A Review of Soul Detox by Craig Groeschel

As I have grown older, I have become increasingly aware that we live in toxic environment. Our food, water, and air are contaminated with poisons.

Over time these poisons take a toll on our bodies. Years from now, I believe we will discover that many of our worst diseases—especially autoimmune ones—were the direct result of the toxins we were ingesting.

But as important as toxins are at a physical level, they are even more important spiritually.

According to Craig Groeschel, pastor of LifeChurch.tv, we are living in the most spiritually poisonous time in history. In his new book, Soul Detox: Clean Living in a Contaminated World, he outlines the various threats.

And, contrary to the impression you might get by looking at the book’s cover, most of these don’t come from the world. They more often arise from inside our own souls. Specifically, he discusses:

Toxic Behaviors

  • Our personal lies
  • Our false beliefs
  • Our lethal language
  • Our hidden sins

Toxic Emotions

  • Bitterness and resentment
  • Envy and comparison
  • Anger and rage
  • Fear and worry

Toxic Influences

  • Materialism
  • Culture
  • Unhealthy people
  • Religion

Like all of Craig’s books, this one is full of stories. His writing is down to earth and practical. He is humble and transparent, conveying the empathy of a fellow-traveler. If you enjoy how he speaks—and Craig is one of my very favorite communicators—you will like how he writes.

While this is a great book for individuals to read, I couldn’t help but think how valuable it would be to discuss in a group setting. It is a book that begs for further conversation. As a result, I am considering using it with my Mentoring Group.

I’ll leave you with one quote from the Introduction:

Everything that we allow into our minds, hearts, and lives—everything that we spend our time and money on—has an impact on how we grow, or don’t grow, spiritually. As the old computer adage reminds us: garbage in, garbage out. Just as we are what we eat physically, we are also what we consume spiritually. If we don’t monitor and adjust our diet accordingly, our souls are in danger of absorbing more and more lethal poison.

This book is a must-read if you want to stay spiritually healthy. It will force you to ask the tough questions, detoxify your life, and renew your relationship with God and others.

I gave away 50 copies of Soul Detox. To qualify, my readers had to comment below. You can find the list of winners here.
Question: Why do you want a copy of Soul Detox? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • http://jonstolpe.com/ Jon Stolpe

    I’ve read a few of Craig’s other books, and they had a huge impact on me – particularly Chazown. I’d love a copy of this book!

  • Jenni

    I work with teenagers on a daily basis in my role as a high school administrator. It is harder to be a teenager than it has ever been. I want to guide, support and positively impact the students I work with, but I can only be as good as I am within myself. I feel this book would allow me to self-reflect and help me be in a better place to help my students.

  • Bill (cycleguy)

    I have picked this book up several times but always put it back. I have to be careful with what I buy right now. I have a lot of respect for Craig personally and count him as a friend. I would be honored if you chose me to receive a copy.

  • http://www.jmlalonde.com Joe Lalonde

    Sounds like a terrific book. Craig has done some fantastic work with LifeChurc.tv and the books he’s written. It would be great to get a copy of the book to help our youth students grow and to a soul detox. With all the junk that comes their way, it is important to teach them how to do this.

  • clikwiz

    Craig is a great speaker. I’ve listened to many of his sermons on LifeChurch.tv. I have yet to read one of his books, but this sounds like a great one to start with.

  • http://www.alslead.com/ Dave Anderson

    I am a big believer in the garbage in- garbage out adage. Just finishing a 4 year stint on my elder board (2 years as chairman) I got to hear about a lot of the brokenness in my own congregation.

    Now I am vulnerable in a different way than I was as an elder. As an elder, I was on guard for the attacks of the enemy. Now I see myself as vulnerable because I might be tempted to let my guard down. I’d love to read Craig’s thoughts on the dangers I face today.

  • http://roborr.net Rob Orr

    I can’t wait to read this one. I’ve just started watching/listening to his sermon by the same name on the lifechurch.tv website. I totally agree that we are living in ridiculously poisonous times for our souls, and I’m reminded of Jesus’ statement that makes someone unclean, it’s what comes out them.

    I’m a huge reader and would love to get a copy myself, and post a review on my blog.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=693133324 Suzanne Smith Ware

    I would love a copy of this book!!

  • http://www.leahadams.org/ Leah Adams

    It does sound like something that would be ideal for a group setting. I lead two ladies Bible studies and I might use this in those settings. Many of the things that were listed are things I touched on in the Bible study I wrote about leaving a godly legacy.

    • http://www.kellycombs.com/ Kelly Combs

      I was thinking the same thing Leah! I also have a Bible study and this is just the thing we women would love to tackle.

  • http://www.facebook.com/scott.casto Scott Casto

    Although I have yet to read any of Craig’s works, based on your recommendation, I think this is a great place to start!

  • jviola

    I would like to read this book for 2 reasons: 1) I do not want to keep toxins in my soul. I want to be clean & spiritually healthy for me. But also 2) I want to be rid of toxins as I do not want to affect others. I want to be healthy so as to affect others in a healthy way. Thank you for this opportunity!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dukes.damon.d Damon D. Dukes

    This is something I should read because I feel like I know many people who still have Toxic relationship but still hold on to that same person

  • Bill Higley

    Why? Well, Craig is an excellent communicator, his work is always helpful. And the subject, while scary, is needed. And as mentioned in the post, looks like it might be a great Leadership Mentoring resource for the group I help lead at our church.

  • http://www.thegeezergadgetguy.com/ Thad Puckett

    I think that over time it is the aggregation of small things that has affected my soul. It’s those things that don’t prick me any more, that I am not even aware of, that build up like toxins in the liver (or other organs). This book would be a great leap, for me, in detoxing my soul.

  • Kathy B

    This book looks like a must read. I am in a study group where this information could be studied together.

  • Joshua Madden

    I am eager to learn and purge the toxins to growth in my life to lead my family and friends away from these toxins as well.

  • http://timothysteele.info Timothy Steele

    I first want to read Soul Detox for me since I need to continually refresh myself, and second, I want to read Soul Detox because I teach and counsel in a residential setting for men coming out of Michigan prisons. I would like to take the principles out of this book and incorporate it into my lesson plans.

  • http://sandysandmeyer.wordpress.com/ Sandy

    I’d like a copy because I think that it will help me better myself but also help me as I prepare for my second career in the ministry and dealing with other peoples’ toxic behaviors.

  • http://twitter.com/RyanPatrickWOA Ryan Patrick

    I’m good at the “garbage in” part. Not so good at the “garbage out”.

  • http://successbeginstoday.org/wordpress John Richardson

    I love a great storyteller and Craig is one of the best. I find his premise fascinating. In our modern world, everybody seems to be worried about toxins, but we seem to be oblivious to the obvious, that TV, media, and so many other sources are polluting our minds. I would love to share Craig’s stories with my readers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/myrtlebeachrealestate Mike Benton

    Very refreshing! Like my father has always said inch by inch life is a cinch. Become your true self.

  • Dyaji Charles

    I am at the point in my life where I need a detox. Truth is with growth and success sometimes comes some unnecessary baggage. On my way to where I am presently I picked up somethings which I shouldn’t. That is why I need this book.

  • http://www.facebook.com/traci.beckum Traci Beckum

    I have been searching for a book to help me deal with some of the baggage I carry from before I came to live in Christ. I have prayed for healing from the torment of some of these spirits of oppression. I did not find this give-away by accident. It is an answer to my prayers. Thank you Jesus!

  • http://twitter.com/kenyangetter Wangui Kiili

    I would love a copy of this book because I think I have toxins in my soul and this provides a chance to detox and live anew

  • John C

    I am a church planter and set to launch our new church plant in Orlando! We are believing for nothing less than revival in our city! One day Orlando will be known for a mighty move of God, rather than Mickey mouse!
    Pray with us! I believe this book will be a great resource for the college students we are trying to reach at the second largest campus in the US! University of Central Florida!

  • JRhodes10

    A soul detox? Now here’s a detox I actually need! I’ve spent so much
    time, money and energy detoxing my body from the environmental and food
    toxins in order to combat the effects of years of unhealthy exposure;
    what a concept that what I really need is to detox my soul. This is now
    on my “must read” list; along with a prayer that I may become clean
    from the inside out for my own health and the health of my family and

  • Donald. Adelaide, Australia.

    I have been receiving your emails for quite awhile and I find your comments relevant to my situations. In our church life, people struggle with the different aspects of their christian lives, this book seems to be a catalyst to be able to assist/change their attitudes to the way their souls control the way the worship and think. I would, to your pleasing, like to be a recipient of such a book, Thanks in advance.

  • Beat

    As a Pastor, I talk to so many people and the more I hear, the more I am convinced that we need to talk about these topics. So I am looking for input on the subject to help my congregation grow in their spirituality.

  • TheGreatDanaJ

    I am in between jobs and really searching for my “place”. I would like a copy of Soul Detox because I feel like the book will help me navigate through this difficult time. I need to learn how to effectively let go of the toxic emotions and behaviors in order to embrace my future.

  • Donnie

    I teach a college class at the church I attend. It sounds like this may be a good book to address many of today’s personal and world issues. Not only for myself but also for the younger generation that is getting ready to be slapped by the world!

  • http://twitter.com/kreighwilliams Kreigh Williams

    As a young person it has been quite an experience growing up in this world. I could not agree more that a detox in general (physical, emotional, and spiritual) is needed. I think being able to experience a soul detox would be an experience I’ll never forget and hopefully do multiple times throughout the rest of my life.

  • Zane C. Benson

    I’ve enjoyed Craig’s preaching since the “early days”, and now I can lose that extra 500 lbs of baggage on my shoulders by reading Soul Detox!

  • Leslie Porter Wilson

    From your brief description my college son needs to read this book. Sadly, most major universities in this country wallow in toxicity with their liberal teachings. He feels bombarded on every side as he clings to core Christian values and principles. I’d love to equip him with such a valuable resource! He could pass on the information to dozens of friends enrolled in colleges around the country who are in the same situation.

  • http://www.facebook.com/darrell.odonnell Darrell O’Donnell

    I’m intrigued – this book seems to codify my approach to living well. I especially attempt to avoid toxic people as they tend to bring along all of the other factors – kinds of like a cloud that surrounds them. That being said I am sure that I have patterns that need to be adjusted or replaced.

  • BarryMJude

    I started to pick this book up last week, but didn’t. After reading your review, I wish that I had picked it up. As a pastor, I need to periodically go through a spiritual detox, and then be able to pass that on to the people I serve!

  • Donna Reavis

    I teach children and youth at our church and I have noticed how much they need at such a young age to deal with these issues presented in this book. I’ve been trying to instill these same truths in their hearts each opportunity I have. I would really like to have a resource book not only to help me teach them but to help me to spiritually stay real in our world today. Thanks for always offering such timely books.

  • Donna Reavis

    I teach children and youth at our church and I have noticed how much they need at such a young age to deal with these issues presented in this book. I’ve been trying to instill these same truths in their hearts each opportunity I have. I would really like to have a resource book not only to help me teach them but to help me to spiritually stay real in our world today. Thanks for always offering such timely books.

  • Danielle Bisker

    I would appreciate the opportunity to win a copy of this book because of the true value that I believe it holds. Not many people realize the potential harm created by their thoughts, actions and emotions – the teachings of this book echoed by the timeless truths of the Bible would present a unique experience to learn and grow in one’s self, but also to take this truth to other’s who may not even realize the danger they are living in. Thank you very much for the opportunity!

  • Rita

    As a mother of 3 teenagers. I am always looking not only for topics of discussion to help them digest and grow but also ways I can improve my own life so I can can be better example for them.

  • Donna Reavis

    I teach children and youth at our church and I have noticed how much they need at such a young age to deal with these issues presented in this book. I’ve been trying to instill these same truths in their hearts each opportunity I have. I would really like to have a resource book not only to help me teach them but to help me to spiritually stay real in our world today. Thanks for always offering such timely books.

  • http://twitter.com/living_aLOUD Sara Jane Rassler

    Wow! This sounds like a great book for college students (both in and out of a Christian college setting). I would love a copy of this book to learn ways to live according to the spiritual life I have chosen to live. I would also love to share this book with my friends and roommates and spend time discussing the toxins in the world around us–even at our Christian college.

  • Carol Khong

    This is an in-depth study of toxicity clearly categorized into behavior, emotions and influences. I want to know more about the toxicity of lethal language, fear and the influence of unhealthy people. Teaching it all in stories by a great storyteller is spot on!

  • Karen Sawyer

    As always, I learn a great deal from reading Michael’s blog. I did not know about Craig or his books. I am putting together a list of four or five books to give my son before he leaves for college and I think this would fit nicely into the mix. Launching them into the world is tough for mom and we need every bit of help we can get. Craig’s book sound like it will speak to many of the things that will be facing a young man newly on his own. Thank you and God bless.

  • Sivadds

    I would dearly love a copy of Craig’s book because it speaks about the toxic environment which we all live in. We all need to be aware of what affects and impacts us so we can be intentional about dealing with it…and not become a TOXIC person ! The lessons here would be important for me to learn and live so I can teach my children.

  • Penny Raine

    Would love this book. I often share on a similar subject and would appreciate the extra material. The enemy doesn’t have to abduct children to abuse and harm them these days, he steals their hearts and minds, and he does it right under the noses of those whom are supposedly protecting them.

  • Susan Baganz

    I would love a copy of Craig’s book. I struggle with toxic people in my life – some I cannot simply walk away from and it is a daily challenge to not let that sap me of my joy and my energy to do the work God has called me to do. Any help I can get on this journey is always appreciated!

  • Jonathan Fehl

    My sister and I were just having a Facebook conversation on her timeline about this subject! She works as a nurse in a clinic where there is one common TV and was struck by the amount of filth people surround themselves with. If get a copy of the book, I’ll give it to her (and then ask if I can borrow it when she’s done!)

  • Bruce Cole

    The last thing I want to be is a spiritually toxic husband, dad, pastor, or friend. I know I’ve got some detoxing to do. I’ll be buying and downloading the Kindle version to start reading right away. My wife is dedicated to hard copy books and we try to read important books together. We’d gratefully receive a hard copy and then we’ll do the key thing you can’t do with an electronic version: when we’re done, we’ll give it away to someone else and keep the conversation going.

  • http://twitter.com/johnwaldo johnwaldo

    My wife, who has been an associate pastor for the 12 years, is about to go on sabbatical for 8 weeks for personal renewal (ie, not creating more “things” for work). I’d love a copy to give her as part of her resources for personal spiritual renewal.

  • Anderson Rioba

    I am very passionate about personal growth and development in terms of enhancing my personal strengths and working on my weaknesses thus ensuring a fulfilled life and also meeting the relational needs of my fellow peers , family members , friends and people i influence.Having this book by will enable me to understand the effects of toxic behaviour, emotions and influences .. and thus lead a better and more practical life and also influence others to live a more fulfilled and toxic free life.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1587153845 Kathy Stockton

    Before I even got out of bed this morning I was praying…”Lord I really need you to remind me who I am in you today! Remind me that I AM loved, remind me that I AM intelligent, remind me that I CAN do all things through YOU who gives me strength!” Going through divorce, job loss, a major cross country move and now trying to start my whole life over again has left me struggling with feeling like I am never enough. This book sounds like exactly what my soul needs…for such a time as this.

    • Ndidi lilian

      dear cathy, i read your thoughts and my min goes out to you. I ONCE felt as you did after i went through a  marriage that was never God’s plan for my life and then divorced! But now i am healed and comforted by the HOLY GHOST and i feel i can confort others with same. God loves you so dearly and will always love you and be there for you. What you need is Jesus and  to be wrapped up forever  in the  warming embrace of His love. God’s love for us is ever true, unfailing, powerful, perfectly fulfilling and so needful for our daily victorious living. Go for it, have it full in you and your life will never be the same again. Ask Jesus to come into your life and make you whole. Re-commit yourself to Him and begin a daily walk of faith with Him if you have not done so before or walked away from Him in the past. He is the friend that sticketh more than a brother, or husband as the case maybe. Jesus loves you and so do I. Never forget that you are not alone and never will as far as you have HIM LOVING & CARING FOR YOU SO POWERFULLY! 

  • John

    I have worked in Christuan recovery programs as a counselor and ministry leader for 9 years and an always looking for books that present fresh looks at the problems we face and the steps to transform. Most always the symptons and the root cause may be misleading.
    It usually involves lies, lots of lies. But transformation of the mind comes slowly and is the key. The book sounds perfect to add to the weapons to fight the lies.

  • Kari Scare

    As I read the review of this book, the last 2 years of my life flashed before my eyes. They have been a pretty intense detoxification process, getting rid of years of physical, spiritual and mental contaminants. I have been searching for a way to help others make this journey too because I see such a need for it, especially after having gone through it myself. This is the purpose behind my blog, at least I hope that’s the message I am sending. This book would certainly help me do that better. Every once in a while a book comes along that connects with a deep part of you, and even just the review did that for me. Maybe this book will also help me to figure out my part in helping others to detoxify. Thank you for sharing this.

  • http://twitter.com/stefan_dyck Stefan Dyck

    It seems to me that Groeschel is touching an important issue here. While thinking more about the topic, I was reminded of Christine Caine’s talk on what it means “to be in the world but not of it”. If followers of Jesus – the church – are ment to represent another culture – the Kingdom of God – then we first of all need tranformation of attitude and behavior.

    I am really looking forward to getting a copy of Groeschel’s fantastic work to see and read how he approaches the issue.

  • Zuerk

    I need to detox my soul after the last few years of living with a rebellious teen son with R & R, a replenishing and refreshing of my soul with this book.

  • http://www.milestogofromhere.com Jeff Miles

    I am currently on a journey to reverse the toxic habits that led to my gaining weight, this book would be a great complement to the journey I am on!

  • Bob J

    I often try to avoid watching confrontational television news. The negativity spewing forth can be toxic to say the least

  • nancy

    I would like to have a copy of Craig’s book. It sounds like a wonderful tool to help in our battle to be healthy and rid ourselves of those things that are toxic to our spiritual walk. It goes hand in hand with detoxing our bodies from environmental toxins. Looking forward to reading it!

  • Dennis Katei

    I am working with teenagers in my church in Nairobi, Kenya. Teenagers are drowning in the toxicity explained in your post! I would therefore use this book to develop a teaching series for them, and myself as well!

  • Richard Hanf

    From what I’ve just read, this book addresses a gargantuan issue for Christians. God warned Cain so long ago that not only was sin “crouching” at his door, but it desired to “have” him. He was encouraged to rule over sin rather than have it control him. It’s amazing to think that Cain lived in a much simpler time than us yet the struggle against sin was still very present. It seems so much harder now to keep sin at bay when there are so many multi-sensory influences that open the door wide for sin to just saunter in unopposed. Win it or not, I want to read this book!

  • Brian Tolliver

    As a Pastor (and fellow-traveler as well) I’m always looking for trust-worthy resources that can help me – as well as those I’m privileged to serve at my church.
    A passage that always encourages me in how to deal with this toxic topic comes from Romans 8:12-13 which reads, “12 Therefore, dear brothers and sisters, you have no obligation to do what your sinful nature urges you to do. 13 For if you live by its dictates, you will die. But if through the power of the Spirit you put to death the deeds of your sinful nature, you will live.” Amen!

  • Fsucurran

    I think most of us want to believe that something good can come out of us. Yet we are made of dirt and enter this world poisoned by sin. It is only by connecting to a pure source that we can detox our souls. I will be recommending this book for our churches summer leadership discussion group. Thanks for the review.

  • Nikki Van Pelt

    I would like a copy of soul detox because I love Craig’s teaching and because I love gaining other perspective on culture. My husband and I are raising our two sibling nieces. The oldest one is making unhealthy relationship choices and I look for different things to read to her hoping she will gain some perspective. Thank you.

  • Heidi Kreider

    Just last night my husband, of 18 years, and I were up late discussing this very topic… we just didn’t know how to articulate it well. We see this prevalent, especially in American Christianity, and, honestly, are wondering what we can do to counter it.

    Thanks for offering a great giveaway!

  • The Quality Disciple

    I’m in the beginning stages of writing a book with a similar theme from the perspective of a 55 year old pastor who has experienced several toxic church leadership situations and is now starting his own path of cleansing.

  • Thomas

    I am always looking and trying to learn how to be a better man than I was the day before, and more importantly, to strengthen my relationship with God.

  • Dale K

    I have personally been on a journey of completely changing my health this last year – it is amazing of what our world is doing to us all on a daily basis especially in out food and even he air we breath – “Soul Detox” is a book that everyone should read – I have been wanting to read this book since I heard it was coming out – I listen to Craig bring God’s Word on a weekly basis . I praise God for the wisdom that God has given Craig to bring this important message this is so important to today.

  • Jennifer W.

    My whole life I lived around toxic people. I need to change everything about how I think and live. My family tried to be Christians but I grew up with fears and the inability to really understand forgiveness or unconditional love. I would like to read this book to learn how to begin to breathe again spiritually. Thanks, Bye.

  • Penny(YaYa)W

    For the past 6 yrs, God has had me on a journey to ‘live a life with clean relationships’ – hardest job ever. Just when He has asked me to take what I’ve learned there forward to other elements of my life He provides a tool! Whether I win a book or not – I would buy several copies to give to our kids, our pastor, our friends and family. I would love to win a copy!

  • Joel

    Craig is the pastor of the Life Church we attend in Tulsa. He is “spot on” with is view of the world and consistenly delivers an inspiring messages.
    I’m anxious to read his book and understand my own toxic behavior as a husband, father, and business owner.

  • Barry Vernon

    Craig Groesche is one of my favorite communicators. He , for me, hits the nail on the head so often. I belve this book would help me to detox in areas that I might otherwise not have known and then help others in my circle of influence do the same. Sorry if this is posted twice…new to this.

  • Michael Collins

    I pastor a small rural church in Southern Indiana. Many (most?) of the folks that make up our church are older folks, long “set in their ways.” How dangerous when the very way of living that likely seems very comfortable is perhaps toxic to their souls? And to magnify that statement, I admit that my soul is in need of “detox” as well. I can’t lead them where I have not been or where I am not willing to go. This book would be a blessing to our small church!

  • Mark Widner

    How timely. I listen to Craig every week along with my local church. For all the teaching I still find myself falling into the same traps of anger, rage, depression from my actions and guilt that I have made the same mistakes AGAIN. Like treating the symptoms but not the disease, the effort is short lived. I believe that I need to step away from a lot of things. I believe we all need the cleansing of God’s word. I look forward to how Craig will speak into my life and I pray that this helps me and others treat the disease and not just the symptoms.

  • http://twitter.com/FreedRider FreedRider

    My mission in life is to always be Learning, Living and loving as Christ would and this book addresses issues that hamper that mission…toxins that can poison and dissolve this mission.

  • jplynch04

    As I was driving home from work yesterday I thought to myself how important it is for those of us who follow Christ to be great in discerning truth, but also in creatively communicating that truth to all who we contact. The title of this book is simple and yet creative. This book will appeal well to all who work hard to purify their flesh and now an opportunity to purify our souls. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://twitter.com/justbeingstill Kimberly Burton

    This feels especially hard to focus on sometimes in ministry. As with the lesson we learn every time we fly on a plane though, we need to take care of ourselves first before taking care of others.

  • DenLopp

    My pastor says that, We see things happen in the physical and then in the spiritual. As I age I can see how toxins have changed and reduced the functionality of my physical body… I can only imagine what the enemy has been trying to do to our spiritual body. Like the smoke example we don’t even know it.

  • http://twitter.com/johnalex5 johnalex5

    More than ever this year I have been working on caring for these toxic sins (seeing a counselor, being more aware). It’s amazing how subtle and yet how damaging they can be. I am looking forward to reading this book.

  • John Whaley

    To be an effective husband, father, pastor, and most important of all, an effective follower of Christ, I need to be constantly aware of what is at work in my life that may be toxic. I look forward to reading this book and sharing it with our staff so we can all pursue leading toxic free lives.

  • http://twitter.com/wls1961 Wanda Simpson

    The poisons that invade our lives can be lethal to us and those around us. Being able to identify and confront those toxins face to face would be helpful in the fight. I worry that there is a tipping point where the poisons are so strong when they mix and move within that they can overwhelm the soul with despair. This book sounds like a great resource for me personally and those I care about. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Jana Lackey

    After 25 years of living in a remote village in Botswana, Africa, I find that food and environment have a purity unmatched to my Texas roots. But one thing I know; toxins of the soul are everywhere there are people. I did a radical detox last year and was shocked from the “things” that came out of that detox. (I will spare the readers the details!) I would love to have a “tool box” to guide me and others who will go with me on this radical soul detox in the deserts of the Kalahari! Thanks for offering this gift!

  • Fran Carona

    I am reading through the Bible again this year. Currently I have been reading about the kings of the divided kingdom. As I was meditating on a passage the other day, I was struck by how even the good kings failed to tear down the high places. As a result, things didn’t go well for them or for their people. “Why didn’t they just tear down those high places,” I wondered. Immediately I felt the Lord say, “For the same reason you don’t!”. I want to tear down all those high places in my heart. I would love to have a hard or an electronic copy to help me.

  • Susan

    As a cancer survivor, I have learned all about the toxins we eat daily. I diligently seek to find the healthiest food choices for my family. I also stress to my children the importance of what they feed their minds by what they read, listen to and watch on television or through movies. There are so many subtle messages we send ourselves throughout the day without even realizing it. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Craig’s book and learn all I can.

  • Steve

    I would enjoying reading, but most importantly applying the reading to my own life Souls Detox. In recent days, I have had some disappointments that have clouded my mind, heart and soul. I have noticed that my my thoughts have been greatly influenced by the worlds thoughts and ways. I want to be the husband, father and pastor that God wishes me to be. Reading Craig’s thoughts and insights will assist the Holy Spirit in the process renewing and restoring me to God’s.

  • http://www.kellycombs.com/ Kelly Combs

    Growing up in a toxic environment with a mentally ill, (bi-polar, personality disorder), alcoholic & drug addicted mom, I have experienced being poisoned my entire life, until I was able to find the strength to break off that relationship. Following that came the poison of legalistic religion to try and earn my worth, and finally (Praise God!) I am experiencing the detox that can only come from a relationship with Jesus. Having walked this journey, I would love to read Craig’s book and continue this path to a toxic-free life.

  • Melinda

    Let’s just say I think it’s the right book at the right time.

  • http://twitter.com/anthonydimarzio Anthony DiMarzio

    I just finished reading Craig’s book “Weird” again… for the fourth time. Each time through I’ve received some new insight or reminder of what I really need to be focused on right now. In recent weeks, I’ve put my body through a physical cleanse, trying to detox my body from the everyday abuse of soda and junk food that it has become accustomed to. I’m excited to consider the thought of doing the same for my soul.

  • http://twitter.com/longhunter John Day

    I want to evaluate my walk with the Lord and with others in my life. This book appears to address an area of the Christian life that can become a negative if we Christians are not dedicated to constant self-examination. Fellow Christians are one of the best sources of personal correction in this process.

  • gdkorsen

    I am a pastor, and where I serve there is a great deal of the “toxicity” Craig discusses in this new book. This would be a great resource for a possible future teaching series.

  • Mark W

    For my kids……”Soul Detox” could be a great entry point for discussions that matter. With 3 teenagers currently under my roof, what a great book to go through so that THEY avoid toxic matters in their lives……at least being able to have conversations about it. I’m quite curious if this book could literally “catch” young people before things get too messy and “contaminated” in their lives.

  • http://www.TheNarrowPassage.com/ Timothy Lynn Burchfield

    I am committed to take TOXIC out of my behavior.

  • Sandra Pate

    I want a copy of the book because I believe that Craig is on the right track. Toxic forces are sometimes difficult to understand. The main source of spiritual toxicity may lie under many layers and have other descriptions such as helpfulness, routine, or just actions everyone uses to guard one’s space. In this day and time, unless we look for the cause of the cause of the cause of the cause of toxcity, we may miss the source of the problem that is adversely affecting the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

  • Anne Higgins

    I am a mom of twin daughters that are 17. My husband and I have done our very best and believe that we have two outstanding daughters, unfortunately, in less than 8 months we will no longer have the “control” over the steps they choose to take due to becoming 18. It’s a scary world at times and if we can work on changing things within us, then maybe, just maybe they will step into the world stable and secure in who they are.

