Three Questions You Should Ask Before You Buy an iPad 2

The iPad 2 goes on sale at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 11. If Apple’s other product launches are any indication, there will be long lines of eager consumers eager to snatch up Apple’s latest electronic candy. But do you really need one?

Apple iPad 2

I bought the original iPad. Admittedly, I am a sucker for new gadgets—especially those from Apple. While I initially took the iPad everywhere with me, I found myself leaving it behind more and more. Part of the problem was that I still needed my laptop to do the work I couldn’t easily do on my iPad.

I eventually stopped using my iPad. My laptop could do everything the iPad could, but the iPad could not do everything my laptop could. I eventually gave the iPad to a colleague at Thomas Nelson. (I since picked up an Amazon Kindle 3, which I love. I like a dedicated e-reader for reading rather than a multi-function device. I don’t need more distractions to keep me from reading.)

Should you buy the new iPad 2? Maybe. But not before you answer three questions:

  1. What kind of computer user are you? It seems to me that computer users fall into three categories:
    • Media Consumer: These are users who mostly consume media. The iPad is a fantastic device for this kind of user. You can consume media of all types: movies, books, web surfing, etc. If this describes you, the iPad may be the perfect device.
    • Digital Contributor: These are users who are more than consumers. They also contribute and collaborate via the web. They read and respond to email, blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. The iPad is a decent device for this. The software keyboard is more clumsy than a physical one, and it doesn’t have all the features I have grown accustomed to. I especially miss my keyboard shortcuts and special typographic characters.
    • Content Creator: These are users who create content. In addition to consuming media and collaborating via the web, they also create content. This includes serious bloggers, book authors, graphic artists, videographers, etc. Yes, there are applications to do all these things. (Heck, you can do most of these things on your iPhone.) But, in my experience, it requires way more work.
  2. Do you have the time to invest in the learning curve? The iPad is super easy to use. The touch interface is elegant. But there is still a learning curve. At the very least your keyboard muscle memory will have to be retrained. And the software is slightly different, even for familiar applications. You will likely take a step back in productivity before you can take a step forward.
  3. Are you willing to change your workflow? This is the key for me. You may not be conscious of it now, but you have a workflow—a way you get your work done with your computer. How will this change with an iPad? Will you use the iPad for certain tasks and your laptop or desktop for others. If you don’t think this through, you will end up adding to your workflow and becoming less efficient.

For now, I will stick with my MacBook Air. It is the best computer I have ever owned. It’s not that much bigger than an iPad 2, and it does everything I need a computer to do.

How about you?

Question: Do you plan to buy an iPad? If so why? If not, why not? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • Eileen

    Thanks Michael. I think your points are right on. I debated between buying a used original version of the iPad for $300 or waiting and getting the new version. I am glad i saved the money. I like this iPad but to me it is simply a bigger screen iphone without the calling capabilities. I use it exactly as you said for points 1 and 2 above. Still need to use my computer for true writing, at least for now.

    • Joe Lalonde

      Eileen, I have the same feelings about the iPad. It’s a giant iPhone/iPod. However, I, when I had one, I really liked it for the games it had and for reading ebooks.



        • Joe Lalonde

           Elladitsa, as far as I know, there is no contract needed for an iPad. You can do month by month data or you can just use Wi-Fi. We currently just use the Wi-Fi on ours and have no contract.

        • Slurpyslurpo

          All caps rage much? U mad???

  • Cyberquill

    My Flintstonian Desktop PC died two weeks ago. I replaced it with a laptop Windows machine which (a) has about three times the processing power and HD space than what I had before, and (b) was cheaper than the new iPad2, and I recently bought a Kindle as well. So even if I had any money left over for more gadgets, I don’t think an iPad would add meaningful technological functionality to my existing equipment, plus I had better spend my remaining funds on real apples so as to sustain my biological functionality.

    In your second paragraph, you wrote “have” instead of “gave.”

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for catching that typo!

    • Slurp

      Windows Troll

      • huh?

        Cyberquill gave a thoughtful response to why he/she didn’t buy an iPad2.  How is that trolling? 

  • Anonymous

    I’m actually planning to buy the older version of the iPad once the price comes down with the release of the iPad2. I get tired of sitting at my desk all day and want something I can take with me if I’m not working on content creation. I have an iPhone, but I’ve discovered some limitations with it that I hope an iPad will resolve. My biggest concern is that my iPhone may become irrelevant with an iPad, but only time will tell…

    • Brandon

      That’s not a bad idea!

      • Anonymous

        My husband recently agreed to buy me an iPad for my birthday (later this
        month), and after talking to a neighbor, he found out the price should start
        significantly dropping after this Friday. I did the same with my phone –
        bought the older model from my SIL when she upgraded to the iPhone4. Nothing
        wrong with having last year’s model! :-D

        • Uma Maheswaran S

          That’s true Apichea!

        • Brandon

          Oh ok… yeah, definitely! Nothing wrong with having a previous model!

        • Matthew Vanover

          Best Buy has already offered all iPad 1 models $100 cheaper than their original price point.

          • Ashley Pichea

            Ooh! Thanks for the info!

  • joanna

    I won’t be buying one any time soon. My netbook is probably better for notetaking in meetings and classes. I much prefer the e-ink on kindles for ebook reading to normal screens. My iPod touch does a lot of the other things I’d be likely to do on an iPad (music, internet, to-do lists, memos ect.) and has the convenience of being able to fit in my pocket.

    • Michael Hyatt

      That is one thing I wish the Kindle had—a touch interface.

      • Pritchett4

        Not to be a contrarion, but I like the non-touch interface. I often reach for and grab Kindle and end up with my finger on the screen – and not sure where touch interface would take me with that. I like being able to pick it up without being concerned that grabbing it would result in unwanted behavior. There are a few occasions where touch screen could be nice – highlighting notes for example, but having to make a choice, for me, non-touch is my preference. To each his own.

        Thanks for the thoughtful post, I have been lured by the aura of the iPad. Your thoughts have helped to confirm my decision to refrain from the purchase.

      • Jeff Randleman

        For me, I absolutely hate fingerprints on my Kindle screen. Drives me nuts. A touch screen woud feed my inner OCD, and not in a healthy direction.

      • joanna

        I’m not particularly bothered by the lack touch interface on Kindle. A touch interface does seem to be what people assume though. Almost every time I hand my kindle to someone to look at they try do stuff by touching the screen (leaving grubby fingerprints behind. )

      • Muddyjoe

        lol- my Daughter just got given an e-reader- I cant get over the fact that it is not touch screen- it fools me every time

  • Patricia Zell

    I know this may be a silly question, but I’ve been thinking about the iPad the last several days. Does it work like a phone or does it need a wireless connection? I have a droid but typing on it is difficult for me–I was wondering if an iPad would be better if it operates like a smart phone.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Actually, both. You can get just the wireless model or you can get it with wireless AND a 3G cellular connection (but with a monthly fee).

      Of course you can’t make calls on it—which makes it similar to the iPhone. ;-)

      • Patricia Zell

        Thanks, Michael! My droid is pretty good with calls–I just can’t seem to get the typing down. I’m literally all thumbs! ;-)

      • John Read

        Good one, Michael. I suppose we all long for the day when AT&T’s coverage extends to more places. Here in the Atlanta area, their coverage is excellent and I am not at all tempted by the Verizon versions…

      • Momo2wins

        Just purchased an ipad and found out that Yes you can make calls on it… using an app called nettalk.. I can call cellphones who dont have the app for free… just outgoing calls no incoming but it works… check it out….

      • Marlino1

        iPad 2 can make calls. you can also download skype and use that.

    • Joe Lalonde

      Some apps can make it act somewhat like a phone. You can get the Skype app which lets you make calls to anyone with a Skype account. I believe you can also get Google Voice for the iPad.

      • Patricia Zell

        Thanks, Joe!

      • Teena Foster

        This is true.  We love the google voice to communicate with our college age daughter.  The sound is really great.  This definitely makes the Ipad work like a phone!

        • Joe Lalonde

           Teena, great to hear that this combination is working well for you!

  • Timothy Fish

    No, I don’t plan on buying it. About all I’ve seen people use it for is to read books and play games. I don’t play games that much and Kindle seems to be the better choice for books. With the rest of the stuff I do, I can’t see myself trying to work in a space that small.

    • Mandi @ Life…Your Way

      The one benefit of the iPad over the Kindle is the backlit screen. I actually have both, and I’m guessing my Kindle will be the winner during the summer, but I found the lights on the Kindle distracting for nighttime reading.

      • Michael Hyatt

        I had just the opposite experience. Perhaps it is just a matter of preference.

  • Uma Maheswaran S

    I do not foresee a need for iPad to carry out any of my work. I am able to perform all the required tasks through my laptop itself. I can go for iPad for my personal pleasure rather than as an absolute necessity to perform my assignments.

    • Brandon

      True…I’m with you there!

    • Daniel Becerra

      Exactly. Also, it just adds for more distractions…

  • Kerry Palmer

    I use a first generation iPad for several things: reading my blogs, newspapers, and books, responding to email, and checking my calendar and task list. I also use a Google form for classroom observations (I am a school principal). I tried using Evernote for meeting notes, but grew frustrated with the clunky keyboard and bought a Moleskine notebook as you suggested. It came in yesterday and I love it!

    Simply stated, there is no reason for me to upgrade at this point.

  • Lorenz Lo Szabo

    Very true. I am not sure if it was a good idea to sell my Kindle 3 and stick with the iPad. I too have an Air and love it.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I really am TOTALLY pleased with my Air—until, of course, Apple comes out with a new model! ;-)

  • G S Thomas

    I’ve really never seen the point in me buying an ipad (yet). As a filmmaker there are so many programs I use which don’t have apps (yet) that it would be a serious interruption to my workflow. As you say I will end up probably taking an ipad AND my laptop everywhere, which I really can’t do.

  • Mandi @ Life…Your Way

    Great points. I have an iPad, and I really like it, but when people ask me what I think, I always tell them that it’s a toy, not a tool. Yes, you can get things done with it — and I really like the AwesomeNote application for organizing my to-do list — but there’s nothing about it that makes it a necessity!

    I think Saturday will be a really good time to buy the original iPad at a great price!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I think you are right!

  • Anonymous

    Your questions boil down to “do I need it?” These questions are decidedly not sanctioned by Apple.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I am afraid Steve might not be too happy with this post. Of course, my friends tell me that denial is my final stage before purchasing a new Apple product!

      • Brandon

        Haha! That’s classic!

  • Writeaway777

    Does it have a USB outlet? Because to me, if it doesn’t have a USB port then it’s worthless. I need to be able to plug in my external hard drives to edit my pics. I don’t want to have to purchase a service (MobileMe) to upload my pics to a “cloud” to work on them. It’s a hassle that I’m not willing to pay for on either account!

