Thanksgiving at the Hyatts’

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. All the kids were home, including our two granddaughters, Ellie and Libby. All total, there were eleven of us, plus a friend or two that joined us throughout the day.

Hyatt Thanksgiving 2007

Mary, my third-born, was the official chef for the occasion. She planned out the menu in meticulous detail and created a meal that was sumptuous in every way.

I took on the role of photojournalist, determined to document the day’s activities. (Click here if you are interested.) This usually annoys everyone, but I got them to agree upfront to ignore me. They did a pretty good job, other than when I inadvertently documented a “slight disagreement” between Mary and Marissa. At that point, they shut me down like I was a member of the paparazzi. (“Fellow journalists, I feel your pain!”)

The highlight of the day was going around the Thanksgiving table, expressing what we were most grateful for. I was the most grateful for my family—especially Gail who has been my joyful companion now for almost 30 years. I am indeed blessed!

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  • Mukund Mohan

    Very nice of you to share. You have a wonderful family no doubt. Have a safe thanksgiving shopping.

  • Tamara Paton

    What a beautiful family! Sounds like you had a very special day. Thank you for sharing and continuing your good humor.

  • Luci Swindoll

    Mike, Thanks for the wonderful account of Thanksgiving at the Hyatt’s. I loved reading about the fun you had…and congratulations on the pictures. I hope all of you continue to have blessed holidays.

  • Michael Hyatt

    Thanks, Luci. I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving as well!

  • Brenda Lugannani

    It is so nice of you to share even the personal moments in your life. I came to read your impressions on the Kindle (trying to decide whether to push the “buy” button), but I couldn’t resist your Thanksgiving memories. A nice start to the day — and now, back to retail.

  • Dan

    Nice to see the 5 M’s and especially the grand-kids. It’s nice to see you kicking back AND to see the legacy that you and Gail are building! May He continue to bless you all with such moments (and keep up the sharing in ALL dimensions).

  • Rick

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    I’m curious what camera you used If it was a DSLR, what lense? Also, did you use a flash for many of the indoor shots?

    Keep up the great writing.


  • Michael Hyatt


    Yes, I used a Canon Digital Rebel XT DSLR. The lens was a Canon EF 24-105MM. The flash was a Canon Speedlite 580 EX. I use the flash for most of the shots.



  • Anders Isaksson

    Hi Mike,

    I specially like the “Mike in His Usual Position” photo!
    Not sure if this is a mac habit but I do most of my work on my mac in the same position. At least when I am at home. We do not have the same kind of armchair at work, but I guess it would soon be time to try to get one ;-)

    I wish you and your family all the best.

  • colleen Coble

    You’re like my dad then, Mike. He’s always the one taking the pictures. Dave and I were in Phoenix with our baby girl for Thanksgiving and I don’t think we got a single picture other than the one of wedding dress I just bought for her. There are times you need a paparazzi. LOL

  • Anita

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful family, Mike. I suppose someone has already mentioned your headline. (Hyatt’s should be Hyatts’.) A common error, even for the head of a publishing company. :-)

  • Neal Durham

    3 Dec 2007

    Spoke with your dad (Uncle Bob) this afternoon and he said that he would send this. Great photo and story.
    With the passing of my sister Sharon in July from cancer, I now in possession of many photos of the Hyatt family. I am in the process of matching and putting them with family sheets. Between the Hyatts, Kingan, Colborn, Drakes (Sir Francis Drake), Lutz, Schaefer, Trinkhaus to name a few, I have compiled 100 – 200 family sheets.
    Great looking girls. They all seem to grow up. Last time I saw them was in Waco at grandma’s funeral. I miss her cooking.
    I now have 24 grandchildren with 18 being girls. Our 25th is due end of May, first of June.

    Neal Durham
    17707 Lewis Lane
    Caldwell,Idaho 83607

  • Rachel Hauck

    Beautiful family, Mike.