Top Posts and Commenters for September 2010

In case you missed them, I have listed my top ten posts for September 2010, along with my top ten commenters.

Wordie Graphic of Top 10 Posts for September 2010

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Here are my top ten posts. Interestingly, I wrote two of these posts more than a year ago. Yet they continue to generate significant traffic.

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  1. 10 Ways to Create a Better About Page for Your Blog
  2. The Amazon Kindle 3 After Almost a Month
  3. Literary Agents Who Represent Christian Authors
  4. Your Invitation to a Caribbean Cruise for Creatives
  5. Creating a Life Plan
  6. How to Retain More of What You Read
  7. The Kindle, Nook, iPad, and Reader Compared
  8. An Interview with Max Lucado
  9. Why Great Teams Tell Great Stories
  10. Using the iPad to Take Meeting Notes

My top ten commenters were:

This month I’m going to try an experiment. I will give a free copy of Max Lucado’s new book, Outlive Your Life to each of the top 10 commenters. Ready. Set. Go!

Question: If you blog, what was your top post for September? Why do you think that was the case?
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  • Ben Lichtenwalner

    I think L David made some valid points, but I agree with Michael on this one. I personally fall into the category of individuals who, time permitting, keep up with all of Michael's posts. However, on occasion, my schedule is too hectic for a while and finding a post like this in my existing feed is quite helpful. Maintaining two separate feeds, to me, would be more troublesome than simply skipping over a "best of" post on occasion.

  • Ben Lichtenwalner

    List of Servant Leadership Companies
    This is my top post for September and is a new resource on the site. I compiled this list out of frustration, when I was unable to locate one for myself. This likely speaks to it's popularity as well.

    Thank you for sharing these lists Michael. I also enjoyed the better About page post. Although I've yet to implement all that I learned from it, I did create a Twitter-specific About page.

    I was honestly (pleasantly) surprised to find myself the most frequent commenter for the month. I assure you, that was not my objective. Instead, in addition to your insights, I appreciate the content and character of most of your followers. Therefore, I hope we see more dialog on this site and encourage these communications. Feedback is nice, but conversation is even better.

  • Kyle Reed

    My top post was: Two Major Problems the Church Faces Today

    I think maybe it was because it talked about problems etc…just a guess.

  • John

    Your post about creating a better About Me page was most helpful. I put together a more intentional About Me page for my website. Thanks for the great thoughts.

    Stay blessed…john

  • Greg Harris

    My top blog post for September was "How to Raise a Superstar" —…. It was a two-parter.

    This post ranked at the top because it provided me personally with insights about raising my children. In the post, I was not espousing my own parenting principles. Instead, I was learning from others as I typed. This process helped me think through how other fathers lived, parented, and earned the respect of their children.