The Voice Bible Translation

Thomas Nelson just released the full version of The Voice Bible translation. It represents the combined work of more than 100 Bible scholars, pastors, writers, musicians, poets, and artists.

The goal of this new translation was to allow the one divine Voice speak through the unique and diverse human voices who wrote the books of the Bible without attempting to homogenize the final product. The Voice does a masterful job of capturing the passion, grit, humor, and beauty that is often lost in other translations.

In the video above, I interview Frank Couch, Vice President of Bible Translation at Thomas Nelson and David Capes, who is the Thomas Nelson Research Professor at Houston Baptist University. These men guided the translation process of this project.

In the video, I asked Frank and David the following questions:

  • Why should people have to pay for a Bible translation? How can Bibles be copyrightable?
  • How much does it cost to create a new Bible translation?
  • Does the world really need another English Bible translation?
  • How is The Voice different from other translations?
  • How did the translation process unfold with the Voice?
  • How are people responding to the Voice?
  • What different kinds of formats is this Bible available in?
  • What is your dream for this project?

The Voice is not designed to replace your favorite translation. Instead, it is designed to be read along side that translation to provide additional insights.

Question: What do you think of this new Bible? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • Jon Stolpe

    Why would I like a copy of this new Bible?  I’m curious.  I’d also love to read the fresh take on God’s Word.  I typically read the NIV or TNIV which works fine for me, but I have found refreshment when I have read other versions from time to time like Eugene Peterson’s The Message.

    • David Capes

      Jon, Glad to know you are curious about our new translation.  Take a look at our website:  There is a lot of great information about the project with leaders and scholars who took part.  Look for the video on Psalm 150.  It is great.

      • Jon Stolpe

        Thanks, David.  I’ll check it out.

  • Tim

    I am a missionary living in one of the former Soviet Union countries. For security reasons I am unable to share what country.  I would really like to have a copy of the new Bible “The Voice”. It will be a great help to use as we train pastors for the ministry. There are very few materials written in the native language. This new Bible would be a great to use to teach them the scriptures.

    Thank you,


    • Sddgsdgsdfg


  • Kim U


    It would be wonderful to have another translation of the Bible to share with the local writer’s group.  
    Some of the members in our group enjoy comparing the many translations of the Bible, and discussing how their work will be interpreted in the future.  Will those who read it see the nuances of the time?  Will the story line still be relevant in 300 years?

    And, personally, I just enjoy reading new translations of the Bible.

  • michaelbart0n

    I would like a copy of this translation because I work in Bible translation with minority languages in East Africa and am always interested to learn more about different theories of translation.

    • David Capes

      Thanks for your work in getting the Scripture into the hands of people in East Africa.  We have been influenced a great deal by the work of Eugene Nida in translation theory.  May God richly bless your work!

  • Jeremy Statton

    I am glad to see this. I bought a copy last week at Catalyst West and have really enjoyed reading it so far. I know Chris Seay’s heart behind this project and I think the Voice will be very beneficial.

  • Tim Hart

    As a youth pastor, I’d love this translation because the more translations you use for study, the better an understanding of the text you’ll have.

    Also, this could be a great translation for our students to use.

    • David Capes

      Tim, Take a look at how THE VOICE handles the dialog.  It makes it easy for students to read publicly.

  • Brandon Cordoba

    I’ve always had trouble focusing on God thru reading the bible because of my ADHD but there is something about story (going deeper) that captivates my mind (maybe it’s the people, because I love people).

    I get to serve people with ADHD & help them find clarity in their mind & meaning in their heart so they can live life fully alive (like Jesus said), & I think this would help me do my job better. I love seeing/feeling God’s pleasure as I help people & I want to do that EVEN MORE & BETTER.

  • Sona Jacob

    I just finished reading the Bible  completely in an year and I would love to have a copy of this in order to have greater insight.

    Sona Jacob

  • chris vonada

    This is an excellent resource, I received a copy of The Voice New Testament from Thomas Nelson a few months ago and love the translation. An excellent compliment to many other good translations.

  • Cyberquill

    Frank Sinatra would have been perfect to do the audio version of The Voice

    I’ve got the King James Version on my Kindle. As often as I’ve decided to read it—if mainly for the sake of its language, as so many or even most of our modern English idioms are said to trace back to either Shakespeare or the King James Bible—I could never get through more than the first few pages of Genesis, although I’ve sampled other chapters. 

    As far as reading scriptures, my personal record was to plow through the first four suras of the Qur’an, and those are the longest ones. (Eventually, exhaustion set in, and  I abandoned the project.) 

    • Michael Hyatt

      Try starting in a different place. I had the same experience the first time I tried reading Genesis. You might start with Mark.

  • Lorenda Patterson

    I’m always looking for a way to expand my understanding of the Bible and using various translations is one way to do that. I had a Sunday School teacher once who said if you read the Bible and found passages that seemed to be contradictory, you weren’t reading them correctly. Have multiple translations always helps me avoid contradictions.

  • JimHartman

    I have often thought that a lot is missed because we do not hear the inflections of the voice. Many versions wax classical with thee’s and thou’s – others wax intelligent almost to the point of garble. Still others become almost irreverently colloquial.  I have long been looking for a bible that I can feel when I read.

  • Joe Abraham

    Well, using different versions of the Bible helps me do a better job in preparing my teaching materials. I know The Voice Bible will be a great add to my Reference library!

  • Jeff Wright

    Thanks for letting us know about this new work!

  • Revrjack

    I am always seeking greater insights to the scriptures and the newer translations really seem to bring are clearer understanding.

  • Ssherrylynn49

    I would love a copy of the new Bible.  I am curious as to the presentation and it will make a great addition to my collection for a different perspective.  

  • Jenifer Sam

    I’ve been reading the NKJV ever since I started reading the Bible.(which is not very long ago.) I am graduating from college this May(i.e., next month) and moving to a new city where I’ve found a job. Been telling myself that I will change to a new version once I begin the new chapter in my life but was not sure which version to pick up. Maybe, I’ve just found the right version in TheVoice!

    • David Capes

      Congratulations on finishing college and starting this new chapter in your life.  The Voice Bible will be a great resource for you. 

  • Dcbcan

    I am a church planter and I’m always looking for ways to share God’s Word with those who are new to (and early in) the faith.  Because of the uniqueness of this work, I would be interested in making it available to the people who attend our church. Thank you!

  • Bobby Hopkins

    I find that when I have a particular passage that I am puzzled by or that I don’t know how to apply another translation is often beneficial.  When teaching using 2 or more translations can help make a particular point more vivid or interesting to the learners.   Having used the NIV KJV and ESV for a number of years it would be interesting to add a 4th translation for more contrast.

  • Michael Campbell

    I would like a copy of THE VOICE! I would like to write a review of it and I alert my friends, church members, and readers to this important new work.

    • David Capes

      Thanks for helping us get the word out!

  • Sharon A Llavy

    Why another version of the Bible? Because comparing versions can bring new light on a subject. I am very interested in The Voice to use in my Bible study.

  • John Richardson

    As a storyteller and speaker, I often bring scripture into my presentations. What I like about this bible is the attempt to get the “story” accurate and in the voice of the original author. This makes a difference when sharing with an audience that doesn’t necessarily understand Christian terminology, but is open to the true meaning of the story. While this might not make it the best bible for an in-depth word study, it does offer a great tool for sharing with others who have never heard the bible before. I would love to have a copy to share with my readers and bible study group.

    • David Capes

      John, take a look at the orality network.  They offer great resources for story-tellers.  Thanks for your insight and what you are attempting to do.  The Voice Bible will be a good resource for you.

      • John Richardson

        What an interesting organization. The power of story is amazing, especially to those that can’t read or write. Thank you for the referral. 

  • Melanie Troxell

    I’m so excited about this Bible! I love, love, love the poetry, clarity, and excellent English of the KJV, and for years have wondered why a group of creative, capable scholars didn’t get together and produce something in the KJV quality, that people wouldn’t have to use a dictionary for every other word! Here’s a great read:   – –  Can’t wait to read THE VOICE!

    • David Capes

      There is so much in Scripture which celebrates the beauty and mourns the messiness of life.  No translation can do that perfectly but we’ve taken a good faith effort to hear and share that.

  • Mark D. Jensen

    What an intriguing Bible version. As Mr. Couch talked of the layers within this translation I was hooked. Having context wrapped around the Word of God provides a guidance to the reader which I’ve not seen before. This one aspect alone is what I’m excited to see. Well, that and the hand-made leather cover. Those look beautiful!

  • Heather

    I am involved with a ministry called Hope Now Family Concepts, Inc. We minister to single women who are pregnant and in need of a new start in life.  There may have been addictions, criminal records, mental illness, etc. and usually there is great hurt from past experience.  I would like to have a copy to use within our ministry so that the girls would have a way of hearing the Word of God. Not all of our women read when they come to us.  It would be nice for those who cannot to have a relatable auditory version of God’s Word.  Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Evelyn Van Winkle

    Hi, I’m always looking for ways to make the Word of God more understandable and interesting to my children, grandchildren and their friends.  The Voice sounds like a good way to introduce the Bible to new readers.  It sounds so interesting that I’m looking forward to reading it.

  • Debbie Ring

    I’d love a copy to use as another reference in my studies – I love to take the scriptures and compare the different versions to get a deeper understanding.   I so enjoy sharing what the Lord shows me through His word with the women He brings to our studies, events, one-on-one meetings & my new blogging adventure.

    Thank you for sharing your insights with us, I have been SO encouraged by your posts!

  • Chris Edmondson

    I started reading this translation last year at Catakyst ATL. I really enjoyed it. It’s fresh and exciting, and it makes God’s Word come alive. Wild love to read the Old Testament, because I have really enjoyed the New Testament!

  • Rocky

    My passion is the Word! I figure, if I can get more in me and my head and heart, the better husband, father, grandfather & friend I’ll become. I love the insight provided by reading different versions of the Bible. My favorite is the NKJV and I also read NIV, NLT and The Message. I’m certain God will use The Voice to provide me and millions of others even more insight!

  • Peg

    Having a deep desire and entrance for  sharing the Word with older adults who have difficulty seeing, but who listen and long for freshness and a more intimate knowledge of the One someday they will meet, I would love to enrich their understanding, believing that the entrance of the Word gives light!

  • Sue

    To go and grow deeper into the heart of God. To hear the Holy Spirit’s whisper. To experience the love of Jesus. All through the Living Word. Of course.

  • Benredmond

    I’d be interested in a copy of this Bible to pass along to one of the students at your youth center.  Many of these kids aren’t Christians yet…but they are curious and seeking.  A gift like this would communicate a lot of value to them!  

    • David Capes

      Thanks for what you are doing to share the good news with these students.  I think The Voice Bible will be a great resource for you.

  • Benkoh

    I am a Singaporean staying in Kazakhstan. I want to be able to express the message clearly to the people here. The Message Bible is good but I am hoping to have one that is more neutral. The Living Bible is good alternative but still has theological structure. Hope that this new version will shed a better light to help to express the message more authentically. 

  • Ngozi Ngadi

    This would enable me communicate with the people around the world without a language barrier preaching the good news. We are living in diversified world, therefore this is the break through to language barriers.

  • Michelle Porter

    I would love a copy of The Voice because of my work with the homeless in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  

    In reviewing The Voice on the free pages on Amazon, I made note that this Bible version is “readable and enjoyable.”  

    The emphasis on stories and prose will make sharing the Scriptures easier with those who have limited understanding of God and His Word, as well as literacy challenges.

    • David Capes

      We hope to make a stop next year in Nova Scotia at Acadia College to talk about The Voice.  See you there, God willing!

  • Jviola79

    I guess I am curious. Also, I have been reading the NIV for years. Lately I have been thinking that I would like to get a new Bible in a different version. Perhaps this is it :) Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Jeanne Doyon

    I think this Bible sounds fabulous–what a great way to add dimension and richness to my study of God’s word; as a teacher and speaker it will be an indispensable tool for my message preparation. I would love a copy! I would also be willing to post a review :)

  • John Lee

    Sounds interesting! I’d love to be one of the first to experience the new venture. I hope that all the work of putting this new translation together, will be an incredible blessing to many!

  • Jon Price

    I received a copy of the Voice at Catalyst when it was only available in New Testament. I have been in search for a good translation that has a good balance between word for word and thought for thought. As Discipleship Pastor at my church, I’m always asked to refer a good translation. Since I’ve had the opportunity to look over the Voice, it is my first recommendation for devotional reading. I bought New Testament copies for all of my Sunday school teachers as a resource to supplement their preferred translations and curriculum. One of my favorite things about this Bible is that they let you know when they are translating word for word by using regular text and when they are translating thought for thought by italicizing the text. This is a great help for teachers and I’ve gotten some great feedback from them.
    The translation flows so smoothly that it is also great for people just getting in to the Bible. I give copies of the Voice to new members and our Student Minister bought copies to give to the students.
    My New Testament sits on top of my ESV Study Bible and I read it first in the mornings. I would love a copy of the full version so I can enjoy the beauty of the Old Testament in this style. I imagine the poets involved in the translating process really got to open it up full throttle in the wisdom literature.
    Thanks for running a piece on this Mr. Hyatt. I was disappointed that our largest Christian book store in the area doesn’t carry it. It is a translation that needs to get as much exposure as possible. 

    • David Capes

      Thanks for your message.  Please let that bookstore know how you feel.  We’d love for it to be in every bookstore in the country.

  • mmodesti

    Though I’m always Leary of novelty this looks like a trustworthy effort. I’d like to read it!

  • Aidan Rogers

    We know that learning God’s Word is not about knowing the words; it is about finding and knowing the heart of God, which transcends all language.  As someone working to build a new ministry, to reach out and connect with the seeking and hurting hearts in my community (particularly to the hearts of women), I know that we need a relational story.  We need something new.  I believe having the Voice Bible to help show these women a God they need to know – to point at and say, “This is Him in the voice of our generation.  This is Him the way our lives today see Him.  Beyond the words.  Beyond the mumbo-jumbo.  This is another way to see the heart of God” would be tremendously helpful.  It would be a way to put one more conversation in the story because I know that everyone responds to something a little different.  And as a writer, a reader, a disciple – of course, I want to read it, too!

  • Pam

    I am abiological, adoptive and foster mom and staying in the Word can be challenging. Being able to listen and with expressions to help convey the meaning would be awesome. I hope you will consider me. Btw, I love getting your daily emails. I read them as soon as they arrive and I learn so much! My pastor sent me your direction :)

  • Lucas Walther

    I’m always looking for different translations of the Bible, to hopefully gain a more well-rounded and contextual understanding of the Word.

  • Brenda

    I am a missionary in one of the poorest countries of the world – Niger.  We work with 2 nomadic groups who are primarily illiterate and Muslim.  Having another source of God’s word to communicate His love to the people that we have grown to love would be fantastic.  Orality is the way to go here and we are always looking for different ways to tell the rich stories form the Bible.  

    • David Capes

      Have you connected with the Orality Network yet?  If not, google it and find some friends and helpers in your ministry.  The Voice Bible will be a great resource for oral performace of Scripture.

  • Dawnmedleytn

    I am just beginning to blog (I’m actually at the “writing practice blogs to see if I can do this stage”).  I love my Max Lucado Bible but would enjoy having a supplement for it as I seek to share God’s love with those who need to hear.  Thank you! 

  • donhornsby

    Thanks for the opportunity to receive a copy of The Voice.  My purpose is to continue to learn about the efforts designed to make the truths of God’s Word accessible to others.  Additionally, I am planning to write an article for a blog and journal on the subject of recent translations.  I have others ask me about translations (serving as a pastor).  In fact, I had a member of our Church ask me about The Voice a few days ago.  It would be good to have a copy in order to be more knowledgeable about the publication.

  • Mike Wood

    Love to read more translations that are from a diverse community of translators – not just European male scholars from one theological perspective – expressing the writing from the author’s context into our current context. Really looking forward to this one and being able to use it in study/teaching!

  • Heather Pubols

    It’s good to have a fresh perspective on God’s Word. A new translation can bring to light things I may have overlooked in a translation I’m familiar with.

  • Donnaburge

    I would LOVE to have a copy of this translation, “The Voice”.  I love Jesus, I love God’s word, I love people.  I was on the verge of purchasing an ESV Bible, but “The Voice” translation intrigues me!  I will use it for my daily devotions to enhance my efforts and encourage me to fulfill the life plans the Lord has for me.  I am currently working with a group in Haiti.  My dream is to initiate a non-profit, Internation Foundation-Haiti.  “Feeding people physically, feeding people spiritually”.  We will be feeding people food like beans and rice daily in a feeding program, as well as feeding them spiritually via Bible Storying which accomodates ALL people as the Scripture instructs us to do!

  • Trina Gaptooth

    I would like a copy because I like to compare versions.  Thank you for making this offer.

  • Michael C. Fitzpatrick

    I have been reading a copy of The Voice NT since I got a copy at Catalyst last year. I love the conversational style of it! I would love to be able to read the OT in the same way…

  • Tobin Perry

    I’m fascinated by the idea of this particular translation. It seems completely different than any other translation or paraphrase I’ve read. I think it’s important, as a follower of Christ, to take a fresh look at God’s Word on a regular basis. I believe this translation will allow me to take a new, fresh look at the Bible. 

  • Doubleujayen

    I would be able to hear the Word of God wherever and whenever. I would be able to share the word with all people, even those who can’t read or are blind. It would come in very handy for my Bible Studies and sermons.

  • Greg Jones

    I would like to have a copy of this Bible. The reason that I would like a copy of this bible is that I would like to give it away. I have been buying bibles every so often, with the thought that if I buy them, God will place someone in my life to give them to. So far, that has been the case. This sounds like it would be a very cool translation to give to someone!

  • Djbolton

    I would like a copy of this new translation to share with the guys on my dorm. I think it is a great idea to have the Bible in conversation form.

  • Mvanhuis

    I’d love to see multiple expressions of understanding of the word of God! I am amazed how new and fresh He can make the word to me each day, and to be able to use this new translation as part of my daily Bible study abd sermon prep would be a blessing. Michael

  • John A Taylor

    I’d love to bring this translation into my teaching ministry as I help others explore and fall in love with God’s story.

  • Leensteph

    I would love a translation of this bible for my parents.  They are getting older and reading is getting much harder for them.  I remember my grandfather listening to a collection of cassette tapes  of the Bible as he aged.  It was one of the last things he did quietly as dementia set in.  It sounds like a beautiful rendition of the Word of God and could truly minister to them as their physical abilities limit them from easy daily access.

  • Shane

    Hi, this is Shane. I am always looking for new bible translations. Thanks Michael.
    BTW, I like the name, I’m a Michael too.

  • Kathy Nicholls

    I’d love to be considered for a copy of this. So much of what I do is  about telling a story. I’m in the process of working on a book about promises in the Bible as well as a second about what we can learn today from women in the Bible. I believe this would help me tell those stories better. I’m fascinated with the way it’s been done and would look forward to having it, reading it, and sharing it with others.

  • Damon D. Dukes

    I would love to have another  bible doesn’t matter what transition it is

    Damon D. Dukes 

  • Louise

    I have always found it fascinating when, on few and far between occasions, the priest or minister will give a history of the original word used and what it meant in that time. Not being a scholar, I’m always fascinated and moved by what I hear. I have not been so good about reading Scripture and would like to feel more enlightened and involved in religion. Catholic from childhood, I have become disillusioned.  I am currently seeking on so many levels. Additionally, I am impressed by the cover that was shown in the video and would hope to support this venture further. If this is as unique a translation as it is being reported, I would hope it would be helpful to share insights with others and grow further.

  • Jaredeasley

    I would appreciate a copy of the Voice bible. I enjoy reading the You Version binle app that you recommended on the iphone. The new Voice bible sounds like a great complement to my daily readings via You Version. God bless you for helping others through your blog, interviews, podcast & speaking engagements.

  • Brandon

    I actually received this from the blogging program. It was awesome!

  • Johan Etsebeth

    I Developed my understanding of my faith and of God based on the Afrikaans translation of God’s word and when I started reading the NKJV Spirit Filled Filled Life Bible it was like a completely new understanding and perspective of Kingdom Living occurred to me. It was there all the time, but i have found that each different translations and version allow us to understand His heart more fully. There is simply nothing more exilirating when you read a scripture and God speaks something completely different and new to you through it.

  • jlangfield

    Why would I like a copy?  I love reading many different translations in parrallel.  I feel that the use of a slightly different word can change the meaning of the text little by little so the more prespectives I have the more I feel I can grow in my faith and learn more about him. 

  • Janie

    I am always interested in anything pertaining to God’s Word.  I teach a Bible Study and look for ways to make my lessons new and interesting to those I try to bring a message to.

  • Wen Ho

    I always read NLT translation and would like to try this new version of bible “THe Voice Bible”, which is a combined works of people with different professions. Must be interesting!

  • Graham_bell

    I have read most of the posts below and all deserve a copy of the new Bible. My reasons are not on the same level.
    I have very little knowledge of the Bible and only turned to God when I was given no earthly hope of saving my children. I was told, cynically, by a lawyer, that I would need a miracle and as I only know One in the business of miracles I searched for God to grant me that miracle. He did much more than I asked and granted me many.I have never had a favorable decision in a court, and yet I have sole custody of my children. I now know why Jesus said we should find a better way than go to court.Despite this I won everything I desired and prayed for. The way it all happened was such a shock to the barrister he coined the phrase, “You really do have an unfair advantage.” My advantage was never unfair, He caused me to have justice when justice was not going to happen and against all odds. I was the fool who God used to embarrass the mighty. All the miracles were unearned and undeserved.I not only survived a nightmare, I became a better man. I now live every day searching for the truth and knowledge of His word.It may have cost me everything financially and I almost lost my life, but I learnt the difference between the word rich and the word wealth. I am now wealthy and want to educate myself in His Word. I have very little education, not just in theology. I have never read the Bible as the words only leave me confused. I read the promo for this new Bible and immediately knew it is exactly what I need to understand why God listened and answered my prayers. I have so much to learn and need all the tools I can find. This would be such a valuable resource that at present is out of my range.

    • Barry Hill

      Thanks for sharing your story!

  • Meatybone

    As a recent convert, I have trouble reading and understanding the Bible. This translation will make that much easier for me, and everyone who wants a closer relationship with Christ our Savior

  • Taylor Poe

    I would love a copy of this bible because I spend so much time researching what is actually the word and what has been added by other people. The way that this is written would be very useful to me and an AWESOME study tool. Even if I don’t win one of these I plan on saving up and will hopefully be able to purchase one of these someday!

  • Charlene Henry

    Hi Michael, thank you for your blogs and podcasts. They have been making a great impact on me. This is the first time I’ve heard of this translation. I would like to share this translation with my family. We try to read a chapter with our kids (10 and 5) daily. My husband and I are pastors and it would be also great to use this translation in our ministry community. I’m hoping that this translation would be one that draws people to relationship with Christ instead of religion.

    • Graham_bell

      Wonderful comment Charlene. Ghandi once said, “If Christians lived as Jesus taught them in the Bible the whole of India would now be Christian.” I think we could say, ‘the whole world.’ I turned to Jesus to help me when I had no other choice. He saved me and my children in dramatic ways; much more than I have shared here. Not even a cynical atheist could deny my advantage. After the danger cleared I tried to learn about God and Jesus from the people I assumed would know, only to be told “God does not work in that way – He is not a personal God!” Ha ha….good job I went to religion after the miracles!

  • JohnKing

    I am a pastor and teacher/preacher, and I always try to find different ways of giving the Scripture a fresh look.  A new translation like this will help me communicate better in my sermons.

  • Thomas Bolton

    It is helpful many times to read a different translation.  We see and hear in new ways when we choose another voice to listen to.  I use quite a few translations in my Sunday School classes.

  • Dee

    I would like a copy of The Voice because I love the Word. It sounds like a great tool to use to search out those hidden treasures.

  • Hank Osborne

    I would like a copy of this translation because I hunger for a greater understanding of God’s word. I keep 3-4 different translations of the Bible within reach at my bedside to help me receive a more clear picture of passages that I encounter when studying the bible and when reading books that reference the Bible.   

  • Terri Stump

    As a recent convert, I have trouble reading and understanding the Bible. This new translation would make it easier for me, and everyone who desires a closer, more meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ, our Savior

  • Charles Barbour

    Why would I like a copy of this new Bible? I’m not sure I would. I find the idea that so many men have shaped the content and vision of the Bible throughout the years fascinating. I’m always curious to see what new changes are made.

  • Abram Francis

    As a pastor, I love new translations. I want to know what is new and special about this translation. In India we need more English translations as people are becoming more communicating in English though it is not our National Language. Congrats and All Blessings to Thomas  Nelson. 

