The 140-Character Mission Statement

I have been reading Chris Guillebeau’s awesome new book, The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future. It is the most stimulating business book I have read since The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss.

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The book is not only practical, it is extremely inspirational. It’s for those who want to escape from corporate life, build something of their own to support their families, or just find a way to make more money.

I especially enjoyed his section on defining your mission statement. This nicely complements Chapter 11 of my new book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, where I talk about how to create an elevator pitch.

Here’s what Chris says:

Let’s break down the planning process into a very simple exercise: defining the mission statement for your business (or your business idea) in 140 characters or less. 140 characters is the maximum amount of text for an update on Twitter and a good natural limit for narrowing down a concept.

It may help to think of the first two characteristics of any business: a product or service and the group of people who pay for it. Put the two together and you’ve got a mission statement:

We provide [product or service] for [customers].

Note that it’s usually better to highlight a core benefit of your business instead of a descriptive feature. Accordingly, you can revise the statement a bit to read like this:

We help [customers] do/achieve/other verb [primary benefit].

Focusing like this helps you avoid “corporate speak” and drill down to the real purpose of the business as it relates to your customers.

Here are a few examples:

  • If you have a dog-walking service, the feature is “I walk dogs.” The benefit is “I help busy owners feel at ease about their dogs when they’re not able to be with them.”
  • If you sell knitted hat patterns, the benefit is something like “I help people be creative by making a hat for themselves or someone close to them.”
  • If you make custom wedding stationery, you might say, “I help couples feel special about their big day by providing them with amazing invitations.”

Simple, straight-forward, and easy to implement. I’m sure this is one of the reasons the book has garnered so many five-star reviews (193) on Amazon. It is a book that is well-worth your time!

Question: How about you? What is the 140-character (or less) mission statement of your business idea? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • LindaAdamsVA

    Since I’m a writer, it’s about my writing platform.  Here it is:  “I write adventures for women.”

  • Steve Woodruff

    I’m a huge believer in the “before the elevator door even closes” summary statement. Mine: “My purpose is to help people and companies discover their identity and purpose, and to create new opportunities for people to thrive optimally in supportive networks.”

  • Joey Espinosa

    We are running a summer camp this June.

    “To provide safe, fun, and enriching programs for kids in and near Allendale County (SC).”

    • Joe Lalonde

      Joey, that sounds fantastic! Keep up the great work.

  • Jennifer from Florida

    We help you succeed financially by becoming your money coach for life.

  • Cyberquill

    I help you waste money, should you be so injudicious as to spend it on any of the products and services I provide. 

  • Howard Thaw

    Michael, If you don’t already know Jeff Pulver or his 140 character conferences ( there is much a science as there is an art to what you describe. 
    It’s just a matter of watching the presentations on that site to see how people, brands and companies are trying to do what you described … express themselves within a 140 characters.I’d be pleased to make the connection for anyone that is interested.  

    • Michael Hyatt

      Cool. I wasn’t familiar with that. Thanks.

    • Tiffany Lymon

       Thanks for that resource.   I would love to share that with my community!

  • Sweetie Berry

    I cultivate the messy parts of brilliance . She’s So There develops business strategy, learning opportunities and services to cultivate online business growth.

    • TNeal

       Love your first sentence. It made me smile and think  simultaneously.

  • Dale Melchin

    This post is particularly good for me because I have a tendency to go on and on about my ideas. :-D

    • Tim Peters

      Dale, glad the post was helpful. 

    • Dana Pittman

       Don’t we all. ;)

  • Kari Scare

    Here’s my first stab at getting my statement under 140 characters:

    Encouraging deliberate, determined & intentional lives
    that make the most of every opportunity with balance, curiosity and uniqueness.

  • Thad Puckett

    I am looking forward to reading this book.  I think the 140 character challenge is a great way to get you to think what is the core of what your company or organization does.  If it takes more than 140 characters, it’s too long (for a mission statement).

