The Voice Bible Translation

Thomas Nelson just released the full version of The Voice Bible translation. It represents the combined work of more than 100 Bible scholars, pastors, writers, musicians, poets, and artists.

The goal of this new translation was to allow the one divine Voice speak through the unique and diverse human voices who wrote the books of the Bible without attempting to homogenize the final product. The Voice does a masterful job of capturing the passion, grit, humor, and beauty that is often lost in other translations.

In the video above, I interview Frank Couch, Vice President of Bible Translation at Thomas Nelson and David Capes, who is the Thomas Nelson Research Professor at Houston Baptist University. These men guided the translation process of this project.

In the video, I asked Frank and David the following questions:

  • Why should people have to pay for a Bible translation? How can Bibles be copyrightable?
  • How much does it cost to create a new Bible translation?
  • Does the world really need another English Bible translation?
  • How is The Voice different from other translations?
  • How did the translation process unfold with the Voice?
  • How are people responding to the Voice?
  • What different kinds of formats is this Bible available in?
  • What is your dream for this project?

The Voice is not designed to replace your favorite translation. Instead, it is designed to be read along side that translation to provide additional insights.

Question: What do you think of this new Bible? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • Chazz Eddie Borjas

    Sorry , another comment but in my opinion, James Earl Ray Jones , the actor, should do a recording of the voice, He has already done a wonderful job on the KJV and his is the only one I would listen to , as well as Alexander Scourby, if you can’t get him, then get Max McLean, he did a bang up job on the ESV. But James Earl Ray Jones would still be my no 1., choice.

    • Hr Hamada

       The voice is a print translation, not an audio transcription. But I agree that it would be awesome to hear it done by James Earl Jones. He’s got a great voice!

      James Earl Ray was the guy that assassinated Martin Luther King

      • Chazz Eddie Borjas

        That’s right , there’s no Ray in! Its so easy to get those names mixed up. I have 4 names myself, Charles Edward Michael Borjas, so I have been confused with other people. Here in Japan they don’t give middle names.

  • Brenda Spies

    Dear Michael,

    I would like to receive a Voice Bible to give to my young adult Son. His name is Michael and he is struggling with his faith and his view of society. I am praying that my son will find comfort. More importantly, giving him Peace.

    Kind regards,

  • Barry Owen

    Since first reading Steven Covey’s “7 Habits” 25 years ago, I have been on my on quest for that “Holy grail” of being “Highly Effective!” . . . I have also had much focus on the “Sharpen the Saw” component of “Spiritual, Emotional, Social, Mental, Physical” awareness . . . the “Spiritual” has been the elusive one for me until the past couple of years . . . At the age of almost 50, I am now listening to the Homily every Sunday – Studying the verse – Learning – and seeing my life improve. With this new personal Spiritual awareness, I have a desire to study the Bible . . . and why not begin this fresh path with a new translation? This is the final piece of my own stew of High Performance living I now call “Life Rhythm”

  • Nathan D Cherney

    I have grown up with the NIV version most of my life, but I have found wonderful insight and renewed truth by studying through the NLT, ESV, and the Message on occasion.  I am a student at Biola University, pursuing my M.Div at Talbot Seminary, so I have often looked at the Greek text for the literal translation.  I would love to have a copy of the Voice Bible simply to have a fresh look at the Word since I have been stuck with Greek homework (which is great, but wooden of course).  The combination of over 100 artist, Bible scholars, & more will enhance my own study as well as provide relevant truth to the youth group I teach weekly in Chino, CA.  Thank you releasing such a useful tool for the Kingdom! 

    Nathan Cherney

  • Markrichert

    I would like to experience a fuller media portrayal of the scriptures. Hopefully this will add another dimension.

  • Lauriecopeland

    I’m always open to something that puts a fresh light on the Bible.  Here’s the sentence that really intrigued me:  The Voice does a masterful job of capturing the passion, grit, humor, and beauty that is often lost in other translations.

  • Murvin Innis

    We are at an exciting time in our church life as we are now moving into a new dispensation. One of the major things that we are focusing on is understanding what God is telling us in this age and time through His word. I believe that publication have come at a right time for our church. I know that even though i might not receive a copy of the bible I will defenitely make a plan to get one for myself.

  • Mike Knighten

    I love real everyday translations to help bring a clearer meaning to the word.

  • Justin Johnson

    I would love a  copy of this new Bible for a multitude of reasons. First off, David Capes is a fellow Texan and we Texans always stick together. Second, the binding on two, that’s right the only two hard copies of the Bible I own recently broke. Which as you can imagine makes holding the pages together slightly more difficult. One of them I received in 1994, so I believe it has had a good life. The other is a hand-me-down FCA Study Bible who has had many owners and I have had the privilege of using for the past year. Third, I am in the process of attempting to go to China in a few months to teach English, it would be amazing to have this new version to share with the international community over there. And lastly, it is the Bible! No matter the version I feel God is able to speak to us most directly through His Word and if y’all believe to have made another way for God to speak to us directly I would love to be able to read it and share it.

