Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

If you have a gnawing suspicion that work sucks, but aren’t quite sure what to do about it, this book is for you. In their recent book, Rework, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hanson challenge conventional business wisdom and show a better way to make work more fulfilling and less frustrating.

Quite honestly, this is one of the best business books I have read this year. The authors give voice to many of my own thoughts and feelings about work. Moreover, they say it in a way that is direct, pithy, and often humorous. I swear I highlighted every other sentence. In short: This is the book I wish I had written.

If you are just getting started with Evernote, I suggest that you buy Brett Kelly’s remarkably practical e-book, Evernote Essentials, 4.0. It will save you HOURS of learning Evernote on your own.

The authors’ simple premise is that work does not have to be as complicated as we make it. We gunk it up with too much planning, too many meetings, and too much process and paperwork.

What we really need to do is to stop talking and start working.

The book is divided into ten sections. They cover almost every aspect of business from being more productive to ignoring your competition to creating a healthy culture. Each section is further divided into several short “posts” of about a page to a page-and-a-half.

Here’s a “baker’s dozen” to whet your appetite:

  • Learning from mistakes is over-rated
  • Scratch your own itch
  • No time is no excuse
  • You need less than you think
  • Launch now
  • Interruption is the enemy of productivity
  • Good enough is fine
  • Long lists don’t get done
  • Say no by default
  • Don’t write it down
  • Press releases are spam
  • Marketing is not a department
  • Send people home at 5

That barely scratches the surface.

Fried and Hansson are young but not inexperienced. They are the founders of 37Signals, the company that created the popular Basecamp online software for project management and collaboration. They have experienced first-hand the highs and lows that every leader goes through in trying to run a successful business.

As a book publisher, I was particularly interested in the way they wrote the book. In between the next-to-last and final drafts of the manuscript, they cut the book from 57,000 words 27,000 words (see p. 70). This took guts. It also reminded me that, from the readers perspective, brevity is a benefit. This is the pure stuff, uncut with the artificial fluff that fills so many books. I was happy to pay $22.00 for their distilled wisdom.

Note: I gave away 50 copies of the book, selecting the winners from the comments below. However, that opportunity is now over, and the comments have been closed.
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  • Jody Fransch

    Hi Michael

    Once again, you have recommended a gem. Don’t have a lot to say about the book except that I NEED it! I would really like to learn why I “must not write it down” and why I “really need less than I think” and why “good enough is fine”…

    Indeed you have definitely whetted my appetite and now I can’t wait to get my hands on this book and devour it’s contents. I know that I’ll learn a lot from it and I also promise to share what I learn with others.

    Thanks again for making this offer available!

  • Danny Wahlquist

    I have followed Jason for quite a while at 37Signals and can't wait to read Rework!

  • Sue McQuay

    Why I'd like a copy of this book? Work life has gotta be simpler than the piles of long books and long articles say. As an avid list writer, I'm most interested to read 'Long lists don’t get done' and 'Don’t write it down'; I'm prepared to have my ways of working challenged. Rework's 27,000 words would be slowly savoured to suck out all the marrow. Thanks Random House and Michael.

  • Thomas Sinfield

    I am super excited about this contest because just the other day my friend was raving about Rework and telling me that I 'must buy it'! So since then it has been on my list and have been itching to get it!

  • Phillip Gibb

    I can't be creative, work really does suck, I'll rather be doing my passion; filmmaking. The book will be an interesting read to see how I can do something about my current situation (work) and what I can do for my future situation (filmmaking) – to rework my life and make it more fulfilling while I make my way to my dreams.

  • B. Shelton

    After reading "The Anatomy of Peace" and "Leadership and Self-Deception", I am interested in a book that will finally tell me how to enjoy work and not just how to be a "leader". With work getting to the point sometimes that I spend more time talking about work and less time actually doing anything, this book looks like it really knows how things are.

    I am interested in reading it just so I can reaffirm many of my own thoughts and prove to myself that I am not crazy; many of the things on the list seem to be toned down examples of my own thoughts.

    Thanks for sharing this and either way, I hope I get a chance to read this book.

  • Joel

    I have already read this book so will not ask for a free copy. If you end up not getting a free copy, do yourself a favor and go buy it. it is a fast read, love the short chapters, and the best biz book I have read in a while

  • Geoff Webb

    I skimmed the book last week in the bookstore, loved what I saw, even snapped a picture of it in Evernote.

    I know in my gut that this approach is right, but honestly, I often lack the confidence to sell it to my boss and my clients, and sometimes even myself. I'm looking forward to reading and implementing their "distilled wisdom" in hopes of setting the people I work for and with FREE!

    Again, thanks for modeling generous leadership.

  • @nlongson

    Well, I would like to read this book. Rework is one of my favorite word I usually used in my discussion with project teams. I often emphasize risk management in order to avoid reworking. Therefore, I am interested in how Rework addresses this issue and what it means to project management

  • Geoff

    I’m a senior in college (getting my computer science degree), and I’d like to start my own business when I graduate. I’ve known of the 37signals guys for a while, and was always inspired by their accomplishments.

    Anyways, I would love to have this book!


    • Joe Tye

      Hi Geoff, go back and re-read the table of contents – you will see that one of them says "Start now." Why are you going to wait until you graduate? Why not start something now. The sooner you start learning, the less costly the lessons will be. My advice for getting started would be to join Mary Kay: that would teach you some great selling skills and push you so far out of your comfort zone that everything else from here on out would be a piece of cake :-)


  • Robert Sexton


    Most of the topics you highlighted within the Rework book are things I have tried to accomplish within my own work enviroment to no avail. Maybe having a copy of this book would go a long way towards showing others around here that there are better ways to exist in this business. Sometimes it takes seeing something in published form before anyone will listen. Here's hoping anyway.

    Please add my name to the list of those who would love a copy of the book.

  • @randyelster

    Some of the bullets you post seem on the surface to go against common wisdom and popoular authors both you and I have read: "Learning from mistakes is over-rated" (Seth Godin), "Long lists don't get done" (Davd Allen), etc. I am intrigued. And primed for new ways of looking at my work. My soul needs this book!

  • patlayton

    I want this book for my son.
    He is 31 years old and assuming the responsibilities of a ministry that I started over 20 years ago. I started with a check for 100. and a team of volunteers. He is taking on a $1,000,000 annual budget and over 20 employees. I didn't even use a computer, his team has access to him with their needs 24/7 via text message, however he must work on less than he needs in every single area.
    He is young, passionate and committed, but often feels overwhelmed and out of his league. I would love to see him capture the twelve lessons listed here to help advance his success and protect his sanity.
    Frankly, I want to win this book for him so that I can keep the one that I buy. Moms are like that.

  • Carl Tomakin

    We meet every Saturday morning to think about ways to rework "work" at each of our offices. There's fifteen of us and perhaps this book will give us an insight on some of the things we've missed. Maybe, just maybe we'll even make a youtube video out of it!

  • Larry Shallenberger

    I'd like a copy because it looks like my pastor role is about to completely change (without me leaving my church). I think this might be a case of the right book at the right time.

  • Lisa Burley

    I would love this book because it sounds like exactly what I need to create some change in my current situation. I love my job, and have been looking for ways to use time more effectively by cutting out unnecessary minutia. Even when things are good, they can always be better. Also, since I work in an academic library, I would be able to share the wisdom with thousands of others.

  • Joe Tye

    A good friend and client who is an NCAA basketball coach ends every email with the comment that "if you want what you've never had you must do what you've never done." You don't have to look very far – either to the daily newspaper or your own to-do list – to find things that aren't working. I am going to read the whole book, but just reading the table of contents I am going to redouble my personal commitment to not allow interruptions (most of which are self-imposed by my own ADD work habits). I am also going to adapt their "send everyone home at 5" principle: the people in my office are usually home by 5, but then sending emails at 10 (sometimes just to show the rest of us that they are working) – so I'm going to define "home by 5" as meaning with family or a good book.

  • R.Bhavesh

    Because I want it + save money!

    That's the style the rework would teach me. No reason to decorate my comment with nice, cajoling words :). Personally, I've been reading 37signals blog since long and really love the UI insights they share once in a while.

  • LNK

    I would like to read this book because of your recommendation. I have not taken the time to read a business-related book this year, and I'd like to start with this one.

  • Kenny Goza

    Always looking for ways to improve what i do. Been working for same company 36 years, but learn something new every day. This sounds like a great book, that identifies the realities of the workplace.

  • Carol

    Just watched the YouTube promo and when I was finished laughing, it hit me that I had just wrapped up participating in a meeting to plan the next meeting based on the power point slides used to create goals. I serve on many such committees/session and would love to bring some relevant clarity to the process of working. Should it even be a process? Meetings seem to be helpful but more and more seem to be about talking about work rather than working. Having a tool that points not just to what is wrong with this kind of culture, but also points in the positive direction of attainable and effective change would be a blessing.

  • Chris Crimmins

    I would love a copy of Rework to have and to hold. If it wasn't for the shared wisdom of great business leaders through writing, many of us readers would not be in the position we currently occupy. It is the constant learning, the eagerness to better that unites many of us. So this book would become part of my thought, part of my daily life.

  • Bethany Stephens

    I am exceptionally anxious to read this book! I began following Jason Fried in Inc. magazine's The Way I Work column, and love his nontraditional approach. I recently left an enjoyable and enviable job to take on a very fulfilling post in the nonprofit field (running a private, nonprofit field science education and conference facility that provides life-altering experiences for kids and affects their views on sustainability, conservation, careers and life – This has been an amazing move and I'm able to try some novel work concepts that are not generally accepted in the traditional business world. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

  • Chris Spradlin

    Michael, i am in! I have a non – profit that I am consulting that needs this book now…A married couple is running this together and if they dont re-work it is going to destroy their marriage. I would love to win 2 copies if at all for myself and one for them!

  • Benedict Seraphim

    Nearly every bullet point you summarize speaks directly to my situation. I started a customer service department for my organization from scratch a few years ago, and we are presently reorganizing and offshoring. I've got nearly nothing but planning meetings, project plans and presentations. It's not clear where I'll have the time to do the work being planned, projected and presented. This sounds like just the sort of book I need to shake up my world and get this thing done right and on time.

  • Chuck Musselwhite

    Heard a lot about this book. It sounds like exactly what I need in my situation of leading a growing church and staff. Thanks for the review

  • Mark

    I need the book! Mid-life crisis. nuff' said.

  • GregB

    I am interested in getting a copy of this book. I am regularly reflecting upon and refining my leadership style and how much more I can be effective in working with others. Sounds like a great resource, I am interested.

  • tarheel810

    As a manager in the mental health field in NC I am always looking for ways to motivate staff and to make work more enjoyable. The last few years have been tough as NC has gone through extensive reform of their mental health system which has been rocky at best. Whenever providers think they have figured out how the state wants things done, they change the rules again. Any way that I can help my staff to continue to enjoy the work they do will benefit, them, our company, and the people we serve.

  • @crisen

    I'd like a copy of the book to continue learning and experiencing what it means to be more effective and efficient at the work that I do. I'd also like share the wisdom that I trust is contained within its pages to my team. We recently transitioned to Basecamp and are loving its simplicity, power, and elegance. I believe that Rework will help me simplify, re-prioritize, re-think, and revolutionize the way my company approaches how we do business. Lastly, I'd like a copy of Rework simply because of your influence.

  • Charles Barbour

    I need this book. More accurately, my boss needs this book. I believe my very soul is in peril. Every day I feel as if there is less and less of me. I work at a private higher ed university. We specialize in meetings. Please help me. You're my only hope….

  • MyTrainerJim

    Honestly, I simply want to read this book because you have recommended it and it is free! Beyond that I have to say that almost every meeting I have ever been in could have been half the time scheduled and probably could have been avoided all together by making a few 30 second phone calls.

  • @lovinglyyoursG

    Tangible success can only be achieved through ACTION. I have always believed this to be the genuine truth. Brevity and clear focus are the foundation of success. Less is always more when it comes to words. We were having daily staff meetings at work and the person conducting these meetings always loved to waste valuable time by talking, delegating and constantly bringing everyone down. No words of praise would ever be heard in the room. These meetings were full of toxic, vampire energy – literally sucking the joy out of everyone’s spirit. Personally, I have to continually stay FOCUSED above this negativity that flows and penetrates around me. I literally shut it OFF – not even allowing it to enter my thoughts. If I allow it into my thoughts it gets into my mind and finally enters my heart. As a result, a seed of ugliness is planted in my soul. I nip it in the bud. A heavy black cloud glooms over these meetings, but I REMEMBER the SUN is ALWAYS SHINING above these dark clouds. "Rework" will affirm my focus on what I need to do as I interact with others in both my work and personal life everyday.

  • Robin

    I have just begun reading your blog in the last couple of weeks – love it! I would love to have a copy of "Rework". I am assuming a new position of Leadership in a Classical Christian school where I have taught for the last 12 years. I am trying to read everything I can get my hands on to help prepare me for the challenges ahead. My funds are limited and the schools certainly are. In other words I can't buy every book I want. :) Thanks for the opportunity for a free one!

  • Gordon Wong

    Ok, I admit I got a book from you already, but you peaked my interest with the first bullet:
    'Learning from your mistakes is over-rated'.

    I made my share of mistakes and that statement alone is like giving me two DVDs of '24' on a desert island and not sending me the rest. What happened to Jack?!!!!

    You cannot leave me hanging now – especially using some of the advice you've given — that book could very well change working habits I've developed.

  • kevindeshazo

    Funny, somebody was just telling me about this book over lunch the other day. I've been sick of "working for the man", so to speak, and, as a result, recently started my own company. A lot of the frustration stemmed from the all of the "stuff" we had to do that prevented people from actual working (then we came down on people for not performing. Makes sense.) So far it has been a pretty crazy, stressful adventure, but a lot of fun and excitement as well. Sounds like this book could be huge for those who want more from work. Would love a copy!

  • Cheyrl B. Lemine

    What happens when work sucks? Everyone suffers.

    The most rewarding part of my teaching career (expository and creative writing to middle schoolers) is being with the kids and listening to their creative ideas. The part that "sucks" for me is the planning, the lesson creating, the powerpoint making, the smartboard learning. How can I do it all without bringing home three hours of work with me each night? I love giving my best to the kids, being prepared for them, teaching and learning alongside them, but the nuts and bolts of what I do is work and sometimes it really sucks. I need to "ReWork" what it means to be an effective, well-prepared educator. These kids are important. They have much to say and we need to listen. I'm silencing them by being stuck in the suck mode.

    I'm beginning my second year and in addition to the requirements I mentioned earlier, I'm also having to take post grad level classes WHILE I'm teaching in order to meet a deadline in 2012 for my professional certificate. I need to learn how to "ReWork."

    I also need a nice long nap but I promise I'll stay awake long enough to read "ReWork" if you choose to send me a free copy. What's to lose? One hundred seventy students in the Creative Writing Department of LaVilla School of the Arts in Jacksonville, FL stand to benefit – in addition to me!

  • reginasimmons

    This book would be great…because I think it will shift my paradigm for leading in my office. I work in Higher Education and focus on training student leaders. Too often, we narrowly focus on what leadership is and how to lead. I'd love to read this book, have it shake up my views and pass along the information to challenge those around me.

  • Joe Freeland

    I'm faced with a difficult problem…a conundrum maybe. I have to admit that I've already read the book and absolutely loved it. I have recommended it to others. However, I was too cheap to buy the book myself so I borrowed a copy from my library. Now I want one of my own but, alas, I'm still too cheap to buy it and besides I've already read it.