    • Tim Peters

      Agreed.  And if not careful a 140 characters might be too long.  

  • Jeff Brewer

    I help people lead and live with excellence and purpose through speaking, writing and personal coaching.

  • Kelly Combs

    “I encourage women to realize their worth in Christ.”  :-)

    • Kelly Combs

      …by sharing my own story of the value God has given me.

      • TNeal

        Kelly, I remember an earlier exchange between you and me (months ago but it stuck) that I recently shared in a message. Both our childhoods were marred by parental alcoholism.  I appreciate how you’re authentic approach to faith and how God has shaped your life to influence others. God bless.

        • Kelly Combs

          Thank you for remembering our exchange TNEAL, that is thoughtful of you. I remember too. I had the opportunity to speak at a ladies breakfast on Saturday and shared my story. Three women came up afterwards and told me they too had an alcoholic parent. So I think it was beneficial. My message was about how children in that setting never feel like they are “good enough,” but that as adults we can realize that we don’t have to be good enough because God is. We don’t have to earn it. He loves us because of who HE is, not because of who we are.

          Thanks for your kindness.

          • TNeal

             My point was pretty simple. It’s our hurts that tend to connect us with others and, within the church, we don’t need to hide them.

          • Kelly Combs

            Amen, my friend!

    • Tim Peters

      Nice one Kelly. 

      • Kelly Combs

        Thanks.  :-)

  • Lucille Zimmerman

    I’m a counselor. I help hurting people. I’m also a teacher and an author. 

    • Michael Hyatt

      I like it. Direct and to the point.

    • Tim Peters

      Love the “I help hurting people.” 

    • TNeal

       I went to your website. I find the description “gifted listener” an attention grabber. We certainly hear about gifted speakers (and I appreciate those who communicate well) but a gifted listener invites me to the kitchen table for a chat.

  • Karthikeyan P

    I help educational institutions manage their day-to-day business as well as educational processes.

  • Chris Jeub

    “We train minds for action. We prepare students for academic speech and debate competition through our curriculum, camps and classes.”

    132 characters. Now, to add a link plus leave room for a retweet…

    “We train minds for action by preparing students for forensic competition thru our camps and classes.

    That was easier than I thought! Thank you for the excellent article, Michael.

    • Kelly Combs

      Neat! My 12 yr old came in 3rd place last year in her school’s forensic competition in serious poetry. That made her a county-wide alternate.  I can see how SCORRE could really in your line of work.

      • Chris Jeub

        Heh, that’s an understatement. SCORRE has helped me big time! 

        I’m running the largest national tournament in the 16 year history of Christian forensics competition June 4-9. Kelly, if you are in the Springs area (or anyone for that matter), come by Focus on the Family! 

        You will be impressed.

  • Daniel Decker

    I help authors, speakers and organizations doing “Good” to increase their influence. 

    • Kelly Combs

      Yes, yes you do. :-) Great job this week on PLATFORM.

  • Lincoln Parks

    I usually post my Vision after every Blog post that I write. Mine is not quite 140 Characters so it would be good to see if I can streamline it to that.

    As a Professional our vision is to help others market themselves online to build GOD focused Organizations.  Creating a tribe of Entrepreneurs that love the Lord, their families, and seeing others succeed.

  • Iyinoluwa Aboyeji

    I help individuals and institutions build social learning communities around their mission and ideas.

  • walter_barnes

    Hate to go off topic, but authors please use correct grammar. The author uses the word compliments where he means to use use complements.  All of the supposed writers commenting on the post did not pick up on this either. Grammar and syntax really are going away in our language. Too bad.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Walter. Good catch. I have fixed it.

  • coachbyron

    I help ordinary people  launch their “strengths based  business,” around their purpose and passions.

  • Timothy Lynn Burchfield

    I sell chicken burgers!

