His anointed.

  • bluegoose

    I would be so scared to call anything that glorifies God "Satan's Bibles"!!!
    I so agree with Gail…grace found here would be amazing!
    I'm thankful that it is the kindness of our Savior that draws us to Him…Romans 2:4!

  • @kaydewshostak

    Thank you. I'm communicating with a young man on facebook who has no good thoughts about Jesus because of some of the Christians he's come around. I sent him your blog to show that many, many of us (and some who are quite important, like you Mr. Hyatt!) are also appalled and not willing to just be embarrassed and shove it under the carpet. Thanks again.

  • Rich

    As with many cases of misguided zeal and ignorance, this gentlemen appears clueless about the history of the KJV as well as translation practices in general. For him to include the NASB as a fraud was quite comical. Unfortunately, the media won't report on the millions of other Christians out there today feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, and providing comfort to those that are in need.

  • Scotty Strickland

    “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” Mahatma Ghandi.

    • Timothy Fish

      I wonder if he would have said that if he had really met our Christ.

    • Donna Maria

      Oh wow! That quote hit the nail on the head indeed.

  • Lissa Raines

    Sad! I think they are sincerely wrong. I beleive they want to do God's work ,but have been deceived, like Paul, the apostle,before he was an apostle. My uncle was an evangelist for a number of years, and he held that stand on the KJV. He was more than zealous, and completely blinded about this error. It is a divisive, misguided, deception straight from the Father of Lies.

  • Gary Davidson

    Unbelievable! It's good to know he only has 14 members. It bothers me most that the media thought this was a story worth covering and didn't give any other view points from Christians on how they feel about the burning.

  • totai

    Hey, they are serving fried and bbq chicken, that's gotta count for something:-) But, does anyone really take these people seriously? I know they're out there, but not in great numbers, I think the larger tragedy than burnt bibles are bibles that are never read.

  • Bruce

    Someone needs to educate that "pastor" that the Bible was spoken by God and written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek…..not in the Kings English. It is sad that the media has found him and his congregation of 14, for they do not represent Christianity.

  • Laurinda

    Do they not know that the KJV is a translated from Hebrew/Greek as well as the others they are burning? Jesus didn't speak Elizabethan English. If they wanted to read an "unadulterated" version wouldn't they be reading Hebrew & Greek original text? Stupidity gone to seed. It's a publicity stunt for him and his 14 members. I wonder what they think of people who don't speak or read English?

    People like this don't embarrass me anymore. I've walked with Christ long enough, studied the Word and have some rough experiences with religion to see the difference between religion and relationship. Look at the fruit of people's lives. I think Joyce Meyer (spelled Joyce Myer by their church) said "out of balance is the devil's playground".

  • Kendra

    Truly grieves my heart. And unfortunately, it's getting extensive publicity. Well, knowing God, He'll work it out for good :D!!

  • Mary DeMuth

    My questions to anyone who condemns others as heretics is this: Doesn't Jesus love them too? Why the violence of burning books? And the last one: Do you really want to be aligned with Hitler's book burning practices? Yikes!

    • Timothy Fish

      By the same argument on the other side of the coin, why would we want to write books in the first place? Doesn't that align us with those who generated Communist propaganda? Not every book burner is Hitler and I can name a great many books that ought to be burned. The disagreement is in which ones.

  • @halhunter

    This is the exact mindset of the Taliban and their ilk. Given complete freedom of action in their community, there might well be be more than books in that fire- there would be some heretics and heathens. While our courts have gone way past original intent, it is these types of folks that were in mind when the First Amendment was in debate.

    • Timothy Fish

      That's down right slanderous. I very much doubt that this church has any thought of going out and killing those with whom they disagree.

      As a matter of fact, the First Amendment offers as much protection who wish to voice their displeasure through book burning as it does to those who write the words in the first place. As long as they own the books, they can burn them.

  • Timothy Fish

    I seen this issue come up, from time to time, my whole life. I'm in a Baptist association in which every few years or so there is some church that plans to vote that we pass a resolution to only use the KJV or something similar. There is usually a bunch of discussion before the meeting that's similar to what we see here and then when the issue actually comes up (which it usually doesn't), it either dies without a second, tabled indefinitely or simply voted down. While I disagree with their thinking, my experience has been that most of the people who fall into this thinking actually have their heart in the right place and there's nothing sinister about it. They are just wrong. Many have a limited education and when someone brings in some KJV only propaganda explaining everything that's wrong with the NIV, etc., they are unable to see that the material isn't completely accurate.

  • Rocco

    One should probably read multiple versions of the Bible to get a good understanding of its meanings. Unless of course you can read Greek and Hebrew and have a copy of the original manuscripts, not to mention a knowledge of the cultural relevance of the time.