    • Michael Hyatt

      No USB port.

    • John Richardson

      It does have a low cost adapter that will allow you to hook up external cameras and plug in SD flash cards. This was a big concern to me, but this solves the problem. While it’s not USB, the SD cards will allow you to load and save pictures without going to the cloud..

      • Michael Hyatt

        I agree, this does solve the problem. However, it would sure be more convenient it had a built-in SD port. I have noticed this on my MacBook Air as compared to my MacBook Pro. Because it is built-in to the Air, I use it more.

        • Jeff Randleman

          I have the smaller Air. No SD slot. It’s a drawback for me.

          • Brandon

            Does it run well? My PC right now (runs on Vista) shuts down for no reason a lot…?

          • Jeff Randleman

            I’m actually using 2 laptops right now. I’ve been a PC user for years, and currently run a machine with Vista with no problems at all. I also do most of my graphic work on this unit due to my space needs.

            I bought a MBA for the express purpose of writing/blogging. And I absolutely love it. It doesn’t have the SD sot, which is a bit of aproblem fr me, but I have worked around it using dropbox.

            For me, both machines are essential right now. Hopefully one day I can afford to replace all my software with the mac version…..

            I’d have someone take a look at your PC, that shouldn’t be somthing you have to deal with.

          • Michael Hyatt

            Which MBA model do you have? Mine has an SD slot.

          • Jeff Randleman

            I have the 11 inch model. I knew this going in, so I have no reason to complain. But now I think it might be nice to have the capabilty.

            Otherwise, I’m completely satisfied!

            And I made the purchase based partly on a conversation with you, Michael, on here. Thanks for encouraging me to step in this direction. You make a commission from Apple, right?

          • Michael Hyatt

            I wish I did get a commission from Apple. I would be happy with just one each of every new gadget they produce!

          • Jeff Randleman

            Wouldn’t we all!

          • Brandon

            Thanks for letting me know. I might have to get my cpu checked out because most of the time I get errors that read: “internet explorer is no longer responding”. After that, it all shuts down… So I might have to get it looked at!

          • Jeff Randleman

            No problem!

          • Joyce Glass

            I feel your pain Brandon!  I have laptop and desktop that will freeze up on me, and I will have to reboot. Then wait 10 minutes for it to work again!  The other night I had to reboot 2 times in thirty minutes.  Which means I spent 20 minutes waiting for the computer to do what it is supposed to do!

    • Joe Lalonde

      It does have a USB adapter for cameras. I’m not sure if it would allow you to plug in an external hard drive. You can check it out at

      • Michael Hyatt

        Cool. I didn’t realize that.

        • Jeff Calloway

          If it has a USB port via adapter – developers will/have figure out how to use it for keyboards and HDD’s. I have a friend at NAMB who has a case with an enclosed BT keyboard and he creates content flawlessly using Pages and Keynote.

          • Joe Lalonde

            I did a little more research and it appears that the USB adapter can read HDD’s if it has a DCIM folder.



  • Eliza Huie

    Very helpful and timely for me. Just about to make the decision and I see I haven’t given it the thought I need to. Thanks for your tips.
    Mac Book Air seems to keep popping up as a product that satisfies! May end up going that route after all.

  • John Richardson

    I bought my wife an original iPad when they first came out. Usually when I buy technology for my wife, it doesn’t work out well. But the iPad truly has changed my wife’s life and her workflow. She uses it mostly as a media device, but having 3G allows her to communicate anywhere she goes. I asked her the other day, if she had used it everyday since she got it. Her answer was yes…

    I’m definitely going to be in line on Friday. Having a faster processor, two cameras, and Facetime will really make this a useful machine. The new magnetic cover adds even more functionality. But the key app for me is the new iMovie for only $4.99. Now I will be able to video blog, edit, and upload on the go. Having two cameras will allow me to do interactive interviews and also do Facetime with my grandson. Adding a wireless keyboard will allow me to write on the go.

    As a topper, it now it has an HDMI output which will make this an amazing tool when speaking to small groups or in seminars. In short, this new launch will be almost as revolutionary as the first. And I’ll soon be doing guitar riffs with the new garage band… (man I wish I would have had something like this when I was a teenager!) The only question now is what cover to get… plastic or leather??

    • Joe Lalonde

      John, out of the box it does not have an HDMI output. You can purchase an adapter that has the HDMI port for it. The nice thing is that this adapter will also work with the original iPad.

      Tough choice on the cover. If I ever get another iPad, I think I want to go with a nice leather cover. Something to stand out from the crowd, you know?

      • John Richardson

        The cool thing about the adapter is it allows you to charge the unit at the same time. Great for teachers in the classroom. I work in a K-12 school district and our special-ed department has just purchased a big shipment of iPads for the kids. The interface works especially well for children with special needs.

        • Joe Lalonde

          Thanks for that bit of information. I did not realize it would also charge it. That makes it nice as an extra charging cable/port system. It’s definitely something we’ll be looking into at our work.

    • Sheryl Rodgers

      So did you get the iPad 2? Are you loving it as much as you thought you would?

      • John Richardson

        Hi Sheryl. I did purchase one. I actually got the last iPad in the store on the first day of sales after waiting in line for three hours. I love the machine. It is especially useful for blogging and taking along on an airplane. The smart cover is really cool.

        I’ve written a few articles on my blog, comparing it with the Macbook Air and also the Kindle. Overall, I think you’ll find it works very well for a variety of tasks!

  • Shari

    I am completely intrigued by the iPad, even more since watching someone use a wireless keyboard with hers last week. But I think my next purchase will be a new laptop, based largely on those things you outline above. Thanks for confirmation.

    • John Richardson

      Hi Shari, something that was really helpful for us was to go to an Apple store and get a demonstration of an iPad and a laptop. While they both have their pros and cons, actually getting a demo and trying some of the apps helped us make a decision. When you actually hold the machine in your hands, feel the weight, and see how it performs, you’ll know better how it will fit into your workflow. The good news is, Apple makes great products. You can’t go wrong with either one.

      • Shari

        Thanks for your response. We have a lot of Apple products in our house (my 21 & 18 yo daughters wouldn’t buy anything else) so I’m really down to the iPad or Macbook. I think your advice to play with both and compare for my own needs is great.

        • John Richardson

          When we were considering the iPad, we had a young Apple evangelist demo it for us. He took the time to show us how the applications worked and had us go hands on and try the apps ourselves. This made all the difference in the world. A big part of the Apple magic is the people working in the stores. If I was an employer, I would have hired this guy on the spot. Best customer service ever!

        • Jeff Randleman

          Make sure you play with a MacBook Air in the comparison. Great device!

          • Michael Hyatt

            I agree completely. It is worth comparing.

  • suzanne

    I am still trying to make the decision. I have a macbook that I love. I was considering an ipad to take to visit my mother in another state who has no internet connection. I like the fact that you can buy wireless by increments instead of signing up for a contract. Not sure that is enough reason for me, yet.

    I do enjoy your blog, Michael. I have learned a lot from reading it, thanks!

    • John Richardson

      Hi Suzanne, this is one of the main reasons we bought an iPad in the first place. Having 3g allows my wife to show her mom pictures and videos with having to have an internet connection. When my wife had to spend a week at her mom’s house (who doesn’t have internet and only receives one TV station), having an iPad saved her sanity. And at $15/month with no long term contracts, it’s a real bargain for situations like this.

      • Brandon

        How much $ is the ipad 2 going to run?

        • Michael Hyatt

          You need to check the Apple Web site. It depends on the memory and network options you get. It starts at $499 and goes to $829.

  • Claude

    Hi Michael

    Thank you for this most informative post. I have considered the iPad and decided against it. I will get a regular MBP with 500g hard drive because I went paperless last year and I need space to store all the papers and bills that come my way. Couldn’t do that with an iPad. When you buy a Pad you limit yourself to what you can do. I’d rather be over capacity but have the options rather than be painted in a corner


  • Joe Lalonde

    Great article again Michael!

    I’m not planning on purchasing an iPad 2. However, I’m hoping to pick up an inexpensive original iPad. Knowing many people will be selling off their old ones to buy new ones, I figure I can get a great deal on a used one once it hits. The original did everything I needed it to so I’m not sure my wife and I will need anything more than that.

    For work, we’re planning on picking up one or two to add to our current two iPad 1s.

  • Lynn Squire

    My husband gave me an iPad for Christmas, and it has become the greatest work tool I’ve ever owned. I had my doubts and would never have bought it on my own. What made it especially functional was the zagg/mate we bought for it. That is a case & keyboard that improved it’s functionality.

    Key components:

    apps for Kindle, Nook, iBook, and other e-readers as well as many vook apps that I enjoy with my children.

    Todo list – I have all my to dos on a great app that has revolutionized the way I work. Since most of what I do is on my laptop, I like having the iPad beside me for quick reference to e-books, my to do list and my calendar–saves me alt-tabbing between programs — I even use my ipad as a calculator at times

    reading and editing manuscripts – this was a bit of a learning curve, I admit, but now I have a few manuscripts that I tend to edit on the go and the iPad suits me perfectly for this.

    family time – yup. I downloaded a few family friendly games as well as interactive books and the iPad has become the new board game center. We recently did a road trip and the only ‘games’ that came out were on the iPad.

    Diary – well, my daughters keep their diaries on my iPad with their own security code that they & I only are privy to.

    Photo collages – For the grandparents, I have an app that does photo collages I can email to them. Great fun for all.

    Note taking – wow. Great potential here made all the more powerful with apps that store my notes online so I can access them with my laptop.

    My husband is the I– guru for his company. He keeps up-to-date on all iPads, iPods, iPhones, apps, etc. Before he purchased mine, he knew what to expect for functionality and he knew what I would use it for (I even have my grocery lists on it–very powerful savings device). The iPad may not be for everyone but I love it!

  • Kathleen T. Jaeger

    Thank you for delineating reasons to buy an ipad. As one who is late to the technology switch and doesn’t switch easily to new gadgets. I find this information really helpful. Your post tells me that what I really want is a laptop. I’ve been thinking that for awhile and this confirms that.

    I am glad not to have to try a lot of trial & error in trying products (that are expensive). So thanks for blogging about this. I enjoy the variety of topics that you provide.

  • Ruchai

    I use a laptop and Kindle 3. If some one give me an ipad 2 I may not even touch it.

  • Jon Wellman

    We will likely get the iPad 2. Our family has an iMac in the den, but the iPad would be a good “upstairs” way to check email, Facebook, and, Twitter, or just watch movies or read. And the addition to the camera means my wife can take it on trips and be able to Skype.

    I’m with you on the Air. It’s my new work computer and it is awesome.