  • Johnny boy

    Why would I like a copy of the voice bible? Well, I am a new Christian and I am always looking for new translations to read. I love studying with an entire table filled with bibles

  • Nellie Felipe

    As a lifelong Bible student, it’s my goal to come to HIM as a child for a new fresh and deeper understanding of HIS Word and HIS Will. The more I learn the more I realize this is not something one can completely grasp in a lifetime. I am always hungry to learn more and more about HIM and who we are in HIM. Thank you for this wonderful give away! May HE continue to bless you richly, abundantly, above all you can think or imagine! 

  • Rachael Slorach

    As a busy wife and mother, I have difficulty finding enough time every day to sit and read my bible. During the course of my busy day or even while sitting in the car, I can still get in my quality bible time by listening to it instead.

  • Diane Stortz

    I’ll be checking out this new translation out soon–intrigued by the video! Anything to help visual/auditory “nonreaders” find that they can indeed read the Bible and get to know God and his story! I’m just finishing up a manuscript for Bethany House, A Woman’s Guide to Reading the Bible in a Year, and plan to recommend helpful translations on my blog, so I’d love a copy!

  • Cathy Pullins

    My husband,  Aaron Pullins III / Elder P, has radically changed my understanding of what the bible says versus what ‘Christian’ tradition has taught.  I have been fascinated that man NOT God formed most Christian religions as we know them today.  I am interested in learning if your translators were able to see God’s truth or if their vision is obscured as mine once was.  We love to study.  Aaron teaches the bible weekly.  I know he would love to give The Voice a look.

  • Pam

    I just finished listening your video and now realize this is an actual book…not an audiobook. I still would very much like to be considered. As I mentioned in my previous comment, I am a biological adoptive and foster mom. Time is precious. Having a Bible that would speak in a new and different way would add to and grow my existing knowledge. We have seven children and my job is to teach them about Christ. This sounds like a wonderful tool.

  • Manoj Mathe

    I want  to know word of the GOD in deep and get lost in himi get different translation to understand the real / the hidden meanings of the verse

  • Tim Lehmann

    I would love to read from this single voice perspective as an interpretation tool while reading other Bible versions.  This could be a great version to use on my website, in the blocks of scripture quotation.

  • Ann Stephanie

    Would love to get one..

  • Denise

    I’m very intrigued by watching the above video clip. I’m a student of God’s Word and have been leading others in bible studies for 19+ years and we use the inductive study method in our approach to God’s Word.   Through very careful observation and interpretation.  From listening to the interview and the scholars who have invested their time in writing this it would be a wonderful addition to my study.  I’m not necessarily looking for a free copy but just wanted to post.  I can go buy one !!

  • Janie Gentry

    I begin every day by reading my devotional and my NIV study Bible.  I would like to add this new translation to my daily devotional time.  I am currently studying Lamentations and I am sure “The Voice” would be a valuable addition to my study.

  • Heather

    I would LOVE a copy of this new Bible. God’s Word is life to me; His promises are often all I have to hang on to. It’s a passion to pore over it and wonder at its mysteries, be corrected and set straight as it settles into me, let it liberate me at the core. Often I wonder at words and phrases; parables and accounts that don’t make sense to me–and throughout my many years of walking with the Lord, it’s been like finding buried treasure whenever I’ve discovered insight that’s brought a new perspective. I know these things are not meant to ‘add to or take away’ from God’s Word, but enhance our interaction with it; with God Himself.

    Passion, grit, humour and beauty in the Bible–brought to life by Bible scholars, pastors, writers, musicians, poets and artists–what could be more exciting?

  • Maritza

    I’d like a copy of the Voice Bible because I think it helps to not only reach the unchurched, those in communities where oral tradition still holds value, but also those who have grown up in church listening and reading the same translation that never really touched their hearts because they were reading it like a manual or some other lifeless text.

  • Lori Ramsey

    I would love a copy of “The Voice”.  I blog often on faith, and love to dive into different translations of the Bible.  Would be an awesome addition to my Bibles.

  • Fbsnyder1

    I have and continue to read the Bible in as many translations and paraphrases as I can. Each one brings out new blessings, understandings, and shades of meaning. I welcome the opportunity to read “the Voice” translation. Although I would appreciate a free copy, I would prefer that my free copy be given to so meone who needs the word and has no Bible of thEir own.

  • Lisa Gaska

    I would like to win a copy of this new bible to use as a reference along with my NIV.

  • Ckeinath

    I love God’s word, and am interested in this new translation in the expectation it will help to provide new ways of making the Word relevant to my mission field of 20-something post-moderns. Of course, my heart also hungers for a deeper understanding of God’s life-giving Truth.
    -chris k

  • Lauren

    Sounds like an inspired project! It would make a great addition to any Christian library.

  • Grgeory

    Why would I like a copy of the Voice Bible? On a daily basis I read several translations so that i may get a closer view of what Holy Spirit is saying to us Today!

  • Adria

    While studying God’s word and preparing my Sunday school lessons I like to look at several different translations to dig deeper and offer more insight to my class. 

  • Robertmorrisusa

    Looking forward to learning more about The Voice – It is always exciting to see new works as it relates to the bible.

  • Ttpogue

    Glad to hear the emphasis on translating from the original manuscripts. I am looking forward to examining The Voice translation.

  • Anne Higgins

    I have been in the church since I was born, and yet, in this world today, I need a continual reminder of the love He has given us and His teaching. Having a Bible that would bring the story and history to life, would assist me in being able to stand strong in such a scary place.

  • David

    I typically have several Bibles open when I do my study time.  KJV, NKJV, NLT, NIV, and my personal favorite, the ESV.  I even have my Stong’s with Hebrew and Greek dictionary available so I can really get to the “meat” of the passage and try to understand the original meaning within the context of what was written.  While some people (and entire denominations for that matter) are dogmatic about their “version”, especially the King James Version, I have found the KJV to be confusing in some areas of scripture due to the vast differences in the English language from 1611 and 2012.  I believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, but the translation isn’t inspired.

    I love reading different translations of the Word, just catch something from a different angle or to have a different light shined on it.  Recently, my Senior Pastor approached me about taking on a Sunday School Class at our church, I would love to have The Voice added to my list of resources as I enter into this new venture.


  • Cee

    I’d like a copy after hearing an advertisement for it on a local radio station (94 fm).  It sounded very interesting.  

  • Scott Meyer

    As a preacher I am always trying to communicate the God’s Word in relevant and fresh ways. A translation that offers all of the “passion, grit and humor” would be a greatly appreciated tool in that effort. I look forward to reading this new effort.

    Thanks for making us aware of it and sharing it.

    Grace & Peace

  • Bcole39

    I already have the Voice translation & would like to have one to place in my church library. I’m loving reading the Voice and using it in my teaching/preaching.
    Bill Cole

  • Martyn J Wood

    The word is powerful when it is  read.The world and all of us were formed through speaking. Hearing it and voicing it takes it into a new level and is a great way of getting it into more people’s hands especially those who may not be as familair with it, or the incredible timeless wisdom within.

  • Paul Mays

    I would really benefit from this dynamic translation.  I will look forward to reading & studying this because I realize there is so much more to language that just words. They are the vehicles, but only convey a part of the message to a much deeper & comprehensive communication process.

  • Jo Jensen

    I have the privilege of teaching the Bible to young public school children through Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Good News Clubs.  It is a challenge to make the Bible stories and truths come alive to these young children, many of whom have no Bible in the home, and have never been taught about Jesus.  I always read part of the story to them directly from Scripture.  This new Bible may speak to the children in a very meaningful way, so I would love to have it as a resource.

  • Lianefaneca

    Looking forward to reading The Voice Bible. Sounds like it will be a great addition to reading and studying the Bible, and, ultimately, to getting closer to our Lord.

  • Christina

    We bought a copy for my son last week at Catalyst and he has been reading it every night. My husband, who is a pastor, came home from counseling my son’s friend’s parents who are on the verge of divorce. My husband said he needed to get them a Bible because they are recognizing their need for Jesus in their lives. My son handed his Bible to my husband and said, “here, I have a brand new one that they can have.” we promised to him another Bible but I would love to give him another Voice.

  • Jackie Hobbins

    I would like a copy of this new bible, because the bible is a fascinating book. I think getting closer to its true meaning and understanding the stories inside is a lifelong journey. Bring it on! I also work with a small group of couples with different beliefs and these extra resources are super helpful.

  • David Distler

    Wow! This sounds fresh and exciting! The message of Love from the God that expresses himself in minute details now interpreted with both the (unquestionably required) theological and fresh artistic care. An unprecedented opportunity to step into mankind’s most important story and hear the Voice of God-inspired authors from centuries past to boost our love, understanding and faith because, after all, faith comes through hearing, hearing the Word – now expressed in a clearer Voice! Can’t wait to get my copy!

  • ginacincotta

    I would value a copy of  “the voice bible”, because I share in your passion to flood the world with God’s word. Their are so many competing distractions in our society and in order to spread God’s word effectively I do believe “the voice bible” is a strong attempt to “lead in the race”. God’s word deserves the best exposure possible.

  • Chris Walters

    Here’s why I would like a copy.  I grew up in a church where only one particular version of the Bible was acceptable.  Under this rule, it became a chore to read it.  These feelings lead to boredom and eventually I stopped reading it altogether.  Now I have the opportunity to teach the Word to young people and I use multiple versions for study and often in my talks as well.  The Word has become fresh, enjoyable and ALIVE!  God has been so gracious to me through this experience.  I am thrilled to be able to share my journey with others in the hope that they too will read and understand the Word and fall in love with the Author!    

  • John C Hannigan

    I am interested in seeing what this new translation is.  I typically use the NASB for all my work.  I do compare the text in other versions and have noted some differences, mostly due to cultural interpretation of the original texts.  A new version might bring a fresh prespective. 

  • Phil Bradley

    I have been following the development ofThe Voice with interest and would love to have a copy. The message of the Bible doesn’t change, but the way it’s communicated must continue to adapt to the culture.

  • John Whaley

    I would like a copy of The Voice because as a pastor and a communicator of His Word, I am always looking for a fresh way to engage the people with God’s Word. We often forget that the Bible is a dynamic book, the living Word, and thus needs to be presented dynamically. I look forward to using The Voice as a tool to awaken people to the power and life that is found in God’s Word.

  • Kay W.

    As someone who is not seminary trained, I seek knowledge but my desire is to know and share the heart of God. How refreshing to find scholars who seek the “story”, the ultimate message of God. To include musicians and poets in this translation is to realize that the Word is 3D, all encompassing. I am an adjunct instructor at a public university in the U.S. This is the mission field to which I have been called. I pray that the Word will be seen, often, without using words. By reading this translation, my hope is to come closer to knowing all of Him. My hope is to have His light to shine in and through me.

  • Marianne Coad

    I would like a copy of “The Voice” as an enhancement to my understanding of the active, living Scriptures. One of my favorite all time reads is “The Book of God”, by author and scholar, Walter Wangerin, Jr. The insights provided on culture, perspective, and historical timeline were instrumental in my own personal faith journey and growth. I regularly read NIV, ESV, and The Message. Having this translation would be an amazing blessing that I hope to share with people in my oikos.

  • Michele Schwien

    It sounds like the people who contributed to this project are proficient in their field. Proficient people are knowledgeable, opinionated, and passionate. And religion is deeply personal.  I am so intrigued by this collaborative effort and would appreciate a copy of the result of these 100 people.  

  • BainterJr ?=^)

    Your comment ”
    The Voice does a masterful job of capturing the passion, grit, humor, and beauty that is often lost in other translations” makes me want to read this  version. I hope it will also be available in audio format as well.  

  • Paul Lozynsky

    I’m a missionary pastor in Ukraine. I always try to read couple translations of the Bible – it opens up a true meaning of the text much better.  In this new translation, I’m especially interested in this stated quality: “The Voice does a masterful job of capturing the passion, grit, humor, and beauty that is often lost in other translations.” Recently I discovered how many parts of scriptures I got wrong in the past just because never thought that it might have been written originally as a humor, or even mockery.  It’s very important for me to clearly understand scripture for my own life and in teaching others, so I look forward to reading and incorporating Voice translation in my ministry.

    • Paul Lozynsky

  • Pam Kumpe

    I volunteer at a recovery center on Sundays … love soaking up new approaches, adding to my two brains cells, giving life to God’s Word in ways I’d not though of. If one life could gain insight from this version, one heart turning from drugs/alcohol then the angels rejoice and that person also finds her voice in the Kingdom. Victory walks for God … yes! I use NIV and God’s Word translations. But … new intrigues me, like a kid in a candy store, I want to check out this version. 

  • Maxine B Cunningham

    A  copy of The Voice will strengthen my writing, teaching, witness and  maturity in the Christian faith.  As described, The Voice “calls out for engagement” and I believe will offer a deeper understanding of “the Stories” contained within.  I’m most drawn by the “wholistic” expression of  God’s word promised  by The Voice – music, scholarship, and poetry – body mind and soul. 

  • HennieS

    I enjoy reading the Bible – I grew up reading in Afrikaans and find additional translations helpful to increase my understanding.  Reading in one language / translation is important … but access to additional translations made me more aware of the simplicity of the message, while increasing my understanding of the comprehensiveness of His love for me and everyone around me.    
    Having access to The Voice will provide me with another glimpse into/ angle on the most amazing truth.  

  • Andrew Terry

    It has to be fate that you are talking about this translation. I have been evaluating the Voice for about a week now. I have downloaded samples to my Kindle and found it compelling. I would love to receive a copy of the full text! I believe it will help me in my studies and also help my ministry in my community. I pray that others will see the richness and the artistry that is found in our God.

  • James Hartley

    As an artistic person, i frequent struggle with academic studies. I need to feel like there is a person behind the words, not just text on a page. As a Christian, i long for greater insight on the words of life that grace the pages on the Bible. As ever, i’m longing for a fresh perspective and greater understanding, a new window into the heart of God.

  • Cdirden3453

    I would like a copy of the new Bible because I enjoy reading various versions of the Bible. Some versions can help me understand a point I might have missed in another version. Also, I like the idea of having a variety of media types contribute because that helps bring out the richness of God’s word. Thank you for making this avaible.

    Charles Dirden

  • Travis Currin

    Michael, I would like a copy of this Bible for several reasons.  First, I found out about this Bible a while ago and instantly subscribed to the verse a day and downloaded a free pdf of Isaiah.  I love this version and not only want one copy, but several to give to new believers. I also will be planting a new church and we are considering calling it Voice Church.  I saw this Bible after we talked about this name and said we will have to buy this Bible in bulk! I love how it has been translated and ease of read.  I could go on about this, but think those are pretty good highlights… Plus today is my son’s FIRST birthday and I just think this would rock!  Thanks for all you do and give my thanks to The Voice Bible team.

  • revitupmethodist

    I’m thinking that a translation based upon an oral reading would be a wonderful addition to our community worship.

  • Michael L Ehret

    I’ve been following The Voice emails since they started … this is a fresh translation that speaks to me and to the people I forward the emails to. I’m 52. I’ve been reading the Bible for years. But this has made it vibrant for me. Would love to see the entirety of the package–to catch the vision of the team that produced it.

  • Bobbi

    I would love a copy of this Bible because while the NIV is an easy read for me, I think a fresh perspective would be a great resource.  We should never stop growing in Christ and the truth sets us free.  I am hoping to dive deeper and learn more about the culture of the writers of this amazing book.

  • Paul Wiggs

    I teach an Adult Sunday School Class at my church and would enjoy sharing with my classnthis new translation. W are currently studying Romans and look forward to see how chapters 8 -11 are done in the Voice. Thanks

    Paul Wiggs

  • Dawn Nicole Baldwin

    Hi Michael,

    I first experienced The Voice in an Easter reading plan through YouVersion. It was amazing. It felt like I was “at” church, experiencing the music & dramas before the message. 

    My son is an artist, currently in his second year of school at Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota and I’d love to share this with him.

    Thanks for the interview with the guys behind the project!

    -Dawn Nicole 

  • Ccfhall

    I pastor a church in Southern CA and I am always looking for new and fresh ideas and concept to make God’s word relevant to this culture and generation. It sounds like The Voice will help in this area.

  • Paul Wiggs

    I teach an Adult Sunday School Class and would enjoy introducing the Voice to my class. I look forward to seeing how The Voive translates Romans Chapters 8,9,10 and 11. Thanks!

    Paul Wiggs

  • Vwmashni

    I have not had a new bible in a few years and would love to get this new translation as my new primary bible.

  • Pastor Rod Kesselring

    I would love a copy of this new translation because as a pastor i am always looking for new and creative ways to communicate the gospel to our people.  I have looked at the samples and i looks very intriguing and I would like to study it more.

  • Sue Ferguson

    I want any and every opportunity to see God more fully. And communicate the truth more clearly. 

  • Daveloney

    As a Jesus follower, hearing his voice, knowing it, and doing what he asks is
    most important. This translation sounds like an exciting way to connect more with Gods intended
    Voice through the Word. I am really looking forward to this translation. It sounds amazing!

  • Susanna Boyer

    My elderly parents live with my husband and I. My Daddy can not read. I would love to be able to share The Voice Bible translation with him and my Mom. It would definitely be a great addition to our time together. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Rabrooks1

    I would love to have the chance to use the new Voice Bible. As a former missionary, and presently pastor of a rural church (who claim that they like the KJV; but they don’t understand it) I need better tools to encourage people to read the Bible with understanding.
    Presently, I personally use many translations including the NKJV, NIV, Amplified, NAS, Moffet, etc.

    It would be great to eventually also have it in a daily reading version (close your ears) like the One Year Bible.

  • btaphorn

    I love the bible, I love reading it, teaching it and doing what it says.  My brother-in-law is a bible translator in West Africa so I have a great appreciation for the work of those that produce new translations.  I’m always looking for a way to communicate God’s words in a way that connects with people; perhaps The Voice will help me do that…

  • Ken Morrow

    The Truth is found by comparing and contrasting the various translations/paraphrases.

  • Christina

    I would like a copy of the voice to give to my 11 year old son. We got a copy at Catalyst West Coast last week, and gave it to our son who has been asking for a new Bible. His old one only had the New Testament. He has been reading it every night since. Two nights ago, he found out his friend’s family does not have a Bible, and he gave them his. I would love another copy to replace my son’s bible.

  • sandra lawson

    I would love a copy of this new translation.  I am a children’s pastor, and my husband and myself do most of the counseling for our church.  I am always looking for creative ways to make the Word of God alive and relevant to those I serve.  It sounds like this translation has a fresh approach that would spark creative ideas so I can help the children become all God has created them to be.

  • Vickey Gibbs

    I am a seminary student and could use this translation as I go  forward in my career. 

  • Michelle Ullom

    My husband is a new believer.  He has been diligent about reading the Bible on a daily basis.  I would love a copy of “The Voice” for him to help him learn the Word.  

  • sandra lawson

    Check out the new Voice translation of the Bible!

  • BarnabyGirls

    Our community of encouragement for girls of all ages and nations prays for a FREE Voice Bible because we follow Jesus, who lifted the voices of women to run with the Good News.
    Barnaby Girls are grateful to explore and hold fast to the scriptures, encourage each other’s faith daily and lift their voices for Jesus with The Voice Bible. 2 Thessalonians 2:13-17.

  • Thomas

    Welcome the opportunity to deepen my understanding and strengthen my connect with God.

  • Edi Balian

    Being a Minister I’m always interested in new translations. What’s exciting is that in English we are blessed with so many rich translations. I see the value it has in connecting people to God’s Word in a way that is meaningful to them. A lot has changed since I was a kid with only the KJV, Good News, and NIV to choose from! I look forward to reading the new translation.

  • Rick Alvey

    I would like a copy of The Voice because as a pastor I am always looking for new ways to make the Bible fresh and engaging when teaching or preaching. 

  • B Segura

    I am fairly new to Bible study and have made it a priority for the past couple of years. I am Catholic, so I didn’t grow up “studying” the Bible. Unlike my Protestant friends, I could never find or quote Bible verses readily and easily. I am getting better at that and along the way, have come to know my faith a little better!  After starting out with the KJV version, I’ve been exploring others. This would be a wonderful addition to further my education! Thank you for the opportunity. I have so enjoyed your blog & podcasts. Have a blessed day, Michael.

  • Kris

    Many translations work to make the Bible more like us so we can link our hearts to God and understand Him. It sounds like the goal of the Voice is to give us insight into who God is through the eyes of those who wrote and lived it. Since much of the emerging world is living in an ancient world view, and English is the lingua franca of their education, my hope is they will link to this more easily. 

    I’d love to read it and see for myself. I was not aware of its existence until your blog entry.

    God bless you!

  • Allison

    3 reasons: (1) I listen to free audio bibles all the time and I’d really enjoy a version that doesn’t require the Internet. (2) Winning a contest would be so fun! (3) I’m curious and enjoy learning truth in new ways. Thank you!

  • Ken Berryhill

    I teach a pre-teen Sunday School class and this would be a great addition to our classroom.  We use many different versions of the Bible for teaching and reference.  Reading the Bible, especially at a young age, must be enjoyable and understandable.

  • Lee Ann B

    I would welcome a copy of this new Bible mainly because I am interested in helping our 2 daughters  who are age 14 and 19 to gain a deeper insight of what God’s Word says and help translate scripture to everyday real life as our young generation so desperately needs and seeks. My husband, a former Administrator/Principal of the Christian school our daughters attend and would be a wonderful addition to the current weekly Bible Class for the students there, so not only would I like a copy for myself but to share with others locally and beyond. I am excited to read this new translation!!! I have an iPhone + iPad with mobile BIBLE New Version that I like to use but this sounds awesome!!! Thank You so very much for considering me for one of the FREE copies of this New Bible, I know it would make a wonderful gift to my girls and help me as a mother guide my children to a more deeper, intimate relationship with our Living Savior, Jesus Christ!
    Lee Ann

  • Mark Cole

    I’ve been reading the Bible cover to cover every year for 30 years now and I love to read new translations.. God reveals Himself in fresh ways every day through His word.

    • Barry Hill

      That is AMAZING! Every year for 30 years is incredible! Have you ever thought about transcribing a book of the Bible as something to give away to your children? I am trying to write a hand written copy of the psalms to my children bound in leather with little notes in it.. Sounds like you could do this from memory! :)

  • Bernice

    I would love a copy as I am about to start an online course called ‘Unlocking the heart of the Artist’ and this version sounds such a creative way to describe God’s story and would really help with the course.

  • Jack Gallaway

    Congratulations on the release of the Voice … it sounds exciting!  

    For 20 plus years as a men’s small group leader, I have often integrated new Bible versions,  study methods and approaches into my teaching and self-leadership.  (For example, recently I have taken to listening to an audio version while at the same time reading along the very same text.  This has increased enjoyment AND comprehension as I take in the Word simultaneously through my eyes and ears.)  It sounds like the Voice will bring yet a new way to hear God’s voice and enter into His story.   With creative contributors and theologically diverse experts in the mix, along with improved formatting elements, I anticipate that the Voice would be an important new addition to my tool kit for teaching as well as self-leadership.  May God bless this endeavor!Thank You,

  • Abeclymer

    I feel that the more insight into the Word of God, the more it helps you in your Christian walk.  I enjoy the different perspectives.

  • Jdrainer

    The first time that i read the new testament from start to finish was with The Voice.  I would like to do the same with the old testament.

  • Joyce Chan

    I would like to have a  copy of “The Voice” translation Bible.

  • Don V

    I have to tell you, I am reaching out here.  I have been going thru a period in my life where I have found myself asking God, why, so many times, and I am not getting answers.  I feel like my heart has been so walled up that from all the relational and work issues I have been fighting.  If this translation of God’s word can help me tear down that wall and help restore my relationship with Christ, get to know Him better, then I would be so blessed and eternally grateful for all the effort spent to create it.

    • Barry Hill

      I hope and pray that your relational and work issues “get better’ or at least they push you to a deeper reliance in Christ. Thanks for your willingness to share!

  • Rony

    This is very helpful since I’m driving a lot. While driving I can listen to the word of God. Although I may not be able to concentrate fully, but I believe the word of God is alive and able to speak to me as I’m opening my ear to listen.

  • Kerstin

    2010 I have played in our open theatre the “Passion”. First I was only ment to be folk. But the regisseur has read a lot about the bible and want to show a different aspect. That Jesus was not only followed by men, but although by women. So I became one of the “associated” Apostel. We played it 33 times this year, when it was raining, when the sun shines or when it was cold. Every time we got to the second part, from the garden of gezemaneh to the cruxification, there was total silent for 45 Minutes. Wether there where 1,000 visitors or 1,500 visitors. For me it was a journey back and a glimps of understanding what has happend. When I was young I thought today this wouldn´t happend with Jesus again, but now I am not sure anymore. Perhaps I would not die in this crucial way, but I would die by ignorance.
    Pentacost means that all apostle spread out in the world to tell the story of the bible and they could talk in all languages. This was the mircale of pentacoast, but the apostle never met again together. They all followe their own path and matyrium of death.
    I would love the read ths bible to hear the different voices of the evangelist. To get a glimps of their feeling and understanding what happend.
    Sorry for my english, I am from Germany

  • My Bible Pal

    I’ve looked at The Voice translation of the New Testament and have loved what I’ve seen. I would be excited to own a copy of this new translation, because of the clarity it brings. I can’t even imagine how it will bring the Old Testament to life.