  • @duffbert

    This sounds like one of those books that, once read, changes the way you look at work forever… I'd love to get a copy.

  • John Richardson

    Facing a new school year in a school district where we just went through an early retirement program. Most all of the old guard are gone. The same workload exists, just 9 less days (furlough) to do it all in and over 70 key leadership/operational positions unfilled. We have no time for meetings, no time to learn from mistakes, and it would certainly be nice to go home somewhere near 5 pm. In other words… we need this book… and we need it bad!

  • Jeff Scholen

    My work/life is a wallop,
    Each day I feel like a cut-up scallop
    Maybe Rework can help prevent a hemorrhage
    Where Management can't create a beautiful marriage
    And my work/life balance can truly develop!

  • daveyank

    I would love a copy of Rework because it is directly relevant to me. I run my own web development business and I always here from both camps…the Fried's that say "Good enough is fine", and then those that say plan plan plan test test test tweak tweak tweak…then when it's all perfect, release it.

    Oh yeah, I also found a copy of the 30,000 words they cut, so having the 27,000 that made the cut will be helpful in making it all make sense. :)

  • Kirk Garner

    I not only want this book, I NEED this book. I am a lawyer struggling to get out of a fourteen-year rut. Next week I'm moving my family 800 miles to Colorado, where I will establish a new law practice from scratch. I need to reinvent my practice and my business model. Working harder is not an option, I must work smarter.

  • Denny Russell

    Even if you don't get the free copy, this book is definitely worth the few bucks you'll spend on Amazon to pick it up. It's a great easy read and makes a lot of sense. As an owner of a 10 year old business, it really hit home in some spots.

  • suzi phaneuf

    i would love this book, not so much for myself, but for some of the young women who meet at my home on monday nights, who feel trapped in jobs that are not in their field, and like they are merely putting in time until that elusive 'some day' arrives and they will have the 'perfect job'. as the group's resident bibliophile, i like to be prepared with book recommendations, as well as possible books that we can read & discuss together.

    not to mention, telling them about great books might distract them from the fact that i may or may not have had time to vacuum…

  • @KWaalen

    Wow, this sounds like a book I need to read! Recently at work, we've had to do a lot more with a lot less. It's been quite a stressful experience for everyone. I think this would help me be more efficient in managing my workflow and time, and hopefully inspire others to do the same. And maybe I can score some brownie points by recommending it to my supervisors and the management team. It couldn't hurt, right?

  • Todd Sandel

    Fantastic! I'm a biz leadership book nerd so I really get get into this simplistic yet challenging leadership model for my employees. I am leading a non-profit Christian counseling center called LifeGate and we are focused on being distinctive not only in our psychology services we offer but also in the way we work with each other as a team, encourage each other and create the best possible working environment for each to thrive in autonomy, freedom and teamwork. Thanks for the opportunity to compete for a copy of this new book.

  • Luke Kuepfer

    Let's see…I need to write a reason…hang on a sec–my phone…okay…a reason for…wait–let me check email one more time…oh yeah…reason why I need Rework…I need this book to help me stay…wait a sec–that was my wife…I need this book to help me stay focused…oh man–sorry, but that window shade needed to be closed…oh yeah, what book was that again?–oh, REWORK…need it to help me stay more focused at my work and actually get something done!

    • AJI The coach

      I would like a copy of this book because as a life and business coach it is another incredible tool to get people back in contact with how to make their existing life better. In the stories we tell ourselves we think we need to start over from scratch in order to enjoy life. Instead what we need to do is figure out how to get the most out of the lives we have and figure out how to appreciate the incredible gift our lives are already filled with. Those types of changes require us to come out of denial and it also takes us being willing to evaluate some new and creative ideas, or at the very least revisit the old ideas that we have forgotten and recycle them……
      I pray you send me a book so I can add to the lives of the people I serve….

  • Bob Kuhn

    I am a 58-year-old Canadian lawyer who is the senior partner/founder of a small firm with two offices in British Columbia. Oh, and I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 5 years ago. While I am handling the repercussions of this health challenge well, and have taken a positive approach (see my blog intended to encourage others:, I am in need of new perspective on productivity at work to offset the increasing affects of the disease on my work life. I often speak on, and am determined to write a book on, how to be positive in dealing with a degenerative condition that can be depressing and self-isolating, and am intrigued by the format chosen by the authors of "Rework". I think this book might give me the boosst I need.

  • Bigs_in_DC

    I want an opportunity to follow the same mindset that these guys have, but in my current mindset/employment, I am paid to be present around 12 to 14 hours a day. I need a shot in the ass to get me out of this stifling mindset, and I think rework can do that.

  • ThinDifference

    I usually am Repelled by business books, but your Review, and others, seem like this one may be different. I need a little Renewal in my work right now, and Rework may help in getting my personal Revival going! Thanks!

  • Jon

    My best friend stole my copy of Rework before I finished reading it. And he still won't give it back. @#$%@er!
    I almost bought another copy last time I saw it in a store, but I have been getting my fix by reading the SVN blog.

  • Jeff Currey

    My original comment was 750 words but in the spirit of Rework, I reworked it down to this: I lead 110 people. I want them to love their work as much as I love mine. It sounds like Rework can teach me a thing or 2 about creating an environment that inspires them.

  • @GTBlogScott

    I would love a copy of this book. Why? The titles of the chapters are so intriguing that I'm hooked. I will check it out one way or another.

  • Oe Fischer

    I want a copy because I want to work better and enjoy that process of better work

  • Rafael Nunes

    I deserve it because I know their names are "Jason Fried and DAVID Heinemeier Hanson" not "Jason Fried and Keith Heinemeier Hanson


  • tgraw

    Who wouldn't want a chance to read a book that tells you how badly you're doing your job???!! Of course I want a copy! I've been holding out to buy a copy, and now I know why. You're going to give me one! What a selfless and amazing person you are.

  • Alan Houser

    I’ve only heard great things about this book, and if it makes me half as sexy as Jason, than buddy *swings arm* let’s do this.

    I’ve already stopped shaving.

  • Edward Pope

    Perfectionist to a fault. Paralysis by analysis. Whatever quirky quote you can think of related to not getting something done and implemented, I think I've got it. That coupled with an overwhelming task list has got me drowning. Michael – Throw me a lifeline! I use basecamp, outlook, checkvist, and anything available to get things done on different projects and to bring our team together. This book definitely sounds like the kind of material I can bring back to my company for us to use.

    Thanks for considering!


    Why do I want a copy of Rework?

    I've heard rave reviews and wowzer water-cooler talk about it when it came out and I heard Jason on the Big Web Show. I'm sold. I would like to be more compelling with my pitch, but there you have it. Cheers!


  • N_g

    So I can become a bigger @dhh fanboy?

  • Angela Evans

    Thanks for the opportunity to read something mind-opening, free or not. I want a copy of Rework because with your summary alone, it seems to walk the walk. Just look at the title – it's one word for crying out loud! That single word is all it needs and I'll be eager to chew on some unpretentious thoughts. I'm always up for focusing on strengths, truths, and pinpoint strategies. Will be good to blow the cobwebs out of my head and stop relying on old standards of thinking. (btw – I wrote this comment and then cut it in 1/2)

  • Marriage Project

    I want this book because I think it will help my wife and I determine our strategy for improving our blog and carrying out our promise to post every day for our first year of marriage.

  • @craigmclark

    I'm interested in receiving Rework because as a freelance creative I'm constantly struggling at finding good and straightforward business books that really dig down and give me easy to grasp concepts and ideas. I love Rework's non-traditional path of doing just this. I'm a huge fan of 37Signals and Jason and have just heard great things about Rework.

  • Bob

    This book was just recommended to me by my boss! Which is kind of amazing, that the person I report to actually has a critique of the way in which companies work. Though he did say reading it was mandatory and something about getting fired if I did not. So I really need this book!

  • Curtis

    Having moved from being a more senior exec in the software world to taking a more mid level role at an NGO I find myself wondering weekly if I am going insane or if we truly are chasing our tails in ways I wouldn't have allowed elsewhere. I find myself seeking after outside ammo, other peoples voices, experience, and data to help bring about the change we need. This book sounds like it is right in the pocket. I'd LOVE a copy

  • Rene' Vidal

    First, at Michael's recommendation, I have a copy of Rework. It's a terrific book because it does reinforce strongly held beliefs, but moreso because it also challenges the way I (we) think (e.g., chapter on entrepreneurship).

    Second, if I win an extra copy, I'm giving it away to a friend who may find it most helpful in and/or out of the office.

    Third, if I win an extra copy, Michael Hyatt or any employee of Thomas Nelson, may come take a private lesson with me at The Dwight Davis Tennis Center in St. Louis, MO ( , the next time passing through or in town.

    All the best, your work is greatly appreciated,

    Rene' Vidal

  • Sam Hall

    This is a tremendous book. Many people like to call Jason Fried and 37signals arrogant, but I love their products, their blog and their other work. I'm a huge devotee of 37signals. And I enjoy their podcasts.

    If you don't read Inc. Magazine, you should. Fried just started a column there a few months ago. Always a good read.

  • John

    I don't want to read it, well I do, but as much as I want my BOSS to read it! I would definitely gift this to him to help him see that we spend WAY too much time planning/talking about projects and not enough time DOING them!

  • James McNally

    I have been a fan of 37 Signals from way way back. Jason is a straight-shooter and his ideas about work have meshed with mine for a long time. I've worked in big companies and small companies, and both have their charms and their pitfalls. I'm hoping this book will help me reinvigorate the small company I'm now working for.

  • Pete Nizal

    I last worked at stultifying and draconian IT company focused on serving hedge funds. Their processes were laughable in the way that they were controll-oriented in a paranoid way. My friends and I were constantly talking about how we saw a better way to serve the client and to simplify things. In doing our work we would have preferred to Rework the process that we were forced to go through. Well, we are all gone from that place, but always try to get smart. And that is why I would like to read this book

  • Bruce Floyd

    I’d enjoy a copy of this book because I’m looking for less meetings and more productivity!

  • Ellis Still

    “Young but not inexperienced”

    With youthfulness comes a child-like curiosity that takes risks, doesn’t settle for status quo, and forges their own road through the wilderness. In today’s market, small businesses are in direct competition with big business and succeeding because of the youthful nature of business people such as these. It is my hope that their experiences will add to the success of my venture, allowing me to pave the way for those who come after me.

  • Ghislain

    I gave my copy to a client I he just called to say he won’t be giving it back…

    I work with business owners and decision makers to help them strike a balance between all the aspect of their lives. Starting with shorter work hours and better empowerment of their teams.

    A happy, balanced boss makes for happier staff. And that is really what I aim for.

  • Michelle

    I am actively working at being better organized and just better at work and always welcome insight and a chance to learn. I also love brevity and humor.

  • seethemasters

    As a missionary, I've been tasked with finding new sources of business revenue for our mission agency. We''ve been researching multiple business opportunities and have focused in on two that we have expertise and ability. I believe this book will give the final push needed to launch our here in the US as well as understand the necessary changes needed to fund our ministry of free resources found on

  • The Partner

    We are building our new application completely along the guiding principles in Getting Real.

    We’re keeping a live weblog of our progress and the ups and downs we’re experiencing following the advice in the book. We’d love a copy of REWORK to build those principles into what we’re doing too…

  • Christopher

    Work does not have to be boring. Work can provide fulfillment and joy- not just for the worker, but for their community as well. Dorothy Sayers said, "work is not, primarily, a thing one does to live, but the thing one lives to do." I hope that Rework will help me to help others see this.

  • Justin

    I'm a young guy (15.) These sound like great practices and ideas. Especially as I get older and the opposite ideas are going to be strongly pushed on me. I think reading this book will help me dig in my roots and prepare for the storm of bad advice thats going to be coming my way.

  • Jake_rrr

    I want to read this book so that I can become even more knowledgeable then my boss, and I can eventually show my intellect and take over their job. I would be much happier with my quality of life since it would be a promotion and I would owe it partly to Jason. Or I can decided that I am just stuck here, take the plunge and quit to freelance, and charge my company more money as a consulting fee. Either way it would rock.

  • Valorie Wilson

    I am one of five people who crazily launched a technology and marketing firm July 4, 2009. We had all worked together, but due to the economy, cuts were coming: one person lost his job, one person's job was cut by 25%, and two more had a 5% cut. We just turned a year old and in two weeks will be moving into office space. The person whose job was cut by 25%? We're so busy it's time for him to quit the 75% job to be 100% in the company. We're new. We're just setting our culture. And we're getting ready for our first hire. I would love to have Rework because I think it could be catalytic in helping us define our office environment. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • davy rudolph

    I'm so fed up with the culture of where I work. The attitude is "Be here by this time or we'll take it out of your pay but if we need you to work late you must do so and don't expect anything in return." What an awful way to conduct business. I feel as though I'm a slave more than a part of a family of people with a common goal.

    I'm thinking of starting my own design firm and I would love to get a copy of this to help build the framework of my business model.

  • bryan a

    Michael, I'd love a copy of this book because we met at the Catalyst Bloggers Meetup last October and you gave me a look that said, "I've got a feeling I'm going to be giving you a free book courtesy of Random House next year". I just want you to be right, Michael. I just want you to be right.

    (not to mention, the book looks like a fantastic read.)

  • Santiago Aceñolaza

    Question: Why do you want a copy of Rework?

    Answer: Because I need all the help I can get before quitting my job and become an entrepreneur.

  • Michelle C(@trusthimto)

    Hmmmm… I wonder if these comments are actually read or if Mr. Hyatt picks random numbers from a hat and chooses those corresponding posts as the winner? Anyways, just to let you know the second link for the Rework book (just above the directions how to get a chance for a free copy of the book) on Amazon actually goes to another book: Switch by Dan & Chip Heath (another book I need to find at the library), the link to the Rework book is:

    OK, on with the justification why I should receive a copy of this book. Just by looking at their blog, it provided a great idea (about providing clients cards to help design the layout of a website) is an idea I am planning on using myself (THANKS 37signals). I find your summary of the books section interesting. I would love to hear the reasoning they provide for a few you mentioned including: Say no by default (my co-worker says yes by default and often he ends of crossing the line into doing things so far outside of his job, he ends up paying for it later), good enough is fine (I’ve often been the perfectionist type for certain types of projects), don’t write it down (I tend to write things down, but with the iPad, I’m trying to get in the habit of using the ToDo App, and assigning deadlines for things) and Interruption is the enemy of productivity (I totally agree with that point, just wish I could hide some days).
    Looking at the comments to date, it seems like many have read this book and have many great things to say about this book. I’d like to join the club of having read this book.

  • @gpersonae

    I would like a copy of Rework because as a young woman in Social Media I think it's an important read. I am also a freelance business owner and looking for a full time position in the industry. I have a lot on my plate and a lot to learn about business. I think Rework would help me to recharge the way things get done and help me develop a perspective on business that can help me in many ways. Thank you for this give away.

  • Nrip Nihalani

    At Plus91 we strive to be the most awesome place to make the most awesome solutions…

    For us work doesn’t suck….We work with an open culture, maintain a family budget against a team budget, have an independent website against a blog for each family member, work from anywhere policy, and monthly get-together’s for which the budget is defined by a draw of lots.

    However as the Race to perfection has no finish line, we want to see if your supposedly awesome book [;) ]can help us get any more awesome …

  • Bettina Davey

    the most creative comment I can write … that's a tall order. My story is that I need to re-ignite my passion, re-engage my skills and strengths and I hope "ReWork" by Jason Fried and Keith Heinemeier Hansson will inspire this process. I hope this book with enlighten my passage for living and (re)WORKing with just plain good karma.

