The Future Is Coming Faster Than You Think

My friend and colleague, Mary Graham, brought this concept video about the future to my attention. It is produced by Corning Glass. It shows what is possible in the near-future. It is worth taking five minutes to watch this.

In my role at Thomas Nelson, I have had the privilege of seeing some amazing technology. This one from Corning is similar to others I have seen from Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. The future is coming faster than you think. Personally, this kind of stuff gets me excited.

What about you?

Question: How does this make you feel about the future? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • 4beauty

    Wow! That’s incredible! When I was a kkid, I watched the original Star Trek series and thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we had stuff like that?” Now we talk on communicators (cell phones), computers talk to us (even in elevators), and soon – per this video – we’ll all be using wall and tabletop computers…with hologram technology. I’ve lived almost 50 years and am amazed at what I’ve seen develop in my lifetime. I can only imagine how my parents’ generation feels!

    • allanwhite

      My father-in-law taught business back in the 1950’s (he’s in his mid-70’s). He likes to say how the sci-fi ethos of the day used to imagine video walls for e-commerce and the like.

      I love how sci-fi helps us see possibilities that we couldn’t before.

      • Jeff Randleman

        And, according to Transformers, we owe it all to alien technology!

  • Mjklingenberg1

    I am excited by the human imagination . . . insofar that it is surpassed by God’s infinite love (Eph. 3: 14-21).

    There is a cost to our imagination if we do not to love God and love our neighbour as ourselves.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Imagination is the first step in creating the future. I think it is a God-given gift and one of the best parts of being human.

  • Uma Maheswaran S

    The video was interesting and insightful. The future is going to be unimaginably different that what it is now. Generallly, I embrace future as it comes. I do not research too much about future and what it will bring.

  • tim dahl

    Oh, wow! That is the neatest thing. I’ve seen some tables (rather thick) at a couple of conferences/trade shows used to display applications and such. I can only hope that stuff like this will be more available in my life-time. I love stuff like this.


  • elroyjetson

    I think some of this future is reaching us now. Here is a video showing wireless powered cereal boxes used to light up the packaging that was on display at CES 2011. Toward the end they show the same system used for things like inventory control.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Excellent. Thanks for sharing that.

    • Steven Cribbs

      Wow! That’s pretty cool. I’m sure my kids would enjoy cereal boxes like that. I would enjoy having the information sent to my fingertips – especially if it could tell me when we are almost out of stuff and help me make the grocery list :)

      • Blair

        Okay, now that’s crazy! Taking breakfast to a whole new level.

      • elroyjetson

        At the end of the video they hint at an inventory control type system so it wouldn’t take much to go from what they have presented to a full home grocery list/inventory system.

    • Joe Lalonde

      That’s some cool stuff!

    • Jeff Randleman

      That’s pretty awesome!

  • Andy Depuy

    This is cool and Mike Thanks for sharing this. Cause it proves to me that I’m doing the right thing by going back to school to learn and get my certification in computer networking and computer security.

    • Timothy Fish

      There’s certainly a lot of work to do in that area, whether Corning’s vision comes into being or not.

  • DrV

    It’s good except the part about messaging while brushing your teeth. This has become the only time when I’m not looking at a screen. I’d like to preserve that somehow!

    • Timothy Fish

      I was just thinking about getting out of the shower and trying to use a fogged up computer screen while I’m brushing my teeth. Personally, I don’t have so much need to be connected that I want that technology in the bathroom.

      • Steven Cribbs

        …especially the video communication technology…

      • Joe Lalonde

        I can see it now… You’re wiping off the steam and you accidentally press the camera/camcorder button.. Whoops!

    • Joe Lalonde

      That was my thought about some of this stuff. It looks pretty sweet and amazing. Yet I think we look at screens far too often in our lives now. I guess we’ll see where the future takes us!

  • Chris Good

    Thank you for sharing – what an awesome video!