  • http://www.twitter.com/erikjfisher/ Erik Fisher

    This book sounds like what I have been thinking about recently with the connection between my own mind and body. I’ve been on a continual journey to lose weight, unnecessary baggage I am carrying literally inside my body. For me it is a physical representation of the spiritual and mental/emotional issues I am working through, holding on to things don’t need.

    I see my health as an all encompassing, intertwined physical, emotional, spiritual machine. I hope to gain some more insight from this book regardless of where I get a copy of it. I’ve done some physical detoxification with some success. I think it’s now time to add to that with spiritual detox.

  • Gail Derreberry

    I belong to N:Motion, a local studio that emphasizes spiritual, physical and nutritional health. We exercise to praise and worship music, guided by prayer. There are nutrition classes as well as Bible studies. It would be a privilege to read this book with consideration of using it for a small group study at N:Motion.

  • http://twitter.com/DailyWalkInWord Bill Brown

    Not only do I need this for myself but will share with my small group, my men’s Bible study, and twitter and facebook the important comments so potentially thousands will get to see and share.

  • Sara

    In this current spot in my journey with Christ, I am increasingly aware of what toxins the world has to offer (especially the ones that smack you in the face daily), as well as the toxins of my upbringing and my tendency toward legalism. I would appreciate the opportunity to read Soul Detox to further pinpoint and address not only the toxins at play, but more importantly, how to purge them and live cleanly as a follower of Christ, wife and friend.

  • rabrooks1

    Wow, what a wonderful metaphor about the toxins in our world, both naturally and spiritually. I too am concerned that we are not living healthy spiritual lives. The Apostle Paul infers this same idea in his presentation of communion (some are sick because of sin in their lives). From a pastor’s perspective, this metaphor is very useful in helping our people to live the kind of righteous life we have always been told about and encouraged to live.
    I would love to have this book. Thanks for the opportunity to share in this fresh approach.

  • Lgiltmier

    I have been working hard at cleaning up the eating in our home. I realize how much stuff we put into our systems that isn’t what God intended. But I’m realizing that even worse is the stuff we allow into our hearts and minds.

    I would love to read through Soul Detox with my husband as we reach the tween years with our kids. We have been pretty good at “protecting” them from a lot of worldly media, attitudes, etc. But they are now reaching a stage where we need to focus on helping them to make their own decisions. And we need to do some detoxing of ourselves first.

  • Josh Evans

    I am a student pastor, and it is so difficult to try and make sure that I am regularly detoxing my life. We have studied the heart recently in our student ministry, and how we must not get in a routine of Christianity. I feel that this book could help me as we challenge our students and leaders to have a regular time of detoxing their hearts and lives. I also feel that this would be valuable for the interns that we have working at our ministry this summer.

    Thanks Michael for offering this book by a great man of God!

  • Brad Miller

    Part of the challenge, from my perspective, is that we are out of touch with our souls. We either don’t see the value of being in touch with what’s going on there or the pace of our lives sabotages simply paying attention to what’s going on in what Dan Webster calls, “beneath the waterline of our lives”. My experience is that this is particularly true for men. I wonder if sometimes we are just afraid of what we’ll find. It takes courage to go there and then to actually do something about the toxins we discover.

  • Ana Marie Gierhart

    i would use the content of the book, first to personally grow and to incorporate with my freedom training; for the benefit of whom ever God puts on my path. we live in a very toxic world and am truly blessed to be an instrument of the Great I am for the benefit of humanity:) Thanks for considering my comment. God, bless you richly!:)
    Ana Marie Gierhart

  • AmericanWriter

    Craig’s book is an awakening. Not since his book, Chazown, have I read some of the best “smell the coffee: writing. Like fish in water, we become desensitized to the environment that we ‘swim’ in, and so, Craig brings us “upstream” to experience what it should be like.

  • Mardikro

    I would like a copy of your book to use with[in] the accountability group of guys I am in. It seems that so many of us today within the Body of Christ are spiritually constipated. I’ve had enough. I want to live as Christ said was possible through Him in the power of His Spirit & Word. I’m almost 50; I want to be able to say I’ve done the work He gave me. It’s time. Time to be the man created God created [& died for] me to be. Amen.

  • bluebird5691

    Michael, I am in the desert. Wandering. Listening to my own lies.

  • Sam

    It sounds to me that Craig’s book would be very beneficial for me as I struggle to better myself and have a positive outlook on the world and people around me. I am getting ready to be part of a discipleship group and I think his book would be great to share together in that group.

  • Louise

    I would love a copy of this book because I know that a lot of garbage is going into my soul which I don’t want there. I’ve been a Christian for 3 years now and would like to grow in my faith, and I feel like God has been speaking to me about the topics this book covers. I have read ‘The Christian Atheist’ and thought it was a brilliant read and thoroughly challenging so it would be nice to read more of Groeschel’s work.

  • Laura Snyder

    As an educator and a believer, I deal with toxicity every day in my personal and professional life. I teach in a “hard” school where students perceptions and beliefs about the world are skewed by the difficulties they face in living each day. I go into each day with a posotive outlook, yet by my second class my positivity is gone as I’ve let their issues impact my outlook as well. If I am going to impact these kids and the community they live in, I need to be a beacon ALL the time and not allow my light to be snuffed out by the ugliness in the world. I also have a difficult time not allowing the toxicity of my family (unbelievers) to skew my thoughts and actions. I notice my self falling into old patterns when I am around them instead of remaining steadfast in the truth and being a beacon for them as well.

  • IAMSynt

    I downloaded the sample with Nook on my Android. I now have the book. I will finish reading it in the next two weeks. It is a must read for 2012. I suggest reading it as soon as possible to become a better you. Wish I could read it all day today but I have to get to work. I guarantee that I will be a better me by the end of May. Praise God for Craig and submitting to this work.

  • Wade Grocott

    Ironically, I probably won’t qualify for the free book because I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account. Removing myself from these social media websites is one of the ways I have tried to battle against the toxic influences in my life, both internal and external. Like most, I have battled with toxic influences for a long time and unfortunately have lost as much as I have one. Thanks Michael for your site and thanks Craig for writing this book. It’s a tough subject but an extremely important one.

  • http://ayearinthespirituallife.blogspot.com/ Dayna Renee Hackett Bickham

    As a Christian blogger I am always looking for resources that can help me effectively communicate Godly principles to my readers. I love to find new authors to read, and since I have never heard of Craig before this would be a great chance to learn more about him and his ministry.

  • http://twitter.com/chrisgpaulk Christopher G Paulk

    I want a copy of Soul Detox in order to read & then share the insights with others to inspire them….to read this & many other books. Thanks for this offer!

  • Tim

    Just as we sometimes do a dietary detox to cleanse of of impurities we have ingested, a soul detox is important to rid us of impurties we have willingly or inocently allowed into our system.
    My team would undoubtedly benifit from Groeschel’s book, an I am sure that I personally would benifit.

  • Lance

    Just as modern medicine hasn’t cured the effects our toxic environment has inflicted on my physical body, our drug of the day, psychology, can’t cure our broken relationship with Christ. We abuse our bodies and we get diseased. We abuse each other and our prisons overflow. We abuse sex and the earth is filled with fatherless children. We abuse every gift of the Father and we live lives of desperation. Our world is overflowing with desperate people filled with emptiness. My family attended LifeChurch for many years before moving on to an inner city church on the Frontline of this desperation. I grow with each of Craig’s messages and would enjoy the book.

  • http://twitter.com/danielgriesbeck Daniel Griesbeck

    As a young leader, now more than ever, I need the Lord to protect my soul. As a father of elementary age boys, and a leader of elementary age kids at church, I need the Lord to protect my soul. It’s easy for me to lose sight of how I influence my own and others’ children. Additionally, I travel quite a bit, which means I’m faced with a significant amount of temptation. As I grow older, I realize that I cannot protect my own soul. I look forward to Craig’s insight into identifying soul toxins, and with help from the Lord, avoiding them.

  • Tsmith

    How easy it is to think of our detox of our bodies but not our souls? So excited to see this book and share with others.

  • laurel

    I have been studying about the fire judgement spoken of in I Corinthians and am wanting to purity my life. This could also be seen as detox. I know our God is an all consuming fire and I want to be refined in His fire and come out of it with eternal rewards. I’d also like to possibly use this book in a small group a tour church.

  • Valeri Gungor

    I want a copy of Soul Detox because I am crippled by toxic emotions, rendered ineffective by toxic behaviors and seeking the power to overcome toxic influences. God’s plan for me is leading me in a new direction and I’d like to be pliant in His hands in order to fulfill His will for me, to love Him more and to serve others.

  • JoyVM

    Love this post, Craig! Especially the list of Toxic Emotions & Influences. It is so true – I’ve experienced many of these toxic things before and am interested in learning more in your book. It’s amazing how consumed our daily lives become and how ‘used’ to warding off these toxic things we become! Thanks again!

  • Jon Becker

    I’m discipling a new Christian who comes out of a very worldly background. He is struggling to follow Christ, but struggles with urges from his old life. What a great book this will be to go through together as he seeks to purify his life and honor God. Groeschel’s book, “The Christian Atheist” had a profound affect on my life. I can’t wait to go through this new book with my friend.

  • Joanna Moore

    Sounds like the perfect prescription for my 70-year-old soul. I’d like to apply the “medicine” to myself and then prescribe it for my children and grandchildren. Thank you for making me aware of this resource.

  • kapil

    I am a wellness counsellor and face challenges regarding the emotional, intellectual & spiritual wellness of my clients as well as myself. Soul detox attracts me to help others & myself. Excited to get a copy.

  • Darren Plummer (D Plum)

    I would like a copy of Pastor Craig’s book, bc I’m realizing just how toxic is the environment we live in… and I want to save my children. I was slapped in the face yesterday w/the brutal reality that – as a pastor – I can do many great things and receive many wonderful accolades, but if I lose my kids, I will have gained NOTHING. My oldest son tweeted some lyrics from a CRAZY rap song, forgetting that (1) I follow him on Twitter, and (2) it would post on his FB page! By now, he should have MEMORIZED the verse, “Be sure your sins will find you out”, but he’s a slow learner (like his dad). All that to say, I need as much help as I can get… and I’m looking forward to this incredibly invaluable book! Thx, Michael, for the review… I’d heard about the book and honestly hadn’t planned to get it, but now reading your review, I definitely want to read it! :)

  • http://twitter.com/jerburroughs Jeremy Burroughs

    I have been listening to Ps. Craig Groeschel’s series on Soul Detox and have been blessed by it. He is a great teacher and this is a much needed topic to teach on. Working as a psychologist and being involved in ministry, I see the effect of “toxins” daily. It’s so important for us all to be aware of the “toxins” we are most susceptible to, and then taking action to “detox” ourselves. Just from what I already know of the book, and of Ps. Craig Groeschel, I would recommend it to others. Looking forward to reading this book!

  • Al Descheneau

    I would like a copy of Soul Detox because Groeschel’s sermons and books have all been powerful influences in my life. I’m in a place where I could use some encouragement, and have time to do some soul searching, and Soul Detox would be perfect!

  • Rosanne

    As the last two years have had me on an incredible spiritual journey and God has been molding me into more of His image, I see the desperate need to detoxify my soul. I see that I have neglected my soul for so many years and God is bringing exactly what I need when I need it to continue His process of sanctification in my life. I am dipping my toes into women’s ministry and this would be a wonderful resource to share with the two groups of women I lead in Bible study. May we welcome the refining fires of His love!

  • FGHart

    I am in the middle of a transformation. I know that I’m changing; I’ve been changing over the course of the last year, and I will continue to change. Maybe it’s time for me to take a long hard look at the poisons in my environment that are inhibiting progress.

  • Cedahlia

    I would like a copy of this book because my life seems filled with toxic sometimes. I would love to get some fresh ideas on getting rid of these thing!!!

  • Jae K

    Just last night I was praying, trying to understand how I, as a business leader, could help the people who work for me that struggle with so many issues. Why do so many people find themselves on the brink of losing their jobs? I concluded that the root cause is almost always spiritual, and I need guidance in what to do to support and pray for folks in these situations…sounds like this book is a fantastic starting point.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DavidMacer David Macer

    Just saw a great message from Craig at Catalyst West. (Really great event with some excellent labs by the way!) I highly recommend attending Catalyst next year! Can’t wait to read Craig’s books…

  • Chad Austin

    Craig’s book sounds like the perfect perscription to address the risk factors affecting my spiritual health. Reading and applying this book will aid in detoxing my life and helping others do the same.

  • Mark W. Smith

    I am currently a leader in our “Celebrate Recovery’ program at church. I have seen and have personally dealt with a number of the issues outlined in your article. I firmly believe that much of the information in this book could be a great help supplementing the teaching we do in CR. Would love to have the opportunity to explore this further. Even if I’m not selected to receive a free copy, I’d still like to secure a copy. I read your posting daily and wanted to personally thank you. I forward them to my wife and children and they’ve proven to be a great encouragement to them. Thanks again for all you do.

  • http://twitter.com/ChadEBillington Chad Billington

    I want to read this together with my wife. While I’m sure I could share much of this with my church, I think reading this with her, and discussing it will help me see where some of the toxic attitudes and influences have a grip on my heart. It also sounds like a great book to use in our small groups at the church. Thanks, Michael.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jerod.houghtelling Jerod Houghtelling

    I love to listen to Craig speak and would love to win and read a copy of his new book. This sounds like the perfect topic that my small group would enjoy. Thank you for all of your contests.

  • PWYouther

    I read, loved, and used Craig Groeschel’s book, Chazown, as the curriculum for a Sunday School class. I am still working through and with Chazown as the Lord works in me to conform me to the image of Jesus. I’m looking forward to reading Soul Detox as a next step in this process.


    I’m contaminated! Craig’s book would sounds like a Hazmat suit for the soul. I love the way he breaks down the toxification of the soul into three parts. I’d really like to spread the word for Craig through my website: http://www.newbreedcp.org

  • Hermogenes

    Turned down. Rejected. Does not fit the criteria. Does
    not have blogposts experience …

    That was the response after sending a request to be a
    book reviewer. The message in the email said it in a much nicer way. But the
    sting of the denial nudged my soul for a brief moment and I did not allow the
    bitter taste of the rejection linger in my heart. I just moved on. I moved on
    to find ways to improve my writing skills.

    It is understandable. I just re-activated my empty
    blogpost minutes before sending the request. There was no record of writings.
    There was no record of writings that the book reviewing group can assess to
    make a decision. At that point, I made their job easier.

    I wanted to read new published books and offer my
    opinion. Honestly? I wanted the free books. The free book offer is a great deal.
    But like everything in life, there are no free breakfasts. Everything has a
    cost and it is up to us to pay the price.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1430777195 Shane Warren

    I teach the single adult class at my church and we have been using the material from Lifechurch.tv for some time now. My peeps fell in love with Craig’s preaching style from the beginning and are excited about the new series “Detox” coming out soon. It would be extremely helpful to have the book to further help me as I teach through this series. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • MSPuckett

    I wasn’t going to respond at all until I saw that “fear” was mentioned as one of the toxins that threatens us spiritually. Fear has sneaked into my spiritual life over the years and at first I didn’t really notice it. Now 20+ years into ministry as a pastor and as a husband/father, I realize that it has been paralyzing me more and more each day–like a cancer. If there are tools to help here in Craig’s new book, then I’d be excited to learn and grow in this area. My church and family would greatly benefit too.

  • carehuff88

    I just enrolled in Integrative Nutrition, a holistic health coaching program. This book sounds like the perfect complement to the program. I will definitely be able to incorporate the info in his book to help my future clients. In addition, while I am a spiritual person through yoga and in others ways, I have recently lost touch with my religion. I am hoping Craig will help reconnect me with my religious roots. I sometimes have toxic emotions, and I’d love to hear what Craig has to say about toxic influences (other than the most obvious — food). I started tackling the concept of toxic food last month & I am eager to learn about other toxic influences.

  • http://twitter.com/patrickfischl Patrick Fischl

    As a college graduate (for the last week), I’m transitioning into the “real world” where the spiritual toxins are so much more real now than they ever have been before. I really feel that Soul Detox would greatly equip me to battle these toxins at the start of my adult life, rather than waiting for them to really creep in later on.

  • theperkster

    Because I am a book whore.

  • http://twitter.com/sgagne Steve Gagne 

    My wife and I are currently in the process of planting a church by the largest university here in Pensacola, FL, and we are aiming to be a ministry to the university campus. We are also seeking to reach out to young families (specifically Navy families—Naval Air Station Pensacola is one of the top Navy pilot training locations).

    This book will be a great resource to use in discipling young people, college students, and young Navy couples on how to live in these environments and still grow to reflect the image of Christ. Thanks for the insight!

  • dangreegor

    Mr. Groeschel was a great speaker at the Willow Creek Leadership Seminar and I know that whatever he prints/speaks is something to be used. Having a resource like this will be a great addition to anyone’s library.

  • Anthony R

    As a Pastor it is critical that I take care oft own soul as I am daily and weekly pouring into others. I don’t want to allow toxic things to wear it down. I would love to read this book for my own personal benefit but then to also pass the info along to others that I reaching out to on a weekly basis. So the information would benefit many people even though I would read it myself.

  • Pam Moore

    I serve full-time in a ministry that is headquartered in a distant city. Even in this electronic age, communication/information issues arise regularly and it’s easy to lapse into feeling remote and peripheral to the ministry. I’m learning that I can be steadfast and at peace–and much more effective in my work–by acknowledging my utter dependence on God and His promises.I’ve experienced the toxicity of wrong thinking and I’ve suffered the accompanying emotions. It sounds like this book is right in line with what God has been teaching me.

  • http://twitter.com/mcclureonline Michael McClure

    I am embarking on a career change and will be working with people who are looking to make changes in their lives. Specifically, I’ll be helping people identify career direction but so many of our life choices are impacted by “toxins” I thought this book would be a great addition to my library and would influence the approach I take with clients. I would love to receive a copy of this new book.

  • http://twitter.com/Leoben2 Brent and Lisa

    There seems to be such an intense focus in our culture on physical fitness, healthy eating and establishing a clean environment. Not bad pursuits, but pretty meaningless if our souls are decaying. My husband and I have been talking about opening up opportunities to build deeper community in our lives. This would be a great book to provoke good conversation between ourselves and with friends and neighbors!

  • Vickey G

    Soul Detox by
    Craig Groeschel, looks like an excellent resource.

  • http://twitter.com/TheJohnLaffoon John Laffoon

    Craig is a great speaker and teacher! I’ve never had a chance to read one of his books, but I can only imagine he’s a great writer too! Who wouldn’t want a free copy of Soul Detox!

  • jsett

    First of all thanks for all the amazing information you provide, giving people sense of direction and winning both emotional and phisically. I would like to get a copy of this book to help find and explore my spiritual being. I’m am trying to get my life in a great mental and phisical state. People need positive beliefs and guidance to reach full potential. I feel I’ve made great stride, but could use all the help I could get. Thanks

  • Scott Jones

    Proverbs 4:23 states “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” (NIV). I could not agree more with your comment that we live in a toxic world and our hearts are undergoing a full frontal attack by satan. My wife and I lead marriage retreats and the brokeness in marriages is staggering and most can be tied to toxic posion in the hearts of couples. Greg’s book would be a wonderful tool to thearts and souls heal.

  • Shannon

    I like this way of looking at the soul Our family has been detoxing our bodies with the food we eat, our hectic schedules, our electronic addiction and our stuff which clutters our life. I never thought about detoxing our souls. The book sounds like a good read.

  • Jack Dyson

    “in the last days, because of the increase of evil, the love of most will grow cold.” This verse has grabbed my attention this year. My hope in reading Soul Detox: Clean Living in a Contaminated World is to challenge myself and those I mentor.
    How do we keep our love hot?
    How do we keep our focus on Jesus Christ and not on the evil that saps our love?
    How do we avoid the traps of negativity that douse our love?
    What do I need to do individually? What can we do as a small group and church to be vibrant heat lamps of love?
    These are the questions with which I come to the book
    My commitment in return for you blessing me with the book is to report on my/our progress.

  • Deanna

    I think that I am my own worst enemy. This book sounds like a kick in the pants I need. I know that I don’t want to be a negative, critical, second-guessing person. Being positive, lifting others up, and confident is so much more enjoyable (and fun to live with). I need to make it a habit to put good into my mind and not dwell on the negative. (I notice a huge difference when I’m tired – everything seems way worse. But being in the season of life of babies and toddlers I think I need to accept that I need to learn to work around disrupted sleep schedules.)

  • Dwight

    This is my First time hearing about this toxic situation, Soul Detox is a book that my wife and myself will love to read and grow from it, then after we have learn the truth from this book, then it’s time to open the eyes of our youth group at our local church.
    Just reading the introduction is exciting.

  • http://twitter.com/lettner Michael Lettner

    I want to read this book from my pastor because even if you are around Christians in a small group doing life with them, it is easy to fill yourself up with the things of the culture not of God. Even good things I’m doing might be toxic if they aren’t what God wants. Plus it is especially easy over time to let the things arounds us like entertainment influence us or our thoughts and attitude get away from our control.

  • Nicola Calderon

    I love the fact that the concept of Detoxing is applied to areas of our lives beyond just the physical. Being a health nut myself, I’m aware of how the idea of detoxing has become more mainstream over the past few years, and the idea of detoxing spiritually brings it to a more comprehensive (dare I say holistic) level that is refreshing. I’m currently developing a Knights Academy program for school-age boys that is based on training the Heart, Mind and Body congruently in order to be spiritual warriors, and one of the foundational principles is about defining what things strengthen you in all three areas, and what things weaken you. After reading the overview of Craig’s book, I thought, “Wow, that would be great to glean from and build into the curriculum!” If I’ve learned one thing in my 10 years of experience in the educational field it’s this: If you get them while they’re young, you can change the future. My passion is to equip young boys to be the fearless leaders that our world desperately needs now at the turning of the tide.

  • http://www.tnealtarver.wordpress.com TNeal

    The word “detox” appropriately describes my need–physically, emotionally, and spiritually–emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I’ve been desiring a retreat into the wilderness for several months now and Craig’s book sounds like a helpful guide towards that end.

  • Roc

    Wish I knew this when my kids were born. Our behaviour as parents have an eternal impact on our kids.

  • http://uma-maheswaran.blogspot.com/ Uma Maheswaran S

    Mike! After I completed reading “Weird”, I started following Craig ceremoniously. The message so powerful that I became his fan. As he has come out with a new book “Soul Detox”, I am curious. More so by the fact that all the 20 customer reviews in Amazon is a 5 star rating.
    I believe that Soul
    Detox will be a good source of self-examination for clean living in one’s life. When I find myself wondering why things stay the same in my life, why am I continuing in the same unhealthy habit patterns, I feel it’s time to read this book. As we often settle for a mediocre existence by caving and succumbing
    to the desires of our flesh, I think Craig’s book will help us step into a bright future as we choose to deny our
    flesh and begin to experience a joy-filled, hope-expected and peace-filled life
    on earth.

  • Justo Nunez

    More important than my opportunity to read the book will be the chance to provide copies for my four grown children. All in their 20’s, this is the kind of faith reality they can most benefit from as they go through life. Too many young people devour life in the wrong ways, with the wrong people … I would enjoy sharing a more powerful path with them, if this book is in fact that type of guidance. The outline you shared hits so many of the areas that all of us, and especially young people, struggle with … it sounds like a must read, and I would be very grateful to receive a copy and review the book on your behalf. Thank you for all of your posts, which too i often share with my children.

  • http://twitter.com/NateSoundHaslam Nate Haslam

    I would like a copy cause I have been in Church pretty much my whole life, and I know that Church can become just a “place to go”, I DON’T want that to happen and I believe with Soul Detox, will help me flush out the old and bring in the NEW! I think it also comes at a crucial point in my life, 2 Years ago I started my weight loss journey and since I have lost OVER 100lbs(out with the old and in with the new) and 2 months ago I got married to the love of my life!
    Thank you Michael for the oppurtunity to win this and thank you for you BLOGS!

  • Robby

    I personally believe that myself, my marriage, my job, and my social life would greatly benefit from Criag’s book. Ive listens to him speak several times in the past and was blown away by his ability to grab you from the momment he opens his mouth. I am going through a phase in my life where poisons in my life completley comsume me. I hope to find some truth in this book as well as answers to getting rid of the poisons in my life

  • http://thewiredhomeschool.com John Wilkerson

    I like to read and I’m currently on a self-improvement kick. That’s why I want this book.

  • tknbcoop

    Ever since I discovered IT, Craig Groeschel is one of my favorite speakers/authors. I think what he shares is worth listening to. His Detox book is on my list of to-reads!

  • http://www.facebook.com/krsquire Kyle Squire

    We just finished leading a small group through Groesh’s “Christian Atheist.” Great stuff for a group’s with folks in different seasons of their journey. Something for everyone…Soul Detox sounds like it would be similarly helpful for all.

  • Gary Darnell

    At 65 years of age now, I have finally realized that I do not have everything figured out. I have starting reading more and more. I am looking to make some changes in my life. I have read your Life Plan book and it has been a great help. This Groeschel book looks like another one I would learn from.

  • Brian Hill

    I have been the senior pastor in a small community now for a year. Over this year, I have dealt with all kinds of issues within our community. I have begun to get a little bit of a grasp of the magnitude of the problem and it all stems from poor decisions people make. The heart of the matter, I believe, is spiritual. Our churches are dead, those in our community don’t see the point.

    My intention for the book is to begin a serious study with our church leadership to begin to make the changes we need to make within ourselves that will then lead to changes in our community.

  • mtgmanfred

    Thankk you for this opportunity. I consider myself a decent person but recently my daughter who is 18 told us she is relocating 1100 miles away further her education except we discovered she is leaving to be with a guy of another race and this has called into question my whole being as a human due to the thoughts I have and the beliefs I was taught as a youngster. I realize I need to be reborn and eradicate the garbage that is in my soul. After reading the excerpt from this book I feel this is something I need to get my hands on. If I am lucky enough to survive the cut I will be grateful but either way I need this book.

  • Cynthia Grimmett

    I have been receiving your updates through my work email for the last three months and I find not only do I enjoy what you have to say, I learn something about myself, my family, my coworkers, and my relationships. I am getting ready to start a new phase in my life–retirement. I wan’t to make the most of this stage of my life and after reading about the detoxing my soul, I thought, “What a wonderful way to begin my new life!” And since I will soon be living on a lesser income, enjoying a book “free” would be just perfect. . .

  • Rachel

    I have been skeptical most of my life, battling hidden sins and struggles and often told that someone like me will forever burn in hell. 6 years ago, I gave my life to Christ but have continually struggled to find truth, replacing the deception that has been common ground in my life. I daily wrestle with the things God allows me to struggle with, and also wrestle to be free from the things that keep me bound. I think this book would provide fresh insight and truth for me to continue seek freedom.

  • http://levittmike.wordpress.com levittmike

    We are in constant battles and struggles. Try walking around a mall and not be bombarded with lustful images, greed over the latest clothing items, electronics, etc. There are so many things that are demanding our attention, when we need to remain focused on the King of Kings. I look forward to reading Craig’s book.


  • Sarah

    It would be a great and appreciated opportunity to receive this book. I feel very troubled and discouraged by our society and it just feels helpless that we can ever get it back to the way it once was, family first. I feel that this book would help me weed out and “detox” the evil in this world and teach it to my 4 year old.

  • http://www.nosuperheroes.com Chris Lautsbaugh

    I would love a copy! I’m an avid reader and trainer of missionaries. I believe in slow, incremental growth I would love to add this to the 70+books a year I read, blog about, and pass on to those I mentor and equip.

  • Bob Schuemann

    I mentor men….just like you do in your group.I have heard Craig speak numerous times and I believe Craig has the heart to providing healing and healthy suggestions for Christians..especially men. This might be a valuable tool for my mentoring toolbox.

