The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter

I originally wrote this post in May 2008. I have learned a lot since then. Twitter has also changed since then. I have updated this post to reflect both.

This post is a 20-minute guide to Twitter for non-techies. If you don’t know what Twitter is, start with my first post on the topic, Twitter-dee, Twitter-dum. If you still aren’t convinced it’s worth your time, then read my 12 Reasons to Start Tweeting.

A Finger About to Click on the iPhone Twitter App - Photo courtesy of ©, Image #17221776

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Over the last few years, I have helped several friends and a few family members get setup on Twitter. I found myself explaining the basics over and over again, so I decided to write a simple, step-by-step guide.

If you are new to Twitter, this will get you up and running fast. If you know someone who needs a little help or motivation getting started, send them a link to this post.

Just follow these eight steps.

  1. Set up your account. Go to Twitter to get started. Enter your name, email, and a password. Click Sign up.

    You will now be taken to a second screen where can select a username. This is the name by which you will be known on Twitter. What name should you use?

    Your real name is best—if it’s available. If not, you can try using a middle initial or prefacing it with something like “the” or “real” (e.g., “TheFrankDavis” or “Real FrankDavis”).

    Also, I recommend using initial caps and in-word caps. It will make your username more readable and memorable. For example: I use “MichaelHyatt” rather than simply “michaelhyatt.”

    Now click on the Create my account button. That’s it. You are now official a member of the Twitter community. Congratulations!

    Next, Twitter will assist you in getting started. It will explain what a tweet is and give you the opportunity to “follow” a few friends, popular people, or brands. You can opt out of these steps for now if you wish. Simply click the Skip this step link.

    Twitter will also give you a chance to see if some of your friends are on Twitter by checking your online address book. However, your contacts will have to be in one of the supported services: GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or AOL. Also, you’ll only see users who have allowed their accounts to be found by email address.

    This wasn’t that helpful to me when I initially started, since my contacts resided in Microsoft Outlook. However, I had a GMail account, so I just exported my contacts from Outlook and then imported them into Gmail. It worked flawlessly. However, if you get stuck, forget this step. You can add your friends later.

  2. Tweak your settings. Make sure you are on your Twitter home page. Click on the Settings link. You should be on the Account tab. Set the time zone.

    Do not check “Protect my updates” unless you only want those whom you approve to be able to get your updates. Personally, if you check this, it will seriously limit the fun. Make whatever other changes you want. Click the Save button.

    Now click on the Profile tab. Upload your picture. This is important. Many Twitter users (including me) will not follow users without photos, because it is a tell-tale sign of a spammer. Remember that the maximum upload size of your photo is 700k, so you may have to re-size your image to meet this requirement.

    Enter the rest of your information, including your location, website or blog (if any), and a brief bio. This, too, is important to keep you from getting flagged as a possible spammer. Your bio can either be serious or fun, but it must be brief—no more than 160 characters.

    Note that you can also connect your Twitter account to Facebook on this page. This will post all your Tweets directly to Facebook. Personally, I don’t recommend this, but you may want to do it. You can always change the setting later.

    When you are finished, click the Save button.

  3. Setup your phone. Twitter is much more fun if you connect it to your cell phone. By doing so, you can receive updates from those you are following (or just some of them) as well as send your own updates. It’s all done through text messaging (e.g., SMS).

    However, be forewarned: While Twitter doesn’t charge anything for this service, your phone carrier might. It’s a good idea to check with them and make sure you are on an “unlimited text messaging plan.” You don’t want to be surprised with a big phone bill.

    Again, under the Settings link, click on the Mobile tab. Enter your mobile phone number and click on the Start button. Now take your cell phone and text message the code Twitter gives you to 40404 (the number will be different if you are outside the U.S.). Be patient. Eventually, Twitter will confirm to you that your device is registered.

    If you are using an iPhone, Twitter is built into the operating system (at least if you are using iOS 5 and up). You can set it up by opening the Preferences app, scrolling down the screen, and touching the Twitter section. This will give you the ability to post updates to Twitter from within many iPhone applications, including the Photo app.

    Now, while still on your cell phone, set up a contact named “Twitter.” For the mobile phone number, use 40404. Now every time you want to send a Twitter update, you will send it to this contact name.

  4. Follow family and friends. If you haven’t done so already, add your family and friends by clicking in the “Search” field at the top of your home page. You can type in a username or first and last name. When you do, you will get a list of users who match your search criteria.

    You can also do a more advanced search (e.g., searching by location) by clicking on “Refine results” or by going directly to the Advanced Search page.

    You can begin “following” them by simply clicking on the Follow button. If you want to also follow them on your cell phone, then you can turn the “Device Updates” to “on.” Personally, I only follow my family and a few close friends on my cell phone. Regardless, you will be able to see everyone you follow on your Twitter home page.

  5. Learn the basic commands. Think of Twitter as a room full of people, all sitting in a circle. It’s a conversation. When you update your status, you are speaking to the whole group. Everyone can hear what you have to say.
    • Replies. If you want to direct your comments to one specific person in the circle, but loud enough that everyone else can hear, use the “Reply” function. You address the person by using their Twitter user name preceded by the “@” symbol. For example:

      @spencesmith I get my haircut at Dion’s South in downtown Franklin.

      Everyone who is following Spence and me will see the message, but I am specifically directing it to Spence. (Those who are not following both of us will not see the message.)

      You can also use the Reply function to refer to someone by name. For example:

      I’m headed to dinner at Tin Angel with @gailhyatt and @meghmiller. I am looking forward to trying the new menu.

      The thing about replies is that they are “clickable links.” If someone who is following me, clicks on one of the names, they will automatically go to that person’s Twitter page. This will give them the opportunity to follow that person, too.

    • Direct Messages. Continuing with the metaphor of a conversation with a room full of people, you can also use the “direct message” function. This is like whispering in one person’s ear. They can hear you, but no one else can. You are directing the message to them and only them. For example:
      d lnobles Can you bring my Business Review notebook down to the cafeteria conference room?


      d gailhyatt It looks like I will not be able to leave the office for another 30 minutes. Bummer.

      Twitter direct messages have largely replaced simple text messaging for me and many people I know.

    • Hash tags. You are probably familiar with tagging photos with a short piece of text. Twitter has this capability, too.

      The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages. If you click on a hash tag, it will show you all the other tweets associated with a hashtag.

      I have attended many conferences where an official hashtag was announced. This enables everyone at the conference to track what everyone is saying about the conference.

      For example, someone might say:

      Man, I loved @AndyStanley’s opening talk. He never ceases to speak to me. #cat2011

      #Cat2011 was the hashtag for the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta in the fall of 2011.

    • Other Commands. You can add people you want to follow from your cell phone. Just type in “follow [username].” For example:
      Follow kendavislive

      You can check your stats–the number of people you are following plus the number of people following you–from your cell phone by typing “stats” without any additional text.

      To stop all Twitter updates to your phone, send:


      To turn them back on send:


      You can find answers to almost every other Twitter question in the Twitter Help Center.

  6. Start tweeting. So now you are all setup. It’s time to start posting. You can do this from your Twitter home page or from your cell phone.

    The main thing you need to know is that the message can be no longer than 140 characters long. If you use the Web page, the entry field will automatically count your characters. After a while, you’ll instinctively know how long this is. I rarely go over the limit. But if you do, it’s no big deal. Your message will just be truncated.

    How often should you Twitter? That’s the 30-character question. My daughter @meghmiller says, “Don’t Twitter more than six times a day.” Personally, I think 10–12 is the upper limit. Obviously, there’s a balance here. Some of the people I follow, post way more updates than that.

    The real issue is whether or not you are adding something of value. There’s an old Jerry Seinfeld comedy routine called “Air Travel.” In it, he talks about airline pilots who insist on telling us all about the route they are taking. (Like anyone cares.)

    He says, as passengers, we don’t knock on the cockpit door and say, “Oh, by the way, I’m eating the peanuts now.” (Obviously this was pre-911.) So why do pilots feel the need to update us? All we care about is getting to the destination.

    In like manner, no one probably wants to hear the blow-by-blow of your life. However, some color commentary is good. However, this is definitely art not science, so there are no hard, fast rules.

    Regardless, you should consider every Twitter update as a branding impression. You are developing a reputation with your online friends, so make sure you are adding something to the conversation.

    This is really no different than a face-to-face conversation. You want to say something that is interesting, helpful, or just plain entertaining. I don’t think you should over-think it, but I don’t think you should just text the first thing that pops in your mind.

  7. Be careful. You definitely need to be cautious. It’s probably not a good idea to say something like, “I’m headed to the west coast for a week. My poor, beautiful wife is going to be home all alone.” Bad idea. For obvious reasons.

    You need to think about the fact that crazy people and criminals have Twitter accounts, too. You especially need to be cautious about sharing too much private information that could compromise your safety or that of your loved ones.

    I have also had some experience with stalkers, so you may only want to Twitter after you have gone somewhere, not before. Otherwise, you might find people showing up to watch you. (Don’t laugh. It has happened to me on several occasions.)

  8. Consider third-party apps. An entire eco-system has sprung up around Twitter. Here are some of my favorite applications:
    • HootSuite. This is the application I use to manage Twitter on my desktop. It will even manage Facebook profiles and pages, LinkedIn, and several other social media services. It is great because it allows you to segment people by groups (or columns). I have groups for my family, close friends, colleagues, etc. It is available for both desktop systems and mobile devices.
    • BufferApp. I use this application to post my tweets, so I don’t flood my followers with a string of posts. Instead, I put them in Buffer, and it spreads my tweets throughout the day. It gives you tremendous control. You can determine how often and at what times you tweet. It comes with extensions for the most popular browsers, so you can buffer a tweet directly from a web page. It also allows you to buffer Facebook status updates.
    • SocialOomph. I use this application to bulk-schedule a whole series of tweets. For example, I have identified my 90 most popular blog posts. I have written a tweet promoting each one. Via SocialOomph, I schedule one tweet per day at a specific time. I upload the text file to SocialOomph and forget about it. Everything is on auto-pilot. It will also post to Facebook.