  • Joe Dungan

    I want a copy of "Rework" so I can be caught reading it at work.

  • Paul Saunders

    I love this book. I have read it many times. I often pick it up on my lunch break and randomly let it fall open and start reading. I bought it in March and I have a 50 year old copy of the The Hobbit which looks in better condition. I recently got it back after a 2 month break where it had been circulated via our CEO, CIO and all their friends. I would love to have a second copy all to myself and let my thumbed, spine broken copy with the odd page missing retire to the office coffee table where it belongs.

  • Timothy Fish

    At $12.80 from, it hardly seems worth coming up with a reason to want the book. I'll get out of the way and let one of your other readers have the free copy I might have gotten.

  • Angie Weldy

    I don't have a nagging suspicion that my job sucks, but that I am doing it wrong! I chose my job, I'm excited about my job but I am still pretty "green" and I know there is a better way. I mean, I'm a grant writer for a missions organization – what could be better than that?! But some days I feel myself going from one distraction to another, working on little bits here and there but not finishing anything. I'd love to read this book.

  • @benjimast

    I work as a travel consultant for an agency that specializes in missionary and humanitarian travel. It should be a great job and it has been in the past, but I have started to dread coming to work. My energy level and focus level affects how I serve the clients who depend on me. I need a kick in the pants to revitalize my attitude, focus, and passion… and hopefully my productivity. This book sounds just like what I need.


  • Matt

    Work is overrated.

  • Vasu

    Not sure if you will ship this to India. If you do, I will be remember you for a long time.

    Like Jim Rohn says, this book may be the last number to dial to open the lock and reveal secrets to freedom and success in business. I would like to have one please.

  • Nancy

    Your link was posted on a friend's profile via facebook…and the title "Rework" captured me. I am in the process of a career change and I am a list maker, have been taught that good enough is not fine, say yes when you can and I do write it down…so your "baker dozen" has my brain baking away and rethinking about work…….rework. I believe it is a book I need to read and then to pass onto my family members who I know would be keen about Rework.

  • David Santistevan

    In the world of ministry & church life, many young pastors struggle to figure out what to do. I make that statement maybe because I know a thing or two about it. And when they do figure something out, it’s not always the best – it’s the tyranny of the urgent: doing random things that feel like work but nothing of significance is being accomplished. I believe this book will assist in raising my perspective as a young pastor to do the work that matters… and do it with all my heart.

  • @jason_tutak

    I run a small web design company and I am looking to start a new one that will be focused on helping the Body of Christ specifically by developing a plan and platform that allows ministries and churches to quickly, efficiently and affordably get a custom website that fits just their needs and also allows them to manage it themselves. From the sounds of it Rework will help me to do a better job in planning and finding the best solution for this endeavor. I use Basecamp so I already appreciate the design and thought 37Signals puts into their work and I think the book may help me step my own projects up to the next level.

  • Steve Shelanskey

    I need this book, and so do many of my managers that I report to. They have soooo many useless meetings on how they plan to run the business, but nothing productive ever seems to get done. Now the executive council is thinking of selling off our piece of the business, and the managers recently asked how far they are planning out their strategy, and they replied "four to six weeks". What kind of plan is that?

    Please send me a copy and I will get them to read it somehow, since working here really is beginning to suck. And thanks for the recommendation!

  • Darren

    I loved Rework, and found the basic premise liberating. Stop listening to people who tell you that businesses operate only one way (the status quo), and just focus on the important stuff.

    Of course, if everyone followed the advice given in Rework, there would never have been a joke about TPS reports.

  • Alex

    I would like a copy to replace the one that was stolen from my office bookshelf and passed around the company, eventually returning to me disguised as a tattered, beaten down and broken shadow of its former self.

  • @andrewmeyers

    Thanks for the 'Rework' review! I want this book because I keep getting it out of the library, and can't seem to finish it within the 3 week timeframe. If I owned a copy, I'd finally be able to knock it out!

  • George Hanna

    I'm a Career Counselor at California State University. All day long I help students figure out thier career path. I would love to give students some tips not on just how to get a job but also how to be happy and productive in thier job! Re-work also sounds like it would help me be more productive as a counselor!

  • Bryan Bulmer

    Trying to stay at the same level never works for long, and anything you can do to help others do there best is worth doing

  • @obihaive

    I sit at my desk in my office and think one of two thoughts. The first one is "My job is so boring!! Give me something to do!" There are times when things are so slow in the office I feel like I'm about to go crazy. I'd love to hear about some ideas this book has to offer regarding productivity during down time or organizational skills.
    The other thought I have is "This is insane!! I'm too overloaded with work!!" Everything comes in waves at my secular job and sometimes my workload gets to be so overbearing I feel like I'm gonna break. If this book can help with either of these issues I'd love to hear what they have to say.

  • Karen Jordan

    I'm always looking for ways to improve my creative process, rather than hinder it. I appreciate the encouragement to avoid interruptions and never-ending lists. My perfectionism and over-analysis is killing my follow-through on so many projects. I'd love some input from these experts!

  • anotherjoy

    To be honest, I struggle at work. That may be because it's not the best fit for me, or it may be because I'm not fitting myself to it in the best way I can. While I don't own a business or oversee a particular area, I do work, and I want to know how to do work better. That way I can determine whether I really need to change the type of work I do. And I can know that I'm doing my best work, regardless of the type of work it is.

  • Bill

    I want this book because…
    1) I like free stuff.
    2) After being in the work force for over 35 years and feeling unfulfilled most days, I need to take a fresh look at my ideas about work.
    3) it was recommended by Michael Hyatt.

  • amber

    i'd like this book because i need to learn how to simplify things!! i tend to make things complicated and it's something i've always try to achieve but never quite hit the mark :-)

  • Chirag

    I want this book because I want to do rework.

  • Lewis Carey

    I would really like to explain why I want a free copy, but it's 16:58 on a Friday and I am going to go home. But if I could have one that would be awesome!

    • Lewis Carey

      Thanks for 37 signals tweet for pointing this out BTW.

  • Luke

    It's on my Amazon wish list, plan on buying anyway. This tweet reminded me about it, good marketing exercise.

  • Maksymilian Sleziak

    Jason Fried is my mentor. I would like to get rework to make my work better :-)

  • @mikeisonthenets

    I would love another copy of this book because my former copies are still making the rounds to all my friends I've raved about it too.

  • Chris Allison

    I would like a copy to give to my brother who is starting his own business. I've read the book and think it's a must-read, but the copy I read was borrowed from a friend and so I can't share it with my bro (who lives halfway across the country.)


  • Joanna Schiele

    I would love to read Rework. Having worked on my own as an entrepreneur as well as participated in the corporate world for many years I'm feeling like a paradigm shift is necessary. I'm trying to find new ways of looking at things and your email came in this morning with your review of Rework and it seems like an answer to (one of) my prayers!

  • Clif

    I "swear" you had me at–"I swear I highlighted every other sentence." I want to read and review this book!! Maybe I'll highlight EVERY sentence. Wouldn't that be something?

  • Adrian pomilio

    I need to learn a better way than following the old way of doing things, which have only led to longer days and no real changes in products. I need to learn

  • Mike

    I'm a fan of Jason and 37signals. I've seen the teasers on their site and know this book will probably become my new gospel. I'm finding the way I'm currently working, is becoming more and more in need of reworking. Frankly, I need help. HELP A BROTHER OUT MAN!

  • JeffA

    Been unemployed, it took forever for the local library to get a copy…I want my own :-)

  • Shaun

    I'm constantly looking for a better way to do things. The old way isn't working, especially during this period of "do more with less". I'd be really interested to see how they've put it in practice. i've always been impressed with Jason and the 37signals culture. Pick me!

  • K

    I am 23 years old and a graduate student. I go to a school called the Creative Circus. It's a portfolio school for advertising, and I'm here to become a copywriter. Where I come from (Northeast, preppy New England college), the "non-law school, non-business-program, non-work-for-a-non-profit" move is highly unconventional. I'm seeking support in my inability to absorb and relate to business jargon. But I probably need a little business training. I hear (read: from reviews, and a friend) your book rocks. It's message is super fresh and empowering, and could be the very confidence boost I need to move forward in a field that encourages the off-beats, the innovators and the uncommoners.

  • Becoming Mrs. Dial

    This book has been on my amazon wish list ever since it was released. Several friends have read it and I've heard nothing but incredible things. I think so many people make work/projects/goals so much more complicated than they need to be. I'd love to read it and review it over at my blog – Becoming Mrs. Dial, where I discuss wedding planning, marriage and communication. Marriage IS work, so the content is relevant and applicable. Whether I'm chosen to get a free book or not, I will point my readers here so they can read your review. Thanks for always sharing your insight and wisdom!

  • maxbmx

    I read Jasons Frieds Getting Real and it was awesome!

  • Keith

    I've been meaning to buy/read this book. I haven't had time because of my crazy schedule…hence the book!

  • Kevin Paul

    I've admired the work of 37Signals and am highly intrigued by the baker's dozen. I'm in publishing, an industry that has been hammered, yet is finding ways to reinvent itself. What better time to reinvent business practice in a big way.

  • Mike Harmon

    that's way cool that your giving some away, I actually borrowed a friend of mines, read it in a day. It was one of the best books I've read, and it comes highly recommended to anyone that has an open mind.

  • Carlos

    Well, I must stop reworking things I have already done. And I'm sure this book will help me on this, that's why I really want to read it. Thanks.

  • @bucknam

    I want Rework because I want to see what I'm already doing "right", what I need to refine, and what I totally am missing out on in my processes as a small business owner.

  • BillySpyros

    I work for a medium-size software company that is established & proven in Europe, but just arrived in the U.S. We are working hard and striving to win business in the U.S. I work with my Executive team as a strategist for the sales & marketing department. I read Gettin' Real and it provided a lot of ideas and some that my mgt. adopted. I love Jason's style and read a lot of his blog posts & zine articles. I would love to read Rework and it's currently on my amazon wishlist – along with 192 other books.

  • @jaredbrandon

    I saw this book come across my boss' desk a few weeks ago and I had been chomping at the bit to read it. Knowing that he already had a long list of books in the "To Be Read" category I asked if I could read it. Graciously he said yes. It's an easy read and like Michael, I found myself underlining just about everything. I would have been better off crossing out the stuff that wasn't as memorable or significant. But therein lies the problem… I now have a severely notated and underlined book that belongs to my boss. I'd love to have a fresh copy to give to him so he can have the same blank canvas I did!

    Michaels thoughts on Rework are right on. Working for a small publishing company with a visionary leader at the helm as I do I often find myself committing these "crimes" of work. Waylaying the accepted wisdom of work and approach to business, ReWork redefines the way you look at your productivity, efficiency, motives, and much more. It showed me how distorted a perspective I've had in areas like "workaholism", interruption, meetings, and the balance of work life. If you haven't read it, and aren't one of the fortunate fifty who receive one of the copies being given away here, I advise you to spend the money and buy a copy. Every page is pure gold. Even the funky illustrations.

  • duane

    The "baker's dozen" already posted has given me plenty to think about and sparked my curiosity not only to dig deeper on these topics but to know what other topics are covered in this book. As the leader of a para church ministry (in which business is not ultimate goal, but a "necessary evil" to accomplish the vision) I believe that this book will help me to handle even better the essential aspects of work needed to accomplish our mission.

  • Jambamatt

    I want to be clear as possible. That's why I want this book.

  • Jon Cook

    This sounds like a great book to help wade through the myriad of marketing techniques, leadership strategies, and productivity methods that don't always work. I'm on the constant lookout for ways to pare work down to its core and eliminate the busy work. If they can effectively present a way in which you can get rid of the non-essentials for an effective work day, then this book is for me. I want one. Period.

  • Ehren

    I saw someone reading Rework on the bus this week. I happened to glance over and saw the following phrase emblazoned in large letters: "Emulate Drug Dealers".

    Needless to say, that got my attention.

  • Steve Rudolfi

    I would love to have this book because I am graduating from college in August. I would like to get an edge over my fellow graduates, but possibly share the knowledge and reccomend the book.

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  • Tomas Gluchman

    I'm a student and web-enterpreneur at the starting line, and there is a lot of various sources how to become more efficient, how to manage people, how to get anything done, and so forth. 37signals is a very inspirative and successful company, and when you try some of their work out, you definitely must fall in love with such simple but strong solutions. I'm studying informatics and management and this will definitely help me with getting real into the real world. And who knows, maybe if I read this book, this could affect a lot of people in the future ;-) I will be very grateful to you and I will never forget you this favor.

  • @edmanolache

    I am in the process of obtaining my BS in Computer Science and one of my biggest goals and desires is to start my own company. I have an idea in mind and I'm in the process of getting the coding done, however, I know there's more to a successful start-up than just a good idea. I strongly believe if I were able to obtain a copy of Rework I would be able to fulfill the general business knowledge that I lack, in order to have a successful start-up of my own. I have heard only good things about the guys from 37Signals and Rework, so I would be very grateful if I could receive a copy of the book.

  • Tiago Andrade Silva

    Why I want the book: Believing in what I believe is the same mind set as 37signals, I just quit my job and am going to start a new development company. I really need the book to guide me :)

  • @Jenni_Burke

    After fourteen years of working as an employee, this spring I became self-employed as an independent contractor with the same excellent agency within the publishing industry. This change was unexpected for me, yet instantly exciting. This summer, I have learning to work "smarter", rethinking some of the standard business practices, and being influenced by the writings of Dan Miller and Timothy Ferriss. So far, the results have been excellent. I'm accomplishing more in less time and I have more creative energy than I have for years. But I know there is much more to learn and I'm on a mission to re-design my work life. "Rework" is the next book I'd like to read to further this process.

  • @BlueAwesome

    I quite my day job about six months ago and since then I've been pursuing my dream of being self-employed, and I've been dying to read REWORK since I first heard about it. I'm always on the lookout for ways to make my business more unique, efficient, and profitable. From what I've read, this is a book that can really change the way you think about business.

  • mhick255

    Right now, I'm looking at an enormously long task list, feeling like I have no time, wondering how many evenings I'll need to work next week. I need this book!

  • Juan Lalinde

    I heard about this book from a friend. The premise of the book is incredible. Sometime we just dismiss the basic and simple ideas because they look too simple. I do not know how this happened, but if it is not complicated we assume it doesn’t work.

    Back to the Basics!!!

  • Ram

    I want this book for 3 reasons.

    First of all, I am an ardent business book reader and have read other books from 37 Signals

    secondly, I work for company which has a strong value culture. Among them “we make it easy” and “we are agile” are one among the five. I think this book can give practical inputs into making my team in Bangalore live the above values better than what it is today.

    Finally, I ordered this book at Landmark in Bangalore 7 weeks back and coincidentally, I received an SMS yesterday fr.o.m. them that they cannot get it for me :-)

  • Mark

    It sounds like a very interesting and enlightening read!!!

  • Felipe Peña

    I love this book. I’ve also read Getting Real and they have bust up my attitude towards life and work. I couldn’t express my grateful if I win this book.

  • Brooks

    I’m a scientist
    learn from mistakes all we do
    what can they teach me?

    Thanks, I would like to find out.

  • Jim

    I want to give the book to my brother. He has a wonderful children's ministry and seems to be working harder than smarter. I have not read the book but know many who have and rave about it. I'm a rails developer so I am very familiar with the success Jason and DHH have had so I know this book would have invaluable information for him.

