The Future of the Book

Meet Nelson, Coupland, and Alice, three concepts for the book of the future. These don’t yet exist, but they might in the near future. I love what technology is making possible for the future of reading.

A 5-Star Rating

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  • Keith Ferrin

    Ok…so now as I'm writing my new book, heaps of ideas for what "could be" are pouring into my head. Thanks (sincerely) for the inspiration…and thanks (sarcastically) for making the writing process way more complicated! (wink) Seriously – I love where technology is going as well.

  • lanavaughan

    Put all three on an ipad and I think you've got something.

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  • Stephanie

    I look forward to watching as the book continues to evolve in the coming years.

    Perhaps someday our reading material will "come alive"…Harry Potter style (I'm thinking that those "interactive" newspapers aren't too far off in our future…). ;)

  • Micah Green

    Very interesting-thanks for sharing! "Alice" looks like the high-tech descendant of the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books that I used to read as a kid.

  • Roland Hairston

    I love the idea of Coupland. Hope this becomes reality soon.

  • Bhorvath77

    Oh my goodness. The Alice concept reminds me of the Choose Your Own Adventure books that I loved to read as a boy!

  • aldawkns

    Wow. That would be a great research tool.