Thanksgiving at the Hyatts’

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. All the kids were home, including our two granddaughters, Ellie and Libby. All total, there were eleven of us, plus a friend or two that joined us throughout the day.

Hyatt Thanksgiving 2007

Mary, my third-born, was the official chef for the occasion. She planned out the menu in meticulous detail and created a meal that was sumptuous in every way.

I took on the role of photojournalist, determined to document the day’s activities. (Click here if you are interested.) This usually annoys everyone, but I got them to agree upfront to ignore me. They did a pretty good job, other than when I inadvertently documented a “slight disagreement” between Mary and Marissa. At that point, they shut me down like I was a member of the paparazzi. (“Fellow journalists, I feel your pain!”)

The highlight of the day was going around the Thanksgiving table, expressing what we were most grateful for. I was the most grateful for my family—especially Gail who has been my joyful companion now for almost 30 years. I am indeed blessed!

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