  • Jeremy@confessionsofalegalist

    Absolutely love the MacBook Air. I’m not sure it fits in with the point of your post or not, but a reason to get an iPad 2 is that kids really love using it. It is good for games and movies. If you need to keep a child occupied while traveling, it can be magical.

  • JC

    The fourth question could be: How could we better use the money for feeding the poor or giving to missions?

    • John Richardson

      A great place to donate a new or used iPad would be for a special needs child or seniors in managed care. The touch screen interface is so intuitive that almost anyone can use one. My mother in law who could never use a computer actually plays games on our iPad and loves to see pictures and videos. For special needs kids, this can truly be a magical device.

      • Brandon

        I know that many teachers in my town that work for deaf and blind schools are in need of them! The ones who have them now say that it really helped their teaching!

  • Jodi Warner

    Michael, as always, your insight is appreciated. I watched/read the live blogs of the presentation of the ipad2 and I was prepared to push the order button when they were done. I held out and did not purchase an ipad the first time, but instead invested in a MacBook Pro – which I love.

    I was planning to head out this Friday, gift cards and cash in hand to purchase an iPad2 until I had a realization. During worship at our church, the Bishop starting talking about denying ourselves during Lent. It dawned on me – this is not the time to invest in a new toy (which is exactly what it would be) – this is the time to quiet the devices in my life and attempt to more truly listen to God for direction on my path. I am ‘giving’ up Facebook and attempting to limit my net time to things educational or productive. I also have chosen to get my blog online after owning the domain name for almost a year.

    Bless you Michael, for being honest in your blog about your thoughts on these cool gadgets.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I didn’t even think about the application to Lent. Thanks for your perspective.

  • Jim Whitaker

    I am always interested in your take on new things. I spent time analyzing your post on the Kindle before I got one. Knowing that you are an early adopter, I take time to read your reviews knowing that you will spend an exorbitant about of time checking out all the features and letting us know your take. At the same time, I am not as much an Apple guy as you are and I value your take before I consider taking the plunge into the land of Apple and possible get a I Pad. Of course like all products I get, I usually wait for the second iteration to come out before I get one. The question is do I get the original I-Pad at a very good discount of the new one. Then the kicker came in. You gave away your I-Pad. And it does not sound like you will be getting the I-Pad 2. So now I have to consider the questions you lay out for us and whether I am just attracted to the shiny lights or if the I-Pad or 2 for the matter is something that I really need. So I look at the questions. What king of computer user are you? I figure I am a digital contributor border line content creator. So the I-Pad is not for me. Do you have the time to invest in the learning curve? I went to the doctor several weeks again and watch the doctor try and take notes on his I-pad device. It reminded me why I hate small keyboards. Unless it is the Twitter 140 or less characters, I don’t like not have a regular keyboard and do not want to take the time to get past the learning curve. Then are you willing to change your workflow. As odd as it seems it has taken me years to understand and set up my workflow. I have even mapped it out to help me understand how I do things and how I can find ways to be more effective. While I am a Microsoft geek and there may be a time that I need to consider move to the land of Apple, right now it appears that this is not the time. So I will stick to the apple in my fridge and not the shiny new Apple at the store.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for thinking through this so carefully. This was the outcome I was hoping to facilitate.

  • Karl Mealor

    “… the eye is not satisfied with seeing…” Ecclesiastes 1:8

    I bet Solomon would have had an iPad2, however.

    • Michael Hyatt

      That’s the perfect verse.

    • Brandon

      That’s good!

  • @BiancaJuarez

    I’m a sucker for shiny things! I love my iPad (as in I craddle it in my arms), but it definitely has slowed down my workflow and commit to reading.

    Great insights ;)

    • Michael Hyatt

      It’s hard not to get pulled into Apple’s “tractor pull.” I like shiny things, too!

  • Rev. Russ

    Thanks the thought provoking post Michael. I agree that we need to watch and see if we really need apple’s new products since they always come out with new products. For me I skipped the iPad 1 it was hard but I waited and just watched everyone else have fun with it or not and learned more about what it could do and what apple didn’t allow that one to do. I did the same thing with the iPhone I bought the 1st generation and then didn’t buy a new one until the iPhone 4, those where some lonely months lol. But once the iphone 4 came out it had all that I knew apple could do that I wanted in a phone so I went out a got it. Now that the iPad 2 will have a camera some other media options and I better processing system, I will most likely be getting this one. But when the iPad 3 or 4 comes out I won’t, but the iPad 13 might get me to buy again by then it might read books and do your work for you :)

    Anyway thats my 2 cents, thanks again, have a great day and God Bless

  • Brettvaden

    I love that commercial with the guy who has an Ipad and the woman with a Kindle. They’re outside in bright sunlight, and the guy says, “Can you read that out here?”. She gives him a smirk and says something like, “It’s a Kindle! (i.e., of course!). Just one of the reasons I will keep my Kindle and abstain from the Ipad.

    • Michael Hyatt

      That is a great ad. I like it, too.

      • Penyrolewn

        I don’t get the whole e reader thing. You can read books in broad sunlight, they never need charging, last pretty much forever, look nice, don’t provoke robbery, and who needs to carry loads anyway? Part of the fun of travelling is finding new, unexpected pleasure from authors you wouldn’t choose but read because that’s what you can find. And I know what I would rather have in my bag at a military checkpoint in Sri Lanka or on a busy African bus. If you are just travelling domestically, buy books as you need them!

  • Jennifer

    I’m glad you said that you gave up your Ipad…I couldn’t for the life of me see how I could go without my laptop. There’s too much I need to do and felt restricted by the Ipad. Great post and great information!

  • Carla

    My 20 year old college daughter gave me a rather similar speech as kindly as possible (Mom, you still have trouble texting) when I was wondering if I should buy an iPhone or iPod or Kindle. I don’t have cash for any yet but have settled on a Kindle based in fact on the very points you made. I need my MacBook and take it everywhere. When I get a new phone I need a quirty keyboard as the “next” still results in mixed messages. I still use my old orange “clamshell” in one of my reflexology offices as there I don’t need all the extras of my MacBook and it saves carrying one more thing. My Mac G4 still gets used on my desk even tho it won’t upgrade any further. Reading your “professional” opinion affirms my choice! and it reminds me how very smart my DD really is! thanks

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the post Michael. Great points.

    I plan to purchase the Ipad 1 and 2. The Ipad 1 will go into the foyer of our church as a standalone giving kiosk. It is a low-cost solution that will allow donors to receive a receipt of their payment immediately. Especially since I foresee the price being reduced by a few hundred dollars.

    I waited out the Ipad 1 because it did not have the camera front/back and did not seem to be a complete product. Now with 2 coming out and me speaking around the country more, the Ipad allows me to eradicate paper notes, and a bulky laptop. The Bible software offerings are tremendous.

    • Anonymous

      you should check out Square as an easy way to accept credit card donations via the iPad.

  • Tom Cocks

    The iPad is a nice device for media consumers but not for content creators… yet. Apple calls the iPad 2 a post-PC device. To me this indicates Apple has long term plans to expand the iPad capabilities to better serve content providers. I think they are getting close. The keyboard, storage and the need for iTunes on a Mac or PC are three areas that need to be improved. Software or service upgrades can resolve some limitations but not everything. There is a lot of speculation Apple will use its new North Carolina data center for storage and video/audio streaming for iOS devices.

    I’m waiting to see what is in the next generation but if Apple improves things via software or services I’ll take another look.

  • Benjamin Lichtenwalner

    Still No Flash Support: An important clarification for media consumers, the iPad 2 still does not support Flash. I was on the fence with the iPad for my wife, primarily, who is a media consumer. However, much of what she uses online includes Flash. With this lack of support for her use and the points you make for content creators like myself, I’ve ruled out the iPad indefinitely. Thanks Mike.

    • Michael Hyatt

      It would so easy to put a flash port on the machine. I wish they would do that, too. It would be handy for photographers.

    • Michael Hyatt

      It would so easy to put a flash port on the machine. I wish they would do that, too. It would be handy for photographers.

    • Michael Hyatt

      It would so easy to put a flash port on the machine. I wish they would do that, too. It would be handy for photographers.

  • Troy

    I completely agree Michael. I found the answer that worked best for my situation to be an Apple MacBook Air 11. It is the perfect combination of both a mobile tablet and a laptop. I have a docking station at my desk with a 27 inch display that completes the deal. The weight difference between my MBA and my iPad is barely noticeable.

    • Michael Hyatt

      What docking station do you have? I haven’t been able to find one for my 13” MacBook Air.

    • Michael Hyatt

      What docking station do you have? I haven’t been able to find one for my 13” MacBook Air.

      • Troy

        I guess it’s technically not a dock but the 27 inch Apple Cinema display essential performs the same function. I only plug two things into my MBA when making the connection – the magsafe connector for easy charging (which is connected directly to the display) and mini display connector. All my other desktop peripherals are connected to a USB hub that is connected to one of 3 USB ports on the display. LOVE IT! Takes 10 seconds to connect.

        By the way, keep blogging on technology. Love your posts and perspective.

        • Michael Hyatt

          Okay, that’s exactly what I am doing.

    • Michael Hyatt

      What docking station do you have? I haven’t been able to find one for my 13” MacBook Air.

  • Milli

    Sorry Michael, but this post has me agreeing with the naysayers. When you talk about leadership, I listen and trust you. When you talk about technology, I cringe. You’re no technology expert, and even though your level of knowledge, understanding, and expertise is commensurate to the average low-grade consumer, you still feel compelled to trot out these opinions in front of your large audience on your well-established blogging platform. However, your audience and platform exist because of the equity built up in the areas in which you’re actually competent, and when you leverage your audience and platform to do little more than validate these weak ideas in areas where real experts exist, you not only sabotage your credibility across the board, you injure your readers by implying that you are also credible in areas in which you’re not. It’s misleading and irresponsible.

    Let’s make this clear. If you know, understand, and care about technology, then you understand that devices like the Apple iPad are anti-consumer and shove technology towards an irrecoverable dark age. It’s great for people who own a share in Apple, and it’s bad for the rest of us.

    If you’re going to pretend that the iPad is a legitimate computing platform that your readers should consider, then please write follow up article that are even better reasoned and more insightful such as:
    why a McDonald’s BigMac is the best lunch any day or everyday
    why prison is better than a life of rights and opportunity
    why the middle of the freeway is ideal untapped real estate for home construction and development

    I hope that you can understand the difference between being challenge and snarkiness. I feel bad for any reader who is already feeling tricked by Apple’s marketing but falls for the pruchase because of your shoving. Oh I know, this article isn’t advocating the iPad, you’re just trying to “help people make a careful choice”. However, the iPad shouldn’t be a candidate under consideration, and your pretense to the contrary IS advocacy in its most insidious and reckless form.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Wow. Did you even read my post? Apparently not.

