Top Posts and Commenters for August 2011

In case you missed them, here are my top ten posts for August 2011, along with my top ten commenters. I am sending each of the top commenters a free The Barefoot Executive: The Ultimate Guide for Being Your Own Boss and Achieving Financial Freedom by Carrie Wilkerson.

Wordle Graphic for August 2011

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Here are my top ten posts:

  1. Fix for Wireless Connection Problems on MacBook Pro (01/01/2007)
  2. Creating Your Personal Life Plan (03/11/2011)
  3. Three Questions You Should Ask Before You Buy an iPad 2 (03/09/2011)
  4. How to Setup Google Calendar on Your iPhone 4 (07/05/2010)
  5. What Really Keeps a Marriage Together? (08/03/2011)
  6. What I Learned About Leadership from A Fight with My Wife (08/18/2011)
  7. Whatever Happened to Modesty? (09/08/2008)
  8. How to Update Your Facebook Status with Twitter (02/24/2009)
  9. How to Use Evernote with an iPad to Take Meeting Notes (06/11/2010)
  10. What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do (08/24/2011)
  11. Literary Agents Who Represent Christian Authors (11/24/2007)

In the list above, I placed the date the post was first published in parenthesis. This is really starting to get interesting. Several items worth noting:

  • Only three of the posts I wrote in August actually made it into the top ten.
  • The #1 post was written in 2007—four years ago. So was the #10 post.
  • Six of the top ten were written more than a year ago.
  • Half of the posts were about tech topics.
  • The list is very eclectic—leadership, marriage, tech, life planning.

It was also interesting that August was my biggest traffic month ever with almost a half a million page views. This represented an increase of 23.7% over July. It also represents a 207% increase over August of last year.

As I have pointed out before, if you are a blogger, you can continue to generate significant traffic from your old posts. You just need to be intentional about it. (I outline my strategy in a blog post called, “Recycling Your Blog Content.”)

Although I didn’t include it in the list, because it is not really a post, my About page continues to be near the top (#15 to be exact). If you are a blogger, this is why it is important to carefully engineer this page. You might want to read “10 Ways to Create a Better About Page for Your Blog.”

My top ten commenters were:

Note to commenters: Please sign up for a free Disqus account. This is the commenting software I use on my site. That way, when you comment it will create a back-link to your blog or website. Also, if you upload an Avatar (picture), we will get to see what you look like. This is just way more personal—and social.

For September, I’m going to give a free copy of StandOut: Find Your Edge. Win at Work by Marcus Buckingham, to each of my top 10 commenters.

3D Image of StandOut by Marcus Buckingham

This is a brand new book for Thomas Nelson. (It will be available on September 13, 2011.) I look forward to reading it myself.

Ready. Set. Go!

Question: If you blog, what was your top post for August? Why do you think that was the case? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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  • joanna

    My top post of the month was “When you don’t know what to pray” I suspect it was the top post because a lot of people seem to find prayer confusing or frustrating at times.

  • Jon Stolpe

    I have two top posts for the month.  “Locks of Love” ( is about my daughter’s generous, sacrificial gift of her hair.  And the second, “Reflect More, Risk More, Leave A Legacy – Start Blogging” ( was a guest post by my on-line friend, Jason Fountain.  I think the “Locks of Love” post drew traffic for two reasons.  First, many people are interested in participating in Locks of Love hair donation.  Second, my readers seem to enjoy reading about my family.  The “Reflect More…” post drew traffic, because it was a great post, and Jason Fountain pushed some of his readers over to my blog.  (Thanks, Jason!)

    • Brandon

      You had a great month!

    • Bschebs

      Great Month @jonstolpe:disqus , you featured some great guest posts too.  It is really cool to see your family involved as well.  Keep writing the good stuff!

  • Dave Hearn

    Don’t you mean “the list was very eclectic”?  :^)

    My top post for August was a post on Initiation for boys, that I wrote in May.  It has really shown me the need and desire that men have on truly entering manhood… and the desire fathers have in training their children well.  So I’m going to be focusing on that more on my blog.

    Oh yeah, the link:

    • Lkfischer

      As a father of three boys, I loved that whole series you wrote!

      • Dave Hearn


    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes! The foils of auto-correct.

    • Brandon

      You have a great blog! I have enjoyed reading it!

      • Dave Hearn

        Thanks Brandon, I really do appreciate that.  I took a look at your site too, well done man.

  • Joey Espinosa

    I have 2 blogs. On my parenting blog, my top post was “Explaining Autism to My Son.” (

    On my newer blog (having moved content over from the first blog), I wrote about the ultimate goal for us as we moved to an impoverished area.