  • Charlie Lyons

    “I help people live a pattern of deliberate personal
    growth and challenge others to do the same.”
    I seek to accomplish this through my online home base at:

    Thanks, Michael, for your insights and advice. I purchased Platform yesterday and am impressed with the content so far, as I knew I would be. :)

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Charlie. I appreciate you buying the book.

  • Katina Vaselopulos

    I am in the process of publishing my first  book. Writing was a joy, but social media, promotions, platforms…have been challenges. Thank you for the concrete and structured suggestions! Here I go: “Sharing a Year of my Journey I encourage women-and men-to fully live the moments of Life connecting to themselves, other people, nature, God, nurturing body and soul!”

    • Katina Vaselopulos

      This is Katina again.  Can you Michael, or anyone else,  read my platform above and make a comment, offer a suggestion? 
      Thanks in advance!

      • Michael Hyatt

        Great start. It just seems a little broad to me, especially the “connecting” part at the end. I would use the “rule of threes” and mention no more than three.

        • Katina Vaselopulos

          Thanks Michael…Makes sense!  I will work on it.

  • Barb

    I help people break free from their negative emotions and bad habits. 

    Or – for my iphone app that will be coming out in a month or less: 

    This i-phone app will help you say no to tempting foods when they’re staring you in the face.

  • Debra L. Butterfield

    I publish an online magazine. My mission statement: I help women overcome crisis by providing encouragement, hope, and practical advice. 

  • D

    Not quite there yet – that would explain a lot.  I clearly need to spend time and focus on what I really do.  I know I’m passionate about speaking, overcoming, growing, and adoption.  Now to really focus.

  • Eric Williams

    I’ve been hearing a lot about this book in the past week. It’s on my ‘read next’ list along with “Platform.”

  • Mary Allen

    I help women identify God’s truth in their own lives through fiction.

    • Kelly Combs

      I love the mix of truth and fiction in your statement. Makes you want to read it twice.

  • Greg L. Gilbert

    Accountable Seedership™ Coaching – Transforming Reactive Bosses To Proactive Leaders With Good Seeds.

  • Heather H

    CafeSmom informs, inspires and encourages stepmoms as the heart of their blended family by building a positive community of support and hope

    That’s my 140 character mission statement. I founded Cafe Smom in 2009 to inspire, support and encourage stepmoms. I’m a mom of 4 and custodial Smom of two. My two stepdaughters call me Smom which I define as: a noble woman who cares for and nurtures her husband’s children. There are over 140 million stepmoms in the US but not a lot of resources. I do not want stepmoms to feel alone in their struggles or in their joys. My passion is to connect stepmoms in a positive way and create an environment of support.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share!

  • joni

    I am researching how to launch a business as a virtual assistant. As my spouse and I move into our retirement years, we’d like to travel. So, here’s a test balloon…

    I provide administrative service for businesses in website, data, mailings and event support, without the expense of an full-time employee.

  • Deanna

    Whew, I’m buying a lot of great books this week!
    This is my current mission statement – but I’m still tweaking. “You have a cause or organization that changes lives, and there are people who need to hear it.  EMERGE helps non-profits and faith-based organizations rise out of the ordinary through relevant, creative online campaigns and strategies that help you change the world.” 

    • Michael Hyatt

      I think you need to articulate your competitive advantage. What makes your organization different than all the others that propose to do this same thing?

      • Deanna

        Thanks! I’m working on getting it out of my head and into my statement.

  • Dayna Renee Hackett Bickham

    As a writer and speaker, I help people discover their purpose in Christ. 

    • Kelly Combs

      I like the “as” put in the end. Mine was “I help women realize their worth in Christ,” but I think it would be better with your “As a writer and speaker” before it.  Thanks for the tip. :-)

    • Deanna


      My life (writing and speaking) mission is to help people realize that a real relationship with God changes lives. 

  • Keith E. Glover

    I help Pastors & Ministry Leaders take care of themselves to better serve others

  • lance cashion

     Before I engage in ANY business activity, I always remind myself of this… “People don’t buy ‘what’ you do.  They buy ‘why’ you do it.” -Simon Sinek.  That simple philosophy cuts through all of the noise that I like to create. 