  • Charissa Greer

    This is fascinating as just a couple of weeks ago the Lord was speaking to me about detoxing spiritually. I would definitely be interested in this book because it could help me to identify even hidden things that have been contaminating my soul. It’s almost bitter sweet: you want deliverance and see areas of help but there is also a scariness when you see it. Bring it on!

  • Chris Bobo

    Thanks for the opportunity to post some thoughts. I’m currently serving as a youth pastor at Griffin First Assembly in Griffin, GA. My journey to becoming a youth pastor has been an interesting one. I got involved in drugs heavily in high school eventually becoming a serious addict in college. God set me free in 2005 and I haven’t looked back. I now have the opportunity to talk/share with many students from all different walks and cultures. I encounter students every day who think they know better than me or any other adult/leader/parent about all the world has to offer. My personal testimony is a great asset when speaking with young people and I hope the insight and wisdom in this book will further my assistance in leading and directing the next generation. Pastor Craig is a revolutionary leader and his other books have been full of practical and applicable insight. Thanks for your help and all you do!

    Chris Bobo

  • k.leigh

    I want a copy of “Soul Detox,” because I want to do an inner-cleanse and be newly empowered to love God and love people. Maybe this is the spiritual equivalent of green smoothies?

    I want to grow. Simple as that.

  • http://twitter.com/mseavers Mike Seavers

    I would like a copy because I am still a pretty new Christian trying to overcome so much baggage (what this book apparently calls toxins) and lies I’ve been taught to believe about God and myself. Every day is a struggle to trust in Jesus, my true identity, and the promises of the Bible. This book seems to meet me squarely where I am. Even if I am not selected, I can’t wait to purchase and read the book.

  • http://ErikaDawson.com/ Erika Dawson

    I’d love to read this book for me, but it also sounds like something my husband would be very interested in reading as well. He’s not a big reader, so when a book sounds like a good fit for him, I try to snag it right away! :)

  • Ann

    I would love to read this book. I stay home with my children and am always looking for ways to better myself so that, in turn, my family can be healthier. I actually won’t be able to facebook about this since I’ve turned my FB off for a few months to be able to use that time to serve my family better. I look forward to reading your blog posts…Thanks!

  • Melody Goff

    This books sounds amazing and goes along with things that I have been studying and learning from Dr. Carolyn Leaf. Thanks for this opportunity to win the book!

  • Spur Us On Mom

    A copy of “Soul Detox” would be a much better read for me this summer than my typical summer beach reading…..mindless distracted reading. It’s time for me to finally get my priorities right.

  • jcc123

    I just want to thank you for giving a wonderful shout out to Craig! We were friends in school, grade school. He was so special to so many of us. His ways were his own, true to himself always. I think God set him apart many years ago and has laid his hand on him. I am so proud of all that he has accomplished and can’t wait to see what else he can bring to us! Thank you!!!

  • rbodenstab

    Soul Detox is a much needed resource for our culture! Recently, I have been reviewing how much my physical body needs to be detoxed and this book reminds me that my spiritual body need to be cleansed as well! I would love a copy of this book!

  • Mark Cole

    That sounds like a great read.. I look forward to spending time with Craig.

  • MsAllieDee

    I would love a copy of Pastor Craig’s book because I have bogged down with toxic thoughts, people and situations my whole life. I’m taking the right step forward in Gid to try and change that. It would be a blessing to hear more from Pastor Craig on this topic.

  • Reba Bowman

    It’s amazing how quickly we can become dull to the negative influences around us. I am excited about a book that addresses not only the toxins but our failure to even detect their influences in our lives. This is the first step to cleaning up.

  • http://twitter.com/TSchramme Tina Schramme

    3 reasons I want to read this book:
    1- the bit of fear that creeped up when I was reading the list of toxins tells me I need to read it.
    2- I read “Weird” and loved it!
    3- my passion is helping families and I think there will be good material I can use to help families detoxify.

  • Mike Wood

    I lead small groups and love to use &/or refer to books like this one that encourage growth/change

  • Gavin Bajin

    Like the other people who have posted, I am looking forward to this read as well. A contemporary look at “guarding your gates” will be refreshing!

  • Brian

    Life is a daily battle, the devil is strong, the world is luring. I need Soul Detox! Christ is faithful and just to forgive our sins, but we still need to keep ourselves detoxed from the world and to daily crucify self. That is my struggle.

  • cnockels

    I am a new reader, and was very challenged by your post. I would like to read more about soul detox.

  • Carrie

    Going through a 12-step for codependency. My life has been filled with these toxins and it’s hard to change everything at once. Feels like I’ve been on the spin cycle for a few weeks. This book sounds like it would be a great encouragement as I continue!

  • Amy joy Kells

    I would like a copy of Craig Groeschel book because of my own toxicity and battle to overcome it. I was told in January 2011 that I was toxic in my environment of Children’s Ministry, at the time I was supervising. Over the course of a year I was shuffled from position to position never really fitting in anywhere but still having plenty of passion and love for my church, my senior leaders and most of the people around me. I have grown and stepped through my fear driven toxicity to welcome a new journey. I am starting a life coaching business to help people conquer the fear that stops them from understanding and experiencing unconditionalness of God and all His plans for them. I also hope to write a book, or God has inspired me to do so, we are still in negotiations about the actually time frame – I trust God has a plan, I just have to serenader to His plan. God has shown me the value of serving others unconditionally. I would love to read this book to be able to keep inspiring people to be better and who God called them to be. The free copy would be great, because as a result of Gods call to look at life differently I was let go as of January and nothing God has inspired me to do in a income producing, blogging, writing, or meeting with people. Therefore a free copy would enable me to get inspired, continue to grow in unconditional freedom and also inspire people to conquer their fears.

  • LisaB

    Although I aim to coincide my plans with God’s will, to seek God’s guidance in every area of my life, just as we can watch what we eat and do a physical detox I believe reading “Soul Detox” would benefit me in reaching my full potental spiritually. Thank you for the opportunity do do just that.

  • Andrea Baker

    Because I see that my toxic thoughts are affecting my parenting and infecting my children. I need to rid myself of these thoughts so my children don’t struggle to do so themselves.

  • Keith Woodruff

    I too, winced as I read the list toxins. I am grappling with where my next step in ministry will lead me. Craig’s book sounds like a read that will assist me in being where I need to be in order to make that decision. Win or not, this book will be on my short list very soon.

  • http://ayearinthespirituallife.blogspot.com/ Dayna Renee Hackett Bickham

    By the way Michael, I nominated your blog as blog of the week at BloggerEffect.com and your followers can vote at
    https://www.facebook.com/bloggereffect for your blog to win. Good luck and congratulations!

    • http://exciramedia.com/ Shannon Steffen

      Dayna – Thanks for nominating Michael’s blog over at BloggerEffect.com. I’m very close with the creator/co-founder of the website and this blog would be a great addition to their lineup.

  • Jill

    Wow! I LOVE the concept of this book! I would love to read it and share it with my leadership team and the moms that I encourage at Hearts at Home. I think “soul care” is at the core of every relational challenge we face. What a powerful way to outline the “junk” that poisons our heart and mind.

  • Chris

    Just this past weekend I was convicted about my flailing walk with Jesus. I’ve been very unintentional to foster my relationship with Him. It was not a Sunday sermon that brought conviction but a realization that flooded my soul while with family. I have two cousins who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and I was reminded how little I prayed for their protection. Then, I was reminded about how little time I’ve spent leading my wife and sons in their spiritual walk. One of my sons accepted Christ just weeks ago, was baptized last Sunday, and I have not taken the time to consider how I will foster his discipleship.

    Ashamedly, I’ve spent numerous hours considering how I might ensure my work’s success. I’ve tallied my career successes, provided materially for my family, and relished in evenings of blissful rest and entertainment. My choices are poor and my priorities misaligned. Something toxic has invaded my soul.

    But, by His grace, I resolve to make better choices and re-align priorities to support eternal successes before all others. This morning, I was intentional about spending time with Jesus. Afterwards, I saw this post and book review. My spirit was excited. I intend to use this book as guidance for a spiritual growth plan. I forwarded the link to a friend, who has responded with an offer for mutual accountability. God is good.

  • Lisa Coulter

    I love Craig’s clear, concise messages. Check it out at lifechurch.tv for incredible teaching on demand. I highly recommend his series, Toxic. It is life changing.

  • rachel

    The phrase “spiritually healthy” caught my eye. I’ve read Emotionally Healthy Spirituality–twice! (by Peter Scazzero). I think this book would help me continue my journey towards emotionally healthy spirituality.

  • Darcy

    I have had a lot of spiritual growth in the last year or so, and some of it has been very painful. Through God growing me to know Him more deeply and personally, He has also been showing me how much junk I’m exposed to daily in this world. There’s an old hymn (can’t think of the name of it) with lyrics that say “the things of earth will grow strangely dim . . .” It’s interesting and very encouraging to see how the closer I grow to the Lord, the more I hate the things of the world. As I grow closer to Him, I also see how much the world has poisoned me, how if I never would have been exposed to this thing or that thing, it wouldn’t be a struggle for me. In his promo video, Craig talks about our own fears being one of the toxins, and that is the primary sin that I struggle with consistently in my life. Every day I find myself confronted with “what ifs,” and most of them stem from things that are evil and sinful in this world. I think this book would give me a very valuable, biblical perspective on some of these issues, and I would love to add it to my summer reading list!

  • Rob McCleland

    After Christ and my family, I love leadership, I study leadership, and I train leaders. It is the best investment I can make for our current state and our God-preferred future. I would like a copy of the book to ingest and share because when leaders go down, it’s rarely a “leadership skill” problem, it’s usually a toxicity issue. The failures of those I train and my own failures are most likely an implosion of the soul, one that gets messy and stains the leadership landscape. I believe the answers are within. Certainly not within me, but within the love, conviction, repentance, and forgiveness that God grants. Where do you start? Those answers are probably within the book.

  • Bernice Seward

    I would like a copy of “Soul Detox” because, even though I’ve been walking with Christ for over 20 years, I often deal with toxic emotions. I’m sure the other toxic areas impact my life as well. I want to walk more closely, and more triumphantly, with God and be able to encourage others to do so, too.

  • Julie

    I’ve long believed it is critical to monitor what goes in our bodies in
    the form of media and other influences. I would love to read this book,
    but more so, I’d love to have my boys and husband read it. So important,
    especially in this day and age of technology.

  • http://exciramedia.com/ Shannon Steffen

    Why do I want Soul Detox? Because, I am so sick and tired of the world around me and what others believe is the right way to live. I grew up in a house where we were taught to live off the government, I was abused in many ways by family members, both my parents smoke both cigarettes and other things and I’m just tired of feeling like I’m the only one that sees that all this is wrong. I’ve moved 900 miles away from my closest childhood family member and, even though I love my family dearly and want the best for them, I haven’t returned to my home state in over 10 years because of the polluted minds, bodies and souls of my family. This toxicity though still lives within me through my past haunting me and I not only want to seek a way to keep myself “clean” but to understand my family’s choices and maybe, just maybe, help them.

    • http://ContentMarketingTips.com/ James Artre

      Good for you honey, getting away that is, and for seeing what is wrong and doing something about it.

      Growing up in the 60’s, in a Liberal “Idea of the month club” atmosphere, I saw firsthand the destruction and decay caused by the type of thinking you describe. First to the individual, and now collectively as a society.

      My sisters (6 in all) paid a very heavy price for the “choices” that they made, several having nervous breakdowns in their latter years while trying to come to grips with what they had done to themselves, and others.

      The groovy, uh, cool thing to say back then was “If it feels good, do it!” or worse, Timothy Leary’s “Turn on, tune in, drop out” LSD mantra; which caused many in my generation to throw away their entire lives, their existence trying to “find themselves”.

      What you see today in our society is the direct result of those seeds that were planted over 40 years ago…

      Fortunately for me, however, most of my time was spent with my Grandmother (a lady, in every sense of the word) who raised me as her own. Not out of choice, but out of necessity, since everyone else around the house were either: too stoned, hung-over, or lost trying to find themselves in another one of their quasi-spiritual “love” fests.

      The pull of family-ties never goes away, I think. However, the freedom of mind, of conscious, that comes from living a good respectable life is exactly that…FREEDOM!

      Live life on your terms, not anyone else’s. Cling to what is good and right and let others say and do what they will. They’re going to anyway.

      Like my Grandma always said: “If they’ll say it to you, they’ll say it about you.”

      But more importantly, you still have a lot of living left to do. So get busy living and let someone else help your family. Chances are, it won’t be you. And if you make too much of an emotional investment trying to help them, and it doesn’t go as you like, they can pull you back down. It happened to me more times than I care to admit here ;-)

      Surround yourself with good people. Immerse yourself in the good around you, then spread as much of it as you can everywhere you go.


      • http://exciramedia.com/ Shannon Steffen

        Thanks so much, James! It is amazing how living such a childhood could teach us lessons we could never learn otherwise. I am always grateful for the childhood I had – because it taught me what *not* to do in life. Unfortunately, I can’t save those I love most in the family and I need to release that to the universe. That, my friend, is something I am working very hard on at this moment in time.

        Thank you, thank you, thank you!

        • http://ContentMarketingTips.com/ James Artre

          You are most welcome, sunshine!

          And WOW…did you hit home with “…what NOT to do!” This was my modus operandi for many years, that is, until I found that it wasn’t working for me.

          Here’s why it wasn’t working…

          The mind is a truly unique organism, in that it is completely neutral when it comes to belief; truth. In other words, like the ground around my house, it will grow most anything you plant in it. The ground doesn’t care and doesn’t have an opinion about it. It just grows whatever’s planted in it – well, almost ;-)

          So, too, grows the mind as we plant in it. Over the years I came to the realization that I must think about what I “DO!” want to happen, not what I don’t want. As in I didn’t want to grow up to be like my parents, or to do drugs, etc, etc.

          You can guess what happened in later years, right? I started to turn out just like them! Why? Again, because the mind will grow whatever WE plant in it!

          As for working hard at it. Well, ahem, guess what… that doesn’t work either. Sorry :(

          Why? Because working hard is about the same as telling ourselves NOT to do something. Ever told this to a child? Ourselves? What happens? We turn right around and do it! Sucks, doesn’t it?

          Here is what does work…

          Let’s go back 30 years ago. We’re sitting on my living room couch watching the National Geographic Special. On the TV they’re showing how the workers at the wildlife refuge catch these wily Spider Monkeys. You know the ones with arms longer than they are tall? Those guys.

          With them in that little, white funny looking truck they take along with them: an apple, a wide-mouth vase, some twine and a small cargo net…

          Funny way to catch a monkey, I thought!

          So we’re watching this show very intently, cause it’s really intriguing how they’re going to do this cause I don’t have a clue. Well, they take the apple and cut it in half then half again, take a piece then stuff it down in the vase. Next, they take the twine and wrap it around the throat of the vase, then tie it to a stake and then drive that into the ground.

          Then they hide in the bushes, and wait…

          Along comes the spider monkey. The monkey sticks his hand in the vase to get the apple; the guys jump out of the bushes and scare the crap out of him, he makes a fist to clutch the apple, and then proceeds to run around and around in circles with his hand stuck in the jar.

          The guys throw the cargo net over the monkey and take him away.

          Pretty cool, eh?

          So here I sit on my living room couch, 30 years ago, watching them haul that monkey away; still dealing with all that “garbage” of the past, when I turn to my wife and say…

          “That stupid (bleep) monkey, he could be free if he just…

          LET GO!”

          And this, my friend, is the only thing that works.

          Let “it” go. Whatever “it” is, every time you try to pick it up, lay it back down. Whenever you catch yourself stuck with “it” in your hands, again, let it go. The price WE pay for holding onto “it” is NOT worth the cost.

          These two things: Focus on what you DO want to happen, and let “it” go, are what worked for me over 30 years ago.

          Thank you for indulging me in my very lengthy reply. You really touched a nerve with your previous comment, and now this one.

          Be good to yourself,


  • David Moberly

    Sounds like a great look at health that’s often missed. Jesus tells us that its “what comes out of a man that defiles him,” yet we often are remiss in dealing with the issues that limit us or poison our perspectives. Looking forward to reading this and doing some cleansing!

  • http://twitter.com/brianeritchie Brian Ritchie

    I love Craig’s books and always look forward to reading each one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brandy.noel1 Brandy Noel Vandergriff

    I want to give it to my friend. He is a big Groeschel fan!

  • Eric

    So many of us need this!

  • Livingd

    I lead a men’s small group discussion once a week and several of those same men are in my Sunday school small group. I’m constantly being reminded of the fact that many of us men suffer from many of the same toxins. This book sounds like it would be a great resource in helping us live more courageous lives as men of victory by addressing these toxic behaviors.

  • Stephen Carter

    Craig is a phenomenal bible teacher. I would love to read his new book. Like Shannon, I”m sick of the world telling me the right way to live. I want to lead by example and show my 2 children how Christians ought to live, not how the world tells us we should.

  • Preston Mitchell

    Craig is one of the greatest church minds in this generation. Anything he has to say is worth reading.


    I would like to read this because I was raised in a good church, but a religious environment and I didn’t always know why we did things the way we did. When I was married we decided to go to a charasmatic church and we are still in one, but I would like to challenge my thinking and beliefs to know that I know what I believe and why.

  • http://twitter.com/Boofimus Boo

    I picked up a copy of the Christian Atheist purely by chance while doing jury duty. Nearly a year later I bought Weird, read it in one sitting, and then bought copies for my Dad and best friend. If it’s half as good as the previous two, I’d really like to read Craig’s latest.

  • Phylicialls

    I wanted the book because I wanted to know what God has for me in this book. :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  • Rick Freeman

    Mr. Hyatt, I appreciate the opportunity to request a copy of this book which is simply based on your recommendation. I work as a management consultant with state government and have been reading your emails/blogs for several months now. I have come to admire and respect your Spiritual/professional insights and appreciate the inspiration they bring, not only to me, but to others as I have the chance to share. In addition, based on topics highlighted, it may be helpful in trying to view differently some difficult areas I’m dealing with now resulting from: office closings, broken professional trusts/relationships, loss of investments/income, family health issues, fear of failure (again), and the Spiritual battle between heart and head – what I know compared to how I feel. Thanks for your time, consideration, and ministry – may God continue to bless your efforts and those of us who are encouraged by them.

  • Ginsamica

    I would like to have copy of soul detox because I need some help. I am a leader in my church, and in my circle of influence and frankly, lately I feel like a complete fake. I know that God s always faithful and I love to study and teach his word but right now I am in a ver dry place. I am weak, I have become lazy physically and I fear that spiritually I have become fat on his word but just as my body is in need of change and exercise, my spirit is weary and needs the same.

  • isabela

    I would love to get a copy because Craig Groeschel is the type of author that many young adults like me love to read! Me and a friend of mine have read 2 of his books together and they have changed our lives individually and as friends. We have learned so much from him and this book will be our next one :)

  • mccgolfsupt

    Craig is a great pastor…would LOVE to read this book.

  • Carolyn Wagner

    I would love to win a copy of this book because my niece strongly recommends it! Our relationship has grown closer over the last year or two, and we enjoy reading and then discussing books together. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • 4chicksmommy

    About 9 months ago I read your book the Life Plan. I was at the tail end of a financial crisis, been through a church split, and I felt I had no purpose in life with my grant jobs always ending. I was 50 pounds overweight and swimming in self hatred. I began to write out my goals in life. I began working towards them. I spent the month of November in writing my first “novel”. I took the last decade of my life and put it into story form and it was healing. I used my pastor’s last year of sermon’s as my guide and how God had pulled some deep roots of bitterness, denial, anger, hurt and most of all, shame. I began a weight loss challenge and lost 30 pounds so far and now help others get in shape too. I started “following” people that teach self-improvement and personal growth. I started a 21 day cleanse yesterday to further the improvement of my body by getting rid of environmental toxins and stop the caffeine addiction that I have. Three weeks ago I joined a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Bible Study. As I prayed yesterday morning I asked God to help get rid of my own personal toxins. I asked Him to keep nudging me and correcting me.
    I want to be free of all of these snares that have kept me feeling chained. I am in pursuit of my purpose. I am not looking for a sign from Heaven to come down, but I am looking at the signs along my journey pointing me in the direction He has for me and helping others be free.
    Long comment, but that is why I would love to have Soul Detox.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aaroncz Aaron Chavez

    I would love a copy of Soul Detox because I am a Pastor and I am constantly looking for new ways to communicate how important it is to keep holy. This book sounds like the right tool for the job.

  • saskadan

    sounds like a book I need to read, I teach a class for adults getting back on there feet. This would be a great teaching resource

  • deandeguara

    I like the honesty and straightforwardness that Craig Groeschel brings in his preaching and writing. Never afraid to tell it like it is, and brings reality to the surface. I’m looking forward to reading another one of his books.

  • For Christ’s Purpose

    I’ve read most of the books by Pastor Craig Groeschel. What I typically do is buy two books. Give one away to someone else with the hope that they will in turn give it to someone else when they are finished reading. This time I only purchased one. I still plan to give it away when finished reading. The more eyes that see what he writes the more eyes that may seek our Father.

  • Eric

    Michael, thank you so much for the review! I love Groeschel’s books and you are right, they are so practical and down to earth.
    I would love to use this book in my ministry as I am about to plant a church!

  • http://twitter.com/AndreaAresca Andrea Aresca

    “And he called the people to him again and said to them, “Hear me, all of you, and understand: There is nothing outside a person that by going into him can defile him, but the things that come out of a person are what defile him.” (Mark 7:14-15 ESV)
    The real source of intoxication in our life is INSIDE us and the real transformation of our souls is an INSIDE-OUT process. How often we forget this and we blame what (or who) is outside us!
    I’d really like to read this book to be helped and encouraged in my spiritual growth.

  • Linda S

    I’m looking forward to Soul Detox. I’m sure it will be an encouragement and also a plumb line for us to measure our lives against.

  • Fritzster

    I would like a copy of soul detox to clarify my understanding of swelled negative influences in our society and to read, quote, and write about so that I may share.

  • Michael S.

    A traumatic separation has caused incredible spiritual growth in my life over the past 5 months. My soul had been going through detox…and I am learning to be a better husband,father,friend and Christian. I believe this book and its concepts will help to keep me on the path of recovery. I have been running to,and embracing, every ounce of help available to me. It is amazing how God gives you exactly what you need at very specific times in your life. Your review of Craig’s book has really resonated with me. I believe this book is exactly what i need to prepare myself for the next step……to have a servants heart…to serve others….to be 100% truly authentic to yourself and those you come in contact with every day.

  • Manuel Vallellanes

    I would like a copy of Soul Detox because I would like to be more attentive to the problems that may be causing my life to detour from what is right. Hopefully the book will help me correct my wrong doings/attitudes through its chapters.

  • Rkendall

    I teach
    Evader ship classes at a small Bible college and believe this book could be a great connect for my students in the small group setting.

  • Bidemi

    Because I have been through his Chazown experience and know that Pastor Craig does understand what life is about. Most of all, I recognise that all other prosperity is dependent on soul prosperity

  • Ron Alvesteffer

    I believe we have to be intentional in our spiritual growth and health just as we are in our physical growth and health. This looks like a book that would be a great tool to help me along in my faith journey.

  • http://twitter.com/meetmicahswife Julia Choquette

    I want to give this to my husband as he is a huge fan!

  • Deanna

    I would like a copy of Soul Detox because I feel like something is holding me back in so many areas of my life. And it’s probably me. I need to learn how to get out of my own way with my limiting beliefs and this book sounds like it lead me to that.

  • christinameyer

    Would love to get a copy, read it, and tell many others about it.

  • 40running

    Looking forward to reading Soul Detox as it has so many practical applications in everyday life. We get busy. So busy that we forget to check ourselves on how we are possibly contaminating our life & those we love. This book looks to be a great wake-up call for many – including (especially) me!

  • Annette Stonger

    I am continually looking for and reading books that will encourage me in my spiritual journey with Christ. As a mother of 3 children, it’s important that I model for them a Christlike life. Albeit imperfect and failing often, my desire is to show them a life growing deeper in Christ. Craig’s book is one that will address the tough issues that we all face living in a world that espouses anti-Christian values. I would love to read it!

  • http://twitter.com/Gbarb18 Greg Barber

    I want a copy of Soul Detox so that I can grow and learn, how to lead my team more effectively. Many things in our society effect us in various ways, and it is interesting to see how other people view these things, and what can be done to avoid or change these situations.

  • http://twitter.com/rynakielny Ryan Nakielny

    Would love to read some more wisdom from Craig and share it with our men’s ministry for all of our growth!!

  • http://twitter.com/nathanberry nathanberry

    I would love to read this book and share it with others, my soul could use some detox

  • Elizabeth Wallace

    I agree that a detox is beneficial and have never thought of a soul detox. This is an excellent idea and I am going to utilize this message for sure!

  • Heather Seibel

    After many years in the corporate world, I am more and more aware of the toxic world around me – but that starts with me. As you said, garbage in, garbage in. In the past couple of years, I have spent much time reading leadership books and developing materials for leadership teams. As a member of The Leader Impact Group, I have spent time in group study. The more I read and learn, the more I realize that the ultimate leadership resource is one I’ve had in my possession since a small child – the Bible. I’ve downloaded and started your book “Creating a Personal Life Plan”, which I probably should have down a decade or two ago, but I’m doing so now. Your review of Craig’s book sounds very much like the emotions and thoughts I’ve been experiencing in the past few years, as I try to discern what I am being called to do in the latter part of my life and career. To use your words, I NEED to stay spiritually healthy, ask myself the tough
    questions, detoxify my life, and renew my relationship with God and those around me. Reading this book will move me forward in doing so.

  • Brandon

    Would love to get this book and read with my wife because we are going through a lot of things that has knocked us down spiritually.

  • http://twitter.com/Owenhb Heather Owen

    I have bought and read, and re-read, everything that Craig has written. With an approach of humility, he addresses issue that are plaguing the American church and makes us take a good long, hard look at ourselves and our Christian walk. I had planned to buy this newest release, but I wouldn’t be the best steward I can be over my finances if I didn’t take the time to try to win a copy first =)

  • Eric Schultz

    I just returned to the U.S. after living more than five years in Latin America. I am taking a fresh look at my life and the cultural malaise in which we live. The most dangerous thing about toxic substances is that the threat often not perceived. I would love to hear – and then be able to share – how a “fellow traveler” identifies the threats we all face in our native culture – and even in our own skin.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1558016121 Jacob Wiebe

    I´d like to read this book ´cause: Craig gr8 man of God, gr8 communicator & it´s an important message for the 21 Century!

  • http://twitter.com/RonnMills Ronnie Mills

    I am excited to read what Craig has written on clean living with biblical principles, and how we as Christ’s followers are still exposed to the poisonous lifestyles of this world.

  • Kelly

    It would be such a blessing to me to get a free copy of this book! As a graduate student, I have the privilege of meeting with a great group of girls in my class, whose are at all different places in their individual journeys of faith. I would love to be able to share this book with each girl in my group, as I know it would challenge each of us, no matter where we are spiritually. As I strive to live a holy and pleasing life of worship to my Father and Savior (Romans 12:1), I want to live like the Bereans who eagerly received Paul’s message and examined the Scriptures every day. Pastor Groeschel’s book “Weird” had a huge impact on all of my life, and I would love the opportunity to read another one of his books, so that I may further see how the Scriptures apply to modern day living and live them out in my everyday life! Thank you for your time and ministry and the chance to win this book!

  • http://www.thenancyway.com/ Nancy Roe

    Wonderful book idea and the cover art is perfect! I look foward to the release of your book. It will be a book to read and share with others.

  • davida

    As I watch the “social media” lives of the people in a new and young church I realize how easily all the toxic environment of our culture is constantly seeping into their lives. Developing a “whole life” faith is challenging not just for new believers but for all of us. I’d like to use “Soul Detox” to help become more aware of the threats all around us and to share that with those around me.

  • DaughterOfChrist

    I have grown up in a home where everyone went to church every Sunday. It wasn’t an option. However, as I have gotten older, I have been able to see the faults in my ways and the ways of my family. The past three years have been really, really rough for my family in many ways. My family doesn’t go to church on a regular basis anymore and some don’t ever go anymore. I’m a college student and my heart is saddened when I come home to see heavy, distressed and hardened hearts. I’m praying that while I’m home for the summer, God will use me as part of His great plan to lift my family up and transform our priorities and the way we live and love. I attend LifeChurch on a regular basis at school and know that God uses Pastor Craig for His glory on a daily basis. I can’t wait to read the book along with scripture and let God work.

