The 100 Bestselling Christian Books of 2010

The books in the table below represent the top 100 bestselling Christian books of 2010. It is based on unit sales for the twelve months ending December 31, 2010.

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We created these lists from a proprietary database we have assembled at Thomas Nelson. It is based on various point-of-sale systems from multiple sales channels.

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This list is not perfect. It is missing sales, for example, from large mass accounts that don’t report to the major services. Nor does it include ministry or direct sales. Nor does it include e-books or sales outside the U.S. It primarily represents sales through traditional bookstores, both general market and Christian specialty stores.

[table id=2]

Questions: What observations do you have about this list? Any conclusions you can draw either about the state of Christian publishing or the evangelical market? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • Enayena

    the only one I’d read is from Oswald Chambers. I’m amazed that some Christians have time to read so many books ahead of the Bible, God’s word to us.

  • Enayena

    the only one I’d read is from Oswald Chambers. I’m amazed that some Christians have time to read so many books ahead of the Bible, God’s word to us.

  • jeanelane

    What is great about this list is that so many older books are on it. This shows that they have staying power.

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  • Mandafarias

    I didn’t read the book The Case for Christ, but I saw the documentary, WONDERFUL!! Amazing and full of facts I did not know about the Bible and Jesus

  • Mary

    I’m glad I have this for a reading list, but I was disappointed that not all the books were from 2010. It would be nice to see a list of top new releases. Or maybe it would be nice to see new authors get a chance to get on the bookshelves so we could decide for ourselves?

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  • Elizabeth Lampi

    With the ability for information to be passed around world wide in a flash there is a need to learn how to deal with the world as it is portrayed, day by day.

    Hope is crucial and we find hope in the Word of God. There is a strong need to make ‘the corner of our world’ better. Reading books that speak of relationships, making a difference, a focused life based on Christian living, and self-improvement reach out and touch our hearts.

    History may be important; as I see it the time we are living in calls for action both as individuals and as a nation, one world under God. Seeing the top 100 include books that guide and challenges Christian living, challenging and lifting us up as individuals to a higher calling makes sense.

    One key phrase I have heard recently is “Living Intentionally” these books get us there.

    Relationships start at home, books like The Five Love Languages help improve our relationships with family and friends, it lends to understanding . I also have the book The Five Languages of Apology, (Chapman and Thomas) this book also lends to understanding one another.

    The need to reach out and make the world a better place is strong. There are books in this list calling us to action. Other books like The Shack are easy read. This book touches topics such as the God of Wrath -vs- the God of love; depression; objectification of other humans; trust and love; if God loves us why so much pain in the world; our will -vs- his purpose, to mention a few human conditions and FAQ (frequently asked questions). Put in an easy read format allows us to feel and does not require us to tax our interpretation abilities.

    I have 5 books on this list and see several that will go on my wish list: Crazy Love, The Christian Atheist, and Boundaries.

    Thanks for compositing this list, always interesting to see what is popular in respect to man’s current condition.

  • Philip Whitford

    Does this list take into account books that have multiple ISBNs? For example the Bible and the Book of Mormon did not make the list. I imagine the combined sales of those two individual writings far outsold Jesus Calling.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I did not include any Bibles in the list, period. The bible has a gzillion ISBNs—different translations, bindings, formats, etc.

      • Philip Whitford

        Then I guess you can say this is a biased list.

        • Michael Hyatt

          No, the Bible is considered a different product class altogether. (My company, Thomas Nelson, is one of the world’s largest Bible publishers.)

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  • Dr. Jenkins

    I have recently proof read a book that has since changed mylife profoundly. It wasn’t that its language was exceedingly complex or the style of its composition exceedingly elligant but none the less the understanding I received was simply profound. The author pronounces plainly that he feels he has received this understanding from what he calls, “the universal source of knowledge”. All I understand is that I cannot get the validity of its profound truth out of my mind. The book was titled, THE TRUTH “The Illumination of Conscience” it is by a first tiime published author Jeff Simoneaux. of New Orleans, Louisiana. He talks about this universal connection we all have to everyone else and everything else and how this connection made of pure energy is our actually real self and that the body we incorporate in the world we sense is actually only a disquise for this other world in which we actually live, a world we manifest along with everything and everyone else, a world that our very Creator is readily available to us, it is His world. I strongly recommend to anyone seeming to be missing out on what life is about and why we are here and why we are the way we are to read this book. I understand his website to be Give yourself a gift and go there.

  • Daylenej

    Why is Ted Dekker’s BoneMan’s Daughter on this list?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Because it sold well enough to make the list. Do mean, why did it sell that well? I can’t answer that. I haven’t read it.

  • Nikolyn

    who is the best publisher for biography

    • Michael Hyatt

      The one who agrees to publish your book. ;-)

      Seriously, there are probably more than 100 publishers in the U.S. who publish biographies. Look at the biographies you love the most and note who published them.

  • Kennydavies

    Very useful
    Any chance of getting the list for 2011?