Top Posts and Commenters for September 2010

In case you missed them, I have listed my top ten posts for September 2010, along with my top ten commenters.

Wordie Graphic of Top 10 Posts for September 2010

Graphic courtesy of

Here are my top ten posts. Interestingly, I wrote two of these posts more than a year ago. Yet they continue to generate significant traffic.

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  1. 10 Ways to Create a Better About Page for Your Blog
  2. The Amazon Kindle 3 After Almost a Month
  3. Literary Agents Who Represent Christian Authors
  4. Your Invitation to a Caribbean Cruise for Creatives
  5. Creating a Life Plan
  6. How to Retain More of What You Read
  7. The Kindle, Nook, iPad, and Reader Compared
  8. An Interview with Max Lucado
  9. Why Great Teams Tell Great Stories
  10. Using the iPad to Take Meeting Notes

My top ten commenters were:

This month I’m going to try an experiment. I will give a free copy of Max Lucado’s new book, Outlive Your Life to each of the top 10 commenters. Ready. Set. Go!

Question: If you blog, what was your top post for September? Why do you think that was the case?
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  • joanna

    By far my most popular post by page views was my review of Radical by David Platt ( , even though it was posted in July. Possibly because that seems to pick up more readers via google than other posts

    • Michael Hyatt

      This book came out of nowhere and done remarkably well. I am only sorry, my company didn’t publish it!

      • joanna

        I am quite surprised by it too because it isn't saying anything that hasn't been said before or isn't being said now by other books. Given that, not sure why this particular book has gotten such a huge response.

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  • Colleen Coble

    You know we all do whatever you do, Michael. So if you're rewarding people for commenting, we're all going to start doing it too! What a novel idea. LOL

    • Michael Hyatt

      Ha! Well, let me know how it goes.

    • BarbaraBoucher OTPhD

      I have done several giveaways with a fair amount of success in gaining loyal followers. I also did a book-a-day giveaway last November – old books from my own library. (So, not so novel in my book.) I will repeat the book giveaway again next month but with books that I have won online – one I don't even know how I won. A book was the prize for my blog carnival earlier this week. (An idea I'm not sure is still popular.)

  • Phillip Gibb

    very cool – I like the fact that you are high lighting commenters :)
    wow and a free book – hope that that experiment works out – I'll be back,
    just for the free stuff of course :P

  • Larry_Hehn

    My top post was "Jake's Sammitch" a fun story about how unique and creative our children can be. I think there's something great about noticing and appreciating the simple yet special things in everyday life.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Amen to that. I think some of my best posts have come from that exact methodology.

  • Kathy Fannon

    Wow! I'm a top 10 commenter? Nice. :)

    "Coconut Bliss for the Lactose Intolerant" was my top post for the month. (

    There are so many now who seem to be lactose intolerant and Coconut Bliss is a wonderful alternative for folks who crave a delicious bowl of ice cream without fear of pain afterwards.

    I was actually surprised to see what my top post was this month. I would've guess the "100 Calorie" post would've been top 10 since it has been my all time top post. But just noticed "Coconut Bliss…" beat it by 3 views!

    • Michael Hyatt

      It is good to check on this occasionally. I find that it really informs my writing going forward.

  • janetober

    Watching Oprah review the past 25 years of "The Oprah Show" earlier this month inspired me to review the past Twenty-Five Years of "The Janet Show". I assumed it would be a fun post for me (and my mom) but it ended up being my most viewed post in Sept. (

  • PaulSteinbrueck

    I'm guessing the top 10 posts are based on pageviews, right? Not comments or tweets/shares?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, it is based on page views.

  • Women Living Well

    I loved number 1 – I really gotta change my About Me page!!! Thanks – and look at those commentors – I recognize those names and have been to many of their pages!! (and 2 I subscribe to now) Thanks!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I am blessed to have such a wonderful community of commenters!

  • Christa Allan

    Saw the Wordle graphic. I use it often with my students. Have you tried Tagxedo? It's Wordle on steroids.

    • Christa Allan

      OOPS. Here's the link:

    • Michael Hyatt

      That truly is amazing!

