The Thomas Nelson “Death Crawl”

This probably won’t be funny to anyone but the Thomas Nelson employees who attended our All Employee Meeting last week, but I thought I’d share it any way.

During my presentation, I played a clip from the movie, Facing the Giants. This is a great—albeit, low-budget—film about a football team in Georgia that just can’t seem to win any games.

The turning point in the film happens when the coach asks the team’s key player to do a “death crawl.” In this exercise, he has to crawl the length of the football field with another player on his back—blindfolded. The leader discovers that he can accomplish way more than he thinks he can. This becomes a sort of metaphor for what the team can do if they just try.

Well, our very own Greg Stielstra, Curt Harding, and Dave Schroeder decided that they would demonstrate a version of this: the marketing death crawl. All I can say is, “Guys, don’t quit your day jobs!”

By the way, the DVD of the movie started shipping yesterday. You can order it from a Christian retailer here or from Amazon.

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  • Stacy L. Harp


    That was hilarious! Not only did I love the marketing crawl, but I also loved the movie. And I just added your link to my blog because it’s so good :)

  • Michael Hyatt


    Thanks for the link! I just went to your site and noticed that it was at the top of your list. I am honored!


  • Stacy L. Harp

    Hi Mike,

    I’m glad your honored…:) However, it’s only on the top because it’s the last one I added!

    But I’ll keep it there for ya :)