Social Media and the New Culture of Sharing

This morning as I was running, I listened to Episode 99 of the Catalyst Podcast. It was an interview that Brad Lomenick did with Charlene Li, author of the new book, Open Leadership.

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One thing in particular grabbed my attention. Brad asked her what has changed in the last two to three years in terms of social media. She said,

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  • Share your empathy. Sometimes people just need your empathy. You can remind people that they are not alone. All by itself, this is an act of generosity. My brother-in-law recently found himself in Intensive Care. Gail and I shared it with our social networks. We experienced an amazing outpouring of love and prayer.
  • This is just the tip of the iceberg I am sure. Other people willingly share their resources, encouragement, and even humor. What about you?

    Question: Do you think that social media are shifting our culture?

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