  • Nora Alfaham

    Coming from a average Midwestern post-industrial town barraged by the recession, and the towns mood of complacency doesn't help. So instead of complaining, my friends and I are trying to do something positive and proactive to make it better. We're starting a for-profit art studio together so we can make art in our own space, on our own terms and to use the space to share our creativity with our family, friends and community. This will help launch us as freelance artists and provide us with an income as well. Not many are sure why we're doing this but we know that if we want something we have to go after it ourselves. We don't have business degrees but we're willing to learn whatever it takes! We're picking up all of the latest books on good business practices and revolutionary ideas. This book would definitely help us succeed! Thank you so much.

  • Chris B

    I recently worked for 4 years with a ministry that had no central home – everyone at their home. We used a variety of tools to bridge the distance, but I could never convince the staff to adopt BaseCamp, though it was exactly what we needed. I have read excerpts from ReWork and love their philosophy. So much innovation is not in doing more of the same harder, but having the freedom and creativity to approach things differently. I am also struck by the fact the things we are rewarded for at work are often the things that impede us most in our personal lives. As a Christian, I am looking for wisdom that makes my whole life whole, not a segmented view that says this is the way I am at work, then I am this way at home. I am anxious to se if ReWork contains some of that wisdom.

  • @cjbarrett

    I recently worked for 4 years with a ministry that had no central home – everyone at their home. We used a variety of tools to bridge the distance…

  • David Rolles

    Why I'd like a copy of Rework? I've worked in various business roles for over 30 years and during that time read hundreds of books and articles all extolling ways to be more efficient, effective, etc. Rework sounds genuinely innovative and challenging of much of the 'conventional wisdom' in this area. I'm now the Operations Manager in a church in Manchester, England, leading on a large building project and with much else to do – and really could use any help going where streamlining my working day is concerned!

    Your blog is one of the ones I read most keenly – keep the good stuff coming!

  • Philippe Monnet

    Off course I have been following DHH and 37Signals for years. I read a post about a Rework a couple months ago and was intrigued with the book approach. I am always looking for new ways for my team to be more agile and keep a steady pace of delivery for our business partners. So I think the book would be very beneficial and would love to get a copy. I obviously would be tweeting about it as I make my way through the book.

    • @techarch

      btw Philippe Monnet = @techarch on Twitter (should have logged in to Twitter first before submitting my comment)

  • Andy Callebs

    I own the book, I love the book, and I'd like to give a copy to one of my close friends. There is where you come in.

  • Phil Montero

    I would like a copy of this book because as an advocate of The Anywhere Office I am all about the changing world of work. I have spent the last 15 years teaching people ways to be more flexible, shift where and when they work, and work without boundaries or limitations – however despite my efforts there are many organizations that cling to their dinosaur like ways and refuse to accept or embrace change!

    I feel this book would be good fuel for my fire and help in my efforts to evangelize new ways to work and help empower companies and employees to find more joy in work while being more productive.

    For the companies/dinosaurs that won't change – see you in the tar pits where you belong! LOL

  • pjmcavoy

    Need to read REWORK because SAMEWORK isn't working

  • Donna

    Truthfully your review piqued my interest, but that’s not a very creative answer so here are a few other reasons that are a bit more creative…

    1. One of my short-term life goals is to win a giveaway on the internet.
    2. My nephew needs about another inch of height added to his booster seat at the table. When I’m not reading Rework, it would sure come in handy at the dinner table!
    3. I would love to add a business book to my library that uses the word “gunk”!

  • Arie Baan

    Having learned a lot already through 37Signals, this is what I am going to do with my free copy: read it, enjoy it, pick 3 of its crown jewels for myself, and select some other highlights to send to my favorite network friends. Then use that as feed for a good "conversation" on our blogs…..

    Thanks to all for creating this opportunity!

  • AlexBrie

    37signals and their svn blog have been a major inspiration for me in the past 4 years since I quit my corporate job and became a self-employed work-from-home developer. From what I hear, their book Rework is an even more inspiring work, an intensive course which should help me take my lifestyle business a step higher. Which is why, if I don't have the chance to win it in your contest, I probably will have to buy it anyways.

  • Bret Melby

    By day, my job consists of managing both marketing and information systems for a small company – something I like. By night, I have another job doing freelance web design and creative work for a few great clients – something I love. Overshadowing these, however, seems to be a third job that entails trying to keep both endeavors running smoothly and doing my best at both without driving myself, my wife and my kids crazy.

    I think this book might have the answers.

  • Chris Boucher

    I need this book. This is so me!!!

  • Matt Osmundsen

    REWORK is an anagram for WORKER. By reading and studying REWORK, I hope to make myself a more productive and happy WORKER and also share the book and its principles with my colleagues.

  • @ryanjriehl

    Michael, thanks for the review and contest!

    This fall I plan on starting my career, after volunteering with AmeriCorps all summer and recently finishing college. When I start my internship or job, I would love to do so with the wisdom and advice of experienced and successful people in mind. That is why I read this blog and want to read Rework.

  • Tamara

    I am between jobs right now and during this time I am focusing on how I can be more productive and happy at my next position. This book sounds like it would be a perfect read for me while I search for a new gig.

  • Kristin Diamond

    I really want to win this book! Why? We have had ample turnover in our group and could really use some "rework". This book sounds like the starting point for me to help my team come back together and be more productive. I also want to make my work life less complcated and think this book could help me learn how to do that. Please please please let me win this book.

  • Earl Rutledge

    Why do I want the book Rework? I have two reasons: I write in short sections and would love to see a book done in the same way. Also, I understand it deals with good use of time as we work and I want to use my time the best I can.

  • Deb Kalmbach

    I'm the perennial list-writer–and guess what? It doesn't work. I'd love to "rework" my approach and find out why I don't have to write it down. Thanks for the opportunity to get a copy of this book. Even if I'm not selected, I appreciate being introduced to notable books. Thanks, Michael!

  • Raving Genius

    I was/am planning to buy the book, but as a fledgling freelancer, I just don't have the money right now.

  • Ng Wai Mun

    Why I want the book Rework? I had read their first book Getting Real and since been a fan since. The approach to get things done, no nonsense, just straight to the point approach to solve users problems. I can wish that all my customers read this book first before coming forward with any requirements for a software system.

  • Emir

    Honestly, I just want to see if the book is up to all the praise.

  • Bob Reid

    My copy has become the office “loaner copy”. Same thing happened to 4 copies of Getting Real. I need my own copy. I promise to keep it in a safe, loan free, zone.

  • Thomas

    By chance I happened upon Jason's take on "Why you can't work at work anymore". I watched and listened to the the entire video, and I'll tell you, he been there and done that as the saying goes. I would recommend that that interview be made part of any management or continuous improvement program and I'm sure his new book will enlighten us as even more.

  • Tim

    Monday, July 19th is my birthday. This book would be a sweet gift!

  • Scott Doehrman

    Why would I like a copy of Rework? I have had 2 other people recommend this book and this would be the perfect opportunity for me to read it. Besides, I posted it on Twitter and LindkedIn and they say that "I am" reading the book. So it looks like I really need a copy. Thanks in advance.

  • James Schipper

    I want to read the book because it sounds like what I need to help apply non-BS business practices to the years of programming I've had. I have a good head start, but what I've heard of the book so far, it sounds like more info I could use to help others get out of that nonsensical way of doing business ("because that's how it's always been done"). And when I've absorbed it, I can pass it along to one of my readers.

  • Corey Vilhauer

    I want this book.

    I'm a writer. I'm a QA tester. I'm a content strategist. I'm a father. And I can't think if a single stinkin' reason I couldn't use this concept of "grain-going-agianst-ness" in every aspect of life.

    I don't own a business, but I work very closely with the people who do, and I thrive on the idea that today's modern business world is quickly accepting the power of an empowered set of employees.

    (I'm particularly excited to pass it around to the other 14 people in the office. See? Giving one book to me = giving one book to 14!)

    Also, I like books. Shouldn't that be enough?

  • David McGee

    I respect your judgment on this title being the best business book of the year. I'd love a copy to read and put into practice here at Thomas Nelson.

  • Jamey Warren

    I want a copy of Rework because I'm feeling regular.

    I would rather be uncomfortable and make a difference.

  • @RemaxTrinidad

    I would like a copy because i've read nothing but good things about it…. I started using Highrisehq a 37 signals product and found it to be quite useful in my business. I went on to see who were the brains behind this product and found a Jason Fried to be one of them. I have since followed him on twitter and find myself reading his tweets as I am a student of talent and knowledge. From what I hear this book is a compilation of 37 signals blog post over the years, so it must be good. I would love to have a copy.

  • jameystegmaier

    Why do I want a copy of Rework? Simply put, because I'll pass it on after reading it. I made a decision last year to stop hoarding books. I had hundreds of volumes on my shelves just sitting there, waiting for some imaginary day in the future when I could share them with my as-yet-conceived children. Why not give them to children and people who are currently alive?

    So I packed up all my books and donated them to a church's fundraiser yard sale. These were good books. First editions. Signed copies.

    Ever since, I've bought my fair share of books and then given them a way. There's a joy in doing so, knowing someone will read the words you so recently cherished. Based on Jason's work on his blog and in Inc. Magazine, I'm sure I'd enjoy Rework.

    And then I'll pass it on.

  • jonthoroddsen

    I've tried to make it on my own as a consultant and got bogged down in the little things. Currently I'm employed at a consultant company, and too much of my time goes into meetings and crap like that. Me and my artist friend are planning to start our own company, doing tons tiny webapps for our tiny market here in Iceland. Some will be free, allowing people to help each other. And others will be payed for, allowing people to help themselves.

    What a boon it would be for us to get this book for free, and get the awesome experience amassed by 37signals in a tight little package! I'm sure it would kick us into the stratosphere!

  • Kestutis Gramba

    These days I with a friend are going to run a start-up company and, I'm sure, the information that is in this book will help us a lot to work better.
    Before the start-up I was(and, probably, still am) freelance web developer and I spend all the days(including weekends) in front of the computer. So it's time to `rework`. I need this book for my and my relatives welfare.

  • João Carlos

    Hello Mike. As arbitrary reasons go here's one: I'm unemployed and fed up with know-it all bosses who couldn't recognise blue if even if you show them the sky… So, I'm looking for a spark. Maybe this is it. Thank you.

  • Jim Fuller

    Interesting ideas.
    A step back to quality of life over quantity of life.
    Is it a mix of old ideas with new focus?
    I'll have to wait and see!

  • kendrick

    I really need this book. My doctor told me I must read it if I wish to survive my 30's… the problem is I've spent the last 8 years sitting in front of the computer and my leg muscles have atrophied to the point that I can't really even walk. My right hand has actually amalgamated with the mouse. I've become an albino. If this book could save me even a half hour per day that I could devote to my rehabilitation, then you've done a great thing for an overworked entrepreneur.

  • Bronwyn

    One, I just gave a presentation on 37signals' culture and new offices yesterday, and the research took much too long because I had not bought a copy! Having one of my own would mean that next time I try to explain why 37signals is an awesome company, I can just start reading chunks aloud.

    Two, I could use some help reining in my perfectionist tendencies where they are not helping me, and I think Rework might have some good advice on that.

    Three, I may have killed my Macbook Pro just a bit earlier, and I would like something nice to happen to me today.

  • Kris

    I want this book because I'm sick of sitting through so many useless meetings, working long hours and loosing many many many brain cells everyday. I need something new. Give it to me!

  • Adam Kolosik

    I am a poor college business student. I don't like the way I'm always told to do business, and want to help change the way business is done. I want to start a business someday, not sure where or what, but it's a dream. I would love to read this book, and learn a new way that challenges things.

  • @mypelz

    I currently work at a company where corporate culture is to do exactly the opposite of every topic in your "baker's dozen" I need to have this book to SURVIVE!!!

  • levittmike

    Why do I want the book? I looked back at my calendar this week, and I saw meetings on top of meetings.

    I use Outlook (Windows shop…there's some battles we can't win), and my meetings are colored red.

    I would rather spend my time looking at the Red Sea than a sea of red.

    My organization is going through a re-branding exercise, and if we want to be a new, different organization, we cannot do the same things.

    My hunch is that this book will be a must read for my entire organization.

    Blessings on your weekend!

  • lukesimmons

    Thanks for the post about this book. I'd love to have a copy of Rework because:
    * I never learn from my mistakes
    * I'm incredibly itchy…especially on my left-shoulder blade just beyond my reach
    * I don't have time to read it but I should anyway
    * I don't really need this book as much as I think I do
    * Seems like we should wait to get this idea off the ground
    * I don't struggle with…hold on…(OK I'm back) interruptions
    * This might help me improve to "good enough"
    * I've had a long reading list with this on it, but haven't gotten to it.
    * Actually, no, I probably don't need this book
    * If I'm reading the book, then I won't have to write anything down
    * I saw a press release about how good the book is
    * My whole organization needs to improve at marketing
    * If I get home by 5 I'll have time to read it

  • Milton Jenkins

    I am from the old days of dialing phones, winding watches, and getting up to change the channel. I am totallty enthralled by the technological advances being made by the multitude of new designers today. Instead of waving it off, I, at this stage of my life, want to dive into this new and ever-changing facet of communications. I have seen “Rework” at bookstores but have sworn off buying anything but food until I have a more consistent income stream. I want to be a part of this new world. I still have 15-20 years left to give to it.

  • @MattRedard

    Read it, loved it. One of my all-time favorite business books. My favorite "post" is on page 173: "Out-teach your competition."

    Key quote from this section: "Teach and you'll form a bond you just don't get from traditional marketing tactics."

    I'd say it's genius, but it's really not. It's just flat-out courage. Courage, to operate an organization out of openness, transparency, and a quiet confidence rather than power, secrecy and fear. And that kind of courage is all too rare these days.

    Kudos to Mr. Fried and Mr. Hansson.

  • Kevin McCleery

    I am a Huge fan of the guys over at 37signals and this book has been on my list since I heard about it.

    For the sake of originality, a few odd words:


    Thank you.

  • Steve Robillard

    I want this book because I am a one man show, and I can not no or be great at everything. But that doesn't mean I can't learn from others. I think reading books like this help make me a better consultant and business owner.

  • Laurinda

    Wow, I just put this on hold at my local Borders. This sounds real interesting and I'm familiar with 37Signals products. Looking forward to reading this!

  • ThatGuyKC

    I work on a busy team that interacts with every global aspect of our industry. We are busy all the time and a huge corporate initiative is underway to create a streamlined system of tools used by everyone.

    Needless to say this has created a great amount a work for my team. It never ceases to amaze me how much stuff has to be re-done or how many hours are wasted in effective meetings.

    This book could change my work experience and that of my team.

  • misty

    This is an interesting subject…one that all business owners reflect on at least weekly…how to rework something that is not working. I would love to get into their ideas by reading this material and compare it to the book Switch that I read recently. I am still striving to simplify things when it seems my boss makes it more complicated and likes it that way. How can I change him by changing myself and my processes that directly affect him? What areas have I not thought of or am too buried to see? Maybe their perspective will give me the answer I am still searching for. Thanks Michael for the post.

  • Kameron Paries

    Have you ever thought that you were in a society that was at a stand still? Thats how I feel business is right now. People are so stuck in traditional ways of thinking and I believe that this book can help me understand how to change that.

  • @mcgrue

    I can either spend my twenty dollars on a pair of pants or this book. I really need the pants. Please help.