    It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the third-party Twitter apps. Don’t. Start with HootSuite and then grow from there as you have the time and interest.

Twitter is one of those apps that is best learned by using it. The most important thing you can do is get started. You really can’t make that many mistakes. Just remember to have fun and enjoy the people you meet online.

Questions: What questions do you have about Twitter? What else would you recommend to Twitter beginners? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • Cheryl Smith

    Great post – very thorough! Like you, I’ve introduced several people to Twitter recently but have done it in person to help with the steps. I’ll bookmark the page to send along to friends via email.

    There are numerous other applications out there. If you haven’t already, check out New apps every day it seems.

    One final comment, google talk allows you to see tweets by adding as an email address. You have to enable the IM section on Twitter, and only the people you’ve selected to see device updates will show up in the stream.

    Well done!


    • LaughingRedhead

      Awesome post – great info!! Posted this to my FB today, many peeps will be grateful.

  • Bret Capranica

    Thanks for posting this Michael. I wish it was out there a few weeks ago when I started. For those using a Blackberry, I would recommend: Twitterberry (

    I rarely ever visit my desktop Twitter page since I have it on my Blackberry.

    For those using FireFox web browser I would also suggest Twitter Fox. ( places a Twitter icon at the bottom right of your browser and updates you when someone you follow posts. That’s how I saw you posted your Twitter blog.

    It looks like your take on following others is to be more selective than expansive.

    I’ve actually learned a bit from you and your twittering – I should prolly blog on the experience.

    Thanks for keeping us posted from where you sit. I really enjoy it.

    From an ordinary pastor.

  • Jon Dale

    To Twitter or Not to Twitter? Is that the question?

    I recently started twittering actively. I was a long time twitter skeptic and then I decided to give it a try. Rather than making a compelling argument for why you should twitter…here’s my encouragement…give it a try…for a week. Then,

  • Mark

    Hi michael — a great roundup. I am really confused about twitteretiquette. Any thoughts on following strangers and reciprocation? Are you treating your “followers” like blog readers or like facebookfriends?

  • Eric S. Mueller

    Thanks for the guide, Michael. I breezed through the more basic parts that I already know. I had signed up for Twitter a long time ago, then forgot about it. I was reading my Google Reader feeds in a hotel room when you posted about your pledge to use Twitter for 30 days. I decided to start. I normally use Twitter on my Pocket PC phone, but I do use Twhirl on my laptop when I have a connection (can’t connect at work.)

    Your discussion on security was interesting. I’ve been going back and forth with myself over that. My job requires lots of travel, and even when I can take my family with me, I wonder if I really want to post “Leaving for a week, house is empty.” I don’t think anyone follows me, but you never know.

    I can’t get my wife to use Twitter. She says it would chain her to a device all day. I actually look at it as being freed, but I guess we’re all different.

  • Michael Hyatt

    @Bret: Yes, I try to be more selective on those I personally follow. I don’t want too much noise in my life. I pretty much know what I can handle before I get overloaded.

    @mark: Yes, I am treating my followers like blog readers or Facebook friends. I don’t block anyone—at least not yet.

  • M

    Great post Mike!

    Whenever anyone asks or says anything about what twitter is – I direct them to the Common Craft video:
    (they also do fab vids for blogging and web 2.0, etc.)

    I can’t tell you how many times silly tweets have resulted in changing the course of a day. I had a friend at the store buying a baby gate who tweeted it – was able to stop that purchase and give her one of the several in my garage. Or mycar battery died and a friend received the tweet and came over and jumped.

    Twitter is an amazing tool and glad the world is jumping on board. :)

  • Scoti Springfield Domeij

    A publisher requested a book proposal from me on the topic of sex. I asked my my college-aged, twenty-something son for feedback regarding “hooking up.” When I asked my son, “Do you know what twitter is?” He said, “Mom, I thought you were asking about some weird new sex term.”

    My critique group calls me a researchaholic. This is what I found yesterday at Maybe it will be helpful for your readers.

    Here are some of the new apps and tools recently added to the Twitter tools list. lets your twitterfriends automatically know you posted a new photo on Flickr
    FuelFrog provides a way to track gas mileage on Twitter
    Intwition shows popular links on Twitter broken into will be popular, is popular and was popular categories.
    Prayer Requests, A Twitter account that lets you broadcast an anonymous prayer.
    Summize is a real-time tweet search engine.
    TrackThis, Track your packages on Twitter – supports FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL tracking codes, Service will make t-shirts out of popular tweet ideas submitted and voted on by users.
    TweetWheel helps you find out which of your Twitter friends know each other.
    Twist, This service creates charts that let you compare trends in Twitter. The charts can be embedded onto your blog.
    Twistori, A social experiment tracking tweets using I love, hate, think, believe, feel and wish.
    TwittEarth, A mashup that shows live tweets from all over the world on a 3-D globe as they happen.
    Twitter Ratio returns your TFF Ratio (Twitter Follower-Friend Ratio).
    TwitterSnooze, Allows you to temporarily silence your noisy Twitter friends.
    TwitterSoap is a mashup of Mobypicture and Twitter.
    Twitturly is a service for tracking what URLs people are talking about as they talk about them on Twitter.
    Twixxer is a photo and video sharing component for
    Who Should I Follow?, Helps you find other interesting people to follow on Twitter.

    You can find the complete list of Twitter apps, tools and services at:

    As more and more people use search engines like Tweetscan and Summarize it becomes easier for spammers to spam Twitter – and they won’t even have to follow a single person to do it.

    A couple Twitters have been set-up to track spammers and Twitter spam.
    @OddFollow watches for people following lots of people and for Twitter users following just women.
    @Stopthespam tracks the Twitter spam problem.
    StoptheSpam also has a website:
    A new service called Twitter Twerp Scan (@TwerpScan) scans the list of people you follow to look for users that have a following-to-followers ratio that is equal to or greater than 1.5 to 1. You can then unfollow these “people” if you think they are spammers.
    A recently launched website called the The Twitter Blacklist has made a list of “known spammers and other morons on Twitter.” The site uses a scale tweeted by Twitter user @evan.

  • Mark

    You probably know this, but you can also register your twitter with and use it to transcribe entries and link to audio.

    Personally, I’ve segregated my Twitter from all my other social media as mostly friends only. I use Jaiku for public stuff.

  • Scoti Springfield Domeij

    This is off topic, however, it relates to your previous blog regarding layoffs, which touched my heart to pray.

    Editor and Publisher reports that Mike Koehler, a sports editor for The Oklahoman, has launched a blog called Praying for Papers []. The blog offers prayers for those in the industry who are losing jobs. There are also prayers to help guide the newspaper industry’s leaders.

  • A.L. Bundy

    Mr. Hyatt (I suspect you’d prefer Michael), I admire and appreciate your transparency on your blog. But I just can’t bring myself to read your twitters. They give this weird voyeuristic feeling, regardless of the fact that I’d really like to know you better.

    Your ability to be so candid is a gift from God. Thank you for sharing with others as you do. I think I would appreciate the ability to connect with people close to me via twittering. I marvel that you do it with the world.


  • Maurilio Amorim

    Great post Mike,
    Even as a prolific “Twit” I did not know about tracking. I’m learning the hard way that anyone can read my tweets. A couple of weeks ago I post a tweet about a loud auctioneer who gave me a headache during a fund raising event.

    Last Friday night I had to apologize to the chair of that event for hurting her feelings. Somehow she found my tweet and was incensed that I failed to tweet about the great food, the decorations, etc., and that my only comment was a negative one.



    yeah, and now I’m on twitter:


  • Mary E. DeMuth

    Thanks so much for this tutorial. I’m on now and am looking forward to see how this will better help me connect with readers.


  • Spence Smith

    You crack me up. I love this and I love how you dive into technology feet first and give us the book report on it later and the easy guide to doing it better…


  • Colleen Coble

    I love learning all the new technology things from you, Mike! Speaking of which, are you still loving your Kindle? I’m sort of tempted. As long as you don’t say, “I told you so.” LOL

  • Work Post

    Thanks for the info, I’ve heard a lot about Twitter lately and I’ve been thinking about trying it out.

  • Eric from EF

    As a newcomer to Twitter, I found your tips and advice extremely informative.

    I joined Twitter about the same time as you, and I haven’t shut up about it since. I’ve been something of an evangelist lately, imploring friends and colleagues to check it out. And, today, I’ve shared your post with them, hopefully inspiring them to get on board.

    Great post. Thanks!

  • Tracey

    Excellent tutorial. Promoting Twitter to many people now that I am up and running
    Thanks so much.

  • Brandilyn Collins

    Mike, I’m beginning to wonder if you ever sleep. How you can keep up with all of this is amazing.

    I know I’m warped, but I gotta tell ya, as a suspense novelist, what I see here most is the terrific potential for stalking and killing victims.

  • Seat 1A

    Now Using Twitter

    I’VE STARTED TO USE TWITTER. I plan to use it for microblogging — the brief, remaindered links that I have usually stored up and then posted in bulk, leaving Seat1A for longer items. I’ve updated my blog template to include

  • Gordon R. Vaughan

    This is a good guide. I just had someone yesterday email wanting what exactly “was” Twitter! It’s simple but still there’s a lot of adjustments you can make to get more out of it. A couple of suggestions:

    1. Think about how you’re going to use it. If there’s a lot of personal details, maybe the account should be private. On the other hand Twitter is really good for connecting with new people, if you have a public account.

    I’ve got four separate Twitter accounts (aeroG, AeroTweets, Homeschooling, FBendHouston) that I use in different ways (Twhirl can help with handling multiple accounts). There’s lots of ways to gain value from the service.

    2. Folks should go to their settings page, click the Notices tab, and change the @ Replies setting to “Show all @ replies”. Otherwise, there’s no way for someone (using Twitter) to message you if you’re not already following them. Then you need to remember to check the Replies tab on your home page every day or so, since Twitter doesn’t send an email.

    You should also probably check the box to receive emails about new followers, who might have similar interests. There’s starting to be some spam on Twitter, but so far it’s not too bad.