  • Tammy Thomas

    Dear Michael, I would love the opportunity to receive The Voice Bible Translation.  I receive your posts daily and find them very insprirational.  I quite often pass them on to my co-workers as well.  The Voice Bible Translation sounds like it is going to be great.  The Bible has always been hard to follow in The King James version, The Living Bible was a little better, and I am sure this new version will be the best.  Thank you for this opportunity.  Tammy Thomas

  • Ricky Lewis

    I’d like a copy of this Bible because we just had our 4th baby last night in TX, though his mom is from TN. So you can see that a Bible like this would help us raise our children (and hopefully their friends) to know God is ways that we may not think of on our own. Besides the fact that we are trying to raise them to love TN as much as TX, though that’s hard :). 

    Thanks for sharing about this I look forward to seeing how this will reignite Bible study for many who have become disinterested in hearing God’s Voice and how it can enhance it for those of us that love the Word.

  • Cheryl Pistone

    My daughter is a biblical languages major who graduated from OBU. She is now studying at Brite Divinity program to get a Masters in Theological studies. I would love a copy of the Voice so that I could study it and be able to relate to what she is doing and what she plans to do with the rest of her life. Obviously she is a theological scholar who has studied Hebrew and Greek. It is interesting to me that this translation was done by so many scholars of different ages and different faiths. I believe I would enjoy it and I would also enjoy the discussions it will open with my family.


    I love the added touch of emphasis on poetry, beauty and cadence, as well as the clarity of who is speaking.  Often times, while reading my bible I spend more time looking up verses in other study bibles or concordances for indept meaning.  For me it is truly a way to know and love God, while slipping into the story and applying to my daily life.  Sometimes it is easier to share a story or metaphor with someone than to say “well my bible says….”
    This is a refreshing and inviting bible!

    • Kdm115

      Opps….I left my name off my post….Kathy Dmura (from) Fiji !

  • Jose Torres

    I would like a copy of this new bible because I love the Word of GOD, Period . It is exciting to know that the Holy Spirit is moving upon his people to bring forth his word in this generation in fresh and relevant ways without taking away from the purity of his word. In a day when people are sesarching for answers it’s good to know that GOD’s word presented in a fresh speaks to everyone no matter who you are or what nation you are in .

  • Sharon Turner

    I would like a copy of this New Bible–because I think it would greatly help some of the people in my ministry.   God has given me a ministry in discipleship with young Mom’s and older(over 50) people.  Both have a hard time picking up the Bible and reading it.  It sounds like this Bible would greatly help them to have a useable way to hear God’s word.

  • Cheryl

    I would like a copy of this Bible for two reasons. One, in order to serve my husband by reading it to him. He has a form of dyslexia that causes text to jumble together on a page, which makes reading the Bible (or any book) very difficult.

    My other reason is I am a humanitarian medical and media missionary who travels to third world countries on short term assignments following global natural disasters of catestrophic magnitude. People are hungry for hope and understanding following such events, and Bibles are something we can give them that will leave God’s fingerprint and presence on their hearts and in their lives and remind them that He’s there even after we’re gone. I’m on the lookout for a Bible to settle on that I can purchase en masse and take with me to hand out when I go.  

  • Diana Flegal

    I have several versions of the Bible that I use in my study and quiet times. When I am feeling ‘academic and studious’ I use my King James and various commentary study bibles. When I am weary and physically exhausted, I read the Living or Message bibles. When I am just not getting it, I read the Amplified. This one would def. compliment the others and take me further along in my growth journey.

  • zcochran88

    I am going through a season of dryness and would like to hear Jesus’ voice.

  • Susan Lyle

    I read from may translations.  I’m curious to read The Voice.

  • Lisa L Keck

    I would like a copy of this new Bible because I like fresh perspectives. I write devotionals and quote NIV but will use other translations to get a fuller picture of the text. I like the idea of cultural content being in italics. I know when a pastor has stopped to give me that info it makes the verse take on a deeper meaning. My father read thru his King James Bible every year. I have yet to do that. Perhaps this will be the version that helps me follow in his footsteps. 

  • Patricia Coldiron

    Michael this sounds like an amazing product. I have started re-reading the Bible, and find myself skimming over parts of it, because I don’t understand what I am reading. The Voice Bible Translation will bring more clarity about what the Bible is trying to teach me.

  • Leslie P. Wilson

    As a student of the Bible for more than 30 years (BSF, Precepts, CBS and independent reading), I’m always on the lookout for ways to dig deeper. As a teacher of the Bible (to youth in our church, to young moms through MOPS, ECPTA, etc.), I value differing perspectives. As a child of God, I’m hungry for more ways to know him more intimately. I think The Voice Bible could greatly help with all three.

  • Michelle Sanders Brinson

    I would love a copy of The Voice simply because I love the Bible. I’m a reader and a writer. The Bible is my favorite book. I have several different translations simply because I enjoy the fresh perspective I get when reading the same verse, but from a different translation. The Bible talks about the “WORD” being alive… and I know that is soooo true. Especially, when you consider it has been published by so many different companies, in so many different languages and yet when taken back and compared to the oldest known versions there is very little variation. God’s still speaking to us.

  • Matt Steen

    This sounds absolutely incredible!  I love the idea of writers and poets “negotiating” with translators… I can’t wait to read how it came out.

  • Jon Stallings

     As a Pastor, it would be one more tool that would help be bring God’s Word alive and make it more understandable as I teach.

  • Susan Lyle

    I love to read different translations. In my ministry to women in unplanned pregnancies, I am always looking for new ways to speak the Word into their lives.  Reading different translations helps me see the Word in new light.

  • Jerry Bice

    I believe it would be a great resourse to assist me in teaching Sunday School Class and Small Group I participate in.

  • Hensley Stacey

    I would like a copy of this Bible because I teach a group of 145 middle and high school girls every week before school and I am always trying to make the Bible relevant, fresh and new  to them.  About 50% of my group is unchurched and I love showing them how effective the Bible is in our every day lives.  I believe that this Bible will help me keep God’s word fresh and alive in order to reach others with it and hopefully, they will catch the passion to take God’s word into their homes, schools and community.  

  • Bryanv

    I’m a youth pastor and wondering how well the voice bible will work in youth ministry… And curious how it compares to other english translations. This is my first time hearing about this project.

    Bryan Vincent

  • Susan Lawrence

    I love to dig into God’s Word, especially using a variety of translations for a breadth and depth of perspective and understanding. I’d love to add The Voice to my library!

  • Seashols

    The Voice Bible. To further gain insight and to hear God’s Voice through His Written Word is imperative.  He is talking to us – I want to hear Him.

  • Mike

    My family and I live in Ukraine where I serve as a pastor missionary. As I study God’s word in English, then put together my thoughts to present the word effectively in Ukrainian, I’m always looking for ways to better understand and convey the Bible across cultural lines. The Ukrainian bible reads much like our old friend, the KJV, a great translation too! Having many different translations available helps broaden my understanding and in turn helps me convey the truth to those we serve here. Thank you.

  • Cheryl Ricker

    I’m a poet and I’d love one.  Thanks for the offer, Michael! 

  • Irineumerisio

    I’d like to have a copy o this Bible, because I’m a teacher in a Sunday School in Brazil and I read and study in a KJV ( and I was gifted a printed NIV Bible. I think that only 50 copies to give isn’t enough to everybody who need this version. I’m thinking in the chinese christian who have no bible, and we are getting offering to buy Bible for China, as a missionary project. Why not give the word of God to all people of the world? The rich countries spent a lot of money in guns, bombs, war, soldiers instead of giving the Bible to the world. It could give peace to all. The world need Jesus, no war, no weapon; only the real peace, who is Jesus Christ, my savior.
    my e-mail:

  • Tim Hutchinson

    Previously, I have read a few comments in other places like Facebook and other places and would like to see if what they are saying, especially those who have been critical, has merit.  I doubt it does.  Still, I like to compare different versions of the Bible to gain new insights into what God is saying to me in His Word.

  • Julie Reynolds

    I would like to have a copy of this because I faver heard several great things about it, but also I am a Bible study teacher to women and this Bible might give one of these women a better understanding of God’s word, or maybe by comparing my translations, it may make some verse or passage stand out or give new understanding in order to share fresh insight of the message God had for us. I would like to have this Bible to continue to further His Kingdom.Thanks for the chance to do so.

  • Cornbread411us

    I am a young, recent college graduate who has lost my way a few times.  A couple of years ago, I had set a goal to read and study the New Testament. Unfortunately, I read it but I did not understand it….well I didn’t understand most of it.

    I have experienced traumatic situations that only God has delivered me from and so I would like a copy of The Voice Bible in order to study the word of God and deepen my understanding and passion for his mercy upon me.

    God’s word have protected me from abuse, it has protected me from depression and homelessness. Can I please have a copy of The Voice Bible so that I can continue to strengthen my faith in God. Thank you for your time.

  • Tom Eggebrecht

    As a pastor, creative, and a person who is about to follow a Call to a new place and a new setting, this new translation would be an inspiration to my devotional life, my writing, my preaching, and my people. I am always looking for new and fresh ways to dig deeper into a text, and from what I have read about The Voice, it seems as though this new translation would allow me to do just that. A translation for creatives and artists? Sounds like something I could really embrace, support, and promote.

  • JosephPote

    Why would I like a copy of The Voice translation of the Bible?

    Several years ago, through a series of Kay Arthur’s Precepts bible studies, I learned to use an inductive approach to Bible study, where each passage is studied based on context of the overall passage, the rest of the specific book, any other writings by the same author, and finally by what the Bible, overall, says on that topic.

    I have found this approach to be very useful in learning to better understand the writer’s intent, as well as the heart of God expressed within a given passage.

    If I correctly understand the intent of The Voice translators, this translation should be very helpful in better understanding a given passage in context of the specific passage and book, as well as any other writings by the same author.

    I am already looking forward to new insights that may be gleaned!

  • Ken Morris

    Michael,  I really enjoy your blogs…   quite interesting.   Another audio bible…?   I am a huge One Year Bible advocate…  in the past churches we have planted in Scotland, challenging all the congregation to read the Bible through in a year – together always proved to be most helpful.   Any tool that gets the bible into the hands and hearts of God people in creative ways…  gets my thumbs up!   I currently preach from the NKJ.  I am currently reading my One Year in the NLV.  And I typically reference any N.T. passage through The Message.

  • Sarah Chancey

    I would love to give my husband who is graduating seminary on May 12th a copy of this Bible. I know that he would love it!

  • James Higgins

    I would  like to see how the different translation shows me new insights to God’s transforming power.

  • Greg Pipkin

    I love it when a Bible translation project has a unique AND intriguing focus driving it. It’s one of the reasons I have been so enthusiastic about The Story… and that’s not even a new translation! The Message and the NiRV filled a very practical void, and now The Voice enters the fray. Color me intrigued.

  • John Stanley

    Well it may sound a bit selfish but I ordered the genuine leather version of The Voice about 3 months ago and have been waiting mostly patiently but it’s unfortunately still on backorder today.I’d love to get a copy that I can read right away, then give away when the one I ordered arrives. Hopefully it will! I’m really excited to use it regularly! I downloaded the sample book of John and love it!

  • Mary Morris

    I am always looking for more insight into God’s Word! This would be an amazing opportunity to delve deeper into The Kingdom Plan! Blessings to you for making this happen for 50 people, the more we give the more we receive! May God open His flood gates!  

  • Jimmy Blackman

    I am intrigued by the process and the people you have brought into the translation process. I am a pastor, and my MDiv training provided me with an excellent foundation that focused more on the logical and rational ways of thinking. A couple of years ago I completed an MA in preaching where many of the courses encouraged us to be creative and imaginative–to reclaim a Spirit-led imagination as a good and Godly thing and not something to be afraid of. I am also a musician and have been known to write a lyric or two for worship. I appreciate what I hear about the desire to rediscover the creative spirit in portions of Scripture.

    Also, I recently received an IPad and have been using it for preparing and preaching my sermons, but while I have a number of digital translations that I read and have used in the pulpit, I prefer to hold a Bible in my hands. Something about the tactile experience of holding the Word of God in my hands helps me to feel more connected to it in some sense. That handmade leather cover looks beautiful and would be an awesome (and humbling) thing to behold and to hold.

  • Babs Hogan – Wellness Coach

    I’m finishing my new book for parents on how to prevent childhood obesity and am looking for scripture to weave into each chapter.  On Feb 18, I presented a seminar to a local church and got great reviews because I had recently added Biblical verses into the text.  That was a good sign, so I re-structured the book with a Christian theme.  I’m looking for added depth to present in my book.  God is opening doors as I type up a storm, trying to get it finished by next Friday.  Thank you for your good work.

  • Lori Bledsoe

    So often, as a working mom (though I hate to admit it), I do not always have the time to read my Bible. This version I can listen to during my 40 minute drive to work as I prepare myself for the day. I would love to get into God’s word and His presence as I am listening to this special version.

  • Marc Buwalda

    I purchased a New Testament copy of the Voice a few years ago when Chris Seay was speaking at the Story conference.  Since then I’ve been very excited to dive into the Old Testament as well, so hopefully here is a chance!

  • Jessica

    I would like to read this version of the Bible to my boys who are 2 and 4 years old. I think they would enjoy hearing the Bible stories at bedtime in this version; it would really bring it “alive” and maybe make it more understandable for them. I know they are young, but it’s never too early to get them to love reading the Bible. 

  • Rob Sorbo

    I’m intrigued. Other than the NIV and the Holman, I haven’t really found a Bible that I can really get into. I’d definitely like to check it out.

  • Aaron Sebastian

    As a teacher/facilitator of a college ministry I could see the benefits of having this translation for 3 reasons:

    #1 With most of the people in the group coming from a church background it will bring some fresh perspectives on God’s Word, and will help them connect scripture better to today’s culture.

    #2 One of my goals is to see them become self-feeders when it comes to learning God’s Word, and this may be a tool in bringing them to this point.

    #3 I am interested for personal study and preparation as well.

  • donnapyle

    As a Bible study teacher, I’m always looking for new translations, teaching tools, and insights into Scripture. Finding new ways to bring the Word alive and drawing life application parallels is absolutely essential. I think this would be an excellent resource!!

  • Dave and Laura Percy

    God’s is my passion. His Word reveals His heart.  We served in Thailand with New Tribes Mission for 14 years. God has now placed us at our training center, discipling those who are training to give of their lives to reach the unreached. God has entrusted to our care 11 of these candidates for the next year and a half. Together, we would believe God to use this translation as a tool for our lives as we continue this journey of being conformed to His image (which He is faithfully doing). It would also expose these students to a new tool, as they themselves are being trained to translate Gods Word into an unreached people group language. Thanks.
    Dave and Laura

  • Alfonso Ayala

    I am thankful for this highly professional effort to make available a new translation of the Bible. Every year, I read, meditate and pray from different version of the Bible.  The Voice will allow me fresh insight and a new perspective of the Scriptures of a translation by a large number of Christians working together.

    As a missionary couple, different approaches to the truths and teachings in a cross-cultural ministry will enhance our efforts to share the ministry of reconciliation.

  • Donna Reavis

    I’ve been using the NIV for years because it is easy for children and those who use English as a second language.  I would like to see how it flows – sometimes the NIV is stiff in it’s style.  I like translations rather than paraphrases so this one should be a good addition.  Thanks for introducing it.

  • Melodie

    Please select BarnabyGirls for THE VOICE BIBLE.  This is our prayer. Amen.

  • LifeCoachToni

    I would like a copy of this new Bible to satisfy a couple of hungers: (1) a deeper understanding of God’s Word through new insights (2) a desire for clearer exegesis and more meaningful hermeneutics (3) curiousity. 

    Also, I am currently re-reading the Bible (in one year) so it would be wonderful if I could continue with this new Bible.

  • Jan Cox


    Thanks for this post. I like what the new translation has to offer. Your video clearly represented why a new version was needed and what it has to offer.

    I presently check a number of translations when studying a passage. I am working this year through The Message in a year. I find I am quoting some of the words because they have sunk in – like “God works behind the scenes.”

    I have a collection of different versions of the Bible that I have scouted out from garage sales and church library sales.

    I would love to have this new version – The Voice Bible.

    Thanks again and blessings,

  • Ravee

    I follow the good teachings in any religion.  Be it Budha, Jesus, Profet Mohammed, and any of their gurus.
    Looking forward to get an e copy of the voice bible. 
    P.S:  It is a bad karma to have the bible bound in leather; remember the cruelty to the animal by another creation of God.

  • Amanda McClendon

    One, I’m curious, but two, Greg Garrett, one of the people that worked on this translation, was my screenwriting professor in college. (Yes, screenwriting.)

  • minilovesam

    I first heard about this project from Pastor Chris Seay at this year’s Catalyst West Coast.  I’d like a copy so that I can read it!

  • Chuck Bernal

    As a pastor, I am always trying to find the best way to communicate Biblical truth and I love The Voice and want to use it more in my ministry.

  • Jo Anne

    I would love a copy of the voice Bible. I listen to the Bible daily. It is an excellent tool for old eyes.

    Jo Anne

  • Susie Nuss

    Wow! so many deserving people in need of the Voice Bible!
    If chosen, I would like to give the Voice Bible away –
    I am blessed to have several Bibles and a copy of the Word of Promise Audio CD’s
    I would like to “Pay it Forward” for all the blessings I have received

  • Anne McDevitt

    This new bible is fantastic!


    Anytime I get a chance to study Gods word I take it. There is always something new to learn from Gods spokesmen and that is the reason I would love a copy.

  • Kay Wilson

    I have been listening to Max McLean read the bible and would enjoy hearing another voice in my daily devotions.

  • Deanna

    I’d love to get a copy of this so that I can study with my children.

  • Valerie Dykes

    The Voice has already made an impact on my life and refreshing my reading of the New Testament and now I’m looking forward to the opportunity to have all of God’s Word in this amazing and challenging version! I normally have read NIV, studied with American Standard, then to get a new perspective picked up the Message…but it wasn’t until I found the Voice that I gained such a blessing from reading God’s Word and really gave focus to the Liberating King of the New Testament. I’d love to have a copy and appreciate what Thomas Nelson has done in providing The Voice!

  • Toddanddeb2001

    I appreciate any time a group of Spirit led people get together to shape God’s word for a new hungry population. It is a good practice to take several translations of Scripture when doing a Bible study to see how they all match or mismatch. It helps to get a better sense of what God is intending for us to grasp from the message. This fresh translation would be a welcome addition to my library of translations that I use in sermon prep, Bible study, and personal time with God.

  • Gallowayesther

    I would love to have a copy of the Voice Bible because I think it will save me the trouble of having to refer to different versions, in order to get the true meaning of the passage I’m reading. I am 69yrs old and I love reading the Bible, but have the discomfort of my fingers going numb frequently. Having a translation by different translators from different backgrounds, will give me the confidence knowing that what am reading is the accurate translation.l shall be very pleased to get a free copy since I can never afford to buy one . Thanks.

  • Curtis Matoga

    I am really looking forward to reading the Voice. I agree with the dream of irradicating Biblical Illiteracy: the potential results of this are global.

  • Organic Shoes

    I’ve been able to read parts of the New Testament of the Voice and love it, it has helped so much in understanding passages and gives a whole new way of reading, I also love the format, I would love a copy of the whole Bible in the Voice translation because I really struggle when reading the Old Testament and I think having the Voice translation will aid me in understanding more of what is being said and what context.

  • Michael J Duff

    I think this would help me to bring more emotion to my preaching.  It is difficult at times to give a text the emotion context it needs.

  • Janice Garrison

    I am reading through the
    bible daily and have done so the past four/five years. I have read the bible through
    in KJV, NIV, and F. Laguard Smith’s Chronological Daily Bible. I want to know
    God and to learn the ways of Jesus and be like him to the best of my ability.
    Each time I read God blesses me with new insight and understanding. I would be
    very interested in ‘The Voice Bible’. I also do my personal study reading comparing
    reading from The Message, NLT and the New Inductive Study Bible.

  • LucidFaith

    I would like a copy of this Bible because I can use it in the student Bible study that starts in June.

  • JimOrred

    As someone who has a voice  into the lives of many younger leaders, I am always looking for fresh ways to encourage them to get rooted in God’s word.  I notice that when I read a new format or translation myself, I find new insights.   A new generation’s strength and stamina will be proportional to their ability connect to God in scripture.

  • Shelley Kerr

    I received the NT copy of The Voice which I found to be amazing!  I’ve used it already many times and have passed it along.  Can’t wait to have the entire Bible for my own study.

  • Vicky

    I did not realize this was in the works, so the completed offering has come to me as a  wonderful gift this morning. How exciting to have a broad spectrum collaboration of so many devoted to bringing the Bible into 2012. Timelessness CAN be updated, refined, clarified. I believe that those behind the project were wise to be so open-handed and inclusive of the differences, perspectives and talents of  so many–Is that not how God works, after all?
    I would like a copy of this work to experience the Bible anew, to possibly be infused with a deeper understanding and appreciation of concepts I have yet to grasp. And because I am wholeheartedly enthusiastic about spreading the joy in my life, I think I will be a launching pad for others to find out about it.  And I would be very grateful!

  • Curtis Fletcher

    When I first saw the title of this post I immediately thought of the reality show…wondered why they would do a translation of the bible.

    • Barry Hill

      Ha… Too funny.  Although “The American Idol Bible” sounds intriguing.

  • Ruth Graham Briley

    I recently got a copy of the Voice New Testament……..find it easy to read and a new way to dig deeper in the Word of God.  I was showing my teenage grandson, and he said “Oh man, I really want to get that translation of the entire Bible”.  So, when I saw this, I thought that I would register and maybe win it for him!  After all, our grandchildren are the future of the world and it is so refreshing for them to be interestested in studying the Word.

  • Peter Stevens

    I would love to be able read the full Bible. I have the NT and would like to see the rest of the Bible. I want to be able to recommend it to people so that they can have a translation that would be easier to interact with.

  • Doug Braun

    I am a theology teacher who is constantly on the look out for translations to help my students understand God’s Word better. I try to incorporate music into my classroom, and any translation that brings out the beauty of the music in the Scriptures intrigues me. With so many students who live through music, anything that can connect their love of music to God’s Word would be amazing. 

  • Liz Perry

    I would love a copy of The Voice because I love to find new ways to study the Bible! Ways I can share with my teenage kids! I have The Voice for the book of John and I have loved it! A wonderful mentor recommended it and I am so excited that it is now available for the whole Bible!

  • Lespetersen

    I would like to use it for daily devotion and studying along with other translations that I use.  It sounds like it would be an interesting format that could offer new insight to God’s word.

  • Lalurie Capes

    My Brother in-law helped with this book, I’d like a copy please.

  • Paul Sidwell

    I just read the Bible for the first time last year (after many unsuccessful attempts at slogging through the early books.  I read through a chronological version, and now that I have the whole story, I find myself more interested in hearing it through different translations.  I’m super-excited about this new edition, and looking forward to connecting with God through the people He has put in place to perform this translation!  

    To further clarify: I think that people are hungry for a more clear, more readable and understandable Bible they can actually relate to God through.  Technology has inspired many different translations and paraphrases (The Message) of the Bible, and I expect this to be an improvement over them all.  I have many friends who are interested in learning more about God, but they’re not interested in “church” as they see it playing out in society.  This new version could help me facilitate that connection.

    Thanks for all your work in this, everybody!

  • Shawn H

    I love that one of the goals of creating this book is to foster biblical literacy.  Four years ago my wife and I committed to read-through the entire bible from cover to cover in a year.  We had never done so before, and we found out that most of our friends hadn’t either. We had tried in the past and failed. We decided to try something different. Together with some friends, we formed a group in which we each committed to read a book of the bible once a week (some times this varies based on the size of the book).  In doing so, we also committed to coming up with at least three points (questions, observations, frustrations, inspiration, etc.) from what we read to share with the group.  We meet about once a week (we often take breaks for the holidays, etc.), and have done so for the last four years.  We are reading through the bible for our fourth time.  To facilitate discussion we are encouraged to read different translations to see how they compare.  I would LOVE to make “the voice” the next translation I read-through and I think by the sounds of it, it could contribute greatly to our discussion and learning together.  