    • Rocco

      By all means then, burn all the other versions of the Bible. [sarcasm intended]

  • AnneLangBundy

    I'd like to think that my zeal has never led me to say anthing so extreme. But I suspect that at some point, while still coming to better understanding of the truth, I've also destroyed God's Word in the life of another by my misguided testimony.

    Every Christian is a hypocrite, because none of us lives up to the standard of Jesus Christ which we uphold. This man is also in need of grace, not only from God but also from other Christians. I pray that as truth is shared with him in love, he might be as broken and repentant for this sin as I am for mine.

  • SRivera

    Well the goo d news is that they only have 14 members

  • matt mikalatos

    I will gladly sell them a big heap of my book when it comes out.

    I was at the bookstore yesterday and one of the clerks was doing the "remainders" ritual of ripping the covers off the unsold books. It made me feel a little nauseous. I wanted to go buy all those books so she didn't have to mangle them like that. I wanted to say, "You could at least do that somewhere private."

    Anyway… sometimes people are hung up in the KJV and against all other Bibles and books because on a pretty deep level they already have a Bible that says what they want it to say, and they don't want to understand what it actually says better… either by discovering it for themselves with a more accessible translation or by having someone exposit it for them.

  • @M_Featherson

    It's unfortunate that this Pastor holds the views that he does. However, it's worse that the main stream media chooses such an extremely negative example of Christianity to offer to the world. Are the activities of a church with only 14 members truly news worthy? It just seems to perpetuate the notion that the media has low regard for religion in general and Christianity in particular.

  • Jason

    And my Christian friends wonder why I, as a lover of Jesus, don't want them to label me as Christian.

    Thanks for shedding light on this.

  • Peggy Reeves

    I am SAD and MAD. Mad because God's church doesn't deserve to be represented this way. Why not show all the good things that are going on in churchs…the lives that are being redeemed, physical and spiritual healing, people being set free from strongholds, missions, the meeting of needs within the community and more.
    I personally don't want to be anywhere close to the burning of God's HOLY WORD….it doesn't matter what translation it is. Two verses come to mind when I see something like this: Rom. 12:19 "Never take you own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, 'VENGEANCE IS MINE, I will repay,' says the Lord." I think I will stay far away from the burning of Bibles or any Christian books. I falter enough as it is but to Intentionally attack God's Word and Christian authors…I don't think I'll go there.
    Then James 4:10 "But He gives a greater grace. Therefore it says, "GOD IS OPPOSED TO THE PROUD, BUT GIVES GRACE TO THE HUMBLE." I pray that I stand with the humble in the presence of God's grace.

  • Rick Yuzzi

    This shows how dogmatic and wrongheaded some denominations can be. It's interesting how he and other "King James Only" Christians think that a version of the bible commissioned 1,600 years after the birth of Christ is the only inspired word of God. It's the original writings that were inspired, not any translation. It is the purpose of the translation to reliably convey what the original writings said. The newer translations are not only easier to read, but they make use of even earlier manuscripts that were not available when the original King James was written.

  • Ali

    This is such a thought-provoking and sad video. People like these give Christians a bad name, and make us look stupid and ignorant. I feel sorry for these people that they are so limited in their views.

    People like this seem to have no understanding of the concept that the Bible was originally written in another language, and that there are multiple renderings of certain passages.

  • Rosslyn Elliott

    Isn't it ironic that these good Christians will be dancing around a fire on Halloween night and burning holy books? LOL! We need to keep our sense of humor, too, even if it's mordant humor.

    • @theCRICKETtoy

      The idea of Christians dancing around a fire burning the Bible on "All Hallows' Eve" does have some sad humor/irony in it. That really did get me laughing, but incredibly sad.

      I will tell people that just as Brittney Spears doesn't represent all artists and Lindsay Lohan doesn't represent all actors, some people do not accurately represent Christ.

      Today, let's just try and let our actions deafen the noise (and sadly the smoke) of those misrepresentations of the Christ that we know.

  • Obihaive

    Well, as the old hymn says "They will know we are Christians by our love!"
    ….Ahhh, so sad.

  • Sandra King

    What happens to those who bring the "heretic" Bibles? Is there a steak (I mean, stake) prepared for them?

  • fogbound

    What a specimen of religious insanity! I'm just reading a great book, "Christianity's Dangerous Idea" by Alister McGrath and he focuses on how some of these strange and wild concepts have arisen from the time of the Reformation. It is sad and unfortunately some non-Christians will look at this as a representation of Christianity. But we live in a free country and freedom of speech guarantees that even crackpots can have their say. Thanks for sharing this.

  • FMF

    I had a couple of thoughts (in addition to the "how could they do that"/"what a shame" ideas already expressed:

    1. 14 members at the church. Wow, there's a shocker.

