Wanted: Vice President, Corporate Communications

I have finally decided to hire a Vice President, Corporate Communications. Filling this need is long overdue. Because it has not really been anyone’s responsibility, we have missed opportunities to raise the Company’s visibility in the marketplace. I am also at the place where I need help with the communication I do on behalf of the Company.

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So, here is the job description that is being posted tomorrow. If you know someone who is qualified and might be interested, please have them contact Jim Thomason, our Vice President, Human Resources.

Position Summary

The Vice President, Corporate Communications primary responsibility is to raise the visibility of Thomas Nelson in the overall marketplace and to enhance its image among key constituents. (This is distinct from the role of publicists embedded within the Company’s individual operating units, whose primary responsibility is to promote specific authors, brands, or products.)

This position will report directly to the President and CEO, be a member of the Executive Leadership Team, and office in the Executive Suite of the Company’s corporate headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.

Essential Responsibilities

The following list represents the major tasks required of this position. Other duties may be assigned at the President and CEO’s discretion when conditions demand.

  1. Develops and implements a comprehensive communications plan, with specific strategies and action plans to project a positive Company image to both external and internal constituents.
  2. Promotes the Company’s visibility in local, national, and international markets by identifying newsworthy stories and pitching these to the appropriate media: print, radio, television, and Internet.
  3. Manages the CEO’s relationships with the media and acts as his personal liaison. Also, accompanies the CEO to major media interviews and industry events.
  4. Assists the CEO in preparing public speeches and other presentations, including brainstorming on communication objectives, topics, and outlines, as well as researching appropriate quotes, illustrations, anecdotes, and video clips.
  5. Monitors coverage of the Company in newspapers, industry publications, blogs, etc., keeps the CEO apprised of relevant information, and assists in formulating responses as needed.
  6. Assists in the preparation of Company overviews, briefing papers, brochures, talking points, annual reports, etc.

Job Profile

Strong preference will be given to candidates who meet most or all of the following criteria.

  1. Bachelors degree in public relations, journalism or communications, preferably a Masters.
  2. An understanding of basic Christian doctrine and the distinctions between various Christian denominations and movements.
  3. A love for reading, publishing, and book-making.
  4. A thorough awareness of current news, market trends, and popular culture.
  5. Experience in investor relations and a familiarity with financial concepts and terminology.
  6. Five years experience in public relations, including a network of major media contacts.
  7. A proven and, preferably, published writer.
  8. A warm, friendly, and positive personality—someone who is comfortable meeting new people and is able to connect easily to those from diverse backgrounds.
  9. An understanding of basic branding concepts and principles, along with some experience in graphic design and visual communication.
  10. A Mac computer user, who has a solid working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Apple Keynote.

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  • http://joshuabryant.com Joshua

    Well I’ve got the last one down! I wonder if writing a blog counts as being a published writer, heh!

    Sounds like a fantastic job, I’m sure God will lead you to just the right person.

  • Clay

    Hey, I had solid hits in 1-9, but am, alas, a forlorn PC guy. However, I do dress better than the guy in the Apple ads. Does it count having three college kids with MacBooks, and my wife awaiting hers?

    What an exciting job description! In another life I’d be tweaking my resume. Michael, you are truly a role model not just for CEO blogging, but for all-around good communication skills. It will be great following the progress of this new position. Keep us posted.

  • Lindsay Terry


    What a task! To find someone with the qualifications you have listed will be difficult.

    One qualification you did not list, and I feel it is a most important one, is “teachable.” He will have to “learn” to be like you, to think, act, and feel like you, if he is going to represent you and the company you are growing. He will need to have a mind of his own, but he will have to asked himself, repeatedly, “What would Mike do?” You will need to “teach him” those things. It will take a lot of time.

    Before I finished reading your qualifications I thought of a great prospect! He’s right there among your employees. I think he has vast potential to rise to be the person you need in that position. He already has most all of your qualifications listed.

    I will give his name to Mr. Thomason, as you suggested.


    Lindsay Terry

  • Susan

    Why do you say “he” for the hypothetical candidate?

  • Karen Engle

    Have you hired for this position yet?

  • http://www.michaelhyatt.com michael Hyatt

    Yes, I have just hired someone who will be starting at the end of this month. Thanks.

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