  • Wendyrcochrane

    I am a pastor’s wife and have 2 sons training for the ministry as well – one as a church planter, the other as a pastor too. We use and study from all kinds of translations, so The Voice translation sounds excellent! We would all benefit from having it-as would others we minister to. Thank you!

  • Pastorcraig

    I have read sample chapters and have.been impressed by its clarity and narrative charactè. I would like to use it as my devotional bible!

  • Karen Briggs

    I’ve always wished and prayed for a translation of the Bible, especially of the Old Testament, that would be fresh, authentic, and draw me in almost as if I were actually there – along with being accurate and true to God’s original intention.  I’m wondering if The Voice might be that translation.

  • Jdkmcd

    I read the New Testament and loved it. It came to life and was so clear. I didn’t get lost or confused jumping from the text down to the study notes and back. I loved how it flowed. I have been waiting for the new one with Psalm and Proverbs.
    thank you,

  • Ginny Blankenship

    I was fortunate to be able to review a copy of the Voice New Testament and at first it caused me to doubt the translation.  I had been reading the NIV and some of the verses in The Voice had a different meaning than the same verses in the NIV.  It caused me to dig deeper and really study the words.  I discovered that the Voice translation was truer to the actual Greek wording than the NIV thanks to Strong’s Concordance.   I would love to study the entire translation as well.

  • Daniel Kauchick

    I work as a campus minister at a college for the deaf. I’ve been using a tiny paper back copy of The Voice NT for the last year. It is falling apart and well loved! I would love to read the Old Testament in The Voice translation as well the NT really helped me to connect with the scriptures more than before, especially in personal devotions. The more ‘real’ that scripture has become to me the more ‘real’ it become to my students and friends when I teach and discuss it with them. It would be nice to have a copy of The Voice that is ready for all the travels of life and ministry. 

  • Pastor Charles Fuller

    I would like to have a copy of The Voice so that I may be able to discuss its merits (and areas where improvements could be made) with my congregation. I have a fellow pastor in my local association who has a habit of condemning every new translation before actually reading it. I have committed myself to avoid such pre-judging. In essence,I would like the opportunity to give it a fair assessment for my church.

  • D. Merricks

    I have been a reader of The Voice for several and as one who is particularly picky about my Bible translations, I love what The Voice adds to the reading of Scripture. I would love a copy of the whole Bible!

  • Armel Villareal

    Well first of all I would like to appreciate the one who made this new translation.  Secondly, i would like to find out if the translation was honest and with no sectarian bias and translated faithfully with respect to the original language of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.  Lastly, i would like to find out how this translation is easy to use.  If it is it would be of no trouble for me to recommend it to everyone i know.

  • Bethany R. Kaczmarek

    As a lover of the Word, a writer, poet, missionary, and pastor’s wife, and as a mom who strives to instill her treasures with their own love for the Word, I long to own a copy and pore over it with others (and by myself!) I perked up at both Frank and David’s mention of the Phillips Bible, because its a personal favorite. It’s the thought of reading the Psalms with poetic beauty, seeing the prophets’ poetic passages leap out of the text at me! I pray every time I read my own Bible that the Holy Spirit would make the words and the heart of the message come alive and etch itself onto my heart. The Voice sounds like an experience worthy of owning and passing on!

  • Marco Martinez

    For study I use the NKJV however, my attention wanes and I begin to drift off into my own thoughts.  The Bible is meant to envelope you in the story at hand, to inspire you to sing a new song, to look at life through a different perspective, to caress you when you need it most and to correct you when you are wandering. The Voice sounds like a version that meets my needs and fills the deficits that I have and therefore, that is why I would like a copy.  Thank you.

  • Mike Woodward

    I am truly trying to live my life under God’s grace right now. I have many of the translations, NIV, The Message, King James, but I am really intrigued by The Voice, as it sounds totally different than any translation previously released. I like that they use scholars from many different backgrounds and also have a poet and musician on staff. 
    The past few years, my life has been a struggle. I want to develop the Faith needed to continue the work God has for me. I am not a real smart guy and I like that they translate everything, not just key versus.
    I really believe this translation could help many who are in the same boat as me….trying to totally understand scripture and what God wants us to know.
    Thank you and many blessings your way.

  • Brent Peterson

    Hi Michael. I’d like a copy of this new Bible as a resource for my new blog  The purpose of the blog is to help people live victoriously beyond Sunday. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Kent Sanders

    I would love a copy of The Voice translation because I am a Prof. at St. Louis Christian College (I teach courses in worship/music/arts). I would love to be familiar with this translation and introduce students to a potentially great resource for personal study and ministry.

  • Eddies6

    Wow it never stops amazing me how God can urs his word to reach generation after generation and I believe this is another example of how he does this.
    He loves us and cares about us so much he will what ever it takes even if to reach 1 more of his lost sheep. I felt this excitement rise up in me while reading this.
    Great to see yet another way God uses to touch another heart in another way.
    Love it and would love a copy free or not.
    Free just makes it sooner as right now I’m taking a leap in faith and starting a new business without the all the resources and a belief in my heart that it’s time and although everything is stacked against me I’m standing on this belief that a miracle will unfold right before my eyes.
    Dispite logic of reason. Xo

  • Kjsupergrover

    I was at an event where one of the translators was speaking about the work in this translation. I have been interested since then in getting my hands on a copy. I am in seminary working on my Masters of Divinity and this translation will be helpful as I seek to make God’s word come alive in new and fresh ways. 

  • Stephanie Magers

    I am new to the Christian faith. I am a born again Christian and I have felt the power of the Holy Spirit in me when I needed him the most. It was and always will be one of the most important days of my life, being Baptised was also an important next step for me on this journey with God and Jesus.  The only thing missing, is The Voice Bible to accompany me on this awesome, life changing  journey on the path with Jesus to the Heavenly Father. I would love to be taken into the story, to feel and see and be surrounded by the beauty of the words that have been so carefully chosen and translated for the world to be taught of the Lords love, grace, blessings and forgiveness.  The more I understand, the more awesome and great the journey!! God Bless you all who worked so very hard on The Voice Bible.

    Thank you


  • Michael

    After listening to the interview I have become very curious to check out this new translation

  • Cathcart Boy

    My passion is to understand God’s Word more plainly, for myself, for our fellowship’s New Believers class and for our adult Bible Study class. I am not skilled in Hebrew or Greek so in addition to the King James Authorised Version I use the Amplified Bible, New International Version and New Living Translation for insight. It sounds as though The Voice is well worth adding to my study materials. I trust Thomas Nelson as a publisher; in fact the Recovery Devotional Bible is the basis of personal daily devotions, sharing with a number os persons in recovery from addictions.

  • Suejstu

    I would love a copy of the Voice.  I feel a little stagnated in my Christian life and feel that this would rejuvenate me.  I love having  various translations on hand as I read to =get different insights into the scripture.  I also love the fact that the covers are hand made and employs many people in Buenos Aires.

  • Patricia Janes

    I would like a copy of the Voice bible because it brings to live the story of the bible.  It brings the word of God to new life without altering the true message of the gospel.  The point of the Good News is to share with others- and this bible is the perfect outreach for method that I can use to draw in the interest of my children, friends and coworkers- to God’s Good News in a relevant story format.  

  • Mike Arzie

    As a youth pastor, I am always looking for ways to encourage youth to engage with Scripture. I know the electronics revelation has been beneficial this way (i.e. you version). I would hope this would be another tool that would stir even one student to really dig into the treasures of Scripture for themselves to discover all that God has for them.

  • Dana Pittman

    Why would you like a copy of this new Bible? I teach bible study and facilitate small groups. I find that a number of my students are new to studying the bible. I loved one of the responses in the interview…”we wanted to get the story right”. When I’m addressed with new students it’s the story that captures their attention. We then can dive into the details with the student in tow. I would like a copy to read and apply to the work I do with others.

  • Mike Chapman

    Always find your blog thought-provoking and interesting. 

    Also, would love a copy of THE VOICE Bible.

  • Rkendall

    Curiosity. It will be interesting to put this version beside the ESV that I read now. I would enjoy going through it with my daughters as well. I think it would give us opportunity to talk about the different viewpoints from different people on the same sacred text.

  • Ginger Dompieri

    I really would love a copy of this new translation- bringing a new perspective to the bible’s ancient truth’s.  This bible shows that there is NO barrier to understanding God’s word.  It is revolutionary!

  • JoshuaLHenry

    I am a missional leadership coach specializing in helping
    churches reach the millennial generation. About a month ago, I was at my local
    Goodwill store, rummaging through the Christian books when I came across a
    brand new copy of the Voice. Recognizing it as a new Bible translation, I flipped
    through the Gospels and was pleasantly surprised to see Scripture presented in
    a dialogue format. Knowing Bibles are free at Goodwill, I decided to get it
    with my other purchases. When I got home I immediately told a friend about my
    discovery and she was very interested to see it. So, I took it to her and we
    discussed how easy to read, relevant, and creative the flow of Scripture was
    presented. Knowing she isn’t always excited to read her Bible, I offered the
    Voice to her and she gladly accepted. I would like a copy now for myself so
    that I can learn from a new contemporary translation that will more effectively
    communicate the Word to postmodern generations, like my friend and I. 

  • Christiemcrae3

    I have always used my Ryrie Study Bible.   I was saved at age 18  and upon H.S. graduation attended Southeastern Bible College in Birmingham, AL.  My Bible is precious to me and filled with notes and dates and comments that mean so very much to me as I grew in the Lord on the milk and then the meat of His Word.  That said, I LOVE to read other translations along-side my beloved study Bible to gain additional insight, let God reveal something entirely rich and new in a passage of Scripture I might have read 1,000 times!  I would love the opportunity to receive a copy of the Voice to allow my roots to go down deeper with the Lord!  Thank you for the opportunity to enter & possibly win one!

  • Matt Semanek

    I have a copy of the New Testament and I love it.  I have already purchased several copies of the NT for friends and family.  I have been looking forward to the release of the OT for a long time.  Can’t wait to read it!

  • Gary Hedges

    David, one of your guests on the video made the comment, “…if we don’t get the story right, who’s going to know?”  We understand that, by definition, God is “beyond knowing” except to the extent he chooses to reveal himself.  I yearn to know him more completely and any tool that God can use to reveal more of himself to me is ofinestimable value.  The Voice sounds like such a tool.  A free copy?  What a boon! 

  • Billy

    I have a son studying in a Biblical Studies PhD program and have heard him mention “the scripture as narrative”  on numerous occasions.  As I read about this new translation it appears to be looking at the scriptures from a narrative perspective.  I’m interest in looking at how that approach compares with the NIV and NRSV, my favorites (at this point-subject to change after reading The Voice…).

  • Dawn Dodge

    I would like a copy so I may learn something new and share it with the Christian Community, if I may.

  • Shawn

    Always looking for fresh ways to communicate the Gospel to teenagers!

  • Jamie Tomkins

    I would love to see how it is written and if I’m able to better understand certain passages.  Also being a part of the cover design and getting the chance to vote on my favorite, I’d love to tell others about it.

  • Mjspafford

    I don’t want a copy of this Bible!!!!   I NEED AND DESIRE A COPY OF THIS BIBLE!!!!
    My Christian wife of 21 years is running as fast and furiously away from our Lord as she possibly can!! She wants a divorce and cares not what it will do to our 4 children. Our children are hurting terribly,I am hurting…and my wife has to be…but her new found habits of drinking and smoking…along with others I am too embarrassed to mention seem to be masking her hurt.
    I have renewed my relationship with God…and am truly feeling His presence in my life.He is sustaining me.My Bible has become my lifeline.He is preparing me for the possibility of  my wife taking up with another man…..which will surely devastate our children.She is a breath away from going down this path of destruction.
    Please pray for my family.With gratitude, Michael Spafford

  • Chris Coppenbarger

    I enjoy reading and comparing different versions of the Bible to get a better understanding of the fuller meaning of a passage.

  • LivewithFlair

    As an advanced writing professor at Penn State, I’m fascinated by voice, tone, and mood and how to capture that in writing.  I want a copy of the Voice to see how such things as mood and tone come through differently.  I want to show students how much these elusive concepts matter in biblical writing.  Aside from a scholarly reading as one studying voice, I also want to see how it feels as a devotional reader to connect with the language.  

    (Do professors get free desk copies anyway?  Would love one so very much for my office.)

  • Adam

    I would like this because I have the NT of the bible, but would love the complete bible. I am really enjoying it.

  • Derek Chinn

    I like the idea that it can help augment my understanding of a text alongside what I currently use (NAS and NIV).

  • Gary Hale

    To give to my wife! Ive got one for myself and would love for us to be able to read through it together.

  • Christie

    Am a pastor and by God’s grace am planing to go plant a church in montreal, where the vast majority speak french, If am favored to have this voice bible translation, it will be a very helpful tool in delivering the goodnews of God’s word and thereby bringing more souls to the kingdom of God. thanks

  • Michael Mulligan

    I’m a sinner.  Without the Word of God to guide me, I’m lost.  Besides being a sinner, I’m unemployed.  I’m living 1,800+ miles away from my friends and family.  I’m here because this is where God sent me.  I’ve been praying for help and my Deliverer keeps responding to my incessant prayers.  The Voice will be one more sweet rain drop from Heaven to quench my thirst for His wisdom.

    If I’m chosen to be one of the lucky fifty, I promise to listen to every word, then pass this gift on to another who also thirsts for something more than what this world has to offer.  Once I’m employed, I will gladly purchase a copy for my library, now empty because I donated all my books and tapes before exiting California.  The Voice sounds like a great place to build a new foundation.  Jesus is already my Cornerstone; I look forward to hearing His voice through this new Bible.

    Thank you, Michael, for considering me and may God bless you on your journey.

  • Jeremy Teran

    I think it’s important to use different Bible translations to get a variety of perspectives. Many people say that one translation is their favorite, or is the “correct” version, but if you don’t stretch yourself to consider other options you may not have that “ah-ha” moment as you go through a particular piece of Scripture. So the idea of this new offering will provide a fresh outlook and I find that exciting!

  • Stanley Short

    I am a Bible School Teacher – I like to stay ahead of my students!  I read M. Hyatt every day and respect what he has to offer.  If my students need this Voice Bible Translation, then I need it first.

  • Gerald McPhail

    I would like a copy of this new Bible because I am at a time in my life where I want the hear the VOICE in a fresh way.  I recently transitioned from Pastoring a church I started over 19 years ago, to recently starting a non profit ministry with a “coach approach”.  I believe this new Bible will help me have a new voice as God leads me at this time of my life.

  • Gregnan

    I would like a copy of this translation because I desperately want to understand the written word without always having to run to a commentary, Greek Lexicon, etc. I am discovering that there has been so much wrong teaching, particularly in my church, simply because those reading the bible don’t research anything they read!! Thus,teaching people based on their own head knowledge…..I want to grow in Chrst, I want to understand why something was said and the context with which it was said…..I am so hungry for the truth!!!

  • Blessedbeliever

    I’ve been a Christian since I was 17, but I’ve never been great about reading the Bible.  I’ve tried and just can’t seem to get fully engaged in parts of it.  The Voice seems like it was made for someone like me.

  • Matt Soderstrum

    I would like a copy because I am a pastor. Any source that could help me proclaim God’s word would be greatly appreciated! 

  • Michael compton

    Im curious. I love the Bible. And I am a Bible giver awayer guy!

  • Lorna Faith

    I would love to win a copy of the Voice. I love what your guests said …to read the Bible in a new way and ‘step into the story of Scripture.’ Sounds like a way to fall in love with God all over again.  I would love that:)

  • Gfischer

    I would like to have a copy of this new translation. I read through the Bible each year and would love to see a new fresh translation. I also train Christian leaders all over the world and fresh, new ways of of expressing God’s truth is important in my communication. I look forward to the opportunity.

  • Matthew Bray Nimeth

    There is one profound reason that I would like a copy of this Bible. I have never been this excited about a Bible translation. I cannot stop talking about how amazing the preview of Genesis was. I feel like an Apple fanboy at the iPad launch.

    I cannot wait to read the entire thing and pass it on to someone else.

  • Angie Dixon

    I have read the entire Bible, using several translations to do so. I still feel that I missed something in the translation, and The Voice sounds like exactly what I am looking for as I clarify my beliefs and how Christ fits into my life. Thank you.

  • paige728

    What a great way to increase my Bible “reading” I would love to have a new version.  Having it  to read to me would be a wonderful way to make use of my time in the car.

  • Michael Spafford

    I would love a copy of this bible to read to my young children.They recently have shown an interest to learn about God’s word.Our family is being torn apart by separation and divorce.I have turned to God and have placed our marriage and my family in His hands.I have surrendered all to Him.This bible will help my family grow in His love….and if it is His will it could possibly be instrumental in saving and renewing  the souls of all 6 of us!!!God has sustained me throughout this 5 month long ordeal.He has transformed me.For the first time in 47 years I have felt His presence.His word has helped to erase long held destructive beliefs about myself.His word has given me hope for the future.His word saved me from ending my life. I want to share this new translation with my family..and then pass it on to others who need it.

  • Susan

    I have heard great things about this translation already! Would love a copy to keep and use at my office (I’m the office manager for our church).

  • Ricky Sant

    I would love a copy so I can learn more about my faith, my God and my church and then be able to pass on some of this knowledge to my children and live these values throughout everything I do in my life.

  • Podraigh

    I am always hungry to taste new and inspiring translations of scripture !

  • Lucinda Brown

    I would love to have this Bible because I love the word of God. After watching the video I’m very intrigued by the way it was made and the intent of the people involved. In my search to know God better, I feel that this different approach would give me new insight that has been absent from other translations I’ve read over the years. I really can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

  • Julio Cesar Cruz Ocaña

    I love read differents bible translations.

  • Linda P

    I’ve checked out the Voice translation online and compared it to other translations; I find it to be Biblicaly accurate and  incredibly easy to read. For me the Voice would not replace my tried and true King James or my Ryre Study Bible, but what a fabulous resource for study.  It  gives a clearly discernible understanding of the scriptures. The simple easy to understand language in the Voice is immeasurable as a witnessing tool as well.  I would be thankful for a copy of the Voice as a means to  help me better comprehend His precious Word. Thank you :)

  • themawme

    A tapestry is a woven piece of cloth, beautiful on the face of it but messy on the back. We present our best to the world, but God sees the messiness and the work that goes into our lives. If we let God be our weaver, we can be beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

  • Charles Clayton

    I advise leaders of non-profit organisations here in the UK and internationally, and sometimes I am asked for my views about Bible translations. I’d love to be able to comment on this one from first-hand knowledge. 

    Of course I have a personal interest too! A few years ago I co-authored a book on hermeneutics, called Let The Reader Understand.

    Charles Clayton
    Oxford Leaders Ltd
    Oxford, UK 

  • Rjshirley

    I am a pastor who tries to help people in the church and those outside of the church take the time to actually read the Bible for themselves. My experience tells me that too many Christians have not read the Bible in its entirety. There is a great deal of biblical illiteracy in our world today. Sadly, many people only know what others (parents, friends, pastors, priests, politicians and political parties, even pop culture) say about the Bible and its message. I often say that while there are numerous translations of the text and the Bible remains a best selling book, once it enters our homes, it is more likely to gather dust sitting on the shelf or tabletop than it is to be read in its entirety. The reality is most of us read only certain parts, for many reasons including the belief that parts of the text are too ancient to be relevant or too hard to understand because of the cultural differences and our lack of understanding the literary and/or social context of the various passages. This is why I look for every tool I can find to encourage and help others to not only readbut also to understand the text for themselves. When I downloaded the sample book of Isaiah from the website for The Voice, I was excited to see this new translation’s easy to read format, the clear language and the way places cultural and contextual helps clearly within the body of the text (when these helps are given as footnotes, I have found that many do not read them). I truly believe that this new translation will assist me in introducing others to the fullness and rich beauty of the Holy Scriptures and look forward to reading it personally and sharing it with others.

  • Linda

    I have the first edition of The Voice (NT); I’ll wait to purchase my own copy of the entire Bible.  However, I’d love a copy to give away to someone who would find this version more appealing than a “traditional” Bible.

  • Dan

    My friend told me about this translation a while ago, and I was immediately intrigued.  I forgot about it for awhile, and then just recently, other friends have been talking about this translation as well.  And now THIS post!  I’m thinking to myself, I have got to get a copy of The Voice Bible and see what all the “buzz” is about!

    I would love a copy of this Bible!

  • Vaughn Jennings

    Every year I read the Bible through in a different version.  I would love to read this fresh new look at the Word and be able to share it with others.

  • Ecol1

    I am interested in a copy of The Voice Bible because I am on a journey to developing a stronger relationship with God by gaining more insight, depth and knowledge of God and His Word.

  • Aaron Chavez

    Why would I like a copy of this new Bible? I am an associate Pastor and do a lot of work with youth. I am always looking for ways to engage my audience and connect with them. I find that different versions speak to different people and they also connect at an emotional level. This Version sounds like a great resource to explore the emotions involved in each Biblical character.

  • TNeal

    After reading Billy Graham’s comments about Scripture in “Nearing Home,” I’m all the more committed to reading and studying the Bible. The Voice sounds like it would open up possibilities for a deeper, richer scriptural reading experience.

  • Adoriot

    I’ve had a copy of the New Testament translation for a couple years now, and it’s a great resource for my youth ministry. Students really connect to the screenplay-esque translations of Jesus’s conversations, and I’d love to use the full Voice translation to help them connect to the Old Testament in the same way. 

  • Jonathan Zajas

    As a youth pastor I am always looking for greater insights into scripture. Anything I can do or get my hands on to help me further eradicate biblical illiteracy is a plus.

    Thanks for the chance!

  • dennis

    currently,am working with bible translation and literacy kenya and a copy of this new Bible will help me  in sharing  information with the bibless communities in kenya,God bless you.

  • Danielle Bisker

    I would like to receive a copy of the The Voice Bible because of the unique perspective that it offers. I am curious to see how the insights of poets and musicians tie into the Psalms and other parts of the Bible. I would also like to share it with others.

  • Eric Thompson

    I am a pastor and have set a goal to read the Bible through in 7 different translations. I am reading the new NIV translation this year as my fourth different version so far. This would be a great version to read through as part of my goal…thanks.

  • Derrick Garland Coy

    As a student of the Bible for decades, I have used several translations when writing posts for my blog, “Reflections on the Christian Journey,” at “The Voice Bible ” would be a very valuable resource from which to select pertinent scripture passages to use in future blog posts. It would also be valuable in my own devotionals and Bible study in helping me grow in my understanding of Scripture and in ministry.

  • Patricia W Hunter

    I live in a rural community and must travel frequently (at least two hours round trip) to the city for doctor appointments, and would love to have a copy of this new Bible to listen to on these drives.  Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. 

  • Ann Knowles

    I am a Christian writer and editor. In my research and study,  I use several different translations. My goal is to understand a completely as possible the message God has given us whatever the topic I am writng about. I am also a full-time seminary student pursuing a M.A. in biblical counseling. A new, fresh look at scripture is sure to be useful in my counseling work. I am always thrilled to have a new translation and the wonderful thing is that God has preserved His Word through many translations. The message is still the same no matter which translation we use. So we are free to choose the Bible that best meets our needs. I’d love to have a copy of The Voice. Thank you for offering it.

  • Doug Blumhardt

    Thanks, Michael, for your blog posts.  I enjoy them and benefit from them.  I am grateful for the incredible work that Sam Moore originated at Thomas Nelson and the work that you did there.   It will be interesting to listen through this new audio version of the Bible.  I currently use and find that to be effective. 

    I received my first “audio” version of scripture in the form of the New Testament on cassette from my oldest brother almost 40 years ago when I was leaving to join the U.S. Air Force.  I was unsaved at the time and was later close to a dishonorable discharge over alcohol and drug violations.  However, I was marvelously saved at age 20 and everything in my life took a remarkable turn in positive new directions.

    Back in those days, I did not anything about Bible translations … yet the truth penetrated my life and brought me to a saving knowledge of Christ.  I think I did much of my reading back then in the “Good News” Bible.  Like many others, I am a lot more particular now about doctrine and about translations for my personal study.  However, I am supportive of accessible translations provided that there is a serious effort to adhere to the infallibility and inerrancy of the original canon of scripture!

  • Betsey Davis

    I view Brian McLaren, Phyllis Tickle, and Leonard Sweet as modern day prophets.(I haven’t met the other contributors). So I bought the Kindle New Testament the Voice a week ago and having read just the intro and Matthew and Mark, was so moved and excited that I convinced a friend who is now reading it AND ordered the full version. The Voice came today and I will never view the Bible the same way again. I want this free Bible for my church planter husband so that he, too, might explore it. A brand new Bible for a brand new faith community. God has perfect timing!