    “We challenge decades of bad financial advice. We educate and empower those who want to experience a different financial reality.”

  • Linda S

    Thank you Michael – in our fast paced world, it is important to be reminded that most times people have only a limited amount of time to decide whether they want to listen to us or not. Keep writing – I’m listening!

    • Jim Martin

      Linda, that is exactly right.  People often make this decision very quickly.

  • Dan Erickson

    I like the idea of the 140-word mission statement.  Personally mine might go something like this: 

    “Dan Erickson is a writer, teacher, and speaker.  He shares his own story, “A Train Called Forgiveness,” about being a child victim of a cult, so that others might find healing and comfort.”

    On another note, although many of the posts are motivating and inspirational here, I note an over-emphasis on success, money, and productivity.  I have to ask if that’s always our best goal.  I thoughtfully address this issue on my own blog in an article called “dogged determination” at

  • Lori Tracy Boruff

    I help people process their emotional pain to really live again.

    • Kari Scare

      There is a huge ministry in this. I see so many people failing to get at the root cause of their problems, and as a result relationships end and more devastation takes place. Great focus!

  • Shannon Steffen

    I haven’t had a chance to read Chris’ book yet but I have it on reseve at the library. Just this snippet you included has me even more excited.

    So, to answer your question, my 140-character (Human SEO(tm)) mission statement would be:

    “I help small businesses get found online for the right reasons – to engage and help their customers.”

  • John Richardson

    Let me give this a try…

    I help people overcome obstacles in their lives by providing easy to use personal development tools.

    Hmmm… I’ll have to play some more with this today…

    As far as Chris’s book goes, it is a great compliment to yours. I love the stories of people who were at their wits end, finally be able to overcome fear or other obstacles, and create a business that works.

    Highly recommended…

    • Jim Martin

      Thanks John.  It is great to hear your recommendation of the book as well.

  • JeremyStreich

    My distaste for mission statements, coupled with my understanding that I need one made me come up with a very short one last year.  It is simply: “make Jesus go viral”

    I realize that it doesn’t talk about the ins and outs of what I do, which is web development mainly for churches, but it is the mission of what I do.

    • Kari Scare

      Our youth pastor preached about Jesus going viral on Sunday, and my Monday post “What’s Your Status?” was inspired by his message. So, your mission statement definitely caught my attention. Love it when God makes clear something he wants me to focus on by bringing it to my attention mutliple times and ways.

  • Terri_brown

    I write and speak to help tweens, teens, and young adults make media choices that parallel their values as believers of Christ.

    As a regular leader of middle schoolers, and as a mom of three teenagers, I understand that I have to mine the shaft of “three minutes or less” to get a point across.  But yet I also have the gift of hanging out, which I find to be extremely effective at discipling people of all ages.

  • Jack Lynady

    I help people pursue Life

  • Terry Hadaway

    I help people discover and live their purpose in life. I also annoy people by discussing the intricacies of coffee varietals. But, that’s not a mission statement, that’s just a way of life! 

  • mikefreestone

    Making delicious granola from natural products and selling to customers/stores with extremely good taste to achieve granola domination. @goodlifegranola:disqus 

    • Barb

      I want that granola!

    • Kelly Combs

      Granola domination!?! Isn’t that we all aspire to achieve?  Great statement.

  • Kay Wilson

    I help people have their best health & their own business.

  • Travis Dommert

    Seems to be missing a Porter 5-Forces model, PEST analysis, SWAT analysis, sustainability angle, vision of a future in which you are indispensable, blah, blah, blah.  BRILLIANT.

    Simple is the new cool.

  • Aaron G Myers

    Here is mine:

    “Helping you be more effective, more efficient and have more fun on the journey toward fluency in any language.”