    2. GREAT marketing! Talk about a good idea (though it may be the wrong one) to "get your name out there". With this going, they may get a few new people abd see 20% to 30% growth by next weekend…

  • Josh Wagner

    I feel very frustrated at this. As a logical person, I could point to many flaws in their thinking, but I'll keep those to myself.

    As someone else said, they still need grace the same as we all do. It still bothers me that this is how Christians get portrayed on mass media. For that matter, religious groups in general.

    As for "religion" vs true faith, I think this video tells enough. Religion is rules. Faith is more like a journey.

  • BLF

    Religion vs. faith. I like this topic. I think in the current days we do need more and more good spiritual life. I am glad to see people taking care of their spiritual self; Christians, Buddhists, Muslim any other people asking themselves every day why I was sent to the Earth and what is my mission here. Whenever I see good people in a religious organization I am happy praying with them. But I generally keep healthy distance from the religious organizations.

  • Peter_P

    What scares me the most about this is not how deluded they are but that it shows how easily we can fall into the trap of believing something which is blatantly false.

    I think back to all those Christian ministers who were KKK members, who genuinely believed, at the time, that they were right.

    It makes me wonder not just IF I have some bad theology/ideals somewhere inside but rather WHERE my bad theology is.

    If I try to believe that I am any less fallible than the man in this video, then I'm heading for a big fall!

    Thank you for sharing this with us today, Michael.

  • Brian Alexander

    I really hate it when I watch videos like this. It's truly a sad depiction of what the church is suppose to look like. I wonder if anyone in the congregation has ready any of the books or even wrote their own. Makes me stop and think about how religious the church is today about things. This is TAKING IT TOO FAR though!

  • Kyle Reed

    I don’t give videos like this much thought. Really laughter is what ensues from these types of things.
    I just find it ironic that the church is called “amazing grace” baptist church. Kind of missing that connection.

    Check this website though and see how much traffic they got to their blog yesterday:

  • Donna Farley

    …fourteen members…….

    We know all about the iconoclasts…..these people are logoclasts….

  • Caleb Breakey

    I only wish I had the money to travel across the states to meet this man, take him out for lunch, and talk Jesus Christ. How very sad this situation is.

    P.S. I've worked in media since I graduated, and this story is journalism at its worst. Short clips, no perspective, no nothing (though I know TV has its restraints).

  • Marcie

    That is truly frightening video. Great post–I could not agree with you more!

  • SecondChair

    If I send them a copy of my book and they burn it (I'm sure they would!) do you think my sales would go up?


  • Bill Whitt

    I grew up in a KJV-only church, and i know the damage that view can inflict. What a massive growth spurt happened in my spiritual life when a friend gave me an NIV Bible and I realized I actually could understand God's Word! Such a shame to waste the first decade and a half of my life not understanding what God was trying to tell me.

    But more than anything else, that view results from a complete lack of understanding of how Bible translation works. The KJV is not the most understandable translation available, and it's not the most accurate either. For people who want a word-for-word translation, try the ESV, the NAS, or even the NKJV. You'll be glad you did!

  • stephenbateman

    "Mark Driskol" urrrrr yea. that's very unfortunate.

  • Beth Harkins Ingersoll

    Do I think this church has problems with its belief system? Absolutely. There's obvious issues.

    What really bothers me is the reaction of "Christians" to this spectacle. This is all over the blogs I frequently visit, and I'm distressed by all the condescending and snarky comments. There are many referring to the preacher's "bib overalls" (hello, judgement!) and lack of membership (what about the state of those 14 souls?).

    Is this how Jesus would respond to this preacher and his tiny congregation?

    There's a word for us – mockers. Christians participating in this kind of behavior is what gives Christianity a bad name, moreso than pastors of teeny churches. Instead of making fun of them, we need to be hitting our knees and asking God to open the eyes and hearts of this congregation, revealing the falsehoods they now believe, and use this situation for His glory.

  • Jeremy Wight

    So sad. Pray for them

  • Derek

    These are the KJO people. I'm more sanguine than most of your commenters: I think television viewers will understand that this group is not representative of Christians as a whole.

  • @MichaelGHolmes

    This is just sad and narrow-minded!!!

  • patriciazell

    I can't do anything about any other person's walk with God, so I don't go looking for things to criticize. None of us are perfect but all of us are loved, including those church members on the video. No matter what foolish things I do or any other believer in Christ does, God's absolute love is steadfast and unchangeable. Our focus is to love God with everything we have and to love our neighbors as ourselves. My prayer is that God will reach deep into everyone's heart and reveal His perfect, complete, and real love for each one of us.

  • Brandon

    I wonder if The Shack or The Message will start the roasting? :)

  • Tom Estes

    First of all, doing a book burning is crazy, that is undeniable. But you seem to think one is crazy if they believe the KJV to be the only correct version, which isn’t fair.