  • Paul Kerslake

    Michael, I have a copy of The Voice New Testament already, and we have been using it at our church for dramatised and alternative readings (I am part time creative director … I get to choose the bits around the sermon!) have been waiting a long time for the full version to come out, really excited that it has finally come to fruition.

    Many thanks as always for your excellent blog.

  • Michele

    I love God’s Word. It is medicine to my soul.

  • Fanaflame131

    I would like to have a copy to share with my youth at church . So many of them have trouble focusing while reading and complain about not understanding what they have read. Just from what I have seen online it looks to be very easy to follow. I feel that it would be benificial for them.

  • Jason_Roeder

    Creative people and projects inspire me to operate outside of my limited artist-box and challenge me to produce messages and posts that are way beyond my individual abilities.   Quality literature like The Voice Bible helps me take it to the next level for the Glory of God.  This would not only benefit me as a Pastor, it would bless those I teach and lead as well.  

  • Wilson

    Im a drama and arts director at our church and ive always look for the translation that can help me see whats happening in the text with clarity. therefore you could imagine how many diferent translations ive ran into, but after seeing your video explanation of this bible i know that it will be an asset to myself and the drama and arts department. I would gladly apretiate the opportunity to have this bible for future study. 

  • Pastorglenn

    The Voice Translation sounds like the perfect accompaniment to the more traditional word-for-word translations I use. As a pastor, teacher, and most of all STUDENT of the Word of God, I look forward to greater understanding and insights that The Voice will afford me. I am grateful for the fine folks at Thomas Nelson and their efforts to make the Bible accessible, and even more importantly, understandable, for all!!

  • Matt

    Listening to the bible adds clarity to my understanding.  I love it!

  • joe at

    I’m getting ready to move back into urban Denver. I’ve been talking with a number of friends about trying to develop a small missional community that invites people from all places in life to explore the Bible together. But we don’t want it to be a standard Bible study. We want it to be fresh and invite people to take a new look at the Word (be it Christians who’ve grown stagnant, those who’ve blown off faith in the past, or those trying to sort out the connection between faith and life).

    What we’re not sure of, is how to do this.

    Earlier this week I ran across the Bible in a different format ( and wondered what kind of difference it might make if people read the same Bible differently.
    As I read about this new translation, I wonder what kind of difference it might make if people heard the words with the same artistry as the original hearers heard them.

    Put these three ideas together, and you have opportunities for communities that read the text in a fresh way, hear it in a fresh way, and let the Word develop and guide the community from there.

    Thus my interest in getting my hands on a free copy of The Voice Bible.

  • Mike Hill

    Lead pastor on a journey with my church and a local college to teach why the inerrancy of the word is so important.  Could I have a copy to study for my own heart?  I’m so sure that the multitude of translations will only prove to make the gospel clearer and while emphasizing that I want to also uphold the beauty and importance of these new voices! Thank you. God Bless.

  • TBunkley

    I’m always interested in a fresh perspective on God’s plan for  his children. Although I usually read from The NLT I always compare numerous translations.  As our language evolves, our translations need to as well. I’m looking forward to reading  The Voice.

  • Kelly Rutledge


    Your insight continues to guide and teach me daily. Thank you for this post. One thing that David Capes says at the end of the interview regarding the big picture of this translation. Is the rocket fuel that propels me daily in my ministering to children. We need to make God known, make Gods love known, and know how to love others. If this translation is as good as it sounds, which I’m sure it is, this could be foundational in ministering to the children today to bring the much needed hope for our future.  Consider it, passing on the generational baton. I had not heard of The Voice until today, so thankful for your post!

  • Jay Reber

    I would love to see this because I’m always looking for new ways of introducing my students & small group participants to new, creative ways of reading & studying the Bible. God’s word is living & active & able to be shared in so many ways. Learning new ways of sharing His word with others is something I love to do. Also, by getting it free will certainly help my budget! Thanks!!

  • TimeStarvd

    I’ve not read the Bible in decades.  THIS new approach has me curious enough to try again! – TimeStarvd

  • Lisa

    I would like to have a copy of The Voice to give to my son, who will be graduating from Biola University at the end of this term.  He will be heading to Utah to serve as a youth pastor at an Evangelical church in Springville.  His heart has been broken for those who are deceived about who Jesus Christ is and the authenticity of the Scriptures.  It would be a blessing for him to have this version to share with young people seeking to know God through the Person of Jesus Christ.

  • S Brian Moore

    Hello, i have been  brought up on the NI’V in the methodists. I have read out of the KJV. i use the NKJV as  my standby. I tried  the Todays modern english (many) translations. I would truly like to see if  i can adopt the VOICE into reading plan

  • Vicky

    I am the Business Administrator of the large church that I attend, and I’m also involved with being a leader of a small group in my home.  I simply love to compare translations to get more perspective on seeing God’s Word in ways I hadn’t seen before.  As a side note, my small group is currently doing a study on the book of Ephesians, and in preparation, I actually typed out three versions side-by-side for everyone to be able to read the different translations together.  It is very impacting!  Thank you.

  • wendy

    Wow! Receiving a copy or not, this is exciting news! This is the first I’ve heard of the new version, and I can’t wait to start reading. It truly is a thrill to know that so many people put their time and effort into a new offering of our Father’s message. Very exciting, can’t wait to dive in!!

  • Joe Blaylock

    Why would I like a copy? I love anything that can enhance my time in God’s word. New translations can bring a unique voice to my study time. I look forward to reading the Voice.

  • Foo

    I am curious about this new translation, I have heard both good and bad things about it.  I would like to research it for myself.

  • Carolyn Hyndman Marritt

    I would really like to have a copy of this Bible but I know that I would be unable to afford to buy it at any price.  But more than just for me, I am also in a position to share it with others.  I volunteer with an organization that works with the homeless and most of them don’t know God.  Each day I pray for ways to witness to them.  From the videoed interview I am thinking this bible might give me more ways/ideas of presenting the gospel that will appeal to those I work with.  

  • Blondiegirl730

    would like to look into this more.  I am an avid student of the Bible.  I would like to see how this version holds up to others.

  • Janet Wingard

    Enjoyed the interview, and I’m so glad to have learned more about this new translation. I already ordered a few copies for the bookstore, and I’m having our ministerial staff review them. I am also a student through Dallas Theological Seminary’s online program and would like to help you spread “the Word” to my classmates around the country and world! Thank you for your service with this God-sized, God-glorifying project! Blessings!
    Janet Wingard
    Sherwood Oaks Christian Church Bookstore
    Bloomington, IN

  • Tom Pessemier

    My wife of 16 years next month and I are parents of two daughters, 11 and 14. My wife is a freelance writer, and regular contributor to OCN’s The Sounding blog. I recently started an Orthodox Christian men’s Bible study in the Seattle area, and am vice president of the board at our Greek Orthodox Christian church just north of Seattle. I regularly have questions asked of me about our beliefs as Christians, and would really appreciate the use of a newer translation of the Bible to help in these conversations. Thanks for considering me, Michael. Many blessings to you and your family!

  • catmama1

     I have a Ryrie Study Bible I’ve used exclusively since being saved at age 18 and attending Bible College (a long time ago!)  I treasure all my notes and dates and things I’ve written in the margins and on every page I can fit a note!  I would love to have The Voice to grow even deeper roots and have another perspective.  Thank you for this opportunity and good luck to everyone!

  • Reena Ekka

    I was brought up  a christian but drifted away in a big way. I have recently started reading the Bible again as I look for answers (have only ever read the KJV). The Voice’ translation appears to be a more interesting and readable format for my own learning and also to share with my children (14y, 12y & 7y). I would love to get my hands on a copy as am sure it will be awhile before it makes it to the country I live in.

  • Brian

    Thanks for doing this video. Like the two camera set up.

    The Voice offers instant skit content for youth groups because of your innovative dialogue design. Coo.

  • Frank DeGregorio

    I would like a copy of this Bible because I would like to experience this fresh translation. The purpose of the “Good News” is to share it with others. If we can bring the Word of God to the younger generation in a way where they don’t just read it, but understand it and have it touch their hearts, I believe that would be such a blessing to them and a wonderful way to honor our Father in Heaven. If we can bring them back into church, where they can fellowship and grow in their Christian faith, then we have obeyed the commission which our Lord has laid down before us. Hallelujah! May God’s blessing be upon your good works.

  • Sandra Williams

    I would love to have a copy of this audio Bible because I am more deeply effected by actually “hearing” the Word in a consistent manner than by merely reading it. My attention would be fixed and focused while hearing the Voice of God speak truth into my soul and spirit. Thank you for considering me.
    Sandra W.

  • KentHelmond

    I would like a copy of this new Bible because I want to read and understand God word as close to possible to the original intent and meaning.  I am a Christian writer and I would like to have the best understanding possible of the Scriptures so that I may best serve the Lord and help bring others to a better understanding.  

  • Amy Jane Helmericks

    Several years ago I discovered the New Testament (only) translation when looking for  a new bible to take on a trip and (here’s the truth) I picked it up because of the unique binding.

    I was intrigued by the texture and wanted to feel it in my hands.  I read the inside before I read the description/goal statement for The Voice and immediately felt, This is  meant to be poetry!

    This was a big deal to me because since my first child was a year old, I’ve fallen into the rhythms of poetry during times of stress.  You’ve probably heard the line about when something is particularly easy to read, that means a great deal of effort has been put into the writing.

    When I am under stress (read: exhausted), I still turn to reading for fuel, but I can’t read thick, complicated or long prose.  I look for what I call “thought pizza”: stuff that’s been thought-through, prepared for me, but still left for me to enjoy.

    It’s not pre-masticated “baby food” but it isn’t something I have to prepare from scratch, either, and that makes it ever more restful.

    Now that the whole Bible has been compiled in this style I’m keen to see how the effort played out.

    That would be my long answer to *Why?*

    My short answer: I love language, I love scripture, and I love the freshness of reading a new translation in my home.

  • Dianecraig17

    I love to apply the bible to my everyday life situations so people around me can see the word of God being used and aplied and working in someones life. I want my life to make a differance to other people and I feel this translation would be so wonderful to use in the world!

  • David White

    I love free stuff. Really. That is my honest answer. I could have said that the biblical text is without a doubt the most fascinating case study in the history of man for the philosophical study of literature and as a life-long student of the discipline and of the Bible this is an excellent opportunity to once again test its durability and veracity (all true). But mostly, I  like free stuff.

  • mikeonmars

    Lead pastor on a journey with my church and a local college to teach why the inerrancy of the word is so important.  Could I have a copy to study for my own heart?  I’m so sure that the multitude of translations will only prove to make the gospel clearer and while emphasizing that I want to also uphold the beauty and importance of these new voices! Thank you. God Bless.

  • Shannon Mullins

    Hi Michael, I’d love a copy of the Voice Bible Translation to help me teach the Word of God to others.  As a small group leader at my local church, I personally disciple a small group and am constantly teaching them about exegesis and how they can use different translations of the Bible. Would LOVE to add this to my library. This year, I decided to take a year off work (leaving the workforce completely unpaid) in order to launch a free online Bible study where I am creating video commentary on the entire Bible, walking folks through it in a year. The course is free to everyone. Would be a blessing to be able to use the Voice Bible to assist in my teaching. 

  • Davejones79

    Thank you for highlighting this new translation of the Bible in your blog. I thought the interview was enlightening and I appreciate the questions you raised. I like the approach that was taken to put this translation together. As a teacher of an Adult Bible Fellowship, I strive to bring the Scriptures to. Life for my class. I believe a copy of The Voice Bible would help me do that.

    Thanks again and God Bless.

  • Mellsworths

    I am a pastor and I am often encountering those in our church, saints and those who are not sure what to make of Christianity, who are intimidated by scripture. I am always looking for ways to help people experience scripture in a fresh and living way and fresh translations can do just that. I hope to check out The Voice to see if it would be something that I would want to pass along to others so they can encounter the gift of God’s Word that has the power to transform lives.

  • Johnpaul Ibarra

    To be general, I am at a point in my life where I am trying to seek God, for His divine will, His guidance, His comfort… Lost 2 of my best friends that I loved dearly, at this point, I feel totally just depenedent on God. I know we are suppose to, but, at this point of my life, I have never felt this much alone. Though I am not totally alone, I still have friends. But, the one’s that went home, were very special and personal. I dont know what difference it would make, but, all I know one of my friends who passed away named Agnes Seisa told me to read your blogs and I have been following you since then. I figure anything can help especially if its from His word. I also read a devotional today by Oswald Chambers talking about “are you seeking God for Him or for His gifts that you want” I could go on and on but if you want to read it, it is for April 27th devotion. It was exactly what I needed to read and then I stumbled upon your new blog. I hope I can be one of the 50 to be considered for a free Bible. I am seeking God and I believe His word is one the first places I would be looking into. Thank you and for your wisdom in your blogs.

  • Adam Davis

    I am an evangelist, Christian musician, and Bible teacher. My newest opportunity is teaching courses at Virginia Baptist College. I love every opportunity to teach the Word of God and would love to have the chance to see what insights could be offered by this new translation. I personally use the KJV or NKJV for teaching, reading, and studying for the most part. But I would love to have a copy for devotional purposes and to be a possible help in teaching the Bible to college students and high school students.

  • Mike Jones

    Sometimes you can hear the same thing you’ve always read or heard in a different voice and it actually connects. Drawing the entire story of the bible together an presenting in this voice would make for a refreshing time with God.

  • Juan Ortiz

    I would like a copy of the new bible to learn more and get a better undestanding of God’s Word. Im the type that likes to get more knowledge in His precious word. Thank you

  • Christopher Jimenez

    I enjoy reading new translations of God’s word. Sometimes they provide just the right perspective to make that light bulb go off in my brain.

  • Diana Harkness

    I read the new testament Voice Bible and liked it and reviewed it on my blog.
    I have almost finished rereading the Voice New Testament and would like the opportunity to read the remainder of the Bible in this sort of translation/addition/paraphrase.

  • Kathy Gayheart

    I have found that reading and listening to different versions of the Bible give a much broader and deeper view of the Scriptures. I usually choose to read from a different version each year and then use them to gain a more complete perspective of what God is teaching me in my circumstances.

  • Kellee Merrill

    Thank you for the opportunity to have a chance to experience The Voice Bible Translation.  I’m not a writer or CEO just a Working Mom who has yet to find a study program or Bible Translation that has encouraged a family worship time with my two sons.  My older son is 20 and didn’t have that family experience which I vastly regret. So as of late I have been searching for a devotional book or a Translation of a Bible that we can incorporate a family worship time with our 14 year old son that would grab his attention and engage him.  It might be that this would be the translation that would engage my son.  Thank you again for the possible chance to find out.
    Kellee Merrill

  • Maciej Wolfart

    I’d love to use it with the guys I disciple. I feel it would be a great resource providing additional insight from the text. (I’m a new staff with The Navigators.)

  • Joseph Sanchez

    As a seminary student I would love to view this new translation. Perhaps convince some people why it’s not all that bad as some people are thinking. I think it’s a great idea as long as the translation stays true to the original meaning of the texts. Can’t wait to find out if it does. 

  • Jackie Anderson

    The video was thorough. Look forward to reading, learning and growing with the Voice.

  • John Laffoon

    I love to read. I loved The Voice’s translation of Luke! I believe the closer the language in a Bible translation is to the way we talk today will help us all connect more. I’m about to start seminary. I could probably list 100 more reasons why I would love a copy, but then my comment might not get read!  :D

  • Ayoade Oluwasanmi

    I love the King James Version and I think it’s language is beautiful. But I will also be the first to admit that there are times I am stumped by the meaning of somme words like “Leviathan” used in Job. I would love to get other insights into the meaning of some of the words.

  • Cranmohr

    I do not have a “normal” voice, so the title drew me in initially, and I followed it.  I listened to the interview and read the comments, and became intrigued with the translation.  I would like to have a copy of the Voice to read and see what God will use  from it to draw me ever closer to Him.  I

  • Linda Floyd

    I would like a free copy of this Bible, because I am a humble servant of The Lord Jesus Christ, and am diligently seeking His face, and presence, and I am a fisherwoman for souls, and also help share the Word of God with new Christians. I have read much of your New Testament, and since it reads like a story, I know the Lord would use this Bible to further our walk with the Lord, and I know this would bless them greatly. I also Lead Christian Meetings, and would love to share the Good News with them from “The Voice” of God. Thank you for furthering the Kingdom of God! I just graduated Christian College, and am a Ceritfied Advanced Christian Life Coach, and would love to share The Voice of God with all the Lord leads my way. May God richly bless you, in Jesus name I pray. Thank you for this opportunity.
    God bless n prayers,
    Linda F
    Geaorgia, USA

  • Aaron Trubic

    I’m an agnostic – which is to say I know nothing because I haven’t seen any evidence of God in my life. I’m not a militant atheist or anything like that. As a matter of fact, I envy those who feel God’s presence and are guided by it. It just hasn’t happened for me. To be quite frank, I’ve always thought that the Bible is a seriously flawed work due to its tampering over the years and its split into multiple versions. THIS particular Bible sounds like a great idea, and may just provide the right amount of subjectivity to overcome the doubts of someone like myself. I’d love the opportunity to experience it.

  • Karen Snavely

    I would like to share this copy with Pleasant Hills Community Presbyterian Church.  Over the past 5 years the church has been in a state of flux.  Many of its leaders have moved on and thus attendance is not where it once was.  I would share the story of how I won the bible and then encourage others to come to a study or workshop that is planned to use that bible.  I want to inspire others to really dig deep into the word of God and this can be one of the instruments to promote the cause.

  • Ayoade Oluwasanmi

    Like I explained, I love the King James Version but even for me, there are words that I don’t understand. Words like “Leviathan” as used in Job. I would love to see how The Voice translates these words and the insight.

  • brian calhoun

    I would like to get a different perspective of the word of god. I am born again but I want to keep expanding knowledge and the horizon’s it brings. It would give better in depth cross referencing, each time you read the bible you get something different. If I won I would use it to further my studies

  • Hindsite4

    I always try to read each new translation that comes out.  Because of the different methods, each sheds understanding on different things, moments, or passages.  I look forward to going through this one.

  • jpcgauthier

    Wow the list is long – so many comments… chances are getting slim I suspect. My wife and lead a small group and while we usually follow the NIV, the group gets a much deeper understanding of the text and closer connection when we share from several different versions. As a bit of a traditionalist who is often leery of the different translations,  I am encouraged to read so many positive comments and see the excitement building around The Voice. I am all too happy to add my name to the list of those wanting a copy.

  • Kenneth Clapp

    Sounds interesting. I’d love to see if this is a resource I could use in my ministry

  • Dalene

    I would like a copy of The Voice Bible to see a new perspective on the Word. I typically read the NIV, although the NKJV is my favorite, as the vocabulary sounds more poetic. (If I’m doing a study on Psalms or Song of Solomon, I will stick to NKJV).

  • Adam Miller

    I look forward to seeing how the book is formatted and enjoy reading passages in a few different versions. Also, I enjoy giving books away and would be excited to see if this is a version of the Bible worth sharing. Looking forward to reading it. Will this be available on apps like YouVersion?

  • Will Laohoo

    This sounds like fun! Personally, I like the ESV, but this sounds like a great new way to experience Bible study! Can’t wait to see what it’s like.

  • Lennon Scott Noland

    The reason I’d love a copy of The Voice  translation is because it sounds incredibly relevant to my ministry to college students at Duke University. Students at Universities such as mine often spend so much time in classes with the biblical text being picked apart that they begin to read it themselves as  of skeptical analysts rather than letting the “living and active” text   read them. What Mr. Couch and Capes said about the need to have poets and musicians help poetic and musical texts come alive really go my attention. If this translation can help me as a minister convey the life and vitality of our ancient text in modern terms then this is a must have Bible for me.

  • Melissa Burford

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of this new translation.  I would love to win a copy because I seek a closer relationship with God and a deeper understanding of His word.  This would not only benefit me but would be for edifying my family as well.

  • Gwlw2002

    I am a Senior Pastor of Park Place Baptist Church in Houston, Texas and I love using different translations in my Sunday Sermon Power Points.  It sounds like The Voice would be an AWESOME way to “expand” the depth of God’s Word to the congregation.  I am really looking forward to reading it and presenting it to the entire church.

  • Lynden Blossom

    I grew up in the Plymouth Brethren church where the King James Version was the ONLY version…  Having been married to an Ev. Free Pastor, and having taken Greek with him in Seminary, then having been introduced to Many translations through the years, I’d love to learn from this one, also.  I have Many Bibles on my iPhone and enjoy sharing this wonderful technology and various translations with the women in my weekly Bible Study as many of them were not brought up with Bible Study in their background, so it’s ‘all new’ to them and I like to make it relevant and understandable for them.  ;-} Thank You for the possibility…

  • Deb

    I would love to read the Bible in a new translation. I am currently using NLT as my favorite, NIV before that. I like reading in different translations because each helps me make the Word to heart and apply it. Thanks for your efforts and for continuing to find translations that people want to read. 

  • Jim Woods

    I’d like a copy of this Bible b/c I’m working on my own story (and helping others lead better stories too).  I think the disconnect in older versions of scripture is one thing that has prevented me from really connecting with the Bible. 

  • Isaac

    I would love to have a copy of the VOICE Bible translation. I have been looking for an audio Bible for the past few months. 

  • kimanzi constable

    This is awesome to see the Word of the Lord spread like this and so many who hunger for it, praise the Lord! I love how you do things like this Michael!

  • Marc Donaldson

    My discipline is to read through the Bible at a rate of 4 chapters a day… I’ve been doing this for years (since 2003) with other brothers, and for the last few years we have been making comments via a secret Facebook group (I know, not a new idea but that form of accountability and community has revolutionized this part of my daily routine). I would love to have a fresh, new translation to use. I am excited to check it out.

  • Lstott

    May God bless this version of His Word!  After watching your video, I look forward to reading it.  With people involved in it that understand Hebrew and Greek and their customs, it will be very informative.  We will be able to go deeper in our study and enlarge our horizons and understanding.

  • Jackie Taylor

    I am 43 yrs old and believe in God faithfully.  My husband and I both pray daily.  But today something that has never happened before did.  My husband and I held hands and prayed together for the first time ever.  Praise God.  I was on FB just browsing around and this post came up that led me to you.  I believe in things happening for a reason and I believe I was led here for a purpose.  Today I had 2 blessings my husband and I praying together and a link led to you for this bible.  Praise GOD!!!

  • Anne Webster

    I would like a copy of this new bible? My favorite bible at the moment is The Message Bible. I came across a website where you could look up New Testement scriptures from The Voice. I have been using it and have fell in love with how The Voice reads. It is so easy to read. I have trouble reading and I have found that I love to read this version. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this bible.

  • Jennie

    Audio Bibles are INCREDIBLE! As a seminary graduate, I am a HUGE fan of keeping the Scriptures close through listening while you drive or as you go to sleep. I am so excited that you, Michael, are doing this to bring awareness to the blessing that audio Bibles are! I have been in the market to purchase one of my own. It is an absolute MUST for any library! Great post!


    Great post idea! Audio Bibles are a huge ministry and encouragement to all of us. What an incredible giveaway. Thank you for doing this.

  • Mai

    Why would I like a copy of this new Bible?

    On February 27, 2012, Houston Baptist University had a Voice Conference that gave background information on this new translation along with short readings from the actual text. The conference also included the professors from Houston Baptist that contributed to The Voice Translation, including Dr. Capes, Dr. Blair, Dr. Sorgwe, and Dr. Davids. I assisted in distributing free copies of the New Testament of The Voice translation along with free T-shirts to those who attended. When I first saw the translation for the first time, I fell in love with it. Not only does this translation provide commentaries on the text, it separates the text by whom is speaking along with what they’re saying.


    Jesus: 32 I have food to eat that you know nothing about.

    Disciples (to one another): 33 Is it possible someone else has brought Him food while were away?

    How awesome is that??!!! For me, I can actually “hear” how they are speaking (like their tone of voice) when they separate the speakers and the words spoken.

    I have been a Christian for most of my life and I have read multiple translations of the Bible. But this translation is one that is so personal to me, especially since the professors who helped translate it have been part of my life since my undergraduate years at Houston Baptist University through their courses and Bible studies and sermons. Why would I like a copy of this new translation? I  would love to have a part of the professors with me during all of my Bible studies and church attendances. This is a great translation that I would love to share with non-believers and believers alike.

    But, if I am not chosen to as a recepient of this Bible, I know whoever does receive it will be so blessed!
    And, actually, for those who won’t receive one of the 50 free The Voice Bible and would like to see how it look, they can always Download a Free Book from The Voice at, you can’t tell me that isn’t awesome? :)

  • gpgrubb

    I have the NT Voice, and am looking forward to “hearing” the OT Scriptures in this format!