  • David Santistevan

    My top post was “What Does A Worship Leader Do All Day?”

    I think it resonated with a lot of worship leaders seeking to make a bigger difference with their ministries.

  • Cyberquill

    My top post for August was The Fox News Paradox, published in July. I reposted the link on Google+ in early August. Some conservative lady with a lot of followers shared it on her profile, and for the next 24 hours I scored the most hits on a single post I’ve ever had so far in one month.

    • Dave Hearn

      So the key to that is somehow putting “Fox News” in your post title.  I’ll have to try that one!

      • Cyberquill

        Yep, or you could try “Megan Fox.”

    • Michael Hyatt

      Congratulations! That’s always fun when that happens.

    • Brandon

      That’s awesome!

  • Olaojo Aiyegbayo

    It is
    interesting but I have two joint leadership posts for August:
    (1) ‘Remember You are
    (2) ‘Road to Damascus’

    I believe
    this is because “the constant conscious of your mortality helps to guard
    against thoughts of invincibility” and also like Socrates said “an unexamined
    life is not worth living.”

  • Ryan K

    Great month! That’s an amazing increase in traffic. You do a great job interacting with the community here.

    My top post was The Purpose of probably because it was my first post on my new site.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Ryan.

    • Dustin

      Looking forward to what you have in store, Ryan!

    • Jon Stolpe

      Ryan, I’m looking forward to seeing more on your blog.

      • Dustin

        Jon, Ryan is a guy I know personally. I’ll vouch for him! :)

        • Jon Stolpe

          Thanks, Dustin.  I just connected with him and his blog.  He mentioned that he knew you.

    • Brandon

      I love your new site! Can’t wait for future posts…also, I hope the free ad on my site girves you some extra traffic. You have a great ministry!

  • Douglas Andrews

    That list is eye opening to me.  Old posts are important.  Previous posts can drive traffic, even years old.  That is great information.  I am going to refer to older posts in some of my upcoming posts.
    Thanks for those stats!

    • Brandon

      Yeah, I have 1 posts that generates so much traffic! I wrote it as a research paper for a college class, and just decided to post it! haha

  • Robert Ewoldt

    My top post for August was a post called, “The U.S. Gets Downgraded; What Does It Mean?” (, which I wrote the day after the S&P downgrade.  This post seemed to be an anomaly, in terms of visits.

    My second top post for August was a post called “Cross Examination: Is There a Moral Law?” which spawned some great conversation on the blog:

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations on that phenomenal traffic growth Michael. What a great demonstration of what works..

    My top post was a niche tech post, on ‘how to create a widgetized footer’ (for a wordpress/headway blog):

    This has always been my top post, since it was written way back in December 2009. It’s had over 11,000 page views since then..  great for what started as a niche hobby site..

    The reason it is the top post – is that it identifies a common technical challenge, and provides a solution, in a way that makes it easy for the non-technical person to apply. :-)

    Monitoring is such an important part of improving..

    Thanks again,

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’ll bet that kind of post gets a lot of search traffic, just like my “Fix for Wireless Connection Problems.” That’s the real value of optimizing these posts for SEO. They can draw traffic forever!

      • Brandon

        Yeah, like I mentioned above…I get traffic everyday from a research paper I posted on the psychology of birth order. It gets tons of traffic every day!

  • John Richardson

    Obviously, Michael, there is a trend here. If people could just fix their wireless problems on their MacBook Pro, life would be better. They could actually sit down and work on their life plans and truly discover if they should buy an iPad 2. Maybe if they just synchronized their calendars on their iPhone 4’s, it would help.  I really think being on time would help keep their marriages together. Obviously there is nothing worse than missing an appointment due to an unsynchronized calendar. It’s certain to cause a fight with your wife.

    Unfortunately, many women given this situation, would take the covers off of their iPhone 4’s to improve reception. What ever happened to iPhone modesty? Now you’ll have a whole bunch of naked iPhone 4’s running around. And since this may actually improve reception, you’ll have a bunch of women tweeting about it and automatically updating their Facebook pages.

    With this amount of chatting going on, the guys may feel left out. Fortunately for them, their completed life plan has allowed them to actually buy an iPad 2. Now what better thing to do than take it to their next meeting at the golf course.  They can now keep all their scores (even the mulligans) current  with the built-in wireless right to Evernote.