  • Robin

    I am always looking for ways to mature in my faith. I believe that Craig speaks Truth and is making an impact in The Kingdom.

  • Undignified.tv Podcast

    Craig is an excellent man of God. I have really enjoyed reading his books and would love to hear his perspective on another topic. I would also like to review and possibly use it in my podcast Undignified.tv

  • Tammy B.

    I’ve always subscribed to the notion that’s it’s important that we “shelter ourselves” to a certain extent; mostly from the crazy world around us. We’re so bombarded with the negative in the 24/7 media news culture that we live in. It’s interesting to apply the detox thought to what crops up inside of us…that natural sin that we all fight throughout our lives. Who couldn’t use more insight on coping with that?

    I think Craig Groeschel’s book might be a great topic for our women’s Bible study group at our church. We enjoy different approaches, and can surely find a scriptural tie to some of Craig’s messages!

    Thanks very much for the opportunity~

  • tracie

    I am looking to make positive changes in my life. I tend to over-react and want to become more proactive in my busy life. I am the mother of two beautiful daughters ages 10, 12; a wife; a working professional (juggeling 2 jobs to make 40 hours a week) and trying to keep on track with God everyday. Thank you

  • http://twitter.com/HarryHatcher Harry Hatcher

    I think Craig is a gifted communicator and speaks truth in a fresh way. Our small group recently went through The Christian Atheist and enjoyed that. I’ve heard 2 of the detox sessions on lifechurch.tv and would love to read the book. I’d like to know what things in my life I need to detox from in order to live a healthy spiritual life!

  • http://twitter.com/JHaskellTweets Jonathan Haskell

    I would love a copy of the book, not only for my personal growth, but also for the benefit of those I am privileged to pastor.

  • Richard Pelfrey

    I have seen Craig speak at Catalyst before and I was really impressed with his delivery. Looking at the description of this book I believe it would fit perfectly into my Men’s Accountability Group format.

  • Patrick

    I would LOVE a copy of Craig’s book! Awesome opportunity. Thanks!

  • Rob

    I’m ready to evolve into the person I should be. I’m ready to move pass my past, and focus on the tasks at hand. Life church has been my spiritual go to for the past year and a half or so with no limits on what’s possible in my bright future. I’m very thankful..

  • jeannette hernandez

    This book will help me on my journey with God and also it allow me to share with others as God often surrounds me with people in need of guidance and help.

  • http://twitter.com/dprichmond77 Dave Richmond

    I love Craig’s books and I love free stuff! I thought ‘Christian Atheist’ and ‘Weird: Because Normal isn’t Working’ struck that beautiful balance between being profound, yet easy to understand and apply. Did I mention I like free stuff?

  • http://www.facebook.com/denise.banderman Denise Gardner Banderman

    I would love to have a copy of Craig’s book so that I can share it with others. I’m sure I need to be challenged to detox my soul but we also are book sharers and idea sharers. We are in campus collegiate ministry, traditional church ministry, and associational youth ministry. We are trying to change the Christian culture of our rural midwestern community and one of the best ways to do that is to expose people to books, authors, and ideas that they would have never considered or maybe never even heard of before.

  • Patrick

    Hmmm…sure didn’t answer the question.
    I read Weird and really enjoyed it and was challenged by it. I’ve used some of it with my youth group and would like to use more. I could possibly use this with them as well.

  • Walking in Obedience

    Aside from enjoying reading new perspectives on biblical truths I love the quote from the book that was given in the email and I’m beginning a new series called “Time to Grow”, at the church I am interim pastor in Braselton, Georgia, and would like to use it in my opening teaching called, “Pulling the Weeds”. The toxins we need to void ourselves of in order to grow spriitually or show our spiritual fruit are the very things we need to rid ourselves of in Galatians 5:19-21. Thanks for the consideration. Blessings

  • belle

    I so agree and believe with what Craig is saying – the more this message can get ‘out’ into the world, the more people will learn that we each have choices and we need to make these choices. This book will help me grown in my passion about making these choices, and hopefully helping others grow too.

  • heartstudio

    I would love a copy of this book. I’m very interested in detoxing the body through various techniques including diet, supplements, stretching, etc. I’ve also gotten interested in healing prayer in the last few years. I’m convinced of the overlap between unforgiveness and stagnation in the body and know that we can all achieve wellness by dealing with toxicity on all levels. This book sounds like it’s right up my alley and will address the intersection of these concepts beautifully. I look forward to reading it!

  • http://profiles.google.com/david.uthmann David Uthmann

    This sounds like a great idea, and the concept resonates well with me. I’ve got a flight out on Monday, so this will probably be on my Nook before then, if I can find it. But, I would love a hardcopy as well.

  • Alexander

    Craig is an awesome man of God, this book would not only help me on my walk with Christ but also help me to realize what are toxic in my life

  • http://twitter.com/BbRaAkDer Brad Baker

    Let’s be honest…everything Craig writes is incredible, so if i don’t win a free copy i’ll be buying one anyway. Therefore, i should win based on honesty alone. Plus, i never win anything, so please pick me. Thank you>

  • mikestadelmayer

    As a pastor I work with many Christians let alone non-believers who carry so much baggage. Often it is difficult to find one resource to help someone walk through healing and recovery to be set free. Even more are people who don’t understand their need for healing and freedom because they have been Christians for a long time. The outline above lists a pretty comprehensive list that could help me use a single source as a way to begin working through their toxic attitudes and behaviors. I would be grateful to receive the book.

  • Mike Mullins

    As a pastor I have been learning from Craig’s messages and books for a few years now and I have been passing on some of his highlighted God-honoring principles to others; And I am confident this will continue when I read his new book which seems relevant to my life and the context of the pastoral ministries God had called me to. Please send me a free book. Thank you.

  • Abbey

    I love Craig Groeschel – his message at the All Access ARC conference this year blew me away. I have become increasingly aware of toxins around and in me and would love to read his take on this.

  • Lisa

    Recently experienced a personal tragedy and I feel unmoored. Sorrow has carved out a place that needs to be filled with something else. I need to be reminded of the things to which I have kept myself tethered during past difficult times. I appreciate you considering me for the free book.

  • http://twitter.com/PastorAshton Ashton Stewart

    Craig Groeschel has a unique ability to write with applications that are immediately ready to preach! As a pastor, I’ve read some of Groeschel’s writing and have been able to use his practical applications as sermon material. I’d love the opportunity to read and reference in a sermon his new book “Soul Detox”. Thank you for your consideration!

  • http://twitter.com/Chew_Keng_Sheng Chew Keng Sheng

    Craig’s books are always good thus far. I especially like his book on It: How Churches and Leaders Can Get It and Keep It. I want Soul Detox because I know it is definitely good. This book would certainly contains gems of wisdom to help me cleanse my soul!

  • http://twitter.com/raystrauss Ray Strauss

    Sounds like a really insightful counseling resource. Nearly all the counseling I do as a Pastor exposes and addresses the same issues Craig points out. It looks like it could become one of those go to resources like Love & Respect and The Five Languages of Love. Thanks Michael!!!

  • Genie Kate

    I would appreciate having this book, as it appears it would be useful to me to evaluate my own spiritual condition, as well as something I could then share in the small group whose studies I facilitate. I would also want to pass it on to my family! Thanks!

  • http://twitter.com/jeffiskra Jeff Iskra 

    I believe this topic is most timely & relevant to me personally as well as to the western Church. It is amazing that Christ has purchased & provided us so much in salvation yet we forfeit so much of it because of hurts & lies we have embraced! He has so much more in store for us & I do not want to miss out on it! I cannot wait to read Pastor Craig’s book, Soul Detox!

  • Lisa B.

    It is encouraging to see this put into writing. Among the many truths I am learning in this life, I recognize that hurt is at the very core of our emotional scale and if it is not dealt with, we are not living the spiritually abundant life God created for us. Working mainly with women in the church, I am constantly pushing ladies to be honest, stop living in denial and allow God to heal. It is a hard step, but the other side is so filled with freedom! My hope is that this resource would help lead many to victory in this area.

  • Lisa

    As I listened to Craig Groeschel’s promo video he said that he wanted to make me a little bit angry… and a little bit mad… unfortunately I am already angry and mad in a toxic way and realize I am living in pollution that is poisoning my soul and I want to get mad enough to change. I don’t attend church because I don’t sense the simple love of Christ. At this point I am too fragile to attend but hope through reading this book I can go back and be “love” inside of the church.

  • Nancy

    I could really use a detox to my soul. For the past two years, I have been going through financial, spiritual, emotional and medical problems. Times that seem insurmountable. A lot of times with profound sadness!

  • http://twitter.com/chadstutzman Chad Stutzman

    I love your idea of using this book in your Radical Mentoring group. I am leading my second group now and have my third group planned to launch in August. I think this is a topic that would generate good discussion and help these young guys deal with their baggage and grow spiritually. Looking forward to reading the book.

  • Larry

    I believe Craig’s book will help me in my journey to tackle my struggles. My demons you might say. This would guide me not only to monitor, but to adjust my soul detoxification. As a father, mentor, and leader, I will share and direct others to it.

  • http://twitter.com/SeanMDoherty Sean Michael Doherty

    Soul Detox is an amazing book and i would love a copy! Your review was amazing and i’ve heard nothing but praise across the board about it. Craig’s recent tweets are all about it and they have really impacted me and my look on toxic situations. I would love to grab a copy of this book and dive in!

  • Bettyann

    To answer the question why do I want a free copy of the book is I need help spiritual and believe this will help.

  • Rob Schellenberg

    It is very apparent in our North American ‘Christian’ culture that we are woefully unaware and naive of the every day junk that we ingest into our lives. We need to look at Jesus’ words of being in the world but not of it. The importance of reading and meditating on God’s truth (the bible) is of utmost importance.

  • James Smylie

    I am currently going through a period of restoration due to many of the variables presented by the book review above. It is hard when you have come to a certain place in leadership and the various poisons I have allowed to take me back into old behaviors and thought processes of a destructive natyure. I hate to be in this position but realize God has me here so that I can be made whole and free from the various shortcomings that have plagued so many leaders and lay persons. I choose to be pro active in this process and I believe your book will help not only myself but those who have chosen to be in this restoration process along side me. I can whine, justify and make this time in my life a small matter or I can be earnest and sincere and realize that no sin is acceptable and work to make myself to know and understand the things necessary to never come by this way again. The proper tools and resources are lacking in this process and I want to not only see myself through now but be an asset to the Kingdom for future endeavors. But, unfortunately this is more about me and where I need the work done in my on life. Thank you for the opportunity to be active in my own growth and development. Be Blessed in all you do

  • philipshelley

    Craig is a great pastor…would LOVE to read this book.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steven.q.schroeder Steven Q. Schroeder

    Check it out

  • Jason Carman

    As a minister it is very important that we keep ourselves strong in order to lead effectively. I believe this book will be very instrumental in this.

  • Emily J.

    After countless hours of leading and spending time with ladies through one on one time and Bible studies, these topics seem to come up time after time in conversations. The toxic emotions, behaviors and influences permeate so many of us in church culture. I believe that this book will be an amazing avenue to start the conversation of eliminating the toxic things in our lives to eventually removing them fully! So excited to read this book and get rid of the toxins!

  • http://twitter.com/bethtaborharris Beth Harris

    Physical and spiritual detox four years ago changed my life. Peaceful sleep, clarity/focus, renewed energy, and desire to try new things are results of the process. I have learned much from Craig Groeschel’s books and would love to use Soul Detox as a study guide to lead others and keep myself on track.

  • Jeremy Martin

    I agree wholeheartedly what was stated int he brief quote above. I also lived in direct opposition to the obedience of God for well over a decade. I came back to God on May 15,2008 at Gateway’s first Annual Alpha Summit Men’s Conference. Since then I have been attempting to fill myself with Spiritually healthy things….relationships, music, books, movies, shows, etc. I know I can grow in this area and this book sounds like just what I need to go to the next level in this area and with God.

  • Scott

    I recently read a book called “amusing ourselves to death” which was written in the early 80s. It was written for a secular audience, but as a believer it packed a wallop. In the introduction the author said something along the lines of “in a society like the United States where so much is accessible and easily acquired, it is possible for the meaningful and relevant to be buried in a sea of irrelevance”. The book has changed the way I spend my days. the book described above is one I will read ASAP.

    I was introduced to this blog by the people I am working with at Westbow publishing and it has become a wonderful resource that I refer to frequently.

    Thanks much,


  • Jason Coorts

    Couple of reasons I’d like to stake a claim on a copy: 1) If I were to pick a theme for this year, one would be undergoing detox from finding my identity in work. I’ve taken a sabbatical this winter and am making a career mid-life transition. 2) Part of my work transition is gaining expertise in the realm of helping people experience freedom from sexual addictions. This is a HUGE need in the church today and not many churches are effective at addressing it. Out of control sexuality is in my opinion the #1 soul detox needed in our society where promiscuity, internet or the real thing, is the growing norm. I’d like to see what Craig Groeshel has to say.

  • Jason Muir

    I am a worship pastor at a church in Canada currently engaged in motivating my teams to invest in their own spiritual health as a primary means of improving their effectiveness as worship leaders. Soul Detox sounds like another great tool to offer us some valuable insight into how we can minimize the spiritual damage done to us by allowing these external forces to influence our lives. I would love a free copy

  • Paige

    Going to Church of the Highlands has afforded me many opportunities to learn from Pastor Craig. Most recently when he spoke, his message hit home. He talked about living a lifestyle where our hands aren’t so full of the little things in life that we are unable to receive the big blessings God has already given us or is about to- family, friends, provision, etc. It was a powerful message for me to hear, especially dealing with a lot of small things that I was letting become one big thing and ultimately was attacking my soul and emotions. I’d love to learn what Pastor Craig has to say about removing the toxic waste in our lives and focusing on the things that bring healing and glorify God.

  • whitney

    I would like a copy of Soul Detox because I am a college student that needs a detox, being in college I feel the toxins of this earthly world pulling me to one side and the hands of my father pulling me to the other. Not only will this book give me a strong outlook on all of the toxins I am faced with but also a strong bond and hold that I am stronger than the pressure and toxins I am faced with in college.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000608581419 Kevin Wilson

    I am very interested in reading “Soul Detox”. I recently went through a lot of life changes and God has helped me to see things in my life that have poisoned me. I would love to read the book and see how I can continue to improve my life and detox.

  • http://twitter.com/GregRiffle Greg Riffle

    Hello. First off, I would like to thank you for this chance to possibly receive a free copy of Craig’s latest book. Now onto why I would love a copy of it.

    About a month or two ago I read Craig’s book called “The Christian Atheist.” While reading it, I discovered many things about myself that I had kind of pushed to the background of my mind. It was a huge inspiration and help to move forward in my spiritual journey and I know this one will continue to push me in the right direction.

    Another reason I would like a copy is because of my small group. I lead a group of 10 high school students and we just recently started a discussion on poison in our root system. I feel like this book will be a great help in continuing this discussion the guys.

  • Kyle

    Hey! I would love a copy of this new book.. I am currently a Youth Pastor at a church in Michigan, and as I’ve grown older I have begun to see these toxic emotions and behaviors come to the surface in my own life, and so Craig’s wisdom is much needed.

  • Marina

    This is my first time being a small group leader to a group of high school girls, they range from freshman to senior. I would love to have this book so that we can come along together and talk about soul detox. I pray that using this book they will be able to realize that they do live in a toxic world and that they have to change. I see my small group as future leaders for their class and I pray they will start being the leaders now. I know this book will help them.

  • http://www.mikefreestone.com/ Mike Freestone

    Whoever you are and wherever you are you should always strive to live as pure as you are able. But sometimes you have to start over and start right. I would love to receive a copy of Soul Detox to see which areas I need to clean out and to assist me in being a better Christ Follower, Husband and Father. I love Craig’s blog and am sure the book will be as beneficial in my walk.

  • Rebekah

    This sounds like a book I’d like I read with my husband. In the past year, we’ve had a few momentous occurrences: precious new baby, military deployment, and a diagnosis of an autoimmune disorder. We could use a soul detox, around here.

  • dba54

    Men and women who faithfully labor in the Muslim world are facing the daunting pressures of culture shock, language learning, and bold witness. As a coach to these precious servants, I want to help them overcome the many toxic influences that often hinder them and sometimes brings them home. Soul Detox may be one of those primary resources that I can use to help them restore their identity as ambassadors to the King.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=843470214 Kirby Oaks

    It sounds like more than just filtering our words that come out. We try to clean and filter the things that come in, it just makes sense to clean and filter the intake. A great idea!

  • Logan Saunders

    Pastor Craig is an amazing man of God who I listen to weekly on podcasts. After reading his book Weird, my life underwent a change and he really shifted my thinking so that now I love being Weird, because normal is not working. I know that Soul Detox will reveal some areas where I need to detox. Pastor Craig communicates the Word of God in such a clear way that many around the nation will be impacted in addition to those who already have been. God is doing great work through Pastor Craig and I would love to be able to read his newest book so I may instill the principles into my life and become a more faithful follower of Lord Jesus Christ.

  • http://twitter.com/systhink Matthew E. Weilert

    Both from the video trailer and the comments it sounds like this book
    provides the chance to experience “iron sharpens iron” in having a
    trusted guide come alongside and help climb the mountain, focused on the
    path, avoiding the potholes! Is Craig related to Fr. Benedict

  • Josh H.

    I would like a copy for two reasons that are interconnected. First, I am I’m the beginning stages of my ministry. I have only been pastoring for a year and a half and in order for me to effectively lead those individuals who Gid has entrusted me with, I must lead from a place of spiritual purity and health. Secondly, I just got married to my beautiful wife. She means everything to me and I would never want any toxic things to hinder or kill our marriage.

  • Franmthomas

    We could all use a good detox. We could all use a good understanding of all the toxic things in our life that simply get out of balance. I love Craig Groeschel and cannot wait to read this book!

  • Donna

    Recently heard Craig on the Dave Ramsey show. EVERYTHING spoken about this book is RELEVANT to our present time. It would be a tremendous aid to deepen my Romans 12 study — RENEWING MY MIND! Thanks for the blog post, regardless if chosen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cheirehickey Naia Hickey

    due to the death of my daughter my soul feels as if its being darkened.im in need of soul detox

  • Scott_Townley

    I would like to read this book to apply it to my ministry with college students in Ohio and possibly explore doing it as a book study with the small group.

  • http://andrewledwith.net/ Andrew

    Whether I win this book or not I’m going to get my hands on it and read it. The timing couldn’t be better. Toward the end of last year I found myself totally burnt out after a confluence of personal disappointment, degrading health, and an extended period of stretching myself too thin. At the end of the year I declared a sort of “life bankruptcy” and reevaluated everything I was doing with my time, my emotions, my thoughts, etc. I’ve made changes both small and drastic since then. I believe I’m going through a sort of soul detox and would love to read about it from another’s perspective.

  • Margie Myers

    I’d like to read Soul Detox to finally be free and REALLY alive!

    Stuck in a rut, dare I dream to be free?
    When life’s mediocre, it starts out with “me…”
    MY life and MY needs, MY wants and MY treasures,
    I can still follow Christ and hold on to my pleasures.
    This life more abundant’s too good to be true…
    I’ll hang on to my cake and keep eating it too.
    What harm can it do if it simply helps fill me?
    If I’d only known nibbles were able to kill me.

  • Bryan Hehr

    The things that toxify our souls seem to continue to creep their way back in, even after you feel like you have dealt with most things. Every person, including myself, need to be continually reminded of the things that can subtly creep into our lives. This book will be powerful for me personally and a great tool as I minister to others.

  • http://twitter.com/atrain8292 Alec Meddings

    First off I would love to say that Brother Craig Groeschel Is an amazing pastor being used by God everyday and me personally I believe God is calling me to be a youth pastor and this would be a great book for me to have a a great start in my ministry. Second, I want to soak up Jesus so much and that’s all I want to sweat and bleed is Jesus…. I can’t wait for this book :)

  • http://twitter.com/NikoChiko Niko Gruber

    As a leader, I am aware that I can only lead others well if I am healthy. I am only as effective as I am healthy. So I would like a copy so that I can not only improve my health as a leader, but also pass it along to improve the health of the people I lead. Win/win! :)

  • Lane Arnold

    Spring cleaning & spring planting! What clutters my
    heart? What’s in need of repair? What’s in need of tossing out? Where am I
    stuck? What is the condition of the soil around my heart? What needs to be
    removed? What needs to be plowed under? What needs to be added in? A pure heart
    needs a clean environment to bring forth wisdom and beauty, amid the joys and
    sorrows of life. To walk in intimacy with Jesus is to notice the toxins then
    move from noticing to letting go of the old and embracing the new. As a
    spiritual director, my own heart’s care is vital. A book on detox of heart will
    help me care well for my own heart, then I can turn, hear, and offer well to
    those I walk with who long to know more of Christ’s fully alive, fully gorgeous

  • Jamie Crain

    I would like to win a copy of Craigs new book because I have read a lot of his other books and they have all been great, inspiring reads. He was also my pastor when I lived in Oklahoma City, so I enjoy his teaching anytime I can hear or read it.

  • Josh

    Craig’s style of teaching speaks to my soul in a way that I have never experienced before. My walk with God grows stronger and stronger with each sermon and book.

  • Gema Percy

    I NEED TO DETOX! Being in leadership is not an easy war free zone! Every once in a while we need to examine ourselves and remove any hindrances. This book sounds like it would help me tremendously in my journey. Please & thank you! :D

  • Ricky

    I would love a copy of this book because I need a renewal in my life right now. It will definitely help me to purge some of the past, invigorate my soul and learn healthy new habits.

  • http://www.facebook.com/april.dewey April Dewey

    I want to be the best me! I feel there are things holding me back from being who God wants me to be.

  • KarlMealor

    Three reasons I need this book:

    1) Teaching a Sunday School class. Haven’t got a clue as to what to do next. This book sounds like a great resource that our class could work through together. Really need to preview it before we get everyone to buy copies.
    2) Craig is one of my favorite speakers and writers. Having him walk me through a soul detox would be like having my computer serviced by Bill Gates.
    3) Free is my absolute favorite price. When I pay free, it makes me happy.

  • http://twitter.com/jdsouthall83 Justin Southall

    I am a youth pastor and would love nothing more than to use a tool like
    this to teach teenagers. In a world that is so full of toxic waste that
    easily pollutes the soul, teenagers need to know how to filter out the
    garbage in their lives. I believe that God is raising up a generation
    after his own heart. However with more distractions than ever that steal
    their affections and attention from God, helping a teenager focus on
    what is good, and filter out what is bad is often a difficult task, but a worthy task to endeavor. I
    agree that his would make a great group discussion book. I believe that I
    can not ask my teens to do something that I am not willing to live out
    myself. I want a copy of this book, first and foremost to put into
    practice in my own life. Secondly I want to walk teenagers through on how they to can be detoxed.

  • http://twitter.com/bjfriesen bjfriesen

    I would love to get a free copy of Craig’s new book. I’ve been following his sermon series on Soul Detox and have enjoyed his messages and have really appreciated that he takes time at the end to allow people to be still and quiet before the Lord. As a fellow pastor I completely relate to the need of stillness and quiet before God.

  • Jennifer

    I want a copy because my soul IS toxic. I’m struggling a lot right now with trying to find out why my life feels so stuck. I’ve tried becoming healthier through more exercise and by eating much better than I used to, but I’m still far from the person I’d love to be. After years of taking care of other people, I’ve come to the realization that I’ve forgotten how to take care of myself! And it upsets me that I’m like the parent who DIDN’T put on her own oxygen mask first – I’m not able to be the best wife/Mother/daycare provider I could possibly be because I’m lacking the strength and balance that would come if I had a healthy soul.

  • Dennis

    Who wouldn’t?

  • Ange

    Looks refreshing!

  • http://twitter.com/TheCommonCup Micah Andrew Hasty

    I need one!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=701194001 Aaron Trubic

    In lay terms, it’s the player-hater syndrome and it’s become chic to adopt it. A great subject for a book, and very timely. I’d benefit greatly from a soul-based reality check myself.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lsqueeker Lefty Squeeker

    Craig is an awesome ;leader to his church and an author to be read and respected, and i’d like a copy of his latest work, too!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=699205702 Claudette Labrie-Paul

    Michael thanks for the opportunity to get a free copy of Craig’s new release. After reading a review and hearing his video I know that it would be a God send for me to have the pleasure of reading Detoxifying Our Souls.
    I am personally dealing with some toxins and hope that by reading Craig’s book it will enlighten me and help me and then I can pass on the knowledge I learn from it to my family, friends and a support group that I am now engaged in.
    I hope you will consider me as a worthwhile recepient. God Bless and keep you Safe !!!

  • James Tyus

    I would love to have a copy of this book.

  • Kellie

    In just reading the review I know that this book will be a vital book to have now and for future. I am a wife, mother of three (19, 17, 16) and a childrens pastor. I am busy but am always trying to keep myself and my family in check in that busyness. Wanting to be productive in every area of life and not allow anything between our relationship with God and each other. I feel this book would help me to pinpoint areas that I may be overlooking.

  • John

    I feel called to full time ministry, and I know that a healthy leader is healthy from the inside out. I feel that Soul Detox would be another tool towards leading from a healthy perspective. :)

  • Akstillwater

    As a college student, I’ve discovered quickly how toxic the world we live in is. I attended live church for the first sermon in the soul detox series. The message really hit home with me. I’ve loved every minuted of the series and am looking forward to reading the book!

  • Deitra

    Because it sounds he has some important truths to share that I’d like to share with my groups.

  • http://www.facebook.com/normariverahernandez Norma Rivera-Hernandez

    I am the wife of a musician and worship pastor and our most difficult times when we felt alone Pastor Craig Groeschel messages became a source of strength and inspiration. I read the book Weird, because normal isn’t working and I loved it, I wish more people would read that book so they would have a grasp of what should be our behaviors as Christians. I am doing the Soul Detox Reading Plan in You Version and I am sure that this book will be a great source of soul and spirit cleaning, renewal and rejuvenation in our first love for God!!

  • http://twitter.com/FunSailAd Adrian van zyl

    I love learning from others who are followers of Jesus! I want to live with cleans hands and a pure heart before God! And want to be able to help others on this journey of living radically for Jesus!

  • Jon C

    Because I work with our generation overseas and it would be a great resource in reaching today’s generation.

  • Robyn

    I can’t wait to read Soul Detox. I would love to have a copy of this book, especially since I can’t seem to get out of the office long enough to go buy one and my ipad has been taken over by kids so I can’t download it! As always, I’m sure Craig has hit another homerun!

  • Lauren CTurtle

    I am actively in the process of starting a late night cafe environment ministry for college students in Charleston, SC (Sea Turtle Cafe) I love Craig’s writing style, and believe this book will help me with my own soul detoxing, and then leading others from the overflow.l plan to use it for leadership and mentoring groups to help as many college students as God will give us the grace to lead.

  • Chelsea D.

    Craig Groeschel’s books & sermons have completely altered many areas of my life. He continually challenges me. Anything that forms me into the likeness of Christ is worth listening to, enduring, and/or reading. I pray this book decreases me & increases Jesus.

  • http://twitter.com/KenRosentrater Ken Rosentrater

    “The heart of a man is a deep well, but a man of understanding can draw it out.” Who knows all their own motives? Who knows the false beliefs to which we still cling?

    “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.” Who knows the full consequence of words spoken that express negative faith or cynicism?

    The ongoing cry of my heart is purity from these things. I call on the Lord daily for His mercy and grace. I pray this book will be another instrument in the hands of the Holy Spirit to dig the dirt out of me that remains hidden.