  • anne jackson

    i was just revisiting this and saw you got your hair cut at dion’s. i just did as well. loved it!

  • Mark Evans


    As more people embrace Twitter, you’ve really provided a great resource for how to get started. I recently started a new blog focused on Twitter and microblogging, and featured your article in a recent post.


  • Michael S. Hyatt

    @Mark: Thanks for the shout-out!

  • Robyn McMaster

    Michael, sincere thanks for sharing the URL to this post since it explains some components of twitter that make it more efficient.

    Today I investigated the “Tweet Deck” and set that up on my computer. You might be interested in that, too. I searched through Google to learn about it.

  • Cindy Martinusen Coloma

    Mike, thanks for creating this tutorial. I took the leap into your 30-day twitter challenge for authors. It’s like arriving at a big party I’d heard rumor of – intriguing. We’ll see how this introvert does. So far, so good. :) Thanks! Cindy Martinusen Coloma

  • Ken

    Hey Mike, for the Linux users out there
    (Linux as my Operating system choice)
    There are a few clients available
    as well. I use Twitux it is fairly quick
    and simple. But there is also Gtwitter,
    also simple.

  • Datd

    great article. thank you. interacting in a completely different way is intimidating. everyone talks about how great twitter is, but i got a headache when i saw the interface after signing up and left it for months. silly,huh?

  • Brent Logan

    Wow! This is a great Twitter tutorial. I’m bookmarking it to forward to others. I have a couple points to add.

    One of Twitter’s major failings is the lack of groups. Twitter doesn’t let you group your friends and then see only the tweets from a specific group. Tweetdeck is an AIR app that lets you do this. I highly recommend it. It also lets you do “ego” searches on your Twitter name. This is important because Twitter’s “reply” feature only finds those tweets that *start* with @ followed immediately by your name. It’s common for people to include names in the middle of a tweet. The reply feature won’t find those.

    Spam comes and goes as a problem. When a spammer follows you, you can go to the spammer’s profile and select “block.” This sends a message to Twitter. After enough blocks, Twitter will go and check out the account, potentially suspending it.

    Thanks again for this guide.

  • Joan Curtis

    I’m new to Twitter and I found this most helpful. I’m going to send the link to some of my new Twitter friends. Thank you for doing this and for sharing it with my through Twitter!

    Good tweeting.

  • JBarWriter

    Thanks for the info it’s a great help for those like learning to Twitter and Blog at the same time. LOL

  • D. Smith

    How do I get Twitter to directly send updates etc. to my phone via SMS? This was very helpful btw.

  • LInda J Hutchinson

    This is great! May I post a link to it on the Links for Writers page at my website?

    Hubby and I lived between Springfield and Clarksville, TN, (on 41) for about ten years before moving to Ohio 5 years ago. Spent much time in Franklin. Very pretty area.

    Originally from the rainy side of WA state.

    Of course Thomas Nelson is well-known.

  • Twittonary

    Hi Mike!

    Great article. So many people by-pass this step in telling you how to use Twitter before really telling you how to set it up.

    Many people are not aware of the different ways you can set up your notices, the setting, backgrounds, tools, apps, etc.

    This is a really great article and should be step #1 for those starting out.

  • @TinaArnoldi

    This is a great intro that I'll share with people asking about twitter. I was definitely a skeptic, but am completely on board with it. Those of you getting into twitter should definitely use the tweetdeck. It is extremely helpful for managing tweets.

  • Michelle

    I remember the Seinfeld episode! Still makes me laugh. Thanks for a great post.

  • Ami

    Thanks. Great post. There are some other app. that helps you manage yout Tweeting like "Tweet Later"

  • @jgrubbs

    Have you tried PeopleBrowsr? I heard they are working on an iPhone version. It's like TweetDeck without sucking all your system memory!

  • @jgrubbs

    Have you tried PeopleBrowsr? I heard they are working on an iPhone version. It's like TweetDeck without sucking all your system memory!

  • Ryan

    Didn't know if you had seen this, beware of how you use twitter.

  • Hanna

    Hi, just wanted to give a thumbs up to a great post!

    If it hasn't been mentioned already, this might be useful for new twitter-ers. is a twitter directory where you can browse other twitters by category and popularity. I added mine to the directory today. :)

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  • Melinda Venable

    Great tips in here, Michael – thanks! Now I can point my friends here to help them get started on Twitter. I also use Tweetdeck and find it helpful to show all the shortcuts visually when you mouse over and have the url shortener all in one place. Thanks for the follow and see you online!

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  • Naomi

    Wish I had this sooner. Thanks. I enjoy your blog too. This is @tweethoughts


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  • Lukeither

    So glad you decided to follow me, other wise I wouldn't have know about your awesome blog!!

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  • rodlie

    thanks for the tips! btw, I've enjoyed following you on twitter and being exposed to great we links and info.


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  • JoBrunette

    Hi Michael, I found your site via Twitter and am loving your blogs!! I have a question though as a new twitter user… how do I get the "tweet this" icon onto my blog site? I blog via

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  • Valerie

    Thank you for this article. I’ve sent it to a few friends. I cannot figure out how to get the “Share and Enjoy” widget you have at the bottom of your post. I’d like to add that to my blog, but can’t figure out how. Specifically, it is “tweet this” that I want. I blog with typepad. Is “Share and Enjoy” just for wordpress users? I hope you can enlighten me.

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  • Anthony TAG George

    Michael our hats are off to you over at Internet Content Publishers. You are very good at what you do, please visit sometime it would be an honor.

  • jatagano

    What can I do with Twitter?

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  • @Jenni_Burke

    Great post as always, Mike!
    One update to #3 "Set up your phone": Now all one needs to do is text message the word START to Twitter's short code, which is 40404 in the U.S. (New instructions here:… Easier than ever.

    Happy tweeting, everyone!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I will do this. Thanks!

  • john

    you might want to clarify that direct messages can only be sent to people who are following you (apparently).

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, this is the case.

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  • redapub

    I think, that you commit an error. I suggest it to discuss. Write to me in PM, we will talk. indian viagera female use I have a fresh joke for you) Did you hear that NASA has launched several Holsteins into low earth orbit? It was the herd shot around the world.

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  • Speckle

    I just started actually using the Twitter account I set up months ago. Just finished Crush It! and realized that Twitter was an important tool! I use Echofon on my iPhone.

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  • Rebeca

    Thanks alot..was of great help to me

  • danielgsnyder

    Very nice to find a post like this. Up here in Canada, Twitter is not yet nearly as popular as it is in the US. A recent study showed that over 85% of the population knows of twitter, but less than 5% have bothered to activate an account. Few of my friends use twitter, and people don't seem to want to get involved yet. Posts like this help us Canadians become twitter friendly. thanks

  • Jacque

    Thanks for all this help! I was directed here from the Blogmania forum. I am trying to figure this Twitter thing out – and this post is definitely helpful!

    Have a great day!

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  • keith

    i need you to explain to me what twittering is a wisper in the ear, i have heard these wispers i have been stalked to i need to protect my self be cause noboby else beleives me. email me back and expalin details im am tired of explaing this to friends and family, who think this is just a social networking and why not use it in case of emergencies. annita by the way i been living with it for two years and it busted up my first and only marriage now every body claims i am a section 8. sos

  • Pingback: Here are my Twitter posts for 2010-10-25 | Jon Manna()

  • Lucas Lukasiak

    I live 1 mile from Dion’s South in Franklin. Freaked me out.

  • Jeff Goins

    I hopped on to the Twitter bandwagon probably between the “early adopter” and “early majority” phases, right before they had third-party apps. It was an easy way for me to update my Facebook status without having to log into Facebook and encounter all those other distractions, all the while plugging me into a new, growing social network. However, when the third-party apps came along, that’s when I really started getting into it (for the longest time, was a pain to use – since it lacked a URL shortener and didn’t have a “retweet” function). I started using it a lot more when I signed up for Tweetdeck, and then Tweetie, while finally settling on Hootsuite.

    Great list of steps, Michael. It’s interesting how much Twitter has changed since you posted this, though.

    • TNeal

      Jeff, your article last week (here or at your own blog–I don’t remember–probably both) encourages action. Michael offers the right steps. I should be up and running by tonight. Thanks for the additional comments here.

  • Nicole

    Great info! One question, though. Do you know of an app that will update your Twitter from Facebook? I don’t like to have all the RT’s cluttering up my FB profile.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I am currently using HootSuite. It enables me to select which services I update: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or all of them. Thanks.

  • Jeff Randleman

    I find that I keep coming back to this post for a refresher in “twittiquete”. Thanks for the lessons!

    • Michael Hyatt

      You are welcome! (However, I probably need to update it.)

  • Uknetguide

    I have done some research into online dating and have been highly impressed by what can be acheived. For the guy that is perhaps a little bit shy in the real world can simply join and then either search or better still be found.

  • Christopher Scott

    This is great information Michael. Thanks for the basic teachings on Twitter.

    Even though I have been using Twitter for over two years now, there is always something new I can learn and apply to my Twitter practices.


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  • Wayne Hedlund

    This is awesome. I just started twitter a couple of days ago and have just been watching and carefully experimenting. This gave me some much needed confidence. Pretty impressed too, you were my third follower to follow me within the first couple of hours of registering!

    Oops. Guess I didn’t need to add my picture since I commented with my Twitter account!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Awesome. I hope you enjoy Twitter.

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  • Rheaharmsen

    Very helpfull. Thank you. Can you comment on using Twitter to promote a book. What are the do’s and don’ts there?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I would read my article, “The 20-to-1 Rule.” Just apply this to your book promotion. Thanks.

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  • Anonymous

    Thank you!  Thank you!  I needed this :)

  • Bill Benoist

    Great information on the basic use of Twitter

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  • Mitch Reynolds

    Thanks for the great post. I have just been getting going with Twitter and hope to see some success for my website and generally have some fun. I got TweetDeck as you recommended and learned to set up Auto DM for new followers. 

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I avoid the auto-DM now, because I think it looks too much like spam. Thanks.