    • Ben Lichtenwalner

      That is an impressive and powerful tool that I was not aware of either. Thank you for sharing – I will definitely be trying it out.

  • Brad Farris

    My top post was "Is this worthy of your Full Attention"

    The surprise? The vast majority of that traffic came from StumbleUpon. Do you bookmark your posts to SU? What is your experience with traffic from SU?

    For me it's been a surprisingly valuable source of traffic, some months it even beats Google for my young blog.


    • Michael Hyatt

      StumbleUpon has been good for me—when I remember to use it. Thanks for the reminder!

      • Gina Burgess

        StumbleUpon has been awesome. I received almost 100 visits for my story "Little Baby Feet" about he journey Christ's feet made during his life from infancy being held by Mary's hand to the last thing His disciples saw as He ascended. Before that, I was blessed to receive 20 or 30 visits for a post.

  • Timothy Fish

    I suppose it depends on what we call top, but the one that has seen the most comments is the review of Westbow Press ( I'm sure it's your advertising dollars helping me out there.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I guess I need to follow my own advice and add WestBow to my Google Alerts. Somehow I missed this post entirely.

  • Aaron Armstrong

    Of the original content from September, last Friday's post,… was the heavy hitter. Why?

    In large part, I think it's because of the frustration people have with the local church in North America, and this was an attempt to express that in a helpful fashion. Seems to be resonating with readers.

    Top post overall continues to be this one:

    This one gets a ton of traffic from Google & has been linked to a few times now.

  • Darren Poke

    My top post for September was "the Emperor's Seed – A Story About Integrity."

    It's one of my older posts, but it's a great story (not written by me) that continues to generate traffic from Google.

    My "About Darren" page was fourth for the month, showing the importance of this page. I still think that mine's not quite right, but I'm getting there.

  • Michael Hyatt

    I knew someone would ask me that! It is a custom WordPress plugin that I had written. I knew what I wanted and gave my specs to the developer. I have also given him the freedom to make it available to the public for free, but he has come cleanup he wants to do first.

  • Keith Jennings

    My top September post was titled, "Taking Invisible Pictures." It's about being present in little moments and not being distracted trying to "capture" them. My tiny little readership passed that one around and brought new readers. Comments have picked up since then too. Here is the link:….

    Thank you for what you do, and for opportunities like this.

  • ThatGuyKC

    Wow! That's a great incentive.
    Not that the amazing content you share and insights into leadership, productivity and social media aren't reward enough. :)

    I'm not surprised by your Top 10 posts this past month. I remember reading and sharing 7 of them. Keep 'em coming.

  • Guy Chmieleski

    My top post for the month of September was a reflection on some time spent with author, speaker, activist Brian McLaren, entitled, “Brian McLaren || 4 Stages of Faith Development.”
    The post can be found here:
    Brian shared the links to the four posts I made reflecting on his time on our campus — and I noticed a spike in the number of hits my blog received in the days following — that’s always fun!

  • L David

    Please omit posts like this from your RSS feed.

    A post like this is a fine resource for your website. A post list this in an RSS feed is considered spam. Duplicate content originate from the same person is almost always considered spam, regardless of when and where it appears (another reason why people must be careful in their application of social tools).

    Pushing a post like this to all of your RSS subscribers is like pushing a “top 5 emails” back to all of the people to whom you send email. They were in on the conversation and don’t need your extra email. Similarly, we’re already reading content through your feed.

    The best practice is to create a second feed for posts like this. People who want to subscribe to both can do so. Otherwise, people who find a post like this in an RSS feed useful are likely those who aren’t reading your frequent posts anyways, and they’d be better served by just following your “best of” feed.

  • Michael Hyatt

    Thanks for your input. However, I think that is probably overkill for a post that will go out once a month. I get similar posts from other blogs, and, if I am not interested, I just skip over them.

  • John Richardson

    My top post for the month was "5 people you should follow on Twitter."
    This is a list of people that not only have great tweet streams but great blogs too.
    BTW Mike… Thanks for the comment link. Insightful conversations this month.