  • Howard Stein

    I have been reading for thirty years about titans of business. I am a graphic artist and designer. I have two (many more but focusing) fantastic products — one is customized artwork and I make it only for you and get you a thousand business cards of it. The other is illustration done in a bold graphic style of individuals capturing the essence of their character. Both done on a Mac. Thing is, my business is stuck. I am going into the hundredth weekend with less than ten bucks. I'm a graduate of Art Center in LA, and I studied abroad. Motivation is no issue, neither is hard work. But something is not happening and it has been this way for far too long — decades. I need to veer away from the way I think.
    I need this book for breakfast each day until it is in my bloodstream. Fifty reviews have clued me in, as has Hansson's Stanford talk. Yet I cannot afford the book. I need to sweep clean this sense that my career has yet to take off. I'm 57. I'm in a hurry. I'd love the book! Thanks very much.

  • mheartwood

    A quick look at the ToC told me this was the book which would describe much of the vision of work I have for the company I founded and run. But my workaholic business partner needs to read this before he kills himself.

  • timcasteel

    I am on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ and lead a team of 10 that is tasked with the mission of sharing Jesus with 20,000 college students. I'd love to lead them better and it sounds like Rework will help me do that. I love your blog and leadership insights and I love the 37signals blog.

  • JohnO

    I want this book so I can show my employer why I'm leaving in terse words and gorgeous illustrations.

  • Colin Faulkner

    I want this book because it sounds like it's right in my wheel-house. After just reading Linchpin, I think this is very topical and could impact my life and our business in a positive way. Secondly, I've already spent my personal book budget for the month and it's only the middle of the month (yes, I have a separate line item for books). I'll add it to my "library" of books at my office that people "check-out" and share.

    And lastly, because I love your blog as well as Lindsey Nobles blog… : ) Really… thanks for offering this book to people (whomever gets them) and for both your blogs. Keep them up, we're reading and learning!

  • beth

    Why do I want a copy? Because my husband checked it out at the library (after waiting for it for several weeks on a waiting list, I might add). I randomly picked it up one day after he had finished it. And we had to return it before I had a chance to finish it.

    As an extensive "planner" I tend to think/analyze/plan *too* long. And it was inspiring to read through this book. Made me want to stop planning & just get on with the "putting it into action" plan already. I was surprised at how inspired I was (& how many notebook pages of quotes (about every other line) & insights I had while reading through it.) And I've been wanting to finish reading all of it & would love to own a copy that I can refer back to again and again (and again.)

    Oh, and "please?"

  • Michael Krause

    Hi Michael! I would love to win the book because I finally want to win something ;-) and this book is really really interesting.

  • @braxwatkins

    As a new manager learning how to manage people and processes, this sounds like a book that would be very helpful and interesting. I want to learn to be a good manager and impact my company in a very positive way but also maintain a work/life balance for my employees and myself and it sounds like this book would be helpful.

  • tneal

    In August I will start work with some of the most dangerous people on earth–teenage boys. To be more specific, freshman and sophomore football players. And how would the book help me? I believe sound business advice translates into sound leadership principles, and football showcases leadership skills. I'd love to have more wisdom in my arsenal as I prepare young men for something more than a game–their futures.

  • Valerie L Smith

    I'm the HR Director for a construction company. In this industry, managers are consumed by meetings, planning, and long hours. I frequently hear people complain about lack of time and work overload. If there's a book out there that can help us work more productively, remain competitive, and reduce the marital dissatisfaction of numerous construction widows, I want it!

  • http://Aaronsellars.wordpress.coM Aaron Sellars

    I want this book because in trying to balance work and ministry as a lay leader this can give me some great tools for both arenas as I am leading people in both.

  • dannyjbixby

    I want this book because it's the final missing piece for a reenactment of the civil war I am creating…with books as soldiers.

    So far the battle is going to be between "old school" marketing/business books vs new school ones. With Rework playing the role of Ulysses S Grant as leader of the Union/new school forces.

    More realistically, it's because I do a large amount of communications work for my church…and I volunteer my time. I try to resource myself the best that I can, and so far everyone and their brother loves Rework. Ever since I read Tim Schrader's multi-part series I've known I need to read this book.

  • Linze Anderson

    Oh I would really like to know how to stop talking and just start doing! Sounds like the perfect read for me. Saying no to anything has always been my biggest downfall.

  • brothertonandrew

    I'd love to win Rework, I read a review of it on Amazon and it looked amazing. I'm starting Bible college in a few weeks, and I have ADHD so I already have a tough time focusing as well so it would be perfect for me to learn new ways to focus, and learn some new perspectives on business, and leadership.

  • Scott Meyer

    I am a minister. Ministry is a demanding enterprise. So as I sit here on Saturday attempting to complete the things that need to be done for Sunday this book sounds very interesting to me. Not only me but as I watched the trailer I thought of my ministry friend at another church that is being drowned in meetings by the leadership of his church. I would love to share this book with him.

    Now it is back to work.

  • Mondy

    I will read, I will tell others about it!

  • Donna Reavis

    Rework sounds like just the book I need to read! I'm on a fixed income and my on going medical bills just keep coming because as my doc says RA is an expensive disease. My husband and I have a home base business but need help in making it profitable. We were missionaries and we are good at service but not on "making money". I would enjoy reading this book! Thanks for offering it! And I really enjoy following you on Twitter! Donna Reavis

  • @TheMissBobbie

    My appetite is whet, so please choose me! I am a single mom and college kid, so buying books isn’t exactly in my budget; however, I do have a dream of not working for someone else, but rather starting an afterschool program for kids in my local town. The baker’s dozen seems to be able to speak my language and talk to me in ways other books have not. I agree that I don’t want to learn from my mistakes, I’d rather not make them. I’m itchy and ready to scratch. I have very little time after housework, kidwork, schoolwork, churchwork, and I would so like to learn to manage it better. I know I have way too much and need less, just not sure how to go about it. I’m ready to launch, just haven't taken that step yet. Yep interruptions <ohhh shiny penny> what was I saying? Perfectionism never has done anything for me, I’m trying to learn that good will do. I make lots of lists, but I usually lose them so yep, I agree. Need to learn that ‘no’ word. I haven’t released my press in a long time, so I think I’m safe on this one. Isn’t marketing when I go shopping for groceries? I don’t have people (yet) so I certainly need this book to help me learn! Thanks for considering me!!!!!!!!!!

  • @JohnMReynolds

    I have recently begun the transition to management and the lingering work from my past life and the time consuming activities of management are beginning to drive me mad! I'm very interested to hear what these guys have to say about being productive at work and maybe life!

  • Samuel

    I am young ministry leader with a lot of responsibilities and little experience. I am hungry for anything I can get on leadership and management. Personally, I’ve been impressed by 37Signals’ less-is-more philosophy and intrigued by your review of this book. I had dismissed it as for software companies, but am now realizing I probably need to get it and read it.

  • @scotters

    I launched my company two years ago for a slew of reasons: the economy was beginning to tank, my IRA had lost 1/3 of its value, I was unsatisfied with the traditional job and had been for some time, and frankly, I wanted to REWORK that part of life. It's been a challenge, but one I wouldn't change (except for maybe the slow couple of months each year!) Would love to read this book!

  • Audrey

    Hey Michael!

    What a great resource – it sounds like this book is exactly right up my alley. I’m in the business of people: enriching their lives, helping them find happiness, and exploring their creativity. I think this book would not only be beneficial to me in my work environment, but also beneficial to my overall goal of improving the quality of life for others.

    I’m currently finishing a degree in human services and intend to continue with a master’s degree in applied positive psychology. Any and all resources that I can have on hand to expand my knowledge base for helping others would be invaluable!

    And besides, my Kindle is great, but it’s left a couple spots on my bookshelf open that I’d like to fill…

    Loving your Twitter posts :)


  • Dr. Lazar

    37Signals and its creators say what everyone else is too afraid to say. I once heard a quote that has affected me a great deal: "The person who says it cannot be done should stop interrupting the person who is doing it." – Anonymous. When I hear this I think of Jason and David. They're doing it, and they want to share with us who they are so we can glean from their courage, boldness, and purpose. I'll read the book either way, but free is fantastic. Thanks in advance!

  • @NibbyP

    Our business is in the process of reworking several functions that are "we have done it that way for years". I would like to read this book and possibly pick up some concepts and ideas that can help me in this path. Besides anything that Mike recommends I know it is the best.

  • srivera

    Really! You wish you had written this book? I think that is a great reason, now I WANT IT!

    From your baker dozen I can't wait to read how he manage to Say no by default…and about good enough is fine…

    As far as I know Jason's has a minimalist approach to business, THAT is something I will love to learn about especially from someone who backs up his 'lessons' with his own experiences.

    Once again let me thank you for this opportunity! I can't wait to hear from Lindsey ;)

  • thatsElbert

    I will lay it out straight. I am recently unemployed. Uncertain of exactly what lies ahead, such as starting my own business or returning to the same line of work, I am trying to examine a little closer my passions and desires. I am taking in whatever advice I can while things are a little quieter, hopefully causing me to make wise choices when it comes to my next job. Looking over this post, this book might be of help to me, so I’d like a shot at winning a copy.

  • Natalie

    This book sounds fascinating. I have just recently (yesterday) left the world of retail management for a corporate office position with a Christian retail company. I will no longer be working nights/weekends and couldn’t ne more excited! However, as a new “head” of a department I will be managing more people than I have before. Besides being a little scared of this new position, the magnitude of it is also overwhelming. This book would give me insight and perspective in how to make my employees professional lives not only enjoyable, but fulfilling! That is what I want most for them, and this book would be a great starting point.

  • Andrey Bodoev

    I want to get this copy because I want to learn from these guys. I liked their first book, I think it’s cool.
    I want to get this copy because it is a good attempt to get a free copy -)
    I want to get this copy because in the next couple of months I still can not buy this book And I want to get this copy because I’m buryat -)

  • Larry Baxter

    I would love a copy of this book! Just looking at the short list of topics I find myself screaming “Yes!” to half of them, and “Uh-oh” or “Hmmm” to the other half. I NEED to understand the second half, and I need a book to share with my boss so he can learn the first half ;) (Actually, need to lend to both my boss and my pastor)

    I’m a fan of 37signals and Basecamp; I can see already these guys practice what they preach. Thanks for sharing this book, Michael!

  • Petrolandman

    Well, I need “Rework” not because I hate to work but because I need to rework my work. I am blessed to love what I do but I need to work smarter not harder so “Rework” will help me rethink my approach to my work.

  • Chris Macdonald

    Hi Mike, I’d like a copy of rework because I do not enjoy what I work at and haven’t for a long time. I am frustrated with my company and the place has become a joke to those of us who work in my area. I’d love to see if there is a way to rework my workplace.


  • Tim Davis

    I already have the book but would love to win one as a giveaway.

  • TomKinsfather

    At my small town, blue collar church I’m currently teaching a series titled “work.” We do a series like this every year where we go over basic stuff like working as to the Lord, doing your best at small stuff, and building trust.

    Rework sounds like a book I could benefit from and recommend to my church. Thanks for pushing books that aren’t Thomas Nelson. I trust this blob to shout out cool stuff.

  • Brian D.

    Michael –

    1) I worked almost 70 hours at my law practice this past week, yet I am here in the office on a Saturday morning while my wife and 3 young kids wait at home for me – I need to "rework"!

    2) My google reader was backlogged by almost 300 posts this morning – I deleted 200 without even reading the titles – but yours is one I always read, no matter how backlogged I am and I am glad I did because – I need to "rework"!

    PS – I dont do twitter or facebook so I cant post your link – but I will tell a friend or to about your blog (I hope that does not disqualify me!)


  • judmackrill

    I would love another copy of Rework because my copy is being held hostage and at this point, I dont expect to get it back. My wife and I look forward to rereading it and sharing it further.

  • Dr. Linda Travelute

    I am hungry to learn and this book looks so tasty! Seems like something I would gobble up in one setting! I'm thirsting for smart work principles and this book looks like a tall refreshing drink amongst many of the business books in my library. It screams uniqueness and if it catapults me in new directions, it will impact others on my team and those I influence. I will talk it up and recommend it to our whole team and leadership. We read many books together as a staff because we want to be the very best at what God has called us to do. Thank you Michael, for giving me a chance to win this book!

  • Roy

    I am always looking for wisdom and insights from others that will help me help clients, family and friends. I also seek to learn how others write and present information to improve my skills in those areas and grow to be a better, more effective communicator. Your endorsement raises the priority to get the book.

  • @jesus6r

    Well being trained as a chaplain does NOT include much by way of leadership … couple 'o classes in college, one or two in seminary…barely anything by way of organizational management. And the Military schools aren't much better! My current slot however is not a chaplain role and gets a bit crushing at times – in essence directing a social services agency…whooo doggy, intense OJT…
    The list above is making me SALIVATE (particularly "learning from mistakes is over-rated", "Interruption is the enemy of productivity", "Marketing is not a department", and "Send people home at 5")
    REWork seems like its pretty salient…one way or another…this Soldier needs to "suck it up" and "drive on"!

  • mamckinne

    I love the idea of Rework. I've read a sample but have been unable to purchase the book due to financial challenges (searching for a job….as are 10% of all Americans).

    I'm not looking for sympathy……I know that opportunity presents itself when one looks, works hard and searches for it. Thus, I look at this book as a way to help me reframe my thinking and search for opportunities in a challenging time.

    Thanks for offering this book, Michael.

  • Jennifer

    I need this book. If you want to rescue someone from drowning in a sea of despair from bad work habits you wil throw me this live perserver. Ok, just kidding, (sort of) BUT my heart was beating fast as I read through your description of this book and I can't wait to read it! I am the manager in a company full of workaholics and people getting thier identity and accolades from how many hours they put in. I want to be a difference maker and help change the culture so that the quality of life for my team improves yet we still accoplish great things and exceed our goals. Is it possible? Just in the year of reading your blog I have seen a difference in my life and the things I have passed on to my team have been tremendously helpful. This book seems like the obvious next read for where I am and where I want to take my team. I would love a copy!

  • Hans Schiefelbein

    Micheal, I'm intrigued! I haven't been in your contests for awhile, but this one has my attention. I'm looking for these principles as I myself prepare an occupational transition in addition to starting my own fitness business. Great review.

  • shellb99

    I want this book because it is pithy and humorous, and you have sworn you highlighted every other sentence. I am a fan of 1) pithy, 2) humor, and 3) highlighters. I can't ask for anything more.

  • Anthony Spallone

    Here are the reasons why I think you should send me the book.

    1. I'm young and I am in a huge leadership position for a growing church
    2. "Interruption is the enemy of productivity" is one of the biggest reasons I have seen people don't accomplish much or have to make up for it by stealing family time. I want my staff to read that chapter.
    3. Because if I don't read that book I could be the guy that they made fun of in the trailer the book.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, would love to have a copy.

  • Richie Rump

    Why do I want this book? Because my local library doesn't have it. Not one copy in the entire Miami-Dade library system. When I finish reading it I'll donate it to the library.

  • Jennifer

    I would love to post this on facebook but when I did it had a picture attached that didn't look like it was intended to be the picture to go with this post? It was an advertisement for bible studies on smart phones. Is that intentional? I thought it might be a mistake.

  • Drew Bennett

    I am a long time reader of SvN (37 Signals Blog @ ) and the books sounds like a compilation of much of the wisdom that shows up there on a regular basis. Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hanson really simplify and say what most of us think may times during the day. "Why am I am i in this meeting?", "A 5 year plan, really?" and flat-out what i think is the foundation of a lot of people's work frustration – can we simply just go and get the work done! Love their work, agree with most of it and use it a lot to reinforce to my own team the need for simplicity, great communication and getting to the real work. There are no "emergencies" in business, simply various forms of bumps in the road: we can all benefit from some simple wisdom on how to drive.

