Replay of the Platform-Building Teleseminar with Jeff Goins

Jeff Goins at the Platform Conference

Several months ago, I hosted a teleseminar with Jeff Goins. If you don’t know, Jeff is a full-time author, blogger, and speaker. I wanted to re-post it here as a way of introducing you to his Tribe Writers course (more about that in a minute). We had some technical challenges in the call when we […]

Do You Have to Respond to Every Blog Comment?

As a blogger, I love getting comments. This is one major way in which blogging is different from all other forms of writing. You get near-instant feedback. This is tremendously gratifying, but it can also be a challenge to keep up with them.

How to Protect Your Intellectual Property Online

It’s inevitable. If you are successful as a blogger, people are going to steal your content. You’ll wake up one morning to a Google Alert, notifying you that your name was mentioned on another blog. You then click on the link to read the post. To your horror, you discover that another blogger has re-posted one of your entire blog posts, word-for-word. What do you do?

A Social Media Framework

I am often asked how it all works together. People say, “Okay, I get the blog thing. I understand Facebook and Twitter—sort of. But how does it all work together?” A good social media strategy has three components.

Five Ways Your Company Can Benefit from Twitter

In preparation for my talk, last week I asked my Twitter followers to tell me how my use of social media has changed their perception of my company, Thomas Nelson Publishers. I received more than one hundred responses, including numerous direct messages and some rather lengthy emails. All but one were positive. As you might expect, there were recurring themes. As I sifted through the responses over the weekend, I catalogued five specific ways Twitter has positively impacted our brand image.