  • Keren Nicole Jackson

     Dr. Capes has always inspired me with his lessons and with the way  he lives his life; I can’t imagine reading a translation he invested so much passion into would be any different.

  • Daniel Hall

    Why would you like a copy of this new Bible? The closest Bible(NLT) that I have found that I can read and have a more understanding  of what it is saying and it makes more sense to me. I continually seek to find a more contemperary reading. It is more efficient to KNOW what I am reading and talking about verses. When witnessing to people they need to understand what verses mean if you give them a Bible and do their personal Bible studies.

    Thank you,


  • Amber Woodard

    I’m not a new Christian, but sometimes I feel like a baby Christian. I have trouble understanding the Bible sometimes, even the Message version, and I think this would be a great way to help me begin to understand the Bible more. I hear the commercials for The Voice on our local Christian radio station in Nashville, and I’m always fascinated by the verses. Also, I’m a grad student who likes to save money whenever possible! ;)

  • Lauraine White

    My husband and I pastor a new Church plant and all of our members are just coming into a relationship with Jesus Christ.  I believe that this translation will help us to make God’s Word come alive for them in ways that the KJV has not been able to.  They are all hungry for God’s Word and we want to provide a “feast” for them! Thanks for all that you do for the Body of Christ!

  • Flowsource

    As a chaplain, I am always looking for tolls that can help me to share God’s message with my Alzheimer’s and Dementia  “flock.” I believe that this will provide the fresh perspective I need.

  • Chris Zeigler

    As a campus minister I’m always looking for new ways to make the Bible come alive for college students and make it easier to digest. I’m curious to see what this new version is like and how it could be used to reach college students and young adults with the Word.

  • Cris Ferreira

    Since I started a blog in English last year, where I write about Christian faith, I’ve been focusing my personal Bible studies on English translations of the Bible. Due to the fact that English is not my native language, the recent translations are much easier for me.
    Reading Michael’s description of this Bible really got me insterested. I would like to add it to my studies and have another quality translation to work with, both in my personal studies and in my posts.

  • Jefferymayer

    Very interested in this Bible. Thanks for providing God’s word for us. 

  • Drew Hopkins

    As a youth pastor I always try to use the scripture translation that is the easiest for unchurched students to understand. Reading the Bible can be very intimidating for teens who don’t grow up in “church” culture – reading from a version that is difficult for them to understand makes it even more challenging for them.  I’d love to have access to this translation as an extra tool to reach them and to help them understand what the Bible says to them.

  • Kelaine17

    Why? Why not? I want to learn as much as I can, and I want the best resources to do that!

  • Martin Daniel

    I need a copy of this new Bible because I love reading various translations. Additional insights help me to understand the word of God better and deeper.

    Very informative interview.

    Thank you!

  • Mark Myles

    I’d love a copy of this Bible because I’m a pastor and I’d like to know the Bible a little better so that if I feel it’s very valuable, I can recommend it to many people.

  • Olúwatóyìn

    Thanks for the opportunity to get a copy of this new Bible Michael. I’d like a new copy because from the interview, it sounds a bit like this translation may have more of a leaning towards experience than information and if can open a new pathway for intimacy with GOD for me, then that would be more than awesome!

    I’ve also found that I am better able to understand the more contemporary
    versions, like the recently published Common English Bible. I tend to
    mix my translations when I study, so I’d really appreciate a new
    translation to be a springboard for fresh revelation as well.

    While I’m here I’ll also thank you for your blog. It’s really been a source of revelation since I started following it.

  • Dixie2005

    My 82-year-old father is a retired Baptist minister. He is so blind now that he can’t read his Bible. I would love for him to be able to listen to this.

  • Derek Johnson

    I teach at Teen Challenge weekly and believe that, in addition to myself, first-and-foremost this fresh perspective would help these young people know the one true God and break free from their addictions.  It seems that young people are more and more becoming less interested in the Word of God and seeking the world’s answers.  A translation that captures their interest will serve as a tool for them to know the One that can save them.

  • Chad Jackson

    I would like a copy because I like to see fresh ways of looking at scripture.  I bought the Story Bible and it really spoke to me in a spiritual dryness I had in my walk with God.  I would love to see how this one looks at scripture.  

  • Neiva

    Hi, Michael. I’ve been reading your posts and listening to your podcasts since I discovered them, although it’s the first time I’m writing here I’d like to say that I’ve been learning a lot. It’s so good when you find people  who are willing to help others. So, thank you very much for sharing your experiences. 
    Today I had one more motivation to write (which I think is a very good one, trying to win the new Bible). Even growing up in a christian family I didn’t read the bible so much when I was younger. It seemed so complicated. Now I use the NIV and it’s much easier, and of course I am older and understand the importance of being fed with the Word of God everyday. Winning this new Bible would be amazing and I am sure I could learn even more. That’s why I’d like to win The voice Bible. Thank you. Hope to hear from you!

  • Darrell Glen Proctor

    I am always eager to read a new translation, especially a dynamic equivalent translation. I am not a pastor or staff person, just an average layman serving as a Stephens minister who loves God’s Word. I have read about every translation on the market. Thank you for the opportunity to be considered. 

  • Jason Burris

    Hey community and Mr. MH, I really appreciate your mentorsship. Since I met you at LifeWork Leadership in Miami/Orlando area I have grown so much in my leadership skills and abilities able to impact Athletes in Action a sports ministry of Cru!

    I would love to have a copy of the voice Bible cause as we work with Athletes and College students we spend alot of our time teaching them what the bible says. Many students these days are first generation Christians and we can’t disciple them unless we start at square one, what does the bible say and how is this relevant to my life. So any resource that brings clarity to Gods word and it’s relevance in today’s world catapults ones spiritual exepirence.

  • David Beach

    this sounds like an amazing gift to receive. Just to hear the different versions. And how awesome to have put this project together.

  • Neiva

    Hi, Michael. I’ve been reading your posts and listening to your podcasts since I discovered them, although it’s the first time I’m writing here I’d like to say that I’ve been learning a lot. It’s so good when you find people  who are willing to help others. So, thank you very much for sharing your experiences. 
    Today I had one more motivation to write (which I think is a very good one, trying to win the new Bible). Even growing up in a christian family I didn’t read the bible so much when I was younger. It seemed so complicated. Now I use the NIV and it’s much easier, and of course I am older and understand the importance of being fed with the Word of God everyday. Winning this new Bible would be amazing and I am sure I could learn even more. That’s why I’d like to win The voice Bible. Thank you. Hope to hear from you!

  • Johnreimer272

    I’ve been a pastor and missionary all my adult life. The Word has a special place in my life and I love to impart it. I love to be refreshed and see new vistas in the variety of translations that exist and come on the market.

  • Ernest Craig

    I found the link to the Voice last week and like itso much I used it last Sunday in a message from the pulpuit . I am aLay speaker in the United Methodist Church, and found it very unseful. I felt that the those who heard it really enjoyed the transalation.
    Ernest Craig

  • Mark

    This is a great reading Bible to be used alongside other translations.

  • Swacholtz

    I would love a fresh inspired message to ignite my thoughts and actions.

  • maudeoud

    I would like to get this translation as I am serving in Africa. I am always on the look out for translations that give the reader a clearer idea of the cultural context, on the inferences that the listener/reader of the time would make, on the emotions involved, etc. I am looking forward to a more dynamic and contextualized version.

  • Amy Hart

    I direct a counseling ministry. When hurting people come to us and we walk with them to a deeper understanding of God and His word in order to bring healing. Sometimes hurting people can have a difficult time understanding Scripture. This may be a version to help bring better understanding to them.  

  • Krissi

    The Voice sounds like yet another amazing way to connect with God, His Word, His Truth, and all He wants us to see, know, understand. I would love to read this interesting translation and use it for teaching at home & in church, as well. That’s why I would like a copy of The Voice.

  • Thomas McMillan Jr.

    Why would I like a copy of this new Bible?  I’ve enjoyed reading the new testament version that I received at Catalyst Conference this past fall. I’ve really enjoyed using it in group settings reading aloud.   I would love to have the full version of the Voice to use for study as well as for teaching (I teach young adults as well as college age church school). 

  • Awalls

    I think I need to get into God’s word moore often, I read the NKJV but don’t understand it all, I need God to give me a sign that I can understand and live by his word.

  • Pam Williams

    Sometimes the version I am currently reading isn’t quite clear, or at least I would like a little different wording to help me understand better. So, the reason I’d like a copy of this is to help broaden  my understanding as I read.

  • Yourbadneighbor

    I want Every Advantage to share Christs Salvation Message through the gospels and in the best way tell people of him so they can grasp the message and come to know Jesus and make a decision to accept Him.

  • Pam

    Sounds like I might need to get the Phillips after listening to these guys talk.  I am in a “dry” patch in my life and know that I need to dig deeper.  My husband is well versed in the Bible and my son wants to teach in Seminary or Christian College level some day.  I feel so left out and behind.  Feeling like something totally different from the norm might be a big help in my life.  

  • Nancy Wall

    I am seeking diligently to grow closer to God.  I also teach an adult Sunday School class  and would hope this book would guide me personally and in ways that would also help my class of 31 draw closer to Him and assist all of us in walking in His footsteps daily in our communities.  I am always looking for ways to spread the Good News to the best of my ability.  I think this new translation would help with that goal.  Last but not least, I would be tickled to death to get my hands on one.  Nancy Wall

  • Scott

    I bought the new testament of the voice when I heard about the project. I have led many youth, especially ones who are agnostic, to read the voice, and they love it. And they get into the word! I want to continue spreading this version with those who feel distant from God.

    Also, I work for a popular Bible Software Company, and would love a copy to give to developers so that they can include it in the software!

  • Brandy Buenafe

    I would like a copy of The Voice to share with my friend Junie.  Junie is a wonderful older woman, and spends 3 days a week doing dialysis.  She is not a Christian, and I’ve been sharing The Voice verses and free downloads with her, as I find the translation compelling and beautiful and think it communicates God’s love for humanity in a clear and unique way.  I think she could read it during her procedures, which would be wonderful.  Thanks for having this giveaway!


    I would like to have The Voice Bible because I want to know more about God’s Word.

  • Gerald E Smith

    I work at a prison in Tx, and have a daily opportunity to share God’s word with the inmates there. I am a drug and alcohol counselor and would like to be able to share a new take on His message to all who seek knowledge. I hope some day to see all who seek the Lord and add to the numbers of heaven, if the Lord should so bless me with new wisdom and grace me with the courage and strength to live my life as a witness to Him.

  • Skip Grover

    I, like the two men being interviewed, came to Christ through the Phillips Translation.  I am now a Pastor and my goal is to have everyone I come in coantact with love the bible and be addicted to reading it and studying it

  • Duff_sandy

    I would like a copy simply because I agree that often expression is left out of mere reading it; for example, the woman at the well when she was talking with Jesus, or Thomas when He declared my Lord and my God to Jesus. Ihave heard audio versions of the Bible that were, well, boring. This one sounds much more appealing to me.

  • Benitoheredia

    Greetings from Panamá! Yes i would like to receive a copy because i want to read it in english.

  • Barbara Parentini

    I’d be delighted to have a copy of this new Bible version. I often refer to various Bible translations for my writing projects, and would be interested to read this latest version.

    I’ve been reading the Bible over the phone to my elderly dad (who has little sight) since the new year began. Over the months, we’ve read through the New Testament, the Psalms, most of Proverbs, and during Lent returned to the Gospels–all NKJV. He’s read the Bible dozens of times over the last fifty-two years. What a joy it would be to share this new version with him in person this summer.

  • Nicole Wheeler

    I am very excited about this new translation, and would love a copy of it.  I am a Fuller Seminary student, in the Theology and the Arts program, and cutting-edge work like this is a keen interest of mine.  I lead the theatre company on campus, and am always looking for ways that my art form and my faith interact.  I am excited to discover what this translation team has done with The Voice Bible, and what new ideas and insights I might discover for my teaching ministry, my husband’s chaplain ministry, or my art. 

  • Rafael Torres

    I would love to get one! I’m a pastor and are passionate about teaching the Word! The Bible can’t mean today what it didn ‘t mean when it was written. So to have a tool like that would be a great help.

  • Norma Newton

    I would love to have a copy of this new Bible.  I don’t find much time to read but I listen to books in my car.  This year I’ve been re- listening to the Bible on CD, the NIV version. I use t his to help me read through the Bible each year.  I’m enjoying it so much but I would like another version to open my mind to new thoughts or insights.  I’m also curious about what ” The Voice” will be like.  I think God certainly enjoys variety and I want to be more like Him. So, I’m asking to be chosen to experience this new Bible.  I would purchase it myself but I lost my job and must be as frugal as possible.

  • Abraham Morales

    Because I just read a portion on Isaiah and found a sound message but a simple and friendly read. 

  • Icalledonjesus

    I would love a copy of The Voice because I desire to learn as much about my God as He allows. I believe He gives us many different resources and it is our responsibility to use them as He provides. I also believe this would be a great help to me as I continue on the path that God has placed me on, to become a Biblical Certified Counselor. Having The Voice available to me at this particular season of my life would not only be a blessing to me, but also to the many people that He places in my life to counsel. Thank you.

  • Tabreena Rogers

    My goal each and every day is to live deep in the word of God.  One way that I do this is to dive deeper with various translations of the Word of God.  Jesus created readiness in people by being a great story teller.  One of my goals this year is to become a better story teller, like Jesus.  I want to create a readiness in people to dive deeper in the Word of God for themselves.  Jeff Lucas said recently at a pastor’s conference that “the sermon should not end the search, it should activate it!”  I would love to have a copy this translation of the Bible to further inhance my own search so that I can help to activate someone elses!

  • Haneyy

    I believe spending time in the Word is ultimately the one of the most important times spent in life and this translation to shine upon it with a more clear understanding would allow me to communicate more thoroughly with the children and the families I serve. Being able to help young families learn and communicate the Word would promote a healthier lifestyle for growing families to share. I want to walk alongside them through preparation with this new translation.

    Thank you,
    Yvette Haney

  • Revel320

    As a believer working in Saudi Arabia, I will be delighted to receive The Voice Bible translation. Worshipping and serving God in underground manner, any Christian literature especially Bible translation and copy of it is life for us. I’ve heard some of our brothers being caught by religious police just to bring inside the country copies of the Bible. I myself experienced being held up in Jeddah airport (Saudi Arabia) because I was carrying copies of the Bible. Hence, it is really a blessing for me to receive The Voice. God bless and thank you, Michael.

  • ElaineM

    Hi Michael, firstly, thank you for your daily emails and Life Plan advice. They have been more than educational for me. And while I am still working on creating my life plan, and do not always make the time to read your emails daily, I have learnt to appreciate your opinion greatly. You mentioned in this email on the release of The Voice bible version, that ‘it does a masterful job of capturing the passion, grit, humor, and beauty that is often lost in other translations.’ and you have roused an interest in me. I would love to have a free copy of the book, but even if I don’t receive one, I will definitely be checking it out. =) Thanks again!

  • Chris Fontana

    I’m a big fan of my NKJV Spirit Filled Life Bible…but I am always open to different translations to enhance my study and understanding of scripture.

  • Jovan Payes

    Sounds like a different approach to translation which does what many preachers must do at times, which is to amplify or demonstrate, or retranslate terms. I’m not skeptical of a “place” for the Voice…but I’m not unskeptical. I guess I should hit a bookstore to see for myself.

  • Febinbose

    i would like to have the voice bible because it can help me learn and refresh my bible knowledge, as a bible teacher from India i think it is a great help. god bless eveyone who have toiled for the program

  • Ted Lau

    I have made a commitment to myself to build a solid foundation on God’s word, and I believe this Voice Bible will help me to do just that.

  • Wolfgang

    The approach intrigues me! I’ve been pondering the ‘how people said things’ as that carries a lot, not just the words we read. So, ‘how did Jesus say something’ not just what he said. I’m curious to find out if or how this translation might bring that out and discover new things. As a missionary myself and as I coach missions and organizational leaders, it might be a wonderful resource to make others aware of for revitalizing their devotions. And finally, I wonder how this translation might add a new emphasis and discovery to our Bible reading times as a family.

  • Melissa Dawn

    I have been asked to teach a Wednesday nite class for some of our young people and from reading some of your posts I think it would be beneficial to me and our young people to have a version of this new Bible to help us grow in the Lord and to understand His Word better.  Thank you for this new version and for making it available to everyone, especially this gift give-away, for there are many people, including myself, who cannot afford to buy a gift this special.  God Bless!!!

  • melody c

    I like to seek New Truths reveled through exposure to various translations of the Bible. I love the fresh revelations I gain each time read scripture. I personally do not speaketh Kingeth Jameth and lose some of the meaning behind scriptures when } have to translate into modern day English. I’m curious to read a new translation.



  • Jim Heffner

    I have 3 goals each day of my life.  1) Spend time reading God’s Word.  2)  Look for some new understanding about the scripture that I had not seen before.  3) Apply it to my life.

    I use multiple commentaries and translations to help me with this process and the ones that I use the most are those published more recently.  I would really like to add this translation to my “tool box”.

  • Kari Scare

    The Voice Bible would provide a terrific resource for teaching the adult Sunday school class at church as well as for when I speak to women’s groups. It would also add a dimension to what I do as a writer. But most importantly, I think it would help reignite me in my personal study and devotion time. I have been praying for a renewal of my personal study time, and maybe this is at least a part if it. I am struggling with a flat feeling, and am waiting for God to move me through it.

  • Jim Horton

    God created this world with vibrancy and rhythms, full of wonders and life. When we can take His Word and bring it to life for all peoples and nations through the talents He has given us, we are fulfilling His Great Commission and our purpose. That’s why I would love to have this translation in my journeyman’s toolkit.

  • Bobbie Cole

    These are the words that spoke to me:  ‘capturing the passion, grit, humor, and beauty that is often lost in other translations.’  The bible is packed with moving stories. It has not only guided me on my journey of faith, it has inspired my writing. 
    With its stories of pain, sorrow, laughter and triumph , I  believe it’s the greatest source of creative writing inspiration there is. I am currently in the process of launching a school of creative writing to help others release their creativity through bible storytelling.

  • Joe Laux

    Michael,  As I started to watch your video I was skeptical about a new version of the Bible.  Listening to both Frank and David I’m convinced.  I just got back from a once in a lifetime trip to Israel which has given me a new desire AND new eyes to read my bible.  I would love to do that reading in this new Voice translation.



    I’m interested in a copy, to read the Bible anew again. I’ve noticed that simply switching translations I am able to see the Bible’s message in a new light and understand it better too. 

  • Belle

    Our church is constantly teaching and discipling members and attendees, especially students,  being situated inside the national university .  Our members are distributed into small Bible study groups that meet in strategically located homes.  We also have a yearly evangelistic Discovery series where we tackle questions posed by non-believers about the Bible and Christianity.  We are currently doing a mentoring class for potential church leaders.  The VOICE Bible sounds interesting and will certainly help enrich all our group Bible studies and  teaching sessions!      

  • Jennifer Officer

    I believe that the Word has the power to transform every life.  It is my passion to facilitate and speak about that transformation power.  I have the opportunity to do that frequently with children, young adults and older adults.  This Bible translation would be an amazing resource to supplement my teaching and encourage those I am serving to use in their personal devotion time.

  • Dam Mallya

    Great way of explaining this translation! I appreciate that very much.

  • Art Stine

    I am anxious to read this one as I am a Bible Study leader that digs as deep as possible to bring the richness of the Word for today for those in our group.  I currently use NKJV and the Net Bible.  I will be curious to see how the Voice Bible compares.  Thank you for this opportunity and all that you do, Michael!

  • Ann Richards

    I like to learn and experience God’s word from a variety of sources. I know that no translation is ‘correct’ and others ‘wrong.’  But any text can and does reach me in some way, often new and fresh. Because I lost my job, I probably wouldn’t be able to purchase this Bible for awhile and would appreciate a copy. 

  • D Pinero

    I would like a copy of this Bible because as a Bible daily student getting different versions has helped me understand better the context but beyond that God uses them to speak to me with the same verses in different ways.
    As an English language learner different using Bibles has also enriched my vocabulary (spoken and written).
    Also It is fascinating to see how men keep searching for God and getting together in these great effords to make the Bible simpler for Humankind so they can solify their relationship with God. I see how God keep using us (humans) as vessels to renew His word constantly.

  • Karen Fenz

    I am part of a regional missions team in Eastern Europe, helping raise the awareness of my teammates of resources available to them. This could be a great encouragement to them personally, as well as a useful tool. I would enjoy the first hand experience with the VOICE so I could recommend it with enthusiasm to others.

  • Doyle Welborn

    I’m praying that both my boys, age 12 and 17, will find this Bible easy and enjoyable to read.  We would love to use it during family devotions. I surrendered to preach at age 16, and hope my sons learn about the Lord in his word just as I did, surrendering their lives to his purpose, whatever that might be. We all need to hear his Voice.  Thanks.

  • Kat V.

    What caught my attention was the title – “the Voice”.  I love the Word and His Truth and know that it is alive and active.  Trusting that God lead this team to this new work – not new scripture – I am compelled to know more!  I have most translations on my shelf and default to ESV, NIV and NASB.  LOVE the languaging of NLT, Message and a few others (including NKJ) to broaden my persepctives in “hearing His Voice”.  And then hearing of the hands who are a part of creating the binding, this is something I want to be a part of sharing with others! 

    It would be a gift to add this to my collection.  Michael, you have expanded my territories by the life you lead!  Thank you for this consideration!

  • James Hauptman

    Would love to check out this new translation!

  • Lawlessunlimited

    As a marriage coach & evangelist as well as a deacon for my church here in Central Islip, Long Island, this resource would be a phenomenal tool to help me continue to be an asset to the church I serve and the couples I am helping restore, renew & revitalize their marriages the way God orginially designed it. God’s word in Hosea 4:6 states my people are restored for a lack of knowledge. This resource will allow me & the others I share it with hear & understand the Word in a new light, so that we make be a light within this world. Thank you for this opportunity to receive this blessing and congratulations to the winners who you select. God Bless, John J. Lawless Jr.

  • aubradford

    I’m am very excited about The Voice. I serve children at church and am always challenged to make God’s Word more accessible to them, therefore I’m always trying to find ways myself to gain a fresh perspective on scripture. I would very much like a copy of The Voice.

  • Carmen Lester

    At the age of 84 I have learned the value of the scriptures.  I appreciate that I have lived long enough to see the modern versions that make the Bible so readable.  I would love to have a copy of the Voice translation.  I’m sure it would bring many hours of pleasure and communication with my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. It would also be tremendous as I minister to the younger generations.   
    Carmen Lester
    carmenjoyce@gmail:disqus .com

  • Tim

    I am a pastor in a local church in the U.S. and this would be such a great way of helping present the Gospel in a more vibrant and exciting way.  I am also a missionary, and this would be the perfect tool to fit the job. 

  • Dhdonjr

    The best things in life are free … and God’s word should top our list!  So free is always good.  Beyond that, there has already been controversy and I’d like to make my own decision about this new work and not automatically disregard through the opinion of reputable leaders.  I don’t believe that would be fair to the scholars who have worked together on this work.  I love that the creation utilized artistic persons to add credibility to the styles represented in the Bible.    I’m also hoping that this work will bring the stories of God to life for me more than they have been before.  I’m on my 4th consecutive year reading through the entire Bible and enjoy choosing a different version and this would be perfect for my next read-through!  It would break the monotony.

  • Regina

    This is exciting! In my interest in sharing messages of joy and healing through Twitter, Facebook and a weekly syndicated newspaper column, I enjoy using various Bible translations. Thanks for sharing this news.

  • Dennistinsley

    I think Carmen Lester, the 4th comment down should get one. He’s 84 and sounds awesome!

  • Bethany

    I’m a Bible teacher and writer who’s forever on the hunt for excellent, inspiring resources to share–especially those that will impassion God’s people to feast on Scripture. :)

  • Darrell Wolfe

    Why I would like a copy: As a bible blogger, teacher, and future pastor; I’m always looking for new ways to understand The Word of God and investigate ways to shed new light on familiar verses. Not only would having a new translation be helpful to my readers, but it would allow me yet another way to provide another resource for me readers to go get.

  • KirraAntrobus

    I would really like a copy of this new translation. Ever since college I have been interested in different translations and the languages behind them. I would love a chance to check out the new translation and see how it compares to others.

  • Jonathan Carrington

    I am always interested in the truth. The more I can learn about God’s word the more good I can do and the more I can do what God would want me to do. I have listen to many translations and I have always acquired new revelations. I am particularly drawn to the Amplified version.  I Love God’s word and the more his word is harvested in my being and the more my Faith grows. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. I would be honored to receive a copy of this New translation. May God continue to Bless you and your families.

