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  • Alvin Schmucker

    Wow. That is a great commercial. Love it.

  • Cyberquill

    I think it’s a coffee commercial dressed up as a car commercial. 

  • Julie Sunne

    Wow! Enough said. 

  • TheShef

    Amazing commercial! What a great blend of cool, common sense, and creativity!

  • Keith Senator

    Yeah, I agree with Michael on this one. I don’t know anything about the car, but the commercial was very well done: 1) Culturally relevant, 2) informative, 3) catchy, fast, and fun. 

    Overall great commercial. 

  • Mike Hansen

    I would like to somehow get behind the scenes on the making/brainstorming/creativity of this commercial. How would one do that? Are the people in this actors or real employees? 

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m not sure. Let us know what you find out.

      • Mike Hansen

        Found this link in Adweek. It was produced by an ad firm, Wieden + Kennedy. This includes credits.

        • Jim Martin

          Mike, thanks so much for providing the link to this fascinating article.  Really helps to read the background to this great ad.

        • Michael Hyatt

          Cool. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Robert Kennedy III

    Awesome concept!! Great thought process behind this.  Love the ending with Brady!  Now, how do I kick this into gear in my own life?  What is WoW with my products?  Gotta answer that question today or back to the drawing board :-).

    • Jim Martin

      You are right.  A powerful video!  You asked a great question – “Now, how do I kick this into gear in my own life?”

      • Deena

        The commercial is good (I wasn’t WOWed, but I’ve been in advertising/design, maybe a tad semi-jaded and I’m not a coffee drinker so that was somewhat annoying)… I am thrilled by the thought process, and so loved the concept within. Don’t know anything about the car. However, I agree with Robert & Jim… Thinking… How do I add this into what I’m already doing? And totally think there’s some great teachable lessons that could be used to inspire others to take action personally, professionally, and purposefully! Thanks for sharing Michael.

  • Chiquicuke

    Awesome commercial Michael. Thanks for sharing. And you’re right. We must amaze people with our God-given talents. We must share it to the other people.

  • wilalvarez

    This car is everything the commercial claims is. I was drawn in by the ad and a month later I landed the deal I wanted. I am very happy with my Dart!

  • lhoenigsberg

    You are the first person I have met who loves great commercials like I do.  I look at them for style, for hook, for originality and creativity.  I LOVE great commercials!  This one was one of the best I’ve ever seen.

  • TorConstantino

    I think Dodge/Chrysler have nailed it with the Dart. I saw another commercial where the Dart allows you to buy the car like a wedding registry – all of the vehicle components are itemized and you can have family/friends purchase individual parts on your behalf for life milestones such as graduation or marriage. Very cool!

  • TorConstantino

    BTW, I think my favorite line was “…kick out the committee’s because they lead to compromise and compromise leads to….” [insert visual of tricycle Fiat rolling over during a turn] – classic!

  • Captainejay

    This advertisement is a blueprint of what we are going through but if we stick to it, we will be successful!!!


  • Rick Carr

    It’s got power that’s been tweaked to perfection – even to running it on the race track. It’s got design that’s been tweaked to perfection. It’s got great gas mileage that’s been tweaked to an odd number – much more marketable and attention getting than an even number (who doesn’t have cars in the 40 mpg range, this one gets 41). It held my attention, I learned about the car, & I learned I need to improve my own marketing.

  • Dawn

    Cool, I did not know they were still making the dodge dart, I had one wayyyy back in high school, my first car when I turned 16, it was a homely but a sturdy little black car. I took it with me when I got married. Nice commercial, describes the creative process precisely.

  • Guest

    I love that you

  • Bryan Van Slyke

    I love the current marketing for this car. Straight, to the point and captivating! I can agree that this ad is wow. I actually just used this same theme for my latest post called “Concept Man”. Thanks for sharing this!

  • bradblackman

    Ford Focus has an INCREDIBLE video where they closed off most of San Francisco and drifted all the way through. Rally driver Ken Block drives through and does some amazing stunts. Talk about WOW.