  • Timothy Fish

    Ah, the world if made by Corning. I see some potential with some of the technologies they’re showing, but let’s get real. The cost of that much glass will keep most companies and home owners from going as far as what Corning is showing. A few devices will make use of some of the technology they show and maybe a few conference rooms, but the video if clearly designed by someone who has no real knowledge of the technology involved. Even if we could bring all that into being, I wouldn’t want to be surrounded by so much connectivity.

    And road signs? Give me a break. Just wait will lightning strikes and no one will know where they are going.

    • Bwenman

      Many experts thought that the “cost” of individuals having personal computers in their homes was unrealistic as well. Now its uncommon for a family to have only one! Isn’t it hard to believe that was only 20 years ago? Kudos to Corning for dreaming!

      • Michael Hyatt

        I think that this kind of visioneering (to use an Andy Stanley term) sets coming that lead and grow apart from those that eventually decline and disappear.

        • Bwenman

          The video wasn’t clear regarding what they have already developed and what is still visionary. I got the impression that the technology has already been developed but the applications are not. In other words if someone said – I want a house like this and my resources are unlimited to do it, they could do it – today. Is that accurate?

          • Michael Hyatt

            I honestly don’t know. I would bet that they have developed more than we might think.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I went to a closed demonstration in New York where a big technology company (I can’t say who, because I had to sign a Confidentiality Agreement) unrolled a sheet of thin plastic and affixed it to the wall. It then ran live computer images and video on it. It was fascinating—and shocking. Miniaturization and nano-technologies are making these kinds of surface display technologies a near-term possibility. The only issue right now is the cost. But that, too, will come down.

      With regards to electronic signs, we already have solar-powered signs and batteries that don’t require the grid to function.

      • Jeff Randleman

        Soon, we’ll be able to apply a television as wallpaper!

    • Bwenman

      I agree Timothy – I personally live out in the middle of nowhere and really hate the billboards on the side of the road. I love the idea that people can have this if they want it, but texting on my mirror wouldn’t be for me! However, a fresh inspirational quote appearing on my bathroom mirror every morning – that is something I would love! To each his own – I guess!

  • Tim Godby

    Viewing this was surreal. It was 7:00 AM and I was watching on a category-defining touch screen device. I began in one room, walked to the next, tapped the screen, transferring the image to my HDTV so the family could see. Corning’s future has certainly not arrived, but we can see it from here! I do have one wish: Lord, please let the architects of Corning’s beautiful vision be graduates of the Jonathan Ive/Apple School of Engineering and Design

    • Michael Hyatt

      Amen. I agree with your comment about Jonathan Ive. His design-sense is awesome.

  • Allison Hall

    The Future is Coming….but at what cost. I hope it does not destroy more of our precious natural resources – the forest, the wildlife and also our ability to love and help one another.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I think it will only be easier on natural resources.

  • Want Less Give More

    It’s easy to say “oh we don’t have a need for it,” but look at us 20 years ago. Many adults resisted any type of wireless cellular technology because they figured they didn’t have a need for it. Now if you don’t have one in a developed country, you’re kind of lost. Even more recently, Facebook for instance – it was only a few years ago a couple of ivy league college students had accounts there – now almost ever company and every individual has a presence there, even if they aren’t using it on a regular basis.

    I say all this to say that good marketing will MAKE you need something, which isn’t always a bad thing in my opinion. Personally, I think new technology is fascinating – I love to watch for trends and see how the world is moving forward. The only thing is to never forget where we came from and that technology can’t replace everything.

    Overall, I’m impressed with what I see! I’ll wait till it’s averagely priced so I can purchase it with my recently married/college grad budget!

    Morgan @WLGMonline

    • Michael Hyatt

      I enjoy seeing it develop. I remember when I bought my first cell phone—a Motorola brick. I thought it was so cool. I went fishing and called my dad from the middle of the lake. We were both just laughing at how amazing it was.

