TweetDeck for iPhone

TweetDeck for iPhoneIf you use TweetDeck on your Mac or Windows machine to manage your Twitter account, and you have an iPhone, you will love this little application. It is the first Twitter app that I have found for the iPhone that allows me to manage groups. (Yes, I did try TweetStack, but it kept crashing on me.) It will even sync groups between your desktop and your iPhone, provided that you sign up for a free online account. Even the application is free. The only reason I didn’t give it a five-star rating is that it is still a little buggy. I’m sure the developers will get this worked out shortly.

A 4-Star Rating

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  • colleen Coble

    Finally a good app for iPhone! I'll get it. Thanks, Mike!

    This post was done on my new MacBook Pro. It is fabulous! Love the mousepad. It does all kinds of neat things. :-)

  • Bret Capranica

    I absolutely love TweetDeck on the iPhone. The absence of this app was what kept me from using TweetDeck on my desktop. Why create groups of those you want to follow if it won't work on your phone? It can crash every now and then and my favorites are not showing up. Overall, I'm loving it.

  • DG Shrock

    I like the TweetDeck app over the desktop version. The desktop UI feels a little clunky. The iPod app looks great and easy to use. So far, I had a single instance of an error forcing a restart.

  • Karyn

    I love my iphone, and I know I will love this app. So far, all your advice has been fabulous. Thanks!

  • mvivas

    It's nice if you are really into using groups. I'm still in love with Tweetie and I have no use of groups… yet. I only follow about 60 folks and have around 45 followers.

  • Ken Hines

    The app makes a great,easy to use and a good interface. But I keep having trouble syncing with my computer and finding my all followers for new columns. So, it is still a bit buggy. But I like it better than other apps so far.

  • michael

    I’ve switched back to Twitterfon, but will keep TweetDeck on my iphone and wait for an update.

    My beefs with it: (1) crashing, crashing, crashing. I’ve restarted my iphone, etc.. still crashes. (2) Retained a very limited number of unseen tweets. Even if there were less than 200, I still couldn’t see them all. (3) It should jump to my first unseen tweet when it refreshes. (4) When new tweets are added, it shouldn’t automatically scroll down causing me to lose my spot. (5) Needs greater contrast between seen/unseen tweets. (6) When I returned to twitterfon, I saw just how many tweets I had missed in the past hour. Who knows how many I missed in the two days I had been using it.

  • Paul Deveaux

    I cannot seem to get groups to sync from my iphone 3G to the desktop. Anyone know how I can fix this? This app has the best UI I have seen on the iphone.

  • Keith Ward

    Have to say that I used Tweetdeck for a while, but have found Hootsuite to be a far better app.  You may enjoy testing it out.