  • Taylor

    I want a copy of this book because I read Weird and it had such good information in it. I also believe that the information in this book would be extremely helpful in my life. I am currently a student at the university of Cincinnati and living in a society that is full of toxic substances. I think this book might be able to help me recognize these toxic things and fight against them. I hope I am considered for this book because I truly believe my walk with Christ will be impacted by the truth presented through Craig’s

  • Justin Johnson

    The moment that I heard Craig speak at Catalyst at Mariners Church in Irvine a few weeks ago I knew that I had been missing out. In fact the main reason I volunteered was in hopes of possibly hearing you, Micheal as well as Donald Miller. But I was absolutely blown away from all the other great speakers, especially Craig. His talk about blending the two generations in the church, the older 50 plus with the younger 30 and younger was so on point. Furthermore I would love to share this with my Life Group through Rock Harbor as we are looking to start a new study for the summer. And lastly, I know what Craig believes and what I believe is parallel when it comes to wanting to get a little mad about what I am allowing into my life spiritually, so to have someone such as Craig spell this out in a book is something I absolutely feel I need.

  • rpierce67

    As soon as I saw the title, I knew exactly what I wanted it for, before I knew about the contest. I want to use it with our college/singles group. This is such a PERFECT topic for that group and I know Groeschel’s writing will appeal to them. They are at a pivitol place in life, coming out of the toxins of High School into an often EXTREMELY toxic College environment, but will soon, all want to marry, have families, etc. They NEED to detox now, to grow and learn to help save their future marriages and children

  • Eliza

    I would love a copy of this book. I love being challenged and made aware of the problems in my life. And then motivated to change and make better decisions so I can be the best in my walk with Christ.

  • christin

    i love all his books, i think this one will do good with the next step i want to take were God is leading me to.

  • Andy Baker

    I enjoyed the review and find myself enticed to want to read more. So many times when life gets out of balance we look for solutions to correct our course. As I consider behavior, emotion, and influences, I have come to realize that change has to start within me rather than looking for something on the outside to nuture, refresh, or rebuild.

  • Allen C

    Sounds like a great read for those needing a clean start/restart. Craig is a great writer and preacher and I have enjoyed many of his other books. Would love to add this one to my library.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5ZPAQVYKI4XJLTK7RZTURSS53A Steve

    Wow! Great post! And so honest!
    The wages of sin is death, and these are the things that kill us…in the end.
    But something has been done about it! That’s the Good News!
    Thank you!

  • Lyn

    In the past week, God showed me pervasive and infectious aspects of my life that need to go. I was blindly wandering through a toxic landfill that often polluted my standing with Him. Tragically, there are no clear hazardous warning signs to point me away from pools of toxicity – both within myself and the surrounding environment.

    That is, until now.
    To me, Pastor Groeschel’s book is so much more than a bestselling self-help read. It is a gracious gift of freedom to all of God’s children struggling to run the race set before them. His book would be the next step I take towards becoming a liberated woman in Christ. I thank you in advance!

  • mlee

    I currently am leading a small group of guys who are singles and am actively looking for material to use to help them grow in their phase of life. I really think that by the time one is married, settled down in a family, and fully invested in a career, it is a little too late to deal with the issues presented by Groeschel’s book. I would love to have this book in order to preempt such issues from taking root in their hearts so that they would be ready and able kingdom workers not only in their families and workplaces but in the church as well.

  • Mauro Pennacchia

    I would love a copy of this book so I can learn exactly what the negative influences are in my life, both external and the ones I have engaged in myself, and seek to improve my spirituality.

  • http://adamcdennis.com/ Adam C. Dennis

    Michael, I would love to have a copy of this book to read for personal growth. Additionally, I think this could be helpful in the men’s ministry at my church. I am working with a few folks right now that I believe this could be a great help to. Thanks for the consideration of one of the books.

  • http://twitter.com/franmark Frankie Williams

    I take one weekend a month to detox my spirit. I turn off all outside stimulus and just BE. I review my goals, what worked and what didn’t work and why. It is on my calendar and it is my monthly gift to myself.

  • Pipo and Dina Piazza

    Criag Groeschel Books and Life Church.TV in general have been a blessing beyond measure in our lives. We started reading and getting interested in his books when we moved from PRico in 2008. We didn’t know about him until we read The Christian Atheist.We were brought up in a very religious environment as a Pastor Kid experienced a lot of the things he pointed out in his book and we felt identified with it.Every since it has been an overflow of wisdom and word from God every time we watch Life church TV online.As of today we in the planting stage of a church in TN . We know that this book will be a point of reference for our spiritual community and that will be a great blessing to teach these things to a starter church for they will learn these principals and truths on their early stages of walking with Jesus.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marcy.h.smith Marcy Hawkins Smith

    I have been looking for a resource like this book. I need it for myself, and I need it for those I disciple. I look forward to reading this book with my teenage daughters as we seek to grow in our relationship with Christ.

  • Agatha Nolen

    I’m just coming to appreciate the poisons in the environment as well as nutrition, but the worst contaminants are the lies that Satan tells us. Sounds like Craig’s book will address those head-on. I’d like to use the book in my Ladies HUDDLE Group at church: we’re 10 wqomen who’ve been studying together for 3 years. We are looking for the next step in our Leadership training.

  • Clayton Lott

    Ya know, I’ve had a root of bitterness in my heart for quite a while. I deal with it, do the hard work of examining my heart, yet it comes back, time and time again. The imagery of a detoxification of bitterness, and other things like it, is one I identify with, and one I need to embrace. I’d love to get my hands on this book to see what Craig has to say about it!

  • http://twitter.com/bmiller_35 Brandon Miller

    God is calling me to raise the bar in my life and I’d love to read this with my wife and maybe even use it in one of our small groups.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wendy.barros.9 Wendy Barros

    I work in a church. I was privy to two conversations yesterday that I was able to remain emotionally detached from. (This was unusual). This allowed me to hear what was being said, pray without a personal vendetta, and minister from a different perspective. The emotional junk didn’t get in the way.

    After praying over both situations through the night, I came to the conclusion that truth rarely leaves room for emotion. This doesn’t mean that emotion is irrelevant, however, the (sometimes overwhelmingly powerful) grip of emotion loosens when the focal point changes to fact and truth. The Holy Spirit is able to counsel and minister to our soul when we set emotions aside for a moment and let Him find the proper place for them. We will know we have been successful when He is glorified. Thank you for the post today! It was the completion of the beginning of a blessing!

  • http://twitter.com/andyaverillsays Andy Averill

    I love the idea of a detox for the soul. I’ve done nutritional fasts before and really get a better understanding of how things can effect my body and life. I’d love to have a better understanding knowing what elements of my life have done to my soul. Sounds like a great book!

  • Jake

    Sounds like a sweet book. Seems to coincide with the convictions to get rid of the junk my life that I have experienced lately.

  • http://twitter.com/25HOURSINADAY 25HOURS IN A DAY

    This is exactly what this country needs right now…Heck it needed it yesterday. Thank you Craig Groeschel

  • HaydeeAng

    Yay, it’s been more than a year since I last requested a book from you cos I’ve been very busy! I want to start reading again. Hope I’ll win. :)
    It’s been very stressful at my workplace & now in a complicated relationship.. It’s been 3 months without prayers., I am so drained but not giving up on hope. Will you pray for me even if you don’t know me? Blessings to you & family.

  • Susanelizabeth

    I have been on a spiritual journey now for almost 150 days that has changed my life. During a large part of that time, I was juice fasting and it was powerful what God began showing me, about my pride, selfishness and my desire for comfort. I also consumed many books from Gospel for Asia, David Platt and others. And the longer I am on this journey, the more I realize this “detox” process is a life-long journey. This book, I feel, will bring even more clarity to what God wants to remove from my life while replacing it with more of Him so that I can be servant He wants me to be, broken and spilled out….

  • Rux Bentley

    I heard Craig at Church of the Highlands recently. One of the most amazing sermons I’ve ever heard. I’ve been a “two-handful” person way too often. Craig is annointed in his teaching. I’d love to learn more from him!

  • N. David Griffin

    Craig Groeschel’s work is always relevant and timely. I already know I’m going to pick up a copy of this book for myself, but I also want to get Soul Detox so I can share it with two young men on our ministry team who I’ve had the privilege of mentoring over the last several years. I know it will impact their lives and equip them for the challenges they face as they move into their college years.

  • http://twitter.com/craigtowens Craig T. Owens

    As a pastor I find that I am dealing more and more with DEchurched people: Those people who were once involved in a church and then either because they were hurt or because they found the church irrelevant to their lives, they left. Most of these folks, I would say, are now toxic. They have poor attitudes about the church, about themselves, and (most sadly of all) about God Himself. I’ve always appreciated Craig Groeschel’s writing style, and I’m looking forward to reading “Soul Detox” for both myself personally, and for my pastoral role.

  • http://twitter.com/frugalportland Frugal Portland

    I like the idea of this — and I’m especially interested in someone who teaches via storytelling.

  • ericapyle

    I’d love a copy of the book to review for my own website which I’m currently expanding for relaunch. I cover the topics of finance, relationships and health from a biblical prosperity perspective and I think the book is perfect for the community I am currently reaching and growing. I love the fact that he is expanding the hot topics of detox and mindful consumption to include our spiritual side. There’s so much out there regarding the practical and physical aspects of this trend. It’s time to add the mind, emotions and spirit to the discussion in a meaningful way.

  • Mike McGinnis

    Because alcohol, drug, and metabolic detoxification don’t quite cut it compared to this. That’s why I’d like Craig’s Soul Detox. It’s the only one that will do.

  • Stephanie Southard

    I would like the book because I love all of Craig’s books. We have covered some in life groups at church. It looks like it breaks it down, gets real & gets all the “nasty” out in the open. My husband & I are in the process of recommitting our lives to each other & Christ. This looks like a great resource to assist in that. Thanks!

  • Greg Wilkerson

    Pastor Craig and his church are doing a great job of spreading the Word. If the rest of the book is as good as the quote you shared, it will be an awesome book. I am a pastor of a small, but growing church. I am attempting to select a few books that I can read that will enable me to help others grow spiritually. Thank you for your daily blogs.

  • http://twitter.com/frugalportland Frugal Portland

    ok off topic but is that an English Setter in your contact page? LOVE that breed.

  • http://www.matthewreedcoaching.com/ Matthew Reed

    As a coach, I see on an almost daily basis the consequences of toxins in the lives of people. Groeschel’s ‘toxins’ so often derail people from becoming who they want to be. I would love a copy of this book as a means to be able to use as a resource with my clients.
    As an aside, I am interested to read Groeschel’s take on the toxin of culture. Having read other works by him, I doubt that he’s going to go in a legalistic direction. That is a path I have most often seen others take on their discussion of culture and Christianity.

  • dannyjbixby

    I’d like a copy for 2 reasons: first because (like you) I think it would make good discussion and want to review it for our groups ministry and second (and mostly) because several friends of mine have read it and said it was excellent.

  • Jasmine

    I’m looking for anything that will aide me in growing in my relationship with God and this book sounds perfect for just that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Case.No.6079 Dave Melton

    The ultimate post-modern statement is simply “just saying . . .”

  • Solar Flare

    Sounds like a timely tool to clarify blind areas in our lives. I am moving into a new role within my parachurch ministry of shepherding and coaching short-term international missionaries, and would love to read this book to be more prepared to equip these front-line saints and know how to better explore areas in their lives in which they can grow. And, it goes without saying, I need to apply this first in my own life before I attempt to share it with others, so I have my own stories to add to Craig’s.

  • dave

    From a toxic, trashy, tyrranical type to totally redeemed and sanctified sons and daughters of the living God! Jesus, may that happen in your people!

  • Joel Bremer

    As a pastor i have read all of craig’s books and would love a copy to read and recommend. I would love to show my congregation how to have a “Soul Detox.”
    I believe any church would benifit from reading Craig’s book! Thank you Mr. Hyatt for this opportunity and thank you for all you do!!!

  • http://www.brandongilliland.com/ Brandon

    I am a big fan of Pastor Craig! I love his book “Christian Atheist”. I’m sure that this one is just as good…if not better! I would love to get a copy of this to read and pass along to my friends! I tweeted it out!

  • http://www.brandongilliland.com/ Brandon

    By the way, the new Disqus system is pretty cool! How are you liking it?

  • Andy Simon

    I would like this book because I really like Craig and i think this sounds like a great book.

  • http://www.facebook.com/PeggySNoble Peggy Amrine Noble

    I have watched the first three sessions on Soul Detox from Pastot Craig. I would love to be able to read the book so I can soak up all of this cleansing information. Thank you for the opportunity to read and share this book with others if I am one of the lucky ones!!

  • http://twitter.com/rejoshmiller joshua

    There is nothing better and more God-glorifying for my soul than to “detox” it of sin. Many times I have wondered, “If I expose this sin, will I be cast aside?” Maybe…by men, but never by Jesus. I would love to get a copy of Pastor Craig’s new book, Soul Detox. Thanks for the chance to get the book!

  • http://profiles.google.com/michellebrinson Michelle Sanders Brinson

    God has been speaking to me in HUGE ways about my attitude. I’ve gone through some significant events in my life in the last couple of years… motherhood and divorce. There’s tons of room in there for some poisonous thoughts. I’m ready to turn the page on the old way of doing life and ready to embark upon a new adventure in living life like no one else. This book sounds like something that would make a significant impact on this adventure. I’d love to win a copy! I promise to read it cover to cover and tell everyone I know about it.

  • @garethunruh

    Working with incarcerated and previously incarcerated youth, so many of them “believe” truths of their lives from their pasts or currently what the world if feeding them. We just lost one of them last week Friday morning as he was found murdered…believing the same old lies that operated in before he got locked up. We have a war to wage an the truths of this book extracted by Craig from the scripture will relate and change lives for eternity!

  • Cathee Poulsen

    I’d like a copy of this book not so much to inform myself but to equip me for communicating this to others. I already know the world is toxic – even FB stuff is toxic – but I want to know how I can make a difference in reversing this mess. (Not to mention that I think Craig is a superior teacher).

  • http://www.irunurun.com/blog/ Travis Dommert

    Every day I look for good advice to share with clients, particularly intentional daily/weekly habits that will produce life change over time. Would love to include Craig’s book as we build our ‘platform’!

  • Anna

    So relevant to things I have been working through in my own life lately. Looks like a great read to equip us for staying spiritually healthy amongst toxicity. I heard Craig recently at Church of the Highlands and would love to learn even more from him.

  • Tiffany Currier

    Although I’m sure that all books are taken, I am looking forward to reading this for myself because I know that all of us are guilty of contributing to the worldly entertainment world. We need to detoxify our ears, eyes, body, etc.

  • Alex

    Hi, Michael. Thank you for sharing this post as well as your blog & podcast with each of us! I would like to receive a copy of Craig’s book because I believe it could assist me in my faith & walk with Christ. Thanks again for all your support!

  • Kory

    Our Sunday evening bible study group loves Lifechurch.tv. We watch Pastor Craig all the time and our a part of LifeChurch Network group. I would love to give one of our regular attenders a copy of Soul Detox.

  • Robyn

    I would love a copy of Soul Detox, because as I have just stared a new small business that relies heavily on Social Media, I find that with all of the fast-paced networking and let’s face it, words/images/computer light coming at me all the time, I definitely need that re-centering and quiet time even more! Need that focus, that foundation that I build myself and my businesses on (already) to be even more prevalent…and I am a yoga teacher who knows the value of centering for sure! I want all that I do, personally and professionally, to be a reflection of that foundation in Him, and it can be very easy to get distracted with the speed of communication…to remember that my life is not about my to-do list, but about loving and living in His purposes.

  • SeedofFaith

    Looks like a must-read!

  • http://twitter.com/DanielJeffreys Daniel Jeffreys

    I love pastor Craig and how he communicates. I believe a soul detox is something we all need periodically. I am the small groups director at Cultivate Church in Alabaster, AL and would love to be able to use this as a discussion platform option for some of our groups. Thank you for the consideration and hope to hear from you soon.

  • http://twitter.com/Ross_Harmon Ross Harmon

    About 1 1/2 years ago I was so convicted by the “Toxic” series that pastor Groeschel
    taught to his church that I had to show the series to the junior high
    & high school students that I minister to. I knew what he was saying
    was accurate & necessary for everyone to realize, because it made
    me angry. I became angry at myself for allowing toxic media, words,
    & people to set up a permanent residence in my life, & I knew I
    wasn’t the only one. After showing the series to the teens I minister
    to, they were angry too. Some, quite honestly, were angry, yet
    completely unwilling to change anything about their toxic living, as
    well as the toxic things they take in on a daily basis. Others were
    angry, & convicted at the same time.

    I believe in the powerful work of the Holy Spirit, & firmly
    believe that it is working in Pastor Groeschel. It would be a great
    blessing to me as a husband & father of a 6 month old girl, as well
    as a pastor to students & their families to read Soul Detox. I am
    looking forward to it.

  • Paul R

    See the topics covered, it sounds like just what I need and what God is working on in my life.

  • Alaine

    Thank you for the chance :) My husband and I recently started attending LifeChurch.tv and we absolutely love it. It feels good to be going to church again :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/erin.hoganhenson Erin Hogan Henson

    I have read both Christian Atheist and Weird, both books have challenged me so much. This book would be very beneficial for my husband and I to grow closer to the Lord and truly see how to be in the world but not of the world.

  • Evan Grae Davis

    This book sounds amazing! I come from a church background where there was an almost obsessive focus on influences and evil coming from the world. And, although the forces at work in the world can’t be denied, I have realized that most of our problems come from within– from our own expectations, greed, unforgiveness and misconceptions we have about God and each other. I would love a copy of this book to read and to show to my family. This would be a great study to do as a group.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Evelyn-Van-Winkle/683637828 Evelyn Van Winkle

    I am looking forward to reading what Craig Groeschel has to say about soul detox. His book Weird: Because Normal isn’t working is also a good topic for small groups. Thank you for the opportunity to receive his book free.

  • Di Ann Perkins

    I can so relate to this. It wasn’t until I left for college (Bible College) and returned home for a break that I had always smelled like smoke. I became a christian at the age of 16 and went to bible college on my own to learn more about God and his word. It hasn’t always been easy to live the christian life in a family that disregards your new lifestyle. Thank you Lord for your strength! And thank you for a copy of this book. Blessings

  • ddaughety

    I just got back from taking a biorythm scan (I know it sounds hokey but my Dr. is a spirit filled Christian woman married to an evangelical pastor). The scan showed that I have signs of post traumatic stress disorder and fear in general. I have no idea what these are about but my Dr. suggested I spend some time soul searching and asking God to purge me of thiese things. The first post that I read on Facebook was my friend Rux posting about this giveaway. I’m taking it as a sign and seeing where God takes it. I’m not sure what the exactly the book is about but it sounds like it fits what I need, I like Groeschel a lot and I figure it can only help.

  • daniel

    i can not wait to read this

  • Hilary Lain

    Reasons why I would like a copy of Soul Detox:

    As a recent college graduate I feel like my entire college experience has been a spiritual journey. Although I was raised in the church for my entire life, and come to a belief in Jesus as my savior when I was rather young, I don’t really believe I OWNED my faith until later in life. College has been QUITE the journey. And when tragedy and loss hit my freshman year, my perspective of the world around me and specifically the people around me began to shift. Through the help of a good Christian counselor, and friend, I began to realize that my environment wasn’t as “safe” as I thought it was.

    As I began to heal and grow in my faith, I realized that God calls us to live a life of balance in HIM. I realized that I had been surrounded by unhealthy people, been raised in codependent environments, even in a church who is missing the point of the gospel. Throughout my entire college experience I feel like I have been trying to detox myself from these misconceptions I have about Christianity, people, and even the world. I feel like this book would help me in that process and that is why I’d love to read the book. Thank you the opportunity

  • http://www.facebook.com/drew.sher Drew Sher

    I have read some of Craig’s stuff and it always has some good take aways and challenges me to work on something, take the next step, or just be more intentional. This new book sounds very relevant for 2012 and I am excited to dig in.

  • Caspian’s Friend

    To be honest, my initial reaction was “free? sure! I like free things. I’ll go for it.” It might help, but the key point is: it’s free. But as I looked into this offer and found that the book is by Craig Groeschel, at that point I got very interested in the book. His ministry is amazing. I first heard of him through our church’s Leadership Summit. He has so much life, and clarity and intensity for the Lord. wow! What an awesome leader!

    For me, beyond being an opportunist at heart, my interest in what Craig has to say stems from the fact that his sermons are awesome, coupled with a growing issue in me with lethargy, anger, bitterness and feeling pretty far from God these days. I thought that maybe my issue is a bit of a midlife crisis (you know, the old line: Forget about your dreams, you’re too old. You should have stuck your neck out in faith long ago. Now, it’s too late. Get used to cubicle purgatory. Besides, God wants you to plod along, be faithful, and suffer in silence. It’s the noble thing to do). Thinking that my opportunities to live a vision and mission driven life are over with is kind of depressing!Now, I am starting to wonder if the real issue is not lack of vision and mission so much as toxic behaviors, influences and emotions.
    As someone already said, the 50 copies probably have gone out already, and that’s OK. This was cathartic. I think I’ll order the book, for Craig has always been so hugely helpful before.PS: do you have it on Kindle? I really hope so, but if not, hardcopy is not so bad :-).

  • http://twitter.com/josephthompson3 Joseph Thompson

    I would like the book because I need a soul detox and this would most certainly help with it. I’m about to begin a time of transition in my ministry and I’d like to detox from the old and start fresh. Thanks for offering a chance to win this book.

  • http://twitter.com/MoneyWisePastor Money Wise Pastor

    Michael & Zondervan, thank you for giving out copies of Soul Detox! I want a copy because:

    1. i’m frugal2. I’m looking forward to reading what Craig has to say and discovering what God wants to impress upon my heart and spirit through what Craig shares.
    3. I love to share what I learn with others in my spheres of influence: my family, friends, fellow church ministry leaders, blog readers, the Twittersphere, etc.

    Thank you!

  • http://twitter.com/gobles Steve Goble

    I never heard of Pastor Craig before this post and would love to be introduced to him through this book!

  • http://twitter.com/idagurl Ida Torres

    I just turned 33 and I’m basically happy with my life, but still there are days when i wake up and I can’t bring myself to get out of bed. I feel like I need to detoxify some things out of my life and so I am very much interested to read this book. Huge fan of all Craig’s books :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=551785695 Mark Nowell

    I’m a pastor of a small church in Ontario…and from the review this books seems to be speaking directly to some of the toxins plaguing the Canada culture and church. Can’t wait to read it.

  • Jeff Stumph

    Look forward to reading this book!

  • Asa Veek

    I’m constantly bombarded with messages and messengers – at work, with customers, in small groups, at home; it’s constant. I’ve appreciated Craig Groeschel’s teachings in the past, and this one sound like it would be very good and beneficial.

  • Jeremie Kilgore

    I would love to get my hands on this book! I’ve read Groesch’s other books and to be honest, I’m gonna buy it even if I don’t win the book… My reasons for wanting it are:
    1. Jesus came to bring healing and set people free. I love this topic, I think we could all use more of this, so I’m eager to see what Craig has to say.
    2. How cool would it be to get an email from Michael Hyatt!

  • Neiko Mullens

    I have been struggling with my faith and a friend of mine recommended that I look into this book. I feel like the heart and soul of my faith are just bogged down and I am unable to figure out why.

  • tom

    I have been a “Believer” for 38 years. Two months ago, I decided to become a “Follower”. Yes, there is a vast difference. As the Bible says, ‘even the demons believe’. I spent 90% of my life living on the fence between God and the World, and as a guy, falling on that fence is brutal. I never realized how much of an impact the little toxic things can have, but over time, just like a daily candy bar, those little things can devastate you. A little negative thought here, a little porn there, a little comparison with the successful neighbor here, a little ‘where is God’ there….and 38 years later, I’m critical of the very God I say I worship (I was even a ministry leader in a mega church), my marriage was on its way down, my little boys were stressed (one has autism and can’t use anymore stress), financially struggling, and was starting to own the victim mentality. NO MORE! On 21212 (Feb 12, 2012), in front of my church family, my wife, my boys, and men I had previously lead in ministry, I gave it all over the Jesus Christ, and it’s Him that I follow and trust. My passion is Men’s Ministry and this book looks to be an opportunity to get the message across to men to stop the cycle of poisoning ourselves, revitalize, and become the men God created us to be. With the many books out there, Soul Detox looks like it may put things into a perspective that is better understood, especially by men.

  • shine eye

    i need a copy of soul detox because im living a toxic life and sometimes i enjoy it too , but i know i cant keep on living like that x x

  • http://www.shannonmilholland.blogspot.com Shannon Milholland

    I have been on a physical detox for 45 days due to some physical symptoms I was experiencing not commensurate with my age and fitness level. Since I began my weight, focus, alertness and energy have all improved while my symptoms have completely disapated. I think Soul Detox would be the perfect companion for my journey!

  • G Wong

    More than ever we need this. I think we’re so technologically ‘idolized’ that this is core to our existence and function as human beings. What a fascinating and needed book for our times.

  • Clara Rose

    I am not familiar with Craig’s book but it sounds like I need to look him up!

  • Angie

    God currently has me on a journey of obedience…spiritually through reading His word and living it out…physically through weight loss…and emotionally with the help of a Christian counselor. 2Peter1 tells me to “make every effort” to add to my faith and cultivate the fruit God planted in me. I think this book would be a great resource for me on my journey as well as for the other women i counsel.

  • Amy von Borstel

    This book sounds phenomenal. I have been living a somewhat fasted lifestyle by keeping toxic people out of my life, only listening or watching programs that are filled with hope and inspiration, and praying daily for God to keep my heart pure. I’m excited about this revolutionary book. I’m sure I have more to detox in my soul. So I can’t wait to read Soul Detox!

    God bless you,
    Amy von Borstel

  • Randy Briscoe

    As a pastor, I am very interested in presenting these truths to my church! Craig’s books have not only enriched my personal spiritual growth, but they have better equipped me to present those same life-shaping principles to my church.

  • Chris McClure

    I want a copy of this book because I am a pastor and I am always looking for resources that can help the people I lead navigate the toxic world we live in. I would love to read and review it so I can them recommend it to others.

  • Jabin Postal

    This books sounds like one that is a must read to help aid each of us as we desire to move closer to God each day. When we take time to detox, we suddenly become aware of what is not to be consumed resulting in a cleansed life and spirit. Would love to read it.

  • Sheila

    We truly are in a world where we are being over taken by toxins from every angle. With all the revivals that are starting this spring, your introduction to this book and how we allow our minds, hearts, and lives to allow everything in, brings me to believe that revival is aboout changing our lives from the inside with Gods help. We are to repent of our sins, and learn Gods’s fundamental truths and change our ways. When we commit our entire lives to God, putting away all of satans tricks and schemes, we can get rid or limit the amount of the toxins that cause devastation in our lives. We can begin living with wise counsel (Bible) and be able to breathe in more life without the toxic environment overwhelming our system, heart, minds, and our lives. One truth I have learned in my studies is that God wants desciples not just everyday christians. We are on a continuous journey, a process (2 Peter 3:18) for this change. I am looking forward to reading your insights on the topic and Pray God’s blessing over your ministry.

  • http://twitter.com/karensdavis Karen Davis

    I so agree with your assertion that we live in an increasingly toxic environment and I love that Craig tackles some of the top issues I see over and over as I work in ministry. I always benefit from Craig’s teaching and writing and I would like to take my team leaders through the book as a way to assess our individual spiritual health and identify areas that need work. We can’t serve others effectively if there are areas and issues that need to be dealt with and tough questions are necessary.

  • http://twitter.com/JohnGettemeyer John Gettemeyer

    This book sounds really good! I work as a Senior Resident Assistant at a large university. I want to grow in my spiritual walk with the Lord. I also want to be able provide accurate information to the students and other Resident Assistants that I am over. I work for a public university and they plan the training for RAs, but I want to be sure that I can distinguish the truth from lies that propagate in society.

  • Shena Springer

    I would love to suggest this book to one of my small groups. We do bible studies based on different books. I would also like to use it for myself to grow even closer to God. I don’t live in Texas so I listen to you by podcast. I’ve listened to so many that I’ve had to get a new iPhone to hold them all. ( now I can’t afford the book, lol). I really just know a lot of people that really need to read this book including myself. It would just get the ball rolling to get a free copy. I’ve learned a lot from your teaching and really appreciate you and what God does through you. You’ve been a blessing in my life and I’m not saying that to get a free book. Really. I love your insight and love what you do.