  • suniheflin

    Incredible for sure!!! Thanks for sharing! The untapped potential we have inside us. The beautiful gifts God has given us to have happy, productive, and creative lives here on this earth overflows my heart!

  • Cams

    Amazing video and brilliant ideas. This is will be happening in our modern technology. That is really the big question are we prepared for the future? but this is just the human fantasy. there will be so many things that needs to be considered for this.

  • Vanessa

    Mike, Thanks for sharing this. I love the possibilities and imagination shown in this beautifully produced video. It only left me with one nagging question. Where will we get all the energy to power these beautiful devices? Here’s hoping the Edison Electric Institute or some other clever entrepreneurs have the answers.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Energy requirements are shrinking all the time. My MacBook Air will run for 8 hours—more if I really turn the display down. I would have never imagines just five years ago that it would be possible to have a computer this powerful that consumed so little energy.

      • Jeff Randleman

        I know! Isn’t it awesome?

  • Lyn Storey

    Very cool. I like the idea of being ‘connected’ everywhere (except maybe the bathroom, emails can wait while I brush my teeth) and the technology of that glass looks revolutionary. The challenge will be how to become ‘disconnected’ for some down time, one can’t work all the time.

  • Chris MacKinnon

    I love sci-fi and future thinking. Do you watch Hawaii Five-O or Human Target? They’re “using” app-enabled conference tables. Andromeda (a few years gone now) used “flimsi” displays like the man uses for reading at the end of the video. They’ve already got the phone-powered laptop, and was that the iPhoneX? I love tech.

    Of course we have to wonder about Marks and such, so that all our tech can remotely find us. But that gets messy fast, so I won’t talk about that any further.

    The trick is, as always, to set up boundaries and to make sure our tech is helping us and not taking us away from the important parts of life. I think Corning did a great job of showing that balance here.

    • TNeal

      You’re right about app-enabled conference table. I watch “Human Target” and find some of the gadgets fascinating. I forget that it’s not all just Hollywood. It’s down the street or coming soon to a home near you.

  • Pool_fun

    It is absolutely amazing what man can come up with. The most amazing part is God created all that for us to use our minds and abilities. I am excited about the future, not because of the gadget but because the gadget will make it easier to stay in contact.

  • John Richardson

    I really love the electronic blinds. Just click a button and they go from opaque to clear. Might be a little embarrassing if the power goes out though…

    • Joe Lalonde

      Or if you hit the button at an in-opportune/embarrassing time.

  • Stephanie L. Jones

    Wow! This is the movie “Minority Report” (2002: Steven Spielberg/Tom Cruise) come to life!

  • Bwenman

    It is really incredible to think how fast the change comes. Facebook is only 6 years old. I think I have food in my freezer that is older than that!

  • Forrest Long

    That’s amazing and exciting! It’s mind-boggling at times where technology is taking us and the possibilities are almost limitless. The world of my grandchildren will be so much different from my own, as mine is from my grandparents. What a great God we have to instill the human mind with such creativity!

  • Lynette Sowell

    I think it’s exciting, seeing the possibilities from our imaginations. I also think technology can bring out the best–and worst–in people. It’ll keep doing that, too…

  • TNeal

    The video made me laugh with amazement. Wow!

  • Ryan Haack

    C’mon, Corning. You really expect us to believe that a couple that has been married at least 10 years switches sides of the bed from morning to night? Totally unrealistic! ;)

    • TNeal

      You’re not an editor are you?

  • Nina Walsh

    Oh, my goodness! Is it silly to say it gave me chills???

  • Brett Vaden

    This video was certainly wonderful, but at the same time, I’m reminded of how deceptive it can be to think that advancing our technology will make life easier. In some ways, quicker and more convenient interfaces with the world (e.g., email, TV, phone) only mean we have to work harder to develop self-discipline. Still, I am moved to a sense of awe at the grace God has poured out on human beings.

    • Joe Lalonde

      I agree with you Brett.

