So, I Bought an iPhone, Bokay?

I know, I know. I said I wasn’t going to buy an iPhone. But, in a moment of weakness, I did it. (Those of you who bet I wouldn’t last can now collect your winnings.) Three things put me over the edge.


First, last week Apple made several announcements. The company introduced new iMacs, as well as updates to iLife and iWork. I even watched Steve Job’s entire speech and demo session. As usual, he blew me away. It’s not just the fact that he is a great presenter (which he is), but that his products are so unbelievably cool. I love everything about them.

Second, since I live and work in Keynote, which is part of iWork, I went to the Apple Store to buy the upgrade. I picked up a copy of iLife while I was at it. While I was there, I played with an iPhone. I think Steve has put some secret device inside the iPhone that interferes with the normal functioning of your brain. Right then and there, I started the rationalization process. I knew I was being sucked into the tractor pull.

Third, I met a guy who was talking about blogs, social networks, wikis, and all kinds of Web 2.0 technologies. Then I visited him in his office. As they say in Texas, “the guy was all hat and no cattle.” He had an ancient—and I mean ancient—computer on his desk. It was running Windows 2000. His phone was also ancient. I felt like I was in a museum.

I thought, How can you talk about technology and contribute anything meaningful to the discussion if you are not using the technology? Duh. So, afraid that I was going to be left behind, or worse, end up a techno-hypocrite, I went out and bought an iPhone.

As it turns out, some of my concerns were misguided. The iPhone will work in a corporate environment with an Exchange Server. I am able to receive and send e-mail from the device without any problems. True, unlike the Blackberry, it won’t wirelessly sync my calendar and contacts. Instead, I have to connect the phone to my MacBook Pro and sync. But this is not that big a deal. The iPhone does so much more. It’s honestly one of the coolest pieces of technological joy I have ever experienced.

Whatever you may think of Apple, the iPhone is an icon of what the future holds. Electronic devices are going to become increasingly simple and elegant. And, I am more convinced than ever, an eBook device that will change everything is right around the corner. Those of us in the publishing world had better be ready.

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  • Marc Orchant

    You held out a lot longer than I did Michael (I bought mine the Saturday after release day). The Reality Distortion Field is powerful. I’m every bit as entranced and engaged with this device, even after more than a month, as you. It’s a significant achievement in human-computer interface design and a pleasure to use.

    Have fun.

  • Kiran

    Mike –

    I have a couple of questions on Keynote and i am hoping you could find the time to tell me your thought

    1. Is keynote really worth it (vis-a-vis) Powerpoint? What benefits does it give a presenter

    2. What do i do with legacy presentations (including office 2007). I know keynote can import but does it do it accurately with formatting intact

    Lastly, how about loading a few more of your keynote presentations please? Would love to see your style and content

    Thanks and again great blog


  • Michael DiMarco

    So are you apologizing for harassing me and my iPhone at the Christian Book Awards? :)


  • David Huffman

    I am laughing outloud because I told you weeks back that I too was waiting and guess what …went in to buy the upgrade for iLife and somehow I came home with an iPhone.

    the u.i. is amazing.

    t works wonderfully with exchange.

    and I could not agree more with all you have said.

    e-book here we come.

    happy apple!

  • Colleen Coble

    Oh my gosh, I laughed all through this blog, Mike! I KNEW you couldn’t hold out. I’d have one of those little babies right now too if my little town had service. Sigh. I’m so jealous. Keep us posted how you like it.

  • Billy Bob

    I knew you’d be the first guy I knew to buy one of these things. Did you pay for it personally or expense it to Nelson since you had to have something to write about.
    If I didn’t know you to be a rock solid guy I’d wonder about all these ventures in the future and have Zondervan send you a book on being content.

  • Kyle Chowning

    Seriously! I was using your thoughts on the phone as my excuse to hold out. If only AT&T would buy Sprint so I could switch without having to pay a bunch of $. Argh.

  • Moe

    I got mine on day 1. Best device I EVER had hands down. I’m glad you jumped ship. It’s an amazing device. Just wait until they keep updating it with applications and other goodies.

    I’m also a Keynote junkie and I have to say, that the slides compared to PPT are light and day difference. The graphics, the text, the templates, transitions, everything about it, is typical Apple style. The best presentations I have seen are done on Keynote. Nothing against PPT, it does well in that area, but you can see the difference when someone uses Keynote.

  • Jeremy

    Regarding the Keynote vs. PowerPoint post…

    Stick with PowerPoint…ESPECIALLY, if you already have Office 2007. There is just no comparison of features between the two that justify Keynote.

    On the other hand, Keynote isn’t that expensive and has some cool backgrounds. If you have Office XP, Keynote transition would be alright. Also, keep in mind “cool” backgrounds can be found with a little research.Hope that helps.

    Oh, I’m a huge Apple fan but $500 to $600 + expensive rate plans + slow data speeds (vs. Verizon or Sprint)??? for something that just looks cool! That kind of patience or [fill in your own word] must be nice!? I’ll stick with my Treo 700w with much more capability, easier texting, faster data speeds, and list goes on…Did I mention I have 3 children? Wow daddy, cool toy!

  • Chuck

    I was just at the Apple store yesterday – I too innocently picked up the phone and – bang! – it is sooooo beyond anything I have ever seen or held. My brand new BB is awful!

    How can every manufacturer let Apple continually out-design them on product after product? (Silly question – how can Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan be so dominating? TALENT FOCUS WORK ETHIC!)

    I also broke down and finally bought my first Mac today – your “techno-hypocrite” logic was all I needed.

    Thanks for the post

  • Michael Sampson

    Good on you!

  • Los

    Welcome to the truth. ;)

  • Trish Morrison

    CNN had an interview with a 17 year old this morning whose personal summer project was to break down the i-Phone to make it compatible with his service.

  • Jorg


    good post as always. At one point in time we will look back in time and ask ourselves “why did we refuse to use well designed good looking products?” Instead we will we will ask “how on earth could I buy such a miserable product and use it for years?”

    Could you elaborate on how you managed the part “The iPhone will work in a corporate environment with an Exchange Server.” ? My IT guys tell me it won’t work.

  • Iphone Background

    Iphone Background

    The images and backgrounds also fit on Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones- and thereby This Con

  • thom

    An entertaining post, though it will be some time before I or my wife can afford an iPhone.

  • Arif

    Mike, which application do (rather did) you use in your Mac to sync your blackberry via the Blackberry Exchange Server? Was it Entourage?
    Somehow, I never could get Entourage to sync perfectly and always had issues, especially with categories. Hence I’m forced to sync my Blackberry to Microsoft Outlook running on Windows with the help of Parallels (

    Mike I’d be super grateful for any guidance you can give.

    Thanks for the great blog!

    Arif Vakil
    Bangalore, India

    Ps. Would’ve switched to the iphone, but I think I’m in for a pretty long wait till it’s launched in India.

  • Michael Hyatt


    We used the Blackberry Enterprise Server. It sits on top of the Exchange Server, as I understand it. The categories issue is really an Entourage issue. Hopefully, the next version of Entourage will work better with Outlook and Exchange.



  • W. Mark Thompson

    I’m an apprehensive Apple convert myself. Start a couple of years ago. Haven’t been able to stop it. I now find myself with a MacBook Pro, iPhone, & iPod – not mention their software that I’ve loaded on my Mac.

    No matter what you think of them, Apple HAS to be doing something right. It’s evidenced in their taking over Exxon as the most valuable/profitable company in the US (world?). And Exxon held that spot for SIX years!

    Yeah. I like me some Apple!