  • Mark Andrews

    I love learning from somewhat oppositional opinions. My church just started to go through the Paterson process to develop a SratOp for our next few years. I think it will help with some things, but not EVERY thing. This book would make an excellent counterpoint to the process and I look forward to reading it.

  • Ken Cochrum

    I want a copy of Rework because I am an executive in a non-profit organization whose culture, unfortunately, has confused "effective teamwork" with "let's have more, longer meetings with everyone engaged." Rework will give me a third-party source to bring common sense back into our culture.

  • Brannon Hancock

    …because life is too short to do meaningless work

  • @joelhwilliams

    I’ve listened to the audio of Rework – I typically listen to the audio of a book first and only purchase print of the very best books that demand a careful, attentive read with note taking and Rework is one of those that I need in print, both for my own careful reading and for our company library.

  • Todd Weiden

    Just the brief description above has me past the point of being curious about how much impact this book could have on my business. I am always looking for creative and "outside of the box" ways to lead my TEAM, market, and help grow the business…REWORK seems like a perfect fit at a perfect time. People have been doing my exact job for 30+ years…it's time to REWORK the old and bring in a little new. Thanks ahead of time for considering me with this give-away.

  • Paulette L. Harris

    I want to be the best wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, sister-in-law and friend in Jesus that I can be and oh yes, did I mention that I'm a writer/speaker married to a Vet who is disabled as well? I believe that I could really use this book. There are caustic relationships that I need to learn to let go of and spend my time better for Jesus. I love to write and speak, I've just finished five novels and started my sixth.

    I believe I will put this book to good use in God's Kingdom. I thank you so much for the opportunity to win.

    I commented earlier and somehow the computer dumped, so here is my address again.

    408 Oxbow Drive
    Monument,Colorado 90132.

    Paulette L. Harris.

  • Dr. Robert H. LaForce

    Frankly, I’m going to order a copy of this book even if I don’t win one. Even though it’s not published by my favorite publishing house (TN), the fact that you would take the time to share it with us goes miles for me. The stuff you’ve written, sent and shared with me over the last year has blessed my life,SERVE(where I’m Board chairman) and the church I pastor. Thanks, Michael!

  • Joe Gartrell

    I read a select few business and self help books, but I do try to read what Michael Hyatt recommends (both online and hard copy). "Rework" looks like it jibes well with my philosophy of simplicity and living in the now (action versus stasis), so I would love to read it.

  • Joe Carter

    Sounds like a very interesting book. I’d like to read their book as they seem to offer challenging and insightful advice. Also… I’d love to read a ‘distilled’ business book (as so many seem to be unnecessarily verbose ).

  • bryan mclemore

    I work for an institution steeped in tradition. I find strength in that, however the necessary changes we must grow into, can be painful. We also are constantly fighting the urge to overload staff with procedures and structure lest we suffer “paralysis from analysis.” Rework’s simple message to keep moving forward is the right fuel to keep us working hard and focusing on our students in the school rather than the paperwork!

  • somedudeonthenet

    I need a copy of Rework because I don't want to let my friends borrow mine. I've written notes in the margin, folded the corners of pages over, underlined text, and even drawn my own chapter illustrations. I want to give the new copy to a friend that needs some clear information on how to transition out of her current rut.

  • Cheryl Harman

    Really need a copy of REWORK!
    Entering second half of my life with a new career.
    Wondering which way to go.
    Open to new ideas and possibilities.
    Restoring energy and motivation to my life.
    Knowing God will make a way for me.

  • Vilos

    I want this book because I was excellent at academia but now tend to work long hours, knowing that they can be cut down by at least 50 per cent. I want this book because I want to control my stress levels. I want this book because I want to be better professionally (rather than only technically) than the majority of the people at work. I want this book because I want the system to work with me rather than against me. I want this book to restore a healthy work life balance without shifting my work to a more junior person.

  • Paul Darilek

    Drilling water wells for Central Americans who need clean drinking water is spiritual crack–and I've spent most my adult life addicted to it. Now I work in the U.S. office of a great ministry. We're great folks who save lives, but office life is like swimming in tar for me. My free copy of Rework will have great ripple effects with my co-workers and those we serve.

  • Jamie Windham

    I've been getting bits and pieces of Rework from the excellent 37 signals blog and I've been dying to read it. If money wasn't so tight around here, I'd have already bought it. I'm trying to find a way back into the workplace after several years of being house-husband and care-giver.

  • Ian

    Long lists definitely do not get done! I need to learn how to avoid doing things twice and getting stuff crossed of, if I am going to succeed at kick-starting a new business and writing a book.

    I love the 37signals products and the backpack and highrise are in my tool-kit already. Would love to add REWORK to it as well.

  • BG Allen

    Amen – this is a great book. One of my favorites!

  • gabriel Kelly

    Thanks for the post Michael. I would really appreciate a copy of this book. My church has a very strong, healthy culture of leadership. However our management skills (and there is a big difference) still have some catching up to do. As a pastor on our staff, I am ravenous for strong instruction and education in this area to take our church, and the Kingdom, further forward. Thank you for your blog, i throughly enjoy it.

    Gabriel Kelly

  • Josh Swift

    I want this book because I believe we need to follow your advice and "stop talking and start working." Too many books and too many goals lead to the "paralysis of analysis." We need to take time to think and plan but we got to work and get things done. I read you blog and lots of books by Maxwell and books you recommend (Made to Stick – Heath brothers). Look forward to getting Rework.

    Josh Swift
    PS: drove to memphis this week and spent 2 nights in Franklin. Nice town! Like the Mexicali Grill near the Hyatt place.

  • Judy Tyrrell

    I have a gnawing suspicion that "work" doesn't really suck that much… In fact I enjoy good working conditions and even get paid (!) It's just that my blessed and busy life calls out louder and stronger – and work just isn't as much fun as – well – FUN! That's the frustration. How can I make my work more fulfilling and less frustrating (perhaps even more fun?)

  • Richard Fagerlin

    This book is amazing. I bought it on the recommendation of a CEO client of mine. I started "dog earing" pages that were impactful and it looks like someone destroyed my book.
    – Throw less at the problem – Meetings are toxic (yes they are) – Focus on YOU instead of THEY
    – GPA doesn't matter
    This is some good stuff and this is a book that will go into my quarterly review rotation. Even though I own the book, I would love to recieve a free copy. I'm planning on buying a bunch of copies of this book to clients and it would be way cool to say that I won a copy based on how awesome this book is.

  • @matt_mccomas

    Because I would like to be as fresh as the Old Spice Guy.

  • @whaaron

    Double rework, so intense.

  • Ben

    As the 36 year-old pastor of a new congregation, my life currently involves balancing my growing job responsibilities with pastoral oversight of a congregation of 200 members all while keeping my spiritual life and family in the top spots in my life. @JoelKaylor, a good friend in Japan, first told me about this book and whetted my appetite for it and I have been wanting it ever since. Now with your review and recommendation and the chance to get it without affecting my family's budget, I really want to get it. I pray it's lessons might make for a better life and a more effect ministry. Thank you… I WILL read every word of it and apply all I can.

  • saieva

    Managers organize. Leaders influence. I want to be better at both.


    Salvatore Saieva

  • Mike Mahaffey

    We are an 83 year old company that has allowed so many old worldexecutives to continue their existance. Endless meetings with no points, conference calls that have no interactive dialouge, and corporate posturing has become a daily way of life. As part of the new group of executives I am constatly challengeing the status quo. This book would definately help my cause.

    Great blog thanks for the opportunity. Please pick me!

  • @jkapaldo

    I really love what I do! I work in communications as a web designer at a private high school. I get to do everything from website design to email design to site enhancements. I am sure, along the way, that I have followed some of their principles, but I'd like to find out how I can continue to love my job, but be more productive. This is why I want a copy of Rework.

  • tsneds

    I want the book because I am looking for a way to rework my life and one of the main things I need to rework is my current situation of trading time for money,I am also simply intrigued by some of the titles of the chapters.Also,I am living in Japan,the place where they have a phenomenon called karoshi or death from overwork! So this book could literally save my life!

  • @tadkle

    My country Lithuania was under soviet union occupation for 50 years and even after twenty years of freedom and fast changes in the culture, it's hard to work in the modern ways. I need this book to get rid of the communist influence in my own life.


    I'm a Ruby on Rails programmer. With my experience on other open source framework, I can say David's philosophy in his ROR masterpiece can make one a better programmer. RoR's principles should translate just the same in the workplace : * Convention over Configuration – less code = less blablabla in the workplace. *Don't Repeat Yourself = we heard it already, ok? = less blablabla in the workplace. Simplify, focus on the "object" and its "methods" – in making them DRY enough, making them work through testing any change in the workplace through UNIT TEST (single testing) and INTEGRATION TEST (as a whole) (and like Apple, have room for imperfections), scrum!, divide the "method" to smaller chunks, maximize the "plugins" and the "gems" in other people instead of being distracted with weaknesses, conflicts, and difficult people.

    Why do you want a copy of Rework?
    1. I'm David's fan and want to see how he integrated RoR with his own work philosophy (I became more of his fan when he answered my email re: RoR, 2x al!). 2. I'm your fan. Please give me a free book if it will be possible to send Rework overseas – 3. I'm working for a Christian organization in Asia Pacific and the budget is not enough :P Thank you in advance :)

  • CR

    After reading this post, I feel like Jason and David have wisdom I could learn from. Only thing is this book might make me break from the goal(s) of this book. First of all a section is called “you need less than you think”… so maybe I should forget about this, especially because “interruption is the enemy of productivity” and “good enough is fine.” I should probably just “say no by default” but part of me knows they’ve made great online tools and is interested in “learning from (their) mistakes”… wait, is that a good thing or a bad thing? 
    Just kidding! I was trying to be ironic, possibly even funny, but I’d also really enjoy this book because my company creates online software too and I’d love to hear what they’ve learned so far. Thanks!

  • Linda

    What a wonderful book. I read it because it was the bookclub selection, for non-fiction books, on Meetup. I have a very small business, and intend to look at your website, in the hope, that I will improve the way I work in tangible ways. Excellent writing, and thanks for your simple, creative, and back to basics ideas.

  • kelisaid

    I'd like to get a copy of this book so that when I go to my boss and say, "this is why this sucks" I'll have you guys as back up! See…Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson… said the same thing.


  • Conner

    I will be graduating this fall with a master's degree in Computer Information Systems from a major university in the South. In my studies we have concentrated only on large organizations that take on massive (years long) projects. I'm curious how a mid-sized firm handles their project management. I also have a lot of respect for Jason and David and am pretty sure this one is going to be a "must have" title for my professional development library.

  • @gingerbbm

    I'm posting here because I want a copy of Rework. I want a copy to give to my boss. I want a copy to give to my friends. Realistically though, I'm not going to win a free copy, so I'm going to buy one. The guys at 37 deserve some of my cash: despite the fact that they didn't get where they are today by giving stuff away, I've learned plenty from them and their blog, and it's time to give something back

  • JohnDutchover

    I am at a crossroads. Having overcomplicated my path to the present, I would treasure the simple advice found in REWORK and use it to blaze a new trail to my future, as well as improve the lives of others.

  • Andres Santana

    I read "getting real" and I really felt identified with the keep it simple principle. I try to apply it everyday. The coincidence is that I found out about 37signals just in time when I was in the middle of a web based project. It was an awesome reference. In the other hand I had the opportunity to read "Start a business, not a start-up" from "Rework" and it really changed my mind. I'm looking forward to read the book ASAP.

  • Dylan

    I would love a copy of Rework because there are a lot of great words that I could cut out and use in a ransom note to my bosses.

    I would ransom my job until my bosses read the book and implement every facet of Rework.

  • karenb

    I think I was in the meeting in that promo video. Twice. Yesterday. I need this book.

  • cjcarreno

    I would love to have a copy of the book Rework. It seems like life at work is becoming increasingly complicated when there has to be a better way then to schedule meetings to discuss meetings. We spend weeks and months planning things before we ever even begin to try implementing things. I am excited to see how this book could help make a difference in the culture of my work place. I get excited thinking about finding a way to actually get more work done and having less meetings to discuss the work that needs to be done.

  • Rachel W.

    Well, besides the fact that this book sounds quite fascinating and beneficial, its colors also happen to match my bedroom decor. Who wouldn't want to own an interesting book that blends in with and complements its surroundings?

  • redgiraffe

    I am a business owner who works with local entrepreneurs to help them clarify their message and narrow their focus. This book sounds like a fabulous resource. Through free webinars and a business social network I also provide resource recommendations and occasionally give away copies of fabulous books that I think my clients can't live without. I look forward to reading it and possibly adding it to my resource library. Thank you!

  • Thomas Danford

    Thanks for the review. I'll pick-up a copy even if I don't receive one through the promotion. My organization has been discussing this very topic and looking for ways to address it. I'm looking forward to reading it.

  • Billy

    Quite honestly, I could make a list longer than this blog post about why I would want to read this book. But, put simply, the business world can creep up on you in such a way as to stifle creativity and productivity. Books like this remind me that the stereotypes associated with doing business do not have to determine how business is done.

  • Debojit

    1) The best way for a person to grow is through the careful consideration of new ideas. I like being able to solve problems, it gives me a sense of satisfaction and confidence that nothing else does. Any new idea that gives me a new perspective about an existing problem helps me develop solutions to it.The best way to be exposed to new CREDIBLE ideas is through books – hence books.
    2) Opportunities always presents themselves as "work" and are overlooked and missed because people are non committal to that perceived "work". If this book is able to present solutions so that work doesn't look like"work" anymore, then the chances of grabbing opportunities will increase dramatically – hence REWORK

  • L. Lautsbaugh

    I run a training campus for christian workers in South Africa. "Little guys" like me are always looking for outside input, this book looks great and would love to read it! Thanks for your blog, I always enjoy reading your input and wisdom.

  • Frank Gantz

    I am in transition with my work and really want to start something that I really enjoy. This would be a big help.

  • Sheri

    I would love a copy of “Rework” so that I can "rekindle" my creativity and focus for the students and teachers in the elementary media center where I work. This would allow me to "restore" the joy in my career and the trickledown effect would "revive" my energy related to family, home and others. Thanks!

  • Brooke

    I enjoy your blog very much, though I seldom take the time to comment. I would really enjoy receiving a free copy of "Rework" for my husband and our family. I think each one of us could learn a lot from the book. Plus, I'd like to have our teenagers read it also. I have placed "Rework" in my Amazon cart but would love to get a copy for free.

  • randysrules

    Reading and digesting a copy of "Rework" would be beneficial to me as I continue study and preparation of a modern Renaissance fieldbook including utilization of Recapitulation and Reformation skills.

  • Kurt Duggleby

    This is one of the most powerful books on leadership efficiency on the market right now. As I head into a new role helping to plant a church, I an entering a new season or increased responsibility coupled with decreased resources… and I am loving it, but yeah, I would love a free copy of this book! :)


  • Scott Meyer

    I am a minister. Ministry is a demanding enterprise. So as I sit here on Saturday attempting to complete the things that need to be done for Sunday this book sounds very interesting to me. Not only me but as I watched the trailer I thought of my ministry friend at another church that is being drowned in meetings by the leadership of his church. I would love to share this book with him.

  • Rob Smith

    Incredibly excited that you're reviewing my favorite book this year. Why? This book needs more publicity! Too many of us are caught up in traditional work paradigms. I've read it and have tried to incorporate these thoughts into my work-life. Why do I want a copy? To share! Most of my co-workers (at the Pentagon) need to read this book – and badly!