     This is where it gets interesting… When they get to the 19th hole, if one guy’s iPad has a different score than the other, they may not know what to do. Certainly the best thing is to ask the guy at the table next to them (A literary agent who represents Christain authors and looks honest) to break the logjam and help them find a winner.

    It’s truly remarkable how your blog keeps up with the important issues of life.

    My blog is truly boring in comparison…

    My perennial top post is my Goal Setting Toolkit followed by a comparison of an iPad2 against a Kindle. I think this post is popular with the guys who are looking for a cheaper tablet alternative to take with them golfing. I know the Kindle is easier to read on the golf course, but it can’t update Evernote… what are these guys thinking??

    P.S. Thanks for the book, Mike. I’ve always wanted to be a barefoot executive! Shoes coming off as we speak…

    • Michael Hyatt

      Very funny—and clever—John. I hope you enjoy the book!

  • Lisa

    A top post of mine in August was “Owning Our Stuff”: … I released some never-before-seen Barna stats for my new book, as well as got people involved by asking them to “own their stuff” by tweeting a truth they needed to own on Twitter accompanied by #owningmystuff.  I believe it was successful because there was a blend of interesting information and an invitation for personal involvement.

  • Becky Kiser

    My top two posts were: #1 post was on life being in a season of Pending: #2 post on too much noise in our lives: I think the pending post connected because who hasn’t felt like they’ve waited… and waited… and waited on God to show up for them. :) And the noise post connects because we are deafened by all the noise in our lives.

    Thanks Michael for all you do on this blog. I recommend it to everyone I can. So helpful. So instructive. So honest. So encouraging.

  • Uma Maheswaran S

    Congratulations to the top commenters! Though I did not blog actively last month, I would say that my favorite post for the month was on ‘our deepest fear’.

    I am enjoying being a part of this dedicated online community.

  • kelsey williams

    My top post was when I announced my pregnancy!

    • Beck Gambill

      Congratulations, that’s a pretty fun top post!

  • Daniel Tardy

    Hey Mike,

    I finally decided to go from ‘lurking’ to interacting.  Looking forward to the conversation!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Welcome, Daniel!

    • Dustin

      Me too, Daniel. I’ve been a lurker for over a year… I’ve committed myself to commenting more regularly in September. :)

      • Brandon

        Same here!

  • Charlie Lyons

    I’ve been a faithful reader/follower for several months now. It is always interesting for me to see which posts are the ‘top 10′ for the month. I have not yet made the plunge into the realm of blogging as there are a few “get your house in order” items that must take priority. :)

    Thank you for your faithfulness and your wise insight in your areas of focus. Keep it up, Michael!

    • Uma Maheswaran S

      Just go on Charlie! Leap out of faith! Jump! You will enjoy.

  • Dustin

    My top post was yesterday:
    It was a “giveaway” post (still is, actually)…. so that is definitely the case. :)

    • Brandon

      Giveaways always get tons of traffic!

  • Beck Gambill

    My top post this month was very exciting to me! It was the release of my new FREE ebook Sister to Sister; A Mentor’s Handbook.

    It was the top post because I promoted it like crazy! Sending emails, links, twitter and facebook updates. Friends passed on the link and posted it on their pages, it was (and continues to be) an amazing experience.

    I just have to share a side-note about the ebook. I originally wrote a mentoring post I submitted for publication on this blog, which pushed me to do my best work. It wasn’t used but that “failure” turned into an amazing success for me. The post was used elsewhere and was received so well it got my attention. I decided to turn that post into the ebook which has been an incredible learning experience on so many levels. I believe this one experience has propelled me further in my growth as a writer than any other. So thank you Michael for your rejection (which was done with absolute kindness) it was a powerful experience!

    • Jon Stolpe

      Congrats on the book (and the top post)!

      • Beck Gambill

        Thank you Jon!

    • Uma Maheswaran S

      Thanks Gambill! I gifting this book to my younger sister.

      • Beck Gambill

        Wonderful Uma, thank you for passing it on. I hope she enjoys it.

    • Brandon

      Awesome to witness someone from the site publish an ebook! Congratz!

      • Beck Gambill

        Thanks Brandon! I appreciate it.

  • Dylan Dodson

    I just received my copy for being a top commenter in July. Thanks Michael!

  • kimanzi constable

    My top post is “How to find a job you love” ( and it’s actually about focusing on the “why” and not looking at all the other things that make it look impossible to find that job.

    • Uma Maheswaran S

      –“When you focus on the “how” and the “what” you’ll get discouraged and give up”
      — “When you focus on the “why” it gives you the right motivation”

      Those are great perspective to stay afloat.

