The eBook of the Future

This is what the eBook of the future may look like. This is the coolest one I have seen so far! Could it be that this is what Apple has in mind? If this type of content can happen in magazines, it will also happen in books:

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  • John Gallagher

    Bring it on! I am in!!!!!

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  • HSchiefelbein

    Wow – that's amazing. Yes, if magazines can do it so can/will books. I love it but there's still something to picking up SI from the newsstand and paging through. I know it will be long before that's gone (if ever). How much do you see that reader and subscription costing?

  • Jeff Sanders

    Seriously, Amazing! I was just about to buy the Nook, but now I just want Apple to reinvent the eBook reader, like they have reinvented everything else.
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  • Angela

    Wow. Everyday I am amazed by technology…the bar is raised again. This is a great example of bringing stories to life.

  • Stephanie

    Completely fascinating! I love all the new tech options coming out at record speed, but I have to say…a digital book can't give me the enjoyment I have when I pick up a book, thumb through and smell the pages (yes, I know that's weird). When they develop one that smells like a new book, I'll stop buying real books.
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