Top Posts for August 2010

Following my own advice on “How to Keep Your Blog Posts from Dying in Your Archives”, I am listing my top ten posts for August 2010. Interestingly, although I wrote three of these posts more than a year ago, they continue to be topic traffic generators.

Wordie Graphic of Top 10 Posts for August 2010

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In case you missed them, here are my top 10 posts for August 2010 in order of descending page views:

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  1. Why Most Authors Should Not Emulate Seth Godin
  2. Your To-Do List as a Personal Command Center
  3. eBooks: Writing a Winning Book Proposal
  4. How to Reboot Your Spirit
  5. How to Cut Your To-Do List in Half
  6. What to Do When You Hate Your Job
  7. The Kindle, Nook, iPad, and Reader Compared
  8. My About Page
  9. Unboxing the New Amazon Kindle 3
  10. Literary Agents Who Represent Christian Authors

If you are a blogger, it is also worth noting that my About page is my eighth most visited page. I’ll bet it is one of your top pages, too. Because of this, it is worth spending some time on it. I plan to write a separate post on this soon.

Question: If you are a blogger, what was your top post for last month?
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  • Brian French

    I suspect you're getting quoted and people want to use your "about" section as an introduction to quoting you or your articles. I've done that in the past.

    • Michael Hyatt

      You may be right. I always like to know who write whatever I am reading, so I usually click on it on every site.

  • Kerry Dexter

    I've been doing a once a week series choosing an album or artist for each of the American states, a virtual road trip through music. My top post for last month was about Carrie Newcomer, whose work I chose for Indiana
    The road trip posts have varied in readership as the series has progressed. This one clealry struck a chord with many.
    I've several posts I wrote two and three years ago which continue to show up in the top ten or twenty most read. Great idea about adding posts to the About page, thanks.

  • Kevin_Martineau

    Here is mine: 3 things I've learned after 17 years of marriage

  • David Knapp

    My about page ranks #9.

    My number one post for August is Herb Halstead's post: She's Still Your Bride:

    This is a new men's ministry site with 3 contributors so far.

    Thanks for letting us mention our Top Post.

  • John Richardson

    Your top post is not surprising, Michael. It was obviously the "Purple Cow" among the rest. And we all know Purple Cows get noticed!
    My top post for the month was my Goal Setting Toolkit, with over 8% of the visits. But my highest percentage increase post (that was up over 1300%) was a post from 2007 called the 5 percent diet club. MSN picked up a link to it for a day and the traffic spiked. The interesting thing is the term "best diet motivators" now drives a lot of traffic from Microsoft's Bing search engine. That was my top keyword combination for the month. The link is:

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  • Aaron Armstrong

    The top post for last month on my blog has been the top post every month for over a year now, "Everyday Theology: God Won't Give You More Than You Can Handle":

    It's been crazy to see how that one just keeps going…