    • Jim Martin

      Aaron, I like this!  You’ve got my attention with that statement.

  • Adam Rico

    This book is next on my reading list (after Platform of course). Can’t wait. Ok here’s mine:

    I help people feel alive by doing work they enjoy.

  • Ron Dawson

    What a great exercise. Here are two stabs at mine:

        We help businesses, churches & creatives use new media & cinema to communicate their  brand or message in engaging & effective ways.

    Here’s a shorter version:

        We shoot people. With video.

    We obviously do way more than that, but it’s fun. :)

    • Michael Hawkins

      Ron –  All this stabbing and shooting makes me want to learn more about you and your business.

      I’m envisioning a business card with the phrase “We shoot people.  With video.” in big, bold letters.  : – )
      What a great play on words!

      • Ron Dawson

        If it weren’t for the fact that what we do goes beyond just shooting video, I’d totally do that. :)

  • Kelly Thorne Gore

    At iBloom, we help women live lives they absolutely love!

    • johnmurphyinternational

      Had a look at your site – really like it! Well done.

    • Jim Martin

      This sounds very good, Kelly.

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  • Michael Hawkins

    Here’s my first attempt:

    “I help people feel good about what they do (and don’t) get done.”

    • johnmurphyinternational

      Like this. How do you go about that?

      • Michael Hawkins

        John – Feeling good about what I get done and what I don’t get done started when I adopted the Getting Things Done (“GTD”) mentality.    I confess:  David Allen is my personal productivity hero.*

        Here’s how it works:
        You keep a complete inventory of your commitments, tasks, and projects in a system (not your head!) that works for you.  And…you monitor that system daily to find what needs to be done today and tomorrow and next week, etc.  The other ‘stuff’ is on the list and gets reviewed each week. 

        As you use the GTD system, you get the benefit of feeling good about all the things you got done.  And…you have a list of all the stuff that needs to be done later, eventually, or ‘someday/maybe’ (as David Allen classifies it).  That’s the feeling good about NOT getting things done.

        *Giving credit where credit is due:  Michael Hyatt has shared tons of great productivity tips here on the blog (and in his podcasts too.)


        • johnmurphyinternational

          Michael, I like David Allens GTD approach and am a big fan of getting the right things done – I write about it a lot in my own blog.
          I see you write quite  a bit about those in education – what is the genesis of this?

  • Greg L. Gilbert

    Accountable Seedership™ Coaching – Moving “Our Employees Are Our Greatest Asset” From A Wall Plaque To The Bottom Line.™

  • Prayzhimtoday

    That the broken will find relief, release and joy through Jesus Christ the Lord.

  • http://MikeLoomis.CO/ Mike Loomis

    Thanks for sharing this Michael!  

    “I help people launch and grow their dream businesses and projects”

    Mike Loomis

  • Melody


    Just bought your book yesterday and anxiously awaiting its arrival:)

    Question: for those of us writing a book, how would you start the mission statement?

    Would you start w/the name of the book, then use an action verb that describes what the book offers its audience?

    I also think my challenge is the topic of the book is intangible (it is not a product).

    Can’t you tell I need to read your book.  Thanks for any ideas before the book arrives:)


    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I would. I elaborate on this in Chapter 11 of my book, with some real live examples. Here’s the “elevator pitch” that I used for my book, Platform:
      “I am the author of a new business book called, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. It is designed for anyone who is trying to get attention for his or her product, service, or cause. I teach my readers how to build a tribe of loyal followers, using social media and other new technologies. It has never been easier, less expensive, or more possible than right NOW.”

  • M. V. Walker

    “I help Christians have clarity and certainty about, as well as, confidence in their faith as it applies to the rest of their lives.”

  • Rob Sorbo

    I help the American church understand missions and connect with missionaries.