  • Dlp

    God has filled my heart with the desire to know Him! After He called and saved me I could not get enough of the Scriptures. I couldn’t put the bible down. I would pick it up every day as soon as I could and read for hours. I love the poetry of the King James, the American Standard, and the Revised Standard Versions but I have geat difficulty with comprehending what I read. I know some people claim “King James only” but as hard as I try I just can’t understand a lot of what the King James is saying. This new translation sounds great and I think it would help me a great deal in understanding Gods Word! 

  • Monica Heard

    I would like to step into the story of scripture.

  • Brittani Bradford

    I’m still a new Christian and I’m constantly looking for new material to help me understand God’s Word. Based on what I’ve read about The Voice Bible, it’s put together in a really unique way and is really fun to read. I know reading the Bible in new ways will help me understand God’s Word even better and help me in my walk as a Christian. That’s why I’d like a copy of the Bible

  • Lisa Bradshaw

    We are constantly looking for new ways to help people not be intimidated by Scripture.  This sounds like a great place to start, so thank you!

  • Teresa Harmening

     I would be thrilled to have a copy of this new translation because as a singer, worship leader, and speaker at women’s conferences, I believe I would benefit from new insights gained through this Bible.
      I was especially interested when I heard from your interview about the poetic/singer aspect that was considered while this project was being worked on.  Putting music to scripture is part of what I teach and share in conferences.   I think not only would I benefit from a fresh perspective of the Word but the women I have the opportunity to speak to at conferences would also benefit. Thanks for your blog Michael…I tell everyone about it because I learn so much…keep up the good work!

  • Hr Hamada

    I’d love a copy of the voice to use in both my adult theology classes and my children’s beginning Christianity classes. I think this new translation is important because it will help teachers and students alike to understand the who, what, when where, why and how of the most important story ever told.

    For too many people, all a Bible is are words printed in a book that have no inner meaning, no relevance, no transformative value. For them it is cold, archaic, and distant and bears no relevance.
    This translation might be the best tool yet to help us understand the context, motivation, audience and intent behind words that shape our lives because it gives voice (intent, purpose, vibrancy, urgency, immediacy, intimacy) to those words. They are here and now, they are personal, they are understandable, applicable in our lives and they are transformative.

    I was fortunate enough to preview a chapter, and for the first time, I thought I could hear the Lord say, “Come, follow me”

  • Krumbles53

    Getting to know God more intimately requires spending time in His Word and what better way to do so than with a fresh, accurate new translation. I would love a copy so that I could do just that 

  • Philana C.

    Why would I like a copy of this new Bible? I enjoy reading different translations, because they all work to try to help in understanding the Bible. I have heard things about this translation, both good and bad. I would like to discover for myself. It looks like a fresh approach.

  • Mjohnbollinger

    I would like o get a copy of the this new version of the Bible, The Voice.  Every time a new version of the Bible comes out there is always concern.  ” Does this version stay true to the original?”  “Will it be considered heretical?”  I would like to see for myself.

  • Slhk0606

    I think The Voice is a simplified modern version of the scriptures. There is beauty in simplicity. It is an art to help bring a boiled down, well- studied version to the table. I would love to have it.

  • Clewis5039

    Michael, I would like to hear what God is telling me to do to become the man, husband, and dad He intends me to be. I have become receptive to His wishes and put my marriage in His hands after being separated for three years. I need all His patience, love, and wisdom.

  • Ngeigel

    I would like a copy of this Bible because I want to know what it’s Like to read a Bible translation that you can really understand and just can’t put down. As a new Christian I want to really enjoy reading the word of God. I think this would be a great Bible for me.

  • TDTodd

    I am excited, but will have to wait to purchase. As Jon said, a new freshness of God’s word. God speaks to us through the word now, and to have others, scholars no less to resound the domain and culture of the day is most exciting.

  • Micah Scharchburg

       Thanks for sharing. I love your diversity of content on your blog. I normally don’t view blogs as worth my time but I have decided to invest my “time” into yours and so far I see it as a worthy investment.
        I would like a copy of “The Voice” as a young man (24) who wants to increase his hunger for the Word. I think this version would allow me to expand my time in the word as I could listen to it in the car and on my i-pod. I love the idea of diversity vocally as most audio Bible’s are too monotone for me to desire to listen to.
       I am moving to Wheaton, Illinois this August to become a youth pastor at a new church plant called Antioch Community Church. “The Voice” would help me preach and communicate to young people in such a way that presents the Word as a fun, exciting, and of course- “living and active!”
       Please consider me. Thanks for all that you do!
    Micah Scharchburg
    Waco, TX

  • Denise Girod

    I would like a copy to read along side of The King James Bible, which is my favorite one.  A different translation would help bring more of a understanding to the words in The King James.

  • Jenny

    Abraham Kuyper, a Dutch scholar once wrote, “There is not a single square inch in all of creation where Jesus Christ who is Lord of all does not put His foot and say, “mine”.   I am in my 16th year serving in Moscow, Russia with CRU high school ministry attempting to recapture the hearts and minds of young Russians with the wonders and riches of Jesus in the Word of God.  I would like to introduce the Voice Bible to young Russian Believers.  This country is in desperate need of a new Bible translation.  Please consider me as one to receive a copy of The Voice Bible.  Above all, Thank You Michael for the many insightful and helpful articles.  I have use lots of your material to encourage and equip young professionals here in Moscow.      

  • Justin Bessler

    I would like this translation to offer a relevant planting of God’s Word in the hurting souls of my family and community. Also, I admire beautifully creative things that glorify the Creator.

  • Dustin W Drake

    I would love to use a Bible like this! This sounds really exciting. I would definitely use it for personal study time. Many times I like to look through a couple of Bible translations of what I’m reading because I feel it gives a better perspective.

  • Troy Westendorf

    Being able to read God’s word and connect to it is so so important to me and my wife and girls. I am always searching different versions to bring better understanding of what God is saying to us through Scripture. The Voice is used at our church and having a copy for our family would awesome. Thanks!

  • Matt Beard

    I would love a copy of this because I work in Christian retail and love to have experience with a product so that I can be knowledgable when customers ask. Plus I would love it just for my personal enjoyment :)

  • Joshua Sherif

    I’m very interested in this bible translation.  I minister in what is now the most diverse neighborhood in the United States(Albany Park, Chicago) and I wonder if this could be a translation that will make sense to multiple cultures and backgrounds.

  • John D Wright

    After several attempts, I have gotten farther reading
    through the Bible this year than any other (nearly 1/3 complete).  I am using Brian Hardin’s One Year Daily
    Audio Bible to assist me in organizing my study.  As you are probably aware, Brian uses several
    translations throughout the year.  I am
    sure that “The Voice” would be a tremendous compliment to my daily
    readings.  Thank you very much for your

    John Wright

  • Matt Loewen

    I love the bible. I was blessed to have an entire year to study it during a Youth With a Mission (YWAM) course called School of Biblical Studies (SBS) in Turner Valley, Canada. This course taught me to observe, interpret and most importantly apply the bible to my life. After listening to Frank and David it seems clear to me that “The Voice” will assist me to apply the bible to my daily life in a fresh way as it brings the original reader, hearer and historical background to life. 

    I’ve been praying about which bible translation to include in packs of sports equipment my organization ( is distributing to passionate leaders in rural African communities and I am intrigued by what Frank & David have claimed to achieve through this new translation. If it can “eradicate bible illiteracy” then I am a fan.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  • Ginger

    Having lived in Saudi for the last 4 years, I’m parched and missing fellowship.  A new Bible, with a different approach might well be the that gap filler for me until I can move back to the states. 

  • Jarrod

    As a preacher, I enjoy reading different translations to help gain fresh perspectives on the Word. As a youth leader, I’m continually on the look out for translations of the Word which will appeal to the kids in my group and help them engage with Scripture: The Voice is sounding like it could be a good option!

  • Chris Evangelista

    Ever since I stumbled upon this new, fresh and insightful bible translation from a christian music website, I immediately fell in love with it’s different take on my favorite Scripture verses. I have to say that when this translation came around, through verse snippets delivered to my inbox on a daily basis, I knew that this translation speaks very well to my soul and has found my spiritual frequency in terms of connecting  to God through His Word. I really can’t wait to have my copy of this phenomenal translation and I do hope it finds its way soon at my local (Philippines) bookstore. Just in case I get handpicked for a copy, I’ll be on the move to get started on a one year Bible reading plan. I am inspired! :)

  • Andrew Bodley

    Wow, what an exciting interview.  I look forward to learning more about God’s story and experiencing falling in love with God all over again through a fresh look at His word revealed to us.  Thank you for your work

  • Theresa Zimmerman

    I would like a copy of this Bible to read on my own for fresh enlightenment on the Word of God, and also to give to a young woman that I know who is reading through the Bible on her search for God. 

  • Fieldtripmom

    I started a traveling drama ministry team in 2009 called FireStorm. The team is comprised of teens that are committed to living passionate lives for Christ & using their talents to present the Gospel on stage at various youth groups, schools (yes, we even got on public school grounds), & special events. Our motto is “taking the stage by storm w/ a passion for Christ”. Each student signs a contract to read their Bible on a regular basis (no less than 4 days per week, but 7 is the goal) & live a life pleasing to God (there are parameters clearly spelled out for what this means). This can be a hard commitment. Making a daily Bible reading habit is especially tough. I think being able to share The Voice w/ them may make it more enjoyable & relevant & perhaps help them discus their faith w/ others more clearly.I think it could be an exciting translation for them.

  • Lizzie Branch

    I would love a copy of this bible! Even though I enjoy using my NASB, I also love to read other translations that give me deeper insight and understanding. The written word is so powerful. It has it own voice…one that is combined with the readers own life experiences and the Holy Spirit which speaks to all of us in unique ways. Thank you so much for the opportunity!!

  • Deb Sefton

    This is what I’ve been looking for! Would our world be in such a mess if we’d had this translation earlier? Maybe, as the Lord has predicted these days for us…. but I know this absorbing translation will help so many Christians share His word with others in an engaging way. This Bible could not have come along at a better time, when so very many people need it.

    Thank you, contributors to the Voice.

  • Aburns

    Been looking forward to the voice full Bible for about 3 years now! I have a collection of some of the books of the bible in voice translation, but am looking forward to getting the whole Bible in one place. I would truly appreciate a copy of this translation.

  • Ric Bacigaluppi

    I have a few different translations of the Bible. Online I use more
    translations as well to help me go deeper in my reading and study. I facilitate
    small groups and organize and host men’s breakfasts at my church. I often
    encourage brothers and sisters to read and study various translations and to
    understand the differences and to know which are translations and which
    paraphrased. Having a copy of The Voice Bible would give me one more translation
    to read, study and to encourage others to use too.

  • Mrossite

    I have waited long for the Bible told as a narrative. Storytelling can bring alive the meaning and involve the laity in its reading. What a powerful tool this is, and one that the Master Storyteller is surely smiling over! I work with felons and ex-convicts who struggle with connecting ancient words to their troubled lives. This exciting new translation (not interpretation, but solid, reliable translation) gives me hope in teaching them the gospel with a present application that will help enlighten and transform. This is also a dream for any minister of education worth her salt. So many possibilities! Thank you. May this be the beginning of a powerful weaving of human and divine stories that become our Biblical language every day!

  • Alex Ferrero

    New versions always open up God’s Word to me in ways that I’ve never read it before. I’d love to see what this one does for my spiritual walk!

  • RevTim

    I’m curious too. I speak to a lot of different demographics. I’m an NLT, NIV, and ESV guy depending on audience, with a lot of personal study using ESV. 

  • Dan Dixon

    I’m always looking for new ways to present the Scriptures in a new light. I have found out over the past couple of years, that the sermons that are best liked by my congregations are those with stories that can be linked to the passages I am preaching on. After reading what the Voice Bible was, I wondered what it would be like to present the Scriptures in a story format without having to use some secular story to tie it in with. I still may use some of the stories, but I really feel that the Voice Bible will help me rely less and less on those stories. Thank you for your blog and your great insight in all phases of life. 

  • Lancewhardy

    Anxious to see how this new version can translate to our society. Compared to the message and niv.

  • Joe walters

    I was first introduced to the Voice (New Testament) while I was at Story
    Conference a few years age. It has been my go to Bible translation (new
    Testament) since. This
    translation flows smoothly and gives me a better understanding of the
    emotion behind the text. I would love a Full version to help in my
    everyday Bible study. I have worked for a church for the past 11 years and really dont have the extra money to purchase a new version of the Bible. I would really like to have a copy of the new Bible “The Voice”

  • Blanca V

    The NT version of The Voice is one of my favorites because of its poetry, action, lights and amazing insights. I use lots of translations to convey different messages in my ministry. I think this translation is perfect for those who tend to be creative and open to learning in new ways. It makes Christ, our Liberating King, accessible across generations, genres and levels of Biblical knowledge. I’ve been waiting for the OT.

  • Mason Goode

    I always find it helpful to get a fresh new look at the scriptures and the voice seems to be that

  • Libraryoutpost

    I.m recently unemployed and have been really interested in getting a new Bible. My NIV is duct taped together and I dont mind at all, but what I DO mind is I ruined it by applying those stick on tabs to create a thumb index. Well, that was a horrible idea if you read your Bible. If you dont, they’ll look fine for a long time. Mine are ripped off and torn and its shameful. I have KJ, NIV, now our church is moving to ESV. I am very interested in comparing the Voice…hear the stories… 

    Were there any surprises you all had in putting the Bible together like this? Did a Psalm or any of the poetry turn out different?? I am SO curious to get my hands on one. 

  • 1Rock4AT03

    Wow! I would love a copy of this new Bible translation because i want a deeper, more passionate understanding of God’s Word! Context is king and Being able to read the sentiments behind the scripture would certainly provide more understanding! I love God’s Word but want to help others get out of their rut and love it too!

  • Rodd Booth

    In a house of seven people 3 adult kids and an eight year old plus two parents it is real hard to try to model the life of Christ. You see the kids dad was a phoney hypocritical preacher and so the keep going back mentally to what and how he acted. With this The Voice Bible I will be given more insightful messages to us to show the kids the “Real” Jesus

  • JJ

    I am 56 years young and have struggled with all the different Bible translations for most of my life. I have always WANTED to read the whole Bible, and it pains me to admit that I never have. I think I let people assume that I have.  

    Recently I heard Chris Seay read a portion of The Voice, and I finally “saw” what God was patiently trying to tell me. For the first time in my life, I AM excited to spend hours with God’s word. (I purchased the New Testament and can’t put it down!) In fact, my wife told me that my daughter wanted to know “what’s up with Daddy?” because she caught me reading our New Testament copy several mornings in a row before she left the house for school. (Another uncomfortable admission, but hey, better late than never!)

    I want to thank you for publishing this version of the Bible, and if I win a free copy, I have a friend in mind who will get our New Testament copy. Thank you.

  • Vuletik

    I have read the Gospel of John. It is so refreshing and inspiring that i desire to read the whole Bible of this translation. May God bless you for this extraordinary work!

  • Pastor Geoffrey muchiri Mwaura

    I am the outreach and discipleship pastor in our church in Kenya. We feel this is the season for harvest of souls, and so we are holding many gospel crusades to win people to Jesus. We are then bringing them together to teach them the Word of God. As much as we appreciate the older translations of the Bible, I’d love this new translation to assist me and the team to make the story of Jesus more interesting and understandable to these new believers.

    Since I started receiving emails from you, I’ve been having a great source of inspiration both for me and those I minister to. Thank you very much, and may God bless this great work.

  • Fiona Wanjiku


    I have purposed  this year to use every spare moment to fill my mind and heart with the Word of God. Reason being, the Spirit of God reminds us of what we have been taught thus the more i read the word the easier i will recall. The Voice will be quite useful as i can listen to it while am stuck in traffic using public means or when i am handling other chores around the house (multi tasking :-)) i am also hoping it will be simple and clear to understand

  • Getsa Tsikata

    I would want a copy of the new Bible(the Voice Bible) as I am asking God for more light (revelation) into his word so His Word will come alive more to me  so I can enjoy my walk with the Master Jesus.

  • Getsa Tsikata

    I will love a copy of this new translation just to bring more light to the Word and to help me enjoy and make the word more real to me in my every day walk with the Master here in my world.

  • Kapil Sopory

    It is always special to get newer versions of holy books – Bible, in particular- to learn how authors are interpreting the contents in order to throw new light and improve readers’ insight. I long for such opportunities and would not like to miss. However, I leave it to Him and His design to select the 50 who are likely to receive a free copy each.
    I strongly believe that ” I’m not the doer” and that He plays the instruments for the best for us. Hence, I would always welcome His decision.

  • dancerjm

    I am Christianity major at HBU , my own professor and advisor took part in writing this bible. It is such an honor to be reading it and seeing God’s glory in a whole new way. I want a copy because not only is a great ministering tool but it also provides a fresh look to believers and gives a real applimcable method of reaching the lost through identifying roles and speakers. I love this translation and would be blessed immensely to possess a full copy. Amazing work guys and may God bless you in your endeavors

  • Max Khanna

    For those of us (like me) fortunate enough to have grown up with Bibles in the house, and to have heard it read every week (not to mention being able to read it ourselves), our favourite passages can become familiar and comfortable and lose their impact. I’d love the chance to read a new translation, to hear things in a new way and through that to learn something new of God. 

  • Gresford

    As a theology student studying Biblical languages, I have a heightened interest in Bible translations.  This version seems creative, artistic, unique and scholarly.  I think it would be an asset to have such a translation in my library for reading the Word, seeing it from a fresh perspective for the purpose of sharing from the pulpit, personal devotions, and Bible studies.

  • Narrator

    Having read professionally more than 30 different Bibles in several production formats, I am most interested in experiencing this innovative approach. I believe my unique experience and expertise allows me to be able to help communicate what looks to be an exciting advance in exposing God’s word to a much broader audience.

    Stephen Johnston

  • D

    I love learning and sharing.  One of the reasons I would like the voice is because I speak and teach at different churches and community organizations.  Using the Voice in my studies would add another dimension to my preparations.

    Thanks for the post!

  • Chris Lyons

    This past Sunday morning, I heard some comments about The Voice (which I vaguely remembered from a few years ago when the NT version was released), with the concerns about it being that it had edited out “Jesus Christ”, and instead translated (instead of transliterated) “Christ” to “the Anointed One”.   This is actually something I’ve really wanted to see Bible translators do for years, as this particular transliteration has resulted in folks thinking Jesus has the last name “Christ”, and they miss the OT language about the Lord’s Anointed, and the OT ties to Jesus.

    As a Christian blogger and someone that a lot of folks IRL tend to ask about current issues/topics in Christianity, I’d like my own copy of The Voice to be able to speak intelligently to folks about it (particularly to counter the scare-mongering that seems to be going on) and to know where to appropriately suggest its usage.

  • Mark Oelze

    First just want to say thank you Michael for all you are doing to help each and every one of us who are following your blogs and podcasts.  I truly appreciate your investment in our lives.  I would like a copy of the Voice to consider giving to my neighbors.  For the past 20 years we have sought quite literally to “love our neighbors” through acts of kindness, investing in relationships, and doing a monthly Supper club.  The story of what has happened is humbling and inspiring.  One of the results is that the spiritual climate of our neighborhood has been raised…people growing in their hunger for spiritual things.  I want to give them a version of the Bible that will meet them where they are at, speak to them in todays vernacular, and help draw them to the King.  I am hoping the Voice will do just that.  Thank you again!

  • Walter

    I’d love a copy of this book to enrich my perspective of the Bible and share my insights with others around me.

  • Todd Elliott

    I’d like a copy of The Voice because I believe if people really did hear “The Voice” they’d turn around their chair and want Him on their team!

  • Jim Turner

    I would love a new translation because when the bible is translated, it is colored by the viewpoint of the translator(s). This, in my opinion, better illuminates the scriptures than simply reading 1 or 2 translations.

  • b_wings77

    I am always interested in different translations of the Bible.  One thing that seems to be missing from many translations is the subtle nuance of the Bible and The Voice appears to have attempted to capture that quality.  As a young families minister, I find that many young people do not know the Bible and I believe that is largely because the “most common” translations are missing the utter beauty of the original language and meaning.  Anything that could help the families to whom I minister to desire an intimacy with God’s Word that they have never before experienced, is something that I want to use and get to know.  I am very excited to learn about The Voice Bible.  Thank you for introducing it to me.

  • Akweldy

    I’m a stateside missionary with a Bible translation organization so I would love to read this new translation.  I know everyone in the office would want to steal it for a few days to check it out for themselves and I promise to let them – as long as they give it back!

  • Sam B

    Bonjour Michael!

    As we train French students to become disciples of Jesus Christ through an one year program in Paris, I am really interested in discovering the Bible with a different approach. It will help my wife and I to teach and train this generation of French leaders.

    Thanks for your blog and podcast! We really appreciate.

  • Mitchell Maloney

    Our Lutheran synod is currently evaluating whether or not to change to the new NIV translation or another one.  I, too, have typically used the current NIV because I believe it most closely adheres to the original languages.

    However, this translation intrigues me because sometimes, the NIV doesn’t “flow” well and speak to younger Christians, like my kids, and I hope to be able to show them an alternative way of “hearing” God’s Word if I am chosen for one of these Bibles.

    God bless,
    Mitch Maloney

  • Sandy Heelan

    I love God and I love His Word and am passionate about studying it.  I long for people to be established in His Word and would like to understand this tool and discover how it might aid in that that process.

  • Tom Benton

    Michael, thank you for sharing the interview and the information about the translation and efforts behind The Voice Bible.  Your last question and the answer given by one of the gentlemen is why I would like to have a copy:  you asked their dream for the project and one answer was, basically, to see an end to Biblical illiteracy.  As an elder in my congregation, I have been discussing this very topic with the minister that I mentor.  He has been very interested in addressing Biblical illiteracy in our congregation and has been developing lessons and workshops to meet the need.  I would love to have a copy of  The Voice Bible to give to him as he pursues that dream / goal.

    (filling out the form and already tweeted… also will be emailing a link to your blog posting to our ministry staff!)

  • A_kinsky8574

    because it seems more meaning and i think it what jesus is real saying to us so that we understand him much better and i could use a new bible 

  • Markpills

    Would love to share this translation with Bible instructors here at Houston Christian High School. I like The Message as an interesting resource, I am sure this translation will be interesting too!

  • Robert Aaron Sr

    Any Translation Can Add New Info. To The Words Of The LORD.This Translation Is Suppose To Be As If The Writer Was Talking To You.

  • Michael Whitcomb

    I am an associate pastor and am constantly comparing English translations with the original texts. I would like an opportunity to critique this translation without having to foot the bill. Hey, I’m just being honest. 

  • Short Kevin

    I would like a copy of the Voice Bible to preach from.  I am looking for a new translation to use when I preach.  I use the NIV currently but have never been a big fan of it.  And another reason is that I collect and in the process end up giving away bibles.  Thanks for the new tool and resource

  • Bill Price

    Would like a copy to compare with other translations.  Pastoring for 44 yrs. & it’s never too late to learn. 

  • chadoh

    Aaaaarrrrggghhh. “Everything being created now is under copyright protection, and the reason for that is  we invest sometimes 10s of millions of dollars in Bible translations, and you can’t have that kind of investment if there’s not a way to recover it.” Why does this fallacy persist, that copyright is helping recover these costs? Copyright is helping to stifle these works. It is preventing these very life-giving works from getting into more hands, and thus limiting their spread. Relaxing control and allowing for more organic spread will result in greater donations to the translators, not less. We should all read Free Culture, especially Bible translators:

  • Grant Stewart

    i love stories, i love reading and telling stories to my kids. If The voice is a version that will assist me in telling the story of the Bible then I would love a copy! 

  • Dianne G.

    To read the word of God every day in easier terms for me to understand.

  • Pbrannan

    I would like a copy of the Voice because I believe in the power of God’s Word.  I am interested in any tool that will help make that power available to more people.  If more people have a Bible version that allows them to understand God and His love for them then they will truly “get God” – that is understand who He is and the relationship He wants with them.  
    I convinced that when more people “get God”, God gets them.  I would love to have a version to use as I try to help people “get God”.

  • Mark Taylor

    I’d love to get a copy of The Voice to see the influence of the poets and artists on the work of translation. That is a great way to carry the genre of much of the biblical literature through in the translation. I am also intrigued and impressed by the handmade cover. What a fantastic partnership with poor believers in buenos aires! I don’t tweet or do facebook, so I can’t do number three above. Perhaps you’ll consider me for the giveaway anyway. :)

  • Jeff Thompson

    The Voice Bible sounds like a unique “one of a kind” approach to translating and communicating God’s Word.  By combining the insights of poet’s, writers, and theologians, it seems like this will be a tool that really speaks to this generation.  Helping people find their place in God’s Story is what the Christian life is all about.  This is in fact, the essence of the Great Commission.  Making disciples, people who hear His voice and follow Him.  That is what the church needs today.  The Voice looks like a God inspired tool for this generation. 