  • @karensdavis

    "The authors' simple premise is that work does not have to be as complicated as we make it. We gunk it up with too much planning, too many meetings, and too much process and paperwork." This thought really resonated with me. We are in the middle of a staff reorganization that will include a shifting around of duties and responsibilities and I think we are making things much harder than they have to be. I would love to share this book with the leadership team as we look for ways to simplify what we do and increase productivity and effectiveness as a staff so we can lead our church better.

  • Lennon Noland

    I would love a copy of this book because I am in a great place to apply what I learn from it. I have been the head of a college ministry for 6 years and am now in transition to pioneer a new ministry at one of the top ten schools in the US. Having had a multi-person staff, I look back proudly at what the Lord did–and yet given the high-calibre staff I wonder what more could have been accomplished had I been able to LEAD them better. Having a fresh start I look forward to having no old systems to honor, no multiple hats to wear, and the chance to build something different and productive.

  • Jeanne Farrington

    Having read many business books that appear to be an article just dying to be published, I want to see this book as an example of "distilled wisdom." Shorter entries, an end to wordiness. I'm loving the concept.

    Plus, as a performance consultant, I am always looking for ways to help myself and the people I work with to be more productive. I have to work at getting things done & I suspect that is the case for most of us.

    Thank you for offering to send out the book. I enjoy your blog & tips & I'm sure that this book will be no exception.

  • Christian Fulwood

    Hello, My name is Christian and i would personally love to own this book, i have a heart and a passion for worship and leading praise and worship, and will be soon attending college for ministry and music, this is my plan on life and so i want my ministry to flourish and prosper and with my years in the church as it is, i have learned that set aside from having God move and have a ministry about God, what is needed to run and support a facility to hold the congregation receiving is the right economics and financial structure, and i want the best tools to help in my ministry be the best it can be, that being your book, so with that said, i just want to thank you for the opportunity to receive this book

  • Dee G.A

    hello michael,
    so i’m curious to know how the authors’ shared their perspective on work that would inspire readers?
    as for me is very simple.. our job must be something that we have passion for, so we can find joy in it.. but still i believe it’s the kind of work that we will grow. (i am yet to discover the latter.) my motivation is asking myself “why” everytime, when wi feel like giving up. :)

  • David Zinger

    I host the 2700 member employee engagement network and would like to help the network know more about this.

  • Jim Mackay

    Here is why I would like a copy:
    * I don't want to make the mistake of not trying to win one
    * This book is an itch that I would like to scratch
    * I made the time to fill out this comment
    * It's really all I need right now
    * I launched this attempt to win right away
    * This comment was written uninterrupted (so far)
    * This comment should b good enough to win
    * This is the longest list I have ever written
    * Please fight the urge to say no
    * No pen touched paper in the making of this comment
    * No spam PR was generated in the making of this comment
    * I don't have a marketing department
    * It is 5:12 and I am done


  • @africanpastors

    I would love a copy because your 'baker's dozen' smells 'yummy'.

    I am in business and also a church leader. I believe that churches can learn a lot from the business world and a lot of the things on the 'menu' would be invaluable in building the right culture in the church. For instance, 'Marketing is not a department' is like 'Evangelism is not a department'. Everyone is/should be involved!

    It also appears there is a lot of humour and it would be a quick, thoroughly enjoyable read.

    Cant wait! Many thanks.

  • jasonwalkeratl

    Interested starting back up my reading habit and I need an easy read to dip into! Would love to read Rework!

  • Damien Torti

    As a Christian businessman, I am always looking for new resources and tools to better my life, the lives of the people I work with and the effectiveness of the church in the local community – I appreciate your post and hope to be one of the fifty to be lucky enough to be able to share this resource with others

  • Trish McFarlane

    Since I recently started a new job as a HR Business Partner at St. Louis Children's Hospital, I have lots of ideas on how to look at the role of HR differently. By merging HR, Marketing, and Innovation, I'll be scratching that itch on my own and it sounds like "Rework" would help. Hope you pick me. I'll even follow up by posting on my blog about the book and how I'm using it. My blog is thanks

  • Eoghan Murphy

    As an offsite worker in a different timezone to my team I reckon there will be pearls of wisdom in this book that I can use to make my, and the teams, life easier and the work (& life) more productive and rewarding, I look forward to reading it, I'll hold off on the outcome to this comp before I commit to buying it, cause hey, everyone likes the through of a freebie.

    Thanks for the opportunity Michael and the good, short and to the point review. In keeping with the spirit of the book I believe. Keep up the good work.


  • Maurice Calhoun

    I would love a copy of this book. I am trying to start up my own business, but I really don’t know how to go about it. I feel that this book will provide me with the right mind-frame to get this goal accomplished. My consider this request, thanks.

  • jeremyteran

    The timing for a book like this couldn't be better. I am currently struggling in my job as to what my next step should be. Do I seek a potential opening outside my department or seriously look for work elsewhere. I am frustrated by the fact that my skills just aren't being used to their fullest potential and this book may be key to helping me determine what I can do. If you recommend it so highly, especially since it wasn't published by your company, then I should take serious note of it. Thanks again for the opportunity to expand your followers minds!

  • @tbonnelljr

    The timing of this recommendation by Michael and that of a couple of his other recent reviews (Drive by Daniel Pink, and Heart Mender by Andy Andrews) have been impeccable for me. There are a number of frustrations and challenges that have happened in my professional life. I've been asking myself questions over and over about what is wrong with today's conventional-wisdom-driven management and leadership. I'm convinced there's a better way and that a paradigm shift is due in the not too distant future.

    I couldn't be more excited to see what this book has to offer as a new perspective.

  • steveurq

    Each of the thought-provoking and provocatively declarative statements above (e.g., say no by default, learning from mistakes is overrated) just screams "I dare you to read me!" And this time I am hoping that I make the cut and get a copy of this book. I've actually had occasion to email Jason Fried, and he reminds me a little bit of Steve Jobs in that he's responsive and succinct, bordering on terse but ultimately effective in his communication. If his book is anything like what I've read on his blog, this promises to be a great read and I can't wait to read it!

  • Mike Freestone

    I like the concept and the premise of this book. As an entrepreneur you are always seeking advice and gleaning information regarding how others have been succesful. Many lists are made and many plans hatched, but unfortunately too much time is spent in meetings getting the info…not enough time on the street selling or promoting. Looks great and I hope I win! I love your blog and all your topics…

  • perryh031

    At 50 years old I thought I would be at a different place when it came to my work. I know it is a different game than it was when I came out of college, but I can't seem to find the answer to how I can make work rewarding and fun again. Your review and abbreviated list gave me hope that there is that possibility. Thank you for the chance to get a copy of the book.

  • Candace Ryder

    I am a woman teaching in a male dominated field, computer information systems, at a state university in the college of business. Doesn't that sound like my work might suck? It does on occasion but my chairman is super supportive and I choose to be there. I have a staff of 15 undergraduate teaching assistants and over 600 students each semester. I want to show them all a different way of doing things; that "drinking the corporate kool-aid" isn't the best way. This book will help me do that.

  • @presrevdoug

    37 reasons signal this guy's need, so for your book here he pleads; though life is lived at break-neck speed, I'll promise to make time it to read.
    I have grown comfortable with Saturday night sermon making. I just dug out a mountain of boxes from a long ignored closet, all labeled "to be shredded" – stuff dating back 20 years! If you could skype me now you might eventually find me in the sea of yellow post-it notes, surrounded by unpacked cartons of books, buried under 37 legal size pages of 'to do' lists. I am desperate! I need a makeover!

  • presrevdoug

    I once attempted to write an article for a secular business journal on how ministries market themselves. The editor emailed me back and said I had to cut 2/3 of my copy and rewrite the other third. He said personal experience had taught him how crucial it is to be concise. I said every word was important and suggested he didn't know church work like I did. My writing career is now in a long hiatus. Oh by the way, his name was Eutychus something or other.

  • presrevdoug

    I NEED THIS BOOK BECAUSE I NEED TO LAUNCH MY REWORKED ACTION PLAN: step #1-read the book; step #2-revive my work ethic; step#3-instant success; step #4-draft a book about how the book you gave me changed everything; step #5-go on the cruise with you and Randy, pitch my book to you for publishing; step#6-become an instant famous & wealthy writer; step #7-video tape a six minute inspirational media clip citing how M. Hyatt's generosity was my 'GAME CHANGER" and become even more famous on THE NINES!
    Most importantly though, $22 may be real good in the U.S. – that means about $97 here in tax crazy Canada.

  • Ben Hailey

    Its 8:55AM and I hear, "You are the 213th caller to join the call." That's how I'm greeted as I join a 9:00AM training call late last week. The next thing I hear are hundreds of overlapping BEEPS as additional callers try to join. Sandwiched somewhere between the BEEPS is the moderator asking all participants to please mute their lines. Another series of BEEPS and finally an automated voice says "All participants have been placed on mute by the moderator, to unmute your line . . ." While I'm waiting for everybody to call in I join the Live Meeting on my desktop so I can watch the PowerPoint that some unimaginative person put together for the session. The top right hand corner says 750 members have joined the live meeting.

    Its 9:20AM and the BEEPS are still going on. The moderator then chimes in and asks that people please stop trying to share their content so she can keep the PowerPoint up in the Live Meeting. At this point I pull out my Black Berry and decide to check my Google Reader to see if there is anything interesting to do while I wait for the session to begin. While Reader loads, I see a chat box pop up in the live meeting. Its the CEO of our company asking what is going on?

    Its 9:35AM now and I'm reading a book review on Rework by Michael Hyatt. A book about work being LESS complicated. A book that says there are too many meetings. A book that says we need to stop talking and start working. What a wonderful idea. Can such a place exist?

    Its 9:40AM and I hear the moderator say the session has been canceled due to technical difficulties. Turns out they sent out the wrong Live Meeting link and everybody attempting to join the training session was actually joining a market research meetings with upper management.

    Please give me the opportunity to read Rework. I could use the lesson, as could the rest of my coworkers.

  • Joel Mosier

    As a ministry leader I want to help create an exciting ministry culture that makes work enjoyable , team-focused and mission mminded.

  • Meff

    I am a former project manager turned marketing guy for a large construction company that insists on doing "work" in the most archaic ways possible. The Lord has given me favor with my owner and he actually listens to me. Anything that I can learn that might influence him, just might influence the whole company and save us all from sending parchments by birds mouth next time we attempt to communicate. Any inspiration would help accomplish this….*prays*

  • Ben Dempsey

    I am always looking for new books to read about Business principles so I can improve my leadership capabilities. Thanks for the review and your work at Thomas Nelson.

  • Russell Roberts

    Just the phrase "Rework" is an interesting idea and I have listened to interviews with Jason and I like him personally. But all the key points of the book almost have a "Utopian" sound to them. And all of us want to go home at 5 and have fewer and shorter meetings. But is that possible? I certainly want it to be so. But how does a person make it so? If this book has ideas that work in the real life I would like to know. I do not need a free copy, but I would like to know if you have tried and implemented the ideas in this book in your environment. Do they really work? Please let all of us know with situations you have dealt with within your world.

  • @AUCamp54

    Starting a healthcare software company in downtown Franklin that will have a unique & health culture and that will challenge and change the healthcare landscape like 37 signals did with the clean and intuitive UI of basecamp. I'm interested to get their thoughts on breaking some traditional business concepts.

  • nawinter

    I want this book so that I can figure out how to balance being an administrator, a professor, a consultant, and a wife. I want to learn how to not only how "rework" work, but to better manage everything else as well.

  • Rick Medlin

    Let me get this straight: there are actually two people out there (three including Mr. Hyatt) who advocate more work and less meetings? I know there must be more. If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say "I wish we could have less meetings so I could get back to work" I could buy the company that I work for.

    This sounds like a fascinating and provocative book.

  • Chris L.

    Working in a post-secondary institution and in my particular department is really nice, terrific even: steady, benefits, great team. But but but….. does what I am doing now stir my blood and fill my morning steps with zest? Nope. Can I infuse work and our organization with some things that make me really excited? Yes. Do I know what makes me excited? Some. Do I know how to translate those things and put them into practice at work? Learning how. Would I consider doing something else? Yes, but the way to doing "else" looks daunting from where I stand. Rework has been on my to-read list for a while, and I expect that the writers will challenge some of my (and maybe my department's) way of thinking.

  • Michael Drager

    The timing for brevity, simplicity without losing content or bring shallow is what I need. I am currently in the procees of starting a non-profit. Gathering the board is the step I am about to begin and based on what I have read, I need to this right. Thanks for the consideration.

  • R. Snider

    I want two copies, to be honest, but I'll settle for one. I've already read it. It is the only business book that has captured my attention – riveted it, really – enough to bother to finish. "Rules for Revolutionaries" by Guy Kawasaki runs a fairly close second. I loved Rework and I need a copy to force upon my current employer, and a copy to keep as a reference for myself. Please choose me! Thanks!

  • mekstamper

    I'm a full-time Home Educator and find that many tips that help business people help me! What I lack is time, when you say they cut this book from 57,000 words to 27,000 words that really got my attention. Brevity is something I need! I feel certain that there are tips in this book that will help me do my job in the home “work place” (let's face it, the home is a place where much business takes place). Once I've read the book, I'll be passing it on to my son who is the program coordinator of a ministry for young men. He is always looking for new resources that will help him do his job more efficiently.

  • jajorg

    Hi Michael, first I want to say you are brilliant- truly. I've never really been on Twitter and you are the reason I signed up for a twitter account tonight and I've spent a few hours reading through your postings (a triathalete site directed me to you). Thanks for sharing all of your wisdom and experience. I would love this book- I am an entrepreneur at heart and find the daily "tasks" of administration completely overwhelming at times- and, getting caught up in Stephen Coveys- doing the urgent yet not important, and procrastinating on the things that really make me money. I recently discover that my husband had been living another life and filed for legal separation. Once I did that, within days he cut off all funds- banks accounts, canceled my health insurance, our 3 yr old son's health insurance…it goes on and on. The great news is the lesson he wanted to teach me of "I'll teach her", did. It ended up being a great lesson to me in how resilient one can be and to the power of love. With the help of God and his grace and so many amazing friends, my son and I are getting our feet under us. I am staring my own business and also looking at completing my degree so that I will be a mom who is able to support her son and will not have to worry about our future. We will be ok. This book would be a huge help in my journey. Thanks so much and God Bless You-

  • justinvlg

    I want this book so that I can share it with my four colleagues in my company. I know it is a useful resource and can make my company way more focused than any way I can put it into words. If you want more reason, I would hold a meeting with you, but that would just be a waste of time. Check out my twitter @justINvitallink

  • Sam Figueroa

    I loved Getting Real. I'd love to read the "sequel" to it.

  • Steve Cooper

    Work sucks, and I am not quite sure what to do about it. You say this is worth reading, so I'm asking you to put your freebie where it will help — little ole selfish me. If it works, it will be on my Twitter feeds, maybe even in all caps. Thanks!

  • John Brock

    As a Baptist preacher, I always have to endure the insufferable comments of those who think sermons are too long despite the fact that most of them need way more preaching than they get. So, I have to believe reading Rework would be a really good idea. It will give me a chance to learn from people who can cut that much out of an original manuscript and still make their point well.

  • Arrowstraight

    I need help explaining to our Intelligentsia why scaring our front line employees is bad marketing.

  • Ali

    Hello, my name is Ali and I'm an over-thinker. I get myself into all sorts of mischeif with it, I spend hours doing things I probably had right the first time and I'm a self-confessed worry-wart. So you see, anything that knocks a bit of sense into me and reminds me that actually, I don't need to make life so complicated… well, let's just say it would come in very handy!