  • Kimyung Kim

    Michael, I’ve been promoting you like crazy on facebook, cause I’ve gotten so much from your blogs and podcasts.  I haven’t seen a lot of my people sign up for you though.  I got an idea, what if you created t-shirts with ‘Michael Hyatt: Intentional Leadership’ or on them, and I could be your walking advertisement.  I’d pay 15 bucks for the shirt, i’m sure some of your other followers would as well.  Thanks for everything and keep up the outstanding work!!!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks. I have passed this along to my team.

  • johnmurphyinternational

    Really like this attention to brevity. Mine is – I help Senior Executives, CEOs, business owners and professionals to fulfill their potential. Chris’ new book sounds great!

  • Dustin W. Stout

    I craft and cultivate creative ideas and turn them into visual and verbal brilliance. Simply put, I make you look good. 

    I’m still tweaking that, but essentially, that’s my 140 character mission statement. It’s still a bit wordy for me, but it’ll get there. :)

    • Jim Martin

      Dustin, this sounds very good!

      • Dustin W. Stout

        Thanks @jimmartin:disqus ! :)

  • Momekh

    “Help people become self employed, so they can live a wholesome life.” 

    And by the way, Mr. Hyatt, how would YOU frame your 140 character pitch?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Here it is: I help people live with more passion, work with greater focus, and lead with extraordinary influence. (I use this in my podcast.)

      • Momekh

        Now that’s gangsta! :) 
        I love one page business plans. I insist on them. Instead of those 60 pages + of odes to graphs and formatting skills. But I now realize that what takes one page to explain should be said in 140 words. :) Thanks man. 

        • Barry Hill

           Gangsta Indeed!

  • Joe

    I help businesses achieve peace of mind by providing expert advice, timely service, and access to great values.

    • John Tiller

      That’s a textbook example, Joe.  Nice job!

  • TNeal

    Touching on the topics of heaven and hell, I write to disturb and delight.

    • John Tiller

      Not only does that communicate what you do, it makes me want to read it!  Beautiful job!

      • TNeal

         Thanks, John. I appreciate the affirmation.

  • KeithFerrin

    Here’s mine in 135…

    Through storytelling, speaking, and writing, I help people fall in love with God’s Word. Because just believing it’s true isn’t enough.

    • John Tiller

      That’s awesome, Keith!  

    • Jim Martin

      Just read your statement a couple of times, Keith.  This is really great.

    • Barry Hill

       Keith, I really like that.

  • Jean

    That was a great assignment, thanks!
    “I encourage people in Christ, to receive God’s grace, seek
    emotionally healing, and understand the bible through practical life

    • RodMDavis

      Jean, you forgot that you’re a Pastor and the most important person in my life for 32 years.

  • Justin Johnson

    Here is my first attempt. Please comments welcome.

    “I seek constant improvement through action using products, ideas and sports to accomplish what appears to be to good to be true.”

    • John Tiller

      Hey Justin,
      It sounds cool, but it leaves me wondering what you do.  Specifically, what do you do?  Can you incorporate that?

  • Mary

    I help working moms find balance in the midst of a crazy life.

    Wow 62 – I didn’t think I could be that precise!

    • John Tiller

      How do you do that, Mary?

  • kimanzi constable

    I love Chris’ book and was honored to be on his launch team, it was cool after all the email exchanges to meet him in person last night. hearing him talk about why he wrote the book was inspiring for me as a writer! Along with Michael’s book, this is also a must read book.

    • Michael Hyatt

      It really is a great book. Thanks.

    • Jim Martin

      Kimanzi, sounds like you had a great evening!  Congratulations on this opportunity.

  • Rod Davis

    I’m a Pastor, Christian song and skit writer and performer.

  • Rod Davis

    And…play guitar and talk too much (usually non sensible chatter).

  • Jenni Burke

    Glad to read your response to Guillebeau’s new book–I purchased it yesterday when I bought my copy of “Platform” and am excited to read both!

  • GeorgeNiebling

    I help people reduce or eliminate their monthly
    home energy costs and show others to do the same while creating a bullet-proof
    monthly residual income. 