    • Shena Springer

      I meant I dont live in Oklahoma. Lol

  • http://twitter.com/LindseyMBell LindseyBell

    I would love a copy of this book for two reasons: 1) because I need to read it and 2) because I think it would be a great resource for our family group at church.

  • Cheryl

    I attend Elevation extension site in Norwalk, Ohio. I enjoy Pastor Groeschels’s messages very much! I am currently a warrior in prayer for two prodigal children..this will give me much wisdom and insight to focus in prayer and counsel my children!

  • Janet Stone

    This book provides me with an excellent resources for a counseling ministry I am involved. My team needs more resources so that we can more effectively facilitate opening the eyes of those in bondage to the schemes of Satan. Over and over I see lies and false beliefs being reinforced by toxic self talk which is at the root of much captivity of many believers. I’d like to see if this will help us bring more clarity to those we want to see in new freedom.

  • Travel Cyndy

    I am especially interested in this book because I have a lot of girlfriends that are having difficult times with heart issues. They do not love themselves and they are not sure God loves them. They love people and want to be loving but self-hatred and pain is hard for them to process thru and let God in those secret places!

  • David Sperry

    I want the free book. I will use the knowledge I gain from the book to learn, then grow, then influence others positively.

  • Fran Clower

    I would love a copy of this book. I have oversight to faith-based women in seven counties of Califorinia. We all are always looking for opportunities to grow in ourselves & the people we serve. Thanks for your consideration!

  • mpurcell24

    I would love a copy of the book as well. Very good information that really hit home.

  • Kimberly Summerlin

    I would love to get Soul Detox. We have so much in our world today, that we need to be rid of that we think we need. All I need is to be addicted to Jesus!!! I would love to read Brother Craig’s book. We are going through a tough financial time right now. So, I would love to receive something that will strengthen my faith!!! Thank you!!!

  • Debbie Maulsby

    Mr. Hyatt, I am commenting not because I want a book, however, I WILL be purchasing this book. There are many more people who might not be able to afford it and I would much rather they have that opportunity.
    I AM writing, however, to comment on the man who authored this book. He is my pastor in Oklahoma City. My husband, children and grandchildren and I attend Lifechurch.tv. While we are not close friends with the pastor, we have had the opportunity to observe him through the years as God has grown him and his church.

    In a society that is increasingly skeptical of its spiritual leaders, I thought it might be refreshing to hear that the man behind this book, and his other books, is an honest, open man of God, who is so clear about the calling that God has on his life he is not swayed by opinion or flattery. He is, as you have stated, a humble man, along with being an inspiring speaker. But, from what we have observed, he is first and foremost absolutely surrendered to Christ and His leading in his life and the church.

    His commitment is full and he has made his weaknesses transparent so that others can be blessed, not just by his strengths, but also by his failings. In his open personal testimonies he provides a forum for us to be able to experience the kindness of a loving God who can take the worst of us and change us into the best for Him. We thank the Lord daily for a pastor with a surrendered heart.

    I have subscribed to your blog for awhile now and have found it to be so helpful and inspiring. Thank you for reviewing this book and offering it to your readers. May the Lord bless and multiply the gift of these books and the work of His Spirit through them.

    In Him,
    Debbie Maulsby

  • Julie

    College students. American college campuses are the microscopes that amplify all things toxic in our cultural influences, our personal emotional upheaval, and behavior that results from this soul deadening combination. Without a doubt, I believe Soul Detox will speak clearly to my own combination of personal toxicities, but will also aid in ministering to the college students I love and serve at The University of Arizona.

  • gawilkey

    Craig is one of my favorite speakers. I have just started on my own soul detox and would love to hear what he has to say. I hope I can use it to help others with the same issues.

  • http://twitter.com/jessemax Jesse Smith

    I’ve heard Craig speak and I’ve read some of his other books and they have greatly impacted my ministry…it sounds like this one would as well.

  • Angela StGermain

    As a leader who equips, I deal a lot with toxic influence especially from the area of “religion”…standing firmly in the truth of those toxic situations is vital for ourselves as well as those we lead…I’m interested in Craig’s book Soul Detox to lead stronger in this area.

  • http://www.facebook.com/randy.clay.31 Randy Clay

    I minister here in Utah. This book would be helpful to me in my ministry. I always enjoy Greg’s books.

  • Ashley

    As a missionary in Haiti, spiritual toxicity is an often dealt with issue. I would like to have a copy of this book to better understand the issues, reactions, and causes of spiritual toxicity in order to better cleanse my life of the deadly toxins God wants to take out of all of His children, and to better minister to those in this spiritually dark place. This is a very prevalent issue here, and one that the people easily understand when spoken to about because they understand and believe that there is a spiritual side to everything. In addition, I am from the OKC metro and am familiar with Craig Groeschel’s teaching, and I always benefit spiritually from his books, so I’d love to read this one.

    • http://www.MicheleCushatt.com/ Michele Cushatt

      I’ve been to Haiti twice, and you’re assessment is right on. Praying for you today that you will have discernment and courage as you speak truth to those who are seeking it.

  • Carolyn

    Two reasons I would love a copy of your book,

    the first is that, look,
    I’m an artist with few purchases to afford:

    the pen, a mighty sword
    and the brush, dipped in colors lush.
    (but never in a rush.)
    The second reason I’d like your book today

    is because it is my 25th birthday
    Which is just a quarter, and flip it heads or tails,
    I hope that neither fails :)

  • JordanC

    I teach 8th graders all day and have for the past 9 years! Summer’s fast approaching and I would love to read about detoxing my soul while I go through my annual mental and emotional detox (otherwise known as “summer break”)!

  • Scott Mason

    In a day and age of pastors who prefer to tickle the ears congregation, it is refreshing to have a voice of truth. The vision and ministry of this man and Life Church continue to build into the body of Christ. Great work! It is refreshing to see many of the posts refer to using the material to aid in the development and mentoring of others.

  • Dee Miller

    I’m a youth pastor and this is a subject I continually address with my teens. I am very interested in the free book and believe it would be great for small group discussion.

  • Katie Spang

    I would love to read Soul Detox because it sounds just like the book I have been looking for. I am 23 and just moved to Wisconsin from Washington for a job and don’t have any friends or family close by, no home church, roommates, etc. That isn’t meant to be a sob story however–I am loving life right now!–but I think it is the perfect time for me to reflect and refocus on how this next chapter in my life is going to go!

  • http://twitter.com/Emiloo_A Emily Andrassy

    As a coach and a leadership/life skills consultant,
    primarily for high school and collegiate student-athletes, this would be a
    fantastic resource! In discussions of personal identity and value-based
    decision-making, this book would provide an excellent backdrop for modifying
    internal dialogue, understanding external influences that shape our behavior, and
    improving our relationship with our teammates, family, and friends. I love the analogy to physical health and
    wellness, because athletes understand how their physical condition impacts
    performance in sport and will be able to make the connection to the importance of
    maintaining spiritual and emotional health for a fruitful and happy life.

    I haven’t even touched upon the personal relevance this book
    would have in my life. My husband and I
    have committed ourselves to maintaining physical and spiritual health. We have succeeded in demonstrating good
    habits of physical fitness by running every day. We thrive on discovering new recipes for
    fresh and local fruits and vegetables to feed our body the nutrition it needs. Unfortunately we haven’t had the same success
    in our spiritual journey. We are reaching
    for ways to replace bad habits with emotionally and spiritually sound practices
    in our daily lives. I believe this book
    would provide us with a renewed vision of the changes we need to make to
    improve our own spiritual and emotional health.

  • http://twitter.com/eccle0412 Jackie Anderson

    I am fairly disciplined. The ins and outs of my mouth are always a challenge. It is a heart issue I know. You can buy lo cal food and hire a personal trainer for the physical needs but finding a source to address inner issues (which are so easily hidden) is not so easy. Sounds like this book would be directive, convicting, and compel me to continue my desperately dependent life.
    With teens and young people in my life daily I am often challenged to draw correct lines and pick worthy battles.
    Free books from trusted givers are always read and in the past I have purchased more to pass on to others.

  • francis_iso@yahoo.com

    Because it is going to be a great transformatory read. Applying inter-disciplinary knowledge and words suggestive of the medical profession, the book conveys rich natural and spiritual health giving knowledge based on divine principles.

  • wicklessfever

    I think my biggest struggle is with toxic thoughts. I would love to have this book to use as a resource to overcome my own toxic thoughts. God is so good and I am so grateful to have Craig as the pastor of our church. We are so blessed!

  • Don

    I certainly agree with the statement that what we put into our minds and allow in our hearts affects us; and oftentimes, in ways in which we are not aware.

  • Randy

    I think it would be great book for my Wed. evening bible study.

  • http://twitter.com/peanutspenny peanutspenny

    Just finished reading Weird – and love the insight Craig Groeschel has to offer, while comically intertwining it with his life stories. Looking forward to the next read!

    • http://www.MicheleCushatt.com/ Michele Cushatt

      “Weird” is sitting on my shelf, waiting to be read. Thanks for the nudge!

  • http://www.robshep.com Rob Shepherd

    I love Craig’s books. I recently planted a church, have 1 year old twins, and my book funds are limited. I’d love to check this out.

  • BryanB

    I am a seminary student who is afraid his pace of life in preparing for the ministry could potentially lead to some dangerous soul poisoning. I think this book could save me before the stakes become much higher.

  • Val Campbell

    lAs a missionary mentoring, coaching, leading and serving for 20 years in Hungary I see this issue “spiritual detox” as one of the hottest yet misunderstood and mishandled issues that believers grapple with regularly. Over the centuries the world’s standards have slowly crept into the church and God’s standard for holiness is hardly recognized. I interface weekly with pastors, youth leaders and church planters that i believe would benefit from a practical guide to the sources of toxins to which we may very well be unaware and how to deal in a healthy manner with them. Currently I am helping to facilitate training of church planting leaders throughout Europe. We offer them books just like this to assist them in challenging their teams, and church members to grow. I would love to share this book in one of our upcoming residential programs which we will facilitate over the next two years.

  • Tinkerbellgirl77

    I would love to read it and detox my soul, and then pass it along to others to help them. Craig’s preaching is blessed and so are his books! I have read several others he wrote and lend them out to people that I feel could benefit from them. Learn from those that are wise, see a change in yourself and in turn give wisdom to those who you can help!

  • jsbullersmith

    I am a professional Christian Counselor who works with individuals and families that have been invaded with toxicity from every source on our planet. I would love to read and recommend this book to my clients those who know the Truth and those who struggle daily with toxic thoughts, habits, and behaviors. JSbullerSmith

    • http://www.MicheleCushatt.com/ Michele Cushatt

      Thank you for how you care for others. I’m deeply grateful for the counselors and mentors who have spoken into my life.

  • Melinda Thao

    I’d love to win a copy of this book and learn how to get rid of all the toxic influences around me and the toxic thoughts and behaviors in me. I want to enjoy life and want to let go of the negativity. This book would be a great resource.

  • Kevin

    Who wouldn’t want a free book? :)

  • Michael Frank

    My next book to get is this one. I’ve read his other books and can’t believe how amazing they are and yet so simplistic that we over look the things he points out on a regular basis.

  • Kevin Ellison

    I plan on getting this book. I read “Chazown” and it changed my life!

  • http://twitter.com/bjhousewords Bonnie J. House

    Seeing the video, reading the notes on the blog the information shows me that I need spirtual detoxing. And when I read the book then I can share what I learn on my blog so others might be interested in getting the book by Craig Groeschel-Soul Detox.

  • Melissa Burford

    I feel extremely weighed down and need an awakening and Craig’s book Soul Detox looks like it might just have the answers for me. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to win a copy!

  • http://twitter.com/Reach_Timbuktu Jaydie Johnson

    As a missionary, I think this book would be both beneficial to me personally as well as to those Jesus ministers to through me each day.

    • http://www.MicheleCushatt.com/ Michele Cushatt

      Definitely a book to be shared. Thanks for your comment, Jaydie.

  • http://twitter.com/bjhousewords Bonnie J. House

    I posted once but not sure it was received. I just stated that from listening to the video, and also reading the blog that I am one that needs to get spirually detoxed. Thank you for offering the book.

  • clint

    Love Pastor Craig and his team. Excited about the book.

  • Katvandu

    Two reasons for wanting this book – not only does it fill my leadership cup by being in the “space” of the men and women who are game changers for the Church; it also allows me to multiply the impact of these same men and women by sharing the information in my marketplace ministry. Grateful for the written word (digit or paper :-) so I can remain on the cutting edge of the generational groups I lead, love and learn from!

  • smurrays

    So pumped for this book can’t wait to having my understanding challenged.

  • http://twitter.com/oarolin Oscar

    This is a good process for everyone to do. It’s not easy to recognize it but you feel like a load is lifted after you do it. Like Pastors Craig stuff

  • http://twitter.com/nuomuz nuomuz

    this book seems to hit the topics i most need- im really excited to read it!

  • http://twitter.com/motherof2angie Angie Walthall

    The LORD is showing me that the majority of the issues that I need to deal with right now have to do with the way I think, and the things I allow myself to think. I’m gathering an arsenal of weapons (including ‘The Three Battlegrounds’ by: F. Frangipane, ‘The Ragamuffin Gospel’ by B.Manning, ‘Thinking for A Change’ by J. Maxwell, ‘Weird’ by you, and ‘The Circle Maker’ by M. Batterson) to help me learn how to change the way I think and approach things. I would love to add your lastest book to the collections of weapons I’m using to gain an understanding of how God wants me to view life and deal with it.

  • http://talesofwork.com/ kimanzi constable

    Looks like a great book, really like his video.

  • Rex

    Briefly, I need to detox and the men I mentor said they need to do the same. I’m buying the book.

  • George L.

    I currently mentor the pastoral staff of the church that I attend and would like to review this book for myself to reccommend for them. The all respect Greg, so this could be great for them. Thanks for your work on these posts.

  • Lynn

    I agree that we need to detox. I want to read the book and see what he has to say about all of this. This could come in handy in my counseling/coaching.

  • Heather

    Simply put, I love to read, I enjoy Craig’s books, and I 100% believe all leaders should be readers!

  • http://www.facebook.com/1mikev Michael Verlennich

    As a father of 10 and the lead pastor of an 18 month old church plant, I desperately need to maintain spiritual health and continue to seek any resources that will help. I recently downloaded your personal life plan e-book and it is changing the way I live.

    Thank you for taking the time to make these great resources available!

    • http://www.MicheleCushatt.com/ Michele Cushatt

      10?! I have 6, and that keeps me plenty busy! You’re right, Michael—maintaining spiritual health MUST be a priority, and requires constant attention. It doesn’t take very many over-packed days to end up on empty. And that can be disastrous.

  • RobGoudy

    Just yesterday, our pastor shared an excerpt in staff meeting. He specifically referred to the real-life example of entertainment and the movies we watch can impact us spiritually. We saw how a wive’s gentle rebuke began a journey of defending behavior, conviction, soul-searching, and the Holy Spirit’s transformative power that’s available. As we’ve death with unhealthy organizational behavior, this hit our heads and our hearts.

  • ruthinthedesert

    I am writing a book about spiritual disciplines. This sounds like a book that would be useful in my research, because spiritual disciplines are choices to step away from all the toxic habits and into godly habits. I am also interested in this book because I am on the team that chooses which Bible studies will be offered to women at my church.

  • Martine

    This books seems like a must for those who want to deal with holiness in their lives within the challenges of their cultures. I am really looking forward to find out the writer’s approach and how contextualizable this text is in cross-cultural settings, especially in developing countries.

  • Jenny C

    As a graduate student in Holistic Health, I’m well aware detox is a fundamental process for living well and thriving! I would love this book because it will contribute to my holistic framework on a spiritual and emotional level. Without spiritual and emotional wellness, we cannot be physically healthy. And I’m a big fan of Craig Groeschel–I just went through Chazown and loved it!

  • Trevor Harmon

    Honestly, I’m a broke college student wanting to draw nearer to God. I don’t have the money to buy this book from a store or online and I think it would be a great resource to help my relationship with Christ flourish. I believe Craig’s book can and will do that. Thanks for viewing this comment, I hope you can please my appeal. God bless you.

  • piggmania

    I am a missionary in Rome, Italy at an international church. I am primarily involved in the women’s ministry and mentoring. I would love to use this book first for myself, then as a tool to mentor the women of the church who are from over 50 countries of the world! Each of these women have the capacity to reach other women in their home countries and the effect of this book will go on and on!

    • http://www.MicheleCushatt.com/ Michele Cushatt

      Wow! This sounds amazing. Thanks for giving us a glimpse at what you’re doing in your ministry. I wish I would’ve met you before I went to Rome last November. We could’ve met over a cappuccino!

  • http://twitter.com/Stuttman Steven Sutton

    I am a preacher in the Methodist Church UK and I am trying
    to lead the church that I worship in to a greater understanding of what God’s
    call is in their life. One of the ways we are doing this is to try and learn
    together through pastoral study groups. This is new for us because to be honest
    it is not often done in the traditional UK Church’s. I think this book would be
    good for us to get our teeth into and to try and change some Souls and Hearts
    for God.

  • JR Emery

    As a minister of the gospel, I am constantly evaluating my personal life to ensure that I am practicing what I preach. Books like this one serve as a tremendous tool to give me the chance to look in the mirror and make sure I am doing my best to be Christ-like. We spend so much of our personal development trying to add things to our lives to increase our value, when so much self-improvement can only come from purifying ourselves. This book will be at the top of my future reading list… first to apply it to my own life, then to use it to teach others.

  • http://twitter.com/minmoe Monique Budd

    I would like this book because I am embarking on a cleansing journey. I have initially started on my health-physical cleansing and also my mind-soul cleansing. I believe this book will be the perfect complement to what I desire to do so that I can be fully submitted to the will of God and purify to be used by Him in a greater way.

  • Andrew Maulding

    I would like this book because, as God is writing his/story, or history, in my life, I want to weed out the toxins in my life and I know that with Jesus living through me, and possibly the advice and brash encouragement offered throughout this book, that I can accomplish this.

  • Nikki

    Because I am passionate about this subject! I am a professional life coach, I have a blog, and I am planning to write a book on freedom in Christ. This is not only good research material, but wonderful material for my clients.

  • Crystal

    What a great idea! My husband and I are cleansing our diet already. This book would be the perfect compliment for that process in our lives.

  • Betsy

    I would like to receive a copy of this book as I know many of the hurts from my past affect me today and I see my behaviors being ingrained in my children’s personalities. I would like to be able to stop the cycle and break these generational curses in my own family and in other families in our church.

  • Cathy

    I love his books and think this one will really hit home. His books usually hit me right between the eyes. Our world is getting worse all the time and the word “toxic” fits it to a tee. We must be ever vigilant about what we allow to possibly influence us. I definitely think this book would be good for a group setting as well.

  • Julie

    It’s by Craig Groechel, that explains it all!!! He is awesome!

  • Therese Fleck

    I would love a copy of your book because I am currently working with Marjorie Cole from Life Recovery in Minnesota. We are walking through EXACTLY what you are talking about. It would be a great confirmation. Thank you for considering me.

  • Heather

    I would love to win a copy of this book because I’ve never read a book by Craig and I love a good detox!

  • Chuck Bryce

    At the same time I am “detoxing” my body by juicing I figure I can detox my soul with this book. You are partly to blame for both. Goodbye to Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Hello to Trim, Fit and Nearly Well!


    I want to know from the book how I can be detoxed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=767073809 Chris Trodden

    I pastor a small but growing church in Australia called Hopegen. There are 75 of us all up, with the average age being in our mid 20’s. As the senior pastor (senior being a funny term in my case as I’m only 31), I would pass on the gems and wisdom I read in this book to my leaders, and give it a plug in church – old school “word-of-mouth” endorsement.
    The benefit of this, is that this one copy will be not just bless me, but 74 other people. I’ve been watching Craig for over 6 years now – he’s great speaker and sound Biblical teacher.
    This would be a nice way to help look after the church in Australia. Thank you

  • http://www.facebook.com/guevarra.rob Rob Guevarra

    On one episode of Sherlock Holmes BBC Series, Watson was wondering why Sherlock didn’t know stuff about space. Here’s Sherlock’s answer:
    “This (pointing to mind) is my harddrive. I only store here things that are important. So when I need to access it, I can get it fast. You people (pointing to Watson) store up all kinds of information that you don’t need and that gets in the way when you need to remember something important.”

    In essence, our spirituality is the same. When we allow junk to come in when we don’t guard our minds/self, it gets in the way of those that are important. Getting this book would give me a deeper perspective on this that I can share to my team.

  • http://www.facebook.com/merrittjohnston Jennifer Merritt Johnston

    Teenagers today are desperately in need of a soul detox, but most are so distracted that they will never even know it. I hope that this book will give me more ammo to use in the spiritual war we are waging for the souls of the next generation.

  • Jake

    I want a copy of Soul Detox because I work with many College Students and I see the effects of toxicity in the lives of so many of us on the college campus. I would love to learn more from Craig Groeschel and use his book to teach other students on my campus.

  • http://www.flavors.me/jasmine84 Jennifer Rowsell

    The Senior Pastoral Staff at my church (of which I am the newest member) needs a book to read and study together. I am consistently waving the “let’s not forget our own souls” flag. I’m wondering it this book would be a good place for us to go next. If I had one I could read it and find out. :)

  • NJ

    I would like a copy because I believe it might be a great resource for my small group to study.

  • pinkgirl

    …by the way, I don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account – hope that doesn’t disqualify me from a chance to get a free copy of the book! :)

  • pinkgirl

    I am a big believer in living as pure a life as possible. I would like to give a copy of this book to my husband for Father’s Day, in the hopes that God will use it to show him the importance of purity too. We have children of our own, and we are considering fostering or adopting more. I think this topic is so important for all Christians, but especially for anyone who is in a leadership role, especially the leadership of our own children! I am currently part-way through Craig’s book, “Weird”, and am really enjoying it. I’m sure his new book will be equally thought-provoking and truth-revealing. I can’t wait to read it! Thanks for sharing about his latest book.

  • http://www.theworld4realz.com/ Andi-Roo

    I want a copy of the book because my soul is pretty messed up. I’m working on different methods of cleaning it up, reading anything I can get my hands on toward that end. If you think this book would help me, well then I would like to give it a try. Even if I don’t win a copy here, I plan to obtain one at some point in the near future. Thanks for the chance!

    /// @theworld4realz



  • Shena Springer

    I meant Oklahoma!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jillhaire Jill Haire

    As a young adult and youth pastor I struggle with keeping a higher standard for leadership and staying relevant in culture. I think this book will both challenge, convict, and encourage me in keeping my would aligned with Christ and not culture.

  • http://twitter.com/carlaxelfranzon Carl Axel Franzon

    My soul could always use a detox, and though GNC has all sorts of things for detox, none that seemed to cover the soul. I am curious to see what Craig has to say about how we can open ourselves to the soul detox that only the Spirit can accomplish.

  • debra

    One time I felt God gave me a glimpse of the eternalness of my soul…it has always stayed with me. I feel like I am at a standstill and I am very interested in learning more about my soul. Thank you for the opportunity

  • Chris

    Craig’s books have been challenging to me, and I feel like this one will be no different. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • http://twitter.com/ktackel Keith Tackel

    My goal for myself this year is to be a better spiritual leader of my family, a thing I have been lacking in. A better husband, a better father to two girls and one boy and a better friend. This book sounds like a great way to take inventory of myself and to possibly get on a healthy track with those things.

  • Hayley Bevel

    I want this book because my heart is hungry for the Lord to show me what I don’t need in life. Where I am being deceived at.

  • Susan

    Thank you for another inspirational post. I would like a copy of Craig’s book as a parent and a wife. My 12-year old son and his scout troop are at a point in their lives that is so fragile, the book and its message of toxins should be part of conversations even more so than the dangers of alcohol and smoking. We are too susceptible to being spirtually sick – the book is a resource I would share wiat home and at work.

  • Chitty

    I am getting ready to start a mens bible study group in June and this subject matter would be perfect for our group. I need a book that will be a game changer for our mens group. Something that will make us think before we act once we are away from each other. Its so easy to be all churchy on Sunday and Wednesday when you are around fellow christians, but once you step back into the world its ful of temptations and distractions to try and obscure your view.

  • Gary

    wow this looks like a book that would really help. I need this book!

  • Brandon

    Craig Groeschel’s books and preaching have been a blessing to me and it would help me to learn and to teach my youth group about how live a more godly life.

  • TomKinsfather

    I’m a dad and I want to teach my three kids about toxic language. They pick up on the words their friends use. It can be hard to explain why some words are acceptable and others aren’t. Pastor Craig makes things do clear and simple.

  • Richella @ Imparting Grace

    I am particularly impressed with the recognition that much of the toxicity in our souls actually comes from within rather than without. It’s easy to blame our environment rather to face the truth that Jesus proclaims. Sounds as if this author writes in an engaging way about important truths; I’d love to read it. Thanks to Zondervan for the giveaway.

  • Carson Rogers

    I am currently working on planting a church in Philadelphia. This sounds like it could really be good for a small group study.

  • Nathan

    A couple reasons for wanting the book, I am a bi-voc pastor at a new church and I would love to have another resource to give our people (after i read it of course, it is much better than the chemistry textbooks I read to teach out of…). Many people in our congregation understand the word Detox due to past experiences and i think they would get a lot out of it. Second, Even though I have never met him, Craig has gained my respect and gratitude in trying to reach our community while consistently pleasing our God. So I would like to learn more of his though process in this book.

  • Mark Yanosky

    I would like a copy of Soul Detox because I’ve been a big fan of Craig’s for several years, as well as a huge Michael Hyatt fan. I recently spoke at a national meeting (14,000 doctors) for my health care specialty and cited Michael’s “Creating your life plan” E-book as life changing. Books like Craig’s and Michael’s have become essential to my well-being!

  • Kenny

    It is so easy to become toxic with life issues. i would enjoy reading Soul Detox, and using it to identify those things that influence my life and behavior.

  • http://twitter.com/patchnix Patrick Nix

    I need this book!

  • Karissa Hildebrand

    i guess i don’t need this book, but i feel like right now in my life it would really help. i have been struggling with friends and family issues and i need a complete detox of my soul. God had always been the center of my life and then recently He has somehow disappeared. i miss how my life was when God was the center. i understand that you only have a few copies so i understand if i don’t get one. but God is starting to become the center of my life again and i am now leading a bible study at my school. He is truly doing amazing things in my life and i cant wait to see what He has in store for years to come! God bless everyone! :)

  • JessicaBeth

    I listened to Craig Groeschel’s toxic series more times than I can count and have been enriched by his teaching! I’m sure his book will be just as great if not better, and I’d love to use it for a discipleship class at my church.

  • Ethan Shockley

    I would love this book because Craig’s writing really hits home for me. I’m a high school senior that wants to continue the growth in my life. As is it said, “leaders are learners” and I hope that no matter what age I am, I will continue to learn more and more about Jesus and his will for my life each day. I think this book will impact my personal relationship with Jesus, and also others around me as we do life together!

  • Emily

    I listen to Craig’s sermons online and simply get inspired by his writings!

  • nspindler

    I am always looking for ways to challenge and push myself to grow closer to God.

    I also won’t lie, part of me selfishly just wants this book for free

  • Shiapt

    I would like to read this then have my 8th grader read it. I plan to pass it on to give others a chance to grow from it. (BTW my son enjoys your sermons because you usually, almost always, have a funny story to share!)

  • http://twitter.com/DorothyBare Dorothy Bare

    Wow, I think you have hit the nail on the head! I am looking forward to reading this book.

  • Lisa

    Why I’d like a copy of this book – I’ve been reading “No Compromise: the life story of Keith Green” and this sounds like it will be an excellent follow-up. What has struck me about Keith Green was his desire to be obedient and his ‘sold-out’ attitude. I’ve been convicted while reading it about where my love for Christ and my commitment to Him may run lukewarm (or cold). I’ve been asking God where changes need to be made in my (and my family’s) life and a soul detox may be right up there on the list! Thanks so much.