  • Kuan Yin-wan

    I am new to twitter and I am starting a new online business so I found this post very helpful!

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  • Territurl

    Very informative and easy to understand.  I do have a couple of questions to anyone who wishes to explain or answer them
    1.  Do is have to use a cell phone to reply to a comment made by someone I am following?  Or can I use my PC?
    2.  Why is it that when I send a reply to someone I am following, I will see it (my reply) on my twitter home page, but I don’t see it posted on the page to the person I am directing the reply to.  I see a number of other replies or comments, but mine never show up, except of course on my twitter home page, which makes me wonder if I am doing something wrong?  Thank You.

  • Daren Sirbough

    Love this. I’ll be trying this out today. I’ve already tried a couple of the shortcuts!

  • Larry Galley

    I feel like I have found a veritable treasure chest in you posts.  I now have the courage to give twitter a try.  Thanks much.

    Larry Galley

    • Michael Hyatt

      Great. I am glad!

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  • Rohit Sawhney


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  • Anonymous

    It took me a long time to understand hash tags. Might be a good idea to explain that that makes it easier to search things and can create threads.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Great point!

  • Bonni Stachowiak

    A couple suggestions for your update: 1) Include a little more about what “fun” people will miss out on if they keep their profile/tweets private. There seems to be a big misconception about privacy and Twitter that keeps people from ever seeing what is possible with this tool. 2) Perhaps consider a top 100 list of people/organizations to follow that is crowd-sourced from your users. I love what Jane Hart does with her top 100 tech tools for learning professionals: 

    We also have some podcast show notes on Twitter that may be helpful as you make your revision:

    Bonni (@bonni208) 

    • Michael Hyatt

      Great suggestions. Thanks!

  • Cyberquill

    It may be time to  replace the line “If you don’t know what Twitter is, you can start with my first post on the topic” with “If you con’t know what Twitter is by now, I can’t help you.” 

  • Kay Ross

    All very useful information, thanks, but it seems to me that you’ve missed one crucial step: the twitter bio. I share some tips in my blog post, “Convince Me With Your Twitter Bio. Please!”:

    • Michael Hyatt

      Excellent. Thanks for that suggestion—and for the link!

    • TNeal

      Kay, exceptional advice, plenty of examples, easy to apply. I loved your link!

      • Kay Ross

        Thanks Tom!

  • Cindy Caporaso

    Mr. Hyatt, Maybe you could add something about Hash tags.

    Cindy Caporaso

  • Cindy Caporaso

    Mr. Hyatt,

    Maybe you could add something about Hash Tags.

    Cindy Caporaso

  • Loren Pinilis

    Suggestions for your update:
    Perhaps a brief explanation of how to find people to follow (other than the searching that you mentioned). I personally like to see who my followers are following to get ideas.

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  • Don Crane

    Very helpful, even for those of us that have been tweeting awhile! Thank You!

  • Guest

    Very helpful. Pls add deleting messages on an iphone. Thx!

  • Chris Patton

    I think Andy Stanley was the one who recommended this, but I am not sure. At Catalyst, he (someone) said that leaders should intentionally seek to double the time we are spending on mentoring people that are half our age.

    This certainly increases our influence and focus on making disciples, but it also forces us to change our methods and delivery. What works with our peers will not work with people half our age. To communicate with them, we must be willing to learn their language and stay up on things like current technology (without sacrificing our principles).

    I know this is a difficult charge to people our age and older, but I think it is necessary!
    In the past three months, I have started a blog Christian Faith At Work and put up a page on Facebook.  I have not yet started Twittering, but I guess that is next!

    This is probably the one I have resisted the most due to the perception I have about the time it could consume.  Your post has certainly helped that for me…at least I am thinking about it!

  • Joe Lalonde

    Thanks for the update of the post. I really liked the suggestion to capitalize your first and last name if you use it as your user name. Something I will definitely look into doing.

    • Michael Hyatt

      It really only takes about 30 seconds to do. It is worth it. Thanks.

      • Joe Lalonde

        Tried this morning and I kept getting an error.

        Finally got it to take a minute ago. Thanks again for the tip!

    • Luxury Holidays India

      Very Nice Post .Very helpful, even for those of us that have been tweeting awhile! Thank You! For More Info Please Visit :-

  • Ben Patterson

    I echo the use of Bufferapp. Even the free version is incredibly handy.

  • Anonymous

    This may have been intentional, but there’s no link to your original post on Twitter.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Duh! I can’t believe I missed that. Thanks for catching it. I have fixed it. Thanks again.

  • Wes

    Michael…thank you for the primer on Tweeting…since you and Jeff Goins helped me get going in Vail.  When you’ve the time and inclination, could you also do something with regard to Linkedin?  Thanx!  And abundant blessings during this holiday season!!!  …Wes

    • Michael Hyatt

      Unfortunately, I don’t use LinkedIn, Wes. Maybe you could write it!

  • Dan McCoy

    Michael, nice post. Dan Hollings is the guy that first taught me about twitter. Here are some links to a couple of his sites that are a good place to start.

    • Brandon Weldy

      Thanks for sharing these!

  • John Richardson

    Great update, Michael. You might add something about using Twitter in emergencies or natural disasters. Here in the San Diego area, Twitter was very helpful during the county wide power outage we had a few months ago. It was way ahead of the news organizations and it let everyone know how big the power problem was. And it worked on my phone when my regular cell service was overloaded.

    Twitter is also very fast when there is an earthquake. You can literally know within minutes of the quake, the location and possible size and damage. During the Baja California quake, Twitter was instantly on the scene. It is crowdsourcing at its best. If you have a mobile phone with a data plan, Twitter is a must.

    • Kelly Combs

      Here in Virginia we recently had an earthquake (extremely rare!), and the mobile phone lines were overwhelmed.  Localities suggested using twitter and FB to let your family and friends know you were okay.  That speaks volumes to the value of social networking, and its ability to carry a large volume of users verses the cell towers.  

      Great tip, John!

  • Kelly Combs

    For me, the jury is still out on twitter. I like it to follow people I am interested in, but because I am not famous, I don’t think I particularly need to Twitter. Still, it is part of platform building, so I get that.

    I especially watch the safety concerns, and usually tweet or FB where I went after the fact. In today’s world one can’t be too careful.

    Finally, for advice for beginners, I’d say “think before you tweet!”  Now, if I could apply that principal to opening my mouth, I’d never have my foot in it again.

  • Rick Morgan

    Thanks Michael. It is easy to forget that there are still Twitter newbies. Just personal preference but I still prefer TweetDeck over HootSuite.

    • Michael Hyatt

      So does my wife!

  • Gregsanberg


    Do you reccomend using the name of your website over your personal name if they are different?

    Thank you,


    • Michael Hyatt

      No, I recommend using your name. People don’t connect with website as much as they connect with real live people.

  • Walsh_jra

    Thanks for this tutorial.

  • TCAvey

    Wish I had read this a few months ago, great help! 
    Thanks so much, I am still learning my Twitter and getting comfortable with it.  

  • Cynthia Herron

    Thanks for this great info! I’ve been using Twitter for a few months now and I really enjoy it. I’ve asked the debatable question of how much is too much concerning Tweets, and it’s great to get your perspective. I’ve started “unfollowing” folks who Tweet every 20 seconds or so because, to me, too much self-promo is a turn-off. I “follow” people who add something of value or who share the same interest. I block/unfollow spam, porn, eggs, and rants. That’s the beauty of Twitter. We get to choose!

  • Olga

    Great post and I am using Twitter and use hootsuite…I jsut don’t get the difference between hootsuite, BufferApp and socialoomph. Can you expelain that to me or somebody else a comment?

    • Ash

      i believe hootsuite has better analytics than buffer does.

      I’ve used social oomph and from what I understand it allows you to create automatic responses and follow backs etc … I don’t know if buffer does this. As far as I’m aware it doesn’t.

      I’ve used hootsuite a bit but not very much.

      Ultimately it depends on what you want to use the software for. If you just want to update several different channels in one hit then hoot suite or buffer should do the job equally well. If you’re more into analytics etc then I think hoot suite might be a better bet.

  • Mary

    I guess I need to stop fighting it and start listening up!

    I must be one of the few who thinks “Twitter is for the birds!”

  • Wanza Leftwich, TGW

    I love love love twitter! (just had to say it!)

  • Wanza Leftwich, TGW

    I agree with the security issue you raise here. When I first began using various social media sites, I would post where I was going or sometimes where I was – then I thought about it. All of that doesn’t need to be said. I became mindful of those who may stalk or simply track what I am doing in my personal life. I want to be ‘social’ but not in that way.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Hyatt can I link to your post on my blog?  This is excellent! I am trying to get my “tribe” to use Twitter more and this would be a huge help, thanks.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Absolutely. Help yourself.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you

  • meeklabs

    Another app that I find useful for managing Twitter and following is Sprout Social.  Gotta pay for it, but it does a great job of helping me find like minded individuals and managing messaging.  Tweetdeck is the other standard app I see most people using.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yep, my wife uses TweetDeck instead of HootSuite.

  • Dave Anthold

    I think these are great reminders even for those of us who use Twitter on a fairly regular basis, as well as being able to point people to this post that are just getting started.

    For the apps, I would also add Tweetdeck as I used that pretty early on & found it a great starter app that didn’t overwhelm me.

    Also, Twitter for Blackberry is a decent tool and if you are looking for a comphrensive Blackberry tool with some Foursquare and Facebook integration as well than I would suggest UberSocial.  

  • Brandon Weldy

    I have been on Twitter for a couple years and I am still learning! This post would have been very helpful when I started but it is still helpful now. I use to post great things I have read, my own blog, funny clips, as well as youth group activities. I am debating starting a separate Twitter account for the Youth Group. This way when the kids get the updates they will know what to expect. 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this from a Twitter newbie! 

  • Guest

    Thanks for this from a Twitter newbie! 

  • Rob Sorbo

    I have enjoyed using Twitter (Follow me: RobASorbo ).