  • Byrdmouse

    Pretty cool stuff. But I see a huge future in glass cleaning products.

  • Jeanm

    Think that it will keep people who “clean” glass in business for a long time. 8-)

    • Jeff Randleman

      Too funny!

  • Dylan Dodson


  • Nina Walsh

    If Earth is going to have these man-made capabilities, just imagine what heaven will be like!!!! I have always conjured up God’s video recorder. It depends on the heavenly planet you are on, rotating around a star/sun X-light-years away from Earth, what you will be able to see happening on Earth. All of history is “recorded” on God’s video camera. Very exciting! And we are told it is far better than we can imagine!

    • Joshua Wheeler

      yeah, i’ve been considering the same thing. Will these advances be in heaven? Will we be able to explore the different galaxies of the universe? How will technology connect us to God and to each other? What types of jobs will we have in heaven (all design and creativity related, or will there be factories producing this stuff?) It’s exciting think about these things.

  • Doug Hibbard

    What’s the old saying about people living in glass houses?

    What’s funny is that last night, Ann and I were talking about the idea of display-enable walls, allowing for you to go to bed at night and be “under the stars” or anywhere else—all while being at home.

    Like much else: how we use the technology will be crucial. It can enable us to do great things and to do terrible things. That’s on us, though, not on the glass.

  • Steven Cribbs

    Looks like Corning has been reading Seth Godin’s book – Poke the Box :)

  • Blair

    The only question I have is at what Cost? Not to sound too pessimistic bit I can’t see this technology being in homes anytime soon. The vision for these things is outstanding though considering the old Commodore 64 computer I used back in the early 90’s. If this can be feasible to consumers I can’t imagine what is on the horizon in the coming years! Thanks for sharing.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Think how fast technology prices fall. Did you ever think you could carry 3,500 books in a device that cost $139.00 (Kindle)?

  • Juan

    Wow, great post Mike,
    I am a futuristic therefore a video like this one makes me dream about endless possibilities, about expanding our mind, about believing that the best is yet to come!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I am with you on that Juan. According to the StrengthsFinder 2.0 test, “Futuristic” is my fourth strength, so I love this stuff, too.

  • David

    Don’t care where the beach is, I’m investing in sand!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Amen. There’s plenty of it!

      I once saw paper that was created from sand. In fact, after several years, it degraded back to sand.

  • Katrinacurrt10

    Cool…that brings our glass houses theory full circle ….and allows Big Brother into every room and every millisecond of our day…..hhhmmmmmm..I’m craving bound books of paper and log cabins with open fire places….lol

  • Brent Trickett

    This is awesome. I grew up wanting to be James Bond. Soon my dream will be reality. I should also start investing in glass so I can afford the suits.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, glass and sand (from which glass is made)!

  • Ines Franklin

    Wow, this is remarkable! All the technology looks like a lot of fun to use. We are going to need a big energy source. Hm, I wonder where that is going to come from. As for me, I can’t wait for a future that does not require me to wear reading glasses.

  • Karl Mealor

    Watched this in my living room. One of my daughters came over and looked over my shoulder. Before long, four of my daughters and two of their friends are crowded around, practically drooling…All I can say is…lol!

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  • Anonymous

    Very, very cool. But I must admit it’s a bit scary too. That whole Minority Report vibe, but in a ultra happy light, is a little hard to fully consume.

  • Spencer McDonald

    I love what the future has to offer. And I am grateful I live in this time in history. Change is coming at us at the speed of light and we better be prepared to use it for our advantage.

  • Katherine Hyde

    For me, this raises three thoughts/questions:
    1) More technology means more ways for people who can’t afford it to fall behind.
    2) What would happen to privacy in a world like this, where every surface contains a camera?
    3) Isn’t it dangerous for our society to become ever more dependent on technology that could be destroyed or cease to function in an emergency?

    • Joe Lalonde

      Katherine, number 2 is the scariest for me. It seems like it would be so easy for privacy to be gone.