    • Joe Lalonde

      I like your mission George! Checking out your blog to see how it’s done.

  • Katie McAleece

    Isn’t it remarkable that usually the briefer the statement- the more impact it has? I love the idea of the 140 character mission statement. And now, I’ll be buying this book. Thank you for sharing!

  • Christopher Battles

    I am working through  D an Miller’s 48days personal mission statement so this will be done after/with that.
    Thank you Michael for this focus.
    Will add this book to my to-read list. Along with Tim’s book, which I keep hearing about.

    K, bye

  • Kristen

    Hey, I haven’t even read this book yet, and I already did this! I’m a writing coach, and I trimmed my pitch down to the bare minimum for a media conference I attended recently. Here it is: I help writers polish and non-writers write.

    Hmm. Guess that’s still too feature-y and not benefit-y. Have to think about it some more…

    On another note, you’re the second person in a week to recommend this book, so I guess I better get it!

    • John Tiller

      Kristen, nice job identifying that your current mission already!  Also, kudos for recognizing that it may need to have benefits.  I wouldn’t change it, though, I would just add to it.  How about something like this?:  

      “I equip people to share their message with the world by helping writers polish and non-writers write.”

    • Jim Martin

      Kristen, thank you for sharing your attempt to write such a statement.  Reading your post and seeing what you did really helps me think about my own statement.

  • Robinson Mertilus

    I am also reading this book. Thanks for your insights. I am also looking forward to reading your book. I purchased it and received the 7 add-ons. I am really focused on learning and taking initiative. Thanks for all you do.

    • Joe Lalonde

      Robinson, what do you think of the $100 Startup so far? Worth the investment?

      And you’ll love Michael’s new book. Lots of great content packed into the book. Something everyone should review often!

      • Robinson Mertilus

        Definitely worth the investment. I like that it has good realistic examples of people who took action on their ideas. He ask some critical questions in the book that really helped me as I brainstorm my ideas and look for ways to implement them. 

  • Kari Scare

    How is this for a start? Helping Christians struggle to victory and age gracefully while
    living deliberate, determined & balanced lives that make the most of every

    • Joe Lalonde

      Sounds great to me Kari! 

      • Kari Scare

        Thanks Joe!

  • Joe Lalonde

    Interesting idea. I can see it being a valuable statement to have, especially with the use of Twitter.

    Let’s see if I can break mine down into 140 characters… 

    Since I try to focus on their topics: leadership, faith, and relationships, I think this statement works well –

    I help young leaders grow and expand their influence, increase their faith, and build better relationships

  • Terry Hadaway

    Po – Pr = Ac
    Our potential (Po) is often expressed by our mission statement. Subtract from that our procrastination (Pr) and we quickly see how our accomplishments can lag behind our intentions. An unimplemented mission statement is just a Tweet.

  • Dale Melchin

    “I help people solve life’s problems through direct and (mostly)
    to the point observations.”  Still
    working on it b/c I’m not a counselor yet, I can only give advice from my own

  • MatthewHexter

    Saw Chris last night in Columbus for his book tour. Michael, thanks for the plug. He presented for about 20 minutes then held a Q&A session. For those interested in learning how to set off on an entrepreneurial adventure, I highly recommend that you read Chris’s book. And check out his website to see him live in person. And yes, he served up some scrumptious cupcakes. ;-)

  • Andi-Roo

    Ah, the pitch! Great post, & great push to go check out a book I was already interested in reading. Moving it toward the top of my list. Thanks!

  • Jdriscoll

    “MAPtrackers helps companies minimize their MAP policy violations by providing accurate, timely and easy to use online price monitoring reports.”

    • Jeff Driscoll

      I just purchased Michael’s new book. I started reading the ebook right away! Great Stuff!!


  • Cole Bradburn

    Great to hear Michael, I just ordered The $100 Startup along with Platform (had to qualify for Amazon’s free shipping), and it is in queue to be read as soon as I finish your book.  