    My question is how do I utilize Twitter to share blog posts? I have tracked how much of my blog traffic comes from Twitter and only a very small number find my blog on Twitter (most of those are probably personal friendships and not other readers).

    • Michael Hyatt

      I tweet out two links for every new blog post: one in the morning at about 6:00 a.m. and one in the late morning, about 11:20 a.m.

  • Anonymous

    Wish I could get more friends and family to join Twitter.  I keep telling them that it’s like Facebook for grownups.  

  • Chris D Boucher

    Twitter direct messages have largely replaced simple text messaging for me and many people I know.
    Why is this?

  • Gregsanberg

    Is it reccomended to use your real name over your website URL if they are different?

  • Chris D Boucher

    I think this is a typo. “The main thing you need to know is that the message can no longer than 140 characters long.” I think it’s supposed to be “can be no longer”

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for catching this. I have fixed it.

  • Spencer McDonald

    I always love your content. This one was another gem.For me Twitter seems out of sight and out of mind. Seems like I get loads of garbage on my account and have not found the value… yet. This article was a good reminder of the basics and also of a way to use Twitter that may add more value. I like it.The one thing I really liked was the use of other Twitter users inside the tweet rather than just using a name. This feels like a more powerful way to expand and connect. I am going to make that habit as well as go in and alter my image and profile.Thanks Michael.

  • Soumangue Basse

    Michael- Have you used MarketmeSuite..It’s awesome app that can do everything that HootSuite/Social Oomph does and more.. Plus its free   Here is the link (Non-Affliate)


    • Michael Hyatt

      No, I have not. I will check it out. Thanks.

    • TNeal

      Thank you for offering the link. Hope to see Michael’s assessment as well.

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  • Donald C. LaPiere

    Definitions of basic words and phrases related to twitter that techies assume everyone knows.

  • http://www.SevenPillarsOfSuccess.Net Louise Thaxton

    Well, this was extremely helpful to me – Twitter is one form of media that I rarely use.  But I will certainly give it more attention now that you have given me some steps to follow! 

  • John Hawken

    Awesome resource for newbie Tweeters – like me… Many thanks for the helpful guide Michael!!

  • Kristina

    Thank you very much for this post.  I have been debating lately on whether to get on Twitter.  I am starting to focus on my writing career (finally) and want to start getting the word and and starting a platform, what is the best way to use Twitter in this endeavor.  I am also learning about starting a blog.  Your blogs have been very helpful.


  • TNeal

    Based on Jeff Goin’s post last week and your many Twitter recommendations, it’s time to move from info gathering to info sharing (via Twitter). When I get home (oh, no, beware stalkers) this afternoon, I’ll move forward on the Twitter thing. Someone else offered great reasons to Twitter as well, but you’ve taken me down the trail so I know where I’m going. Thanks!

  • William J Spencer IV

    This so immensely helpful.  I read it again and again. 

  • TNeal

    Knowing you, Brandilyn, you would think in those terms. By the way, I haven’t told you but enjoyed “Exposure.” Wonderful twist at the end.

  • TNeal

    Have to laugh, Mike. Someone else made a comment that reminded me. I counted your 30-word-character question. A statement like that begged to be verified. Having just gone through WestBow Press’s submission process, I know the importance of shortening statements. Character limits help focus on what you really want to say.

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  • Jessie Gunderson

    This is so helpful! Thank you, I’m sharing it with everyone. 

    I don’t want to sound like a writing snob but I happened to be on my A game today and caught a couple typo’s. Which I assure you has more to do with an immense intake of caffeine than it does a need to edit other people hard work! Thought you’d like to know. On “How often to Twitter” you said 10-12 [is be] the upper limit. And on “Social Oomph” you typed “I schedule a [tween] a day.” Heehee!Sorry I did laugh at the stalkers and the “beautiful home alone wife” too. :)

    Have a nice Christmas season and again, thanks!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Great catches. Thank you!

  • Jeff Randleman

    Thanks for revising this!  This is the post where I learned how to effectively use twitter over a year ago.  Having it updated makes it even easier to convince friends to jump in!  Thanks!

  • Valhammonds

      I simply asked where people write general comments. I am logged on but do’t know where people comment.     

  • Valerie Hammonds

      I asked whereabouts to people make general comments – got no reply – filled in e-mail and name but no reply.

    • Michael Hyatt

      You are making comments on my blog now. Is that what you mean?

  • Valerie Hammonds

    Am I now in a position to make comments on various things if necessary?

  • Valerie Hammonds

    None the wiser. Always reading about people tweeting in regards to what various celebrities in general have done. Where do they write?

  • dsylvester

    Hi Michael!   Do you have this as a PDF to download ?   Thanks!

    • Michael Hyatt

      No, I am afraid I don’t. Sorry.

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  • Twitter en Español

    Great tutorial! thanks for share it!

  • Anonymous


    Your Blog is excellent.  I am new to twitter and am finding your guide concise and right on target.  I was in Nashville Last week and attended the funeral of my previous pastor and drove past the Thomas Nelson Building.  At the hotel I searched and found your YouTube History of Thomas Nelson.  I am a Michael Hyatt and Thomas Nelson fan now.  @rickparsley and @cmshd 

    • Michael Hyatt

      Awesome. Thank you!

  • Derlierprossy

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    your blog and check again here regularly. I’m quite certain I’ll learn
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  • Jessica

    people still using the internet?

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    up the good work.

  • Rotwehrmacht

    WHen you choose to follow someone… does everyone else know you are now following them?

  • Paul Laurie

    Twitter is a great way to keep in touch with people without having to spend a lot of time on a message – we use it to keep parents informed on their children’s international student programs with us, in addition to longer blog updates, just to keep communication open.  Great tool for business!

  • Charimarin

    para que te salga un comentario vía @ cómo se hace. gracias

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    This post is different from what I read on most blog. 
    And it have so many valuable things to learn.
    Thank you for your sharing!

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  • Wintercreed

    My twitter home pages look different from each other. 
    The first one has on top left a “Twitter and  bird” home button. The other has a “birdhouse symbol and the word ‘Home'” for the home button.

     Also, the one with the “birdhouse symbol” for the home button doesn’t seem to have all the features as the other one. It appears that it might not be confirmed but as far as i can tell it is confirmed. 

    I really need help please. If you like you can email me your response at  thanks.

  • Catherine

    Yes, its good start finding followers from friend and family but it is not good enough to bring huge followers.. And if I follow random people, the result for social media marketing is also not good enough.. So what should I do?

    Btw, thank you for your great post.. :)

    • Michael Hyatt

      I would start by following people who are interesting that you can learn from. You also might search key words that interest you and follow people who post on those topics.

  • Roberta Beach


    • Joe Lalonde

      Roberta, are you asking “Why use Twitter?”

      If that is the question, the answer is community and traffic. When I first heard of Twitter I thought it would be a waste of time. However, with a little use I have seen traffic increase to my blog and a sense of community.

      Give it a shot. If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work. If it does, you have found a valuable tool.

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  • Anonymous

    I am new on Twitter. I know how to do a basic tweet or tweet someone but when following a forum such as the debates I don’t know how to tweet. I can read the tweets coming in and reply but to do my own tweet I need help knowing how to do that. Thanks

  • Kvisoft

    Awesome! Thanks for your share.

  • Vongaston

    can I tweet from more than one cell phone? I’m with a team of people who all need to tweet from one account

    • Joe Lalonde

      You may want to check into TwitterMail. It’s free and allows users to send an email to a TwitterMail account and it will post it to the Twitter account assigned to the email.

  • Laurie Garner

    I’m lost in the sea of tweets, and I’m only following 37 people.  What I really want is to clear out all the retweets and only see the latest tweet from each of the ones I follow. Any ideas on how to do that?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I don’t know of a way to do that. You might try an app like HootSuite, which at least allows you to segment your followers by lists.

  • Cindajustice

    An excellent startup plan for Twitter; answers all the beginners’ questions in an easy to understand way!

  • Vfdomingo

    nice. will start twitting now after reading your post. =)

  • Repa

    explained. Thanks !!!

  • Dontee_

    Uhmm I Dont Want Ppl I Dnt Kno DM Mee So I Can I Stop It

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, just don’t follow them. No one can DM you, unless you follow them.

  • Jwatsoncrowell

    Question-I just began using Twitter and see that it says I have three followers but only shows me two of them, can people hide that they are followers?

  • adan

    nice article

    follow folks

  • adan
  • Anam31

    Hi there. Very new to Twitter and this might sound stupid but when I want to leave a post on someone’s page, how come it doesn’t show up on their page and only mine? Get me? For instance if i say to a pal “@username i love you” – this doesn’t show on their page, right? So how are they meant to know when someone has tweeted them?

    • Joe Lalonde

      Twitter sends a message to that user letting them know they have been mentioned. They are also able to go to the @ Connect tab and it will show when they have been mentioned.

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  • Lucy

    I’d like to learn more about how to post comments in blogs and forums using my twitter account.

    • Michael Hyatt

      You can do that if the blog commenting system allows it. Thanks.

  • Corrie_macdonald

    A dumb question, I’m sure, but here goes. I’m a writer who sits at my desk all day (mostly) so it doesn’t make a lot of sense for me to be getting notifications on my phone. But, on my desktop, do I really have to keep going into Twitter to check if somebody I follow has sent a new tweet? Is there no way to get a simple notification that appears on screen somewhere so that I know as soon as a new tweet has come through? From what I could see, you can only get email notifications for particular categories of tweets (eg mentions, retweets), not for the general garden variety tweet. Or is there something I’m missing?

    Oh, and thanks so much for the guide.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m not sure. I have never used this feature. Thanks.

  • IT Support

    I find that people take what you say on twitter so seriously that you have to treat it as if you were speaking in front of a giant sensitive crowd people. Think before you drink, before you go on twitter! 

  • vini

    Amazing post. Got to know a lot of stuff with regards to using tweeter. I have all my peoples connected so fast…happy :)

    I had one question thou…

    How will i get notification if someone replies to my post which is been done through tweeter to facebook and LinKedIN. I saw few of my friends and family commented or replied to the post in facebook which i did via twitter but i didn not get any notiifaction in twitter account for the same??