  • kerrydexter

    it is a beautiful gift of the imaignation, and in that way inspiring. good to remember, as well, that technology of any sort is a tool for relationship, interaction, and service.

  • Jeanne

    WOW! This was one of the coolest video I every saw! I can’t wait for tomorrow! :)
    Jeanne Sweeney
    Above Board Chamber of Florida
    Find us on FB-

  • SL Clark

    While I enjoy seeing whiz bang eye catching, it pales compared to what Liquid Glass will do for humanity. Dow took this ad road, but glass is remarkable for sanitary reasons, and surfaces coated with a nano layer will be clean; hospitals, kitchens, appliances, floors, walls.

  • Dave Hearn

    You’re right… this kind of video is exciting… what was science fiction 20 years ago is now reality. The great thing is that most of the tech highlighted here is actually reality in some form… now we just wait for prices and manufacturing to catch up so us “normal folk” can get some of this…

  • Chris Donato

    This makes me excited alright. My inner luddite is screaming.

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  • Cyberquill

    Very nice. Frankly, though, I didn’t start paying attention to the video until about halfway through, because I thought I was watching one of these commercials one is often forced to watch before the actual clip begins. But then I figured, wow, that’s a looooooong commercial, so I realized that this must be the actual video.

    How did it make me feel about the future? Well, as the old saying goes, Glück und Glas—wie leicht bricht das!

  • Robert

    Is this our dream..a sterile world?

  • Ron Keener

    Dynamite video, and just a few years away. Recalls for me that fancy screens that CNN’s John King used during the last national elections, and that other networks have adopted since then. This video shows the consumer uses of the technology. Question is, how does the church use it? Or does it? If anyone can write about that for Church Executive, email me at

    Reminds me too of the screens that “H” uses on CSI: Miami in their police HQ. Only thing that isn’t real on that show is the 1 day turnaround on DNA tests. (And, oh, most of the series is actually filmed in Long Beach, CA, did you know?)

    Ron Keener

  • Linannal

    The implications for education are awesome! Having these options in the classroom would increase productivity in an incredible way. We could quit wasting money on paper textbooks that are out of date before we ever get them in the classroom. Individual needs would be so much easier to diagnose and meet. Taking the gifted children in-depth would be almost automatic without the usual problems that research can involve. Data driven education would become much less time consuming.

  • Linannal

    It just hit me that I actually had seen some of this last night at Disney on Ice in Dallas at the American Airlines Center. The restroom mirrors were plain until you walked up to them. The water started, the soap squirted, and an add popped up from within the mirror! We were laughing about it as we were leaving the arena. We were laughing about the different ads that popped up. Most of us didn’t read them because we were just laughing about the potential of the mirror sensing what add it would show to which person. Those possibilities will set your mind off in a different direction!

  • Beamusic2010

    I want now!!!!!!! right now!!! please!!!! everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • treydarbonne

    Wow! That’s about all I have after seeing that. Wow! Thanks, Mike for passing it on!

  • hornbeck

    Now imagine if Apple bought Corning

  • Katie Ganshert

    It makes me excited that my husband bought stock in Corning. :-)

  • Travis Dommert

    Ok, that just blew my mind. For a second, I even thought “wow, I can’t believe a house that high tech has a lame old white fridge!”

    Even if much of it *doesn’t* come to fruition, it begs the question…what is each of US doing to innovate and take our time and talents to a whole new level? Have you shown this to your employees? Inspiring.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Barbara Parentini

    I loved this video! WOW!! I would love to see some of these innovations be realized in my lifetime. If we can keep the heart of humanity beating strong in the world of the future, I look forward to it!

  • K.C. Pro

    Wow! That is incredible! Thank you for sharing.

    Almost makes the iPad look like child’s play.

  • ncarolinaFran

    I think I need to get a lot more organized to take advantage of this! (And I’d better get some new PJ’s or never walk into the kitchen the way I do now, else someone will know a lot more about me than I’d like!! lol) These people in the video are as amazing as the technology!

