ScrivenerScrivener (Mac only) is a word processor specifically designed for writers. It doesn’t do some things that a major word processor like Microsoft Word does. Instead, it focuses on the tasks that writers need and takes them to the next level. It provides a “corkboard” where you can “storyboard” your book using virtual index cards. If you want a more traditional approach, it provides a fully-featured outliner. My favorite aspect of the program is full-screen editing. You can eliminate all the distractions of other programs and windows and focus on the single document you are working right now. You can try the program free for 30-days. The purchase price is only $39.95. I would start by watching this video.

A 5-Star Rating

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  • Kevin Goza

    Thanks, Michael. Scrivener was one of the very first software packages I purchased when I converted to the Mac platform in December. As a pastor it really facilitates my writing. I feel much more focused on my own creativity rather than on the rather busy format of Word or other word processors. I too give it 5 stars! Also, enjoy following you on Twitter!

  • Carolina Mama

    Amazing Mr. Hyatt! You find the best content and products. Of course, Thomas Nelson being the best. :) This is a great idea and source. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ellen Weber

    Interesting Michael, and while I use a PC I'd be interested to know if this program would work for editing a novel. Thanks for sharing.

    I completed a novel, "Flight of the Raven," during 2 years I lived and researched in high arctic, and have never had the time to do its final edit. It might be worth buying a Mac if that program would work as a guide to edit this finished book.


  • Michael Hyatt

    Yes, I think you would like it. I know many novelists who use it.

  • Renee, The Book Angel

    Thank you for being a part of my Divine timing. I have never heard of this software and it’s exactly what I’ve been “asking for.” (The voice in my head which says, “There’s got to be an easier way.”)

    For several years I’ve created books for clients using InDesign. It’s easy for me to focus on the editing, tweaking, and making each book look FAB. Now that I’m beginning to do my own writing, I feel like an overwhelmed clutterbug—papers, folders, txt docs, pics everywhere. I see this as being a great solution.

    Thank you for generously sharing your wisdom. Have a Happy Father’s Day with your family.

  • JohnMRowley

    Michael, I got Scrivener and love it. Getting close to the editing/revision stage.
    I work on a mac and have pages. I have heard you are better off having MS Word for editing and collaborating with others. Do you use word with this or pages?
    Thanks for all your help!!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I do use MS Word when I have to collaborate with others, but for solo projects, I use Pages.

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