    PS. You wouldn't believe how long it took to write this comment…

  • Randall

    This resonates with me completely – I'm working to integrate many of your posts on work into my routine, both at home and office, and this could be of great help to me in sharing these ideas in a large corporate culture. Totally boring, but very practical reasons! Pick me!

  • @gidogeek

    Hope to read this book soon. After reading "Getting Real" I finally decided to finish school.. So after this book I hope to be ready for my own business ;)

  • Chris

    Simply put, I am very interested in all things leadership and this book intrigues me.

  • jcisonline

    Because I'm 23 years old and would like to spend most of my life working instead of having to rework at a later age. I would rather get it right the first time instead of having to try all over again.

  • Jesse Phillips

    I want Rework so I can have another meeting with my team about why we have too many meetings. This book will aid in that conversation!


  • Joshua Scott

    I have a small consulting business and use Basecamp ALL the time. I have heard great things about REWORK and would love to read about the creative team that built and the philosophies that support them.

  • @JasonPowell

    Women … look at your man, now back to me, now back to your man, now back to me … sadly he is not me, but he could run a business like me if he wins a free copy of Rework. Look at your man, now back to me … what's in my hand? It's a book, filled with pages of that writing stuff your man will enjoy. Yes, anything is possible if your man reads Rework … I'm in a Library

  • Jessi

    As a young professional who has only been in the workforce for a couple years, I'd love to read this book. I think this book would be a great help in establishing some healthy habits as the foundation of my work philosophy so that work doesn't become this overwhelming atmosphere.

  • Matt Frey

    That's awesome! Looking forward to "making the cut."

  • Bruce Geerdes

    I need this book because I am a procrastinator (as evidenced by this late post) and need help focusing on the essentials of business!

  • Erin

    Wow…..that baker's dozen you listed hooked me! Being in the field of HR along with my interest in organizational psychology this is definitely a must read for me. I hope I win! Thank you so much for your generosity!

  • Lee Hoover

    I would love this book. I am in the Air Force and am now in a place to influence a lot of needed change in our career field through positive leadership. I know this book will refresh my mind and give me great ideas as I move forward.

  • Lori Swarner

    I'm a former mega church exec who started my own company one year ago. I now have the professional freedom I longed for but still desire guidance to break further out of the box as an entrepreneur. "Rework" sounds like just the "effectiveness boot camp" I need a year into my venture!

  • Ross Kimbrough

    I started a new job this year and had to change many methods in the way I do work. Coming from a 10,000+ employee company down to a 20 employee company is quite the mindset change. Rework would really be a great asset in helping me to redesign my skillset into being more productive and making me a integral asset to my new company. Looking forward to reading Rework!

  • Kevin Hunt

    When I made the transition from a TV news job to a corporate gig, and sat through my first project meeting with some marketers and my boss, I said to him afterward… "What just happened there? Nothing was decided, was it?" I needed six months to learn that many meetings are truly pointless demonstrations of staking out turf. This book has me pumped up to learn how to get more people on the same page toward junking "how things are done", that is, that work doesn't have to suck if you are given the time and freedom to think, do, create and succeed.

  • Tracey

    After moving to a new city, I'm ready to begin my business and would like to start it off with Rework. Rework my life, Rework my business. What a great new start!

  • Jason Smith

    I would love a copy of the book because as a leader I want to continue to excel in the opportunity that God has given me to influence others to become all that He has created them to be. In order to influence people to the greatest degree, I have to model for them what a healthy perspective on work looks like up close. I want to grow in my ability to work with the people that God has entrusted to me, so that I can say like Jesus, "I glorified you on earth, having accomplished the work that you gave me to do." (John 17:4, ESV). Thanks for the opportunity to receive this resource.

  • mezzamorph

    I want this book because as a computer programmer, worship leader, small group leader, and seminary student, I need to simply get things done, not plan how to get them done.Today is meeting day at my office and what should take 20 minutes will end up taking three hours (again).

  • @kelj44

    I'm an 09 college grad who just came to the conclusion I can't afford to start an M.A. in American history this year. In a few weeks I will finish an internship and jump more fully into job searching. Seeking the Lord for direction: Do I want to do public history? Political communications? Politics, marketing, publicity, Christian ministry, non-profits, publishing? Or maybe I could do some combination of all the above. Whatever I do will probably involve marketing and press releases, interruptions, and learning from mistakes.

  • @DEhlersGuam

    I am an avid reader and am always looking for new material – especially in the realm of career, leadership, and productivity. The key issues that I like about this book (from what I've heard about it) is that it will make you step back have have you rethinking many of the things you thought you already knew – a great method to help think out of the box and to help you (and others) get things done effectively and efficiently.

  • Billy

    Sounds like a great read! I'm rubbing my lucky rabbit's foot from the unlucky rabbit who lost it in hopes that I might be able to learn for free the condensed wisdom contained in Rework. I'll rub my shrunken leprechauns head later on… ; )

  • @erikcantu

    I will be starting a new business by the end of the summer. Two of your "bakers dozen" list kicked me in the stomach- why haven't i just started yet.
    I am a creative used to tackling the projects handed to me. The big picture thoughts of managing a successful business are being revealed to me. I would love to read this book to get a big leg up on how best to operate as a business leader.

  • kcroy

    There is so much I want to accomplish in life and I am always looking for an edge. Rework looks like an outstanding resource that I can use at work, at home, and in personal brand to truly make the progress I dream about. I hope I win a copy of Rework. Thanks!

  • Michael

    I would like a copy of the book because I am a poor law student who is trying to look at the business of law different and have a better understanding of the entrepreneurial clients I wish to represent.

  • Fernanda Alcocer

    Why I wanna read this book? Simply cause I believe there has got to be more than sitting in front of a computer for 10 hours doing what your are told… Honestly I'm just stuck and I'm sure this book would give me more than a little hope! Thanks Micheal!

  • Dyaji Charles

    I wrote sometimes back on my blog about a new word i have learnt to use quite often. I mean the word Re-look. At certain periods, Life requires of us to do a Rethink, Re-look, Re-say, Re-focus, Re-do… "Re-Something". That is why am looking forward to receiving this book: Rework. The lessons to be learnt in that book will begin from me first, but certainly won't remain with me.

  • @BrettInsurance

    The insurance industry is notorious for too much paperwork, too many words, too much talking, too many to do lists that are too long, too many emails, and often too much bureaucracy. In sales, I've been really taken with Godin's ideas about 'shipping' and have been working hard to be a better shipper. Any help in that area would be wonderful! Seems like this book might do just that: help.

  • Jennifer Klaussen

    I'd love to receive this book because:

    I don't like making mistakes
    I itch and would like to learn to scratch
    No time – EVER
    I need less than I think, but how to get there???
    Launch now – 'nuf said
    Interruptions rule my time
    Good enough is never good enough for me
    Long lists rule my time, too!
    Say no? What's "no?"
    Don’t write it down – then how will I get it on my list? that there's no time for?

    I need this book – it's calling my name

  • Chris Mattin

    I'm so tired of monotony; doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. That's insanity. I've always known there was a better way to do business but have been discouraged from experimenting. The naysayers dismissed my desire for greatness claiming my ideas were unfounded and ridiculous. I need to know if I was correct. As manager of my own time, and eventually the time of others, I need to have a revolutionary way to keep things fresh, exciting and non-normal.

    I've recently become a new member of a very ingrained but willing to change, begrudgingly, staff. This book has the potential to change our staff, our church and the lives of so many others. If they can see there is a better way that is truly better, instead of just claiming to be, they will bite into this. I'm sure we'd buy a copy for every staff member.

  • Linda

    As I 'study to show myself approved' I would like to add REWORK to my list of study guides.
    Thank-you for your generosity.

  • stephen

    As a pastor I love teaching others about vocational ministry, and how powerful it is for a person to simply enjoy their work – it can make them quite a light in the darkness of "business as usual." I figure reading this book can give me tips I can teach my people!

  • Wade

    I would love to read this book but I'm in meetings all day. I'll add it to my todo list. Hmmm, let's see, maybe after my 5:30 planning meeting. Yes. That works. I'll pencil it in. Send me the book.

  • Josh Morris

    Work/Life Balance has always been an issue for me professionally. The guys at 37 signals have always provided great advice on how to shake up what we consider normal. Cant wait to read REWORK.

  • Lee Hoover

    I would love a copy of this book. I am in the Air Force and am in a place to move things forward in my career field through change and leadership. I know this book will refresh my mind and give me great ideas as I move forward.

  • @a_veek

    What an interesting idea for a book. Instead of making things more complicated, make it less complicated. I'd love a copy of the book to help give me some ideas to be more effective. Thanks for offering a few free copies

  • Jason Yarborough

    A book that actually explains how to work smarter and not harder?? Yes please. Too often I work and work and work if there’s a more strategic way to get the job done with less stress; then I want to know!

  • Brett

    Insurance is notorious for gobs and gobs of paperwork, too many words, and a lot of emails, to-dos, bureaucracy…. The Godin idea of ‘shipping’ has been in my brain a lot, and any further assistance in that area…. I’d love it immensely!

  • Dan Macpherson

    After massive cuts to my branch (50%) in three years, and an additional workload of 30% my entire staff is tired of hearing “work smarter, not harder.” everyone looks to me for direction and planning, but “do your vest in 40 hours a week” can only go so far. On the corporate side we’re looking light years into the future of our industry (traditional media), but at the small branch level we’re still years behind, expecting to catch up, yet the gap is widening not narrowing. We all love our jobs.

  • @dscottwilke

    I'd like a copy of this book because I think it would be very timely for my work and my team. We're about to get into the heavy lifting of our annual planning process here. Every time we do this process, I can't help thinking that there has got to be a better way to do this. I'm guessing that this book would help me and my team look at our processes differently — eliminating the stuff that just wastes time, fills up documents, and generates more meeting requests, in favor of those activities that will actually help us get things DONE. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Alastair McDermott

    Hi Michael,

    Very interesting – I love the video ad. Reminds me of plenty of Fortune 100 corporate meetings I've attended.

    I'd like a copy of Rework because I'm an entrepreneur with a techie background. I've read a lot of business books, many of them long winded and meandering – this book sounds far from that.

    One of the things I think is most important in business is putting good processes in place a la Michael Gerber's E-Myth. I'd love to see how the 37 Signal guys approach that issue.

    I'm also interested in writing a book for business owners related to my own areas of expertise and the "short and sweet" approach appeals to me. I'd really like to see how that have pared down the text to the bare essentials.


  • Michael Withiam

    Briefly: Your Baker's dozen list defines my own challenges in business, writing and life. It's time to redefine myself and I believe this book will help me rethink my basic assumptions.

    Thanks for the review! I look forward to reading the book.

  • Glen Mullins

    The video clip for the book was amusing enough that I expected to hear clips from Office Space. Getting tangible help and guidance from something this entertaining sounds compelling!

  • …adam

    I would love to win a copy of this book because I have a glaring gap on my book shelf and also the overwhelming need to appear smart and well read in front of “friends” that I am trying to impress.

    Just kidding. As a young leader I would love this book so I can soak up as much information now, instead of trying to change my approach down the line – which I am going to inevitably have to do anyway, but maybe these topics and provide valuable information to lead well and prevent some mistakes.

  • John MacAdam

    Rework will serve as motivator for me to advance my web design business to the next level. Now, back to work :)

  • Bruce Munnings

    There is something that resonantes with me regarding this book. My “To-do” tasks seem to get longer and longer and sticky yellow notes on my computer screen help a bit, but also get ignored. I have one that says “Get things done!”. I’ve recently tried putting tasks into project folders. This makes each list shorter and less imposing. Always looking for fresh insight.

  • Andy Wittwer

    Michael has taken the lead
    Offered a book I should read
    He said post to win
    I'll give it a spin
    So in a limerick I plead

  • Rene


    I would like this book! After reading the baker's dozen, it sounds like I need to Rework some things about my job.

  • ali

    Wow- this book sounds like something my husband would truly enjoy reading and could benefit from in so many ways as he works to build up his business to the point of being able to leave his "day job"!
    Also, as a homeschooling and very busy mother of 7, I often try to think of what I do as my job, and think in terms of "what if this were a business?", and I can see being able to translate much of what they teach about business to improving the flow of our home, school, and family life!

    • ali

      The auto-tweet link didn't work for me, but I did tweet it at @OrdinaryMom
      Thanks for the chance!

      • ali

        Ack, sorry, I wish there was en edit feature on the comments- forgot the underscore in my Twitter name (rolls eyes at self) should be @Ordinary_Mom

  • drumdog00

    I would like a copy of this book to add to the many books that I will read on business in this upcoming year's internship at Lake Ann Camp and Retreat Center.

  • Dawn

    Loved the YouTube ad for the book! I'm keen to read it after looking at the points highlighted in your post. Now I want to know the secrets behind these! Feel that I'm in need of any help whatsoever as a newbie to working for myself, sometimes losing direction and feeling bogged down in things I know are not the highest priority. And I really enjoy your "Tweets" Michael and have learned from your posts. (That sounds like I'm creeping now, but I'll buy the book anyway if I don't win it – just wanted you to know that I respect your opinion and if you've recommended this it must be good!).

  • Susy DeLucca

    I'd like to read Rework because I'm "refired"! I've been on the fence about a huge endeavor; mulling over and over the if-and-how of it. Just this morning I read, "You gotta stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone oughta be." That settles it; I'm doing it. Finally.

    So now I need the book please. For starters.

  • PaulSteinbrueck

    3 reasons I'd like a copy of REWORK

    1) I am trying to live more like Jesus… to work less… to engage more with friends and neighbors… to be more available to serve others.

    2) As a CEO and elder in my church, I need to set the example that the answer isn't to work hours but more but to work more effectively.

    3) Jason sent me a signed copy, but it got lost in the mail. Please rescue me from the incompetence of the USPS!

  • Michael

    I want this book because I trust your advice. I deserve it because I have an iPhone 4.

  • Vince Bautista

    I feel that this book is ideal, for not only business people but for church people. I volunteer at a megachurch in SoCal, and am working toward my Master’s @ Talbot Seminary and think these principles need to not only be incorporated in the business world, but with Christ’s Bride as well. So often, church people think ‘things will take care of themselves’ when it comes to church finances and wise stewardship, but if the rate churches are closing their doors is any indicator, we need better business sense just as badly! Michael, I pray that you pick my comment, so that my church may have one more option to fight the Devil’s schemes and thrive in this dying world of churches who proclaim the Name of Jesus to their own Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the remotest moat parts of the world!

  • Andrew Acker

    I want this book because my heart tells me so…and I actually took the initiative to write a comment in the hopes of receiving it. It is not that my job sucks by any means, I think it is more the fact that I am a young rookie in the beginning of a long and unpredictable career. It would invaluable to go through a book like this and have an opportunity to learn and practice these principles before I learn them the hard way. I believe you can teach an old dog new tricks, but it is always easier to teach a young pup…before they create bad habits.

  • mikeniebuhr

    I book that understands the need for brevity, yet is pithy. I’m in!

  • Kathy Kothmann

    My son is in his third year of owning and operating a transmission and auto repair shop. Mostly transmission and drivetrain repairs. I am his bookkeeper. We are all working very hard to make this business go. We do quality work. This book sounds like it would offer new insights and practical suggestions to help us turn the corner into a really successful business.

  • Josh Stites

    Working for government I know that there are areas of inefficiencies that could be corrected so easily if someone just had the right idea and the backing for that idea. Being as meaningful as Hyatt says it is, this book in the right hands could be a game-changer.

  • theantonious

    I want the book, but im confused. One of the things mentioned above is: "Don’t write it down". Please send me a copy of the book to clarify.

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