      I am not a technology expert; you are correct. This is my personal blog. It contains my opinion.

      And, oh, by the way, Apple has sold 15 million iPads. I think the verdict is in from consumers. I am simply trying to get people to think twice before buying the next shiny new device from Apple—though I am generally a fan.

    • Joe Lalonde

      Milli, I’m not sure you read the blog. Michael gave his opinion on three questions you should ask before purchasing an iPad 2. I think the first question he posted is the primary question to ask yourself.

      I didn’t see him giving the iPad an endorsement but rather making you think about what you would use it for.

      Also, the advice and questions given in this post mirror what most technology sites have said. It’s great for media consumers, okay for contributors, and not that great for content creators.

    • pastorbrett

      Milli, some of us actually like hearing the opinion of a peer, whether satisfied or disgruntled, in addition to what we are hearing from the experts like yourself. Furthermore, your post assumes most of us don’t have the ability to discern that Michael is an expert sharing wisdom in one area (leadership) and a consumer sharing an opinion in another area (technology).

  • Anonymous

    I’m getting it. I bought the first one the day after it came out. It is an extra device, but I use it constantly. And if I’m not using it my kids are. iPad 2 is not a big upgrade, but the camera will be nice when my kids facetime with the grandparents; and I’m looking forward to the additional speed, and thinner profile – especially with the new cover. The way I see it, the best time to buy a new Apple device, especially iOS, is when it comes out. There’s always another one coming next year, and the price isn’t going to change if you want the current model. There’s also a good market to sell used ones. I’m selling my original 16gb wifi iPad for $375 on

    • Michael Hyatt

      This is one of the things I considered, too. I upgraded from the iPhone 3 to 4 at a cost of less that $100. I was able to sell my iPhone 3 for a good price and the $100 was the difference between the two.

  • Roy Wallen

    Thanks for a great review with helpful hints, from an experienced user. As a laggard when it comes to workplace tools (as well as a fan of the printed book), I’ll stick with my Windows-based netbook (I am as much a Hewlett-Packard fan as you are an Apple fan). Not only did I eschew the iPad, I will also forego adopting the iPad2.

  • Dylan Dodson

    I do not own an ipad or a kindle, but I would buy kindle before an ipad. I have a MacBook Pro, and while it is bigger than an ipad, there is nothing I would do on an ipad that I wouldn’t use my computer for. And I’m with Michael, I don’t need more distractions to keep me from reading!

  • Jeff Randleman

    I probably won’t get one, unless someone gives one to me. I just made the switch to a MacBook Air, and I have a pretty comprehensive smartphone. For what I do, an iPad would fall in between those two areas, and only be a duplicate of what I already have and can do.

    I love the concept, and would love to play with one, but it would only be a toy for me.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I totally agree.

  • TNeal

    From your title, Michael, I developed my own three questions before reading your article.

    Do I need one?

    Can I afford one?

    What would my wife say if I did bring one home?

    Your questions are more informative (except my last one).

    Actually I thought this blog would miss me completely since I’m not a get-the-next-gadget guy, had no idea IPad 2 launches on Friday, have never had a reason to stand a long time in line (except at amusement parks), but your first question fascinated (nay, may I say it, enchanted) me. I now know I’m a digital contributor considering becoming a content creator.

    Thanks for my morning’s second surprise (snow was the first).

  • JD Eddins

    Thanks for the review Michael. I get tempted by technology at times, especially when I see others doing some really neat things with their iPads, but for me its just not worth the cost.

  • Anonymous

    I love the thought of a new gadget and would love to have an IPad for that reason. However, I cannot see why I would need it.

    In December I starting using a Kindle and have been amazed at how much more I read. I even buy an electronic copy of a book when I also have a hard copy. That should make you as a publisher happy.

    Until I can really see an advantage for getting an IPad I will stick with my computer and Kindle.

  • Joseph Sanchez

    I won’t be getting one. Even though they’re pretty cool they’re also expensive. I’m good with my old macbook and mac mini.

  • Anonymous

    Good insight Michael. I’m not buying one – because I don’t need it. I’m a Mac, iPhone user. My Macbook Pro meets all my needs for work, writing, media – music, photo and video. My IP4 is almost like my MB Pro on the go. Adding another device to the mix is unnecessary. I’m a gadget lover myself, but I’ve realized that the product cycle rate at which Apple churns is enough to make any gadget lover crazy.

  • Michael Kilpatrick

    I’m definitely looking into the macbook air- for what I do I think that it would be perfect. I have an ipad and the limitations are just to the point that I leave it behind now.

  • Jack Heimbigner

    Thanks Michael, I appreciate how you look at the types of computer users. It actually gave me better insight to how I use my current computer and how I might use an iPad. And I definitely fall into the Media Consumer. And am moving a little bit more to digital contributor.

    I don’t have an iPad now, but I think I will buy one. It will be great for information consumption. And I work in event planning and on site operation I have some great applications for what I will be able to do, but can’t do with the small screen of my iPhone.

    Seeing as you go to a lot of conferences, do you see iPads being used a lot of by event coordinators?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I don’t seen it used a lot by event coordinators, but definitely by attendees.

  • Richard Mulholland

    I’d say that an important 4th question should be, “Did you really use your original iPad that much?”

    • Michael Hyatt

      Great question!

  • Phil Kaufmann

    I did not buy an original iPad because I did not know how it would enhance my workflow. After a few months of watching friends and others integrate it, I decided I was ready to purchase one. I didn’t (and still don’t) need one, but it would definitley make my media consumption easier (I can consume quite a bit).

    I also do not mind the typing on the the iPad (I have stubby little fingers).

    I decided to wait for the iPad2, but will probably end up purchasing an additional laptop (or two) for our family instead. We’ll get more use out of those devices.

    I still want an iPad (either version), because I see ways to integrate it, but for now that purchase has to wait.

  • Lon

    Great post Michael – I’ve been semi-lusting after it for a while as well – and this post helps confirm for me that it very likely won’t fit into my workflow either. I’ve been debating the Kindle 3 as well – i just wish it had a touchscreen so i could highlight and make notes easier

  • Lola J. Lee Beno

    For me, if I had the money right now, I would use my MBP for content creation (I’m a web developer), and the iPad 2 for consuming media. I don’t always need to be writing code, but I do need to stay top on the ever-evolving technology and I do need to stay abreast of development blogs and twitters from my fellow developers. I’m especially intrigued by being able to use front and back camera – this is just what I’ve been waiting for. I use video relay services and the iPad 2 will be just perfect for that, as I can just slip this in my purse and if I need to call someone, I just log into one of the VRS in order to grab ahold of an interpreter who will then place the call for me.

  • Nathan McIntyre

    I have been struggling with this decision too. As much as I want the iPad 2 I need a new Laptop even more. The bigger question is The Air or the Pro. 13 or 15. I admit the iPad 2 is cool but it is really more a toy than a tool?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I had a MacBook Pro and went to the Air. No comparison. The Air boots twice as fast. It also “feels” faster because of the flash drive. Apps load in half the time.

  • elyse hansford

    Interesting. Thanks for the insight @michaelhyatt bec I actually need a new laptop and thought I wd hold off & buy the #iPad 2 instead. Hmmmm…perhaps i will avoid the line and buy the #MacbookAir and be as happy as you :-)

  • Cmstone

    Michael, I just bought an Air and love it. Also own an iPad. I still use both and find my iPad great for journaling, reading (Kindle app), and reading the bible (OliveTree). I also preach with it. I won’t buy the 2, but if Apple creates a smaller iPad, it would be great for preaching as I’d be able to hold it easily.

  • Anonymous

    I am contemplating an iPad. My thought was to get an iPad 1 to try it out and spend less. I do have concerns about the keyboard. I understand that there is an external keyboard that can added for a low price. Anyone ever use it?


    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, it works great. But it is one more thing you have to carry around. That’s why I like the MacBook Air. I have everything I would have on the iPad, plus the keyboard and trackpad.

  • Matt

    I often use my MacBook for presenting materials I have burned to a disk or flash drive. I really like the fact that I can burn something to a disk and leave it with a customer (i.e. a Word or Pages report) but I can’t do that with an Air… at least not that I’m aware of. I’d really like to have an Air, but that one thing holds me back. Suggestions?

    • Michael Hyatt

      You can get the optional optical drive for $100.

  • Mary Jo Asmus

    As a business person, I needed something that would be useful and portable for the common applications I use – mostly Microsoft Office and occasional blogging and tweeting. I recently picked up a Acer Aspire One netbook. It fits in a large purse and is a sturdy, light (and even relatively sleek looking) machine. It does everything I need, without a learning curve or distractions.

    While I have always been tempted to purchase an iPad because it looks so great – that isn’t enough. This little netbook fills the bill for me (and is a lot less expensive).

    • TNeal

      Got an Acer Aspire One also. It’s everything you say and then some. I’ve had it for about six months and it’s been phenomenal for my purposes. I gave it a little too much coffee (spilled a cupful all over the keyboard) and it survived the bath. Can’t say as much for my cellphone–may it rest in peace.

  • Nicholas

    I want one for developing and delivering spoken messages. I use my laptop most of the time but I always have to worry about battery and carrying everything that goes with it around. Thinking an iPad would make mobility easier to take notes arls well as being able to use it on stage verses paper notes that need to be riffled through. Idk yet if my needs really constitute getting one.

  • Andrew Acker

    Just when I’m convinced I’m going to go out and get an iPad 2, you have to go writing this and make me second guess it all…That’s probably a good thing, but the sucker in me wants to just indulge in the new iPad 2 and enjoy the product…but does that align with reality and productivity? We’ll see

  • Dan

    I will not be buying one. I don’t need to spend $900 dollars for something my laptop can do.

  • Wpetticrew

    Between my iphone 4 (incredible screen) and Air 13inch and iMac on my desk, my workflow is intact and I have everything I need while on the road. For my needs the iPad is a tweener. Nice to have oh yes, but not essential to my true needs. However, I know many iPad users where the tablet was a significant enhancement to their productivity.

  • Ron Swanson

    Thanks for the questions. I needed to be talked down from the jump :)
    Appreciate the practical stuff you share!

  • Brandon

    I think that they are cool, but I will not be getting one. I like to spend my money on guitar stuff! haha

  • Giselle Aguiar

    Thanks, Michael. I was going to get one, but I think I’ll stick with my Macbook.

  • Brandon

    I actually think I might wait until the ipad 27 comes out! haha

  • Gretchen

    Definitely plan on getting one. My mom wants the original, and so that’s my excuse. I bought the original as a toy, but it quickly became a useful tool. I use it for work as much as play, especially with LogMein.

  • Kyle Johnson

    I would like an iPad 2, but the boss (wife) said no! That’s what’s holding me back.

