Kindle for Mac

It also says you can highlight text, but I couldn’t figure out how. If is going to compete with Apple, they are going to have to do better than this.


This avoids having to keep a bunch of tabs open in your browser, hoping to come back to them later. I have been wanting something like this for a long time!


This enables me to shoot a music stream from my computer to the speakers in whatever rooms I choose. … For example, if you are watching a video in YouTube or want to listen to , you have to directly connect to an external speaker.

TweetDeck for iPhone

If you use TweetDeck on your Mac or Windows machine to manage your Twitter account, and you have an iPhone, you will love this little application. … It will even sync groups between your desktop and your iPhone, provided that you sign up for a free online account.


Instead, it focuses on the tasks that writers need and takes them to the next level. … You can eliminate all the distractions of other programs and windows and focus on the single document you are working right now.


This clever little program covers all of your open windows and desktop with a blank, colored backdrop. … That application stays above the backdrop and creates a distraction-free environment for you to get some actual work done.


In my view it is much better than Adobe Reader and easier to use. You can highlight text, add and edit notes, create bookmarks, and read your documents in full-screen mode.


If you have a Web site or a blog, you will inevitably have to upload pictures, text files, or scripts. You will need a FTP (file transfer protocol) program to do so.