    • Ben Lichtenwalner

      Beat you John!

      Just kidding, just kidding – that was not the intent, at all. I look forward to following those recommendations John. Thank you for sharing.

  • Mary DeMuth

    How fun that I'm a top commenter. Who knew? My top post for September was a post about the dark side of "Christian" leadership. It's called "When Wolves Howl from a Sheep's Mouth."

    I think most of us get jaded if we meet a leader who doesn't act the way he/she should (particularly when they do the opposite.) Lots of comments, lots of commiseration.

    • Michael Hyatt

      That sounds like a great post. I have added it to my list to read. Thanks.

      • Mary DeMuth

        Thanks, Mike.

        • Michael Hyatt

          I just read it. I can see why you got so many comments. Almost everyone I know has had that experience. Great job.

          • Mary DeMuth

            Lord willing, someday I'll write a book about this. Not sure of the angle, but it would be to help anyone who has suffered under leadership like this. Lots of people get bitter in the aftermath, which is why folks blame the church for their exodus. But what if the reason they were leaving wasn't because of genuine Christians, but imposters?

          • Michael Hyatt

            I think it would make a terrific book!

  • Laurinda

    Yeah, I made September's top 10!

    My top blog post for September was "Protecting Yourself on Facebook" I can't tell why one blog post does better than the other. Sometimes I'm amazed at what gets hits and what doesn't get hits. In this case, I do believe people don't know all the options they have available on Facebook in regards to security and privacy.

  • Jeff

    I thought your "Great Teams Tell Great Stories" post was the best post you've written. I'm considering having my own work team read the book to learn from it.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Actually, it was a guest post but … thanks!

  • BarbaraBoucher OTPhD

    Okay, um, getting over the shock…but here goes. The day that I got the most hits in September – the 2nd – this post was published:

    Usually when I see a spike in hits it has to do with more than what was posted on that day. I attribute a high-hit-day to a confluence of factors – I have a few other means for encouraging people to come to my blog and on some days all the means happen on one day.

    Just today a blog-friend DM'd me to say my post was featured here: – page that was tweeted 110x. Yet I only see one referral from there in my stats today, so far. By far, the most searched-to-hit page on my blog is:

    Commenting here has played a part in my gradually increasing hits. But my blog audience is not even close to the same as those who frequent here. Your influence, Michael, has given me tools to increase my blog statistics. Thank you, and thank you for the copy of Max Lucado's book! I live in the same town as he does and have several of his books already.

  • BarbaraBoucher OTPhD

    I can get that number from my TypePad dashboard and gave a prize once for the most comments over a time period. I just brought-up all comments by….and counted them.

  • Olga Wright Griffin

    My series of blogs on our beloved dog, Roxy–her adoption, life and death were most widely read along with my post on choices which contrasted Lindsay Lohan and my son-in-law… I think they were the top posts because they were personal and most people can relate to them.

  • Kathy Fannon

    I like this because Michael asked us what OUR top post was for the month and most people are answering here and giving links. I'm finding some great new blogs today!

  • Jeff

    Michael – are you asking what our most VISITED blog post was, or what we felt was our 'best' in way of content and purpose?

    In a world filled with sadness, competition, stress and economic woes, I blog about….Soda.
    Yeah, it sounds weird, but it humours me and it seems to humour others, too!

    I used to blog at LEAST once a week…but l have a lot of personal challenges going on in my life right now so September saw 2 posts – the Anniversary Post that shows which posts got the most traffic this year and a post blasting the dude who SPAMMED my blog several times in August. :)

    My blog is just my way of sharing what strikes me within a 'context'…the context being carbonated water…

    • Michael Hyatt

      I was really asking what your most visited blog post was. Usually these are very different from the ones I consider my favorites.

      • Ben Lichtenwalner

        Glad to know even you feel that way, Michael. It's almost humorous, how far off I can be on the expected results of a post I believe is great.

  • Matt D.

    Two of my favorites posts of yours appear on this list: 1 and 5! These provide some real practical tips, but I enjoy some of your "thoughty" and "challenging" posts as well.