  • Anonymous

    Wow!  I’m excited.  Thanks for the book.

  • Anonymous

    My top post was “The Two Most Important Words in Training Assessment”  Why?  It got featured in an email newsletter to Christian Bookstores (thanks Parable!)

    • Uma Maheswaran S

      Yes Steven! It’s like going the extra mile to asuure ourselves that our teaching has been received and well understood by the participants.

  • Anonymous

    My top post for last month was 21 Ways To Motivate Yourself which you can find here

    • Uma Maheswaran S

      That was insightful and informative. “Taking time for oneself” and ” Cleaning up one’s calendar” – Ihave found these two difficult to implement.

      • Anonymous

         Thank you for checking out the post. The two you mentioned are important ones.

  • Tim Blankenship

    I love the top 10 and that you put the dates on the post. It’s a great reminder that in a world that is constantly changing you don’t always have to create something new, just continue to create and make available something that will help others!

    • Uma Maheswaran S

      creating and making available something that will help others– I have seen this principle work wonders in people’s life who follow this. 

  • Jim Hardy
  • Jim Hardy

    I love the relationship post. I learn a lot and I think they really make me think about how well I do or do not do in my relationships.


  • FemmeFuel

    This month’s theme on my blog was about friendships. Go figure, but my highest ranked post had to do with man’s best friend–my dog, who passed away last winter. It came off the heels of a beautiful post by Donald Miller this week which suggested that when a dog passes away, she gets “swallowed back up into God’s imagination”. What an incredible thought. Here’s what I wrote:

    Thanks again for the generosity of your wisdom, Michael. Sometimes I feel guilty with all this knowledge I’m getting from your blog, because I feel like I’m auditing a college marketing class for free!!


    • Uma Maheswaran S

      That’s crazy.  Donald Miller’s view that when your dog passes on, she gets swallowed back up into God’s imagination. That’s really heartwarming sentiment for  any dog owners.

  • Joe Lalonde

    Wow, that’s quite the traffic bump! Keep up the great work.

  • Stuart Loe

    My top post in August was entitled, “I hate waste”.  It was probably my top post because my friends and family know this about me.  Or maybe it was just some Russian botnet trying to sell me cheap Canadian prescription drugs.  I get so many annoying spam comments in Russian.  Does anybody else get that on their blog?

    • Uma Maheswaran S

      Loe! Can you share your post link

      • Stuart Loe

        Sorry for the slow reply.  I am just learning how to post comments.  How do I get an email when someone comments on my comment?  Do I have to sign up for disqus account?

        Here’s the post:

        • Michael Hyatt

          Yes, exactly. It is very easy.

          • Stuart Loe

            You’re right.  It was very easy.  Yeah for avatars.

  • Anonymous

    Since March, my top post of every month has been Jonathan Franzen’s 10 Rules of Writing: It was featured on the WordPress homepage back in March, then it got featured somehow on Stumble Upon. It just generates a ton of traffic. Funny how a post that took me about 10 minutes to write is the most popular post I’ve had!

    • Uma Maheswaran S

      Robert! It’s just like 10 commandments of writing. “You have to love before you can be relentless. ” – I think that’s very critical.

  • TNeal

    First of all, making the top 10 list surprised me and I like surprises.

    Secondly, my top post in August was “How Do You Handle Life’s Surprises?”(  My About page actually had the most hits which reiterates your point of its importance.

    Thanks, Mike, for the generous spirit you exemplify on your blog.

    • Uma Maheswaran S

      Tom! I like  your concept of responding to the surprises  in two different styles:

      (1) Control – Some recognized they had no control over the situation (you really couldn’t sink if you wanted to), relaxed, and floated on their backs with a smile

      (2) You’ve got to trust something or someone beyond you.

      • TNeal

        Thanks, Uma, those words seem vaguely familiar (which surprises me). :-)

    • Brandon

      I remember that post!

      • TNeal

        Glad you remember. That’s always a good sign.

  • Brandon Robbins

    My top post in August was about the brand new pre release sale of Shane and Shane’s brand new album:

    • Brandon

      Awesome post! And you have the best name in the world! :)

  • John Lambert

    I’ve been inspired lately.  Hope to overhaul my blog this month, focus my writing, and join the conversation from here in Thailand.

    • Brandon

      Very cool! What’s your blog URL?

  • Brandon

    Awesome…I have been really busy this month, so I didn’t comment once!
    That is pretty sad! Anyway, I’ll be back this month! Sounds like you had
    a great month.

    I talked about my month in a post here:

    My site has gone through major redesign and changes in the past month!