  • Karen Wiser

    I would love the newest copy of The Voice for three reasons.  The first reason is because I have already purchased the New Testament version of this Bible and I have found it to read exactly as the title implies, as though I am having a conversation with the characters within the story.  Secondly, I would like this latest edition so I can continue reading it with my preteen daughter.  Finally, I have encouraged my readers to join me this year in reading The Voice and I want to have the complete Bible.  I have found this Bible to be a great tool to pair with the ESV and NIV! 

  • Mark Eulo

    I am a Christian playwright and love the ‘script’ or ‘screen-play’ formatting of  The Voice! I also appreciate the modern clarity and injection of notes and helps. Thank you!

  • Ricky S

    I disciple a group of young high schoolers and love reading through the ESV/NASB but love to tack on a looser translation (like the Message) to get a different perspective and view.  It would be great to have a translation that is in a story form to show the Bible in a more artistic way to my artsy guys!

  • jeff cook

    So I’m going on a Mission Trip with NorthPointe Church in Adairsville GA and at one of the meetings, the leaders mention that they live there life trying to be a blessing to all the people they are around and involved. Fast Forward: this morning I go to KTesh and The Voice Version of  Galatians 6:10 “So seize any opportunity the Lord gives you to do good things and be a blessing to everyone, especially those within our faithful family,”is posted.  I would like to present this Bible to Scott and Holly Holder of for their faithful service. 

  • Kendra

    I would like a copy of this new Bible because I simply want to read God’s Word more. I have several different Bibles I use and each one gives me a richer experience. They are also helpful in preparing lessons for my 4th and 5th grade students as well as helping them to dig deeper into God’s Word.

  • Gerrydudley

    I have taught the word of god since 1978 in personal bible studies, churches, and one on one, , I began to yse the open bible as a standard in my bible teachings. I have not found a bible like that since. have always looked for a more precise reading of the word of God that would give me a complete understanding of Gods word. I have used KJV, AMPLIFIED, NIV, MESSAGE, AND others translations together to get and idea of what god meant and how he intended us to apply his word. As I continue to search for different translations. I want to fully understand the context of the word in order to apply it properly. If the voice is what you say it is, I believe that it will be the next
    Move of the Holy Spirit in bringing clarity and understanding to this world about the Father and his word.

  • Jon

    I am excited to read a new translation that can help to open up the world of the bible.  I work with a missions organization in England, and am always looking for way to help those I train and work with to see and understand the bible in a new way.

  • Gilbert Matthews

    I am an ardent sudent of the scriptures and the Voice will enhance the information I give to my congregation and friends. I also like the fact that scholars and researchers did not focus on a specific theoligical background or ideology, but the kept the text at the heart of the Voice. I’m excited about it…..

  • Greg Gordon

    Interesting thoughts on bible translation. I appreciated hearing specifically the reason for bible copyrights. I do wonder what the interest and acceptance of this new bible translation will be.

  • Timothy Lynn Burchfield

    I love scripture which helps me put a real life today application.  I love JB Phillips and his modern English version.  I hope this will be as good.

  • Kellee Merrill

    Thank you so much for the Voice Bible, I am so excited to share it with my son!

  • .V airamatnaS raseC

    I saw an interview they made with professor Capes on CNN, and I heard his arguments and strategies for this translation with very much dismay and discomfort.  

    - To take the word CHRIST out, because “many people don’t understand the meaning of it” its an awful reasoning. So dumbifying the Word of God is the best choice for the ‘dumb’ masses that won’t go to church? The idea of people reading the bible al- Also, the western comoditty culture shows up with this: “we actually made this this bible to people that never read it at all , or very seldom read it”.  I understand that as “we spent time and resources to produce a bible translation that can sit in coffee tables all over the world so people can take a look at it while in the waiting room,  have a good time, and leave it there”.  In my opinion, wrong reasoning again.

    - “(…)we made the strategic decision of not just transliterate but to translate everything, to give the meaning of the text, to show where this story, this great story of love and redemption, is going.” 

    In Genesis 1:1″ (…). Here’s what happened.” <— the bible is not a novel like Harry Potter or Twilight, and must not be treated/translated like one! 

    People should not "read it and not put it down" like a Kindle book, they should read it, AND go to churches so they can learn of it with other more mature christians, as the community/body Christ envisioned and instructed his apostles to do. Actually this IS what happens with Phillip and the Eunuch in the book of Acts, and with Apollo, Priscilla and Aquila.

    The concept of fidelity should be defined for how close can you go to the original, and I see that now the idea is to interpret it as much as possible, so people don't have to do the 'spiritual part'(praying, fasting, etc.) and the 'community part'(just go to church and be part of the body of Christ) and can read the bible at home, alone.