    When I got the org iPad, I found myself MORE productive. I thought it would be just an entertainment gadget. Yet I used it for 98% of my job. It actually was a great workflow for me.

  • Lisa H

    I hope I don’t get “shot”, but I have never owned an Apple anything. I was thinking of maybe getting an iPad, but all I really wanted it for was reading ebooks. I’m home all day (unemployed right now), so I’m always sitting at my desktop. I love new gadgets, but don’t see a need for a new one right now. However, these are really great questions to ask whenever the time arises that I need to look into “new toys” :) Thanks for a great post Michael!
    Sending Peace & Blessings to all …

  • Nancy Q

    I am going to buy the new I pad and use it for my golf lessons. With the camera built in I can do my video lessons on this device. I do use a laptop, Dell Latitude for my lessons presentlyon the tee. But for portability I can use the I pad on the golf course and short game area. I can use my cameral now with an SD card and download to V1 Golf Software.

    • Michael Hyatt

      For YOU, it might make sense!

      I hope you are doing well, Nancy.

  • Nancy Q

    I am going to buy the new I pad and use it for my golf lessons. With the camera built in I can do my video lessons on this device. I do use a laptop, Dell Latitude for my lessons presentlyon the tee. But for portability I can use the I pad on the golf course and short game area. I can use my cameral now with an SD card and download to V1 Golf Software.

  • Krista

    Never have considered the iPad as anything but an expensive toy. To use as a work station requires too many costly add-ons. Your laptop is just a more economical choice unless you feel the need to spend money frivolously!

  • Robb Bewer

    I bought an iPad last summer. I think it was one of the greatest purchases I’ve ever made. I use it relentlessly. I’ve found it to be the premier meeting capture tool. I can record the meeting while taking notes. Clicking on a note will take me directly to the point in the recording I typed the note. Very cool stuff. It fits seamlessly with my workflows in Evernote and Dropbox.

    While I use the iPad sparingly for my blog content creation, it’s really handy for idea outlining when random thoughts invade my mind. I still use my old laptop when I need to churn out content quickly, but the convenience and speed of the iPad can’t be beat for me.

    I don’t anticipate getting the iPad 2. There’s not enough new features to justify the added expense. I hear it’s blazing fast, but I’m just not struggling with speed on my current iPad. And a camera on an iPad seems clumsy. My iPhone works fine for image capture.

    The Macbook Air is out of my price league, and the iPad fills the role just fine.

  • Infuse

    great thoughts ~

  • Van Klimetz

    Yes, I plan on getting one, not as a replacement for a laptop, but an addition to the tools I already use for creative projects!

  • Philipp Knoll

    What I liked about the old version of the iPad and still love about the new version as well is its beauty. It is a very elegant device – and for that reason alone I’d like to get one. But I’ll not, at least not in the near future.

    For me, the main reason is the lack of compatibility with other devices. Since the iPad is so small and light-weighted it would be ideal to carry around on travel etc.
    What I’d like to do is carry it in my backpack, sit in a nice street-cafe in Italy (only an example) and be able to upload images from my camera – and I don’t mean the built in “sort-of” camera – after editing them in any image editor app.
    Perhaps I’m wrong here but when checked I couldn’t find a way to get the images from my camera to the iPad without the use of another device.

    Where is the USB or anything equivalent on the iPad.

    Just like you, Michael, I’ll plan to get a Macbook Air – I’ll have the 11″. I’ll use the Macbook Pro 17″ for my daily work and the Air for stuff I do out of the office – be it work or just reading etc.

    As always I enjoy your posts and am looking forward to what you come up with next.

  • Bill Whitt

    Excellent questions. Before Apple announced the specs of the initial iPad, I had hoped the tablet device they had dreamed up was basically a full-featured laptop without the keyboard (running OSX and all your favorite programs). You could add a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to it if you needed. If not, it could be used without them.

    Unfortunately, Apple went a different direction, making it run iOS 4. They’ve deliberately crippled the device (no USB, no card slots, etc.), which guarantees it cannot be thought of as a laptop. The new one even has a 0.7 MP camera — a severely crippling limitation that prevents it from being used as a camera.

    Why did they do this? They’re aiming to create THE hit device in the “post-PC world.” It’s an interesting concept. As much as people like you and I resist it, I bet time will tell that they’re definitely on to something…

  • Mighty

    thanks for this post Michael. I don’t have to buy an iPad then. :D

  • Justin Lukasavige

    I can’t do much creation n my iPad, but I am reading this blog on it. I love it for that. I don’t like reading blogs very much on a computer, and the kindle isn’t interactive enough.

  • @jakemusselman

    When the iPad first came out, I was very interested. I don’t own a laptop and it seemed like an alternative to MacBook Pro (which seemed a little heavy and more pricey). So with the iPad, the iWork apps, and a Bluetooth keyboard I thought it was a good alternative. And I read some reviews from people that loved traveling with their iPad instead of their laptop.

    Then the new MacBook Air came out. And that killed the iPad for me. A more capable machine, similar in ease of travel, and completive in price.

    I agree that the iPad is great for consumption. But for anything else, I’ve just seen friends use it because they have it not because it’s better. For my money I’ll be buying a MacBook Air.

  • roger haynie

    Wow, Michael, just yesterday you did an interview with Guy Kawasaki about his new book, and now it seems like you are taking a little of the “Enchantment” out of the new ipad. So I am curious, has this experience killed some of the enchantment of the Apple brand for you or so you just chalk it up as another learning experience for being a gadget guy?

    I enjoyed your interview with Guy enough to go to my local Borders last night and find the book, but when I saw the $26.95 price tag for such a small book, I decided to wait for another one of those 40% off coupons like I used to buy Heaven is for Real.

    Really enjoy your blog and the wide range of topics you cover., including travel. Planning a trip to Japan this summer to see our daughter and family in Iwakuni. Our first international trip.


    • Michael Hyatt

      No, I am still enchanted by Apple. I’m sure this would be a fun toy. I just don’t see it helping me, given my needs and current workflow.

  • Matthew Vanover

    I purchased an iPad not long after the release, kept it for several months, then sold it on eBay. I haven’t missed it. I much prefer my Kindle 3 for reading. As a Minister of Music, I use an iMac in my office as my main machine. I purchased the MacBook Air 11″ as a secondary and ultra-portable. Between DropBox and Evernote, I can access all the information that I really need on any machine. I am really happy with this combination.

  • Bob

    I bought the iPad the first day it came out and felt very similar regarding its functionality. However, I have since changed my mind. It is a great business companion, “flu” companion and helps me stay connected to everything.

    Recently I had the flu and had to spend some extended time at home. As a Comcast customer, I was able to use the Xfinity app to play movies and record my favorite shows, the Kindle app to read books and even the Need for Speed app to play across our network with my 5 year old daughter. She wasn’t allowed to be around me while I was sick! But we had a blast with her racing me down the track. While it was not the same as those hugs she gives me when I come in the door, it was awesome listening to her laugh downstairs as she crossed the finish line ahead of me.

    It was such a great companion during that time. I was able to rest, catch up on my reading and still stay connected to the things I needed to.

    As for business, the email, calendar and contacts interface are great. Couple those features with the FileBrowser, Fuze Meeting and Evernote apps, I am hooked.

    It is not a replacement for a laptop, but my tablet PC weighs 7 lbs. and is not convenient to lug to every meeting. Recently we have been using the iPad for small group presentations, using Fuze Meeting, and it has been a hit. The ability to bring video and Keynote, along with the across the table personal connection, has been great for business. Having a small, “cool” device to play a video to our clients, employees and potential recruits, has added so much opportunity to our team.

    As for the learning curve, we have an employee that has been with our company for nearly 30 years. He only purchased a cell phone in the last two years. Just a cell phone, no email or internet access.

    It brought a smile to me today to see him pecking away on the iPad answering emails while we were at an off-site training. He has really taken to it and uses it for that purpose frequently. Having that ability and connectivity in such a portable offering has been a blessing for us.

  • Daniel Becerra

    No Ipad for me. Although it seems a neat device and quiet elegant, it’s not what I am after. Too many devices can really result in valuable time wasted. I speak from personal experience :)

  • MaDonna Maurer

    I have a daughter with special needs. I have the iTouch and she does ok with it, but the larger screen would make it easier for her to use. And, then I’d have a larger screen for e-books. =) If we buy one it will be the older version.
    On a slightly different note, my husband works in schools and has wondered about the iPad use in the classrooms…mainly for special ed students. He’s doing some research on that.

  • Donna Maria Coles Johnson

    There are some cool apps I’d like to have that are available (and useful) only with iPad. I think I will eventually get one because they are fun. But for productivity, I agree with you. I am a prolific blogger. I also have a weekly podcast and I create videos, so I am also a content creator. I am also a media consumer. I love reading blogs like yours, for example. I am selective, but I do take in quite a bit and I enjoy that. I love to read and learn. And just to keep things interesting, I’m a contributor as well in that I love connecting with people on FaceBook, Twitter, etc. But I make a living by using my computer to communicate with my members and other important people in an efficient and cost effective manner. I will enjoy figuring out how to use iPad and sharing it with my children, but if it interferes with my workday, I will definitely save it for discretionary time. And that will be fun! Thank you for such a useful post.

  • Bigdogk45

    I have tried so many ways to justify purchasing an iPad. We have 3 Macbooks, 2 iPhones, and 3 iPods in my house (and there are only 2 adults in the house). I think the iPad is cool. I think for people who do not have all of the other “i-gagets” and need to do basic browsing/social networking it is perfect. But for me, it would almost an act of greed. So maybe one day we will get one, but currently it would be for my 1 year old to read and play games on….not what you would consider a “necessity”.

    • Robert Ewoldt

      My wife and I haven’t partaken from the Apple fountain yet, mainly because of the 20-30% premium that you pay for the brand. However, my wife wants an iPad now, and we’ve made a deal around her blogging that might give her a good incentive to be creative and continue to write–when she gets to a certain level of readership on her blog site, then I’ll give in and get her an iPad. How’s that for incentive?

      • Michael Hyatt

        Great incentive!

      • W. Mark Thompson

        That’s a good idea. I’ve thought about this myself – as a way to get one. But in my circles there are people who do contests that give them away if you meet certain criteria (refer so many sales to them). Haven’t been bitten by the iPad bug though. Actually thought of winning one to sell it for a quick $600+. 

  • PC

    You may have just helped me answer a question I have been processing a lot lately.

    My macbook has 1G of available space left; so is it on to a new MacbookPro OR a decent iPad and a 2tb harddrive?

  • Christopher Hopper

    I am a serious content creator. And my MacBook Pro follows me everywhere. I can hardly imagine leaving it in a car for more than 10 min.