  • Lauren Rosenberg

    the video was interesting… some of the stuff was a bit over the top, i mean how much more convenient do we need life to be? in South Africa where i’m from, there’s a lot of new technology coming out to make life more convenient for a few who can afford it but not really for people who need innovation the most. the main idea i got out of this video are new possibilities for connecting people to ideas, this is super cool and exciting.

  • Jonathan West

    I reminds me a lot of a video “brainstorm” developed 3-4 years ago with Johnson Controls (my employer). It showed the “day” of a person enabled by all of the seamless integration of electronics of their car, home, office, phone, etc. It seems sometimes we’re a little bit like the other “quiet” Milwaukee company (Northwestern Mutual) that people don’t always realize the extent of our impact. [Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI) is the global leader that brings ingenuity to the places where people live, work and travel. By integrating technologies, products and services, we create smart environments that redefine the relationships between people and their surroundings. ]

  • Philipp Knoll

    The video is great. I truly like the esthetics of it. This piece shows were we as a society are headed. Some gadgets shown might take longer to bring to life than others. The direction is clear.

    Following the discussion provoked on thought. The Indians will love us to have all that technology. We’ll all need at least one VA to outsource to. Think of how many hours we’ll be forced to spend in line calling the tech support if those devices stop communicating with each others. ;)

    If it is Mac or any other company that delivers all this within one system then this will have a chance. Would you like to have your home and life run by a “PC-Windows”-kind of system with thousands of developers adding to it and possibly causing frustrating issues.

    Still, the future is looking good!

  • Andrew Weber

    Fantastic video! Thanks for sharing it and suggesting it’s really worth the 5 minutes!

  • David

    Wow, someone like Apple has great idea’s also. So when does it come out

  • Dr. Brad Semp

    Awesome – thanks for sharing, Michael! I’m a technology lover so I also find this “vision” exciting. However, paired with the excitement is a level of concern for how this technology will add to the “busyness” of our lives.

    Technology has always been purported as a means to make our lives simpler and easier. The reality is that with the benefits of technology comes more connectedness, less compartmentalizing, and increased busyness.

    How is someone going to be entirely present and in the moment with their spouse or children when they are bombarded with email, websites, information (and advertising) each time they look in the mirror, open the refrigerator, or hop into their car. A bit scary from that perspective….but very, very cool as a whole!

  • Hvanem

    After reading through all the comments, I feel a little hesitant to comment, but I found it kind of scary, really. I wonder at the ever increasing canyon between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ and about the potential for censorship and government control. I don’t really think of myself as a ‘glass half full’ kind of person, but I found myself tipping the whole thing over to find a drop or two I could savour.

  • Alex Humphrey

    That is absolutely stunning, Michael.

    The thing that comes to my mind is the realization that this could come much sooner than we think. How old is the iPhone, 4 years? How about the internet, 15-20?

    The world is changing rapidly and if we think these things aren’t possible in the next 10 years, we are fools.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Peter Hoppe

    This is AWESOME!!! I can’t wait!!! :)

  • mike

    Reminds me of a talk Kevin Kelley did recently. I really like that video you posted, I saw it some time ago, but it’s good to see it again. Kevin Kelly talk on the future of media.

  • Ron Dawson

    Very cool stuff. Although looks like there will be even more opportunities for distraction (the idea of getting emails on my mirror while I’m in the middle of brushing my teeth is a scar though. :)

    Whatever the future will hold though, I have no doubt Apple will make it first. ;)

  • Mighty

    these kinds of stuff also get me excited. They kinda make sci-fi lit outdated. interesting! :D

  • Jim Whitaker

    This reminds me a little of the Microsoft surface or table that they were working on at one time. But it moves beyond that to integration that is fascinating in the life of someone. Their concept for flexible glass and selectively tinted windows is fascinating. Consider this with the integration of social networking and cell technology and you could have real time info at your finger tips about people who call you. It s amazing what the world will be like in 10-15 years.