    I got some great response from my post on creating a family plan:

    The reason why? This was one of the first times I shared the post with my legal followers. I am a construction lawyer and blog at one site. I am also a husband and dad of six, and blog at another site. I generally have not mixed the two … until this post. Lo and behold, another attorney sent it out to a number of legal list servs. I've received some great responses.

    Thanks for all your work, Michael! Keep plowing forward.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Matt. I appreciate your kind words.

    • Ben Lichtenwalner

      Isn't it a great feeling when you realize you can, candidly, merge your work and professional lives? I actually wrote a post about this some time ago. From my perspective, too many people try to balance their work and personal lives rather than align these two lives. The post was titled 5 Tips for Work-Life Alignment, Not Balance.

  • BarbaraBoucher OTPhD

    Speaking of IntenseDebate, it limits the number of characters of Name – resulting in my alternatively switching between my dual credentials – either OTPhD or PTPhD

  • Daniel Decker

    Brilliant in including the commenter love. Great way to recognize the community while hopefully encouraging others to step into the conversation a bit more.

    I've always been amazed at the blog visit to comment ratio. My blog gets decent traffic but very little in the way of comments but that could be a post issue as well. Most days I'd actually prefer lower traffic and more commenters. Guess I'm just wired for conversation. :)

  • Daniel Decker

    Oh, and I also just added a TOP POSTS page to my blog. Embedded the Post Rank Top Post widget then also manually listed out several Top Posts by category. Just did it a few days ago and the page is getting decent clicks.

    My TOP post for September was:
    Top Books Every Young Influencer / Leader Should Read

    Followed by:
    Why Belief Matters

    Both had a lot of Social Media action. The book post pulls in a ton of organic search too.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I really like that widget. I’ll have to check it out.

  • tamaracorine

    Wow. My top post for the month was 'Five years…'
    It would've been most popular because it was about a friend who passed away five years ago… so other friends would look at it.

  • April Rowen

    My two faves are between '10 Ways to Create a Better About Page for Your Blog' and 'The Amazon Kindle 3 After Almost a Month'… both inspired! I now have a shiny new About Page AND a shiny new Kindle 3! (First kindle and I'm hooked) Thank you, Michael =)

    • Michael Hyatt

      That is awesome. Thanks!

  • April Rowen

    Oh, hullo! I was so excited about commenting on your top posts of September that I didn't answer your fun question. My top post is 'A toast to marriage'. I think it's a top post because it is written differently than my other posts as a special tribute to our seventh anniversary.

  • Javerlin74

    Free book to top ten commentors? I am sure will increase quantity of comments but will the reduction in quality offset the increase in quantity?

  • Leslie Maddox

    The top post on my blog this past month was "Applying Proverbs 31 Principles to the 21st Century Woman" thanks to Google searches. I was surprised to see people searching on exactly that topic. Makes me want to explore the topic a little more.

  • Brad

    I like it. As busy as we are, we often may just want to review the topics others found essential. Lifehacker does theirs weekly

  • Brad

    Thank you Michael for sharing. I love the post "Why Great Teams Tell Great Stories". As a new manager these insights are always helpful ensuring that I am staying on the right track.

    I have been reading your work for about six months and you have been a great inspiration to me both as a Christian as well as a leader. Thank you.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Brad. I appreciate the encouragement.

  • jnllwright

    I blog about my time working in public health in Vietnam and other countries. Recently, my twin sister came to visit me and the blog post most frequented in Sept was about our birthday, which we spent on an island off the coast of Cambodia, just the two of us on motorbikes!… I think it's funny how interested people are in other people's lives! I write about HIV, reproductive health and other public health issues and these posts take forever to write but the ones that most people enjoy are the ones about my life. So that's what I've ended up writing about.

  • Kevin_Martineau

    My top post for September was "Barriers to Suicide" ( This was a guest post from my blogging friend Mike Ellis ( It was a very powerful post that resonated with a lot of people.

