Three Benefits of God-sized Dreams

This is a guest post by Megan Miller, my oldest daughter. I am really excited about the opportunity to introduce her to you. She is a wife, a mom, and the Director of Communications for New Hope Academy. In addition to her blog, you can follow her on Twitter. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.

When my husband and I first considered adoption, we were confronted with the daunting reality that it would be incredibly expensive. We knew that there was no way we could finance it on our own.

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As we talked about raising the necessary funds, my dream was that a loving family member or friend would lead us to a quiet corner, put his arm around us, and whisper that he wanted to write a check for the entire amount. That was my idea of God showing up for us.

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Thankfully, it never happened. I now realize that anything worth doing isn’t worth doing alone in a corner.

Our friend Curtis Yates recently reminded us of John Ortberg’s powerful statement in his book, If You Want to Walk on Water, You Have to Get Out of the Boat:

Is there any challenge in your life right now that is large enough that you have no hope of doing it apart from God’s help? If not, consider the possibility that you are seriously under challenged.”

This is true not only for those adopting, but for those starting a business, growing a church, or launching a ministry.

God desires to fill our hearts with big dreams. If you’re like me, you find it easy to dismiss them as impossible before you ever start. Or maybe, you just want to get from point A to point B as quickly and easily as possible so you can get to the “real work” of your calling.

The struggle inherent to realizing God-sized dreams is put there on purpose by a loving God who wants to draw us closer and enlarge the boundaries of his Kingdom. The struggle is the point; it is the real work. Here’s why:

  1. God-size dreams ensure our growth. When God calls us to something, it can feel awkward and uncomfortable, like someone handing us the wrong size in the dressing room. It gaps in strange places and pinches in others. We may find ourselves wanting to send it back for a more reasonably-sized dream, one that doesn’t cause so much discomfort.

    But that’s a huge mistake.

    God hands us an extra-large vision by design. He is not just interested in what we can accomplish for him, but in who we are becoming along the way. As we struggle to grow into what and who God calls us to do and be, we are changed and shaped more and more into the likeness of Christ.

  2. God-size dreams force us to invite others into a bigger story. Back when I hoped someone would write a big check for our adoption I missed a key point: Being unable to fund our adoption forced us to step up to the microphone and advocate for the cause of orphans.

    To raise the necessary funds, we had to talk about God’s heart for children without families. We had to inform and enthuse our family and friends about the biblical imperative to care for orphans and then enroll them in our dream.

    Every person who makes a contribution to our adoption—now more than 75 people—becomes part of the story that God is writing in our family and our community through this baby.

    Now it’s their story too. The gap between God’s calling and our ability has allowed us to include others in a significant way, enabling them and us to experience the power of the body of Christ like never before.

    Since our need has made our journey quite public, we pray that God would use it to inspire others as they see what is possible for an ordinary family with a God-sized dream when they put their trust in him.

  3. God-sized dreams give glory to Him, not us. God is up to something big when he plants his dreams in our hearts, and it’s so much bigger than us. If we were able to achieve our calling in our own strength, we would readily take and receive the glory.

    But when we stand at the base of an impossible mountain, shaking in our boots, knowing full well our legs could never carry us to the summit, we are forced to rely on God and praise him for every step he enables us to take along the way.

In the end, our calling shines the light on an infinitely powerful God who is enlarging his Kingdom through us day by day.

If you would like to contribute to Megan and Joel’s adoption fund, you can do so by clicking HERE.
Question: What is God calling you to now that is too big for you to do on your own? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • Marni

    Excellent post! It reminds me of a book I adore going back to from time to time to serve as a reminder of these very truths you speak of Meg – dreams come from “The Dream Giver.” And that so happens to the the title of the book by Bruce Wilkinson.

    I absolutely adore this post, and will come back to it from time to time to refresh my memory about the very truths of God sized dreams – and never giving up on them (and letting Him open them up as they should, not as I think they should).

  • Lisab

    We’re working on paying off our debt, so we can send two children to college with cash. It’s a HUGE mountain to climb, but it WILL happen, Lord willing. This all started because I want to be able to help others. I feel unable to leave work to help, because the bills must be paid (no work = no pay). With that said, if things continue at our current momentum, we will reach our goal within 10 years. It seems so far away, but that would mean I’d be debt free, kids college paid for, by the time I’m 50 years old … and with no debt I will be able to take some lengthier time off (several weeks at a time, if I wish) to make my dreams a reality. I know this seems very “big” picture, but not to God. No picture is too big for him.

  • Joshua Hood

    Great article, Megan! I whole-heartedly believe in the power that is unleashed when we dream big. I’ve been pondering the powerful question: “What would you attempt if you knew you couldn’t fail?” We become so timid and lock ourselves into our comfort zones. What if David had never dreamed a dream bigger than Goliath?
    Daring to dream big in 2011…

    Joshua Hood

  • Mlsbl

    When both my sons left home I began to ask God to show me how he wanted me to serve Him next. He put me in touch with a Christian lady who has cancer and wants very much to equip other women, with her knowledge of years of study and research as a counselor, to realize the power God has given them as women. The Bible speaks volumes about how loving communication, edification, compassion and gracious speech can change the lives around us. I will begin facilitating a “Sisters Keepers” group that will help women to implement these to bring about change in their lives and others. This is a very scary and HUGE commitment for me but know it’s what God wants me to do and I will be trusting Him every step of the way. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

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    I was randomly browsing the internet to see if I can find something that will help me to interpret my dreams and visions and ran across this site. Thank God I have… “For the past 3 months, holy spirit had spoken to me clear as day and told me ” i have lifechanging word that will be embedded in you and it will require you to leave your facebook!” I said “what!!” but I obeyed. Since my deactivation, everytime I close my eyes, I see a hand motioning me to “come” everytime I shut my eyes I see this Hand. I know its GOD but I’m second guessing it. I now find myself preaching to myself as if i’m speaking before an auditorium or something. Then one night, I closed my eyes and it happened again. I cut the radio on and a sang I never heard before in my life came on. the song was called “He’s calling You!” it also said, the things you use to love, you won’t desire them anymore and I loved my fb! LOL. My prayer life has increased tremendously. I’m listening to God more.  I am a writer and I love playwrighting or doing skits at my church. I’ve been feeling the unction to write a play and I know its beyound my capacity. Its a true story about my older sister’s life. She wants me to share it and I know it will bless MANY women but I need the right people to support and help me bring ministry to reality

  • Delana

    In 1996 I had a God-sized dream. Along the journey, I experienced death of that vision. 4 1/2 years ago I saw that dream come true. Now I am writing a book about it, and it is in the production phase with CrossBooks Publishing. You can read about it here:

  • Nichole Vourvourioti

    Wow, I just stumbled on this post and I loved it. Even a dreamer like myself can use some inspiration from time to time. Thank you so much Megan!