    For the record, it is also an undeniable fact that the all other versions actually have verses removed, and have sort of important words like “blood” and “Jesus” taken out. Am I crazy if I don’t want a Bible like that?

  • kyle watson

    I'm disappointed that my two published books are not on the list to be burned. What a great and free marketing tool.

  • Butch Maltby

    We joust and make fun of extreme cases of silly faith like this church but wander through most Christian bookstores and the same senseless palaver screams at you. The great books linger long after the crowds have left. But like a teen consuming cotten candy at the state fair over and over and over again we have a Christian publishing enterprise still "dumbing down" with "Hey come feel good!" books. My intelligent non-Christian friends laugh. I sometimes cry about it.

  • Vicki Small

    Someone above stole my thunder with a slightly different version: I have heard one man actually say that the KJV was good enough for St. Paul, so bless God, it's good enough for us.

    This story also reminds me of two other real happenings, over the years. Back in the '70s, a church in the midwest had been having "revival" services. The evangelist had been railing against sex and violence, bringing TV into the discussion. So before the week was over, he called for every member to bring their televisions to the church for a big bonfire to be built out back, one night. The members did that, but one fellow was more enthusiastic; he brought a shotgun (or maybe a rifle) and blasted the picture tube out of his set–in protest, of course, against violence and sex on TV.

    The other embarrassment took place more recently, when Terry Schiavo's feeding tube had been removed. And, sadly, this was shown on national news. One man in the crowd trying to get past a guard screamed at the guard who was only doing his job. His statement: "Jesus Christ hates you!!" Oh, yes, I cringed.

  • Lorraine

    I wish more people would read the whole series fo books that begins with "1632" by Eric Flint. I understand better now why we absolutely MUST have separation of church and state–for the benefit of the church.

  • Patrcik Aquilone

    I am amazed at this, but not shocked. I have seen this before and will see it again. Sad, sad, sad.

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  • Heath

    Stuff like this makes my heart break and blood boil. The toughest thing is that you can't reason with people like this even if you showed them all the newer Greek and Hebrew manuscripts since the KJV was first published. Sadly, the more attention this guy gets the worse it makes us all look.

  • Arkmow

    I find their behavior very embrassing, but at the same time I see an opportunity to show the real Jesus to our genereation. Most likely sinners will talk amongst themselves about it and the mocking ones will use it to taunt us. But we need to steal the show by bringing it up first. Then we have the upper ground from which to declare Christ in all His glory. Thank you Amazing Grace Baptist Church for giving us a conversation starter. I strongly disagree with their stance, but I thank God for the opportunity to lift up Jesus.

  • alex

    Nice overalls. ;-) Those are 14 confused people.

  • Joshua Hood

    Unfortunately, these type of people create many of the false stereotypes that cause nonbelievers to dismiss EVERYTHING, and throw the baby out with the bathwater. May God give those who are exposed to these fanatics wisdom and understanding to evaluate and understand their error, and not be further alienated from “Christians”.

    Joshua Hood

  • V. Erickson

    I think what truely upsets me just as much is the silence of Christians. We watch these things and say nothing. Oh, we may shake our heads and talk to each other but we don’t stand up and say we don’t agree. Our silence is sometimes mistaken for acceptance or agreement. Just look at Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. They protest against homosexuality in the most hateful way. One sign said, “God hates faggots!” They have expanded to protest at funeral of known homosexuals. Just read the entry on Wikipedia to see what a vile example they are to the world of Christians. But what to we do in response. We shake our heads, say that so wrong and move on through our lives. Why don’t we stand up to the Westboro Baptist Church and other haters and perverts of God’s Word? Where are the protesters that stands across the street from their signs with signs of our own. We have the truth on our side. “God is love!!!” “Judge not lest you be judge.” I wonder how the homosexual community and others would respond to Christians who stood up and shouted back at them. “They’re not with us.” ” They are counterfeit.” ” They have no truth because they have no love.” ” We’re not with them.” ” They do not speak for us.” When will we begin to shout louder so the world can hear us over them. “God is love and in Him there is no fear or shame.” ” Because He first loved us first we are able to love.” “Christ taught us what real love is. Love is patient. Love is kind…” Let’s stop shaking our heads, watching new stories about churches like this one here and Westboro Baptist. Let’s get so busy showing them who Christ really is that we become God’s representatives not them!!!!

  • Rob Sorbo

    Wow. Scary.

  • Nina V.

    Wow. I’m not even sure what to say about that… How sad it is that such STUPIDITY and moron-ism is alive and well in the U.S. of A. I imagine these folks could count their brain cells using one hand. But what’s worse; these are self-proclaimed people of G-d. Unbelievable garbage.