Send Me Your Questions

I have read a couple of blogs where the writer answers questions from readers. It got me to thinking—this might be a good thing to do on my blog.

Lady holding question mark

So, if you are so inclined, send me your questions. I have even created a new e-mail address for this purpose:

Nothing is off-limits. Your questions can be on any topic:

  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • My job
  • Your job
  • Organizational life
  • Or even personal

I will do my best to answer your questions directly and honestly—even the tough ones. If I can’t answer a question for some reason, I will tell you.

So fire away!

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  • James Pepper

    Mr Hyatt: The above ulr describes what I do, I am the first story on this video by American Bible Society Presents. I could use advice on this and the best way for you to know the problem is to look at this video by American Bible Society Presents.

    I am sure that you will appreciate their effort to get this story out!

    The story is going to run on their main page on Sunday but this link is to their Episodes page which has a link on the left side of the front page for American Bible Society Presents. Click on it and then click one of the first two videos to see it now.


    James G. Pepper

  • Michael Hyatt


    I watched the video. Fascinating. However, I am not sure I understand what your question is. Could you please be more specific. You may want to send me a private e-mail.



  • Cora

    Do you subscribe to any online motivational/inspirational newsletters.

    If so, please recommend a couple that you have found beneficial.


  • Michael Hyatt


    No, I’m sorry, I don’t.


  • Eric S. Mueller

    Mike, do you still read through your questions? I sent you an email with a question back in March shortly after I saw this post. You were on vacation at the time, so at first I thought it got lost in the stack. After a while I just figured it was unimportant to you. Do you still make an effort to take questions from your readers?

  • Michael Hyatt


    I do indeed read the questions, but I don’t always think they will work as a post. If you want to resubmit to me, I will reconsider.



  • Praksh

    How you manage you time ?How you keep your zest for life blooming every day ?