    The one application I really would like an iPad for is preaching and teaching. I find that the [physical upward screen of my MacBook Pro somehow distances me fro my audience. Odd, as I don’t feel that way when I’m in an audience seeing someone preach from their MBP. But as the presenter I feel it.

    Worth $300 to $500 just for that? Probably not.

    But then I’m a geek. So probably, yes.


  • Graceland Church

    I agree with your input.

    I will upgrade asap to the new model…

    No it’s not perfect, but:

    I really ain’t a power user. It does most everything needed, and it does it well.
    It takes up less space.
    It is easy to take anywhere. My office is wherever I sit.
    It turns on/off easily… uses less power.
    It holds every document I have and need.
    It holds all my bible software with a lot of room to spare.
    I am a hunt and peck typist, it does not slow me down.

  • Theurbanceo

    How does the motorolla xoom fit into all of this? I’m not a techie, but I thought about getting the ipad 2 or the xoom, but actually I think I may just keep rolling with my 13in Toshiba which is not giving me any problems and works well with logos bible software. So I may hold out for a minute until I can see the full benefit, plus I have a droid 2 global for a phone.

    • Michael Hyatt

      The question with the Xoom is, What applications are available?

  • John Mark Harris

    Caveat: people who do presentations where it’s advantageous NOT to rely on whatever computer is there. Hardwired MacBook Pro running Keynote with iPad “on stage”

    Bonus: OliveTree Bible Reader rocks da house! That combined with a PDF of my document makes for powerhouse academic paper presentations.

  • John Mark Harris

    Oh… & reading in bed while wife is asleep in the dark (or watching Startrek TNG episodes)

  • Anonymous

    As a photographer and art director, the iPad is indispensable for me and the clients/community in which it is used. Its beyond a laptop, its something that is easily shared and is not as cumbersome as a laptop in a meeting where interaction is valuable while having a device for sharing and note taking comes into play.

    I dont use it as a workhorse, was never meant to replace a laptop in my workflow. Its a device in its unique space. I have more needs out of this than a laptop to some degree.

  • Daniel Decker

    I have an iPad 1 and use it mostly at meetings for taking notes. Works well for a lightweight solution but I don’t use it for much else. My kids use mine more than anything. :)

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  • John Read

    Great insight, Michael. I sold my 1st generation iPad last week to make room for the iPad 2. But having done without it for a few days, I am reconsidering the purchase of the new model. Of course, the new model is fantastic, but I find between my Kindle and MacBook Air, I have almost all of my bases covered. I’m going to brew on it for a few days (weeks) and NOT go stand in line this afternoon.

    • Robert Ewoldt

      It seems like the iPad hasn’t really found its niche in electronics… there are so many people I hear that say, “Well, I found that if I had an e-reader and a laptop, I didn’t really need an iPad.” Do you think it will fade out?

      On the other hand, people said the same thing about netbooks, and they’ve done tremendously well.

      • Michael Hyatt

        No, I don’t think it will fade out. It has been wildly successful.

  • U can call me Occam

    nice post — but do not forget that — the ipad two need not be seen as a laptop or desktop replacement just an additional tool that allows you to often leave your laptop in the office or at home. I have both and I love that now for many things I do not have to lug my entire laptop with me. Really if someone is looking for an elegant apple product that is a true laptop replacement, I would suggest looking at the macbook airs. they are like a mac book and an I pad having a hybrid child. you get the battery life and increased speed of the ipad and you get the full OS and keyboard of a laptop. and the size and weight of the airs are astounding. I love my ipad and I would love an ipad two even more but I have a feeling in order to get their product line more in line with holiday shopping, we may see another bump again in september — though this will not be like an ipad three — more like and ipad 2.5 with some boosts in specs like memory and a minor speed bum, the real question would be with those things might Apple then introduce a much higher resolution display then or not. I have read rumors that talk about another minor refresh in september to keep the ipad out ahead of everyone but anyone that might know for sure is not talking. I just hope that Steve Jobs can keep his weight on and stay healthy. It is such a shame he is so sick when he finally able to really shape some big future digital culture. but I digress. I think the ipad twos are awesome and depending on what you are doing will be all you will ever need. I know a lot of students that are opting for ipads over laptops because they can get all the need done and are far less of a pain to lug around and there are lots of cheap but quality hardware extensions for the ipad out there. and lets face it the gaming and media on an ipad is awesome — care to listen to a book while playing a game — you can, care to read a book while listening to your music you can. care to bring over your favorite music or movie or even your net fix app and want to stream it off someones TV set you can. there are tons of neat ways that cash strapped by tinker happy college students canned cash in on device that will let them get their work done but is even better at entertaining them. wan to DJ your party — go online and get the new amazing Dj software that is fast becoming part of a pros standard kit though it is simple to use. I am up very very early for a Sunday so please forgive me if I have made a minor mistake. I do know my gadgets though and I hope my contribution was helpful.

    • Mira

      I am 9 months behind than everybody else, but  got an iPad 2 with 100$ discount. As a student, I think this is a terrific device. And with my engineering background I can see that this is an amazingly constructed electronics device. you can get tons of free apps, and use iTunes-U for students. These are the only two pluses that would be good to keep my iPad. Bought 32 GB, after I downloaded some lectures from iTunes-U it was full. If you decide to get an iPad get the iPad 2 as its fasterrrr, and get 64 GB. Unfortunately I will be returning my device, though I enjoyed 2 days of owning it.

  • Sharon

    I have the iphone4 and the iPad. Also have an excellent, fast, laptop and a nook ereader. The nook is now my husband’s, and we can share the same library. I prefer the iPad to read. When I’m not doing heavy content creation or modification, I’m on the iPad. Over the last year, I’ve modified my workflow to optimize my use of all the devices. This came as a natural evolution, and I’m amazed to realize how much of my computer work does port easily to the iPad. The phone is too small to be a real work device, and except for apple’s odd editing choices, working with the ipad keyboard is significantly improved over the phone.
    I have business apps, news apps, and guitar apps (Amplitude is awesome) but no games or toys.
    You live with one of these for a while and it becomes part of your life.
    Everyone should have Pandora radio.
    My ipad2 64gb AT&T is on order.

  • Readbx

    I’ve ordered an iPad. When v.1 came out, I opted for a Kindle because I have an iPhone, a elderly Mac laptop and an iMac, and thought a dedicated reading device would be good. I had started reading ebooks with the Kindle app on my iPhone and found it tolerable, even enjoyable (though not as good as reading a real book).

    After nearly a year of using the Kindle, I have to admit that I’ve loathed the PC-like non-touch interface all the way through. It’s easy to read, but not at all intuitive to use. Every time I pick it up, I have to accustom myself to not using touch to navigate, and the keyboard is dreadfully hard to use. So . . . the very minute that the new iPad was available, I passed the Kindle to one of my sons and ordered an iPad. I think it will serve me much better and be a lot more in line with my personal usage style. Plus, the fact that I can use it to run Keynote presentations means that it will postpone my purchase of a new laptop for at least another year. I can’t wait to get it.

  • Sajithomasmannil

    I’m actually planning to buy one ipad.
    but my question is, why they r not providing phone facility in that?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Because they also want to sell you an iPhone!

  • Fredh645

    Does anyone know why Apple has no product to sell one day after it went on sale(the same day as the Japan earthquake)? I would expect that they would have had at least one or two weeks worth of saleable stock on hand.

  • AC

    Thanks to your previous blog on the MB Air, I was able to purchase one with confidence. Had my 11″ air for a month. I love it. Spot on!

  • K Bruhl

    I would like to do e-mail and e-reading, us word and excel for my work, but i also update iWeb for a foundation that i am the web master for, i do that from time to time and this i cannot do with an iPad, so I think I will wait.
    It is also heavier than an e-reader that i would like to bye soon

    Maybe iPad 3 does iWeb and it might be lighter too. So i wait till 2012, see what happens then with iPad

  • EdieAnne

    Good morning, I did just purchase an iPad 2 (16GB). I was concerned mostly at first as to whether or not I would have enough space. I have only owned an iPod Touch, so therefore this is going to be a huge difference. The only use for the iPad is going to be while I am on the road and to mess with some apps at home. I have a laptop that I use for my work but find it too clumsy to travel with. Since my work is primarily done online, I think the iPad 2 will be just fine!

  • Watersplasshh

    I want the MacBook for my normal school work and research but I definately want to get the iPad2 at somepoint, hopefully soon at that!

  • Senthil

    In my view, ipad gives super portability which a laptop doesn’t.

    I can hook my laptop to internet at home and roam anywhere with ipad. It allows you to use RDP (pocketcloud) to remotecapture your laptop and work on it. So you dont necessarily need to have everything in ipad.

    Also for me i already have a 3G on my phone & i dont see any great value add by having 3g option in ipad as well. I can just switch my wifi tether on my phone and connect my ipad to it.

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  • Cabeauboosie

    iPads are a joke for getting anything seriously accomplished.

    if you just want to “slack off” and surf what and where an Apple server (think AOL) will allow you then this is the device for you, otherwise get a REAL device with an independent O.S..

  • Robert Ewoldt

    This is why I never got an iPad; I use a laptop for writing/creating, and I have a Kindle for reading (which helps to keep me on track while I’m reading–I’m not distracted by watching videos or anything, as I would be able to do if I had an iPad).

  • Stuart Logan

    Hi Michael,

    I’m making the switch from the iPad to the Mac Air. I had been trying to hold out for a model with 3G, but couldn’t wait any longer – I really like snow leopard .

    I’m curious if you’re using a case with your MBA, and if so which brand. There doesn’t seem to be many choices out there. My daughters use Speck cases on their MBP’s.



  • CapneoCrowley

    I really will attempt to get one, just for the front and rear camera’s.



  • Exnykr35

    I like to give my Ipad to my Grandson and purchase an IPad 2 for myself. What are the major NEW features and will it have a Flash Drive???
    I don’t want to buy a new one and find out for Turkey Day or Xmas there is a newer model available, with more bells and whstles
    Please HELP!!!!!!!!!

    • Michael Hyatt

      You can pretty much count on a new model every year.

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  • Anonymous

    A few days ago I planned to buy the iPad 2.o…on Monday I convinced a woman in Best Buy to purchase the 32gb WiFi model for her business. Today I’m not going to buy one.

    I can’t decide! This post helped me decipher why I really want one (they’re cool) and why I don’t really need one (my laptop does it all anyway).
    Thanks! Here’s hoping I can hold out and hold on to my $600.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I went fishing for trout yesterday with a shiny new spinner bait. I caught five. I think iPads are like that. People bite without really knowing why, other than they see a really shiny object go by. ;-)

  • Shadowfist7

    Michael your blogs are so interesting and useful. Concerning buying an iPad2…not for me at this time. I received an iPad last Xmas. I was thrilled, however, did not really start using it until the summer. You “hit the nail on the head” when you wrote, “Do you have the time to invest in the learning curve?” and “Are you willing to change your workflow?. ” I didn’t even know I had a workflow! For now, iPad is perfect since I decided to use it for certain tasks. I use it to gather information and create lesson plans for my Martial Arts business. My Macbook is used to create iMovies which I use in my Martial Arts schools. The iPad is a perfect platform to present to my students or possible clients. iPad2? Maybe next Xmas.