  • Gina Burgess

    The top post for the month of September was by far my 2996 Tribute to the fallen on 9/11. My hero is Maj. Steve Long. When I first posted the tribute, it was rather short because there really wasn't much information about him that I could find anywhere. Since then, his family has graciously posted their thoughts and I unabashedly copied his tribute from Arlington.

    This has been a journey and I have come to love Maj. Long posthumously. I think it would be a great book for Thomas Nelson to put together using those blogger tributes and the comments about each hero. They certainly get a lot of attention throughout the year, but most especially during September.

  • smartofficepro

    29 Benefits of Teams at was my most-viewed post in September.

    A few possible reasons:
    • 29 is a big number, so everyone can find at least one benefit that works for them.
    • I included a few funny team benefits to keep it entertaining.
    • Every few days I tweet one of the team benefits, sending folks to the whole list.

  • Tamara Paton

    I usually read your blog within Google Reader, but something made me click through today. All I can say is "WOW!". Your new theme is hands down the most beautiful blog presentation I have ever seen.

    Things I love:
    – the simplicity of the black/white scheme
    – the peel back tab to your eBook ad
    – the visual relationship between your "MH" brand identifier and your "Michael Hyatt" wordmark…a great brand example that points to your role as a communicator, while telling us who you are
    – the organization/layout, particularly with the ads. You fit a lot of ad space in there without it feeling in the way for a reader.

    Nicely done,

    • Michael Hyatt

      Wow! Thanks for your kind words. I greatly appreciate the encouragement!

  • Noah fleming

    Now I’m going to have to step up my commenting game…

    I’ll report back shortly without my best post of September. :-)

  • Cyberquill

    What are the criteria for becoming a "Top 10 Commenter"? Does one simply have to comment often enough or make sense to boot?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m afraid it’s purely a numbers game. The plugin I use simply counts the number of comments you make.

      • Cyberquill

        dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah (Yet another comment closer to my free book!)

        • Michael Hyatt

          I will delete comments that attempt to game the system. Consider yourself warned. ;-)

  • Carlo

    Very cool! The Top 10 commenters list is definitely working on me as motivation to say something. Been reading and enjoying your blog, Michael, since Seth linked to you. Great stuff!

  • Jennifer

    This is SO smart! I tend to be a fairly quite blog stalker but when free stuff is involved… I WILL be commenting! Thanks for the lesson in creativity. Not sure if this idea is orignal to you but I LOVE it.

  • Brandon Yanofsky

    Comment and get a book? I love it!

  • Ben Lichtenwalner

    I think L David made some valid points, but I agree with Michael on this one. I personally fall into the category of individuals who, time permitting, keep up with all of Michael's posts. However, on occasion, my schedule is too hectic for a while and finding a post like this in my existing feed is quite helpful. Maintaining two separate feeds, to me, would be more troublesome than simply skipping over a "best of" post on occasion.

  • Ben Lichtenwalner

    List of Servant Leadership Companies
    This is my top post for September and is a new resource on the site. I compiled this list out of frustration, when I was unable to locate one for myself. This likely speaks to it's popularity as well.

    Thank you for sharing these lists Michael. I also enjoyed the better About page post. Although I've yet to implement all that I learned from it, I did create a Twitter-specific About page.

    I was honestly (pleasantly) surprised to find myself the most frequent commenter for the month. I assure you, that was not my objective. Instead, in addition to your insights, I appreciate the content and character of most of your followers. Therefore, I hope we see more dialog on this site and encourage these communications. Feedback is nice, but conversation is even better.

  • Kyle Reed

    My top post was: Two Major Problems the Church Faces Today

    I think maybe it was because it talked about problems etc…just a guess.

  • John

    Your post about creating a better About Me page was most helpful. I put together a more intentional About Me page for my website. Thanks for the great thoughts.

    Stay blessed…john

  • Greg Harris

    My top blog post for September was "How to Raise a Superstar" —…. It was a two-parter.

    This post ranked at the top because it provided me personally with insights about raising my children. In the post, I was not espousing my own parenting principles. Instead, I was learning from others as I typed. This process helped me think through how other fathers lived, parented, and earned the respect of their children.