    I love the idea of hearing and reading from the individual authors.  After seeing the videos online, this is definitely an approach that I appreciate and want to be a part of. Thanks so much Thomas Nelson for this daring approach to communicating God’s Word.  Jeff Thompson, Mercy Projects

  • Bill Horn

    I would like a copy of this new Bible for a few reasons:

    1) I love finding new and fresh ways of explaining the gospel to people who don’t know Jesus yet, and from what I hear, The Voice has a creative way of presenting the timeless truth of Scripture.

    2) As one who tries to write songs with which my congregation can worship, I think I would benefit greatly from the fresh presentation of The Voice.

    3) As a worship pastor, it would be a very useful tool to use in our services, giving a fresh expression to the timeless Word. Such a change sparks new interest for our people in the Lord and in His Word. 

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Thomas Duff

    I’ve always been fascinated by new translations and the process that goes into them. Do you strive for literal word-for-word? What do you do with concepts that don’t translate culturally?  Do you instead go for interpretation in modern language? If so, then how (or can) does that new translation work for study?

    It’s an interesting topic, and I’d like to receive a copy of this new Bible both for understanding how they did the translation and for seeing God’s word in a new light.

  • Richard Grant

    A  main factor in interpreting meaning is lost in the written word. Voice emphasis and  inflection by a biblical scholar can bring a clarity that is not possible any other way. I am a
    graduate sociologist with many hours in classroom religion. I would like a copy of this translation to bring out what was intended for the reader without a professors opinion. 

  • Kiddkerr73

    jtk loved by many, if you give one to me I can share the book with many people. I cant believe this is come to pass, all the different people who have worked so hard on this book ,I believe if all of us people get it together we can figure the book of life out, I think Its better then any other version. thank you Jeromy Kerr

  • Adeola Dammy

    Never knew how i got here…but am not surprised! It have been thinking and looking for how to get a simpler bible translation in addition to the KJV am using. Am a christian student from Africa studying in Ukraine( where you can easily get an english bible translation). Getting a free copy of “The Voice” will be a dream come true. God bless Nelson publisher!!!

  • Uma Maheswaran S

    Currently I refer NIV 84 and NKJV version. I love to read this new version and I am excited about this fresh version. I beleive that this translation would help me to understand things in a way like never before.

  • Eleanor Lawrence

    I love the Lord and His Word is the Truth.I am a 72 year old lady that could listen to the Word when i can’t sleep at night because I live alone.I am aprayer warrior who prays for people all the time .I need to speak the Word as I listen to it it must become alive to me daily .The Lord Bless your Work that you do.I pray for 180 little preschool children who need to be taught the Word while they are small and they wont depart from it later.We need to pray the Word back to the Lord as we pray. Bless you abubdantly.

  • Tracy Sinclair

    I am always intrigue with “another” new translation. But, like this video talked about and shared…there is a reason. I felt that these men want this translation to be a new beginning for not old believers but new ones also! I’d love to have a copy so that I can be refreshed in my walk with the Lord but then pass on many more copies so that other believers can get a breath of fresh air!

  • kerrydexter

    I am musician and a poet myself, and work with and mentor people who are in these fields. I’d welcome seeing how the contributions from creative artists’ voices play out in this translation both for my own spiritual practice and for inspiration in my work.

  • Louis Conradie

    English is my second language. I have come a long way from my very first
    Afrikaans (1953) Bible, then a much more understandable version
    followed in 1983. Later I was introduced to the NIV and a few years ago I
    was challenged to read through the “NIV 90 days Bible”. This was such a
    blessing that I started to challenge others to do the same. Last year I
    decided to read through the NLT Daily Walk Bible and it was as if a new
    world opened up to me. I understood and experienced the Word of God as
    never before. Now I believe I am ready to be challenged even more. I
    like the idea to step even deeper into the whole story of God. I think
    The Voice will help me do just that!

  • paul

    I would love to have a copy of this because I love to use different verions as I prepare messages or Bible studies. Being a youth pastor , I am always preparing something and having something else like this to add to whatever I am working on would be great .Thanks for the chance to recieve one.

  • Ken Weliever

    Michael, I’m always interested in new opportunites, products or services that I can share with others.  This sounds like something I might be able to recommend to people where I preach, my face book friends, and those who follow my blog.  I’m looking forward to receiving my free copy!  Thanks in advance for choosing me!

  • Lori Beth Sheffield-Bowles

    Why would I like a copy of this new Bible? I’ve heard a lot of things about it, and I would love to see how it is different from the nrsv, good news etc. I think it would be nice to have during my Bible Study group as another translation.

  • Aeron Morgan

    Tremendously impressed with the interview – it answered some of my reservations about many of the translations (or versions) which may be coloured by scholars governed by their denominational or theological biases. I will be interested, as a Bible teacher, in reading this new translation that, from the discussion, appears to be a genuine endeavour to truly bring GOD’S word to the eaders. I wish the  Pubishers every blessing on their new work, for God’s glory.

  • ThatGuyKC

    I grew up in the church and have read straight through the Bible once while still reading passages and books over and over again. I think everyone has pro. Unfortunately, I treated it more like a chore so instead of growing in my relationship with God my head just got filled with facts if I even remembered what I read.

    When I got a copy of The Voice New Testament some months ago it felt like new life was breathed into me. I’m hungry for the Word and use The Voice as well as YouVersion to read the Bible on a daily basis.
    The Voice experience for the entire Bible would truly be a blessing.

  • Vanessa S.

    Thank you for offering this giveaway. I enjoyed the video. I like learning about the Bible translation process. I have grown to love God’s Word and hope to help others develop that love and hunger for it as well. I hope to win a copy – both for my own personal study and so I can hopefully help others better understand the meaning of Scripture as well. I am especially interested in the notes describing the original context of the Scriptures. I read that it is written in screenplay format, which is something that I would be interested to see. That unique approach and the focus on the arts may be something that very much appeals to many in today’s world. I would be interested to see how my church might be able to incorporate something like this. Thanks again!
    Also, I love the leather cover – each one unique and providing employment for those people. Really takes the meaning of the Bible to a whole new level! Awesome!

  • handicrafts

     Its awesome! Thanks for sharing. Waiting for next.

  • digital marketing

    What a blog I have read. Here you have great opportunity to learn in fabulous manner.

  • Wes Molebash

    I’ve got a copy of The Voice: New Testament, and I absolutely love it! It’s a great “reading” Bible and I love the “screenplay format”. I’m really excited to read the Old Testament in this translation. I’ll be buying a copy in the future, but it’d be cool to have a free copy that I could give to a friend.

  • Garrett Lee

    I’m an elder at a church plant in the DC area. One of the greatest challenges I see is getting folks to invest themselves in regular Bible reading and find themselves in its story. I’d love to have another tool for connecting our 21st century congregation to the ancient books.

  • JJ

    I have struggled (at times, other times I have just not tried) to find a translation that speaks to my faith.  From time to time, I will come across a particular verse in a particular translation and think I have finally found my Bible.  Then some other book or Psalm will not read easily for me and the search is on again.

    Would you mind posting Joshua 1:9 from the Voice Bible?

  • Mark S. Krause

    I would love to read a copy of this new version. I have already blogged about it once based on a CNN report. I  like the idea of not transliterating Bible words, which I think has been the source of great mischief in the church, but I would like to see how thoroughgoing The Voice really is in this area. I have written several articles for publication about the process of Bible translation, so this appeals to me as a different approach

  • Melody

    I have always found reading the Bible to be difficult in spots.  I did read the Message years ago and that brought a lot of the Bible to life and helped me understand it better.  I have a 20 year old that is now pullling away from the church but he likes to read.  I think I would have more success giving him this Bible version than forcing him to come to worship on Sundays.  I think this sounds like a good translation to help people that have fallen away from religion in its standard forms and to also help people new to the faith understand the Bible.  One more way to become close to God is always appreciated.

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  • Onize Ighodaro

    Why would I like a copy? Over the past few months, I’ve been struggling in my walk with God. Reading my bible became a chore that I was loathe to do. Praying? Forget it! Resentment towards God welled up inside of me to the point that I lashed out against Him (I said some pretty ugly things) to a friend. She’s since taken it upon herself to help me find my way back to God. I got a link in my inbox to download the entire New Testament of The Voice and I got an additional link for the book of Genesis. Reading Genesis in The Voice is already proving to be transformational. I can’t wait to read the New Testament. So, Michael, please send me a copy of The Voice because, right now, it’s apparent that God wants to speak to me and this seems to be the only translation through which He can reach me

    • Hr Hamada

       Wow it was awesome you got a link to download the entire NT. That’s great! We all go through periodic struggles of faith, I send prayers for strength and guidance.
      But whether or not you win, I hope winning an item won’t affect your growth. I’ve only previewed the Voice, and can heartily recommend it, but it should not be “the only translation through which he can speak to you” as you say. There are many wonderful translations and God can and will speak to you through any of them, if you listen

  • Vicki Moag

    This is so exciting!  I would thoroughly enjoy a copy of the translation of the Voice so that I can greater understand the drama and voice that God planned for His Word.  I have been blessed with the gift of singing and the love of music, poetry, and art.  This version will bring God’s Word to me in more Color, allowing me to understand the greater Covering of His Love over me that I may grow closer to Him and share His word with others!

  • Steve Palm

    I would like a copy of this new Bible because I think it would be a fabulous translation to use with my Children. They are young, and this style may be far more comprehensible for them. As questions come up we will undoubtedly look in other versions, but I am so intrigued by what I have read from this version that I think it would be a perfect fit.

  • Carol

    I watched a CNN clip where David Capes said “We wanted to give people a copy of the Bible they would not only want
    to own, but would want to read, Keith Richards of the
    Rolling Stones made the statement ‘I read the Bible sometimes, but I
    find it deadly boring.’ We wanted to give Keith a copy of the Bible, and
    others like Keith because there are a lot like him, give him a copy of
    the Bible that frankly he would want to read and he would not want to
    put down”. This is that Bible for me. Its not so much that I find the Bible boring to read,  I struggle with understanding the message. I downloaded Genesis from and have been totally gripped by the Word. Thats why I would like a copy of this new bible.

  • Chazz Eddie Borjas

    I really love the Voice translation and it has become the Bible of choice of our international church( Chapel In The Wilderness) here in Japan. We are non denominational, and minister to parents of handicapped children. My wife also cares for the handicapped kids. The Voice Bible is much easier to translate into Japanese verbally than any of the other translations because of its simplicity and script format. 
      Our church wold really really really love to have a copy  donated, but we’ve been told before that Churches outside the US are not eligible. 
      I have been on the field of Japan for almost 40 years and preaching the Gospel has never been easier using this translation. Having the Hand made leather version as a treasure, to keep on our Bible stand , will so inspire the people here that they will want to help translate it into Japanese for our own church’s use. Of course we pray for the day that the Voice will be translated into Japanese, and think it is very needful for the Japanese people to read the Bible in this translation. 
    The only translations they have are difficult to understand except for the Living Bible Japanese translation.
      I cannot tell you how much we want one of these and if our congregation could just see one real live one, I know that there will be others in our international church who are native speakers of English who will buy it. So please could we have a copy sent to Japan? Jesus said “Ask and you shall receive” So we are asking on behalf of me and my Japanese wife. 
    Our address is : Rev. Charles Borjas , Saitama -Ken, Kitamoto-Shi, Chuo, 1-31, Century Kitamoto 206. 364-0031, Japan. Thank you Jesus , thank you , Lord! In Jesus name Amen!

    Love and Prayers in Him, Rev. Charles Borjas, D.D.

  • Chazz Eddie Borjas

    Sorry , another comment but in my opinion, James Earl Ray Jones , the actor, should do a recording of the voice, He has already done a wonderful job on the KJV and his is the only one I would listen to , as well as Alexander Scourby, if you can’t get him, then get Max McLean, he did a bang up job on the ESV. But James Earl Ray Jones would still be my no 1., choice.

    • Hr Hamada

       The voice is a print translation, not an audio transcription. But I agree that it would be awesome to hear it done by James Earl Jones. He’s got a great voice!

      James Earl Ray was the guy that assassinated Martin Luther King

      • Chazz Eddie Borjas

        That’s right , there’s no Ray in! Its so easy to get those names mixed up. I have 4 names myself, Charles Edward Michael Borjas, so I have been confused with other people. Here in Japan they don’t give middle names.

  • Brenda Spies

    Dear Michael,

    I would like to receive a Voice Bible to give to my young adult Son. His name is Michael and he is struggling with his faith and his view of society. I am praying that my son will find comfort. More importantly, giving him Peace.

    Kind regards,

  • Barry Owen

    Since first reading Steven Covey’s “7 Habits” 25 years ago, I have been on my on quest for that “Holy grail” of being “Highly Effective!” . . . I have also had much focus on the “Sharpen the Saw” component of “Spiritual, Emotional, Social, Mental, Physical” awareness . . . the “Spiritual” has been the elusive one for me until the past couple of years . . . At the age of almost 50, I am now listening to the Homily every Sunday – Studying the verse – Learning – and seeing my life improve. With this new personal Spiritual awareness, I have a desire to study the Bible . . . and why not begin this fresh path with a new translation? This is the final piece of my own stew of High Performance living I now call “Life Rhythm”

  • Nathan D Cherney

    I have grown up with the NIV version most of my life, but I have found wonderful insight and renewed truth by studying through the NLT, ESV, and the Message on occasion.  I am a student at Biola University, pursuing my M.Div at Talbot Seminary, so I have often looked at the Greek text for the literal translation.  I would love to have a copy of the Voice Bible simply to have a fresh look at the Word since I have been stuck with Greek homework (which is great, but wooden of course).  The combination of over 100 artist, Bible scholars, & more will enhance my own study as well as provide relevant truth to the youth group I teach weekly in Chino, CA.  Thank you releasing such a useful tool for the Kingdom! 

    Nathan Cherney

  • Markrichert

    I would like to experience a fuller media portrayal of the scriptures. Hopefully this will add another dimension.

  • Lauriecopeland

    I’m always open to something that puts a fresh light on the Bible.  Here’s the sentence that really intrigued me:  The Voice does a masterful job of capturing the passion, grit, humor, and beauty that is often lost in other translations.

  • Murvin Innis

    We are at an exciting time in our church life as we are now moving into a new dispensation. One of the major things that we are focusing on is understanding what God is telling us in this age and time through His word. I believe that publication have come at a right time for our church. I know that even though i might not receive a copy of the bible I will defenitely make a plan to get one for myself.

  • Mike Knighten

    I love real everyday translations to help bring a clearer meaning to the word.

  • Justin Johnson

    I would love a  copy of this new Bible for a multitude of reasons. First off, David Capes is a fellow Texan and we Texans always stick together. Second, the binding on two, that’s right the only two hard copies of the Bible I own recently broke. Which as you can imagine makes holding the pages together slightly more difficult. One of them I received in 1994, so I believe it has had a good life. The other is a hand-me-down FCA Study Bible who has had many owners and I have had the privilege of using for the past year. Third, I am in the process of attempting to go to China in a few months to teach English, it would be amazing to have this new version to share with the international community over there. And lastly, it is the Bible! No matter the version I feel God is able to speak to us most directly through His Word and if y’all believe to have made another way for God to speak to us directly I would love to be able to read it and share it.

  • Karen Wiser

    I would love the newest copy of The Voice for three reasons.  The first reason is because I have already purchased the New Testament version of this Bible and I have found it to read exactly as the title implies, as though I am having a conversation with the characters within the story.  Secondly, I would like this latest edition so I can continue reading it with my preteen daughter.  Finally, I have encouraged my readers to join me this year in reading The Voice and I want to have the complete Bible.  I have found this Bible to be a great tool to pair with the ESV and NIV! 

  • Mark Eulo

    I am a Christian playwright and love the ‘script’ or ‘screen-play’ formatting of  The Voice! I also appreciate the modern clarity and injection of notes and helps. Thank you!

  • Ricky S

    I disciple a group of young high schoolers and love reading through the ESV/NASB but love to tack on a looser translation (like the Message) to get a different perspective and view.  It would be great to have a translation that is in a story form to show the Bible in a more artistic way to my artsy guys!

  • jeff cook

    So I’m going on a Mission Trip with NorthPointe Church in Adairsville GA and at one of the meetings, the leaders mention that they live there life trying to be a blessing to all the people they are around and involved. Fast Forward: this morning I go to KTesh and The Voice Version of  Galatians 6:10 “So seize any opportunity the Lord gives you to do good things and be a blessing to everyone, especially those within our faithful family,”is posted.  I would like to present this Bible to Scott and Holly Holder of for their faithful service. 

  • Kendra

    I would like a copy of this new Bible because I simply want to read God’s Word more. I have several different Bibles I use and each one gives me a richer experience. They are also helpful in preparing lessons for my 4th and 5th grade students as well as helping them to dig deeper into God’s Word.

  • Gerrydudley

    I have taught the word of god since 1978 in personal bible studies, churches, and one on one, , I began to yse the open bible as a standard in my bible teachings. I have not found a bible like that since. have always looked for a more precise reading of the word of God that would give me a complete understanding of Gods word. I have used KJV, AMPLIFIED, NIV, MESSAGE, AND others translations together to get and idea of what god meant and how he intended us to apply his word. As I continue to search for different translations. I want to fully understand the context of the word in order to apply it properly. If the voice is what you say it is, I believe that it will be the next
    Move of the Holy Spirit in bringing clarity and understanding to this world about the Father and his word.

  • Jon

    I am excited to read a new translation that can help to open up the world of the bible.  I work with a missions organization in England, and am always looking for way to help those I train and work with to see and understand the bible in a new way.

  • Gilbert Matthews

    I am an ardent sudent of the scriptures and the Voice will enhance the information I give to my congregation and friends. I also like the fact that scholars and researchers did not focus on a specific theoligical background or ideology, but the kept the text at the heart of the Voice. I’m excited about it…..

  • Greg Gordon

    Interesting thoughts on bible translation. I appreciated hearing specifically the reason for bible copyrights. I do wonder what the interest and acceptance of this new bible translation will be.

  • Timothy Lynn Burchfield

    I love scripture which helps me put a real life today application.  I love JB Phillips and his modern English version.  I hope this will be as good.

  • Kellee Merrill

    Thank you so much for the Voice Bible, I am so excited to share it with my son!

  • .V airamatnaS raseC

    I saw an interview they made with professor Capes on CNN, and I heard his arguments and strategies for this translation with very much dismay and discomfort.  

    – To take the word CHRIST out, because “many people don’t understand the meaning of it” its an awful reasoning. So dumbifying the Word of God is the best choice for the ‘dumb’ masses that won’t go to church? The idea of people reading the bible al- Also, the western comoditty culture shows up with this: “we actually made this this bible to people that never read it at all , or very seldom read it”.  I understand that as “we spent time and resources to produce a bible translation that can sit in coffee tables all over the world so people can take a look at it while in the waiting room,  have a good time, and leave it there”.  In my opinion, wrong reasoning again.

    – “(…)we made the strategic decision of not just transliterate but to translate everything, to give the meaning of the text, to show where this story, this great story of love and redemption, is going.” 

    In Genesis 1:1″ (…). Here’s what happened.” <— the bible is not a novel like Harry Potter or Twilight, and must not be treated/translated like one! 

    People should not "read it and not put it down" like a Kindle book, they should read it, AND go to churches so they can learn of it with other more mature christians, as the community/body Christ envisioned and instructed his apostles to do. Actually this IS what happens with Phillip and the Eunuch in the book of Acts, and with Apollo, Priscilla and Aquila.

    The concept of fidelity should be defined for how close can you go to the original, and I see that now the idea is to interpret it as much as possible, so people don't have to do the 'spiritual part'(praying, fasting, etc.) and the 'community part'(just go to church and be part of the body of Christ) and can read the bible at home, alone.

    I disagree with that effort, and think it's not a good/spiritual "strategic decision" from the Thomas Nelson Group.

    It wasn't my idea to hurt nor attack Thomas Nelson nor professor Capes;  just to clarify.  But as a christian and bible reader I believe this had to be said.


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  • Jess Espina Jr

    The Voice Bible will be a perfect fit to our ministry which is called VOICE (for Values Orientation In Classroom Education at Philippines wherein we teach biblical values inside the public schools using the Bible as the textbook. The Department of Education gives us permit and allows us to teach Values Instructions Classes (VIC) inside the classrooms during school hours once a week. We give free Bibles to the students when they accomplish a certain number of lessons and as our funds allow. Our partner churches that provide the volunteer teachers number a little under 300 and the students we reach each week is at least 150,000 in 14 of the 17 regions nationwide. I hope you can send us Voice Bibles for our VOICE values classes. God bless.

  • Zl19u0

    i want to read the voice cause i want to see how true it is to the origional manuscripts and greek and hebrew concordances. and to see if theres any leven cause all it takes is one word to not be capitolised when it should be like the word spirit in almost all of pauls writeings are refering to our human spirit where He dwells and some translations are soooooo offff!!!!!!!lololo i see very clearly i dont know why but i have a holy obsession of eating the word word by word cilible by cilible and eat it and its sooo yummmmmy!!! Your Words were found and i ate them!!!!!! and they became in me O Lord!!!!! the Joy and Rejoiceing of my heart!jerimiah! and as the living Father has sent Me so he who eats Me shall Live zoe and psyuce because of Me. john 6,57

    • Ckeraly

       also check out the recovery version by living stream ministrie at you dont have to read the footnotes but the translation is very sound and unlevened bread. very good to read with a prayerfull spirit minding just the things of the Spirit while keeping our mind on our spirit and not on the fl..h!!!lol i hate that word exept when He said the Word became flesh and tabernacled amoung us and we beheld His Glory Glory as the only begoten from the Father full of Grace and Reality!!! recovery version.lolrocks!

  • Zl19u0

    looks like someone cant handle the truth now im really curious to see what this bible voice translation in its absolute entirety is all about may the Lord continue to bless His faithfull Word on the earth as it is in heaven.and i truely hope my comment was deleted because of legal reasons and not because of some bitterness. God bless

  • Zl19u0

    i would like a copy of the voice bible because they made a clear distinction between the original text and the supplied voice translation words that make the Word speak directly to us as a individual and it speaks as a story without compromising the integrity of the original text. and i want it because i have always read the word as it were to myself and its so personal and enjoyable to fellowship with the Lord on that level,plus it comes in bonded leather and leather soft with gold leafing on the page circumference.

  • Paul

    It seems more authentic, as though the original authors were sitting next to me and speaking

  • Ruth

    I would like a copy because I always look for Bible that help me understand the word better

  • Wes gleason

    Our pastor has a copy and tonight at our worship team meeting I had a chance to check out the new translation. I am a layspeaker and i am alway looking at different translations when researching a sermon. This Bible read easy and more like the way we speak to each other. I enjoyed what I read. Wes Gleason

  • Sgriffith0804

    I would like my own copy of the The Voice because my family and I recently purchased two copies in leather with the cross on the front.  My step grandson recently passed in his sleep.  The family received so much love and support in the form of prayers, food, visits, flowers, memorials and much more.  When my son in law shared with me the scriptures he chose from his bible I decided he needed a new bible in memory of his son Brandon.  My daughter liked the format so well that I ordered her one on line just like it, however I read that the leather covers are individually made and on one is exactly alike.  I thought that perfect for them in this case because Brandon was created by God and no one else is like him.  Since that time I have purchased another copy in the red fabric for my oldest daughter who would like to be able to explain the bible to her two boys.    So now I would like my own copy, please enter me in your drawing.  

  • T Gramling

    Really enjoying the Voice, thank you for all the hard work!

  • Dr. Thomas Clement THD

    Ps 119:43 And take not the word of truth utterly out of my mouth; for I have hoped in thy judgments.

  • Titus7212

    This is one of the first among numerous that really reaches across the centuries and speaks in language fit for the 21st Century.  No more transliterations but actual translations.  The correct translation in modern language.  Inspirational reading that lights a fire which other bibles extinguished with their outdated language.

  • Dale K.

    I have looked at a copy and I like the way it delineates who is speaking in particular passages, as in the book of Job.  I would also enjoy having a copy of this Bible.

  • Soho 99

    I love this bible….I have never had God speak to me so clearly…it is the best bible ever…when will an iPad app be available…

  • Cathy Vargason

    I love this bible. I found the New Testament on sale for $4 and bought one for 10 family members. LOL I managed to get myself a copy of the complete version but now I have a tablet and need an eBook version! I tried to get the free new testament copy but it never downloaded and it won’t let me try again. I am heartbroken!