    I disagree with that effort, and think it's not a good/spiritual "strategic decision" from the Thomas Nelson Group.

    It wasn't my idea to hurt nor attack Thomas Nelson nor professor Capes;  just to clarify.  But as a christian and bible reader I believe this had to be said.


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  • Jess Espina Jr

    The Voice Bible will be a perfect fit to our ministry which is called VOICE (for Values Orientation In Classroom Education at Philippines wherein we teach biblical values inside the public schools using the Bible as the textbook. The Department of Education gives us permit and allows us to teach Values Instructions Classes (VIC) inside the classrooms during school hours once a week. We give free Bibles to the students when they accomplish a certain number of lessons and as our funds allow. Our partner churches that provide the volunteer teachers number a little under 300 and the students we reach each week is at least 150,000 in 14 of the 17 regions nationwide. I hope you can send us Voice Bibles for our VOICE values classes. God bless.

  • Zl19u0

    i want to read the voice cause i want to see how true it is to the origional manuscripts and greek and hebrew concordances. and to see if theres any leven cause all it takes is one word to not be capitolised when it should be like the word spirit in almost all of pauls writeings are refering to our human spirit where He dwells and some translations are soooooo offff!!!!!!!lololo i see very clearly i dont know why but i have a holy obsession of eating the word word by word cilible by cilible and eat it and its sooo yummmmmy!!! Your Words were found and i ate them!!!!!! and they became in me O Lord!!!!! the Joy and Rejoiceing of my heart!jerimiah! and as the living Father has sent Me so he who eats Me shall Live zoe and psyuce because of Me. john 6,57

    • Ckeraly

       also check out the recovery version by living stream ministrie at you dont have to read the footnotes but the translation is very sound and unlevened bread. very good to read with a prayerfull spirit minding just the things of the Spirit while keeping our mind on our spirit and not on the fl..h!!!lol i hate that word exept when He said the Word became flesh and tabernacled amoung us and we beheld His Glory Glory as the only begoten from the Father full of Grace and Reality!!! recovery version.lolrocks!

  • Zl19u0

    looks like someone cant handle the truth now im really curious to see what this bible voice translation in its absolute entirety is all about may the Lord continue to bless His faithfull Word on the earth as it is in heaven.and i truely hope my comment was deleted because of legal reasons and not because of some bitterness. God bless

  • Zl19u0

    i would like a copy of the voice bible because they made a clear distinction between the original text and the supplied voice translation words that make the Word speak directly to us as a individual and it speaks as a story without compromising the integrity of the original text. and i want it because i have always read the word as it were to myself and its so personal and enjoyable to fellowship with the Lord on that level,plus it comes in bonded leather and leather soft with gold leafing on the page circumference.

  • Paul

    It seems more authentic, as though the original authors were sitting next to me and speaking

  • Ruth

    I would like a copy because I always look for Bible that help me understand the word better

  • Wes gleason

    Our pastor has a copy and tonight at our worship team meeting I had a chance to check out the new translation. I am a layspeaker and i am alway looking at different translations when researching a sermon. This Bible read easy and more like the way we speak to each other. I enjoyed what I read. Wes Gleason

  • Sgriffith0804

    I would like my own copy of the The Voice because my family and I recently purchased two copies in leather with the cross on the front.  My step grandson recently passed in his sleep.  The family received so much love and support in the form of prayers, food, visits, flowers, memorials and much more.  When my son in law shared with me the scriptures he chose from his bible I decided he needed a new bible in memory of his son Brandon.  My daughter liked the format so well that I ordered her one on line just like it, however I read that the leather covers are individually made and on one is exactly alike.  I thought that perfect for them in this case because Brandon was created by God and no one else is like him.  Since that time I have purchased another copy in the red fabric for my oldest daughter who would like to be able to explain the bible to her two boys.    So now I would like my own copy, please enter me in your drawing.  

  • T Gramling

    Really enjoying the Voice, thank you for all the hard work!

  • Dr. Thomas Clement THD

    Ps 119:43 And take not the word of truth utterly out of my mouth; for I have hoped in thy judgments.

  • Titus7212

    This is one of the first among numerous that really reaches across the centuries and speaks in language fit for the 21st Century.  No more transliterations but actual translations.  The correct translation in modern language.  Inspirational reading that lights a fire which other bibles extinguished with their outdated language.

  • Dale K.

    I have looked at a copy and I like the way it delineates who is speaking in particular passages, as in the book of Job.  I would also enjoy having a copy of this Bible.

  • Soho 99

    I love this bible….I have never had God speak to me so clearly…it is the best bible ever…when will an iPad app be available…

  • Cathy Vargason

    I love this bible. I found the New Testament on sale for $4 and bought one for 10 family members. LOL I managed to get myself a copy of the complete version but now I have a tablet and need an eBook version! I tried to get the free new testament copy but it never downloaded and it won’t let me try again. I am heartbroken!