How Little Things Can Lead to Big Results

3 Ways to Help You See and Play a Different Game, and Win

When it comes to winning at work, you have to focus on the big things. Don’t sweat the small stuff, right? Not so fast. The small stuff does matter. In fact, according to Andy Andrews, bestselling author of The Little Things, it might matter more than you could possibly imagine.

Why You Aren’t Dead Yet

Proof That Your Most Important Days Are Still Ahead

You may be old. You may be sick. You may be divorced. You may be out of work. You may be broke. You are still here for a reason.

Is Romans 8:28 Still in the Bible?

The Gift of Perspective

Is Romans 8:28 Still in the Bible?

Life is not pain problem-free. As one of my friends says, “You’re either in a crisis, coming out of a crisis, or about to go into a crisis.” The key to maintaining your balance is perspective. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to ask the right question.

Leadership and Forgiveness, Part 2

Amazingly, all these events seem to have a single thing in common: if a leader was the person who caused all the trouble (pulled the switch, made the move, etc.), he or she tried to clean up the disaster and make everything “nice” without knowing the difference between a mistake and a choice. … Parents who make wrong choices in front of their followers (children) and chalk them up as mistakes, throwing them away with casual apologies, know that those offenses can pile up in the life of a child and overflow into astonishing rebellion and disrespect.

Leadership and Forgiveness, Part 1

I have become convinced that there is one leadership principle upon which companies and families and fortunes balance, but it is totally misunderstood by today’s corporate and political leaders. This principle is powerful enough that it has redirected many of our lives in an eternal way, yet it is so ignored in our daily living that its absence has torn apart companies, families, nations, and civilizations!

Book Review: The Noticer by Andy Andrews

His newest book is called The Noticer. The official publication date is tomorrow. After finishing it, I had the same feeling I had when I read The Traveler’s Gift—this one is going to be a bestseller! Judging by the comments we have already received from our book review bloggers, I am not alone in my assessment. In fact, as of yesterday, all of the readers on Amazon have given the book a five-star rating.

Christian Book Expo: Day 2

Yesterday, the Christian Book Expo floor opened. We had 66 publishers, scores of authors, and dozens of book signings and author events. The attendance was lighter than I had hoped. However, given the fact that this is a consumer show and most consumers are working during the day, it wasn’t a complete surprise. Hopefully, attendance will pick up on Saturday.