    Please let me know…Thanks!!!


  • Kiai Kim

    Oh, stalkers. Once someone emailed me what I was wearing. Creepy!

    • Joe Lalonde

      That would be a bit creepy!

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  • Maes

    Is it possible to exchange tweets privately with only one person and nobody could see those tweets except both of us?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, this is the purpose of the direct message function. However, you both have to be following one another. Thanks.

  • cheap bras

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  • Pdx.Laura88

    making symbols!

  • rodrick robins

    that was extremely freakin helpful.. like ridiculously helpful lol

  • Mitanews

    Can I watch twitters anonymously?

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  • Seo Expert

     Thank you for this wonderful article! It actually reveals many of the simple secrets of life. I will recommend it to my friends.

  • Impal58

    I am somewhat new to Twitter and have some questions.  How do I control who follows me?  It doesnt seem as though anyone is getting my tweets to them, or they are just choosing not to answer.  If they are just not getting them what am I doing wrong? 

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  • Maddyjackson

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    I bookmarked this link. Thank you for good job! High
    Definition Wallpaper for desktop

  • Hbabybearcub

    I have a problem with the hash tags i try to comment but my tweets dont come on the screen in hash tag screen they are on my timeline why dont they come on the hash tag screen like otherpeoles tweets do

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  • Synoma Grace

    Synoma Grace,I recently signed up on Twitter and I noticed that I am not on their home page. Synoma Grace(@mdsynomagrace:disqus ) does not come up  as being on twitter.
    What did I do wrong.Thank for the help

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  • Dissdocus

    Can I see the number of visits to my twitter account from twitter users as well as non twitter users?

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    In the living room you can change the music disc, turn on the television or read a book together.  Closes the curtains and turn on the lamp.  The whole family can dance to the music.

  • Howard_larkin44

     How can have someone the I have sent a tweet to display my tweet to them on their
    twitter page or rather how do they do this?

  • Connor Jennifer

    Am fairly new to twitter. My phone tells me a reply has been made to one of my tweets but for the life of me I can’t find it! I could see it on the person’s who replied profile but nowhere on mine.  Am I looking in the wrong place?

  • Govind Gahoi

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  • KirraAntrobus

    HooteSuite isn’t quite as good as buffer looks like, but I schedule twitter posts through it. Buffer looks awesome, with being able to create a schedule, but my blog/twitter is not yet increasing the bottom line in my household, so buffer will have to wait. Hootesuite will suffice. Thanks for the post!

    • Joe Lalonde

       Kirra, you can always use the free version of Buffer. The free version allows you to schedule up to 10 tweets. It’s not a lot but it can cover a day or two depending upon how much you tweet.

  • KirraAntrobus

    By the way, I just signed up for Disqus so I didn’t have to comment as a guest. What are the benefits of using Disqus on my blog instead of the comment system included in blogger?

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  • Themccarthy4

    excellent information!!!!!!

  • Helen5489

    if someone is not following me can can i tweet to them 

  • Spiderix
  • Kristiwest

    If I click on a link to someone’s twitter account through my Linked In, do they know I am reading their twitter even though I am not a member of twitter yet?

    • Michael Hyatt

      No, they don’t.

  • Spiderix
  • Alyssa Bolton15

    im sooooo confused! okay, so im a big one direction fan and when i go to Niall Horans twitter and i look at a tweet, it says you can reply, retweet, or open. when i open it, there are a bunch of comments below it from other people that he doesnt follow. what are these? replies? when i reply, it doesnt show up underneith the tweet… help! email me at if you have any answers for me!!!!!

  • Sorell44

    good post ! i read this because i was new to it but i still have a problem! i ask people to follow me but no one will follow me and i dont no why please help!

    • Michael Hyatt

      People won’t follow you because you ask; people will follow because you add value. Focus on that and the followers will follow.

  • Christina Skier

    How do you attach articles and photos to a tweet?

    • Michael Hyatt

      It all depends on the software you are using. If you are using a new iPhone, it is built in. Just click the Share button and you will be given an option to tweet the photo.

  • Christina Skier

    Are there different types of Twitter accounts? Mine is very different to hubby’s.  You said that Twitter doesn’t send emails but my acct does. Thanks Mike.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Twitter sends e-mail notifications (if you have it turned on) of messages you have received.

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  • Rachelrandb

    How do I tweet a link to a web site or page?

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  • info

    you have done a great work ………. its really working and important for us. so please keep sharing ….
    Branding and Advertising

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  • samra aziz

    Excellent information… keep it up…:)

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  • Edson

    good,  follow back  @edsoncavalcante

  • Ian tarran

    If i wanted to see every thing that was being said about a football team or company can i do this, if so how?


    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, use Twitter’s search function.

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  • Icgupta

    Could anybody tell me how tweets are coming to my timeline from those not followed by me??

  • Rileysmyride

    I have a very simple stupid question and can’t find the answer – I’m following a performer, he is not following me, I have no followers(that’s fine), if I tweet him on his site in the space provided to send a tweet to him, who sees it? him? those he’s following? everybody following him? THANK YOU

    • Michael Hyatt

      The only ones that would see your tweet are those who follow both of you.

  • Aynachew

    I am starting tweeter now and I found your piece very useful. However I still need some drilling on how to change my email account if I want to etc.

  • Marty

    I don’t think the Seinfeld example is good because the people with the window seats often do want to identify the cities and geographical features that they are flying over. Seinfeld was probably speaking for the minority there, and it’s not comparable to whether or not someone is eating peanuts.
    I think most of us unsubscribe from people who want to tell us every time they leave the house. It should be common sense for people to not want to bother the world with every detail of their lives, but I suppose some of your readers may have needed to hear that.

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  • FeliciaCorrine

    The social networking sites can help you to take your
    business to new heights and generate more traffic to your site. Getting started
    on Twitter is very easy. Twitter has highest tweets everyday and more leads
    which are necessary for any business. Updating your mobile number to your
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  • mark benson

    Great guide to using twitter!

  • Paradigm500


    How do I get my tweets directly into the person’s twitter page? Example…I see a lot of people tweeting directly to Howie Mandel AGT..I tweeted but my tweets do not appear on his timelinenwithneveryone else. My tweets go to the public timeline. I hope I am stating this correctly. Thank you for your time,

  • epikvision

    Awesome guide!  It opened new prospects of the usefulness of Twitter.


  • Channingm

    Can Twitter be set up as “one-way” only?  Want to use it to send info to followers but do not want followers to post.

    • Intact Marketing

      If you don’t follow anyone then you will not see tweets in your feed … but you have to be a superstar or really good to have followers who will follow you without you following others. It almost sounds rude: Do you think you are that important that people really want to hear what you say? Social media should be social … people rarely care about you if you don’t care about them … you follow others to get to know them and build relationships. Don’t use twitter for sales purposes only. You will not get results… Social media is a give and take … You start following others, get to know them, build relationships, have conversations and then others will follow you as well.  


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  • Cindy Sproles

    Awesome direction for the Twitterly challenged.

  • U2lori

    How do I tweet someone that is not following me

    • Michael Hyatt

      You just reply to them by putting their twitter name at the front of the post (see above).

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  • Richard

    Can you have more than one Twitter account ( one for each business) and can you manage that all from your iPhone?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, you can. Each Twitter account must be attached to a different e-mail address. I am not sure about managing more than one account on your iPhone. I don’t do that.

  • ScottHenderson

    What hash tags should I use?

  • Paul Melia

    Fantastic Michael thank you for your efforts!!

  • Prem 123gh

    great post but i tweeted to @support:twitter   then tweet what i tweet is not appearing on @support:twitter  ,  it is appearing on “my tweets” why like that? pls help me

    i am neww to twitter


  • Jcnybr

    Which third party app helps you follow topics and categorize information about topics?  Let’s say I want to learn more about a person or a company I am having an interview with.  How do I search for any Tweets that mention them?  

    • Michael Hyatt

      I would just use the search feature in HootSuite. Thanks.

  • Lillyzam123

    Thanks for the information. it was a great help..:)

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  • Alan Lewis

    The help looks great but I have a problem. I have two email accounts using and another with hotmail. But each time I try to sign up, the email address is rejected no matter which I try. I’m using a  Samsung smart phone with talkmobile.

    • Michael Hyatt

      You will need to check with Twitter, but usually this means you have already registered a Twitter account with those e-mail addresses.

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  • Vgliatti

    Excellent article! I have no experience with Twitter but need to start using it and feel very confident, after having read your piece to dive in. Thank you so much for such a comprehensive introductory piece. I have just enough to now be dangerous!  Perhaps you might not want to follow me!  (Just kidding, of course.) 

    Thank you for a well written informative article.   It was so appreciated!


    Veronica Gliatti

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    HootSuite link is broken, missing “.com” part

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for pointing that out. I have fixed the link.

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  • Edwincotter16

    Really useful article. Hoot suite isn’t available in UK for iPad anyone got any ideas?

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  • aa4242

    can you use tweeter ( tweet ) on just a desk top computer ??


    • Dwayne Morris

      Good question! You can actually use your cell phone to generate Tweets. Under “Settings” select “Mobile” and follow the instructions on how to set your phone up to use texting to Tweet. Be aware that it will count as a text message, when you send and when you receive. Make decisions based on the type of plan you have.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yep. Just access the Twitter website.

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  • Carol

    Surely a great post, thanks for that!
    Can you please take out that sexism at topic 7)?
      “I’m headed to the west coast for a week. My poor, beautiful wife is going to be home all alone.”

    – One: you are not only addressing (married) men here, we are female readers as well
    – Two: what insinuation is intended by a “beautiful” wife being alone? Someone who wants to betray you or somenone who is going to burglar your house or rape your wife? So that either means a) you have to constantly watch your wife because she cant say no by herself or b) women alone will necessarily be raped if not protected by men?

    Thanks for considering a change

  • Jimbogrf

    new to twitter. how do i know when i have received a tweet.

