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  • Chad Billington

    You are the only blog I read by email, but I even find the 5 daily posts a bit much to keep up with. 3 I think would be great. 

  • Joshua Rivers

    Would posting three times a week open up for more guest posts?

    • Michael Hyatt

      No, I don’t think so. In fact, I am considering eliminating them. I am finding that reviewing and editing them takes almost as much effort as writing an original post.

      • Hinsoncl1

        Personally, I enjoy reading the guest posts as well.  It’s a good way to get exposure to new material, and it saves me the time of having to weed through the garbage.  I’m confident that you would only post quality content!

  • gioismeyo

    I voted 3. For me, keeping up with 5 posts a week tends to be a lot. 

  • Michael Hyatt

    Thanks, Renee!

  • ThatGuyKC

    As much as I love your content it is difficult to keep & interact w/ the community you’ve built since you started publishing every week day. Especially, since you launched the weekly podcast (which is awesome, btw) I think 3x a week is plenty.

    Like you’ve said before, “consistency is key”. Godspeed on your projects.

  • Jeremy Cook

    I post around 3 times a week, that seems to work for me.

  • Brandon Gilliland

    I would personally like to see 2-3 good posts per week. Time is limited for everyone.

    It is hard to engage on the site every day of the week. I am personally decreasing my posts on my website to about 1-2 per week because of time.

    It would probably be a good move for you to cut back on the amount of posts to focus on more projects.

    Obviously, you will still have the readers here engaged no matter what you choose. For a smaller website like mine, do you think it will benefit me to cut back to 1-2 posts per week as opposed to 3-4?


  • Alex Ferrero

    Big fan of your other content, I’m really into your podcast lately. I’d like to keep seeing your blogs at LEAST 3 times a week, however. 

  • Joe Sheehan

    I voted for 2, but 3 isn’t a bad idea. I would say cut down on repetitive content, and avoid shallow content – “How to’s” that most people could come up with themself. Go for gold, not for cheap.

  • Sam Jolman

    Less posts, richer content… that’s my vote. Thanks for asking us!

  • Thad Puckett

    I read your content daily.  I would hate to see it decrease in frequency.  

    With that said, I wonder if providing only a transcript of your podcast (which you could outsource) would free up a day of effort.

    Seriously enjoy your blog.

  • Skye Berger

    Michael I have become accustomed to reading the weekly email for updates. I look forward to your new projects.

  • Danna Demetre

    If I had more time, I’d read your all your blogs, Michael. I think three days per week is perfect to give your avid readers plenty to ponder and you time for other things.

  • mcnairwilson

    Michael, Please post only once-a-month so the rest of us bloggers can at least TRY to catch up.

    • Michael Hyatt


  • Michael Hyatt

    Thanks for your thoughts on this. Really good input. Thanks.

  • Michael Hyatt

    Thanks, Rick. I appreciate your kind words.

  • Lawrence Earl, MD

    As a new blogger, I found this insightful.  It is a challenge to come up with a post every day, balancing with quality, and a technical/medical content.  I will feel more confident if I only make 2 or 3 per week!

    Lawrence Earl, MD

  • John

    This post was very helpful. I agree–that too many posts means that most don’t get read. Unsubscribes increase. We all have just so many hours in a day…can’t read and digest everything

  • Garren


  • Mike Greenberg

    You’d add me as a more frequent reader… great stuff… you and Seth Godin ~ but way too much in my in box.

  • Diane McElwain

    I read several blogs, having started with (en)courage.  I feel overrun with daily blogs at this point.  I really enjoy  them, but I wish they all posted just once a week so I wouldn’t spend so much time reading them.
    On the other hand, I do not blog on a regular basis. I try to post 2 a month and am hoping to increase to 1 a week.

  • Rusty

    Why do anything on Tuesdays & Thursdays? Why not just be ‘silent’ on those days. “Distraction” is the biggest battle we face. It’s just as distracting to take a ‘quick look’ as it is to read a full blog. The idea that anyone has to be heard from on a daily basis is a little narcissistic I think, perhaps a product of Facebook and Twitter.

  • Rob Sorbo

    I’m all about quality over quantity. If blogging less causes you to produce even better posts, then go for it.

    I would probably say 3 posts and a podcast.

  • Mark S. R. Peterson

    I thank you for posing this question to your readers instead of assuming what people want to see.  I do have a slight alternative (which may have been suggested in the comments): plan on 2-3 times a week and have the others taken up by guest posts.  I’m not sure how involved you are personally in approving these, but not only would it free up your time it would also allow others to share their message on this enormous platform you’ve built.

    Will you still be podcasting weekly?  I sure hope so, I do enjoy them very much.
    God bless!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Mark. Actually, I am going to be discontinuing guest posts altogether—at least for a season. I find these take about as much effort for me to review and edit as writing an original post. They really don’t fit into my personal mission or the purpose of my blog, except in rare situations.
      I will definitely be continuing my podcasts!

  • Food for Thinkers

    Do you offer any one on one coaching?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Not currently, but we may be introducing something this next year. Thanks.

  • Michael Hyatt

    Thanks for your comments. I have not found this to be true regarding newsletter writers. But maybe it is more important in some niches than others.