Video of All Employee Meeting

Okay, it’s not The Chronicles of Narnia or King Kong. It’s just a video of the All Employee Meeting we held on Friday, November 18. In case you missed it, this is your chance to catch the action.

Please note that this is a behind-the-firewall thing. You will not be able to watch the video unless you are a Thomas Nelson employee with access to our intranet server.

Thanks to Gabe Wicks, who oversaw the video production, and Rick Proctor, who got the video working on our server. I think it’s a pretty good first effort. Please let me know what you think! We will hold the next All Employee Meeting in early February.

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  • R

    Not that I have any interest on it, but the link to the video you are talking about is wrong. It points to “thehouse/video/” which makes no sense.


    Someone coming from your articles on GTD on your other blog ;)

  • Thom

    Then why is this page even on a public web site??

  • Michael Hyatt

    Yes, this was written four years ago when we had it available on the site. I'm just leaving this post here for the record.