  • John

    This reminds me of the films Gattaca and Minority Report. It also reminds me of something a GM exec once said, that the future of media is “any image at any time.” The world portrayed in this video was one in which screens were ever present and indeed you could conjure up just about any image at any time, and your whole life was integrated by screen devices. I’m not sure I want to live that way, despite the sleek, modern feel of the life portrayed in that video. I prefer having a break from screens once in a while, to take in the beauty of creation in natural HD, namely, my own eyes.

  • Joydekok

    Seems easy and a gracious way to live – although I’m sure there’s a learning curve. I’d love it all except the bathroom part. Just one place without a screen – please! Otherwise, I think it’s fantastic and I hope to experience some of this in my life time.

  • Dusty Robinson

    Excited to see some of that make it to reality. I think my favorite part about that version of the future is how clean everything is :)

  • Joe Lalonde

    That’s some pretty amazing technology. I admit, it gets me excited too! But it’s also a little scarey. It looks like a lot of this will keep us more “connected” than ever.

  • Anonymous

    I only skimmed the comments so forgive me. Anyone else notice that the couple went to bed opposite of where they woke up in the beginning of the video.

  • Andrew Conard

    Michael – Thank you for sharing this video. I appreciate the clarity of a preferred future that @corning has for their products. Outside of the technological wizardry (which I do appreciate), there are lessons for the church in vision casting. Thanks!

  • Jeremy Santy

    Thanks for sharing this Michael, always exciting to see how different companies approach these vision videos. I was blessed to work on the team that created the Microsoft vision videos, “Office Labs”.

  • Jeff Randleman

    This kind of thing really gets me excited! It’s amazing how far technology has come in the last 20 years. I’m so excited to see where it heads in the next 20. My kids have no idea what it was like for me as a kid, and with the increase in speed that technology advances, how drastically different will it be for my kids when they are my age? Amazing to think about!

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  • Andy Mort

    Just amazing. I genuinely don’t know what to think. It is both truly inspiring and truly frightening all at the same time. My initial reaction is to think, ‘now there is a lot of stuff to break in that world – do you think you’d get a single day where you don’t encounter any technical difficulties?’ Maybe that just says a lot about me! Very clean world too.

  • Nathan McIntyre

    Love this video – Future proofing their careers for sure!

  • maureen miller

    I just finished watching your video with Craig Groeschel and wondered if this is possibly not a good idea. I saw the video clip about 2 weeks ago and thought WOW I’d LOVE my house to be set up this way. Now I wonder…

  • Kent Richardson

    I think there is a large gap between theory and practice.

  • James Pinnick

    Loved the video Michael. That is nuts! I look forward to the future where besides fancy gadgets, that cancer is removed from this world. I’d be a happy camper along with millions of others.
    I look forward to the future of how self-publishing will evolve compared to big publishing. Should be interesting.

    Blessings to you-
    James Pinnick
    Author-The Last Seven Pages

  • Shusk

    Way cool. Can’t wait. Hope we can afford to subscribe to all of that, but it sounds like great tech fun!

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  • Anonymous

    I get really excited about technology, and I probably spend far too much money and time on it, but most of these innovations are mostly about displaying more media in places where it didn’t appear before. Are we not getting enough media in the devices that already provide it? I think we’ll hit a saturation point, if we haven’t already.

    Plus, I’m a little nervous about how these folks will manage during a large solar flare. The alarm won’t go off, the stove top doesn’t work, the car won’t start or tell you how to get to the office (which doesn’t have any work for you because the tabletops are down), and the mall is closed because you can’t see any of the merchandise.

    I’m still going to buy all of this stuff anyway. Just sayin’.

  • Karl Mealor

    Shared this with a Physics class. Great reactions. Thanks again for sharing.

  • guest

    Hi I am Commander Shepard and this is my favorite shop on the citadel