  • Reg

    I really could use that book. I’ll be 29, saturday may 12 and life hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

  • tracylynn80

    Craig is an inspiration to me as a leader in my church, inspiration is something I can’t get enough of. I hope to pass it on to someone who God will show me after I read it and let others be blessed by this book as well. I wear several different hats in ministry and the message he preached on the Restless Soul was one of those life changing messages for me. I can’t wait to read more about it.

  • http://twitter.com/mchambers15 Melissa Chambers

    Welp. I just typed my heart out answering your question and then with a slip of the finger I lost it all so here is attempt number 2. God has gifted Craig with a way to reach the places inside of me I pretend to even hide from and hide from God. Lifechurch.tv has given a chance to worship in a community of Christians even when my body (I am prone to chronic pain and illness) fails me and I can not attend service at my home church. I want this book because God is calling me to read it, to be fed, share it with fellow Christians and have it as a tool, arming myself in my witnessing especially to my Mom. In the short 3.5 years I have been saved I have taken every opportunity to witness to her. She falls into the category of, “I am a good person especially in comparison to this horrible world and I don’t sin – especially nothing that Jesus had to die for.” I know I will eventually purchase the book, God will provide a way as he always does even though I don’t see a way, financially or you will be led to give me a copy. Either way God is good all the time and just being directed to your review was a blessing. Proudly In Christ, Melissa.

  • http://brettcohrs.com Brett

    We can’t always prevent toxic input, so it’s vital to learn better how to recognize and discern how to handle it. I know I can always use more tools.

  • Unlikely Christian

    Why I want the book: I’ve grown so much since I started listening to Lifechurch.TV podcasts. Craig Groeschel is an amazing teacher. I sampled the first part of this book on iTunes. It’s a must have for me whether I win it or not.

  • http://twitter.com/JesSkeGravity Jessica Wesnofske

    I would love a copy of Soul Detox. I look forward to anything that involves furthering my walk with God, be it through the Holy Spirit, knowledge and/or conviction. The good Lord miraculously delivered my from life long depression/suicidal thoughts AND a 7 year long meth addicition. Just celebrated 3 years :) We have recently been given property and the ministry I am a part of has opened a faith based long term womens recovery home. If the book is worthy ;) I hope to share it with the other women who are struggling with life controlling issues. See more about our ministry here http://www.breakingchainsministries.com http://www.facebook.com/breakingchainshabersham @breakchainsNEGA http://www.facebook.com/freedomhillNEGA

  • webbiedong

    I am a student at a pretty liberal private liberal arts college. I recognize the toxins mentioned within myself as well as in the world and those around me. However, I struggle to identify them as I see them on a daily basis because they are so pervasive. The biggest reason they are so poisonous is that they masquerade as a “normal” part of the way the world works. If we are unable to identify them in specific instances, as they occur, we will not be able to ‘detox’. I would like to read this book so that I can be more confident of my own judgments of things as toxins (or be challenged in my views in ways that will lead me to the truth) as well as so that I am more engaged in thinking about them so I can hopefully better recognize them and detox!

  • Chancey

    I am currently a full time intern at a church. The past nine months that I’ve been in this program have been about growing closer to God and getting rid of things that hold me back from my purpose. I’ve learned that although I am constantly in a church environment, negative influences still threaten my spiritual purity. Lately I’ve learned that even the “small” things can hinder me in my walk with God and I’m trying to identify the bad mindsets, beliefs and behaviors that are holding me back. I believe this book will help me walk through that process.

  • http://twitter.com/happytwit Jesse Dedel

    1 Timothy 4:16 exhorts us to watch our “life and doctrine”, with “life” coming before “doctrine”. I appreciate that the toxins identified in this book are more internal than internal and I, for one, am in great need of such a detox from these. It would be a great blessing to my life and ministry if I could receive a copy of your book. Blessings! :)

  • Gabita1986

    He is definitely my favorite writer, I enjoy so much reading his books, he insipire me to want to become a better Christian, a better person and I feel soo identify. Love the way he talks about “Christianity” and how he focus it. I gave away some copies of the Christian atheist because I believe that book can change lives and this one it’s the continuity of that life changing.

  • http://restoryinglife.com/ joe at restoryinglife.com

    Over the past 17 months, I’ve been, in Craig’s words, detoxing my life … or, in my words, restorying from a place of chaos to one of shalom. Most of what I’ve done has centered on lies, hidden sin, and unhealthy people. To dig in and see what else I could work on would be of utmost value.

  • joshuayngblood

    I am a 26 year old student pastor. From reading the excerpts,I want the book for a few of reasons. First of all, I think it will help tremendously in shaping my ministry. I fully expect this book to give me several specific tools to ensure that my spiritual well remains clear of any debris or toxins. Secondly, I feel that I can teach the concepts from this book to a small group of teens that I am actively disiplining. Finally, I can teach the concepts from this book to the student group I serve and help about 100 teenagers find ways to get rid of some of the toxins in their life.

  • L Roney

    Thank you for giving away these books! After reading “Weird”, I felt normal. Years ago, my Dad and my first husband died within 19 days of each other. My Dad’s death was his victory over cancer but my husband’s death was totally unexpected.
    I know Christ more because of His being my everything during those loses and every since. He rebuilt my life blessing me with a husband who loves to lead others into worship with our awesome God. The Father blessed us with the opportunity to also serve with Him in our local Celebrate Recovery Program. Honestly, I just know the Holy Spirit prompted me to do this. Thank you and may God bless you!

  • revibarrajr

    I have enjoyed my downloaded ebook copy and would like to give the book to a staff member!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lance.friday.7 Lance Friday

    I feel that this book would connect with a lot of college aged students. I am a co-leader of our college group and I believe that this is a great book that could be used during our college group and could help many of our students. We went through the Christian atheist together and I believe this would be a good book to follow up with.

  • Michele Downen

    Just in the last couple of days, in random quiet moments, I believe the Lord has made me more aware of the junk or “toxins” inside of me that need some attention. Things that I have been walking through life simply ignorant of, now have been brought to the surface, becoming more clear and therefore able to be dealt with. I would like a copy of Craig’s book because I think it might help me at this perfect time to be able to clearly identify the sources and roots of these toxins and lead to a glorious detox of my soul.

  • http://twitter.com/kellicarter7 Kelli Carter

    I would love a copy of Soul Detox because of it’s important message to the world. I want to be able to search my heart, mind, and body, and get rid of the pollution that I didn’t even realize was affecting me. I want to better myself and in turn be able to better others by my thought, attitudes, and actions.

  • http://twitter.com/campbellrv Kevin Campbell

    I want to read it.

  • R. Stewart

    I would like the book, quite simply, because I am raising three daughters in a toxic culture and think about this topic daily. I can use all the godly wisdom at my disposal in helping disciple them through this culture.

  • http://www.facebook.com/EddyBBrownII Eddy Blaine Brown II

    I have many old deamons from my past that cause me issues like overeating, social disconnection, and finding comfort in videos I shouldn’t watch. Please help.

  • http://twitter.com/Dawnerisms Dawnerisms

    I can not offer a good reason on why I would like 1 of your giveaway copies except that I want to read this book and pass it onto a friend after and have them pass it onto another friend and so forth. As it was meant to be shared by Craig Groeshel.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Loki-DeWitt/100000619211464 Loki DeWitt

    I would love a copy of this book for a few reasons. The series of sermons that have been based on this book (Found at http://www.lifechurch.tv ) have been a true blessing to me. They have begun a healing in my soul that I can’t even begin to describe. The series has opened my eyes to a great number of things and is a huge help as I do my best to draw closer to the lord.

    I feel as though this book would only expand on that wonderful foundation and would be of great help to me on a personal level.

    I would also find it to be a great help in my day to day ministry efforts. Everyday I see so many people who could benefit from these teachings. I want so badly to share these teachings with people because I feel as though they could genuinely help them. I am an evangelist, theologian, apologist, and minister (Street Preacher style) and this book would be a tremendous tool in my ministry efforts as I try my best to spread the word of God to those around me.

    Regardless, I hope that whoever is selected to win a copy of this book will learn from it and that God will use it to bless their lives as well as the lives of those around them.

  • bwright412

    I love reading Groeschel’s books!

  • Lindsay

    I am developing a leadership pipeline plan for our church with a team of young leaders. We are working on a “resource value” for our coaches and mentors…and I think this could be a great resource for our mentors to use with their mentor groups.

  • JRamsey

    My wife and I do an annual detox and I think it would make for an interesting read and discussion for us. Plus, I just like Craig Groeschel! Thank you and Zondervan for making this available!

  • Mrs J

    Hi Michael, I’m interested in reading Craig’s book because I’ve been struggling with some toxic emotions lately related to our struggle with infertility. My husband and I have been talking about not letting bitterness, resentment, anger and envy get a foothold in our lives, but it is a daily battle right now. I am hoping that the book would provide some encouragement for us.

  • http://twitter.com/PatBMcClanahan Patrick McClanahan

    I have followed Craig Groeschel for many years. I have read many of his books. There are so many pearls found throughout his writings – this is just another one of Craig’s gems. We are planting a new church – and as a new pastor believe the Lord desires us to build something other than simply “church”…the ideas in this book would help us craft a vision to do exactly that – do something other than just “church”

  • Jay Perske

    I have been looking for a great new read. This vid intro has really caught my attention. It’s going to the top of my reading list fosure! I think we have been living in the smoke and maybe this book can awaken us as to the pollution we are saturated in!

  • http://twitter.com/CitiIMPACT CitiIMPACT

    Book will help as we guard & guide the current & next generation by understanding God’s voice to key leaders like Michael & Craig.
    JD Smith

  • Delpha 1

    I want a copy of soul detox so I can continue to understand the lessons Craig has been teaching for the last few weeks @ Lifechurch.tv. I am so blessed to have such an amazing pastor who continues to reach deep inside my soul to teach me how to be a Fully devoted follower of Christ! I plan to read this book and then pass it on to others.

  • Mark Currie

    Just want to see if my name bubbles to to top fifty. I’llI obtain the book regardless. Ensuring an emotionally healthy church is a key theme to my work with New Hope Church and Russian’American Institute in Moscow.

  • Grant

    As a church pastor, I deal with people who have problems, and most of these troubled souls seem to revel and wallow in their problems hoping for a commiserating compadre to join them rather than help them (and misery absolutely adores company). For leading an institution of praise and glory, it seems most of my daily schedule is feeding on pouting and garbage. It’s hard to stay positive, let alone recognize how empathetic counseling draws me down rather than lifts them up. When my wife asks, “How was your day?” I don’t even want to talk about it and force myself to relive this insanity.

  • http://twitter.com/jaloolie Julie, just Julie

    I would love a copy of Soul Detox because I have had my life riddled with toxic people, relationships, emotions, influences, and thoughts over the last 3 years and I am ready to clear out the junk and start fresh! My husband of 7 years told me he no longer loved me in 2009. This was after years of his infidelity and emotional abuse. It was during that time that I physically felt God’s arms around me! Since then my relationship faltered. Last year I started dating an old friend. We started going to church together. We are engaged to be married in 12 days!!!! So what a way to begin this new chapter; to get a Soul Detox!

  • http://twitter.com/jaloolie Julie, just Julie

    I would love a copy of Soul Detox because I have had my life riddled with toxic people, relationships, emotions, influences, and thoughts over the last 3 years and I am ready to clear out the junk and start fresh! My husband of 7 years told me he no longer loved me in 2009. This was after years of his infidelity and emotional abuse. It was during that time that I physically felt God’s arms around me! Since then my relationship faltered. Last year I started dating an old friend. We started going to church together. We are engaged to be married in 12 days!!!! So what a way to begin this new chapter; to get a Soul Detox!

  • Mattie

    The question is: Why I want a copy of Soul Detox?
    My husband and I have been married for 17 years and just last year he was ordained as an Associate Pastor for a young adult ministry program. I didn’t realize all the emotions I would be having both good and bad, but then to realize that friends in and out of church would have emotions and opinions that I would have to be dealing with now. In walks insecurities, hurling emotions, and sometimes hurtful relationships of a whole different extreme that I’m dealing with now being a Pastor’s wife, which is all new and different for me. I’m hoping the book will give insight as to how to handle the different people, situations, and events that I will be encountering as time goes on. Thank you.

  • Sam velazquez

    I personally am going through a transformation and God is speaking to me to do some soul detoxing

  • Mark H

    Hi Michael, My wife & I lead our church youth group worship team & would love this book so we could discuss it with them to keep them healthy & growing. It would also be great to do with our family. Thanks!

  • michael Sheehan

    Michael Sheehan
    I think this would help me influence many people, including myself as I deal with hundreds of people on weekly basis

  • http://twitter.com/baldeagle1507 Chris Ward

    I had the opportunity to hear Craig at a conference in Oklahoma City a couple years ago, amazing impact in my life. Not only is the title intriguing but I expect that the book will be filled with a life-changing message as well… can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • Reenie

    I’d love to have a copy of Soul Detox because I know there are toxic influences all around me, as well as within me. I’m aware of some of them, of course, but I’m sure there are others I don’t fully recognize. I’d like to do better at recognizing these toxic life factors, and develop a clearer understanding of how they impact my life. I’d also like to gain insight on how to counteract and derail these influences — those that are already impacting me, and any new ones that might come my way. I’ll also use the greater understanding of these concepts to support others — as a teacher, a writer, a ministries consultant and as a friend. If the book is as good as I expect it to be, I know I’ll also recommend it to many others to read. I have every expectation it will be a life-changer.

  • Jo M

    I would love a copy of this book because this struggle of keeping my soul healthy is an issue I’m currently wrestling with, and have so many questions about! The book looks great and I think it’d be super helpful in getting the intake I feed on to be beneficial to my soul, and my relationship with God.

  • http://twitter.com/lui20_carmen luisa carmen

    Searching for help on how to really live pure in this filthy world gives me the urge of wanting this book “Soul Detox”. I’m a young lady who wants to detoxify my soul from toxic influences, emotions and behaviors that poising my relationship with God and stunting my my spiritual growth. I believe this book will help me examine and be aware of the toxins that assaults me daily and have an ultimate spiritual interventions with ways to remain clean, pure and focused on the standards of God’s holiness. Also, of wanting to understand deeply the reflection in Romans 12:1-2 of not being conformed into this world but being transformed by the renewing of mind (soul) and could help me live a life to the fullest (which is the will of God and only by His abounding grace) that His purpose in me may be fulfilled.

  • Eric

    I’ve been asked by several former drug-addicts to start a Bible study and I think this would be a great way to say “God sees us all the same. We all need a soul detox.”

  • Molly Harrell

    I need it.

  • Cait Griffith

    I am a student, and this semester I’ve felt as though I’m living on autopilot. My brain is experiencing overwork, overload, and a severe lack of quiet, of peace. I feel buried, and I need to dig myself out.

  • Zack potter

    I would enjoy reading and studying soul detox. Craig groeschel’s books are always insightful and convicting. This book would help my life and ministry. I just graduated college and will become a youth pastor in the next two months. Anything to help my life and ministry is intriguing to me. It would be a blessing to receive this book.

  • Kelly

    I would like a copy of Soul Detox so that I can learn more about what things around me and my family are actually pollutants to our spirituality. I think it’s challenging enough in today’s environment to lead a family to be Christ-Like, with so many distractions in our lives. Having the “clutter” surround us, it is almost impossible to handle if we are not equipped to identify and destroy the things that pollute outspirituality.

  • http://twitter.com/nik4god Passionate4Christ

    I read the intro today via a free sample on my Nook. Pastor Craig was honest and humble right from the start. It’s so important to me that an author be transparent and admits they are a work in progress. Many books tell readers what we should do but rarely give us a peek into how the author became a “doer” of the Word not just a writer. I would love to finish the book..please!

  • worshipldrkael

    It will give me a breath of fresh air. We all have peaks and valleys and more often than not, I’m in a valley.

  • CoralC

    Only after being removed from my work environment did I realize just how toxic it actually was, and the toll it’s taken on me. Now monitoring the effects it has taken on my spirit, and body, I’ve been able to take measures on the physical side with detox, exercise etc. But what about my spirit (mind, will, & emotions)? Time (and the Word) has helped a bit but this season has lead me to realize there was no teaching/book on detoxifying my spirit, and how to find ME again in all this clutter/noise. I’m very interested in seeing what Craig Groeschel has to say.

  • John White

    i would love to have a copy because it will help me deal with the anxiety and stress that ive been going through for the past 6 – 7 months

  • John Wyndham

    Craig Groeschel is a great author and communicator. any possible material I can acquire of his would be just dandy! I am a huge reader and I also pass books along to others quite frequently. Thanks for hosting this giveaway & God Bless.

  • jesusmypassion

    Why do I want a copy? Because I’ve spent the last 10 yrs enabling a toxic marriage that I thought I was trying to save. It was unhealthy and dangerous. Scripture itself was used out of context often to poison my thoughts & emotions. In letting go of this toxicity by refusing to fight anymore, after a 10 year detour, I am back on the path of hope, promise, peace, and joy. I believe Pastor Craig’s book will remind & encourage me on how to stay there this time. Thanks for reading.

  • gnoadnama

    I need this – and so does my family, my cell group and my society.
    P/S: I’ve also read Craig Groeschel’s “Christian Atheist” and it was tremendous, so I look forward to this read as well!

  • Tim M

    I’ve been reading the Soul Detox plan on YouVersion.com and listening to every weekly installment of the Soul Detox series on live.LifeChurch.tv. It’s spoken to me and given guidance to some very specific situations in my life and work. I’m done with toxicity. And I would like to read the book to bring it all together.

  • Andy

    Craig’s books are awesome, I’d love a copy of this book

  • Cingoldman

    We are not of the world so to detox spiritually sounds interesting and is something I want to read more about!

  • Ndidi nwaokafor

    I am a writer and my writings are mainly focused on how we can live a transcendent, victorious christian life. I need every help I can get to smartly grow up spiritually, think noble and be more creative with my God-given ideas so I can positively impact lives. Besides, I have been following Michael H. for what some time now and I’ve grown to love his thoughtfullness, broad-mindedness, benevolent attitude and  and frankness to issues. If he recommends this book, then I’m al for it for I know it would be definetely offer what it promises and do my life more good and no harm at all. Otherwise, I do not make my mind a dumping ground for other people’s rubbish, so I do select what I read and digest into my system. I look foward to having this book and adding to my wholesome values. Thanks.

  • Nick

    I would like a new copy of this book because I always have enjoyed Craig Groeschel’s teaching, preaching, and books. They have always stuck out from others’ teaching. And Craig Groeschel is one of my favorite pastors.

  • Paulus Eko

     i really want this copy to help people around me to have healthy, pure n warm spirit.

  • Quiverisfull

    I have never read one f his books but on the recommendation of someone I trust I have learned of his books. In a place of ministry it is important to continually be obedient in studying and preparing our own hearts. We must remain close to the Father o ensure that we do not cause any of His children to faulter. Would live to have this in my arsenal!

  • Rachel D

    I’d love to have a copy of this book!    Sometimes perspective and attitude are the bulk of the battle so it’s important to stay grounded.  In reading the profile of the book it sounds like this is a great tool to do just that!   God has really been refining me this year, and this would definitely help continue me on that path.

  • Chuckbarker1974

    As a manager in Consumer products there is a culture and attitude that it is okay to use half truths and to just go with the flow. A book like this is exactly what I need to have courage to be a change agent!

  • Hlamarsmith

    I have not yet read any of Craig’s books.  The subject sounds fascinating and helpful.

  • Sandra

    I lead a small group and just from your review of the book I believe that I could grow spiritually from working through it.  I would then use it as a study guide to help my small group to grow also. 

  • Zach

    My re-dedication to Christ has Ben a soul detox. We cut out all secular music and TV for a year. I gave up alcohol and pornography. Some things had to go. My marriage is flourishing and my children ren are learning about Christ.

  • cheav

    need  to read this book to remove all the toxins that poisons my spirit and hinders my  way in walking with God. 

  • http://www.dwaynes--world.blogspot.com Dwayne Morris

    Thanks for the offer Michael! I have two teenage girls who are trying to live out their faith in their circle of influence. I’m sure this book would help me help them as I try to parent and lead them in the quest to be the greater influence on their friends.

  • Mahanaim99

    I was a bi-vocational pastor, bi-vocation youth pastor for 8 years. I am now considering how God could use me as a global Christian. Honestly, we all have struggles with just how much “culture” is ok. I want my life to bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ first and foremost. I know that I have several “ticks” in my life that I’ve studied Scripture and prayed trying to find the root cause. I am an emotional sort and must say that the emotional toxins looked very interesting and I would love to figure out what is rooted in my heart emotionally that is having negative impacts on my ministry to others. I also outreach to men battling sexual sins and my hope is that some of these toxins may also lie at the heart of what these men are struggling with in their personal lives.

  • Gabismum

    My only child graduates from high school next Friday. I think this would be a great book for us to review this summer before she goes away to college.  God has gifted Craig with the ability to communicate well and the wisdom to write what we need to hear.

  • Sarah

    I read Craig’s book about the Christian Atheiest.  Very compelling.  Would love to read the next one!  Thanks for the chance!

  • Trace Banks

    I’ve read some of Craig’s other books and they are AWESOME!. I am in the midst of a career CROSSOVER into the ministry and devouring the WORD and any anointed follower of Christ-Sold out for Christ person! That is definately Craig G! I have seen him in person 2 times at Elevation Church in Charlotte NC. I would be honored and as  well as LOVE a copy of the book to be able to feed others from his inspiration and love of Christ! I’m in! Thank you and to God be the Glory!!!

  • Tshurte

    As a Pastor I see this as an answer to needs that we attempt to address, and it’s easy format of discovery. I hope to begin a series of its content as we are currently doing with Love & Respect. Thank you for making this available,

  • Sailorsnana

    I have 9 grandbabies, one that will be a teenager in Sept. and I think this book will explain what I could not express to them in my own words!

  • Wes Rodgers

    Michael, anything you recommend to read goes on my reading list. Plus, recently I’ve begun to give a conserted effort toward a searching & fearless moral inventory of myself. Thanks to a great online message by Andy Stanley. I believe this book would help on this particular journey!

  • Apaulaaojc2

     My interest in the book is to further my study on our culture and the fact we are very shallow in our spiritual disciplines and our faith.

  • Rick MacKinnon

    As men’s group team leader I frequently recommend reading materials for the team to review for use in men’s small groups. This would be an excellent discussion book for our team and then men.

  • Jdrejoyce

    As a grandmother & also my job is keeping children, it’s so important to let them know how to choose good things to fill their minds & hearts. I would love this book, I have recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis & I’m on a journey trying to be healthy physically but more importantly I want my spiritual life to be healthy & vibrant. I’m sure this book would be great discussion for ladies bible study too. Can’t wait to get my copy. Thank you in advance.

  • http://www.beforethecross.com/ Mike Mobley

    I want a copy of Soul Detox because who wouldn’t be in need of a good detox on their Soul?  I have no doubt there are times that I let behaviors, emotions, or influences dictate how my day is going to go or my conversation, etc.  

  • Aaron Jackson

    i love the sound of this practical and engaging thought and the awareness it brings.   Love Craig’s practical world view and I’m inspired. would love a copy of this book.  thank you 

  • Lendellb

    Soul detox is just the thing i need to help me with priorities in my life.

  • Joy Reeves

    This book appears to be a timely equipping tool for those who long to be salt and light in an increasingly dark and decaying world. Thanks for sharing.

  • Christopher Mancini

    Craig Groeschel truly is an amazing speaker, I think much of it comes from the fact that he knows how to make his presentation personal and has an uncanny ability to look at simple things from an alternate perspective that is unique.

    I look forward to reading his new book, I think it will offer a good amount of value because he is right, everyday we either encounter in others or ourselves toxic behavior or resistance. I know I find myself sometimes in a very toxic mood, and I hate myself for it. I am going to buy this book no matter what because Craig deserves to be paid for his efforts and if I am selected for the free copy, I will give it to someone I care about.

  • David Michels

    I have been listening to Craig for a few years now through Lifechurch podcasts and always enjoy his insights and stories.  We suffered through a family tragedy two years ago and while on the outside I seem like I’ve come to grips with the loss, I still allow the anger, rage & bitterness to seep into my thoughts.  Even typing this I realize that I don’t go to God enough for my own self with this, but i also need to take ownership and cleanse these lingering feelings from my heart.

  • http://twitter.com/drewtucker1 Drew Tucker

    Looking forward to this!

  • Paulcountess

    I have always been challenged to remain in The Father, yet live in the world. Even on good days it seems increasingly difficult to remain or abide in Christ. I would like to read some stories I Craigs stories of this struggle of living in toxic world yet remaining in Christ. Would love to receive a copy to read and share with others!

  • Jeff A

    Michael – thanks for the post! Thanks for sharing Craig’s new book with us. Thanks more importantly, for being a daily encouragement to me. Though we’ve never met, and we live 1,000 miles away from each other – I love how God has used your posts as encouragement in my life.

    I really want a copy of Soul Detox because I struggle with things of the culture. I am in sales and constantly worry about providing for my family. I know that my worry is not healthy – God always provides!…This detox will help me focus on what really matters in life – it not all about the cool cars, the nice TVs, and stylish clothes we get for us and our children. My wife is a stay at home mom for our 3 kids – I plan to share this book with her so that she can share with them as well.

    BTW – side note…I found your posts when I was a frequent traveler and was google’ing how to pack a suite case…read your old post on types of luggage you use and what you bring on trips. Amazing how God connects us all!!! Take care, Jeff

  • Terry Stickels

    I have been blessed with the opportunity to lead a small but growing church in N. Ky, along with our lead pastor. The sentiment expressed in this book are spot on and I would love to digest the content and share with our body. I believe the topic is real and relevant and our spirits need the truth about the world in which we live.

  • Marney Rausch

    I mentor young mothers at our church. I see them easily influenced by things of this world. I see myself easily influenced by things of this world. I would like to use this to help us all grow closer to Christ.

  • http://www.gospelgossips.com/ Damilola Okuneye

    I’m at a point in life when i’m going through a lot of changes- spiritual, family, career. I believe this book will further help me cut out the harmful/unnecessary stuff & emerge healthier & better positioned to take on life.

  • Nathan Claycomb

    I’ve been experiencing physical fatigue and chest tightness for over 10 days.  As a healthy 33 year old, this was odd, and my doctor has done several tests that all show me to be in great health.  Colleagues and family think it could be stress related, but that’s hard for me to believe when I don’t feel anxious, but feel physically under par.  I’ve been thinking alot about mental, emotional and spiritual wellness and it sounds like this might be exactly the read I need at this stage in my journey.  Thank you for your consideration.

  • Jahuntington2

    I need all the help I can get to follow Jesus better.

  • Kellee

    I would like a copy of Soul Detox because I am about to finish Zig Ziglar’s book, “See You at the Top,” and I would like to continue in the direction of reading books that encourage upward thinking. Craig Groeschel’s new book sounds like it would be a good step in that direction. Thank you for your review, Michael, it was very helpful.

  • http://twitter.com/billstorck Bill Storck

    Craig is one of my favorite speakers and writers. His humor and honesty are refreshing. I just finished One Month To Live and Soul Detox sounds like the perfect book to go along with the BIG C (Body Detox) I will be having shortly. Looking forward to: Soul Detox – Yes but Body Detox – Nooooooooooooooooo.

  • Wenmills214

    A friend suggested i read this book, she advised.that it changed her thinking for the good.

  • http://twitter.com/rossomeness Travis Ross

    The reason I’d like a copy of “Soul Detox” is to continue on my current path of learning about grace. I know it sounds a bit crazy, but I feel that the key to holy living (as I’m assuming this book champions) is understanding His incredible grace. My personality is such that I want to do it all myself and I’m continuing to find that my efforts are ultimately in vain. I need His grace to change.

  • http://www.WorksofOurHands.org/ Scott Chism

    Weather its my team of Facility Volunteers here at church, my wife, my children or my dear grand children, to lead well and be a man of Godly influence I always need to be looking and guarding my heart from sin, i.e. these kinds of toxins.
    I’m sure this will be another great tool in that endeavor.