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  • Victor Walls

    haw do u type an essay by using the pages app and transfer it into ur computadora

  • Joyce Glass

    O, my confused friends below.  The iPad 2 is going to do so much more than you are discussing.  I plan on replacing my dinosaur desktop and laptop with the iPad2.  How you say?  iPad 2 has mirroring technology for ALL applications.  I can connect the iPad 2 to my current computer monitor for a bigger screen (or for those blessed with an HDTV you can too), and with a wireless keyboard ( ) , Viola! I have a computer to use at my desk.  Disconnect the iPad 2 and I can take my wireless keyboard with me and work anywhere.  I have found every app that I need to function as I do on my computer now.  There will be few things that I will need to do on my desktop.  The main thing is print – but with a new printer I can print from the iPad2 too!.  Honestly, I have not had to print much in months.  I send via e-mail, put things in Evernote or Dropbox or for my college classes I upload to assignments to the message board for class.  Not to mention the new OS system coming out in the next month will include Cloud storage.  I believe with all the updates for the iPad2 it will make it more of a functional device and not just an entertainment device. 

    So, I am all about being economical, but the iPad 2 is going to help save me many hours of PC frustration.  With all the work I am doing on the computer, I do NOT have time to wait 10 & 20 minutes for PC’s to open a file or change screens, or they will both lock up on me at the same time when I need to submit an assignment.  I am looking forward to being an apple fan.  

    I can update later on how all this works out!   

  • BlackwaterComDivers

    Well it is August 7th, 2011 and I have had my iPad 2 for roughly 1 month. I also have an iPhone 4 that I received prior to the Verizon release date. I love Apple products and these two are no exception to the long list. As a matter of fact; I am writing this on my iPad 2 while hiding from my two kids in the bathroom. ;-)

    Basically, I can do 80-90% of what I can do on my computers on this device. The other benefit is that it is completely portable and I can acess GPS and Internet anywhere othe go. Which for me is a MAJOR plus as I need connectivity where ever I go.

    I run Bkackwater Commercial Divers, Ltd. Co. and use my iPhone and iPad (mainly the iPad) for doing invoices and credit card acceptance on the road. I can also look up pricing information, update my website, and more on the go at any time, anywhere where the Verizon Wireless Network takes me or where there is an active Wi-Fi I can link up to.

    Now if Flash Multimedia is your game, then the Apple products aren’t for you as they are not Flash compatible . Many of the current websites are starting to realize the movement and are now making html5 and/or switching to CGI instead.

    With all this said, I see no reason for me to put down my iPad 2 or iPhone 4 any time soon. They play so many vital roles in daily activities in my personal and professional opinions. Just the task of taking the kids out to dinner is now a dream as movies + games are only a finger slide away.

    So to sum it all up; it really boils down to what you want out of your device and how you expect to use it. If you are just looking to read books, then yes; spending the money on an Apple product isn’t the way to go. However, if you want to utilize the many available facets of the device, then this may befor you.

    Thanks for reading,

  • Ckedobw

    I have an iphone 4 and love it. I would like an ipad but will not buy one because it has no USB port and thus no way to store my stuff to a portable hard drive, nor a way to watch my movies or photos that are on my portable hard drive. I will have to stick with my laptop.

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  • Lily Riva

    This article is great.  Based on this I have taken a significant step in the direction of buying the ipad rather than the Air.  90% of what i do is watch movies and surf the web.  My content creation is the other 10%….but I have been testing google docs and that seems to work great…so I will use that rather than a than a try a work around with an app.  I also use dropbox to share docs.

    your comments about the key board were also helpful.  i had not even seriously considered getting the ipad after seeing the buiilt in keyboard with the Dell cover.  i HATE the touch screen key boards.  But your comments really drove home that point that i was making the right decision there.the big question that remains is to get the one with the 3g.  i don’t think so because the iPad will not let me get rid of my blackberry…..
    thanks for the article

  • Lamato2

    I have the ipad first generation and only for the music and games.  I still have my laptops and use them for working but I do love my ipad.  Not really interested in the 2nd generation since there’s very little difference.  I don’t need the camera or face-time, and that’s all their is in difference, besides the 1st generation weights several ounces more than the 2nd, but who cares.

  • Kh Reynolds

    I have purchased an Ipad 2 my old Dell is going to comp. heaven. Will the ipad2 do everything that the Dell can? If so what type of office app should I get?

  • Mmrg757

    Got the I pad first one but next one will be another tablet not because the I pad isn’t worth it it’s a brilliant bit of tec but they v lost me just because they didn’t put flash on I use betting sites and they use flash just because of their stubbornness over flash they lost a customer not good bisnes sence at all

  • Bob

    If I could get wifi calling capabilities, along with gotomypc (currently available for ipad 2).  While in Europe, I will not have service from Verizon (CDMA) but would like a device I could make calls on using wifi, which I have available in Italy.  Google voice will not fit the bill, and the droid devices do not have the gotomypc ap available.  So I guess I’ll get a GSM phone, and maybe take a laptop.  What a shame it has to be this way.

  • Wipul Wakalkar

    Thanks Michael, mostly I work on MS excel and I am in search of a handy device as option to my laptop which will provide me ease and more easy portability along with media, internet and communication facilities in India. I thought ipad2 is the one which will serve all my needs. But now i realized that ipad2 is not exact device… thanks for your notes…

  • Antreas_giall

    can i charge my ipad 2 whever i want ?

    • Michael Hyatt

      All you need is access to a standard 120v plug.

  • Thomas Mark Zuniga

    Been contemplating the purchase of an iPad 2 ever since I returned from a summer job. I definitely want to get into the e-book thing, and I certainly salivate at the thought of owning a shiny wonderful iPad. But I wonder if it’d be more of a distraction to my reading, as you mentioned in this post. The Kindle might be the better way to go. Will have to continue thinking this through…

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  • Benberson

    Have just bought a I pad. I bought it mianly to useit for public speaking , surfisng and manage my calendar, tasks delegation on the go. I was impressed withyour review about evernote. I ha ve just discovered it needs a credit card number to activate evernote. I have only a debit card. I need to wait for 22 days for the card.

  • Lkotraba

    Touch is a little touchy for me.  I have enough of it on I-phone.

  • 154443

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  • Ava Jae

    I know this is an older post, but you make some really great points here. It’s tempting to want to buy every new gadget that comes out (especially those shiny Apple gadgets), but before you spend the money it’s important to stop and ask yourself if you really need it. 

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  • Anonymous

    I just bought an iPad 2 in the beginning of August 2011 & I LOVE IT!!!!!! It has replaced my laptop 98%. There are just a few things that I am not able to do on the iPad. I am an office manager for an optimetrist office and I am in college finishing my degree. I have found an app for everything that I need to do. Most used apps are dropbox, Evernote, Docs to Go, You Version Bible, and now Talkatone – through my google voice account I can call and text people from my iPad. I even found a flash video app – photon is the best one! My Spanish homework is almost all online on a flash based website. – It was a must app for me!

    I connect the iPad to my old computer monitor via the apple VGA connector, and can work away in my home office.

    Recently I purchased an Hp 8500A printer and can print directly from my iPad. The scanning capability of the printer is so easy! I can scan a file directly into dropbox, open it on my iPad and rename and save wherever I want – dropbox or Evernote. I originally bought a printer for work, and realized how awesome it was and got one for home!

    I teach Sunday School, and keep my lessons on the iPad and teach from the iPad as well as look up verses in the You Version app. So, all I carry around church is my iPad! I take sermon notes and notes for my college classes in Noteshelf – you can do handwritten notes them and export them to dropbox or Evernote. I keep all my class notes in a notebook in Evernote.

    So, for all you not so sure about the iPad 2 it FAR exceeds the capabilities of the orginal iPad.

    The one thing that I have not been able to do is set up a blog post from the iPad. WordPress is working on updating the app, but they have a long way to go to make it more user friendly. The other thing is the Excel in Documents to Go is not easy to use. If you have a spreadsheet set up you can fill it in, but it is not easy to create. Most of my spreadsheets are set up and I can just fill them in. Would love to see this app updated to be more user friendly for excel. Looked at numbers app and it did not have good reviews on the iPad so I did not waste $10 trying it out. However, the Word app in Documents to Go is great! I can get it to do what I want. You are limited on Font styles, but that has not been a problem for me.

    I needed something light to take with me on the go. I was tired of lugging a laptop around in my rolling bag, because I have neck and shoulder issues. I can’t carry heavy things on my right shoulder. The iPad has been the PERFECT solution for me. I use the iPad at work everyday and in all of my classes, at church, and at home for e-mail, music, videos etc . . .

    When the Cloud service goes live it is going to make the iPad even more useful to the consumer. You can pull your documents on whatever device you want! No connecting to a PC to back up your info on iTunes etc. . . check out more info on the apple website.

  • Anonymous

    I know what you mean! That is why I got a wireless keyboard to use with my iPad! Makes all the difference in the world! The touch keyboard frustrates the heck out of me!

  • Anonymous

    THERE is an app for that! PHOTON is the best flash app. Just search flash video apps and there are a few, but PHOTON is the best one that I have found. I was frustrated about that too, and went searching for it.

    See my post earlier about all that I do with the iPad 2!

  • Anonymous

    The best office app is Documents to go. It will do all Microsoft Office 2010 & lower documents as well as PDF.

    KH – I have found all the apps I needed to function completely on the iPad 2. If you need something just go searching the app store. You will find it. there is an app for that!

    You can see my post from today about all the things that I can do with the iPad 2.

  • Anonymous

    O contrair my friend! I have the iPad 2 and it far surpasses the capabilities of the original iPad! There are a lot of differences. Too many to count.

    I have ditched the laptop and the desktop for my iPad 2!

    See my post from today about all the things that I do with the iPad2

  • Anonymous

    My iPad2 friend – Check out Photon in the app store and you will have flash websites available on your iPad 2! I had to get it for my college classes to do online work. Skyfire is another one, but does not do all that Photon can do.

    I am like you that I can’t see working without the iPad 2!

    I posted earlier all the great things that I do with the iPad 2 since I got just a little over a month ago.