    Thank you for all the generous bonuses you packed along with your book.  It’s making it a deeper experience.

    My tweetable mission statement – To help families be happy, healthy, and vibrant so they can live a life full of love and adventure.

  • The Wired Homeschool

    Helping homeschoolers get the most out of technology and social media.

  • Jeanette-sharp

    I’m a nonfiction writer and my brand is God’s Cheerleader. Here it is: I encourage people to hope, pray, and believe God for the answers to their life’s needs.

  • Eric Williams

    We provide insightful content to help people with marriage, parenting and finance by sharing what we’ve learned through personal experience. (I love when I hit 140 characters right on the nose!)

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  • Matthew Reed

    Matthew Reed Coaching exists to make the world a more effective and God honoring place through coaching

  • Matthew Reed

    Matthew Reed Coaching exists to make the world a more effective and God honoring place through coaching

  • theronkelso

    “Be good, learn something new, work hard, make a difference, and have fun.” I say it every day to my 11 year old (yes, she mocks me). It tells her about me, and what I expect from her.

  • toddmiechiels

    I love it when I’m challenged to simplify and get super clear. 
    140 characters is an awesome challenge.  I would want to make sure in those characters I made a real heart connection between my service and their heart felt desires.  This made me go back and revisit the “one word mission statement” from a couple years back

    Thanks for continuing to give and challenge.  Hope to meet you someday.

  • Jay Palace

    GEL helps leaders create high performance teams and develop
    future leaders via nautical and dry-land adventures.

    And, I loved this post and the concept.  During our leadership retreats and one-day programs, we help client teams develop a shared sense of identity and purpose. This 140 character mission statement is a tool I’ll use for sure in the weeks and months ahead.  

    Thank you all!


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  • Tiffany Lymon

    This is something I have been challenging all of my new clients to do.   I think it is helpful not only for streamlining their communication but it also helps to mentally streamline the business.   Here is one of mine:

    Helping businesses express their voice and solutions with
    their target market using ‘right-sized’ strategies and streamlined systems.

  • Krista

    Great post. 

    I help passionate leaders cultivate their visions; bridging the gap between the big picture and the details. I am a project catalyst.P.S. I can’t wait for my copy of Platform to arrive!

  • Kent Julian

    To inspire and equip individuals and organizations to live it forward in the most important roles of life.

  • Kent Julian

    BTW… purchased Chris’ book because of Dan Miller and your recommendations.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I think you will enjoy it!

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  • Harmonylgf3

    ” I help hurting people find freedom through being a gifted listener, using our hurts to propel us forward in  recovery through Christ.” 
    Thank you for this timely help! God is good!

  • toddmiechiels

    I give Christians in the marketplace an opportunity to humbly share their faith using video & the internet to help lead people to Jesus.

    Michael, thanks for the opportunity to chime in and connect with others.


  • gina at CampClem

    Would love your feedback/thoughts–is this “compelling”? What would you add/remove/tweak/change?

    I inspire women to live more creative lives by blogging about crafts, trash-to-treasure, marriage, motherhood, and walking with Jesus

  • DKB

    Being Wrong: I found on yesturday that being wrong was ok for the good of someone else.  I had someone I cared about for some time and wanted to marry.  However she gave her heart to someone else.  As i thought about what could have gone wrong I found my fear of being hurt again at the root of it.  So to protect thoes involved I just accepted it as life.  When you allow fear to have an area of your life.   I learned that women who give of themselfs can become emotionally starved.  And when that happens they will move on.   (Men) don’t starve the women in your life but fill her Emotional Tank by being there.  Not in the TV or Game!  Give her you undivided attention.

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  • Sharon Minor

     My company publishes a quarterly telephone directory of  products, services and talents offered by small business owners and individuals. 

  • HeathMullikin

    I connect people to Christ’s love and mission by discovering and developing relationships, resources, talents, and spiritual gifts.

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