  • http://twitter.com/mrs_dickey Deidre Dickey

    The 1st sentence from the quote of the introduction grasped me.  ”
    Everything that we allow into our minds, hearts, and lives—everything that we spend our time and money on—has an impact on how we grow, or don’t grow, spiritually.”  

    I am a stay at home mom of 3 daughters: 6,3 & 1. My husband and I are about to make a move across the state, because we feel like God is asking us to move. So my husband is quitting his job-our natural source of income. We are believing and trusting God to provide-supernaturally. :) We want to be completely obedient and raise our girls to trust the Holy Spirit’s promptings. I would love to read this book to impact my life and my family’s lives in a way that will cause us to grow spiritually. We are allowing God to use our family to radically change the world for His Kingdom! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of Soul Detox, by Craig Groeschel.

  • Joseph

    This could be a catalyst for personal change that I’ve been looking for.

  • TTuck10

    I’m starting a biblical counseling ministry at a local church, and I teach at a high school. I want to help people expose the lies they believe which cause their negative behavior, so the topics the book touches on would fit perfectly with my ministry’s strategy. Also, Craig’s writing style is accessible for any age, so I would hope to pass the book along to my students. 

  • Ashwin

    Lead life group at church. Pastor recommended to read the book. It sounds interesting as well. Would love to get a copy. Thanks

  • Michael

    I want a free copy of Pastor Craigs book because I believe it will help me as a junior high leader. We all live in this toxic world. I want to take what’s in this book and pass on the wisdom to my students. They are at an age where all they do is walk in a toxic place.

  • Kristyna625

    I have been hearing so many great things about this book and sounds exactly like what I am needing in my life.

  • Jon

    I love Craig’s speaking style.  I heard him speak at the past couple of Catalyst conferences and would love to read this book.

  • Mrunion28

    This sounds like a great book!  I completely agree that we are living in a day and age of contaminated and toxic surroundings!  All the more reason to cling to THE way, THE truth, and THE life, Jesus!  He is the only answer!

  • Tammy K.

    Since turning 50, 3 years ago, getting rid of toxic things in my life has been my current “work at hand”.  However, I never thought about needing a Soul Detox.  I’m thinking this needs to be my next read!

  • brentmkelly

    I highly enjoyed Craig’s book “The Christian Atheist” and can’t wait to read this new release.  I highly respect Craig’s approach and ability to make you stop and think.  I would love a copy.  Thanks.  

  • Jilly

    I need a soul detox after teaching in a Research I University for the last 17 years.  The toxicity of my workplace has seeped into my body, yet I am still focused on the Bread of Life.  Ready to have my soul washed just as my kidney washes my blood by detoxifying it…

  • http://twitter.com/BBBeckster Becky Schmid

    I want a copy of this book because it sounds like it will put words to the things I have been feeling lately but have been having trouble identifying. 
    This book sounds like something that would be great to work through with some of my friends who I believe would agree that we all are struggling with some toxic influences in our lives. 

    I know I personally have been battling some bad influences in my life lately and this book sounds like it could really shed some light on the issue in general. 

  • Orsolli

    I am stribing to do good. I accomplish alot of goals, but that puts me in a risk of becoming religious. I speak against religion, but often fall in it myselves. I also have hidden sins, and does not talk to anyone about my disturbing sins. I think I need this book.

  • Barefootgirl69

    Love the title. I dont have “addictions”, but just as harmf, my default is fear and negativity, usually aimed inward. Im ready to detox.

  • Kendra Howerton

    I am coming out of an incredibly difficult wilderness experience, which included recent revelation on areas of my life that contained false belief systems and securities.  I want to gain the most out of this season, so that I can enter the new with new wine skins ready for the new wine.  I want to use it as a discussion piece with my family as well.  I look forward to being cleansed and renewed!

  • John Tank

    I’m trying to be the spiritual leader of my family and I’m always on the look out for things that will draw me closer to Jesus Christ. This book looks like a wake up call for all Christians. We all have blind spots the problem is we can’t see our own blind spots. This book I pray will be a tool for helping me first in my own walk and then an encouragement to others as we talk about it.

  • http://twitter.com/mesjoies Jocelyne

    I would love your book Soul Detox, if only to help me see Jesus more clearly, love Him more dearly and follow Him more “nearly”…. ;-)  Thank you!

  • http://kevinmartineau.blogspot.com Kevin M.

    I have read and thoroughly enjoyed Craig’s other books and I know that I will enjoy this one too. :)

  • http://delesmuses.blogspot.com/ Jenny

    Perhaps it’s a bit trendy going off the detox idea, but that sounds like a great way to connect with non-believers and Christians who might be struggling to find biblical solutions to real life problems. I’d really appreciate a copy to review for possible Bible study use. Thanks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/keila.hawkins Keila Hawkins

    craigs books are very uplifting.i have them all and cant wait to read this one.

  • Hawkinsdonny80

    would like to read it

  • Belle Martin

    My family has hit a thresh hold in soaking up this worlds vain offerings coupled with toxics emotions and thoughts we’re rife for a good thorough detox .

  • Aubrey

    The junk in junk principle is one that has had such a huge effect on me growing out of being a teenager and now in my twenties and one that I preach to my students and to my young guys who I work with in the youth justice system.  

    It’s something that has also been on my mind as I want to be a better example to my wife and (future) kids.  I suspect that this book (put into action) could assist me in doing just that so that I can bear more fruit that lasts.

    Further instruction and exhortation in such a principle could help me (and those I help) follow John Wesley’s words:

    “Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, to all the souls you can, in every place you can, at all the times you can, with all the zeal you can, as long as ever you can”

  • Jasons

    As a lead pastor I benefit greatly from fresh content and our people, our leaders, we need spiritual health! I would love to get my hands on this book and maybe even be able to recommend it to our church. Please choose me.
    Thanks! Jason

  • http://twitter.com/notfunnynicki Nick Smith

    Pastor Craig a phenomenal speaker, and I believe that is a terrible understatement. This great man of God truly has God’s anointing and is very obvious when he speaks. His books, by far, are the best in Christian literature (minus the Bible, of course). I firmly believe that every Christian should read at least on of his books to edify their faith. Hands down, he is a pastor of integrity, honor, and of this generation! I would great love to chosen to get a copy, but regardless, anyone who reads it WILL get blessed beyond measure.

  • MaryannBarnwell

    I want a copy of Soul Detox because after seeing some of my favorite preachers tweet about how awesome it was, I purchased a hard copy on Amazon to give as a gift to my brother in law.  When the book arrived and I began flipping through it, I couldn’t put it down and became angry that I didn’t order one for myself!  I even read a portion of it to my home group tonight – a part about envy.  It was so hard to find a quick snippet of the book to pick to read to them though because I kept coming across so many home-hitting topics.  Awesome, awesome read. . . I just need one of my own now because I don’t think my bro in law will be returning it any time soon :)

  • Cutiger2002

    I lead a men’s group at our church in Charlote, NC. Our focus is to live out the definition of biblical manhood by ensuring we are leading our homes, workplaces, and church according to God’s Word. I’d love to use this book for our next study. It’s critical for men, as leaders, to invest in ourselves to prepare us to meaningfully serve others. Soul cleansing for a man in today’s society is time well spent! Thank you, Michael, for your leadership!

  • Josie McDonald

    I want to learn how to get spiritually fit as well as physically fit by removing toxic behaviors. I can only remove them when I can identify them. I believe this book will help me to do that.

  • Charley Lucas

    I would like a copy of Soul Detox because Craig Groeschel has had a huge impact on my life through his teaching and writing, and I would love to go through a Soul Detox of my own.

  • Viktor

    I’ve never read a book from this author and pastor. I’d like to try this book, because the title (topic) got my attention.

  • Diznara

    I need to detox my soul. It is something I have been thinking for a while and I thought this book will really help + I work as a mentor so i think this book will help me to help other as well. 

  • Nolan

    I would love to read this book because I want to say spiritually healthy especially while church planting here in Philippines.

  • Nancy

    I was introduced to Craig Groeschel’s  writing several years ago when the clergy group of which I was a part was going through one of his books. I found his style to be quite engaging and thought provoking. I also recognize the existence and problem faced by so many people who are dealing with many toxicities in their lives, including ones of the soul. If, by reading this book, I can in any way help those with whose care God has entrusted me detox and discover the abundant life we are all promised, it will be a blessing to many. I leave it in God’s hands and yours whether or not I receive the free book. I pray those who do receive them are blessed greatly and share those blessings with others.

  • Mikeo

    Craig is a great speaker. Looking forward to what sounds like a challenging and very necessary exploration of a vital topic.

  • http://www.MissionMusings.com/ Michelle Porter

    This topic is of particular interest to me in my work with addicts.  We often hammer home the exact points listed in the toxic behaviours:
    Our personal liesOur false beliefsOur lethal languageOur hidden sins
    I would like to win a copy of Soul Detox to stay abreast on the subject, to share it with our interns and volunteers, and to further immerse myself in the concept of being in the world and not of it.

  • Pedro

    Throughout my life I have encountered numerous negative events. Some through the result of my doing and others were just uncontrollable. However, in the past several years I have found God and he has blessed me with many blessings, especially a beautiful wife and son. I feel Pastor Craig’s book Soul Detox can help me provide the tools necessary to lead my family through this contaminated world we live in today.

    P.S. I don’t have Facebook or Twitter

  • Terry Shank

    I would like to have a copy of this book as a part of my current spiritual journey.  I am re-looking at every aspect of my life (Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual.)  Greg’s book, Chazown, has given me some new insights into my personal vision, I hope and believe that this new book would be just as insightful and life changing as I pursue new directions in my life purpose.

  • sue

    I regularly work with people, coaching them especially regarding the ‘weight’ in their minds and the toxic old thinking patterns that often have led them into filling their bodies with ‘waste’ and weight. This sounds like a perfect tie in for my coaching, so would love to see it. thanks

  • http://twitter.com/Justinvj Justinvj

    I’d love a copy of this book. I also want to see if He has anything in there about the new craze of hot sauce.  Heard it helps lose weight.. And Craig Groeschel is a great writer too. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/brandy.noel1 Brandy Noel Vandergriff

    I thought I left a comment before. I actually can’t decide now if I want to keep this or give it to my friend.

  • Klstokes71

    I want a copy of Soul Detox because I’m trying to “clean up” my life, focusing on clean eating right now.  But I realized with today’s post that I need my soul cleaned up before I can clean up any other area of my life whether it be my eating, my work habits, or any other aspect of my life.  I need to start with the core and let it permeate the other facets of my self.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marcus.white.92 Marcus White

    Simply put; becuase I have had “IT” in my spiritual life and I need “IT” back. It sounds like this new book might be a step in the right direction.

  • http://www.brianhinkley.com/ Brian Hinkley

    By the overwhelming response, I see I’m not the only one who needs a Soul Detox.

  • John Partridge

    Thanks for posting this.  I had heard a few folks mention ‘Soul Detox’ but had no idea what it was or why it was important (or interesting).  I have spent more than a few Sunday mornings talking about the dangers of our cultural influences and how we might cope with them since we are still “in the world.”  I look forward to reading this and (hopefully) recommending it to others.

  • Ron

    Really looking forward to reading the book. I’ve shared this thought and idea from the pulpit frequently through the years. Hoping this will help clarify my thoughts about it and help me have my own personal “Soul Detox”. 

  • Salvador

    The table of contents says the book deals with very relevant issues

  • Amanda Sharp

    I am a counselor adn this sounds like an awesome book. I would love to snag a free copy!

  • Peterkamwendo

    Because I need to  SOUL DETOX

  • Roxywa

    This sounds like a good book for me to read! I’m 55 now but when I was 26, in a very out of character action, my father got drunk and killed my mother. For the 1st 15 years I tried to maintain a relationship thru his imprisonment and after but it’s just not healthy for me. Still, I love my dad and miss the having a “family” but it’s gone.  I have a wonderful husband and daughter, but the “legacy” is still bitter and painful. Yesterday I was biopsied for cancer and I believe that my sadness and pain has helped set up this situation in my body. Even so, I have strong faith that will carry me thru whatever the diagnosis. 

  • Stephen hollabaugh

    I want to live a life that leaves the most room for God to move inside me.

  • http://twitter.com/HansCWeston Hans C. Weston

    Would also be interested in using this in a Life Group setting.  Oh that the church would all Detox!!!

  • PatriciaW

    This subject is one I’ve been mulling over, in part because the world seems to be so judgmental, so much more than it used to be.  What I heard inside of me this morning is that that judgment, anger, envy…whatever often is the person projecting outwardly what they are struggling with inwardly.  In that context, I wish to consider my knee-jerk reactions to life on a deeper level, and ultimately share with my family so that we can all detox.

  • Connor L.

    I’ll be entering seminary in September and am getting married in June. Could any book better sharpen, convict, and free than this? I would love to dig into your material for the first time and receive your wisdom. Thanks! 

  • Gwendolyn Lewis

    Soul Detox would be a great resource to read on my next retreat day and to use in some one-on-one mentoring and as I lead teams in our Serving and  Guest Ministry.

  • Onyi Oluitan

    I have the call of God upon my life, but I’ve really messed things up and asking God to extract those ‘soul pollutants’ that bring me down and have caused me to loose focus.
    I don’t want to miss the purpose of God for my life.
    Also, I am a leader in a Christian group, this will help me to share with the group, so that everyone can detoxify their soul and stay healthy spiritually.I would be delighted to receive a copy of this book as it will go along way to help me and the group I serve as a leader.

  • Jenthehennifer

    I need to detox my soul! What we expose ourselves to builds faith within us, and what we have faith in, we produce in our lives. I’m hoping to gain more insight and understanding on what areas of my life and thinking I need to give up/surrender to Jesus, the only one who can truly detox the soul. 

  • http://twitter.com/CRAZYlegs_NK Nathan Klassen

    After watching Pastor Craig Groeschel’s first message on Soul Detox, I was hit at the core with the realization that my spiritual life is not where it should be. As a new youth pastor and an associate pastor, I recognize my huge responsibility to lead people, but my personal difficulty of allowing depression and worry control my life. I’d love to receive a copy of this book to learn better how to personally live free from toxic behaviours, thoughts and grow further in my relationship with God.   

  • http://www.facebook.com/egwumba.uche.bruno Egwumba Uche

    Evidently I haven’t read anything from this author but I look forward to SOULDETOX since it addresses a clear and present danger of the endtimes. 

    Proverbs 4 vs 23 seems to sum it all up. Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. And then Matthew 15 vs 18, 19 and 20 completes the rout on toxic behaviours, emotions and influences. 

    So I guess this book promises a great help for me in dealing with these issues that proceed from the heart…unburdening, laying aside those weights. Ultimately my hope isn’t far from what Jesus said in John 14vs30…”he has nothing in me” 

    Thank you.

  • http://twitter.com/brianhosan Brian Hosan

    I have been wrestling a lot recently with some of my friends and even siblings on “Christian Liberties.”  I have read several of Craig’s books and been impacted by them all.  He is a gifted communicator, and I would love to read his new book to fuel my study of what God’s Word has to say about how to live and to get rid of the non-Biblical worldview that so easily seeps into our souls.  Thanks Michael!  

  • Laura

    I have never read any of Craig’s books, and (before yesterday) had never heard him speak. By complete chance, I clicked a link and watched a message from him on this exact topic. Something tells me this is a book and entire message God wants me to hear. From a random link on the Internet that led me to the video message, to another random Twitter link that brought me to this page, God has my attention. Whether chosen to receive this book or not, I’m blessed that you offer the opportunity to try.

  • LTurner

    My husband and I both decided that when we were able to afford a new book in our budget, that we would purchase Soul Detox with the intent to do it as a study for the two of us. We have done this with several others books (Chazown, Crazy Love, Ragamuffin Gospels, etc) and it is the engagement of these kinds of studies that keeps us both digging and clinging to Scripture in order to get through life’s hurdles while staying connected AND staying focused on God. We haven’t been able to do a new book as our study for over a year because one of life’s hurdles was the blending of our families when his three children (all early teenagers) had to suddenly come live with us, including my four children. We have known each other over 25 years but our marriage is only a couple years old. As you may already assume, the sudden transition of having 7 children (5 of which are teens) has been jolting, chaotic, loud and challenging. Even though there lies an abundance of blessings in these children, it is taxing at times and requires us to stay grounded in God’s presence AND connected to one another. It has also been expensive hence our need to follow a tight budget at this time. Having 5 teens and 2 toddlers under one roof has definitely exposed us to a lot of the culture that our children are exposed to. It has also allowed bits of the world to creep in and expose our family to some of the toxins that quietly evade families. So my husband and I have really tried to stay rooted in the Word of God for strength and a godly perspective. We have encountered a lot of challenges with dealing with the toxins of the world today, so it’s we have been certain that Soul Detox would, at some point, provide a means of cleansing and purging at a foundational level. Rest assured, this book would be used faithfully by my husband and I as we attempt to muck through the drama and adventures of suddenly raising 7 kids. Since these kids are the church of tomorrow, it’s imperative we remain in God’s leadership.

  • paul

    I would love to get a copy because I love Craigs books. I have three already and his style is so easy for me to read. I also love listening to his podcasts every week and already hearing about this book in his message series makes me want to read it. Thanks for the oppurtunity.

  • http://168opportunities.com/ Peder Aadahl

    I hope I am not to late, but in a world where things are always trying to get my attention, I have allowed myself to do things that I otherwise should stop doing.  I know this not only affects my ministry but also my relationships (including my wife).  I admit that I know that I am very blessed by God, but it can be hard to focus on what he has in store when my life is “polluted”.  

    I would love to be able to gain some more insight into how to understand and deal with the issues of my heart and soul!

    Thanks for all you do!

  • jovid52

    I’d like a copy because I’ve been dealing with a crushing sense of condemnation for a long time now and have a really difficult time distinguishing where the world is subtly lying to me

  • http://twitter.com/danielbeckworth Daniel Beckworth

    I attended the NewSpring Leadership Conference last year. The stacked lineup included: Mark Driscoll, Perry Noble, Judah Smith, Jud Wilhite, Steven Furtick, and Craig Groeschel. Craig knocked it out the park!

  • HStegemann

    Pastor Craig Groeschel has been one of the most influential teachers in my spiritual life. Through his love for our Lord and obedience to his calling, I have been able to radically grow and become an empowered ambassador for Christ. My reason for wanting a copy of his book, Soul Detox, is that I would like to continue my growth as well as have another tool to pass on to another brother or sister. I am and will continue my growth with or without this gift as I am able to listening to all of Pastor Groeschel’s teaching free of charge. Thank you for considering my request and I am sure that the 50 people you choose will be blessed by your generous gift. May God’s peace be with you.

  • Aaron Sellars

    I’d love a copy.  Read a few of Craig’s books and has always great things to say.

  • http://danbutcher.com Dan Butcher

    I’d like a copy of Soul Detox because I grew up in a legalistic environment that still comes back to bite me 15 years after I left it behind, and I’m in the middle of divorce from a toxic, unhealthy woman. I can use all the help I can get to change my thinking and clean out the junk!

  • Psstephens

    Definitely agree with Craig on this one! Am excited to read more and share with others!

  • Tin Alejandro

    Living in the days when “instant” and “fast pace” are the trend, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with the “busy” life.  Having an added work load at the office is also a source of stress.  Grabbing a Soul Detox book would help me a lot in cleansing my life spiritually. 

  • L19community

    I am experiencing all of the toxic emotions and I want to learn how to combat them.

  • Maryanstro

    Wow! This looks like a book for our times. As a mom to 5 who has homeschooled her kids, I have endeavoured to insulate my kids so they can grow up healthy & ready to minister to others, free of toxic influences. However with 2 kids graduated, I have seen the effects of toxicity pulling them down, despite my prayers, love and grace. I did not encourage or model legalism, but they have developed their own. The culture around them seeps into their soul, at work, on campus, on Facebook. I told them they were beautiful and amazing, but they listen to other voices. I do it too. One of the ironies of the Christian life is that the more we pursue purity, the more tempted we are toward legalism and pride. Oh that I would pursue Jesus and let Him do the purifying!

  • ajwpb

    I grew up as the daughter of an Irish Catholic mother and an physically abusive alcoholic father, who died when I was ten.  I have four brothers who all have substance abuse issue’s, one of whom I am helping my 80 year old mother raise his two children. They live next door to me.  As a mother of three and an aunt of the  two I’ve mentioned; I want to have support in my spiritual walk to rid myself of bitterness and the pain of my past which is a part of my negative self talk and thoughts. I have had counseling and I have been a born again christian for several years. I am constantly striving to get where Christ wants me to be so that I may be his light in this world.  It is hard dealing with my family dynamic of addiction and co-dependency but I am working on trying to set boundaries and be a good example to my children. Thanks for considering my request. GOD bless you and your work!

  • Firegirlmom

    ,as a fairly new christian with a husbnd in school for religion and ministry,I take every chance I can get to make sure my soul and my life line up with the word of god.I. read my bible, listen to craig, study with other christians, pray and most important listen! I feel this book could only be a benifit to my walk.

  • Hilary

    I’m currently going through a “soul detox” myself after hanging on to resentment and anger that has caused physical pain in my body.  The pain is so intense that some days I’m not able to move.  I thougth this book may give me some insite to what I’m experiencing as I forgive and let go.

  • http://learningandyearning.wordpress.com/ Susan

    I am very tuned in to the ways in which our environment, food, etc. is toxic, sometimes to the point of obsession. I really need to get my focus on the ways that toxins, especially my own toxins, are polluting my soul. 

  • Mcbeth4

    I think I need it, and my Life Group would probably benefit greatly from it also – we all need a detox from this contmainated life.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bobbie-Cole/100003675480465 Bobbie Cole

    My Home Group leader is working with British MPs (Ministers of Parliament) to make access to porn something that, if you want it, you will have to opt into when you buy a computer, (i.e. the filter will be switched to no porn at point of sale.) She’d love to read this book, (after I was done with it.)

  • Michelle Nye

    What a new idea! I’ve heard of diet detox but not spiritual detox. With the fast paced life I lead and the desire I have to do more and more this is something that interests me greatly. Count on me to read this book!

  • http://www.vifcpattaya.com/ Fred & Dianne Doell

    My husband and myself are Christian missionaries in Pattaya, Thailand, one of the most spiritually and morally polluted cities in the world.  We started and pastor an international church, discipling people from among the nations that come here.  We are always looking for material that is particularly relevant to use as a tool to reach out and coach others into the freedom that Christ alone can bring.  This book sounds like a tailor made tool and we would love to have a copy to share with our leaders here who reach out to many who live with no hope.  

  • Justin

    I’m struggling to let go and let God.
    Old hurts and hangups are quickly eroding my personal relationships and my walk with Christ.
    I’ve become spiritually dry. My faith and my heart are running on fumes, and my spirit is sad.
    My self worth and self esteem are diminshing.
    I need prayer, guidance,  sound wisdom, and advice.
    Any book that could provide me with information on how to understand and address the battle that I am in would be greatly appreciated.

  • joe neikirk

    I am a Life Coach for the Athletic Dept for a small university. I am looking for books to use for small group studies.  This looks like a good one

  • Shashannacarter

    I am still pretty new as being a follower. I just want to soak up all that i can. Anything I can do to be closer to GOD I will do. I would love to have a copy of this book. I am learning so much and I believe reading this book I can learn alot more. 

  • Tamarrapresley

    We are always concerned about our physical needs but never really take time to cleanse ourselves spiritually and its really time to focus on our spirit because in the end thats all that matters. So I would love to start by reading this book !

  • mike

    Ok I dont know if all the books are gone now but wouldn’t it be nice if a young nigerian who leads a church teen small group, leads a startup IT firm and more than anyone else needs daily soul detox get a copy and smile and say thank God , my first real gift this year

  • Fred

    I would like a copy of Soul Detox because i’m at a place in ministry where i’m worn out  & trying to process some painful relational hurts after 13yrs of planting & need some healing

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  • Seashols

    Would love the analysis help in mirroring my own life.

  • Dellandheather

    I live and work at a camp in northern WI and will be leading small group for the  15 support staff young women here… this seems like an amazing book and study to make for a radical summer of spiritual growth for these young ladies. Thank you for the consideration!

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  • Adriennetaylor24

    Please help. I need to recieve this book today so i can figure out why i dont learn from my mistakes. I struggle with life daily. I am a child of God ..born again and saved by the blood of Jesus…but i am also a broken christian. A slave to my toxic behaviors…toxic thoughts and toxic habits

  • Faith and Family Class

    I teach a class of adults at church and we are launching a new class to reach out to those not connected and possibly newer believers.  We are going to do this study to launch and promote our new class and I would love to have a book(s) to be able to provide to those that may not have the money to purchase one….We have purchased 25 already!!

  • Darondacross

    I am a mother of four,3 girls and 1 boy. As a Christian mom I have to say raising children in a society that seems determined to convince this generation they are nothing unless they conform to the values and so called moral standards it has set, instead of the values and moral standards God has set is difficult. The poisoning starts at such early ages and seems to continue on. I work with those diagnosed with Alzheimer and dementia and sadly there are many who no longer see value and quality of life in them based souly on standards society again has placed on what quality of life is instead of what God says it is. We are surrounded daily by lies in which we truly need to guard our hearts from. I am reading soul detox in my daily devotional app. Only being a few days into itI already know this would be a wonderful small group study through our church! My children are old enough now where they and other members and their children join in on our groups. This book would be wonderful to study and teach in a group where children can see that even as parents we have to be aware of the spiritual poisoning that tries to attack us daily. To learn with our children that God gives us the tools to overcome all lies the enemy teaches. To stand with our children in truth so they know they are not alone in world where childrens view on hope seems smaller than ever before.

  • Saucy

    I recently completed a 9 month Leadership Track with about 40 guys and a renewed passion to continue expanding my leadership skills with other men who I’ve begun meeting with in recent weeks.  I’m looking for resources that can influence men for the kingdom!  I “stumbled” into Craig’s church and have been so blessed by the video series of Soul Detox. I’ve told a number of people of the book and haven’t even read it!!!  I WANT IT !!    Thanks so much. 

  • Carla Baker

    This book sounds just like what my soul is craving. I am going thru a difficult time and struggle with godliness vs. Happiness. Would love to be a recipient.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

      I’m sorry, Carla, but the book giveaway ended a long time ago. (See the very end of the post.) Thanks.

  • Bonnie-Jean

    I have lost my way….so now I am on a journey to find myself. To do this I need to cleanse my mind, body and soul. It’s had to do that when all three are out of sync.

  • Jeanette

    I work with people who struggle with life challenges!  This book or video series could make a person mad enough to want to change!  I loved this book and how it has help me spiritually.

  • Valentinewangui

    am at a point in my life where am making adjustments in my life in a lot of aspects, especially spiritually because i believe God is taking me to a new level. i believe this book would be of great help to help me understand more of what is around me so that i can change and be the person God made me to be.

  • Melay27

    because my friend recommended me this book and as i check on the content i so love it. i see that it can help me develop personally in some areas in my life that God is still dealing with and i can use it to my whole music team as well as part of our weekly devotion… 

  • Tjennings6237

    I would kive to have a copy of this book because just a small or short sentence convinced me this is what we all need…sometimes prayers are not enough sometimes we need to search for more wisdom to help us out on this journey in life and godly counsel is always best…in return I would be able to help myself as well as others around me….Tamra

  • Peaceofmind8

    I’m lost living in a ball of confusion

  • Chelsea

    I’m contaminated with negative thinking

  • boo

    I love what I have read and would like to have a free book.

    • http://michaelhyatt.com/ Michael Hyatt

      Unfortunately, you are about a13 months too late. ;-)

  • morakinyo

    Just started a 4week teaching this month on souldetox, we printed 2000bills to invite people over to church. The response this Sunday was great. A copy of the book will definitely go a long way in Deeping the knowledge shared and help me as an individual first then pastor in keeping a healthy life. The truth is the prosperity of our lives is hinged on the prosperity of our souls!

  • Lisa

    Heard you speak at she speaks 2013! Great job! Just finishing up soul detox tonight with a group of young adults (in their 20’s, out of college, not married). This book is GREAT for discussion!!!