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  • C Love4444

    - If some one says “Now following @EattMi_Skittlez’ What do i do after tht ?

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  • C_yosten

    Is there a way to send twitters to every one in your town?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Not unless they follow you!

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  • Yvonnenz03

    I am really new at this and stuck on responding to people who have responded to a tweet from myself. Do I click on follow and choose some optopn in there, then put in the @ replies or d response for privacy. At this point I just want to say thankyou.

  • Pletchawebb

    I’m here because I had happen what you said rarely happens. I got in trouble with twitter without realizing what I was doing. I was in fact, suspended for a while. Right now I’m trying to understand where a twitter goes when you tweet lol.

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  • Will Gray

    I’m new to tweeting and wonder why I can’t access direct tweets to me.  Perhaps I must sign up  with True Twit —  if that’s the safeguard the tweeter’s using? 

  • Slreesh

    Can’t figure twitter out.  I sign in and tweet a question to a fantasy football expert.  But I get no answer.  How do I know my message made it to them?

    • Michael Hyatt

      It’s kind of like e-mail. You can send it, but you can’t tell for sure if he’s read it. You can only send a direct message if he follows you. Otherwise, you just have to use his Twitter name in the message and hope he notices. Thanks.

  • weezie

    i am fairly new to tweeting so maybe this sounds stupid to ask but here goes… do you get people to follow you?  i have a few that i follow but not sure if they are seeing my tweets…and i would like some television people to follow me but how does that occur ?  like ellen degeneres or people of good morning america or singers like peter frampton? i can see their tweets but if i comment to one of their tweets i get no response…does that mean they have to follow me as well as me following them?   very confusing…thanks….my email is weezie871@gmail and on twitter @retiredweez:twitter 

  • Andy210

    bollocks they want my phone number first yet dont “recognise” it

  • Brian Crouch

    I would add this important tip to the DM section: “Be aware that to send a DM, the other person must be following you. If you follow another, they can DM you whether they follow you or not. If you don’t want a DM from someone, don’t follow them.
    If you want to be able to DM someone, and your correspondent has neglected to follow back, just let them know via a regular @ reply message (public) that they need to follow you back to reply privately to their DM. ”

    Many new users get confused about this.

  • Tguilbault72

    Great article for beginners, thanks!

  • Hilda Reilly

    Thanks for this. Just one thing I’d like to clarify
    regarding the Reply function. You wrote:


    Everyone who is following Spence and me will see the
    message, but I am specifically directing it to Spence. (Those who are not
    following both of us will not see the message.)


    Shouldn’t this be:

    Everyone who is following Spence or me will see the message, but I am specifically directing it to
    Spence. (Those who are not following either
    of us will not see the message.)

    • Michael Hyatt

      I don’t think so. I think you have to be following both. I could be wrong. I haven’t tested it in a while.

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  • Jmdelisio24

    Thank you for taking the time to help us who are new and confused !!

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  • Paul Alan Clifford

    Great stuff.  I agree.

    Slight correction.  The verb for what you do on Twitter is Tweet.  “It’s time to start tweeting,” is the correct verb.  
    I wrote a whole chapter on twitter terminology in my book _Tweeting Church_ (

    Keep up the good work Michael.

    • Barry Hill

      I clicked on the link to check out your book, but it seems that the link is broken.

  • Sarahloo_lau

    My name is Kristie M. and at first I had my twitter name as km but now I changed it to my full name (first and last). It still says km when I tweet. Why?

    • Sarahloo_lau

      I am using my friend’s account because I’m lazy (thus the sarah)

  • Julia

    A blogger friend was kind enough to send me your extremely helpful link about tweeting. I am paranoid about looking like a solicitor by sending links to my blog, but want to share a few posts and pages. How do I do that without sending my entire blog address? Your post was excellent .


  • Margaret Bohannon-Kaplan

    I just reread your 8 items and thank you for the clear info.
     I’m having a hard time sending tweets from each of my three pages. I even go to each one and click the quill since my previous tweets didn’t show up on the two other accounts (Wellingto Publications and Harry Singer Foundation) but only from my main account. Without using Hoot Suite etc. Is there a way to go to each of the three and send a different tweet from each one that will stay on each page and go to these different followers?

  • Kev

    I just want to start by getting the tweets of one of my industry’s organisations (I follow them) to be automatically directed to my wordpress website (mainly to increase SEO). How do I do this?

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  • 振忠 呂

    how do you get a blog suggestion for blog beginners – See more at:

  • Mrs. D

     Most helpful instruction on how to start tweeting.  Can I set up  tweet with just the computer. must I use the cell? 

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, you can set it up on Twitter’s website.

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  • Ryan Ridgway

    Great post! I suppose after a few years, I’ve learned the in’s and outs of Twitter at this point but this would’ve been a great guide to have first starting out :)

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  • Ian

    totally useless…stick to your day job…still none the wiser as your settings/account must not be the same as mine

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  • MKremer

    All this presumes that one has something of interest to say. I’ve noticed the Vast majority of tweets are babble, and I often feel like I have wasted the few minutes I have used to scroll through them.

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  • Stuart Chance

    Once I started to get the hang of twitter, I decided that it can be very time consuming even though getting more followers can be more rewarding. So I started to look at Twitter automation software to help me save time and automatically get me followers.. I’m really happy with the results, I am finally able to automate my tweets, follows, and follow backs automatically

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  • Luna

    After starting up my new account, a particular friends tweets showed up. How come this happened?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Probably because you followed him.

  • Carole Lauro

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    I have really liked certain things about Twitter, and while I still have less than 100 followers I am finding it useful. I also LOVE the buffer app! You can follow me @estheraspling

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  • Pat

    As a parent, can you follow your kid’s tweets without them knowing you are following what they tweet.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, you can. You can either go to their page and view what they have tweeted or add them to a list you are following without folioing them directly. Thanks.

  • p. gray

    What does the +sign or check mark next to the Twitter bird mean?

    • stella lux

      A check means its an official site

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  • Di Littlewood

    I am still unsure whether to start with @ or # when tweeting. I can never see my tweets on the pages if people who I tweet.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Never start with a hashtag (i.e., #) If you start with a reply (i.e., @), it will only be seen by people who follow both you and the person you have referenced. Thanks.

  • Wayne Mij Ransome

    hi,recently set up a twitter account but in any incoming or outgoing tweets containing #’s or @’s these words dont show up,therefore i have usernames missing etc.noone can help me with this so far,if i dont get it sorted im gonna end up deleting my account1 can anyone help PLEASE!

  • Kenneth Chan

    Hi Mike. I’d like to know how your articles are connected to your Twitter handle. Was it something you did? For example:

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  • Rachelle Benveniste

    How do I know if the person I tweeted received my tweet? Thank you.

    • Michael Hyatt

      You don’t unless they reply. It’s not really any different than e-mail or a text message in that sense.

  • Deborah

    can i block people from sending direct messages to my so

  • Deborah

    can i block people from sending direct messages to my son

    • Michael Hyatt

      No, I’m afraid not. If someone follows him, and he follows them back, he will be able to message them.

  • Chelsea

    I have a question about twitter. When i tweet someone who i’m following how come i can’t see my tweet on their profile page? or when i click on the tweet they tweeted why can’t i see my tweet there also? I’m confused by twitter HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Eddie Cliff

      See my above reply. When you tweet @someone it still appears on your page, but they are notified about it.
      Depending on how you’re viewing twitter, you may or may not be able to see “conversations” – that is, where someone else has tweeted something and you’ve replied. You’re right though, when you click on their tweet which you replied to, you should be able to see your tweet beneath it. (you have to click on the right part of the tweet though!)

  • @robbie_snow

    I’m a beginner when I send a tweet it shows up on my home page I don’t see it on page I sent it to what am I doing wrong?

    • Eddie Cliff

      Don’t stress – you’re doing nothing wrong – it will show up on your page but they will receive a notification to let them know that they were mentioned.

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  • Elaine llay

    If im folliwing say babolat tennis how do I direct a question on their twitter page?

    • Eddie Cliff

      Just mention @babolat and they should be notified that you’ve mentioned them.

  • Eddie Cliff

    Hi Mike – I’ve been recommending this page to a few people who’ve been keen to get into twitter. Just rereading the post though, a lot of step 5 is really out of date in referring to the mobile setup which barely gets used any more, having been replaced by the app. Are you planning on updating this post any time soon?


    Hi everyone! I’m new to Twitter, so if you like music, sports, art, video games and movies feel free to follow me! I also like photography, but I think that falls in the art category.

  • Stuart

    Suppose, for example a radio station says please tweet us at………
    How do I do this? Do I have to follow them first?
    So, they give me a twitter address – how do I use this – where do I put it – basically how do I send them a tweet.
    If I do manage to send them a tweet, who else will be able to read it. Thanks.

  • El

    This is a great page. I think a lot of people get confused about putting photos in the view photo strap. I did, but when I managed it I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Explanation: having read, and understood how to do it, I thought ‘this can’t be right’, this is a tweet and I want it in the strap. Bottom line, I refused to go ahead thinking I was just sending it out to the group.

  • Steve Brown

    After you click reply, how many letters can you send?

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  • William Bradley

    Thank you for the post. I followed your instructions. I got to the bit about find 5 tweeters to follow, there was no skip this step link, I found 5 though 4 of them didn’t interest me and it then demanded that I follow 5 more – this time famous ones – I have no interest whatsoever in celebrities. Still not skip this step link – lost interest. shame but there we go, Twitter make to difficult so I will never use it.

  • anonymous

    I’m new to Twitter. I made two accounts and I tweeted from one account to the other, to test it out. But nothing happened! The other account wasn’t notified of the tweet, and the tweet never showed up anywhere on that account. What happened?

    • Michael Hyatt

      You have to use the direct message function. If you don’t do that, you are just tweeting to the world. I describe how to do this in the post above.

  • jessica

    at first i was pretty surprised you got stalked cos i’d never heard of you (sorry!).
    but yeah then i realised you have 6-digit followers on twitter. i came
    across your scarcity thinking post by googling for that phrase. it made
    sense god bless!