  • Salmatrooshi

    the ipad 2 is cool and you recieve e-mail with it and play many games

  • Inthe40s

    hello,  I am searching for a tablet for my 5th and 6th grader because most of their homework has to be done using the internet and they don’t have access to a computer until I get home from work at around 6 pm.  My plan is that they each have a tablet where they can surf and do their homework after school where they are baby sat without having to wait to get home to use their desktop and spend hours doing what they could do after school.  The issue with adobe flash and the ipad presents a problem as there are two educational sites they need to go to everyday and you need flash.  Not sure what to do… Any advice is greatly appreciated.  Thank you

    • Chris Tinker

      As much as I love iPads in your case, you would probably be better with one of the many other tablet computers out there, many of them run adobe flash the reason iPhones and iPads don’t is due to disputes or something along those lines with adobe and apple! Hope this helps!

  • Jimmcgee

    I have had iPad two for six months and want rid. It is a toy and will not do a fraction of the tasks my laptop can do. I comes with no software and you are tied to iTunes which I hate. I will try and sell it and buy a notebook

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  • Joan

    I have recently purchased an iPad 2  (almost two weeks ago). I’m really getting the hang of it but I still have a lot to learn. The problem I have with the iPad 2 is that it is not compatible with flash player. So, I have to use my PC. I rather use the iPad 2 to download books, movies, and surf the web thats all. I have gotten the Wi-Fi instead of Wi-Fi + 3G connection because I have wireless set up in the house and there is wireless everywhere. And because, I do not want to be paying any monthly payments for a 3G connection because I have 3G connection on laptop.

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  • Sarah

    My son bought me an iPad for Christmas last year and I really wondered if I would ever use it. I’m on my computer daily chatting with my sisters via email. Well, I love my iPad because now I can sit in the front room watching Texas Rangers baseball and still keep up with my sisters. And, I can go to the Internet if need be. It’s like a very small laptop (which I’ll never have). I’m not saying anything about an iPad2 because my son would immediately buy me one for Christmas! I’m satisfied with my much-used iPad!!!

  • Karen

    I bought the iPad uninformed to play Facebook games and lo and behold you can’t! Expensive toy that doesn’t work is what im left with

  • Rohan

    rubish i have alredy got one and it has exactly every thing on it

  • John Harrison

    My uncle wants an iPad 2 but has not got a computer but has broadband router,would it work if I took my laptop logged onto his network and set up a ITunes would it work with security spyware kind regards John

  • Kathy

    Can the Ipad2 do anything without an internet connection?  Can you read a book you’ve downloaded without the internet?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, absolutely. It has it’s own internal storage.

  • Oni O’Kieffe

    This was actually pretty insightful. I know the article said something about content creation, but does this include college student duties, i.e., writing college papers on the go, making presentations and the like? If so, I think I would need the iPad, in that my laptop is too fricking heavy to bring to work AND school!

  • Caramossblack

    I will buy an ipad when it works like my iphone.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m not sure what you mean. They work together now.

  • Joe

    I am looking for a tablet or format where I can use two apps at the same time.  Please design something that will work.  I love the IPAD and the one I use is owned by my company and not mine to tweek… this is essential in order for me to purchase an IPAD….

  • Cynthia

    Iam thinking about getting an iPad 2, but will do my research first. I need to save pictures from the internet into my computer and look at them often. I have a home based business amd need to show this pictures around to customers. Can I do it with an iPad or iPad 2?
    Thank you.

    • Chris Tinker

      Yes you can save pictures to your iPad and iPad 2, the iPad 2 even takes pictures! Simply go on to your camera roll to show the pictures you want to! Hope this helps!

  • Chris Tinker

    I have recently got a contract out on an iPad 2 as I’ve always wanted one since they first came out!! I have an iPhone 4 as well and I always use it for my web use I don’t even use my laptop anymore, and I thought getting an iPad was a good idea as I am a serious Facebook addict and I always use twitter and a lot of many other social networks and sites such as eBay etc and I’ve found it very easy to do all these things on my iPhone so for a change I decided in my infinite wisdom I’d get an iPad! Do you think how I use the web as I described it getting an iPad was a good idea? Or just a waste of money as I have an iPhone? Thanks!

  • Joe Cliburn

    Good points. I recently purchased in iPad2 for my wife, and less than a week from delivery, we plan to return it. Frankly, it is a front for selling content from iTunes store, nothing more and nothing less.  As far as workflow, you make an excellent point. The iPad merely introduced one additional point for her to have to delete email, since she doesn’t use an iPhone and we are not Mac users.  As a toy, it’s cute, but $500 is pretty steep for a toy.

    • Chris Tinker

      I got my iPad 2 a week ago and I love it, you clearly bought one out right which is the most costly way, me on the other hand got one on contract so I have a 3G and wifi model 16gb for just £25 a month, yes this is in British pounds, but I shouldn’t think the difference is much different over there.
      I paid £199 for my iPad because even on contract there is an upfront cost but it’s considerably less by like £300 or more depending on if you have just a wifi or a 3G wifi model and the memory size also plays a part in the cost, you would be better getting one on contract in my personal opinion.

  • Kcdkvgndkl

     I would get the iPad 2 because considering it has almost everything  and iPod touch 4 has.

  • LisaLavan


    I have read your blog on ipads and I am not the best at electronic’s but we have a computer and my son uses it mostly surfing the web for children’s moves and that kind of stuff. I recently asked for an ipad because I understood my son can laern to communicate thru with a few apps as he is on the autistic spectrum. I understand that an app like tap to talk would be something that my son can take the ipad around and about to help communicate wherever we are. Anything about a contract would be helpful too. Thanks for any input you may offer.


  • Danish Wali

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    for you..

  • Eternaluburgess

     i have a ipod that some how the icon on it just grew to big for my screen can someone tell me how put then back down to size?

  • SB Stone

    I am trying to determine if it can be used off the internet. The person I’m wanting to get one for is disabled mentally and physically. I need something with games on it where they can be played by a touch of the hand. Something they can’t touch and mess up like a computer.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, it can be used off the Internet. Thanks.

  • Jared Rice

    Jared Rice


    Thank you for your nice article on

    I like for your good writing.



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  • Sue Monson

    Umm.  Interesting article–but not my answer.   My husband has visual problems and when I try to help him–I start to have them also.  Over his shoulder it is too light a print and also  too small.   I was told about pressing Control and + to get the print larger–is there something that will make the d–machine print dqarker?  Sue Monson 

  • Hugh Hicks

    I bought one for my wife to keep her off my laptop, but the question I did not ask was if it was flash capable.  This means that my other half could not get into the facebook program (cityville) that I brought the blasted thing for in the first place.  Yes I could jailbreak it, but that only gives apple the excuse to void the warranty.  I will end up getting a laptop again.  I need mine back.

  • Muddyjoe

    My dad won an i pad in a raffle- and after having it for 6 months decided he couldnt make use of it and gave it to me- I love it- and I could make heaps of use of it through work- but for the fact that work and eerywhere else I go the system in use is micro soft windows stuff- would be great if apple and microsoft were more easily interlinkable- as it is I just have a kind of fancy diary- something that helps me keep notes together and plan and organise my work- but the actual work- that has to be done on the computer which hooks up through our works intra net and to the printers.
    I could see how the i-pad could revolutionise our work place- unfortunatly the cost means this will never happen- and in all likelyhood a microsoft version of it that is bound to appear will rule in the future.

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  • Kathleen

    I didn’t plan to buy anything new but my husband bought me a Kindle Fire for Christmas.  I used an HP laptop and iTouch so I’m trying to fit it into my needs. I did get a wonderful birding reference for it.

    The one thing that I love about the little iTouch is it has Bluetooth and I can use a little Bluetooth Mac keyboard and a wireless headset with it to do a lot of thought-taking  and listening in the strangest places. I don’t see the Fire working for that. I’ve had too many years with a keyboard and a few dealing with the tiny keys spots on the touch that keyboarding on the Fire is awkward, to say the least.

  • Ekbpuppyplace

    I made my decision on an iPad. But I just keep thinking about a MacBook now. My mom and dad just bought me this and I’m afraid they’ll get mad if I tell them I want to return it. I have an iPod touch which is capable of doing everything on here. So got any advice?

  • daphne


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  • cheap oakley sunglasses

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  • Anthony Mujica

    I am a senior who recently saw what the new I-Pad can do. I was very impressed and would love to purchase one. However, I am limited in funds and that prompts the following question.

    I don’t intend to download music or even videos using the I-Pad. That being the case, would buying the basic model (Wi-Fi  16GB) be able to handle downloading some basic app’s?  Also, if I do rent movies, will these take up space permanently on the new I-Pad?  And final question. If I use the camera feature, can I delete it after viewing?

    I know these probably sound like real basic questions, but I would really like to know. Please reply by e-mail. My e-mail address is

  • Janstritt

    I am interested in buyng a Ipad, simply so that I can use the internet anywhere I go, but can I use the same server that I am using now , or does it need a differnt server using the Ipad.

  • Dallon Christensen

    I had to look at this article as my wife is debating between the new iPad and an 11″ MacBook Air. She’s not a heavy user, and she has done some “real work” (i.e. updating spreadsheets and word processing documents) on the iPad. She’s going with the MacBook Air, primarily because she can still use the computer when not connected to the cloud. We’re both heavy cloud users (Evernote and Dropbox in particular), but it’s still better for her to have the computer workflow like you mentioned.

    The one thing I’ve really noticed about the iPad with my workflow is that I don’t have that many mid-range tasks that only an iPad can do. I can read my RSS feeds on my iPhone. I can do some minor Evernote updates on my iPhone. I do a lot of heavy spreadsheet analysis on my MacBook Pro and my iMac (I do a lot of financial analysis work, so having the 27″ iMac is great for the screen real estate). I’m just seeing more and more times where I skip over the iPad for various tasks. Michael raises a lot of good points in this post.

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  • Larryandmarie

    Just won an ipad2 at work. Never had even a cell phone. I have plugged it in and charged it. Now what do I buy or do?? anyone?

  • Rolfekk

    Thank you Michael for the points you’ve made.  I’m having dilemma.  I received an iPad for Christmas and I’m debating keeping it.  I’m an architect and I use AutoCad on mt PC and laptop.  The iPad isn’t capable of running drafting programs. I know it is capable to run SketchUp, but other than that I don’t know what I would use it for.  I would stream music but the it is only a radio of sorts.  I’m not a gamer and I like reading books that I can hold. The library is still the best resource for information for me.  I’m thinking about selling it.  

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  • RichardeFisher

    I dont know what you want to say about hot to buy iPad, but one thing clear that There is big differnce between laptop and iPad and still laptop is better than ipad for daily routine used.

  • Maxine Pierson

    No desire to send pictures or music-
    only for email and business correspondence most media is PDF of an IPO.

    Again- what can it do for me?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Maybe nothing. It isn’t for everyone.

  • Obg

    No adequate support!

  • Obg

    Am disappointed with support

  • jay

    Yes Michael you are correct. Thanks for making me to think whether to buy or not.