  • CJ Harris

    How is a tweet linked to a blog? You may have covered this before and I didn’t catch it. Thanks!

    • Michael Hyatt

      You just include a link to the blog.

  • Ryan

    Good post, but I have a specific question I can’t find an answer to anywhere. I started following some Fantasy Football “gurus” on twitter. I don’t know much about twitter though and can’t figure out how to post a tweet on their page so that they see my question to them. The tweet I am posting (which is actually a ? is only showing up on my page). So how do I make sure they get the tweet so they can respond to me? Thanks

    • Michael Hyatt

      You have to start the tweet with their Twitter name, for example, @MichaelHyatt, it is true that you are about to become the head coach of the Titans.

  • blaine54

    when i tweet cnn or anyone shouldn’t I see it on cnn twitter feed

  • Patti Higgens

    New to twitter. how do I delete tweets (especially from people I am not following? Also, anyway to keep the “suggested” ones to follow from continuously popping up and changing? Once I have read a tweet, how do I delete? I have tried to find answers everywhere but can not – please help,

    • Steven Johnson

      You can’t delete someone else’s tweet. Think of is as a Facebook timeline, in the sense that when your “friend” posts a status update, you don’t have the ability to delete their status once you’ve read it.

  • Lesley Birch Artist

    Very helpful. But can’t figure out how to get the followed by listing below my profile. eg Followed by Royal Academy and 24 others. How does this happen?

  • shαrkч

    Great post!

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  • P. Petro

    How can I make sure that my tweet has been received by the person I sent it to?

    • Michael Hyatt

      You can either use the direct message function (if they follow you) or the mention function (if they don’t). However, this doesn’t guarantee they will see it. It’s just like email in that sense. Just because you send a message doesn’t mean they will read it.

      • P. Petro

        Many thanks for your prompt reply. Here is a more concise phrasing of my question: Let’s say I have a shortcut of your twitter page ( ) on my desktop’s screen. I click on it and I am taken to the above page. On the left-hand side of the page I can write and send you a tweet. I haven’t even been asked to log in. Will I see my tweet posted on the above-mentioned page-link of yours seconds afterwards? Even if I am not following you?

        • Michael Hyatt

          Why don’t you try it?

          • P. Petro

            I tried it, as you suggested, by clicking on “Follow me on Twitter” on top (right) of this page, by sending you a tweet, once not “following” you, and a 2nd time after having clicked on “follow”, to see if it makes a difference. I wasn’t asked to log in. Up to now (15 min. later) I don’t see either of my tweets on this page Maybe later? Or should I be looking at another page?

          • Michael Hyatt

            How are you “sending me a tweet”? You can’t send me a direct message, because I don’t follow you. You can address me publicly by beginning your message with “@MichaelHyatt” — this means it will appear in my Connect feed. Thanks.

          • P. Petro

            I am sending you a tweet by clicking here:

            My message is not direct or private, but public so that anyone can see it. I sent it once before I clicked on “follow” and again after having clicked on “follow”, to see if it makes a difference. Does it make a difference?

            As you may see if you click on the above-mentioned link, “@MichaelHyatt” is already there pre-printed in the beginning of the blank space where I can write my tweet. I then go ahead and write it beginning my message with the pre-printed “@MichaelHyatt”. Where will it appear (unfortunately your last sentence in your reply above was unfinished) so that can I see if you have received them, either both or any one of my tweets? Pls give me the link.

            Many, many, many thanks.

          • Michael Hyatt

            Yes, I received it. I just replied to you on Twitter. Thanks.

  • John Richmond

    Thanks for this information – very helpful. I have one question, and this is driving me nuts. If I post to a hashtag, fine, that Tweet shows up on that hashtag. If I post a Tweet that includes a URL, again, fine, that Tweet shows up on my timeline, under my handle. However! If I post a Tweet with a hashtag AND a URL – that Tweet does NOT show up on the hashtag. Everyone else seems to do this with no problem – is there some trick to it that I’m missing?
    Thanks for any help
    John Richmond

  • Fino

    Michael, hi, I have a questions in relation to this article which hopefully you can help with. I’m new to twitter and run a small business. I want my clients to follow me but not to interact with each other via twitter because they found each other via my twitter account as they are following me. Is there a way for me to ask my clients to follow me and to post tweets to them, have them respond but not see each other’s details. The clients see each other regularly but they do not exchange info as they are exercising and then they go home but I have a huge client list now and I thought I should join the social networking life but I don’t want the twitter account to become a place for obtaining info or one client communicating with the other in a personal way via the twitter account, that is posting something inappropriate that should be done via email

    • Michael Hyatt

      You can’t control how someone else uses Twitter. It might not be the right medium for what you want to accomplish.

  • Celeste

    I am just about to create my first Twitter account…but I also have a business. So, should I use my business name as my username…or as my handle? OR should I use my name? Help! Thanks, Celeste ( I am not set up yet on twitter so you can’t communicate with me in that way.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I would start with your personal name. People like to connect with people rather than institutions. Eventually, you will want both.

  • EvenleyCC

    If I am following someone on twitter and they post a tweet should I get an email confirming this


    • Michael Hyatt

      No, you should not.

      • EvenleyCC

        Okay thanks
        I was under the impression you should


  • Michael Hyatt

    Yes, I have a post called 12 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers. Hope that helps.

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  • LadyAngler 46

    trying to “get started. no matter how many names I put on my list, I never get any other page–no settings, no home page–just the demand to add more names. really, i don’t care what all those people do! guess i’ll abandon this like all those other weird things (opps?)that don’t work on my computer and phone

  • Joe

    Hi, if i tweet a person iam following and my accounts public then after i tweetd him i then decide to protect my tweets will that tweet still b viewable to him. Thanx

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  • JeanKrauss

    I am new to Twitter. What does it mean when a bell sounds after posting some Tweets? should I respond to it, and how do I do that on my Nook HD+ tablet?

  • Deborah Mayo

    How can I see all of the tweets posted by people I follow?

    • Michael Hyatt

      They are in your Twitter stream. Just go to the main Twitter page, login, and they will be the Tweets you see. They appear in the stream in the order they were posted. If you want to see all the tweets from a specific person, go to their Twitter page.

  • Lotty keys

    Late to comment!! But found this post and it’s exactly what I need. Can anyone suggest how I would introduce twitter into a secondary school. Has anyone created a survey to see what the global used within the school would be?

    Any help appreciated

  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  • Sahil patil

    Thank you dude

  • Paula

    I would LOVE to see a video of how you keep up with everyone else’s tweets. Do you scroll way back to the last tweet you remember reading? Or do you just set a time limit and start scroll back through tweets until the time limit is up? I nee.d a post on how to READ tweets too. This was good for getting started by opening an account and how to post. Do you have one on how to read all the tweets? Thanks

  • Lisa

    Can you follow somebody on twitter but hide them from your other followers?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, just add them to a list. You don’t have to follow them to do this.

  • Dora

    Thanks for the great article. Great info. Do you have any guides or how-tos for Twitter chat for business. Thanks.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m afraid not. Thanks.

  • Peaches

    I am still struggling. If I follow @joesoap and send a tweet to @joesoap, will everyone that follows him also see my tweet even if they don’t follow me? Also, will he see the Tweet if he does not follow me?

    • John Tiller

      Yes, and Yes. They will both be able to see your tweet, though, they may not choose to view or respond to it.

  • StevZar

    Should I ever log out of twitter? How?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I never do. If you need too, there is a link to do that.

  • krrahman

    The guide you have shared it is very very helpful to newbie but you may add more tricks for advance users as well.

  • Helen

    When I am on a site like DWTS and everyone is tweeting. I would like to join in the chats. However, I get an error message saying Safari doesn’t recognize the site or something like that. My tweets show up on my page but not on the page I want to chat on like everyone elses. What am I doing wrong?

    • Ash

      Hi Helen. I’d love to try and help you. What’s DWTS though? Can you send me a link to this page you’re referring to?

      • Helen

        Dancing With The Stars

        • Ash

          Hi Helen. Thanks for your response. I suspect they might be using a hashtag like #DWTS at the end of each of their tweets. Perhaps that’s what’s missing in your tweets.

          I use safari on my Mac for twitter and it works fine so I would imagine safari isn’t causing the problem.

          Are you using hashtags at the end of your tweets? (#DWTS)?

      • Helen

        Actually it doesn’t matter what show I am trying to chat with this is what I get

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  • Deborah

    when I send out a twitter who sees it,is it just the people following me that sees? or everyone on twitter?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Just the people following you.

  • Simone

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  • ja

    how do you delete the: “You followed ____ and ____ others” from your twitter account?

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  • Georgina Reed

    Hi Mike, I had joined Twitter sometime ago but at 65, was unsure of how to proceed as I dont have an iPhone. Someone told me I could use emails or the internet, but I had no idea how to do that. After reading your post, I was able to complete my Twitter setup. I work in the music/entertainment industry, and (not really understanding what I was doing) I had linked my Twitter account to my Radio program FB page, and was unknowingly sending tweets to my followers every time I posted something.
    I now have a better handle on how things work although I’m still a bit vague about how apps work.
    One question. In your post you say “I have identified my 90 most popular blog posts. I have written a tweet promoting each one.”
    How do you find the time to write so many blog posts (i.e. if you’ve identified 90 as your most popular, how many have you actually written?… yikes!!).
    Anyway, thanks for the info… this geriatric is a little better informed, as of today!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I have actually written over 1,500. But, that has happened over years. The key is to write consistently. It’s like the Law of Compound Growth. After a while, they add up!

      • Georgina Reed

        I’m awaiting the app that allows you to plug into another persons brains so you can download the information direct. I will endeavor to read more of your posts in order to inform myself. My main obstacle is that I want to know NOW and I get frustrated having to laboriously read to learn stuff. (Never did make a good student)! cheers from downunder.

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  • Littleboy

    Very helpful website. I want to use Twitter to inform my friends about my business. But I do not want them to know that it is myself who is tweeting. Are there any chances for them to discover that is me if I use a different twitter username.? I do not want that to happen.

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